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River City, Church, podcast, Pastor, Brian Gibson, be strong in the Lord recorded Wednesday January 3rd 2007. 7 p.m. service of the Lord take a moment, and I just want to thank everybody in this house – is your moving to Ephesians chapter 6. I want to thank all of our volunteer base. Hooves help make things pass possible this last year and is going to make things possible this next year. I want to just go ahead and if you guys have volunteer volunteer in any ministry here in this house, I want you to know that you’re really. What makes things happen do you know that I mean volunteers are what makes the kingdom of God works? What causes souls to be saved? I don’t know if you know it or not, but my cover is blown. You know what I’m talking about pastors their covers are blown far as being a soulI can win souls on the street, but how many know whatever I’m talking to guys and they asked me what I do conversationally? What do you do for a living? Whenever I say I’m a pastor, how many know that wall goes up whenever I’m just talking to a guy on the street? You know that weird you ever living in sin and you got close to a preacher or a teacher and ask him hey what what do you do for a living? Owensboro Church he says why Pastor downtown what happens all the sudden? Well, you change your lingo. Owensboro Church you change! Your look, you change all that stuff for a second. They change their vocabulary on the golf course I’ll point I’ll play a pickup golf game with some guys look at eight or nine holes and they’ve been dropping. You know every word, you can imagine every two holes and at the end of the deal the last, but you know about halfway to the ramp. What do you do for living? Well, I’m a preacher of the Gospel. How are you doing and then they just their heads in shame? I remember I used to caddy when I was in college. I caddied there’s not a lot of country clubs anymore, but in Southern Hills, Tulsa, Oklahoma problem with the 10 best golf courses in the earth – and I work there during college – gets play golf for free there. But I can’t even one time and I had this groupPaws and we got to about the third hole and one of them said I do you want a beer and a few more holes and then they started drinking whiskey. We got around on the back side and he said: hey man: do you want to smoke a joint? No, I’m alright and, as I was loading their clubs in the car and they were in a limo, they were Heavy Hitters at the top Donuts. Owensboro Church these guys ran a big portion of that deal in the Midwest for Krispy Kreme. A lot of those things went under now out there, but but but I was getting their bags in the car and what I’m looked at me and said. What do you go to school for so I’m going to school to be a preacher and all sudden the dude’s head to drop me said, I’m sorry, man I was. I was kidding about that joint back there. Whatever you say, your cover gets blown whatever people know your password now when they really get desperate, they come seek me out it’s different than when they’re desperate but just conversation. Let me say this: your cover isn’t blown you know what I mean. I mean people can go not that you’re, an undercover Christian but yeah you’re a Believer as an example in front of them and you still are out there in the midst of the streets, not just equipping saint but you’re there day in and day out, you are The people who care the gospel under the world amen amen. I want you to recognize that you have a sphere of influence that I don’t have her anyone else in this room. Anyone else in the city doesn’t have, God is designed you for a purpose.

That’S be an instrument of his glory in Owensboro. The surrounding region, keep doing it. Look at your neighbor and say: keep it up, keep it up father. I think that you’ve, given us your word father, Lord, your son, he’s sitting at the right hand of God. Right now, Lord making mediation for each and everyone of us. Your spirit has been poured out upon this, her father, I know it was poured out on the Jews and Acts chapter two poured out on the Gentiles and Acts chapter 10. Today We Live with the leading of the Holy Spirit, and I thank you for it today. I pray that the spirit of God would take the word of God and make us like the Son of God in Jesus mighty mighty mighty name, amen, amen and amen. Ephesians chapter 6 we’re going to begin reading in verse, 10 and I’m going to start talking about the armor of God, the armor of God, Ephesians, chapter 6, verse 10. Let me set the stage and explain to you a little bit about poles writing to the Church of Ephesus at what we have here in the book of Ephesians is an epistle, everybody say an epistle and a pistol is a fancy word for a letter. Owensboro Church the apostles they did this, they went all throughout the world surrounding the ancient near East. They went into Asia Minor, they wouldn’t all the surrounding regions and they began preaching the gospel and everywhere they went. They would try to plan a body of Believers and plant a church. The Apostle Paul went to the city of