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How is everybody tonight doing good? We got a little pretty snow that left us quickly today. Didn’T we, but not good. That’S got to snow that some people like they don’t want to just stay around. They just wanted to look pretty and disappear, so somebody got their prayer answered today. I just want you if you will to turn with me to John 4 and verse 35. You get me tonight. Aren’T you excited go ahead. That’S exciting! Stuff I’m excited to be here with you tonight, you know what honestly I have really really bit excited to come tonight, because I have had a word in my heart for quite some quite a few amount of weeks. I don’t know if I’m saying that right quite a few amount of weeks and it’s been just stirring on the inside of Eastern on the inside of me Stern on the inside of me and Brian, asked me. If I would like to speak tonight – and I got so excited yes, Owensboro Church I would thank you very much because I have had this word in my heart and really had it on my mind, and you know what I’m really convinced tonight that there are some people in The room that my Divine assignment God has you here tonight and not just on accident, not just because you come every Wednesday, but instead because God really wants to get this word inside of your heart – that he wants to do something on the inside of you. I know that in my lifetime I have been saved now with counted up today. I became a Christian 29 years ago and that exciting y’all are boring. Come on now, hello, help 29 years of serving Jesus. You’Ve been around a little bit of church and people. Okay, and so I was I was raised in church. I was raised as a pastor’s kid actually which can really mess people up, but it didn’t mess me up, because I just decided to love Jesus and forget about all that craziness and and when you really stay in church – and you say around people, you see a Lot going on it, and – and you experience a lot with God and you experience a lot with people and and your eyes – are open to a lot of things and you have an opportunity to hear a lot of voices. Am I from the pulpit that preach and bring words that come from the word of God, and so you get an opportunity to hear those things and be around those things. You know you have an opportunity for it to become very mundane and very just the same. Owensboro Church All of the time, but you also have those moments with God, Owensboro Church where it’s like man, that’s what I’ve been looking for. That’S the answer to my that’s. What I’ve been asking God about! That’S the thing that I needed to know. That’S the next step, see you when you’re in church can’t let it become mundane. You got to keep on digging. You got to keep on going after God. You got to keep on seeking the Bible says that when you see him, you will find him when you seek for him with all of your heart, and so when you go into church, if you come in looking for something from God guess what Scott begins to Answer you in it doesn’t always happen the very first week that your ass, but over time, God will send words here and there. So some of the parts of tonight’s message, some of you are going to be like. That’S not for me at all. Some of you in here tonight, you’re going to be like the whole thing was only for me. I don’t even know why all the rest of these people came tonight and then some of you there’s going to be a lot of it. That really helps you and helps you down the road. But I want you to listen tonight to what God is trying to get into your heart and get into your life. And I don’t want what I’m about to say to become mundane because of really believe that there’s anointing on it for it to be something different than Monday. I’M here tonight to talk to you about the subject of lifting up our eyes for the Harvest is white. Some I look at your neighbor and just say: lift up your eyes go ahead. I was actually standing in the lobby of our church sometime back and I experienced the situation and whenever I walked away from it, Owensboro Church I heard in my spirit the Lord scream at me. If you will, it was very loud, it was very booming, heard it in my heart, not with my audible ear, but it was down deep inside of me. I could hear God’s voice say, lift up your eyes. The Harvest is white and some of the mustard on the inside of me. I wasn’t really expecting God to speak to me in that moment because, as you know, the lobby is pretty packed with people and it’s a lot of commotion going on around me. I heard it go off on the inside of me just like a booming voice, it caught my attention and I turn to Rebecca who’s, my friend and she she was right beside when she and I looked at her and I said to her lift up your eyes. Owensboro Church The Harvest is it cuz, it just came up out of me. She looked at me like I was a little bit crazy, but sometimes I can be so that’s alright, but it was one of those God moments where it just something went off on the inside of me. I said something more of that. God wants to talk to me more about that. So over the last few weeks I really feel like the Lord has and I’m going to share a little bit of it with you tonight. John 4 and verse 35 says this. Do you not say there are still four months and then comes the Harvest? Behold I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for the Harvest.

