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In this I love my Bible. It’S a good book say this bring me the word of God. There’S nothing else like it. I love this book more than The Sopranos. More than Desperate Housewives, More Than Sex in the City, more than anything else, thank you for your word in Jesus name, amen, amen, amen, you know I, like Mafia shows. Do you know that I’m going to go ahead and get it to you? I can’t watch him anymore until they get cleaned up and they put them like on me or something like that where they’ve taken all of the not all the foul stuff, but most of the foul stuff out of it. So you need to watch more in the middle of America and the media influences people. Is that writes, tell you what Hollywood doesn’t write just to entertain you and and and all of the sitcoms you see at night they’re, not there just to entertain you. You know no novelist or writer or anyone worth their salt right simply to entertain. You know why people right somebody say to influence yeah. If you read something I’ve written, I haven’t written to entertain you in on Sunday mornings. Owensboro Church  When I prepare sermons sure there may be an entertainment aspect to them, but I don’t do it to entertain you. I do it to influence you understand that happens whenever you’re watching something whenever you’re reading something whenever you’re listening to something you are being influenced. But I say this say: don’t be conformed to the world. You know I’m concerned about a few things with our young people, not just young people, but old people. Do you look at the amount of hours that America watches the television and I watch the television? I’M not I’m not telling you to throw out your TV’s or anything like that. You come to my house and there’s a TV in my living room. I won’t try to hide it from you or anything like that.
I watch television, but let me say this: we watch hours and hours of Television. I think the average American has like three a child. I think the last thing I heard was like 3 hours a day, 3 hours. That’S insane! Let me tell you what a television is? It’S a television. Do you know a lot of them? Don’T have a vision for their own life, they have no Drive, they have no goals, have no purpose. They have no vision left in their heart. Why? Because they can mindlessly sit in front of the television and they can watch somebody else’s life, they can watch somebody else’s success, they can watch somebody else’s drive and they never have to have it in their own life. It’S a dangerous thing. Television can be a dream. Stealer, do you know that video games can be a dream stealer? I got 30 year old friends. They play Xbox every night like they’re 12, so I come on man. Wake up to join, join the real world with the rest of what God called you to be to be a man, not a child, not that Xbox is all bad either. Owensboro Church I’M just saying anything in excess, like that, can we going to rob you of your destiny of your calling of your drive and I’m looking for guys and and young ladies who want to go after something a men put the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ needs All right that is, there’s a little bit of ranting on my part today, going over bottles to Ephesians, chapter 6 and I’ll start teaching Bible for you, Ephesians chapter 6, I’m going I’m going to Ministry on the topic of vision out of the life of Joseph. Whenever I’m done with this series on faith, I’ve been teaching on Sunday morning, I’m excited about it’s going to be good, so you got a little preview there tonight, alright chapter 6 wear tonight, we’ve been going through the full armor of God and a we’re going to Begin reading in about verse, let’s start in about verse and the topic tonight is going to be the shield of Faith. That’S where we’re at all right: Ephesians, chapter 6, verse: 13! Here we go there for take up the whole armor of God, but you may be able to withstand in the evil day and, having done all to stand, stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness having shots or feet with The preparation of the gospel of peace, above all, taking the shield of Faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God. Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit being watchful to this end, with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints father, Owensboro Church I pray that your Bible would speak to these people tonight. Your holy spirit with anoint, the preaching of the word in Jesus mighty name. Here we have it. We have the Apostle Paul and he’s talking about a Roman soldier talking about the gear, that’s on the Roman soldier, any talks about important parts of the Christian faith and warfare we enter into it through there.

