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Alright, alright! Well, if you got to Bible on you tonight, go ahead and open it up to Mark chapter 10 Mark chapter 10 and you could find verse 46 Mark chapter 10, verse 46, and I want to begin teaching the word of God there tonight. I want to let you know, coming up February and March, we’re going to begin to push hard as a church to get new people through the doors. How many all like to bring somebody to church with you sometime. Do you like to do that then I’ll, tell you one of the strongest things you can ever do as a born-again. Believer is simply inviting someone into the house of God and the way I got saved I was ministered to, and I came into the kingdom of God really it all began. When my brother started inviting me to church whenever you invite somebody the house of God, I believe that you’re an instrument that the spirit of God is using to work on somebody and literally that invitation and people praying for me. Set me up to comeChurch set me up, got my heart ready to receive the Gospel,Owensboro Church  and I’m here where I’m here in a part of this today in Owensboro Kentucky River City Church, because somebody invited me, I want you to think about it.
We’Re going to do a Citywide mailers in February, it’s going to go out right before February, inviting people to our February series Say Yes to the Dress, and then I don’t have our March series on there as well, which is social media talking about how should Christians Behave on Facebook and Twitter, how do we use this stuff? How many know somebody needs to set some ground rules for the church on social media amen, because we look terrible just to be honest about 50 % of the time on Facebook. So we’re going to talk about that, it’s going to be fun already got a whole lot of photos off of your Facebook wall that I’m going to use for father and illustrations. It’S going to be great. I’M going to talk about all the backhanded comments. You know. Everybody’S going to be beautiful off, but but so they’re all going to hear about your church coming up. I tell you to tell all tell you that you’re in the next week, they’re going to hear about your church and what we do while we do marketing it is you’re trying to make people think about your church, but really it’s a tool for you to invite. They’Ve seen it in the mail now you as a person inviting them talking to them recruiting them, it becomes the forces start to multiply. You see what I’m saying. I saw that in the mail. Owensboro Church Now somebody is inviting me. Somebody keeps talking to me about it. Maybe God’s trying to tell me something and they come to get save their lives, get rearranged, come on think about somebody, let let’s pray spirit of God is going to lead us and we’re going to have a great February March. Let’S pray in Jesus mighty name, Lord. We thank you that your spirits using us to evangelize the city using us to make a difference using us to bring people to the gospel.
So Lord, we pray that you would quick enough. Show us who to invite who to recruit who to pray. Owensboro Church For who do you want to flow through us into their lives just use us teacher? We pray in Jesus mighty name, amen, amen. I want to call this fresh Vision. Everybody say fresh Vision, Mark chapter 10, verse 46. It reads like this: now they came to Jericho as they went out of Jericho, with his disciples and a great multitude blind Bartimaeus, the son of to mass set by the road begging. You heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth. He began to cry out and say: Jesus Son of David have mercy on me. Then many want them to be quiet, but he cried out. All the more son of David have mercy on me, so Jesus Stood Still and commanded him to be cold. Then they called the blind man same to him, be of good cheer rise. He’S calling you and throwing aside His Garment Heroes and came to Jesus, so Jesus answered and said to him what. Do you want me to do for you? The blind man said to him a rebel nine that I may receive my side. Then Jesus said to him go your way. Your faith has made you well and immediately. He received aside and follow Jesus on the road here we are, is during Jesus Earthly Ministry he’s traveling. His healing crowds are beginning to come to him because he’s working miracles and he’s walking as he did travel to many cities and he’s going to a city called Jericho, Jericho. Owensboro Church The word itself means this is the name. Jericho means a fragrant Place, everybody say a fragrant Place supposed to be a sweet Place supposed to be a kind Place supposed to be a wonderful place, but there was a guy sitting in a fragrant place that did not have the life that he wanted did not Have the site that he wanted did not have everything going on in his life that he needed. There was a guy there by the name of Bartimaeus. Owensboro Church Now the stories left Untold how Bartimaeus became blind maybe. The man was born blind, maybe through some sort of illness slowly. He lost his sights, maybe at some point in his life he could really see any new. What was in Jericho, he’d seen sunsets he’d seen children plane he’d seen the Blue Sky he’d seen water, he eats seen it all, possibly in the past. Maybe he hadn’t, but all we know at this point in our life he in his life, even though he was sitting in a place that supposed to be fragrant fragrant.