The Harvest isn’t coming, the Harvest is here, and I think that we can learn to be aware of the Harvest in a greater way Bay. Keep ourselves amped up for what God is doing right now. Do you understand that you are in the middle of a harvest? Time I want you to know something, because maybe you are not outside of our church a lot. I want you to know that you are in the midst of something special that’s happening on the Earth today, and that is that many many many many are in the Valley of decision and many many many are coming to know Christ in a very real real way. From the up and out to the down-and-out, God is moving in people’s hearts and say: hey wake up, Owensboro Church I’ve come to save you and people are coming out of addiction they’re coming up. I thinking that they have too much to need God they’re coming out of every single lifestyle imaginable, and God is plucking them up and rescuing them, and we get to be right in the dead center middle of it. How exciting is that there are people for generations and generations in Generations that have prayed for Revival. There are people that are still today praying for Revival, and I want to scream and say: come on over were having it. Owensboro Church We don’t have to pray for it anymore. We need more hands in the Harvest, we need workers, the Harvest is white, let’s go for it. We’Ve got something going on, let’s dig in let’s what happened? Let’S go for it. Let’S go get some people, God is saving the lost right here in this house and God’s doing it through a multiple, multiple Avenues through our compassion Ministries to our services through our International missions to our local missions, he’s doing it in all kinds of ways. Shapes forms in fashion, but he’s doing it why? Because he wants to and because there’s some people that are willing to just lay down their life and let God use them to be a part of that. Do you know who those people are? You say God says that he sends fivefold ministers into the church, Apostles prophets evangelists pastors and teachers for the equipping of the Saints to do the work of the ministry for a long time. People of expected that evangelist pastors prophets teachers, and I think I can skipped one, but I don’t remember which one it is – that they’re, the ones that where to go and do the work of the ministry. But actually they are the ones that God called into the body to equip the Saints for the work of the ministry. Why? Because you go into your world and you have Jesus living on the inside of you, Jesus In the Flesh, John Tatum, coming into the room. He’S going to work and Jesus is living his life out through him. Owensboro Church He is allowing God to be an example through him, a witness through him at everything that needs to happen to get someone saved. It’S happening on the inside of John Tatum everyday, because there’s been some five for ministers that will equip the Saints to do the work of the ministry, and so tonight I want to say to you lift up your eyes. The Harvest is white. How many years have you been saved have been saved for 5 or more years? I want you to raise your hand in the sanctuary tonight. Okay, I’m talking to you fat, don’t look at your neighbor cuz, I’m talking to you! If you would, if you didn’t, somebody look at her she’s talking to you and if you haven’t been saying 5 years, Owensboro Church I’m still talking to you but there’s a danger that comes, Owensboro Church I believe, after about 5 years of Salvation, where we sit back and we think two Things number one we get caught in the Monday Dane of every day. We just forget that it even matters at the rest of the world gets saved. We’Re bettering ourselves we’re getting better we’re becoming better we’re learning things in God. We’Re we’re we’re we’re. Reading we’re going to use it some day today we’re studying it out, guess what God is ready to use you today, whatever you know, somebody knows less, go, find them and teach them what you know. God is looking to use you, but we’re in constant Monday and study. Everything will be, will be la la la mode or we decide that we’ve already learned it all and we turn into a great Pharisee, which is scary stuff. I have seen instantly Legends come out. Five minutes I mean I get saved and they know better than everybody within five minutes flat. It’S amazing, Owensboro Church I mean they’re sure I didn’t catch on that quick, but we we fall usually into those two gutters and they’re somewhere in between the God, can really use the church to be the ones who go out and two and reap the Harvest. So it’s so tempting to forget that there’s even a world out there, it’s so tempting to forget that there’s not that they don’t matter the now that you’re save the evangelism has ended. You just need to get better, but nobody else needs to be reached and we forget and we fall into those two gutters. We are busy so many times, romanticizing the mundane, where we just missed completely the extraordinary that God can do through our lives. We think that this world that we live in is so all consuming and so important that we just completely missed the Magnificent that God wants to do in your life. That’S right, the Magnificent that God wants to do in your life right here in Owensboro Kentucky in this community. Owensboro Church God wants to do something extraordinary through you, not just through me, not just through someone else, but through you. So I want to tell you a story that happened to me and it is an example of this. Everyone has different calls from God. Everyone has a different reason, a different purpose. Everyone has a different sacrifice. I believe that, with all of my heart, there different levels that people you know sacrifice at to follow the call of God.