The first thing he talks about is what talks about the was he talking about your buddy say the belt talked about the belt of truth. That’S first thing a soldier would put on second thing. You talks about as what breastplate of righteousness that you would have a breastplate on that would stop maybe a mortal blow from coming from a sword into your vital organs. Owensboro Church third thing he talks about is having your feet. Shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace talks about understanding the gospel walking in it and living in it. After that, he says some key words. He says, above all, everybody say of the utmost importance of all taking up the shield of Faith with which you will be able to quench extinguish all the fiery darts of the wicked one tonight we’re talking about the shield of Faith he’s talking about this Roman Shield. Here’S what it would look like it was a shield that would go up to about my neck and go down to about my shins. It’S a little larger Shield, but other Shield you would find in the near East. It wasn’t necessarily handy in the midst of hand-to-hand combat with a sword, but this is what they would use this kind of shield, for they would first come out to battle and wrong with line up with their enemies. Have you seen the movie Gladiator you seen that seen those guys light up? They they begin to light up these different arrows and before they would come out to war, everybody begins to shoot into the end of their enemy’s Camp up in the air. I think there was a scene like that on Braveheart two-button Gladiator. I can’t remember if it has it there, but you’ll see These Guys. Owensboro Church These soldiers get in tight formation, all the sudden that that’s important somebody say formation. They get in tight formation whenever they begin to fire off arrows. They get really tight together and ever got a hold up their shield and they get down in their huddle close together and whenever those fiery arrows Begin to Fall. They have protection from that onslaught of their enemy through the shield.
Alright Paul says that are Shield of Faith brings us protection in the midst of the onslaught of the enemy. Let me tell you this: whenever you’re in tight formation with other believers, you have a less chance of getting hit by fiery Dart of the enemy think about, if I’m out there in the middle of a million arrows coming down and have a sword them all by Myself, with nobody else rate with the shield of Faith raised up beside me, so I can get hit from the side. But if I’m in the middle of a formation of Roman soldiers, hey I’ve got a lot better chance of standing up in the midst of the fight. Let me say this to you: born-again Believers are or are anyone you need to be in the house of God Amen. You know this is the place where we get in a tight formation. Owensboro Church the Lord is designed this church to be just that for people around him that we might come together in the midst of times of trial and tribulation, and whenever the devil was firing upon you, and you got somebody right beside you with the shield of Faith held Up and if you get hit, they can pull that Arrow out and help you hold up. The other side of your Shield are y’all happy to be in the church. I mean, let’s clap our hands.
Thank the Lord he’s. Given us his shirts Christians, don’t last long outside of their tight formation. Do you know that I just found it to be true? I watch people I watch there. They get the idea that they don’t need to be planted in a local body and they’re on a crash course. They’Re headed for disaster, don’t know, don’t know when it’ll be, but I know it’s coming. I always know it’s going to some people get to spiritual to be a part of a local church. They get to spiritually a part of the local church and they’re. So you know prophetic or whatever in their own mind that can’t be in a local body and they begin floating here and there and it’s not long. You can watch their families, their family start to get struck. Floaty Christians, don’t last long, weird spirituality. That does not have a base and an isn’t comfortable being surrounded by a group of Believers that there are countable to they. Don’T last long somebody say a tight formation very important. The next thing I want I want you to see here. He talks about the shield of Faith. Owensboro Church it’s something that we have to raise up ourselves. He says you taking up the shield of Faith. Somebody say that I’m involved yeah yeah yeah. We have to be in in the fight with the Enemy. Not like this. You can’t just lay down all of your arms lay down your Shield lay down in the midst of of a fire and a fight whenever the arrows are coming at you and say things like this. Have you ever heard anybody say things like this? It’S just hard to keep faith when all this stuff stuff coming my way for anybody say that have a hard time, keeping my faith with all this stuff stuff. Coming my way right here, we have a picture of arrows coming our way in the air. Don’T we and when does he say we need to take up the shield of faith more than ever right then? But he say it’s now get up the shield. Now the ship comes for protection, but tell your faith is the source of protection faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is a source of protection for your life Faith. Does many things, Faith unlocks all of the doors that you need to walk through to be successful in the Christian Life number one faith is the means. The substance of things hoped for faith is what’s promising you a better future out here in front of your faith. Is the substance? What brings the vision and the dream in your heart to pass? Faith is a force that moves mountains, amen. Jesus said whoever says this mountain be removed, be cast in the sea. Doesn’T doubt those things he says but believes the things he says will come to pass. Owensboro Church he will have whatever he says. Faith is a force. Faith is also your protection. Somebody say my protection, you need protection, do you know I can think of miraculous moments of protection. In my life and in my wife’s life thinking back to a story we were living in Tulsa Oklahoma, Jesse had me up a living. I was on the second floor of an apartment complex, but she likes anyway later on the third floor, better because it had vaulted ceilings and and a fireplace that we never turned on. So I moved all the furniture up there, but anyway I was up one morning. Praying in those apartment complexes, asthma, asthma, custom is I pray daily and I’m praying in the spirit, glossolalia prayer in tongues read about it all throughout the Bible. On their friend doing my thing, you know I’m praying for my family, praying for friends, praying that I would be a witness wherever I go just praying and all the sudden I saw a fishing.

