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Blessed be the name of the Lord father, we thank you for always being with us, never forsaken us Lord. We thank you that your Covenant making Covenant keeping God lord today. I pray that your word Lord, I know the words of Jeremiah said that words were sweet and I did eat them and they became the joy and the rejoicing of My Heart, Lord. Let this word penetrate deep down into our heart, strengthen us. According to your word, quick enough, according to your words, let that word come. I know it won’t return. Unto you void in Jesus, mighty name, amen, amen, amen. I want to go ahead and entitled today’s message. I want to call it raising the Sons and Daughters of God in the midst of the Sons and Daughters of belly, elk, raising the Sons and Daughters of God. Owensboro Church In the midst of the Sons and Daughters of LEL, everybody say belly El I’ll explain that in a moment, at the end of this service today we’re going to dedicate some children unto the Lord will do as Jesus did in the gospels. They brought little children unto Jesus he lay their hands upon them. He blessed them and he prayed for them. We’Re going to do that at the end. Now, a baby dedication does not mean that that child is saved. You understand that does not mean that that child is baptized. We don’t baptize people until they come to a point of understanding and real faith and believe around a belief around here. What a dedication is? It’S a parent coming saying: I’m going to do what it takes to raise my children up where they understand The Godly principles of the holy word of the Lord amen amen. So so today I want you to listen. I want you to hear. I want you to know that the most important resource any of us have been given is our seed. Owensboro Church The psalmist said this about our seed. Are children so that our children are like arrows in the quiver of their father. It’S something that we can go to war with for the righteous cause of God. We’Ve been given disciples in our house amen turn every day. They can follow us as their rabbis and we can teach them the way that you walk in righteousness and you live in Holiness the way that you present yourself in the midst of a dark, depraved culture, you can be a Child of Light. Would you agree with me this morning that our children are important more important than our money more important than our jobs more important than any other relationship? We have our relationship with our sons and our daughters. They are everything they were praying the song tar singing the song today that he is a father to the fatherless and there are many people who are fatherless who need to know what the real father is like, but there’s also many children who have a father upon The Earth that they’re looking to to show them what God is like. I pray that there would be an annoying of the father on this house. Then we would be Father’s as he’s the Father in heaven. We would learn to love and to teach and train and to be what those people need. Owensboro Church Those children needBibles this morning to the book of 1st Samuel the book of 1st Samuel. I want to show you a young Prophet call, but, more importantly, I want to show you the dedication of this prophets mother, that burns them to the culmination of being the judge and the prophet and the ruler of Israel much of his life. Every one story start somewhere, you don’t see. Do you know that we’ve all got story summer filled with tragedy, Summer field with Triumph, most of them are filled with a little of both and those stories. Owensboro Church Don’T start whenever a person comes into the middle of the media. Spotlight. Do you understand that those stories don’t start whenever you get to know who somebody is those stories start start somewhere in the heart of a mother? There was a mother by the name of Hannah, everyone say Hannah Hannah. Will she wasn’t a mother yet, but she was a mother-to-be Hannah was married to a man by the name of elk enough and elkanah had two wives now. What you do with two wives – I don’t know but Elkin. I had two of them. None the last and one of those wives borelle cannot children’s and Hannah live in the same house. With this woman and Hannah Wood. Look everyday in the one. Lady had the kids that she had a nurturing, loving relationship with, but Hannah had no child. When a mother wants a child, it becomes wow an appetite that nothing else can satisfy the understand that when a mother wants a child it becomes. Our lady wants a child. It becomes a burning desire, it’s Instinct, it’s wired into our DNA that we might reproduce so that we can. Owensboro Church we can continue the work of God upon the Earth and – and I can tell you as an Old Testament, my own testimony when a woman wants to have a child. She wants to have a child in ever. I Jessie Jessie work told me before I don’t know what 2 years 2 years then don’t have the same drive to Father. They have a different drive and I’ll. Tell you what kind of Drive yes they have a different drive, not so much to father, but for a little something else. But Hannah wants a child and it comes to pass that elchonon Hannah. Owensboro Church they they go to the temple there to bring a sacrifice unto Yahweh, the god of the Israelites and they’re at that temple on Hannah’s Hearts broken because she wants a child by the way. If you’re in here and you’re barren, I pray for you that God would open your rooms in Jesus mighty name. I pray that your heart’s desire would be granted. I pray that you would Embrace a child. One of the foremost miracles in the Bible is the opening of ladies room, so mate mate.