Ephesus. You can read about it later in Acts 19, so we can take a note you to write that down and check it out. It’s interesting to see all the history of these churches got started in Acts, chapter 19 Paul shows up in Ephesus and he finds a group of people that he believes already know about the Lord Jesus Christ. He asked them. Yes, the list have you received the Holy Spirit, since you believed have you received the Holy Spirit since you believe these people answered Paul and they said we didn’t even know there was such a thing as the Holy Spirit, Paul thought he was talking to Believers in Jesus already, and then he asked this question to them. Owensboro Church he says tell me, then, in the end of what baptism are you baptized into what what are you believe and they say in John the Baptist Gospel of repentance these people that hurt John’s preaching about repentance, but they hadn’t heard about Jesus. Then he preaches Jesus Christ to them they get Sadie baptizing them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, in this text. After that, he lays his hands on them. Just reach over and put a hand just right there on the shoulder the person besides, he lays his hands upon them just, like that. In the Bible says they spoke in tongues and they prophesy they got filled with the spirit they got saved. Baptized in the Lord Jesus Christ, and then after that they got filled with the Holy Spirit, which is an important one night to be a witness in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth. They got power to be a witness. How many know whenever those people got power to be a witness? Owensboro Church the Church of Ephesus began to grow. Hemp me know when people get power to be a witness, it changes things, there’s an option upon their life, there’s a Divine imparted ability to be a witness of the gospel and bring people into the fight. That’S what the Baptist in the spirit is all about. After that, Paul stays there for 2 years, teachers in Ephesus for 2 years and first in the Jewish synagogue, but he’s not received their wealth and then it goes over to the school of tyrannus, which is the place, a philosophy where they talk. Different philosophies. Paul went as a philosopher using that doorway to get in there and teach about the principles of Jesus Christ through that a great church plant begins. I like stories about Church of Jesus Christ and part of my mission in life, is to build a great church in Owensboro. Kentucky hey man ya’ll, to build a great church here. That’S that’s part of it! That’S what I’m here for that’s what I’m designed to do. That’S what I’m sold out to do come hell or high water. I will build a great church in Owensboro Kentucky cuz, the Lord’s in it I’m going to do it amen. Somebody say: let’s do it got to be convinced that you’re going to do it and then before you ever get in the fight the? What am I even talking to church so he’s there for 2 years to get to run out of town, and then he has a disciple by the name of Timothy Timothy. You can read as a pastor this church in Ephesus overseeing the Affairs doing everything a local Pastor would do and about that time Paul writes a letter to the Ephesians. It is an epistle written by an apostle add, a pencil written by an apostle right inspired by the Holy Spirit. The end of his letter, he says, is finally everybody say. Finally, what is doing here is he sending the letter? How many in something with a bang? Don’T you whatever I got make some movie: does it end it with the bank Yea Yea novel that you thought was great and he thought the ending to go one way, but then the ending just kind of lacks luster and all the sudden you’re like. I forget this out: why did it in like this Paul has an important ending right here. He says finally, he’s he’s summing up everything about. Finally, my brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might put on the whole armor of God that you might be able to stand against The Wiles of the devil, for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities against powersI. Guess the rulers of the darkness of this age, against against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the Heavenly places, therefore take up the whole armor of God, Owensboro Church but you might be able to withstand in the evil day and, having done all to stand stand therefore, having girded your Waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness having your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace. Above all, taking the shield of Faith with which you are able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked ones and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God, praying always with all prayer and supplication. In the spirit being watchful to the sand, with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints and for me, but Auburn’s may be given to me that I may open my mouth boldly to make known The Mystery of the gospel for which I am an ambassador and Chains that in and I may speak boldly as Ito speak. Owensboro Church the first thing he says is in Ephesians 6 verse, 10.