In my spirit, I saw a picture flash of an attack that was coming our way, and this is what I saw you know. The Holy Spirit still speaks to me in today. Do you know that you’ll speak to you? I’M nobody special speak to anybody that will take time to listen to it, but the Holy Spirits, often the most ignored person in the room. Often the most ignored person in the room is always present, but but not often listened to or or talk to. So I’m listening to the Lord and the Lord shows me something I see Jessie walking down those steps. My wife Jessie is walking down those steps in that morning, they’re there been snowing, there been ice falling and I saw her in my spirit. Slip sore feet. Go out from under her sore head hit, Owensboro Church one of those concrete steps and my vision ended with seeing Blood on the concrete. How many know? That’S not some! You want to see the inside. What’S an attack of the enemy. For a moment I prayed. I said: okay, Lord, you show me this for a reason I bond in Jesus name. Any accidents would come against my family, Lord. I believe Psalm 91 that Angels Hold Us unless we Dash are foot upon a stone. Owensboro Church I believe the Bible says the glory of the Lord is my rear guard. Lord. I believe that there’s a bloodline around my wife, father, just like there was whenever is real, was an Egypt and nothing can come pass that bloodline, I’ll pray for protection. Do you ever pray for protection y’all to pray for protection for your wife, your family, your children, yourself, people around you prayed like that. I will left that day went to school and work. Did my things came back that night and Jesse meets me after coming the door and says Brian one of the craziest things happen to me? You won’t believe what happened to me today.
I said I already know what you mean. I said you were. You were walking down the steps, weren’t you she said. Yes, I was, and I slipped backwards and something called me and sent me back. Owensboro Church pull my feet. Know the Bible says Angels, hold you up less. You dash your foot against a stone, say: God can let you see things coming your way, get you prepared to get up the shield of faith and stop the onslaught of the enemy against your life. You know what there may be something against your life tonight. Let me tell you what I’ll stop it shield shield of Faith? The Bible says it does this, but the text says it quenches, everybody say extinguishes. The fiery darts of the wicked one wants to start a fire in your life. First thing he wants to do it supposed to stick you with an arrow that that’s not fun is it, but that has a plan for your life. He comes to steal, kill and destroy you hear people say God has loves. You has a wonderful plan for your life, Owensboro Church it’s very true, but the devil hates you as a horrible plan for your life. The devil wants to stick you with an arrow number one and he wants to light a fire in your life, a bad kind of fire. The Bible says the shield of faith will extinguish. It will put out all of the fiery darts the wicked one verse 16.
