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James chapter 1, verse 19 Jesse, and I we started teaching your last week. We didn’t feel like we got all the way through it and we want to pick it up and really with Wednesday night. We kind of feel like it’s our family room a little bit like this is the church that the people that make things happen around here and sometimes we just want to come and talk to you out of our heart, and this is a scripture. That’S really been stirring in my life speaking to me, and we want to get all the way through it. So James, chapter 1, verses, 19 and 28 reads like this James said this. So then my beloved Brethren, let every man be swift, to hear slow to speak. Slow to wrath for the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God. Swift to hear slow to speak and slow to wrath for the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God. First thing: it says that we need to be swift to hear. We’Ve said this last week that we want to absolutely have a high gear ears and a slow gear. Logi mouth and we’ve heard it said many many times. I don’t know if you’ve heard it, Owensboro Church but I’ve heard it said: we’ve been given two ears and one mouth for a reason. Somebody say Amen to that and that’s that we might listen twice as well as we actually talk. We need to be active listeners and this passage it has a flow he. It shows us a lot of times. James is written to the Hebrew church, and so these people are used to looking at Hebrew, poetry. There also used to reading the Proverbs, Solomon’s wisdom and and Solomon’s wisdom. If you read the Proverbs, also the Psalms there is a rhythm or a meter in the statements that are written and most of the time, they’re Progressive things, there’s a flow and in James chapter 1, 19 and 20 there’s a flow. It shows us where we’re going says if we won’t be swift to hear we’re, not careful at the first place. It just keeps going down strength and, if you’re not Swift, to hear the next thing you do, is you get to quick to speak? How many Villa found that to be true, if you haven’t the whole situation, you start talking about something before you should have said something about it, and whenever we talk about things before we should tell me you know we end up looking stupid. How have y’all have ever put your foot in your mouth, I’ve done it cuz. I haven’t known all about a situation and – and I don’t listen – the next thing. I know I’ve said something I shouldn’t have said so, if you’re not listening, then you’re not saying the right thing. The next thing that happens is wrath is produced in a situation. People get angry people getting mad, people get volatile and a lot of whores at have happened in this world over miscommunication there’s been a lot of divorces. Over miscommunication lot of people have left churches that got planted them and called them to over miscommunication, and it will do the first thing and will be swift to hear we can cut off so much trouble in our lives. We can stop a whole lot of tragedies. I’Ll absolutely they can be stopped, be swift to hearI. Think that a lot of situations we almost need the Talking. Stick. Owensboro Church How many of you know what the Talking Stick is anybody, okay, Owensboro Church who Talking Stick or the talking rug? Is that is a 70 that people use sometimes in different forms of communication training? Where, if you don’t have the stick, you don’t get to talk, and so, if you get this dick, you get an opportunity to talk and it causes everybody else to become better listeners. We would actually go through a techniques like this. Whenever I was in school or we would sit and the person would tell us something that they wanted to say, and then we would repeat back what it was that that person with that stick had to say and most every time it would take 4 or 5 Times before the person listening would actually hear what the person that was saying was actually saying, so they would say something and they would say. Well, I heard you say this is that correct and they would say no. I said this and then they would come back. Okay, I just hurt and people that have no familial relation they’re, not angry with each other. These are just strangers in a class that are talking to one another, and sometimes we would go through this four or five times before that here or whatever learn to hear what that person was saying. And so, if we can learn in our homes and our marriages in our relationship, even amongst our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, in a church to actually sit down and have a conversation until we understand what is actually happening a lot of times, Owensboro Church emotions override the Talking. Stick motions and what we feel and what we think and what we believe in all of these things are going on in our head, in the reason that we don’t hear is because we’re already preparing what it is that we are going to be so quick to Say everybody say say say so: if we can take a moment, sit there and listen to what someone would have actually exiting their lives, then we can grass what’s in their heart, because how many of you know that out of the abundance of the heart your mouth will Speak, that’s what the Bible says, and it will take time to understand what someone’s heart is actually saying to us and we can have clear communication and better relationships in the long run. If we will take time to actually listen, Owensboro Church it’s a great practice if you’ve never done this, I encourage you to sit down with your spouse, not in anger but just sit down with your spouse and discuss some and just say I’m going to say this until you Know and then you repeat it back to me and just practice it because I’m telling you what communication can be a beautiful thing in relationships in homes in our house.

