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Well, it’s good to be in the house of God. Amen. Church come on. Let’S give Jesus one more big hand, clap tonight good to hang out in church. Together with the Saints got a couple of people. We want to recognize who just went through what we have. We call River City University here and we’re starting to receive members and a brand new way at River City Church and in the past. I believe that we did it all wrong, so how many know that smart people have the opportunity to change their mind at any point in life on a lot of things amen, but look at your neighbor and say you can change your mind on some things. We’Ve done things wrong, we want to do things better, and that is before we receive people into our our membership and a we get them going doing life with us as a church. We want to clearly communicate to them what River City Church is all about, and let them know what the expectations are. Membership is let them know what we’re all about. What our history is, Owensboro Church  what the church looks like, where we’re going and what we expect all of members and kind of what we’ve looked for in members in the past. We could sum it up in five things number one they would have had to submit it to the lordship of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Everybody say Jesus is Lord. Jesus is Lord second thing that have to do is to have been after receiving Jesus or be willing to be baptized. Everybody say water baptism, the third thing they have to do. We believe that ever responsible church member takes apart of giving and receiving, and we believe that entry-level giving in the church is the tithe. Everybody said the time all right after that. We believe that every person needs to serve somewhere, amen and maybe you’re you’re joining today and it’s like Brian I’m all jacked up on messed up,
and I need some time just to get my life right and I’ve been there. That’S fine, but would you agree when you get through a period of healing to start serving start helping start doing something and how many know we conserve a lot earlier in the church? You don’t have to be perfect to serve in the church we’re, not looking for Perfect People we’re looking for available people. That’S what we’re looking for. The last thing we want out of our membership is that we continue in the doctrine and Doctrine is a theological word for the teaching of the church, and we believe really that that one of the strongest messages that America is missing. His commitment to the local church and understanding that the church is the bride and God plants, people in the church and whenever they stay planted in the church. That’S when their lives began to flourish without planning. There is no flourishing and lots of people don’t like that. In America, because we’re this group of people that hasn’t been parenting anymore and we haven’t been pushed and commitment – hasn’t been asked out of any of us anywhere. Owensboro Church so we don’t commit to families, we don’t commit in the workplace. We don’t commit to hardly anything and when somebody comes with a strong message of commitment to the house, Owensboro Church  people get uncomfortable, but that’s the only message you find in the New Testament when it comes to the church commit love. It’S Jesus’s Church we’re here to make it happen, and so what we’re doing is what we’re putting together it’ll be every other month. There’S there’s a class, that’s what we’re doing right now that could change in the future, but call River City University. Everybody say River City University, and but what we put people through it recently and just a few of them showed up tonight are here tonight. We want to recognize that we’ve received they’ve, been through the class and that they’re committed to this house he here tonight. It is friend cook Indiana Richards. What would y’all what y’all come down and let me just come down right right now, ladies, what would would y’all face the crowd. I’M glad you’re here tonight really glad you’re here, you’ll just face the corporately in receive your we’re. We’Re so glad you’re here tonight Church stretch your hands towards these. Ladies,