Does it say some of the fiery darts. What what is it says? It says all of the fiery darts means every attack of the enemy. Can be stopped via the force of faith. Is that pretty good news turnover in Isaiah, chapter 54, verse 17? Show you something here very quickly. Isaiah, chapter 54, verse 17 says this no weapon formed against. You shall prosper and every tongue that rises against you in judgment. You shall condemn this is the heritage of the Servants of the Lord and their righteousness is from me says the Lord. Are you a servant of the Lord yeah? Is this your heritage, hey man, if you’re a servant of the Lord, the Bible says your heritage? Is it no weapon formed against you would ever Prosper, doesn’t mean that weapon won’t ever be formed, doesn’t mean that you won’t ever be attached, doesn’t mean that the enemy will never throw an arrow in your direction. It says that none of those attempts by the hand of the devil will prosper. Somebody say I believe that yeah, it’s good news. Owensboro Church The shield of Faith exists to keep those weapons coming your way from prospering. Let me help you for a moment about how to get up the shield of Faith. Owensboro Church Alright, he says all of these all of these. When you raise up your Shield, it will extinguish the fiery darts of the wicked one fairy. It’S the Greek word baillos. I believe, and that word simply means it’s an arrow that is Flaming. You see, you’ve got to be ready before the day of battle. You’Re going to have your Shield up just right. Do you know that it’s hard for people to wait for the middle of a war, to learn how to use a shield to believe that? How many think our guys in a wreck right now would have a hard time if they’re out there and they’re they’re running over different the different routes they go up and down the roads? Owensboro Church looking for the bombs that are placed looking for possible and surgeons. Looking for things like that and all the sudden date, they get struck with some sort of weapon gets struck with some sort of bomb and everybody’s got to jump out of the midst of the vehicle there in, and they don’t know how to operate the weapon nobody’s Ever show them that sound ridiculous to you, a soldier in the midst of a war that doesn’t know how to operate is weapon. Owensboro Church Sounds ridiculous done it when it be ridiculous. If those Roman soldiers wear out in the midst of of fire falling on them from heaven and they didn’t know what to do, they didn’t know how to get into a formation will be ridiculous. See you got to be ready for the day of the battle before you ever get there. Sometimes it’s too late, I hate to say it. It’S nothing says it’s never too late, it’s never too late. Let me say it like this: it becomes much harder for someone to fight the fight of Faith whenever they show up in the middle of the fist. Fight and they’ve never been taught how to box at all.

It’S a lot tougher for them to win like that. You see you put the word of God in your heart today. Put the word of God in your heart. When you don’t need it so it’ll be there when you do need it a minute. You get it in your heart today. You need to get the word on healing in your heart today, even when you’re healthy, it only makes sense get the word in your heart on marriage. If you’re, single and you’ve never had to build a good marriage, if you want one, it only makes sense right now, if you don’t have any money, but you want some y’all to get the word in your heart on how to manage your. Does that make sense? You can prepare for the battle before you ever get their turn over to Joshua. Chapter 1, verse, 8, Joshua, chapter 1, verse, 8. The word of God, faith in the word of God, Is What Makes Us stand in the midst of the battle. Let me show you what God told Joshua here says this: this book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then, you will make your way prosperous and then you will have good success. This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth. Where does faith come from here in what play comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God? That’S Romans. Chapter 10, verse. 17. Do you want to be ready to hold up the shield of Faith whenever the fights on You better already know something about the word of God? The word of God is what birth faith in your heart. You know you can’t cry and get more faith. Some people used to sound, we’ll go down to the altar, I’m going to try and believe God. You know he’s going to increase my faith in this and that crime will.