We all think that we have the talking sick, all the time use. You know you love you and no, you listen, even our kids. Owensboro Church They all want to talk all the same time, but it did help me in those classes to understand that if I would sit, do you even think that I got any benefit from the class supposed to say that the biggest can get that stick? You know what I give me give me that important that everybody, you know that every human wants to be hurt. You know that and if you won’t listen, they begin to Discount anything that you have to say and I’ll watch it in marriages of watch it in marriages, any kind of relationship for years. If people quit listening to somebody else that other person begins to resent that person and a lot of what what professional marriage counselors do, what they do, is they getting a room and they referee speech, and they make sure that one person’s talking and the other person’s Listening and then they’ll make that person repeat what the other person said and they’ll say now. Did you hear what that person said and then sure they’re all on the same page? It is a lot about listening. Listening is so important in relationships. It’S also important just in general, in the kingdom of God, you know the kingdom of God. It operates through what we here. Doesn’T it church Faith Comes by what hearing, hearing and hearing by the word of God. The only way that our faith can grow is if we can listen to the right voices that feed our faith, bring the right things into our life, have a quick ear to hear the spirit of God. The word of God, the preaching of the word of God, will give ourselves to that men. Our faith can grow, but if we don’t listen to the right voices, our faith begins to shrivel and it begins to. Owensboro Church If we listen to the right voices, we go upwards. If we listen to the wrong voice voices, we begin to head down. He in the wrong direction, be careful that you’re listening be swift to hear but be swift to hear to the right voices. Look at your neighbor and just tell him to say you need to write voices in your life. It’S so important! Think about does Adam and Eve, listen to one wrong voice and it cost them the entire garden caught cause the entire fall that we’re apart up so we’re listening to people. We want him to know that we value them as a human would listen to what they’re saying, but I’ll me know. There’S some people will we can listen to, but we don’t need to internalize what they’re saying, because everybody that talks to you is not wise. Owensboro Church Counsel amen: you got to apply that a different places. The Bible says in the multitude of counselors. There is safety, but a counselor is someone with specific knowledge on a specific subject. Owensboro Church They can bring Council to that. Subject: multitude of counselors that mean I just listened to everybody and formulate my opinion or where I’m going next in life, based on what they say. I need a counselor with, with the with specific information on a specific task, be careful that you listen to the right voices. I mean we see this in the kingdom of God how much because the kingdom of God is built on relationship. She know outside of the kingdom of God, you can go relation list if, if you desire to but inside the king of there’s no way to be a Kingdom Minded person and not be in relationship with people, because God gave us relationships to build us, the Bible Says, like one man sharpens another, I’m sorry like iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another, and so when you get around the right people they sharpen you and – and that helps you. But if you get around the wrong people, the Bible says that what is that scripture that we talked about in used all of the time about your friends who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed, and so it goes. Both ways, your hearing all of the time, there’s a scripture in the Bible that I think that we ignore to a great extent, and that is it says that, Owensboro Church whenever to not receive an accusation against an elder without two or three witnesses that word Witnesses, meaning they actually Saw the it occur that they were actually they’re, not that they heard hearsay of something, but that they actually were there, and they saw it happen without those two or three Witnesses you should never eat. A people should never even receive an accusation against an elder. In the church – and we don’t like to participate in those scriptural ways of doing relationship Matthew 18, if a man comes against you, if he sends against you, go to him, if you still can’t reconcile it, take someone with you, I mean there’s all of these scriptures That we act like I don’t exist, whatever we get into a confrontation, but if we’ll use the scripture and we’ll really believe that it’s true and will open up our ear to only wise counsel and watch the council that comes in, we can see, Owensboro Church God move in Big waves in arm, it’s being Swift, to hear we’re, saying, listen to people, but we want to be careful that that we don’t get so open-minded that that our brains fall out is that send. Somebody say Amen to that. It just make. It makes big big sense, because every voice that comes to you is not a a Voice of Truth. There are many voices in the land, be careful. What voices that bet you he’d and lots of people will trade, the body of Truth for a warm body Beltre. The body of Truth for a warm body and people tend to believe whoever is in front of them now. Have you ever felt like to be true in your life? I’M a know that somebody come in and tell me a story and I’m a man less light. Owensboro Church The Torches and burn that dude’s Barn down tonight, let’s get them all together. I want his head on a pole tonight and then I hear that’s what the Bible says. Only a fool makes a decision without hearing both sides of the story, and then I have talked to the other person.