let’s receive them tonight into the house of God, Owensboro Church  father. Owensboro Church  We thank you for our sisters. In the name of Jesus, we thank you that you lead them. You guide, them you, protect them. Lord. We declare that the best is happening in every area of their life father. I speak the word over them. I declare that, while they’re growing that they’re they’re becoming more than they ever thought possible and you I declare that, well, your call your great purpose for their life, your love for them is going to unfold. We said that this church will be a blessing to them and they will be a blessing to this church. We receive them as a flock tonight in Jesus mighty name in the church, said: amen, amen, amen, we’re so glad you’re. Owensboro Church  here now God bless you. Thank you. Ladies, so much do you have a bottle on you tonight: go ahead and open it up to Genesis, chapter 22, Genesis, chapter 22 and as you’re turning their go ahead and say the Lord will provide unless it again the Lord will provide you know. This is one of the great Old Testament stories about the father of Faith Abraham and his Revelation that we have a God who is a provider in every area of our life, and I just want us to read this story. Genesis. Chapter 22, *, 10, verse 1. Will read down to about 14? If you’re there you got it tonight, go ahead and say haha you’re at the passive alright. Here we go. Here’S what it says not came to pass after these things that God tested Abraham and said that him Abraham, and he said here I am then he said, take now your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love and go to the land of Moriah and all For him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains, of which I shall tell you so Abraham Rose early in the morning and saddle is donkey, took two of his young men with him and Isaac. His son and he split the wood for the burnt. Offering in the Rose and went to the place of which God and told him they don’t the third day Abraham lifted his eye install the place? Owensboro Church a far-off and Abraham said to his young men stay here with the donkey the law, the lad, and I will go Yonder and worship and we will come back to you. So Abraham took the wood of the burnt, offering and laid it on Isaac, his son, and he took the fire in his hand and a knife and the two of them went together. Owensboro Church  but Isaac spoke to Abraham as father and said my father, and he said here. I am son, then he said: look the fire and the wood, but where is the Lamb for a burnt offering and Abraham said my son? God will provide from self the lamb for a burnt offering so the two of them went together. Then they came to the place of which God told them, and Abraham built an altar there and placed the wood in order. Any bound Isaac is sun and lay them on the altar upon the wood and Abram stretched out his hand and took the knife to slay his son, but the angel of the Lord called him from heaven and said AbrahamAbraham. So he said here I am, and he said, do not lay your hand on the lad or do anything to him for now.

I know that you fear God, since you have not withheld your son, your only son from me, then Abraham lifted his eyes and looked and there behind him was a ram caught in a Thicket by its horns. So Abraham went and took the rim and offered it up for a burnt offering instead of his son and Abraham called the name of the place, the Lord will provide, as it is said to this day in the Mount of the Lord, it shall be provided everybody Say the Lord will provide let’s say it again: the Lord will provide look at your neighbor and say the Lord will provide for you. Look at your other neighbor and say it’s already provided so. Here we have the story of the father of Faith. Abraham Abraham is a prototype of a faith man from The Book of Genesis and he shows us what it is to live by faith. Owensboro Church  do you want to live by faith and learn what it is to walk by faith and to please God, cuz the scripture safe? There without faith it is impossible to please God what is Faith it is reckless believe and abandoned. That’S the word of God is true. In every area of your life played the scripture says the substance of things hope for the evidence of Things Not Seen. Faith is taking God’s word to the bank and standing on the word. How many of y’all would like to live your life by faith huh the scripture say that the just shall live by faith, Owensboro Church  so Abraham is called the father of Faith. There’S some Faith, Owensboro Church  lessons to learn their God promised Abraham Miss. He said Abraham, I’m going to give you a son and your son is going to come out of the womb of your wife, whose name is Sarah and literally they didn’t have that son until they were almost100 years old. They were a hundred years old and God promised Abraham that that son’s going to become a mighty nation. You see the nation of Israel, you see the Jews all over the world,