Your petition be granted unto you in Jesus name, somebody say Amen to that amen. So so she goes down to the temple and Eli. Is there and he’s sitting at the door post of the temple and Hannah comes into the temple and she’s torn apart, because she has no child and she falls down to the doorpost and she’s crying and she’s weeping and she’s wailing and Eli walks out. And he thinks all brother I got another drunk chick out here in front of the Tabernacle. You know as a pastor. I’Ve dealt with a lot of drunk people. Do you know that you wouldn’t think I would, but I really have especially a church in an old bar downtown. I probably deal with more drunk people than the typical pastor. Does you know when not the praise band used to practice on Wednesday night? Owensboro Church They be down here practicing and I can remember a drunk coming through the back door. Backer Jason, London was with me and it’s like all brother, here’s a drunk guy, but we love drunk surrounder web, suspect acquaintances, amen at River City Church I mean. Oh Jesus is filling out with the drunks and the hookers in the posters and the junkies and The Bookies and the gamblers. I want to hang out with those kind of people that don’t want them to influence me. I want to influence them, maybe some of y’all. Don’T need to hang out with him yet, but they’ll be a day. You can’t so so this this this guy comes through the door and we go back there. Jason’S watching him. Cuz he’s looking real suspect Jason’s there to pounce on him. If he attacks – and I’m talking to this guy – and we witness anymore sister – pray for him, so we pray for him for a minute and then he like wants to wrestle with itself. We we pray for this drunk and we were wrestling with him. Then we pray for him and we wrestle with him and finally, we volume out of here praise the name of the Lord is no no. No, you got it wrong. Man of God, my heart is broken because I don’t have a child and it looks down. Owensboro Church He says these words, he says, make your petition be granted to you. Here’S what she prayed in her heart before all this happens. First, Samuel chapter 1, verse 11. Then she made a vow and said: oh lord of hosts, do you need to look on the Affliction of your maidservant? Remember me and not forget your maidservant, but will give up your maidservant a male child. Everybody say I mail child that that’s the way inheritance flows through and family name flows through give your maidservant of male child. Then I will give him to the Lord all the days of his life. No razor she’ll come upon his head or she was saying he’ll be a Nazarite. That means his hair will never be cut, heal, never drink wine he’ll, never touch a dead animal and he’s going to be set apart holy unto the Lord she might of fell, or everybody say this. She dedicated her child yellow, said again. She dedicated her child. She dedicates that kid before she ever sees him Samuel so important to parents dedicate their children under the Lord amen. Owensboro Church We don’t have the words on our lips. As for me and my house, We Shall Serve the Lord look at your children. Your sons and daughters set them apart in your heart, make a vow to God that you will give them unto him all the days of their life, because his plans are so much better for them than our plans are first right thing had a did before the Young Prophet ever made it to the spotlight. Was she dedicated him holy unto? The Lord? Won’T you close your eyes for a moment during you’re, a parent. If you’re a parent to be Hannah, Owensboro Church wasn’t even she didn’t even have a child. Yet she dedicated that child holy right now, before the Lord just say, I dedicate my children unto you just tell him that tell him that we dedicate our children unto give the they might be the sons of God in the midst of a dark culture that they Might be the Sons and Daughters of righteousness in the midst of a Ducane culture we dedicate our children. Oh Lord, on to you now open up your Bibles. Looking for Samuel chapter 2 Hannah receives that miracle. For the Lord, they go home that night they travel back. They finally get it home and she walks in the door one day and she comes to the door and Elkins got candles lit everywhere around that house and the lights down low and the mood music is on and there’s rose. Petals around y’all know the rest of the story. God gives him a miracle, they have a child. She wins that child brings him up to the right age, and then she takes him back to the house of the Lord and she takes him before Eli and she presents him to Eli look down. First, Owensboro Church Samuel chapter 2 will begin reading inverse 11th. It says this then Elkin all went to the house of Rama. This is after they’ve been back, but the child ministered to the Lord. Before Eli the priest, everybody say she left the child, so you get it left the child. I want you to bring your kids to the house of God, but I don’t want you to leave your kids here with me.