Some people get to stay close to home. Some people have to go away. Some people have to give up money. Some people get to get it some people, just everybody, sacrifices different. Everybody has a different call from God in the different thing and that’s fine, but mine happens to be that I was called to move away from my family to move to Owensboro Kentucky and to build him a church build him a church, build him a church thing In the world, when you have to move away from your family sad whenever you move somewhere, especially when you know nobody like I did whenever I moved here – and I found myself one day sitting in the midst of a bunch of people, and they were talking about Going over to their mother’s house after church, and they were going to have roast well, if you know me, you know, I love a roast okay and they were talking about this home cooked meal and they were very excited about it. I was rejoicing with those who Rejoice, I was pumped about their roast, but somewhere didn’t tell him the inside of me. I felt something it was like. I wish I lived near my mama and she would make beer Rosita. I had this pity party experience on the inside of mean. I know that y’all are never pity party people, you always are up, and you never think about yourself, but Jesse does – and I had this moment – it just hit me and I don’t know why. I don’t know where was in Life or what was going on, but something on the inside me said: why don’t I get to have a roast it again. The spirit of God spoke to my heart and he said it very clearly and very loud, and I got it quick and he spoke to me really loud and he said: do you want a roast or do you want the Nations and I stood up tall? Well, if you put it that way, I’ll take the nation’s up, I don’t think a roast. Is that important? No sharing that with one of my friends and she just said Jesse that just ministers to me. She said I’m telling you I thought about that over and over and over as I serve God do I want a roaster. Owensboro Church Do I want the nation’s? Do I want Comfort, or do I want Jesus to come back? Do I want to do what I want to do cuz I want to do it there something wrong with the rose. There’S nothing wrong with family there, something wrong with Comfort, there’s nothing wrong with your electric blanket. I love that we have all of those things, but that is not what will bring Jesus into the Earth today. The only thing that will bring Jesus into the Earth is when we lay down our life, and we say God, you said if I would asked if you would give me the nation’s for my inheritance and that’s part of our call from God Amen. I just don’t want to miss the Harvest, there’s a story in Mark II and its Jesus sitting amongst what the scripture notes as the Sinners. You can read it in verse, 15, through 17, he’s sitting in the midst of Sinners and disciples. He has Tax Collectors with him and he has disciples with him and all throughout this chapter. If you look at every story, that’s recorded there a Pharisees on the outside and they keep on coming and questioning Jesus. They keep on coming to him and say Jesus. Why are you sitting with the Sinners? Why are you letting them be in the midst of you? There are sinners amongst us. I mean there’s an alarm going out throughout everything noticed the disciples are not the ones question Jesus about why the centers are there. Disciples know why the Sinners are there, disciples understand the importance of having centers around UC centers are the Harvest and, if we’re lifting up our eyes from our iPhone lifting up our eyes from our selfishness, lifting up our eyes from what we want lifting up our eyes From our everyday Affairs, if we’re lifting up our eyes and we see the Harvest, we know what they look like. They look like sinners, sinners sin and they do it good and that’s what God is looking for he’s looking for those people to the disciples they weren’t questioning it. They didn’t have a question about why the Sinners were there. The Pharisees had a question about why the sellers were there and Jesus says to them. In this passage he says I didn’t come to heal the the whole I came to heal the broken. The broken are the ones who need a hospital and he says it to those Pharisees and they didn’t even catch on that. It really wasn’t talking just about the sitter’s. He was talking about them, but they were so hot and so high-minded that they didn’t even catch on the Jesus was hey you’re, the one who needs me. You need to figure out that you need me. They completely passed it by because they were so judgemental.