those are the descendants of Abraham son Isaac and he said your son is going to be like the stars of the sky or the Sands of the sea and through your children, all the Nations of the earth will be blessed, Abraham got that word and it took a long time for it to come to pass. But the scripture said that Abraham believed God and it was a credited to him for righteousness and because Abraham believed the word of the Lord. The word of the Lord Shirley came to pass. Do you know that faith in the promises of God will bring the promises of God to pass in your life faith in the promises of God will bring the promises of God to pass in your life? Owensboro Church  We said one more time, faith and the promises of God will bring the promises of God to pass in your life. Huh Faith brings the promises to pass so surely when he believed it was scheduled that his wife would have Isaac and Isaac, and she named him left her. He was literally name Isaac, which means laughter. You know whenever the promises of God come to pass in your life. It’S a joyous thing. It’S a thing! That brings you Joy into thing. That brings you fulfillment the scripture say that whenever a promise comes to pass that it’s a tree of life in in the midst of your heart, you know so so, Sarah and Abraham, they had Isaac battle. After that, a dream fulfilled and they’re. Holding that dream and they’re seeing that drink and that dreams coming up in front of them. Owensboro Church  It’S a glorious thing to live in the midst of your dream, and it takes a few hours. It takes a few year stop get into your drink, Abraham’s, an old man. Now he’s over 100 years old, the scripture say he is living in the midst of his dream and one day God begins to challenge his dream that God placed in his heart to begin with, in the scriptures say that God tested Abraham’s metal, here’s what God says To Abraham says Abraham,
I want you to take that dream that I put in your heart, not want you to take that dream. Isaac battle after that I’ve, given to you, I want you to take the Fulfillment of my word. I want you to take it up on a mountain. I want you to March out here away from your house, so take that dream and Slaughter it on the altar of sacrifice. How many know that’s a strong word from the Lord. I want you to kill your son. I want you to kill the dream that I’ve, given you what a test so many people, only R in the kingdom of God, to hold the drink, to be honest and there’s this tension in the scripture, because God gives us promises, he gives us pure and precious promises. He wants the best for your life, he wants you to have joy, Owensboro Church  he wants you to have laughter, he wants you to hold the child of Promise. God is a god that is for us and not against us. Somebody say man out there under the sound of my voice, give God a hand, clap because he’s for us and he’s not against us. He is for you not against you. He wants to give you great things. He wants you to live the blessed life. He come that you might, you might have joy and that more abundantly in Jesus said I come that you might have life in abundance, but here’s this tension he’s giving him life he’s, giving him the Fulfillment of a promise he’s giving him laughter, Owensboro Church  and now he tells Him to take that Joy. Take that promise to take that sun and kill it. What a confusing thing, why would God promised him Isaac and then tell him to kill Isaac? Why would he tell him to strap him to an altar of sacrifice? Why would he do those things? Well, I don’t know exactly why. God would do that. The scripture say that he was testing Abraham in that hour and here’s what Abraham decided to do. He said in his heart: I’m going to follow God, even if it doesn’t look like the dream is going to live. Even if it looks like I’m not going to have everything I want today, God tells me to do it I’ll. Do it because he wanted God’s face and God’s favor more than you wanted God’s hand, Merced Arcane and his favor both anymore Lee God’s hand, lots of people want God’s hand, and I want God’s hand in my life.

You look in the scriptures. You’Ll find the hand of God is what moves in your situation? What changes your situation, the hand of God is, what brings healing the hand of God is? What brings provision the hand of God is? What brings Blessings by hand of God is what brings favor? I want the hand of God, but God doesn’t just want us to want his hand. He also wants us to want him set, make sense out there. He already showed up to Abraham and he said this to Abraham. He said Abraham. I am your shield and your exceedingly great reward. I am your shield and you’re exceedingly great reward. I remember back one time in the last building we were in and there’s been 9 building since we started the church. So you check with me that would be the Walnut church building and we were meeting in that and I was praying in there and you know my dream is always been building the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. That’S my dream: that’s my life call I’m called 222 Pioneer to plant to grow churches, I’m a pastor married to the church. I love the church, I’m consumed with the church. I understand whatever Paul talked about his daily concern for the church’s I get it you’re, always on my mind, just like Willie sing.