Finally, my brother and be strong in the Lord and the power of his mind. Everybody say I’m strong do know the Apostle Paul. It commands the believer at this place, says be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. How many know if God commands us to do something, it’s possible for us to fulfill his command and then, if God commands us under this age of Grace in the New Testament to be strong in the Lord than it is absolutely possible for us to be strong In the Lord, if there was anyone scripture, that is a mandate or are one of my favorite verses and if you listen to me, pray for people, I quoted all the time, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might be strong. In the Lord, in the power of His might be strong in the Lord, in the power of His might, when I lay hands on them the New Testament believer all to be strong in the Lord amen. We are not supposed to be pitiful. People never met a saint that wants to sing Beautiful song who’s all the time about their life right here. Well, I’m just waiting to get to heaven, because I’m so pitiful in this world, we have not been called to be pitiful. We have been called to be powerful. Look at your neighbor and say you’re powerful your power for look at your neighbor and say not pitiful, yeah we’re not pitiful we’re powerful. Owensboro Church I have a hard time listening very long, pitiful Christians. That’S why I’m a very bad counselor! I am I’m a pastor, not a counselor people come to me and then I know people have problems and people need to talk to somebody one-on-one, but you know what the only thing we can do for people’s give them the word of God and whenever they come And it’s pitiful, pitiful pitiful. All I want to do is put the word in front of them, say: no, no, no, powerful, powerful, powerful right here! You’Re, not pitiful your powerful quit singing their song like this get a different word in your mouth. Owensboro Church you are powerful, be strong in the Lord and the power of his mind. Owensboro Church there’S one thing the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ to have is: we ought to have backbone, have to stand for what we stand. For stand up when we’re supposed to stand up and do the stuff to the New Testament tells us to do, because we can be strong, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Take his mind when you get a revelation that you don’t have to do it in your own strength, amen, I mean oh it’s hard to do what God called you to do the living in your own power, but God never asks us to take things back by Our own hands pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps. Owensboro Church he said no, no be strong in the Lord in the power of His might in the might of the Lord Jesus Christ. What did Jesus Christ do before he ascended into heaven? He said these words said all authority on Earth, given unto me in heaven and earth is given unto me turn around to his church and he said: go there for what did he say all authority, all power, all exusia in the world’s given unto me now. I give it to you you’re, a powerful person whenever you show up and do a room Jesus Christ shows up in the room with you his power is Mike comes another riding in your heart. Whenever you show up the Messiah shows up to you know that whenever you show up, the anointing shows up whenever you show up phase in Victory shows up whenever you show up Devil’s Trimble. What because you’re strong in the Lord and in the power of His might you believe it. Somebody say I believe it tonight say: I’m strong because God’s in me, I’m strong, because Jesus is in me praise the name. Little just looked up a hand to heaven right now for a moment left upper hand to heaven right now. Let’s believe, God for fresh baptism, Empower be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might be strong in the Lord. I sing to you and in the power of His might be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Owensboro Church do you believe you receive it amen, amen back down at the text, there’s 10 find on my brother, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. The next thing he says is this put on the whole armor of God but. You might be able to stand against The Wiles of the devil put on the whole armor of God that were the whole armor of God. It’S one Greek word was Lord talking to me. Again. Owensboro Church there’s one Greek word and it means a full set of armor. That’S why it says the whole armor of God, God is giving us his armor in this text and he’s talking to a group of people who used to sing Roman soldiers. They know what a Roman soldier looks like they know. What is dress, looks like for battle and Paul takes. That analogy begins to teach off of it. Good teachers always talk to people about something they understand and they all sing this Roman army before and he said I want you to take up the whole armor of God. How many you know we need everything that God offers us to fight this fight that we’re in a Min. We don’t just need portions of the Gospel or portions of the word of God or portions of the armor. I want it all, don’t you I mean when I sign on for this thing how old it all of the benefits that exist in the New Testament cuz. I understand that it’s cost me all of my life Jesus gave his life didn’t know requires that we give what our lives and now he pours his power into us. Owensboro Church So let’s just go ahead and sign them for all of it. Somebody say I want all of it. You know you can’t pick and choose what you want and Christianity, it’s not it’s. Not it’s not moonlights Buffet. You know what I’m saying the moonlight’s buffet and you pick and choose what you want to eat off of it, and you know that you’re talking about mutton, look at your hands on you. That’S a lot of pork. To I better see a lot of hands. Praise the Lord! So when you go to Moonlight you can look around and pick what you want. You can take what you want. Lots of people think they can pick and take what they want out of. Christianity you know what I want love. I don’t necessarily want forgiveness. I want to forgive anybody I want I want. I want. I want peace, but oh wait a minute. I don’t want anything to do with gifts of the Spirit. That’S too weird for me. I want to be blessed absolutely. No, no, no, not necessarily care about answering the calls. God calls me. I don’t need that people pick and choose pause. Take it all the whole armor of God. Look at your neighbor and say take it all. Owensboro Church Take it off. He says, put on the whole armor of God why the whole armor of God enables you that you may be able to stand against The Wiles of the devil that you might be able to stand against The Wiles of the devil. We have an anime, don’t we church, Owensboro Church we have an enemy enemy by the name of the Devil, by the name of Beelzebub. That ancient dragon Revelation. Chapter 12, verse 9 talks about says that he leads the whole world of straight there’s an enemy, and there is a war that goes on at all. Times the understand that there is war going on on the other side of what you see and you don’t really always understand how that wore Works. He said he said this put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against The Wiles of the devil. That word, Wiles also means schemes, or it means the methodology. The word in the Greek almost looks like methodology, the methodology of the devil. Do you know the devil has a method. When the attacks people he’s ancient he’s been around awhile. Now you and I’ve been given more power than the devil. Tell me a note he. He knows how to do a few things. Well, he’s like I’ve ever seen. People you’ll see people on the television and it’s like that: they’re they’re, totally socially handicapped and mentally handicapped, and they can’t do a whole lot of things. But wow can ever seen a guy like that who can play the piano on the real. I think, there’s a term for it is Savant. The devil is like a savant doesn’t understand, a lot about a lot of things in the universe. Owensboro Church Didn’t understand how to relate with God and having the most important thing. He could understand what there are some things he does well, he lays some snares and he does some very effectively The Wiles of the schemes of the devil work like this. They are not apparent to the eye it first, how many people been snake bit, you ever been snake bit.

