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River City, Church, podcast, Pastor, Brian Gibson, walk with Christ, Sunday February 25th, 2007, 10:30 a.m. service yeah. Don’T encourage him a little bit in the Lord. There encourage them a little bit in the Lord Gordon open up your Bibles to Matthew. Chapter 28 Matthew chapter 28, we’re going to begin reading there today in verse, 16 want to go ahead and in title. Today’S message: the name of today’s message going to be walking with Christ, discipleship walk with Christ discipleship. Here we go Matthew: chapter 28, verse, 16, let Sprites father! I thank you that your word is a lamp unto our feet, a light unto our past Lord. I think you that the Bible speaks loud to every person in this room in every issue of our life. Owensboro Church Lord, I think you that it’s more than just an instruction manual father its way we can enter into a loving relationship and a great adventure with you. Lord just tryna show us your waist in Jesus name. If you want that say, Amen, name it alright. Here we go we’re going to read the Great Commission Jesus Christ has given to the church. God has given us a mission church that we are call to fulfill we’re going to see the very last thing. Jesus said before he ascends into heaven, and I want us to go ahead and think for a moment about who’s speaking and who’s. Listening, there’s two parties present in this text. Whenever you read the Bible, you go to think about who’s talking and about who is the audience? You also think about who the author of that book of the Bible is that changes things and who that all through is writing on to those are some habits you can get into it’ll? Make your Bible reading much more meaningful right here. Let’S begin reading verse 16, then the 11 disciples went away in the Galilee to the mountain which Jesus had appointed for them when they saw him. They worshipped him, Owensboro Church but some doubted and Jesus came and spoke to them. Saying all of thority has been given to me in heaven and on Earth. Owensboro Church Go therefore, and Make Disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have. Commanded you and low with you always even to the End of the Age, amen, everybody say, Amen, alright, here’s what we have going on. We have Jesus the Risen resurrected savior. He been placed in the tomb tomb tomb, Owensboro Church already been crucified resurrected from the dead and he’s there showing his disciples that he is alive that he has indeed risen. Do you believe he’s risen this morning church they meant. I saw some dude on Fox news. This morning said, he’d found the Tomb of Jesus Christ and there’s a body in there. You know what they crucified, thousands and thousands and thousands of people in Rome 2000 years ago. Just another hoax, don’t pay any attention to it. He has risen, amen, he’s showing those people he’s alive, he’s shown his hand to show him his side, he showing them, while all of the wounds that he took and then he begins to give them a commission. I want to show you some of the elements of the Great Commission. Verse. 18Th. First thing he says it’s all authority has been given to me in heaven and on Earth everybody. What’S the word authority, Owensboro Church Jesus Christ is the ultimate Authority in the entire universe. The Bible says that there is one log give her and one judge that is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The Bible says the lion of the tribe of Judah. The Bible says that you and I in Jesus Christ’s, are supposed to rule and reign with. Him is Kings. The Book of Revelation says that you are a priest and that you are a kink Jesus says this all authority in Heaven and Earth is given. Unto me, the Greek word exusia, Owensboro Church I believe for Authority right there there’s a Hebrew concept, and this is the concept it’s the word. Sneha, everybody seis me off. That’S a fun word use it somewhere this week and everyday language. It’S like just throw it in when you’re eating lunch with somebody they’ll think her Hebrews collar that’ll be fun. He says all authority owes me how old excuse your own power, all ability to rain Rule and control in the world given unto me. You know the Church of the Lord is called to be a people of absolute Authority in the world today. Do you know that the Bible says that you have authority to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means shall harm? You says all authority is given to me and then he says, go therefore he’s transferring his authority on to his disciples and unto his church. Those are the people he’s talking to write. The second thing I want you to see in this Great Commission.