That tells me the opposite. Hang on I’m like wait a minute, thank God that we didn’t burn his barn down just yet. You know I got an angry mob riled up for nothing and I was wrong. That’S because, typically, we want to believe that body that warm light body in front of us now and here’s how the devil Works, especially, I watch it with younger Christians, he’ll come and you’ll bring one line voice and the devil’s got all the Time in the World To hang out with you to hold your hand to the chill with you he’s just hanging out trying to destroy the world until he’s ultimately cast in the Lake of Fire, which burns forever it’s going to be a good day. The devil is cast in the Lake of Fire. Somebody say Amen to that, but but until then he’s got all the Time in the World to deceive: to lie to slander, to hang out to Facebook, how it’s good Angel Ball to Twitter to sit in the his is demonic, Mama’s basement and is footie pajamas right And blogs he’s got all the Time in the World to do that. Brian! It’S so interesting! That says to be quick to hear and slow to speak and yet we’re so quick to speak every single thing and we’re quick to take on Council that has been given a fake platform because they have a Facebook page. It only takes like 15 seconds to set up a Facebook page and they will look and count that as a platform and it’s the devil’s fake platform to destroy families, to destroy lives, to destroy churches and people are listening to him up. Man we’re just we’re past from for moments. Okay, if we just talked out of a heart and Pastor, the mood is rude in America right now, and the mood is honorless in America right now, probably more so than it’s ever been before. You’Ll think that’s an accurate statement and I think really what’s done. This quicker than anything else is: are social media and and I’m for social media man, I’m on Twitter, I’m on Facebook, cuz we’ve got to redeem whatever is out there and we have to use whatever tool is available to us, but we’re developing right now, a culture Of narcissism that we’ve never seen before in this nation and we’re raising a group of kids right now that think they can take shots it at anything and anybody at any time for any reason, and they criticize a lot of things that they’ve never they’ve, never even Done anything yet and they’re critical, I remember I remember what what somebody said. It was. A young preacher be careful what you criticize lost it go ahead for one moment. It’S Wednesday night, I’m just saying all of that is smacking in the face of James chapter 119. Quick to hear slow to speak man, you got that keyboard at the end of your finger. How dangerous is it to take a cryptic shot at somebody else and then act like you weren’t talking about that? But it’s just so in love. Even when ever we don’t understand that you know how many of you, you knew everything about raising kids before you had any rights. Oh yeah and some people know everything about raising kids before they have any, and then they get like 3 in and they’re like you shut your mouth, don’t even talk to me. You know, because you don’t even know you’re thinking of you – will now Brian I’ll tease we’re not really being serious but will say people with one child or not even a real parent. Where does can’t you just feel sometimes like it’s just so you know you got all these kids now and you are doing your very best to just parent them in the best way that he is humanly possible with the energy that you got from your two hours Of sleep, and sometimes people look into other people’s world and they criticize they get critical of every single thing that they should be doing what they should be saying, what they – and we do. This amongst the body of Christ in the Bible says that we should encourage another that we should put courage into one another, not that we should tear people down and tell everybody why they’re not a good enough friends to us and why they haven’t been good enough. Just for supposed to be grateful have grateful. Hearts have a grateful life. You know my Briley. The other day was telling me she was saying something to me about. Well, you know we were doing something that was really really fun and she gets focused on when the end time is. Owensboro Church You know and she’ll say to me Mom how many more minutes do we have? How many more minutes do we have when is it going to be over with? I don’t want it to be over, yet she even and movie she gets really upset like about an hour and to the movie, because there’s only 30 minutes left, I said. Probably, let’s have a grateful heart just enjoy the moment, and some people can’t even enjoy what they have in this life, because they’re allowing all of these voices to come into their life that God never created to be influential, constructing leading voices in their life. But all of us get a Twitter feed or Facebook feed we go down through it, and all of these voices become the teacher of our life.