No praise the Lord. You didn’t know I’m playing with you. People don’t get how was raised in the Southern Baptist Church people don’t get bit by snakes when they can see what they’re doing now. Today, people get bit by a serpent when they don’t understand his schemes, where he’s at where he lies and weight that hold biblical term a snare like something that catches you that you don’t know is there in the devil. Does that in people’s life? Whenever I was a kid I was 45 years old and I was playing, there was a funeral home director in our town by the name of Rick Melton had a boy, my age, by the name of Stelton playing around in some woods they have by their house. I was a little bit ago. I don’t know how old I was, but I was walking down the trail out there one day and I saw what I thought was a piece of rubber piece of black rubber and I walked up and I stepped on it and when I did a snake shot Straight up, Owensboro Church big toe up chicken snakes shot straight up right in front of it and it freaked me out, and I turn around and screamed and I’m sure you could hear me and have been listening for you know a person doesn’t step on a snake if they Know it’s there! That’S why it’s so important to have the whole armor of God. The devil is cunning, The Devil Is Crafty. The devil tries to sneak in it’s the little foxes that spoil the vine. It’S the Small Things. The traps of the devil always start small whole lot, smarter than you expect. It’S always something that you can justify taking a part of its really not that bad, never called yourself. Owensboro Church Thinking that, like that, in the mind, it’s really not that bad. At least I don’t do what someone sold us, at least I don’t do what my roommate does. I can do this because I’m not as bad as this guy. That’S the scheme of the devil put on the whole armor of God, but you may be able stand against that. You can resist James chapter 4, verse 7 says submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you. Do you know the devil runs off if you’re willing to fight for just a little bit stand your ground he’s willing to say the kid on the playground, but always wants to talk big until somebody wants to fight you signed in and when I want to fight. I don’t really want to have a fist fight cuz. I know what it feels like I put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against The Wiles of the devil in here it goes on talking, for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities against Powers against the Rulers, rulers of the darkness of this age against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the Heavenly places somebody say we don’t wrestle against people. Alright, let let me explain this to you. Paul certainly had enemies in the flesh room, but the guy who wrote this you read about it. There were people who wanted to kill him. There were people who beat him. Owensboro Church there were people who stoned him he eat. He received the lashes from a cat of nine tails many time he had people who were their enemies, his enemies, but they were influenced by who the devil really you’re, never wrestling against flesh and blood. Jesus turns of thing to keep our mind thinking right about it. He says: bless those who persecute you and says to pray for your enemies says to turn the other cheek to do good to those, even when they can’t do good back to you. He turns the whole mindset all right, so he goes on. He says we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood and then he talks about ranks in the kingdom of darkness. Everybody say: there’s order, there’s order, even in a disorderly Kingdom, in the kingdom of darkness, the devil and his kingdom whenever he fell from from Heaven, whatever he was kicked out of heaven for trying to take the Throne of God, one-third of the Angels up there were Thrown out with him and as they went out, they began maybe before they ever organize their Rebellion. I’D say after going to have a rebellion in heaven, Owensboro Church you better have some pretty good plans before you start. They began organizing their ranks. They had certain ranks in. These are some of them, one is principalities, one is Powers, one is the rulers of the darkness of this age, another one or the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the Heavenly places or in the air. For the Bible says, the devil is called the prince of the power of the air in the scripture. The devil was