Okay bring them, but please take them home with. You will be here on Wednesday night Sunday morning. We’Ll see them then. So she brings this kid. She dedicates him holy going to leave him at the temple. She brings that baby back to the temple. She gives him to the priest Eli any Minister’s before the Lord he’s, an assistant to Eli in the house of God being trained as a priest and being for his future prophetic Ministry. Let me say this: I love this about Hannah Hannah followed through and then follow through is everything you can bring your kids in here we can pray over and by faith. I can shout out them. I can anoint them with oil. I can push them down in the floor, but unless we follow through it means nothing, it’s all about what you really do with your kids, dedicated them to the Lord. What about the Integris part now now, once you make a dedication, then you got to walk that thing out. Don’T you do know when you, when you come get yourself under the king of kings in the Lord Jesus Christ. Owensboro Church You’Ve dedicated yourself on the Lord you’ve received this sacrifice, but now you’ve got to walk that thing out. You’Ve got to live it for it to be real. Let me tell you it’s not enough. Just to come to a prayer over your child. You’Ve got to live that thing out. How do you do it bring them to the house of God? Everybody say they say: bring your kids to the house of God see it is not a choice whether or not our children come to the house of God. Amen. Some people have this idea. I don’t know where they got it, we’re going to let our children choose their own faith. What a ridiculous thought did you? Let them choose whether or not they go to school on Monday morning, I’m going to let my child choose whether wants to be educated or not. What course, not? You say you get your butt up and get down to that school bus or going to taste. My belts know but wouldn’t ride, because I’m a good Christian parent and I won’t whip you with a belt, my my my little wooden them down there I’ll. Let your children choose whether or not to be educated. Nobody doesn’t like to know you wrestle that kid down. Don’T you we were ASL where I come from Providence, your wrestle that kid down you put that antibiotic in his mouth. Do you think you let you let your children choose whether or not they’re going to be when they’re young boys that’s his choice on the most important thing with the Bible says it’s impossible to please. The Lord you’ve got to follow through Yoda for Speed face to your children. Every time the house of God is open, going to have your kids here, where their minds can be being renewed by the word of God that they live, Owensboro Church like the sons of God. In the midst of a dark, dark culture it takes, parents follow through, got a tough preaching. Won’T you say I like that preacher just say: yeah, pretty tough preaching, but it’s absolutely the truth. It’S Integrity, follow-through Jesse and I were part of a church in Tulsa Oklahoma. Tulsa is the land of the mega Ministry. Everywhere you go, there’s there’s ten thousand member churches that are doing great things in their strong and well just a great thing to be a part of see. God do something big in a culture. You know how we picked. The church that we would be apart of, we went, and we found out that the pastor’s kids at Victory Christian Center Billy Joe Daugherty, all four of them, serve the Lord we’re good kids with all of their hearts and lived up right before God. Help me know that says something about a preacher done it when it’s kids living right. I said I’ll follow this guy. Let me follow this guy. Here’S a man of integrity, here’s a guy who’s got follow through here’s, Owensboro Church a guy, who’s message and home must matches message in the pulpit. That’S why those kids served the Lord some guys. Messages are somewhat different and you know how I don’t want to fight with them. All, but I have lunch: if they’ll do what they say, they do, even if their messages are slightly different. Their kids come out cuz, there’s something about seeing that Integrity. All of the kids do have a choice later on in life. Everybody say follow through all follow through his big look back down at the text: your first Samuel chapter 2, verse 12, so young Samuels going to have to make some choices himself. Everything you can’t get can’t blame Mom and Dad home of your life. Now my daughter very, very important, but everything that happens to you is not specifically product of your mother and father, although they’re very important now Samuels left in the temple verse 12, it says this: do you know even in the temple you can find some suspect. Acquaintances, are you aware of that, even in the temple you can find bad kids does does a Deacon’s kids and some of the preacher’s kids first 12th. Now the sons of Eli were corrupt. They did not know the Lord. He goes on and he describes what they were like they would. They would seduce the women have sex with who who who brought offerings to the temple they would steal from the temple offerings brought unto the Lord. Now the sons of Eli were corrupt. Here’S what it says in the Hebrew it says the sons of heat of Eli were the sons of belly L. Owensboro Church The sons of Eli were the sons of Belial. It means they were the sons of wickedness. They were the sons of worthlessness. The Apostle Paul picks up that word later in his writing to use the Church of Corinth and he Likens belly El onto the devil. The sons of Eli were the sons of the devil filled with the devil, and they were there in the temple. Ladies, don’t go date, the guy from my church and think he’s just Grand cuz. He walks into this house. My Lord, when I first went to the house of God, when I first walked through the house, I hadn’t even got the smell of marijuana out of my hair.