All authority has been given to me in heaven in in an earth. Many says: go there for everybody say go, it is a goal. Gospel. The Mandate in the mission that you not been given is to go into all the world, Make Disciples of all Nations. It’S a shame that the Church of the 21st century keeps waiting for people to come will do anything to get people to come with water down our messages in a Seeker sensitive deal to get people. Tacoma won’t talk about Holiness anymore, to get people to come. Let you hook up and sleep around and Sell Groups, go out clubbing on the weekends when it’s over won’t tell you it’s wrong. Why? To get people to come, there’s the right way and the wrong way to grow a church to water down to get people to come. Owensboro Church It’S the wrong way. Men say that there’s a new testament standard for the saints of God. It is Holiness not that we’re perfect, but that we’re pushing towards Perfection. I have not perfect, nor will I claim to be, but I’m trying to get more like Jesus everyday going and then what they had to do is start watering everything down to get people to come. My drop dead and die River City Church ever becomes the water downtown a place. Where will do anything in Water down? The message just to get people to come I’d rather be a dead man than to have that. As my testimony, Let It Go on my God kill me in this pulpit in front of all of you strong words, but that’s how passionate I am about a tight you’ll. Think I’m convinced of this everybody say, go see this our assignment of responsibility to go where people are in the love them show them show them the power show them. Owensboro Church The love show them the grace Jesus Christ. God has called us to go to go to go to go, not just the preachers to go, but you to go. Look at your neighbor and say: you’re! Not to be perfect to go. You just got to be ready and and want to go alright. He says this. He says, go, therefore, and Make Disciples of all Nations where our audience play comes in. We have Jesus talking to people in Jesus is a Jewish rabbi. Jewish rabbi, Son of God, both of those things any speaking to a group of his disciples, these guys understand a rabbi disciple relationship, unlike you, and I do because we’re from the West. I wasn’t raised going down to Dixon Elementary School where I sit at the feet of my Rabbi. Do you know I know I went down and I said at the feet of my teacher. I think, like a student, not like a disciple and here’s, what every student is waiting to happen whenever they’re sitting and listening to the teacher that waiting for what to happen for the Bell to ring that bell ring. Let me out of here, because all a student is after his information. We say this: a disciple is not just after information there, after their whole life being transformed, they want to be so close to the rabbi that they follow him and they become like him. It’S a different concept: the bell rings in the west and class is dismissed, the Belt doesn’t ring in the East between a rabbit and a disciple. Owensboro Church The rabbi gets close to his disciples. He calls his disciples, he teaches they listen and whenever the rabbi gets ready to leave the room where to the disciples, go they go with him. There’S a Jewish proverb goes like this. It says: may the dust of your Rabbi be upon you but you’ll be so close to your Rabbi so close to your teacher so to that man you’ve, given your life unto that gets dust as he walked his kicked up and it’s a poem your face. Ask your neighbor: are you Dusty, hey, Dusty, give close to it open up the Bible, Matthew Mark Luke and John will show you what your Rabbi is like amen, Owensboro Church amen, amen like there’s two types of rabbis. These people would have been used to in the ancient near East number. One is a Torah teacher. Everybody keep you in the Bible to be a teacher. You would have had to memorize all five of those books. You got Genesis memorize, no, no! No! No! These people reference the word of God. You can memorize a lot more than you think you can you can’t. I don’t got no UK stats back before. There was a rough. You know what I’m saying, but I know they don’t NASCAR facts. Unbelievable amount of NASCAR facts, Ricky Payne, they don’t know all of these things about classic rock music Scott. Is there no Unbelievable Facts, but love these guys are nascondino 10 scriptures. They can’t quote into you these guys, memorize the entire first five books of the Bible and a Torah teacher. They memorize the Torah. They could teach what a rabbi they can only teach and had given unto them. So it’s like this. My pastor by my Rabbi so to speak, is Pastor David told me. I could not interpret the word of God by myself. That’S the first type of recognize the authority of got on these men, and these guys didn’t just have the entire Old Testament committed to memory. That’S impressive! All that such an