His life was less than perfect. Two thousand years ago, a blind man couldn’t make a living in a city called Jericho. Today, with our advancements, you see people who don’t have their side able to hold down jobs, have a life provide for themselves, but it wasn’t so in that day, if you were blind, it became your identity and lots of the people. The Jews in that day would believe that you were cursed by God, but either your parents had done something are you at done something that brought this blindness upon you. But we know today that a lot of the things imperfection sickness in this world is because of the fall and sin and how many recognized the world as a crash site you’ll recognize that amen. So don’t blame God. Owensboro Church Don’t blame people if the world looks messed up? Let’S blame sin and the devil and keep our hearts pure towards God. Somebody give the Lord of handclap, you think that’s good preaching! I’M looking for somebody to blame. I want to blame the devil. Hey man amen and this guy’s blind he’s sitting there and somewhere along the way he heard about Jesus. What you hear matters Church, what you hear matters so much. I can’t put enough emphasis on it that what you’re hearing is making you some making you better or it’s, making you worse, it’s making your marriage work or to making your marriage fall apart its strength to your body or sickness to your bones. What you hear is power because words have power,
the Bible says that life and death are in the power of the tongue. The scripture says the faith comes by what and hearing by the word of God without hearing the word of God. The word can never take root in your life, begin to birth and begin to come forth. So I want to know what are you listening to what’s coming through this irrigate all the time? Is it something to brings benefit, or is it something that you curse? To give, is it something that brings blessing or is it something that’s tearing you down? Are you listening to the right stuff? Are you listening to the right people? Are you listening to the right kind of stuff on TV and the radio? Are you listening to me I’ll just say it. You know I’m not like the guy that says you can never watch a movie or watch a listen to radio, Owensboro Church but if y’all notice that the radio just continually gets more out of control and foul, is anybody listen to 96 sto for like more than a minute? Recently, my Lord, you wouldn’t believe with a play on their. You know what I’m saying, what were listening to it’s destroying us and it’s a road in our worldview. To be quite Frank, it’s set in our kids up for failure and the TV I watch it. I’Ve got more than one in my house, so I don’t act like I don’t have that, but but the standard just go down and what we’re listening to it’s not encouraging. It’S not a defiant. He is tearing us down as Americans and that’s why the things we think that are acceptable today that we didn’t think we’re acceptable 20 years ago. That’S how that creep into our culture. There was a guy in the sixties. Had a vision he’s a prophetic Minister, maybe even before that he had this Vision. The guy went on to be home with the home with the Lord few years ago, but he saw in America. You saw a dishes over all of the houses in America. He said there would be one over every house in America and he said through that dish would come every foul Spirit. Everything that would destroy and wood unleash a new type of perversion and problem into America’s Family in man. If that hadn’t happened in the last 30 years,
I don’t know what has you know and be careful? What you hear? Oh, be careful little ears, Owensboro Church what you hear huh, so strong blind, Bartimaeus hurt the right thing. You’Re the word about Jesus somebody came and told him. There’S a miracle worker and this miracle worker is traveling and he’s praying for blind people. Never Bartimaeus heard that this miracle worker was praying for blind people, man he he he did it up for a second. That word came to his heart and Faith begin to Bieber. In his heart and Bartimaeus entertaining the idea, if Jesus and heal the blind man somewhere else than Jesus had the power to heal him, because Jesus is no respecter of mankind and what Jesus will do for one person, Jesus will do for another person because Jesus loves All people equally somebody say he men out there Pam Bartimaeus, begin to have hole in his life and he’s sitting by the roadside begging cuz. It’S all. He could ever do it’s what he would have to do as a blind man.

They even had a certain garment that you would have to wear where everybody would see you the moment. Owensboro Church you walked through the door, they would see and Sable there’s a in the back flicted back. Then man they didn’t just have an Affliction of some kind. They had to wear it. Lepers had to run around screaming out loud whenever people would walk close to them unclean unclean unclean, so they wore it, became their identity. Bartimaeus is sitting by the side of the road he’s got this. This Beggars garment on here’s, a crowd coming in somebody says: Jesus is in the crowd, and the Bible says as soon as Bartimaeus hurt the Bartimaeus begin to cry out and here’s the words he said he said. Jesus Son of David have mercy on me and somebody around him. The scripture said told him to shut up. Jesus doesn’t have time for you, but he cried out all the louder. The Bible says he said. Jesus Son of David have mercy on me. Jesus Son of David have mercy old me and he kept crying people kept walking. People told him to shut up, but he cried out all of them or Jesus Son of David have mercy on me. Lots of people there that recognize that Jesus came by lots of people recognize that there was a teacher coming by lots of people might have even recognized that there was a miracle worker walking by, but Bartimaeus recognize that the Messiah was walking by everybody. Say, son of David, when he said Son of David, he was saying a lot. He was saying more than we even understand in Western culture, 2000 years removed. He was talking about a prophecy that one would come to Israel who would sit on the throne of David and of the increase of his government. Owensboro Church There would be no end. What he was saying is Jesus king of Kings have mercy on me. I like to take that scripture and just pray it you know. I do. I use it a lot and the early church fathers use that a lot. The desert fathers what they’re called some great men of God from the first three to four centuries of the church, a lot of them lived, really ascetic Lifestyles. They were given to fasting and prayer set, set aside large portions of their life, to seek God even out in the desert. Now don’t want to move to the desert to see God, but these guys thought that’s. What they had to do. I like to see, can got in the air conditioning somewhere. You know what I mean: it’s not all that and that they would pray this. They would say this, they would say they would pray just like this would take the scripture and they would say, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Now son of the Living God have mercy on me. A sinner Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the son of the Living God, have mercy on me Center and I’ll. Never forget one time.
Jesse walk by was praying that in the bathroom she came in. She said my God Brian. What have you done? You know what she said to me and I said nothing all day: I’m just praying a scripture and let’s say that out loud would just say that out loud with me today everybody say this say: Jesus Christ of Nazareth, now son of the Living God have mercy On me, a center see, Jesus is the kind of Jesus that has Mercy on us. The story shows boatloads of Mercy. He’S crying out everybody’s telling him to shut up, be quiet. Jesus doesn’t have time, for you know the world will tell you you’re never going to get your Miracle. The world will tell you that it’s never going to happen for you. The world will tell you it’s for somebody else, but they’re, just some lucky blessed person out there that have has pixie dust on them and you don’t have it. The world love to tell you stuff like that, but but are Jesus, is real and his word is real and he’ll do what he says. He’Ll do and you can believe him and trust him and take it to the bank. You just keep crying out he’s a merciful, god he’s a real Savior and he’ll break out in your life. You just hold on. You may feel, like your whole. Identity is Blindness you may be living in a in a Beggar’s people made it look at you and say: you’ll never make something, but there’s a savior walking by who wants to give you brand new side and a brand new day and a brand new life and A brand new release on your existence.
He will have mercy on you, see lots of people, let their Miracle walk by, Owensboro Church because somebody talks about of it. It’S not that God didn’t want to do it’s, not the Gods, Not faithful. Stop the gods not able it’s not that God’s, not here, but they said and they wait and they let the thing pass them by and they live with regrets. Don’T let it pass you by blind Bartimaeus scream until in Jesus’s attention in the Bible says this. This is one of the greatest parts of the story. Jesus called for him and the same people that were telling him to shut up. They changed their tune, they were saying, shut up and then they were sent out. He calls for you to come here. You know now they’re in agreement with it, and everybody is in agreement with you on the backside of a miracle. There always an agreement on the backside when it works on the front side. It’S a lot different. There’S lots of backside. Believers, man, you can somebody believe with you on the front side, you got a person to faith in your corner and he calls for Jesus, Owensboro Church and the Bible says that this guy took off his Beggars cloak as he went through it down. There’S a Beggar’s cloak. You need to take off and you need to throw down whenever you come to Jesus, you don’t forget, don’t have to remain the same. You can come by faith. You can take off that old identity that cloak you were wearing in the past. That Beggars cloak. Some of you had a cloak of addiction, you don’t have to say you’re an addict anymore. Jesus has taken that from you. Why don’t you pull it off of your life and throw it down? You know I used to be an attic, but I’m not anymore. I used to be a Freebase meth empty, but I’m not anymore. I used to be an alcoholic, but I’m not anymore. I used to be a compulsive gambler, but I’m not anymore.

I took all those cloaks off and I threw them down whenever I came to Jesus. Owensboro Church You can take off any quote from your past and throw it down. You used to be an adulterer, but you’re not anymore, used to be a liar, but you’re not anymore, used to be a thief, but your not anymore used to be a con, but you’re not anymore, take it off and throw it down and come to Jesus. It’S your day for a different thing to break out in your life. It’S the way it goes, but you choose. If you’re going to wear the old cloak or not your choice, nobody else can take it off God’s, giving you the power to be delivered, but you got to shake it off and just throw it down walk away from him in church. So this guy comes to Jesus he’s, taking off his clothes, he staggers up there. Jesus asked him and Incredibly strange question, looks at a blind man coming to him who just took off his Beggar’s cloak, and he says this.