They become the mood Setter of our life. They become the thing that we listened to and gods called us as Christians. As Believers to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, we are supposed to block those people from our Facebook feed because God wants us to protect our heart, to protect our mind, to protect our spirit man, to encourage yourself in the Lord to look at our Self and say why so downcast, oh my soul, put your hope in God. Don’T let these people in these voices that don’t they should just makes it where it’s illegal? For some of these people to have Facebook pages, I mean honestly with some of these people. They shouldn’t be even allowed. Some people should in their family, should just cut them off. You know, but we allow that voice to come in because we’re bored we’re sitting in the car, we’re sitting on the couch and we’re looking and letting all those voices be. The thing that teaches us, I thought the other day what would happen if every time that I was bored instead of pushing Facebook app on my phone? I didn’t allow myself to do that before I pushed the Bible app on my phone and read a chapter out of my Bible. Owensboro Church That’S good what happen if every time that I found myself in a position of idleness, and I was bored if I did not allow myself to look at my Facebook feed until I had clicked on my Bible app and read at least a scripture or two or Chapter of that, what if we challenged ourselves to allow boredom to birth Pursuit Of God, instead of every time that we’re bored letting people speak to us, people don’t deserve a platform unless they are building something for God, unless they’re, obeying God, unless they are supposed to Be leaders in your life, please please, please don’t let them destroy your insides with their whatever. That is here’s. The quote I lost earlier. My mind beat be careful of your constructive criticism until you construct something yourself. That was, I think, that’s wise, so we’re we got five more minutes. I want to. I want to get on in this, but we’re going to be swift to hear everybody just say this out loud say father, give me ears to hear the right voice. Give me ears to hear the right boy says: be slow to speak, so important that the Bible says the righteous should choose not not just as friends, Owensboro Church but in many ways he his words wisely. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Those who love it will eat the fruit thereof. Are words are driving our life or words are also driving our relationship. What you say to the person besides you it matters what you say to people at work. It matters what you say to your relationship, your family. It matters we got to be careful that we’re hearing the right thing, so we fill our hearts with the right thing. Cuz out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth will speak, you know, sometimes you say something you don’t even want to say. You told somebody something you didn’t want to tell him, but your heart was so full of it. You were going to keep it to yourself and play your cards close what you got in the car with them, and you just began to skew that thing on them. Owensboro Church Why did that happen out of the abundance of the heart? The mouth speaks: build a heart with the right thing, so it’ll it’ll, say you’ll, say the right thing, but I want to move on to the Wrath part of this scripture because that that’s the flow. It’S caring and then it’s saying the wrong things and then you getting to wrap – and it says this – the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God. How many times have you ever seen? Some really angry people produce anything positive in life. Some really angry people producing positive stuff just doesn’t happen. The Bible says that we aren’t to be friends with an angry man says to never follow and angry man not to hook up not to do life with someone angry if they’re angry or if you’re angry you got to get that anger out of your life. Some people’s families that you’ve been trained to be angry about everything you’ve been trying to blow up. You think the way men deal put every bad situation is by blowing their top, but that anger that wrap it never produces the righteousness of God and the ultimate antidote to wrap the ultimate antidote to blowing your top and going off is the forgiveness and grace of God released in the earth, Owensboro Church you want to see the will of God be done on the earth, walk in forgiveness, walking Grace, let it go, let bygones be bygones, put it under the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and go forward and I’ll. Tell you the grace of God explode in every area of your life and the good sense, and that is that we have to be careful, though we don’t let wrath overtake our life, but there is a rat. That is a god kind of anger that God gets angry about a few things. Bible is actually, I think, seven of them that that God is angry about, and so I think that whenever God doesn’t like something we shouldn’t like it, but if it’s outside of those things that God doesn’t like that’s in Proverbs that I can’t remember the chapter right Now things alike loud eyes and a lying tongue and hands that shed innocent blood. Those are the kinds of things that should should cause rat the god kind of anger, see the right to the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God, Owensboro Church but the kind of things that make God angry should make us angry when people are shedding innocent Blood, it should make us angry. We should get involved in solving that in the world.