authority and Annoying Apple in them. They were given the authority to interpret scriptures on their own. Jesus was a rabbit with me off. All Schmidt on Heaven and Earth is given unto me, go, he says you’ve heard it said You shall not commit adultery, but I say unto you you look at a woman with lust in your heart, you’ve already committed adultery. Do you see how he’s interpreting that text? For them it’s like you have heard it said you should not hate your brother, but I say unto you he’s interpreting the word, if you, if you say rock or full of your brother during danger of Hellfire Matthew, chapter 7, the last verse the people said this. He does not Teach as a scribe or Pharisee. He teaches as one having Authority teaching Jesus was a group of disciples unto himself. These are the people. Listening to the Great Commission, Let Me Tell You What disciple was like in the ancient near East. He would have been between the ages of 13 and 18 median age, 15 years old. You know you watch the Protestant Easter Plays and everybody’s like 45 and those things it’s not. So these guys were young guys. They were very young guy. They would have been grant that that they would have been the whipping Grant appear on the front row. He would have fit the age and the bill to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. The word for disciple is tell me or tell medine. Owensboro Church It is the plural word for disciple here’s. The way you would enter into discipleship. Alright, you go through school and you have to be the cream of the crop to have a shot at being a rabbi, because every parent wants his boy or his boy to become a rabbi in the future. Every little boys aspiring to become a rabbi in the future you had to occupational chances and in this culture Jesus was raised in number one. You can work in the trade of your father. What number to you can become a rabbi. Only the best students will get a chance to enter into the ministry of the rabbi they would go to wear. Rabbi was teaching and when he was done teaching, they would do something like this.

They would stand up in the presence of the crowd and they would ask the rabbi Rabbi. May I follow you, the heat was on right. There in the rabbi makes a character call front of the crowd on on in front of the crowd on this. Young man says: yes, you have what it takes to be. A rabbi follow me, or he says no, you need to go back and prateik of the trade of your father Rabbi could take you or Rabbi could call. You never came after you to pull you into one of his disciples. You had to go after him turn over to Mark chapter 1. Let me show you where Jesus begins to call these disciples Mark chapter 1 will begin reading, where’s it at here. First 16 Mark chapter 1, verse 16. Keep all that. I just told you in mind, as we read this text and as he walked by the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and Andrew’s brother casting a net into. Owensboro Church They were fishermen, then Jesus said the men said to them. Follow me I’ll make you become Fishers of Men, the immediately left their Nets and followed him when it go no farther from there. He saw James. The son of Zebedee and John is brother were also who also were in the boat, mending their Nets and immediately he called them, and they left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired servants and went after him. These guys are out doing their thing. They’Re fishermen, all the sudden there Comes This Strange teaching character, walking down the seashore. If you think about this for Western mine said it makes no sense, I used to think why would these guys just follow this Preacher? Man off you know Jim Jones or David koresh, for all. They know just walking to think about it today, West York and here comes some preacher guy. Let’S make him look like the Apostle it in that movie. What who played in the Apostle Robert Duvall he’s got on the big glasses he looks like he stepped out of some. You know strange subculture in America. Make this guy look like the Apostle he comes walking by where you’re working and you and all your buddies. Are there working, he says, follow me I’ll, make you a fisherman and they just get up and take off, follow now. Would you think they just cracked and lost every amount of Sanity in their life? Absolutely they just cracked. What would 70 think whenever these guys just take off, follow the rabbi he’s there he’s raise these kids. He spent these kids he’s giving these kids a trade going to give him the family business, and here comes one preacher, walking down the road and they just take off and follow him said, but they are you get your butt back here in the boat right now. You know, but he doesn’t why, Owensboro Church because everybody wanted to be around by what happened. Owensboro Church Is the rabbi didn’t wait for these guys to come and ask they can follow him? Jesus Christ as the kind of rub out of it comes after us, I’m in church. He comes in these guys where they are, and he says, hey, hey. You might have been passed by by every other rabbit. But I say unto you follow me. I won’t wait for you to come to me and say: can I follow you I say: come we serve a rabbi who is chosen us amen? He has chosen us and called us to bear fruit, and that are fruit might remain. You might have been rejected by this world. Are your family are in your workplace? I tell you this much. You are accepted in called by God to follow Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Look at your neighbor and say your call. Your call your call. Owensboro Church So these guys they get called by Jesus now they’re supposed to follow him wherever he goes so close is dust would be upon him for three and a half years everywhere. He went, they were right there beside him. They heard his words. They saw the way he acted in different situations. They were there whenever the woman caught in the act of adultery was drugged to his feet, and I wanted to Stone him and he said let he was without sin cast the first stone. They learn how to react and situations they were there. Whenever the Gathering demoniac came forth with a legion of devils and Jesus cast them out, so how to act in that situation, do you know Maurice call in discipleship and it’s cliche than it’s ever taught? I went to school at all Roberts University, open a student of the Bible, love studying church history and theology, but I was not disciple in the University, nor is a man ever disciple in a seminary. Do you know that you can go to a seminar and I’m all for Seminary and education, I’m all for it? But if you go just to Seminary and just get education and never get disciple, with on-the-job, training being close to people who can be more dangerous to know anybody with the things of God, Owensboro Church you say: discipleship occurs at the local church level whenever a rabbi or a Believer and have another go there for whatever they show up in your world and I’m willing to spend time with you are willing to do life with you or willing to hang out with you look at your neighbor and ask them. Are you discipling anybody ask your other neighbor? What about you asking that? What about you, yeah see people are dying for Community literally dying for community literally dying for Community student-teacher relationship will never cut it and fill a void in somebody’s life. What it’ll take is a rabbi disciple relationship thread.

I have gears. These guys are together. They ain’t with Jesus. They were right around the campfire. Wherever ever he slept, they hurt him, they listen to him. They walked with him, they did life together. Do you know where I got disciples doing life, my spiritual Dad wasn’t setting necessarily and services, although that’s very important, I by no means release you from servers. You need to come here. Listen to me, okay! I listen Board of that preacher down there. A lot of my life being changed by being around Christian people. Everybody’S got a little bit of the rabbi on the inside of them Jesus Christ. You been born again, he said he rules and he reigns in our hearts. Whenever we get around other people seeking the things of God that Rabbi can flow out of us and begin to disciple begin to help begin to teeth. Somebody else you might forget my sermon today, but you won’t forget somebody who loves you and called you and said, come with me I’ll, open up my home to you open up my life to do I open up a place at my table. Owensboro Church I want to do life with you, I care about you, that’s what matters and that’s what changes the world, whatever the church says, were waiting for our church as a body to get the right evangelism program or to get the right discipleship program we’re waiting for them To create it for us, the church will never be hell. It’S called to be starts right here you become an evangelist, you become a disciple or somebody say it again, one more time you say: I’m not perfect enough to disciple, I’m, not the illogical enough to disciple. I don’t know enough to disciple, you don’t have to be perfect to be used by, God have to be present and you just have to care. You don’t have to teach everybody. Owensboro Church Theology should show him the love of God in a real practical way. God use perfect, imperfect people mm use his message. I was talking to a friend this last week. He was telling us about whenever he was received, the baptism of the Holy Spirit telling us a story. He was telling us about the guy who let him into the baptism Holy Spirit, said I’m sitting by this guy and this guy, like some Marlboro cigarette, and it takes a big talk off of it. Then he blows he says. Have you received the Holy Spirit since he believed and then another joke any clothes and he says receive me the Holy Spirit and he said, write