The church is literally always on my mind and I was praying about the church and I was trying to push it forward and we were looking for a building and we looked for buildings forever. There was big enough to house us to move into and I done everything Voodoo to get us a building, and I got us a building that I would somehow be fulfilled on the inside that my dream. What would have come to pass in a certain sense and I would be happy – and I was walking around on the stage in the dark – praying in the kids ministry room in that time, and I came across this passage. I have my Bible and the spirit of God spoke to him and he said I am your shield and your exceedingly great reward. Owensboro Church  Do you know having the promises of God it’ll never be your reward in and of itself. It’S not stuff’s great. I believe in the promise of healing I’m glad I got it. It’S wonderful, but God is my reward. I believe in the promises, a provision God’s going to take care of me and provide for my house I’m going to live in abundance, but that’s not my reward. God’S my report and Ministries fulfilling – and this is what I’m designed to do and I’m glad to get to do it, but I sure you there lots of days that this is not my reward. Huh I’m having a Valentine’s Day dinner with my wife yesterday in the city, some guy walks up to me and says something goofy to me about my church. I might can’t you see, I’m eating with my wife and my babies here and you’re talking to me goofy about my church. Why do I do this Jesus? You know, I sure you there times this isn’t nobody say God’s. My reward! Lots of people out there you’re single right now and you’re saying whenever I get married, Owensboro Church  I have that dream. I hold that dream. That will be my reward. Wait until about a year-and-a-half of that marriage will say there are times that God is my reward. Some people say: hey yeah, give the Lord hand clap for that whenever, whenever I have the kid that I desire and it’s a wonderful blessing but listen a child won’t be your reward in and of itself. The next job won’t be your reward in and of itself bumping up and making another 10K a year won’t be rewarding enough itself. It’S got to be, God has to be your reward. Everybody say, God is my reward, say it again. God is my reward.
One more time, God Is My Rewards that that’s where your confidence, your help, your hope, your love comes everything else else in this world that we have will fade from us at 1. Brow relationship with him will stand forever. So he says this. He says: take your son, take him up on the mount and listen. God is not asking for anyone else’s Sons to be sacrificed ever again. Okay, we get that straight. Do you think God is told you to sacrifice your son, please, let’s get you some help. Alright! So so this is the only been done once, and this is a prophetic picture of Christ to become that would be the ultimate provision, and so God says, take him up and sacrifice him and Abraham old base God, and he takes that Sunny. Take some servants he loads up, some donkeys he gets would he gets fiery, gets a knife and he travels three days journey interesting. The Christ spent three days in the grave and it comes to a place and he leaves the Servants of side and he says, come on Isaac we’re going up the hill come on my dream. Come on my laughter, it’s time for you to be slaughtered and the sun doesn’t even know it he’s. Owensboro Church  Not a baby he’s old enough to ask questions. The scripture say he’s a lab and the sun looks around and he says I see the Rope. Can I see the wood and I see the knife and I see the fire than the ask this question, but where is the lamb and Abraham says by faith? The Lord will provide the lamb and there’s something else interested in the text before Abraham leaves. He says to his family: we’re going to go away and we’re going to worship, and then we will return. Everybody say we will return. Abraham already knew if he obeyed the law of God, and he sacrificed his son that God, in his goodness, would raise his son, and he said me and my son we’re going to return even after we go and worship Abraham believed, God that if he was able And willing to lay the dream down, the God could Slaughter that dream and resurrected, and it would really live. Listen to Only Time your dream will ever live is whenever you’re willing to lay it down at the moment. God tells you to the dream of success. Can never really live in your life. That’S what you’re all about tell you the Lay It Down. Let It Be slaughtered! God can resurrect it. You can’t cuz it owns. You listen! If there’s people out there called to Ministry, let me speak to you for a second.
I want to talk to people called the ministry. I want to talk to people who who filled at their preachers, filled at their worship leaders. Owensboro Church  they feel that their those things as long as that thing on you and you think it’s your fulfillment and you can’t lay it down. If God wants you to and you’ll do anything to get to use that, and it’s all about you for filling your dream. It will never take you anywhere and you’ll. Come short of the Fulfillment of God’s want and need wanting to flow through your life. But if you’re willing to lay it down and let God form character and and virtue and still in your backbone and if your metal can be tested – and you can Slaughter the dream you’ve, given God something that he can resurrect and power and really be a blessing To the world with button, tell you can do that: you’re not ready to step into the next Corridor of your life, because it will kill you when you get there and the dream will die and stay Dead Forever. Abraham marched up that mountain and some Scholars. Since the same place where Christ was crucified, he marched up that mountain and he took the Sun and he got ready to sacrifice and son he’s going to kill his dream. He ties him to the altar, I can’t imagine being there. I can’t imagine the emotion.