called one of the Gods of this world. It’S there, but but everybody say, there’s order in the kingdom of darkness should be order in the kingdom of God. Owensboro Church how many know if there’s ranks in order and a military operation in the kingdom of darkness they’re all to be a much better system in the kingdom of God? It’S hard to get all the saints to get in order, though in the ranks of the kingdom of God and the devil’s work very hard to confuse the ranks for years and years and years and he’s done it very effective. In many many churches like this there’s Jesus crap, there’s the father, there’s Jesus Christ, there’s who he sent that the apostles early on in the early region, there’s all of the Angelic host that are up there in Heavenly places. Then, after that, there’s order in the local body everybody say there should be order. He set up a system. He said God gave some Apostles some prophets some of Angela, some pastors some teachers for the equipment of the Saints do the work of the body. It’S like this. I am a coach, I’m a leader in the army of God on the Earth. Today, then, at the Bible says, under fivefold Ministry gifts throughout be deacons, everybody say: deacons deacons are not what most people think they are by the way. Whatever I was raised, it First Baptist Church in Providence Kentucky here’s what the Deacon board did the Deacon board hired and fired the pastor. The Deacon board set the course of events for the church, the Deacon board, approved and said yes and no, but the New Testament. Owensboro Church never shows a deacon board that leads are sets the tone in the church. Did you know that it’s not their? Never once never once will you find a Pulpit Committee in the New Testament? Did you know that doesn’t exist? Do you know who places men of God in the New Testament, men of God, Apostles laid hands on young ministers and send them out to plan a church somewhere else? It’S like this men of God, placement of God. What? Why would the pharmacist be called a deacon and then be a charge of the guy who’s going to be in the Pulpit that make any sense to you? He’S a pharmacist. Don’T get quiet in here now you don’t get quiet in here. Alright, this is what is in the New Testament is a servant. Everybody say a servant, look it up after six or seven end of the early church. Why? Because they have a problem between two different types of widows: one Hellenistic Widow, one Jewish Widow. Owensboro Church They weren’t getting food distributive to them correctly. So the apostles call the deacons and say deacons take care of this problem and they became a Ministry head. But it’s a deacon. Is a Ministry head? That’S what it is. You see there’s order in the kingdom of God, but anyway moving right along, let’s, let’s look back down there or text. Here’S what it says, therefore, after goes through this list of ranking, therefore take up the whole armor of God might be able to withstand in the evil day and, having done all to stand, take up the armor of God that you may be able to stand in The evil day and having done all to stand put on the armor of God, that you may be able to stand in the evil day. What is the evil day? It is the day of your attack. It’S today, when it all comes down and the plan of the devil is unfolded before your eyes right there. Whenever that happens, that’s the day you need to have the armor of God on. You need to be ready. You need to already be prepared cuz. I don’t know, there’s not always time to get what you need whenever the battle hits a man I mean whatever the battle hits you better be ready on the evil day. It’S not time to be stirring, then, and looking for a helmet, you don’t wan na be looking for a sword. Whenever the battle begins, you don’t want to show up in the middle of a gunfight and then realize you don’t have a pistol right. So he says: go ahead and be ready, have a pistol to go to go to a pistol fight, and it says this therefore take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand stand Therefore, having girded your waist with truth, this is as far as I’ll get tonight. Alright, everybody say that same men in the ancient near East War – ropes, they were Rose everywhere. They went, they would have had a robe on it’s the way that they traveled it’s what they did. They would have had rolled Zone flowing robes and whenever they would need to travel in a very, very fast pace, they would have to gird up those robes.