them. I got baptized, but I got all kinds of issues: smoking, a Marlboro Red and my presents, but God still used him and in float in my life now don’t make it a theology that it’s okay to smoke y’all to quit smoking. If you need me to live it from that, I’ll pray for you, but you will never be perfect enough in your own mind to think it’s time to disciple somebody else. God wants to use you now. Mmm looks your neighbor and say it’s now: it’s now! It’S now or never, it is you’re you’re, you’re, you’re ready. Now here’s what we’re laying the foundation we’re laying at River City church right now. We want to open up an environment where it’s not know. You can’t do that. No, you can’t do this, but it’s yes. Yes, yes, you can disciple. Yes, you can reach out. Yes, you can’t help somebody else. Here’S the way we’re going to do it, we’re starting something we’re going to call it and it’s out there in the church, world free market connect group where we have small groups of people that meet together and it’s what comes out of somebody’s heart in the congregation. I was going to be a screening process will be some training people. I have to go to to make sure that they are not Jim Gemma monitor those groups afterwards, but here’s the way it works. Golf balls. Owensboro Church Anybody got golfers in here: okay, I’m a golfer. Alright, we got some golfers praise. The Lord God loves golf course. He does yours, favorite people, his electors, chosen, it’s a special place in heaven for you in the clubhouse of. Do you like to hit golf balls? Here’S the way it works. All these things don’t have to be teaching, they don’t to be prayer, they don’t to be worse, small worship, services, but alright, they might be a group where guy say once a week we’re going to go, get golf balls together and do a little bit of life Together for a couple of months, the week three different semesters every year, the way we do that any you, ladies or men like to cook anybody like to cook bacon and whatnot. Alright, Owensboro Church it might be like this we’re going to get together and we’re going to learn something from The Culinary world and we’ll spend time together for a couple of weeks just doing life together. You know more than taught these guys learn from Christ, how not, by just sitting and listening to lectures but walking together we walk with the Jesus and somebody else. We can learn something from the man. I may be somebody likes to pray. They really love to pray. They want to get together with other people and then then that’s great. They can do that. Somebody might like to teach showing a certain topic. They’Ll be able to do that. Maybe your deal as you want to work on somebody’s car, single mother. Who can’t do that? There might be group of you to get together and do that this is going to be late, we’re going to launch it they’ll be training coming in the future. It’S all designed so that we quit setting and we start serving. We start discipling. Somebody else would you stand up on your feet this morning, skip the Lord of good hand, clap today come on hand for the good Rabbi he’s transferred Authority on the US trust to go in disciple trust, to make waves and our culture in Jesus mighty name. Now, father, I pray for these people. I pray Lord, that that Authority would be upon them just go ahead right now and lift a hand to heaven. I’M going to believe right now. Every good and perfect gift comes down from above from the Father of Lights. Lord, I believe that an authority than an anointing being released in this house what does stir up the cyclers to go after people for the kingdom of God? Owensboro ChurchLet us not be a wait kind of church. Let us be a gold group of people. Father bless these people show them people they can help, they can love, they can bring along in the kingdom of God, to walk with the good Rabbi. I pray and anointing and a blessing and a presence upon them in Jesus mighty mighty mighty name, not as a Shepherd as a pastor. I lift my hands and I’ll bless these your people, father. I pray that you would leave them and guide them. Take them to Still Waters beside Green Pastures, Lord restore their souls, make them Salt and Light in the City, Soul, winners. I pray bless these. Your people in Jesus, mighty name, amen, amen, amen, church this Wednesday night want to let you know we’re going to week. Series on the topic of Islam go to call it Isaac versus Ishmael. Do you want to learn something about the Quran and radical Islam as more than between eighty and ninety percent of the world’s Islam views the world come out these next couple of Wednesday nights? I want to talk and teach something about it. God bless. You will see you Wednesday, night or next week. You are dismissed Home, lyrics, wonderful, seeing you I’m home, just your Spurs how home or your love strength like no other HuHot. Oh Father, Jasper, wonderful,