We should be a part of that. We should speak out against that. If it’s outside of that realm, we should walk in love. We should be gracious towards people. The Bible says that if you will restore a person who stand, if you will restore such a one in the spirit of meekness than the same thing, won’t come upon. You isn’t that good. You can keep those things from coming and invading your life that same kind of of sinful thing from enveloping your world in your life, if you’ll choose to walk in Mercy, walking Grace and to be gracious to that person and store them in spirit of meekness, I Heard one of the greatest stories about a week and a half ago about a guy who had such a spirit of forgiveness and the contacts were preachers I was at. Owensboro Church I was at a Pastors conference and there’s a guy by the name of Matthew, Barnett founded the LA Dream. Center go twin into skid row at the Dream Center and man. They feed a bazillion people. They’Ve got like programs to help get people out of a diction out of poverty out of homeowners homelessness. One of the greatest things are out on the west coast and his father. It is Tommy Barnett pastors First Assembly in Phoenix Arizona, great great man of God. Had the opportunity to meet to meet the both of those guys and you talk about just love flowing out of some people, great men and they had Matthew Barnett on a stage in the asking this question he was raised as a pastor’s kid. They said what was the toughest thing for you to deal with as a pastor skit, and he said, to be honest, the toughest thing I’ve ever dealt with as a pastor’s kid. What were the things that people would do and say that have been with my dad? A long time, and then they came against him and did terrible things that you told a story about Tommy Barnett was big into bus Ministry. He would bus a lot of homeless people when do a services and that their Church reached a point of national prominence and he had two hundred of his best supporters. Biggest givers and kind of the the pillars in the church put together a meeting. Owensboro Church They brought Tommy Barnett into it. He goes into it. Thinking that they’re going to praise him, you know attaboy doing a good job pastor and what they said is our churches reached a certain place where we’ve got too much clout we have. We have too big of a voice to keep bringing all these bums into our church and Pastor you’re, going to have to make a decision whether you’re going to have us or you’re going to have the pumps and Tommy Barnett said guys. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I love you, but if you’re going to make me choose between you and homeless people, I’m going to choose homeless people come on. Somebody give the Lord a handclap for a guy like that awesome man of God and then Matthew said Manny. It was tough to watch that into work through that and finally, my dad spoke to me and said: here’s how I’ve learned to deal with that. Instead of remembering those guys what they did when they exited my life and when they were against me, Owensboro Church I choose to remember those men whenever I was starting my church and I didn’t have any money and they came and they gave and they helped us when we Needed help the worst, Owensboro Church and he said I remember what they’ve done for me in life instead of what happened at the end of the stage, how could we apply that in every area of our life with people we’ve had weird and counters with? There were raffle raffle to, or are even have that tendency to. Instead of remembering the thing that you’re mad about how about remembering the thing that they did for you or some of the good times, are some of the stuff before try to remember them in a good light and man, it will help you put away wrath and Pick up Grace and it was one of the best things I’ve heard anybody say in that context in years, let’s put away wrath because the wrath of man never produces the righteousness of God. I want to pray, are you done just say? One more thing then go ahead, go for the Bible says that God won’t be able to forgive us, and so I want to encourage you, as the body of Christ, to love your brothers and sisters and to forgive them because they’re going to do stuff to you And there’s nothing that you can do to keep them from doing something to you, A lot of people, think of a just quit loving people or just keep quit letting people into their world or they just quit. You know put they put up a wall and they don’t allow people in anymore that somehow that will keep people from hurting you, Owensboro Church but it won’t you’ll still hurt the only thing that takes her out of our life and opens us up to God’s grace and his Forgiveness is for us to forgive others first and it will forgive other. Then God is then allowed. He is open. He is available, then, to forgive us of our trespasses, and I don’t know about you, but man.