Do you nothing in the kingdom of God? God doesn’t answer simply just crying tears. He answers whenever people come by faith in the word, and the word of God is what builds Faith you want to be a fake person. You have to get the word in your heart. How do you do that right here says this book of the law shall not depart from your mouth. You shouldn’t let the word of the Lord leave your mouth, everybody say: Get It In My Mouth: it’s a powerful tool to get the word of God in your mouth. This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth every day. You are to find your to find a scripture and say it to yourself when you say that word: it’s like this you’re loading, the weapon in the spiritual realm. Do you know it never get a scripture and just talk? Here’S a scripture. I’Ve been talking. I think it’s Psalms 68 verse 17. It says daily. He loads me with benefits good word in it I’ll say it again daily. He loads me with benefits,
say it one more time daily. He loads me with benefits set one more time daily. He loads me with benefits yo to get up in the morning and begin to talk the Bible just like that to yourself, please. Some people have heard the word of God. Some people have been around somebody else that teaches the word of God. Put. They never put the word of God in their mouth and because it’s never been in there mouth, they haven’t spoken much. It hasn’t gotten down in their heart in the faith building room and that they just curious middle of the word. They have like a middle of knowledgement together, that’s right, but it never becomes a reality to them. If you’ll get the word in your heart, you’ll be loading. Your gun, you’ll be ready for the war. It’Ll be right here on the inside of you in the moment. You see those darts coming from the heaven at that moment, you’ll be able to get your Shield of Faith up high because you’ve meditated in the word and it’s in your heart, Owensboro Church where meditation look back down with your text, it means this. It means he says it’s: the book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you should meditate on it day and night. Somebody say all the time yeah day and not meditation means to mutter to order to repeat things, to keep saying something over and over and over and over. So I can get people to do this. I can change their lives since one simple thing that will change your life. You learn to put the word of God in your mouth and get it in your heart. You won’t need to come, find somebody else to pray for you all the time whenever you have a problem. Do you know that you get the word in your heart and you won’t always be looking for somebody else to encourage you or edify you. You be able to do it yourself by that word. That’S already on the inside of you. Whenever you get in the battle – and it looks like all, hell is breaking loose and it looks like your life’s about to fall apart and it looks like the enemies coming at you from 17th different directions at that moment. If the words on the end of the inside of your heart, I guarantee you it’ll, begin to jump off out of you and it’ll begin to speak to you and will begin to change or situation. It doesn’t matter. If the doctor says you have cancer, Owensboro Church doesn’t matter if the doctor says you’re hiv-positive, whenever that bad report comes to you boom right up out of your spirit, no, no by his stripes, I am healed right right there. It is whatever the whole ship looks like it’s sinking. Word of God will come up and say no, no, no we’re still afloat. So I Faith work. That’S the way, Faith work in a battle. Everything is life and death. Do you know that in a battle things are life and death and in the real world people deal with life and death? Owensboro Church  The truth is it’s bigger than just life and death in this earth. Some military men talk about making decisions and the decisions are life and death, but you know what, whenever you talk about the kingdom of God and a kingdom Warfare, its eternal life and eternal death Anna gets raced everybody’s all in its own right there. It’S life and death turn over the Proverbs chapter 18.

Verse 20 proverbs chapter 18, verse 20 just teach about faith in some of the workings of face tonight, Proverbs chapter 18, verse, 22, Faith teaching. You know you’ll say that to humor your pastor dark Proverbs. Chapter 18, verse 20: where is it okay? I meant stomach she’ll, be satisfied from the fruit of his mouth from the produce of his lips. He should be filled a man’s. A man stomach should be satisfied from the fruit of his mouth from the produce of his lips. He shall be filled. How does a man’s stomach get filled there from his mouth? Everybody say his mouth. What’S coming out of your mouth matters, you know you’re walking into. What’S coming out of your mouth to my tomorrow, whatever you believe in your heart, you’ll begin to say out of your mouth out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks, and words are powerful. Me say if you think your life stinks, and you say my life stinks all of the time and you are negative person. You start talk like that. You know what your life’s going to do. It’S going to stink, it’s going to smell so bad. It won’t just bother you it’ll bother everybody around you, cuz you’re, going to eat the fruit of your lips. Look back down at first 21. He takes it up and Annie a little bit higher. He says: death and life are in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit attack of the enemy flaming dark. Coming at you right there you have,  Owensboro Church you have a possibility of dying in that instance. If you have the right thing on your tongue, death and life are in the power of the tongue. It’S right there, it’s here boom, it speaks it stops. It comes out in the word of the Lord begins to speak to that situation, and things begin to change. Let me say this: you are created in the image of God Genesis. It says this, the trinities there together in the Book of Genesis – and they say let us make man in our image after our likeness and let them have dominion. Somebody say I’m Made In His Image yeah part of being made in the image of God makes you different than the rest of Creation in many different ways. How many angels are impressive beans? They have powers are far superior to many of our powers and if you came into contact with one of them and saw them in in a real physical sense, it would feel you start with fear in all their impressive but they’re not created in the image of God, your created in the image of God, part of being created in the image of God, means you’ve been given a certain part of creative power. Is a Creator? Owensboro Church Send his nature and part of being made in the image of God means you at some certain level. Have creative power your creative creativity is given to those who are who are made in the image of God? Now don’t take it just in one sense: people talk a lot today about creativity and the church, ReStore in the Arts to the church, painting and music, and that’s great I’m all for creating those things, and I think God for people who do but some of your Creating other things right now, so, if you are creating businesses say somebody been given, Owensboro Church creative power might be creating a business. I meant that make sense somebody you were creating a family right now, taking a wife, you taking a husband, Owensboro Church maybe you’re, raising some children, you’re creating a home got to giving you a portion of creative power, you’re, creating relationships, you’re, creating friendship. Some people are creating enemies, see we’ve been given creative power to certain extent.