I can’t imagine looking at your son, he pulls up his blade to sacrifice that kid and the angel, the Lord cries out from the heavens, and he says, don’t touch him now. We know that you’ll fully obey the word of the Lord. He looks around and there is a ram caught in the thicket and he takes his son. He takes his dream. He takes the Fulfillment of God’s promises off of the wood leads. It away gets that Ram, pulls it over onto the the the place of sacrifice Slaughters that animal and he calls that place Jehovah-jireh. What are the Mount of the Lord’s provision? He says the Lord has provided the lamb, the ram it’s been provided. Everybody say the Lord will provide listen, dribbling to lay down everything you have, God Can Make A Way of provision for you that’s the way it is, and you know God is already made a way of provision for everyone in this room. Do you look to the cross and the story of Christ Abraham offered up his son? It’S a prophetic picture that God would offer up his son thousands of years later, and the ultimate provision would be made for the entire world at the cross on Golgotha. He in one moment the world sins were paid for, our healing was paid for our provision was paid for our peace was paid for everything that we need to have a successful life and a life, the glorifies God it was paid for, because the Lord has already Provided the lamp come on, give God a hand, clap cuz, it’s already done, it’s provided for you have it, you can live in it, walk in it,
move in it in this sacrificing anything or a dream. It’S just a symbol of now the provisions there for us and we lay down what we think is ours, Owensboro Church  and when we lay down what we think is ours, we wake up everything that is in return. It’S sowing seed and reaping and having to return in our life and there’s provision for you, but little lamp Jesus was the lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world. The Bible says: there’s provision for forgiveness of our sins in that there’s provision for everything we need. We can look to Calvary. We can know that the Lord absolutely has provided for us, so we lay down, but we pick up everything when we let things down, and would you stand up on your feet with me for a moment tonight I want to. I want to pray over you. I want to pray over. You end up that there’s some things. I think that that we ought to literally lay down just like Abraham late Isaac down before God, so that he could really live in really have what he wanted. There’S some things. I think that we ought to lay down out there tonight he’s got something that you just get your like Pastor. I got this thing I need to lay down before the Lord got it that I need to lay down on the altar of sacrifice. This dream, listen dreams are of God wanting things. Are God don’t think that it’s bad, because you want something, that’s what God wants got. God uses that as motivation and desire to take you places in life, it wasn’t bad for Abraham to want a son Isaac. Owensboro Church  It’S not bad for you to want a better life matter.
Fact. It’S God’s eating that into your life Bible says that that the desires God gives you the desires of your heart. It’S alright to have those desires you keep having to Cyrus man. Keep wanting things keep pushing for thanks, keep striving, but don’t let those desires on you have dreams, but but let God on you stead of just a desire, take your desire and in and give them to God. Let there be a death burial and Resurrection in your desire. Let it come up and power come up in authority. Come up with a new anointing come up with some new keys. You know, Christ was placed on the cross, he died. He was put in the Tomb he came up 3 days later and he had the keys. They were new keys for the kingdom. Whatever we lay things at God’s feet, we give them to him the things that are resurrected and there’s new keys and there’s no power in our life. You’Ve got something like that. You close your eyes for one mama, you got something like that. You say: Pastor, there’s something that well. I just need to submit to God something I just need to submit to God and give to him. Let him do what he wants with it just to commit it to him tonight. Fat! You right where you are. I want you just to lift up my hand right where you are. I need to just Commit This submit this to God. This desire, give it to him. Alright, here’s what I want you to say just say this out loud, say: father, my desire, I’ll lay on your altar. Owensboro Church  I give it to you. I say you can have it take my life you’re, my exceeding great reward. Nothing can replace you not my desire, not my wishes, not my once I give these things to you and I believe that you take them. You put your power, you put your grace, you put in your favor on my desire and it really lives. I say that my Isaac is it going to walk up the mountain with me. It’S going to walk down the mountain with me and I’ll, see your goodness and your grace and I’ll declare that the Lord will provide. The Lord has provided the lamb in Jesus, mighty name, amen, amen, amen, come on, let’s give Jesus a hand, clap