So critical, so questioning of God’s motive that they didn’t even realize that they themselves were sinners in need of a savior. They thought they had it perfect. You see, we have to keep our eyes up. We have to realize that we are in need of Jesus on a daily basis. We have to realize that the Harvest is ripe, but we also have to realize if we don’t have it all together yet and if we can do that, if we can stay out of that Ferris to the Como, there’s a spirit: the tries to attach itself to People when they’ve been saved for a long time it comes at you and it says: hey, you know everything. Those people don’t know what they’re doing you know everything those lights on that stage or stupid. I don’t know what they think they’re doing. What who are they trying to catch here? We go ready, sitters people that are looking for something different, we’re catching the eye of the unbeliever so that we can let Jesus catch their heart, see when people can be drawn in by the natural, then God has an opportunity to open them up for the supernatural To work in their life, none of that stuff matters you’re right! It’S no in void! It’S it’s! It’S just a medium to be used, but God is Not Just Monday he’s not just a meet. He is it. The power of God can come in through very natural people through very natural means, and he can sneak right in and show them his power. Owensboro Church His love his authority, the things that he wants to expose to them, so that they will know that he is the God of all gods in the king of all Kings, and sometimes we get distracted and forget to watch. We have to harvest when the Harvest is ripe. You never find a farmer that has sown his seed and then the Harvest comes that I know Farmers, I’m telling you they’re up before the sun rises in the morning they they’re going and finding the tractor that can get them up in the dark. Still harvesting. I mean they’re going for it. They get up in the morning. They were crude, every family member. It doesn’t matter if they have a cold. You can’t get out of here. We’Ve got a harvest to bring in. Nobody cares about a cold during Harvest time. They come on. Let’S go, oh I’m sorry, but I’ve got to stay here. It’S just about us for no more. The Harvest will blow your ass for no more to Smithereens. I mean exploded right there in your mitts Farmers. Don’T wait for the harvested on so the Harvest is ripe, but there’s a movie that I’ve been wanting to see. Owensboro Church I think we’ll go see that first, what because the Harvest is ready, let’s go get it. Let’S make it happen. We’Ve been waiting, we’ve been expecting, we’ve been excited, and now it’s here and some people are saying. Oh there’s, like scripture, says four more months until the Harvest we’re just going to lay down we’re just going to let it ride for a little bit. I think it’ll stay, I don’t think everything will be eaten up by the time we get to it. I just feel like a map, don’t you feel like a nap? Let’S just take a little nap and just lay down and let it happen, you know what God is. Waking us up Church shaking us quit napping. What’S up quit going by the way get up quit skipping get up, you have a cold, it’s alright get out there. Anyway, we’ve got things to do, God is in the midst of us. In the Harvest is White Church the Harvest will cost you I’m not going to lie. The Harvest will cost you your time. It will cost you your energy, it will cost you your convenience. Do you have not been inconvenience lately? I promise you, you are not involved in the Harvest catching it will take you off of your daily routine. It will mess with you. It will cost you your finances, I’m a personal testimony to all of these. I’M telling you, if you get excited about the Harvest it will take from you. The Harvest will pull from you and will not be convenient. It will not be what you always wanted it to be Jesse. Why are you bringing this message? Why don’t you bring us some more encouraging word? I came tonight, need it needing to be encouraged the best and courage when I can give you is church, Owensboro Church lift up your eyes. The Harvest is white. Jesus is on his way. Let’S get to work, hey men! Why does it matter it matters because God loves people. You know what I love people, the thicker I get into the Harvest, the more I love it. I’M telling you the thicker I get in when you buying when you go all in it takes from you. Something leaves you, but I’m telling who you gained so much from the experience of being involved in the Harvest. Owensboro Church God comes in and he makes you realize that you were that person that you have not come to know it. All that you are still in need of a savior and that you have an opportunity, the Bible says, provide your body a Living Sacrifice, holy and acceptable. Unto God, for this, is your outlandish request from God, for this is your: maybe you should do it. Maybe you shouldn’t, you know what, if it works in your schedule, that’s good! If not just don’t worry about it, keep your body all to yourself. Owensboro Church The Bible says that this is your body. It is a Living Sacrifice. It is Holy and acceptable unto God, which is our reasonable service, wonderful story and I’ll end with this today, I want to encourage you to lift up your eyes that was on Facebook, and my sister had posted a beautiful story about a man who came in it Was beautiful to me because man it just inspired me, a man came in a musician, just sat down to Subway and begin to play on a violin and no one paid attention. Many many many people walked by and he said he counted about 6 people that even paid any attention and they drop some money in the bucket. The only people that looked up and thought to go back and listen to him. We’Re a couple of people and a few children that fought their moms to go back, but the mom was in too big of a hurry to get where she was going.