What does he use to create everything we see today? Uses words, Destiny and the Lord said: let there be what, and there was what he did, what he said. It say, God is a God when he speaks things happen. Prophet Isaiah said that he was the Lord who would declare the end from the beginning and he released creative power and we’re standing in the midst of the word of the Lord right now, the world that we live in the air that we breathe, the water doesn’t Consume the dry land or the stars fall upon us. It’S all because of God’s word being spoken. Tell you this whenever you get up as a born-again Believer as a Christian, a little Christ as one created in the image of God and begin to release, Faith words and begin to speak over your life and speak over your business and speak over your family and Speak against the enemy, whatever he brings his fiery darts at you, get that Shield of Faith up high. You can stop the onslaught of the enemy in here glad God’s. Given that to us, and then let’s give me my hand, class tonight Owensboro Church praise the name of the Lord. If I can get people to get this in their heart, The Shield of faith, it turns everything around go and stand up on your feet with me.

Tonight. Stand up on your feet with me tonight praise the name of the Lord praise, the name of the Lord father. I thank you that you are helping us. Lord, you are helping us learn about the faith lifestyle for the Bible says the just shall live by faith. I think you did, it is a lifestyle or we won’t embrace it. We want to walk in it, we want to live in it. I think your father that we’ve been given protection by your hand, that we can raise up the shield of Faith with which you will quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. All the fiery darts of the wicked one are being quenched right now, Lord, we raise up the shield of faith. We raise up the shield of Faith we’re here together in our formation father, tied together here in the word of God, I believe, Lord, that we’re being trained to raise up the shield of faith that all the fiery darts of the wicked one or being extinguished. Lord, I believe right now, father that bit problems road to the tax that weapons they’ve been formed against my brothers and sisters that they are not prospering more. We believe the word of Isaiah chapter 54, verse 17 North of this – is the heritage of the righteous. Will. The we would live above the attack of the enemy tonight or die say that you bless these people that you make them the peculiar people of Faith, Lord, that they have everything that you promised them. I believe for that in Jesus mighty name right now, Owensboro Church if there’s anyone in here with eyes, closed head valve anymore in your sniffer and breaks the faith we say there is the faith the Bible says: what is it? It’S faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, three pendants of your sins, believing that he bled and he died for you want to tell you that faith in that name. The name of Jesus put you on a path to heaven and not to help put you in a place of blessing and not cursing faith in the name of Jesus will make you clean, Owensboro Church I’m brace that Faith 8 or 9 years ago. Now the Lord Set Me Free clean me up change my life, who do the same for you. He’Ll do the same for you, your inner, and you need to do that tonight. So I need to get right with the Lord. Just raise your hand up right now, under the sound of my voice. Raise your hand up anyone in here. Send I want to be a part of the face Thief, a thief thief, a father. I pray that you would make this house a landmark for salvation in Jesus name as a Shepherd. Now I bless these people as that you would guide them and lead them and protect them and prosper them in the city. Owensboro ChurchOwensboro Church bring them back to this place in the Mighty Max was name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I pray and the church said: amen, amen, amen, y’all, give the Lord of hand clap fun tonight you guys are dismissed. You don’t want to miss this weekend by the way there’s going to be there’s going to be something something going around here. Owensboro Church You want to see this weekend, alright, so we’ll see you Saturday or Sunday, God bless you gorgeous miss