I was not dating material just because you see a guy in church doesn’t mean y’all to date. Him a man could me a song of belly l in there right beside you now we’re all getting better amen. God is doing something our life, but some of you, I wouldn’t let you date my daughter no way on Earth. She’S too young. That’S right! Kevin Vance she’s 18 months old, I’m talking about when she’s, 40 and she’s a dating age cuz. I understand the sons of LEL, sometimes during the house, sheep and the goats there together aren’t they rules in sheep’s clothing. The around be wise as a serpent harmless. As a dove, so young Samuel he’s there, some zebeleo are there and they’re doing all of this bad stuff. But look Samuel make some of the right decision and he begins to do is Park so from verse. Owensboro Church 12 through first 17. You can read it later. All the things they do wrong or listed, but look at verse, 18. It says this Willis Reed, 17. First, there for the young man was very great before the Lord for men aboard the offering of the Lord praise – God Samuel Minister, before the Lord, even as a child wearing a linen ephod, he made the right decisions. These are the sons of God being raised in the midst of the sons of bail. That’S what I believe our kids around here going to be a man. Tell me you know, we live in a dark, dark dying culture and the media is making a bid on our kid School in our children, Even in our own living room, the sons of belly owner all around, but I believe the gods going to raise up some Kids in this house they live like the sons of God say no, don’t know if this is the way walk ye in it snow we’re not going to live like a fallen, depraved culture, because we know the god of Israel in Jesus mighty name. So young Samuel walks any Minister’s before the Lord. All these things are happening. He’S dedicated number to there’s follow-through number 3. He makes the right choices living as a Son of God in the midst of the sons of belly. It’S all leading up to the moment. While we know about Samuel look over in Samuel chapter 3, verse 1 – here’s how it goes. This is Samuels call now the boys, Sam ministered to the Lord before Eli, and the word of the Lord was rare. In those days there was no widespread Revelations. He lied. Let the temple become corrupt in the word of the Lord began to decrease and it came to pass at that time when Eli was lying down in his place in when his eyes had begin to grow so dim that he could not see before the lamp of God went out in the Tabernacle of the Lord, where the Ark of God was, and while Samuel was lying down that the Lord called Samuel and he answered here, Owensboro Church I am so I ran to Eli and said here I am for you called me. Young boy thinks it’s Eli, not the Lord, so I ran to do on sit here. I am for you called me and he said I did not call lie down again and he went lay down. Then the Lord called yet again Samuel so Samuel Rosen went to Eli and said here I am for you called me he answered and said I did not call. My son lie down again now. Samuel did not know the Lord no was the word of the Lord. Yet revealed to him and the Lord called Samuel again, the third time so Rose and I went to Eli and said Kira M4. You did call me, then Eli perceive that the Lord and called the boy then, and I said the same you’ll go lie down and it she’ll be. If he calls you that you must say, Speak Lord your servant hears then the Lord said to Samuel behold. I will do something in Israel at which both ears of everyone who hears it will take all of these things we can delete up to the moment we learn who Samuel is the Prototype of the prophetic Ministry. It all started with the desire of a mother. The dedication of a mother and the follow-through in that family, some right choices, the young boy, lays down and here’s, I believe, the audible voice of God. He lies. He lies there in the temple. I believe it hears the audible voice of God because he thinks it’s Eli. No I’ve never heard the audible voice of God. Owensboro Church God spoken to my heart speaks to me to the scriptures. I’Ve had dreams where the Lord I couldn’t see him, but he walked into the corner of my room, and I heard him in my heart and my dream: never heard the audible voice of God have a friend who says he has and he describes it with such Intensity and tell him that storage says he was laying One Night in his bed but beside his wife and he was going through a personal Prayer Revival. He said the Lord was waking him up every night get up in the night and he would pray for hours and hours. Sometimes until the sun came up and he was laying there one night and all the sudden he heard he heard is his name go off and he said it was like. Fire went through every part of his body and he jumped from where he was sleeping straight up in his bed on his feet and his wife looked up at him like what in the world are you doing up there? Are you standing up in his feet, but he described hearing that word. Owensboro Church I wonder what it’s like. Whenever Samuel heard it went down the hallway, did you call me, I didn’t call you son go, lay down and goes on three times. Finally, the old man discerns the Lord’s talking to the boy, and it goes back and he calls again in the boy says here I am speak. Your sermon here, Samuel’s call what a beautiful story, I believe young men and women in this house are going to be called of. The Lord, I believe they already are spirit of God, spoke to me about a year ago, told me that this house will be a house of Samuels call that are young sons and daughters that they would hear the voice of God in a very young age, and They would live as light in the midst of a dark dark, dark culture. The Lord said he was going to put an annoying in on them and an assignment on their life, and then he would throw them to different parts of the world as though their arrow tail, and they will bear grapefruit. Owensboro Church I believe that River City Church is going to be a place of Samuels parents. What we have to do is our part. Dedication follow through love reaching out today we’re going to do that. People are coming to dedicate children, some of them very young, some of them a little bit older. I want you to understand how important it is that you dedicate these kids and that you follow through him in so that they can come to a place where they hear the voice of the Lord call them to their specific part in the body of Christ.