The dad was in too big of a hurry to get where they were going and so they passed buying at the end of the day from 20 people. I think that the musician had gained little did. They know that he was one of the most or even maybe the most well renowned violinist in the entire world. The night before he had filled the stadium of people with hundred dollars seats. He was sitting in the subway playing on a 3.5 million dollar violin and they didn’t even take the time to stop and pay attention to him one of the best violinist in the world, one of the most beautiful musicians of all time, 1 of a treasure that God has given us here on Earth and in the area of gifting and talent and the mom, Owensboro Church wouldn’t even let the kids stop and listen for free, because her eyes were set on where she was going. How many of us don’t stop and take note of the treasure that we pass by in our daily walk? I’M telling you I got 3 kids. I promise you have passed some Treasures up getting through the grocery store, a feet, I’m just saying if my kids, even so much as act like they’re, going to grab a towel it in the car, let’s go, Owensboro Church I got to keep them all together. I explain it to him like this. You are all Tops on my table. The one of you that spins off to the right creates chaos for the whole family. I need you to stay on the table. Please Mommy need you to set on the table. They all look at me like they don’t understand, but one day they will because they’re going to have children too three children in a mundane World, working it out going to the grocery store, doing laundry changing diapers. I promise you I passed by treasure, but aren’t you glad that treasure wasn’t you aren’t you glad I showed up on Sunday morning? You know what I know that Miss Janice has passed by a treasure to and her time, but I also know that she’s caught a lot just being right there at that coffee stand doing her thing. Cuz she runs. I mean coffee Ministry. I don’t know if you know it or not. I don’t know if you caught it on Facebook, but Frank wathen got volunteer of the week this week because he drives a mean golf cart. He isn’t missing all of the Harvest. We all have our days that we miss, but we don’t want to miss the treasures because we’re in too big of a hurry to stop and see them. The days that I’ve stopped the days that I’ve looked the days that I’ve made a difference. Man, Owensboro Church oh man, was I glad that I did. How many have I missed? How many have I not gotten to lift up your eyes? Owensboro Church Jesse from your stinking Twitter account, the Harvest is white, lift up your eyes, Jesse from that the Harvest is white, lift up your eyes quit. Looking at yourself wanting roast the Harvest is white. The nations are here for your inheritance. What are you going to do today? Who are you going to look at what treasure you going to take advantage up? Let’S listen to those Treasures. Let’S take note of the gifting on the inside of them. Let’S grab their hand, lift I’m up and say come on you’re going with me taking you home. Where do you have enough personal concert tonight because I figured out who you are, God has Treasures lying and wait every step of your way. If you stop and take note, are you glad tonight? Are you glad you got called I just recruited every single one of you scud stand up on your feet tonight. Jesus I pray for every single one, y’all go ahead and just play that song Jesus I play for every single person in the room tonight, God I pray that they would be stirred that their eyes would be open that their head would be lifted. The iPhone would be turned off that there that their voice would be heightened, that their heart would be soft and God that we would see the Harvest and not miss it. For one moment, let us see the treasure in stop and embrace it. Lord. We thank you that the Lost are found. The blind will see the death will hear the lame will walk again and they’ll. Do it, because you’ve called people workers into the Harvest. Lord. Today we yield ourselves to you under the mighty hand of God, Lord, let you and only you be exalted in Jesus name, if you believe that just say, Amen,