Oh man do. I need some forgiveness from God on a daily basis and his grace flowing in my life, and so I never want to stop the flow of grace through a lack of forgiveness, and I don’t care how hateful someone’s been to me if the reason is legitimate. I know some of you have gone through things that I’ve never even imagined from family members and people in your life, and you know people that have a salted you that have done things that are even illegal and immoral and Dave affected your life. Someone that’s ripped you off in the business world and you hold and harbor unforgiveness, but I’m telling you if you will choose to walk in forgiveness. That doesn’t mean to give him the key to your house the week after they robbed. Owensboro Church I’M not saying to give them everything back that you know, but I’m saying if you will choose, which is a choice to forgive them then got the Bible says that God is then able to come in and forgive you and you have the ability than to come Into His presence with boldness, where you obtained favor from the Lord and favors or direct connection to being in his presence being in his presence, is a direction to your forgiveness. That you’ve, experienced and forgiveness from God is a direct connection to how you’ve chosen to forgive others. So I challenge you this week to go home, maybe even this evening and to sit and just say Lord. I choose to forgive that person. If they don’t know that you had an ought against them, I encourage you not to go to them tomorrow at work and tell them that you hated them for 3 years and that God helps you forgive them last night. Just do it on your own. Go home, sit down and say God, you know what I choose to forgive them and you may have to do it again. The next day God I choose to forgive, then you may have to do it an hour from them.. I choose again to forgive them because they are constantly in need of forgiveness. Guess what we’re constantly in need of forgiveness, to imagine a holy God, how we to him! So I’m grateful that God chose to make me righteous and I’m going to forgive people in order to obtain that you’ve got somebody like Jessie’s been talking about man. I need to forgive them. I need to let bygones be bygones. I need to put away raft and pick up Grace Pastor tonight I choose, Owensboro Church let me tell you this forgiveness is not a feeling. It’S not it’s not about feeling like you forgive them. Owensboro Church Forgiveness is a choice I choose to forgive. My choice is stronger than my emotions. That’S what the kingdom of God teaches us so, if you’re out there and you say, Pastor, I need to bury this Hatchet once and for all once and for all. Why don’t you just slide a hand up and right back down right right? Where you are, I need to bury this Hatchet once and for all now. Right now, just just say it tell the Lord right, where you are tell yourself right, where you are say I choose to forgive that person. I choose to forgive that issue. That incident. I bury it tonight, I’ll put it behind me. It’S over, I don’t have to live in it anymore. The grace of God is coming to me. I won’t be captive the anything from the past, so I can walk into my future. I choose to forgive. I choose Grace, I choose Mercy, I choose to release it in Jesus mighty mighty name just say I choose to forgive in Jesus mighty name. One of the most cleansing things you’ll ever do is to forgive Divine otherworldly Transcendent. I choose to forgive in Jesus mighty, mighty name and the church said: amen, amen, amen, let’s give Jesus a hand clap in here tonight. For forgiving, all of us amen amen what if the else will bring what we need we’re going to we’re going to bring bring. Are giving to the house of God those of you that do you’re giving on Wednesday night they’re going to come right to your bring an envelope to you want to? Let you know: we’ve got going up on the website sometime in the next week or so you’ll see our 2012 report kind of it’s a breakdown of what was given last year, where the money went, how it was used and the results that we had, and you Know we had a record-breaking year this last year it was, it was a great year and in every way you look at it. Man that was almost 1,500 People Prayed to receive Christ. Owensboro Church Over a hundred people got got water baptized food was given away, diapers was given away our mission dollars and Outreach about 100K went out just reach in and through missions. Doing Outreach like that. We have to give the Lord of hand clap for, for that. Man was awesome and then you know the church is admission ever week. You’Ll recognize that the church is our mission. Everybody say this is the mission I mean we support other missions with some people. Talk like like this is our church, and these are our missions, but really the New Testament Mission is building the church in the Gates of Hell will not Prevail against it and I’m in to win and loss folk here, so so you’re giving it’s done. All of that you can get online check that out, look at it in Tennessee. You know see what happened last year and we’re believing God for a bigger and better year that we get accomplished more every year. I am and we all to be going upward and onward every year in every area. So thank you so much. You know the drill you got got an envelope there. I want to pray over that giving thank you for today and I won’t encourage you. I want you to bring somebody with you this coming weekend to The Wizard of Oz, part 2. It’S going to be it’s going to be a whole lot of fun, there’s a great message that people will walk out of here with and they’ll. Owensboro Church Remember it. I found it what I preach you forget about fast, but if IL trade it, you can tell me what I talked about years ago, so bring somebody with you bring them into the house. I believe that God will reach them and we’ve created these kind of services. So that you can invite somebody man so invite somebody bring them out. I believe that the grace of God’s going to be present believe that the house is going to be packed, Owensboro Church and I believe that God is going to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think. Let me pray over you father in Jesus name. I thank you for the giving I think you for the house, I think it, but it’s taken care of and Lord I Thank you for a group of people that they don’t just show up and take, but a group of people that give Lord make us generous In every shape, form and fashion in our lives, I prayed, I call us a generous, generous and a blessed Church in Jesus name. I pray, amen,