Parents. Why don’t you go ahead and come if you have a child to be dedicated, go ahead and come this morning right now praise the name of the Lord praise. The name of the Lord get some more right here. They’Ll just make a line right here in front of me down and turn and face the crowd with your kids praise the name of Lord good, looking bunch, kids amen, just go ahead and line up here got more coming praise the name of the Lord. How could line up on this side? Why don’t you just go ahead and and stretch your hands Church stretch your hands towards these people going to pray for him. Your lineup, just right, y’all can stay on this side of the lymph. There’S any room for your breath. Right here, what we’re doing to your parents, as you know, the kids are going to make their own decisions for Christ. We’Re just saying we’re going to do our part. That’S bringing the kids to the house of God! That’S doing the best. We can do to be a Godly example in front of that’s what matters you can bring kids to me a couple hours a week and I’ll do the best I can with them. But what matters? What happens at the home is so big because children look at his dad, they look at them mom, Owensboro Church and I see portions of God dinner. I think about God. There’S things they see us doing. It’S pretty pic. It’S kind of scary want to pray for, y’all were going to dedicate these babies father. I thank you for these people for these families. For these mothers and fathers Lord, I Thank you that you’ve, given them the most precious thing you could give anyone. That’S a child know, there’s room in our lives and our houses for children. Lord, I pray that you would multiply kids at River City Church. I pray for that. You would use us use us to bring righteous seed. The earth now bless this baby in Jesus mighty name. I bless you and I pray for you. Young man pray that you would be raised up in the notes from the admonition of the Lord. I pray that the Lord would pour His Spirit on our descendants. His Blessing on her offspring’s, I pray for mothers in Jesus name role that you would give them wisdom, roll the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom of Christ, role that they would walk in it and train. These kids show them who you are and what you’re like. I pray for this young lady in Jesus mighty name. I pray. I pray that you would fulfill every part of your god-given assignment. I pray health and peace. I say you’re sweet, your sleep will be sweet. I say angels will hold you up lest you dash your foot against a stone I’ll bless you, I pray for Dad father. I pray for Dad in Jesus mighty name. Lord. I believe that there’s there’s a steadfast deal going on in this guy’s heart says. Owensboro Church As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord resolve. I bless this young lady in Jesus mighty name with the pretty eyes I pray for you, pray. The Lord would strengthen you bless. You pray that you would be raised up in the nurture. The admonition of the Lord say you’re going to be trained up the way you should go so when you’re old, you won’t depart from it father. I pray that you would help Mom in Jesus mighty mighty man. I bless these boys in the name of Jesus Lord. I pray that you would lead and guide them direct their past father. I pray that the principles of the Bible, New Testament realities would be put into their hearts in Jesus mighty name. Now bless Mom father bless Mom to touch her pray for father. I pray and bless in Jesus mighty name this entire family, so that you might lead them and guide them Florida. I think you that you’re a very present help in time of need in time of need in time of need in Jesus mighty. How are you doing? I pray for you and Jesus name pray that you be blessed yappy, blessed you’re, so sweet. Lord of I thinking that you’re going to lead God direct this child bring bring her in to everything you’ve designed her for Lord. I bless her. I prayed that she would hear the voice of the Good Shepherd in Northern Voice when she follow no other voice. Would she follow Northern Voice? What she follow in Jesus mighty name, Lord and anointing, to parents and anointing to parent? I pray for them in Jesus mighty, mighty name Church. Why don’t you give these families I hand, clap praise God got pictures to take. I don’t know, praise God, we’ve got the staff has some Bibles. What will get to you very quickly, Owensboro Church we’re so glad to have you all here so glad to have you all here, God bless you all y’all can be dismissed back to your seat. Once you get your once, you get your shots taken there. We don’t miss that moment. We don’t want to miss that moment. Praise the Lord. Why don’t you stand up on your feet today? Church stand up on your feet – God, God, God going to do a thing. I believe in Owensboro that will cause the ears of those who hear it to tingle, just like just like the prophet said in the scripture close your eyes I want to. I want to pray for your father. Owensboro Church I pray for our families now in Jesus mighty name. I pray that you be the fathers were supposed to be, nor those who aren’t even married. Yet I pray that you would begin to mold them shape them and guide them know that we might have Godly seat on the earth roll that we might raise the Suns and the daughters of God. In the midst of the sons, in the daughters of belly and as a pastor as a Shepherd, I bless these people. I lift my hands towards the gods, going to take them to steal Waters, to Green Pastures, that he’s going to restore their souls. You’Re going to your going to dwell in the house of the Lord forever, I bless you in Jesus mighty name. Owensboro Church Let’S give the Lord a big hand, clap Church praise the Lord.