He says what do you want me to do for you, so I can you pray for my hangnail Jesus men come on his blind. Here’S the deals, God won’t do much for you unless you ask him for it believe Ford and ask him for it. That’S when God moves John Wesley said this, he said seems to me that gobble do nothing except in response to to to believing prayer seems to me that gobble do nothing except in response to believing prayer Jesus even said when he got up there. Owensboro Church What can I do for you and he said rabble, and I are teacher that I may receive my site and he said this to him. He said: go your way. Your faith made you whole. He didn’t say my power is made. You whole, you didn’t say my sovereignty has made you whole. How many no God’s power is always available. Does God’s power change Church Dodge the same? Just God’s will change Church swillz the same as a perfect will looks at me and says: your faith has made you whole and that guy all the sudden he goes walking off, but he goes walking off with brand new vision. The guy Can See For The First Time in years, maybe maybe the first time in his life. Let’S give our Jesus a hand, clap he’s a healing Jesus, and you know we still does those kind of things I’ve seen blind eyes, hoping I’ve seen them open. I’Ve seen people with with eye problems, be healed across the sea. I’Ve seen them heal in America, obscene God do miracles in eyes. Owensboro Church Nikki using blind people healed absolutely multiple blind people. You probably seen I don’t know hundreds of them.
I would think by now a ton deaf ears open all those things still happen. Don’T give me a number right off the cuff Nikki I’m putting putting the pressure on it. Help me pretty self hear. Nikki does missions all over some of the roughest places on Earth and her and her husband, I’ve ministered with them there and I watch him. They get Miracles, there’s miracles in the meetings. Every time you stand up there, though, those kind of people give the Lord of hand, clap for Faith, people that, minister, in that kind of power still on the earth. I like this. This guy got brand new vision. I don’t know what you’re going through, but I know this guy can fix it. I don’t know what kind of blindness you got, but I know that God can don’t know what kind infirmity you have in your body. God can fix it. Don’T know what kind of problem you have in your marriage, God can fix it. Don’T know if you have kids on their way to hell right now, God can fix it.

He can fix anything, come to him by faith and receive your Miracle. He is that kind of God, and God gives us brand new vision. I like this, the guy was blind starting out, but he had NuVision when it came to Jesus. He had brand new vision and I think God wants to give everybody in here New Vision. I think he wants to do Miracles if you need them physically, but I think he wants to give a church a new vision. Oh wait to see, if you will, God wants us to see what he wants to do on the earth and I want to take just the next 5 minutes. I want to do this first because I feel Faith in the air and before going and cast Vision, I want to talk to you for one second cuz. Owensboro Church I feel Faith in the air if you’re here, and you really need your really believe in God to do some in your life really believe in God to do something. Maybe you need. Maybe you need a miracle in your body. Maybe you need a miracle in your finances. Maybe you need a miracle in your marriage. I don’t know what it is. What would you stand up on your feet? For one moment everybody stand up, but you need something like that in here today. You need something to have a real need. I know that the son of David – it is here, he’s here, he’s here and if you need something like that, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to get up out of your seat and I want you to come to this altar. Owensboro Church Now I want to agree with you. I want to pray for you, you can just come right up here and go ahead and touch go and touch the stage right up here. Just go ahead and touch it tonight, but the stage push right in and touch that today. That’S not just a stage. That’S an altar: it’s an altar. The Bible says: building altern bring my people now. I will come down and bless them at it. Build an altar and bring my people not will come down and bless them at it. Build an altar and bring my people and I will come down and bless them at it. Don’T know what your need is, but God knows your Nate. I don’t have all the answers, but the maker of the heavens and the Earth. He has all the answers you come down and bless you at it.
I believe that so hard right now I will look it all my brothers and sisters to my left and to my right, and I just believe that you see their heart. I believe that you feel their faith right right now. I believe that you answer them right are they are I declare and decree over all of their lives that you’re moving in them and threw them that your blessing them, indeed that you’re doing great and mighty things in their life? Here’S what here’s! What I want you to do church, I want you to focus on Jesus. I don’t know what you need, but God does. Owensboro Church I don’t know what you need, but God does and here’s what I want you to say out loud. I want to say Jesus the son of David have mercy on me. I believe that you see my situation and that you want to do something about it. Now, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Lord, we just released the power of God. Owensboro Church Leaders just begin Walk Behind these people lay hands on them right where they are just lay hands on them, release something to them right now, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Lord, we believe you that the answer is going to them tonight tonight tonight tonight We believe that you’re meeting them right where they are oh Lord right, where they are old, are right, where they are at your blessing them. Owensboro Church  Indeed, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth pick two sick bodies. Tonight I command them to be made whole Lord, I speak to Broken marriages.
I command them to be mended. I speak to emptiness on the inside of people. I command them to be filled. I speak to the depressed Lord. I say the joy is released to them tonight, I’ll save it. The answer is on its way. It’S it’s not just donuts way it’s here, because you’re here. I declare that you’re here alarm, you’re here, oh Lord, I bless them in Jesus name, every one of them. Father grant them, I I know you already have I say the answer: is there for them tonight? The answer is there for them tonight. The answer is there for them tonight. I think you that they receive it in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we just released the power of God.