Any of you, ladies ever ran in a dress or skirt ever tried to I’ve, never ran a dress or skirt praise. The Lord. Is it difficult to get tangled up in some of those longer skirts from those longer dresses, of course, these men, whenever the battle came, they knew they didn’t want to get caught up in their skirts. So what they do is they begin to gird up what they had. They would take. This thing called a that this sash type thing right here. Owensboro Church I think it says a belt of Truth in the new King James version, but every take this fast type thing and it would begin to tie up those things they would pull them up and that they will begin at I’m up and it was a ornate thing And all Max Asher on that belt, they hung everything that they needed for the battle. It was a place that the sword would go. It was a place where they would keep their pipes. It was a place where they would have lots of different things that they would take out with them. Maybe they would have a bag and have money in it and what not? It was a place. You can hang your stuff and you needed that belt says this. It says, take up the belt of Truth. First thing the Apostle Paul talks about how many think it’s important truth of the word of God in your life mmm, it’s the most important thing because in it is your ability to fight your sword in it is your ability to nourish how many of the word It is something that we can eat, it’s the pyramid and the milk of the word in that world. There’S everything you need to bring substance in an answer to any problem. You have it’s the truth that keeps you from being to see the first thing. He says that you need to gird up your robe with the with the word needed it up. I mean know if you don’t have to work around your life, it’s very easy to get tripped up main people who don’t know the Bible or biblical Revelation so simple for them to get tripped up over the smallest thing, because there’s no ultimate Authority in their life. We have a truth. We believe We Run all of our faults, all of our ideas by that truth, to see if it’s right, it’s wrong, what’s going on, Owensboro Church how many are glad we have truth in the word of God and stand up on your feet, will talk about the rest of The different parts of the armor of God that this next week, Lord I pray over these people in Jesus mighty name. I think you that you’ve, given us the armor of God, that we would be able to stand against the evil one father. I pray that you would make people in this house effective father in the day of battle in the day of War, father in the evil day rule that they would be able to stand in the fight. Having done all to stand stand, therefore, I pray that they would not fall in the battlefield. Father will they fall and at their left side 10,000 at the right, but it will not come nigh them. Owensboro Church I say: they’ll be prepared, father fight, the fight of Faith father to Prevail, be quick and buy your hand for you all the Lord of War, the Lord of hosts father bless them. I pray tonight, Jesus mighty name. I pray that there would be divine order in your kingdom divine order in our households divine order in our lives. Father Lord, I pray that all that flows out of the truth, the truth of the word of God, the truth of the word of God, the truth of the word of that open people’s eyes show them wonders things from the law. I pray. I pray if you’re in here, under the sound of my voice, right now and you’re, not right with Jesus Christ of Nazareth and you won’t to be you’re not right with Jesus Christ of Nazareth and you won’t to be. Maybe you were a long time ago been living your own way for many years. Maybe you’ve never known him to let you know he’s a loving friend he’s closer closer than a brother closer than your very breath very present. Help in time of me wants to wash you cleanse, you call you his own love, you so much wanted to make you his property that he died for you. That’S the goodness of the Gospel, the good news you’re here and you need to receive that. Won’T you lift up your hand right now, very matter-of-fact, very matter-of-fact. Just lift up your hand, see that hand praise the Lord anyone else right now you need to receive the truth of the Gospel. I lied. Owensboro Church there’S there’s several hands, see those hands praise the name of the Lord. I would love to get to Lead You In A Prayer. Those of you with uplifted hands right now want to get to pray for you to lead you in a prayer to receive Jesus Christ. When I ask you to do something standouts to step right out of your seat and meet me here right now, just take a few minutes

I’ll get my hand, clap Frozen income several hands lifted right on up here you can come play. The name of the horse. Come on glad you’re here tonight, yeah y’all give her a good how you doing how you said your hand lifted want to give you an opportunity want to lead. You in Christ. Bible says this. It says Jesus said if you received me before men I’ll receive you before my father said. If you deny me before men, I will deny you before your father. Will let you know, God God’s calling you don’t let what people might think about. You hold you back. So you can go ahead and come if you want to come, got time to wait for that time. To wait for me, got time to wait for your father bless Elena bless. Lineup Leslie bless Lena in Jesus. Mighty name bless her Lena. I’M going to give you a prayer to pray Merced out loud in front of your I’ll. Give you the words you got to give it to me, even though you have to get it to the meeting. Christ is real, it’s real! He loves! You wants to wash your cleanse you care, for. You gather, get to him. She say this. He died for his safety. Owensboro Church Lord Jesus, everybody pray this with her Lord Jesus, I’m a sinner. I need a savior. You are the savior of the world. You died for our sins. You bled for my wrong tonight. I Repent from living my way from following my will Marcel follow gears, I believe, on your death on your burial. On your Resurrection, I believe that you’re saving me thank you, Lord, for coming into my heart. For changing in Jesus mighty name, amen, amen, amen, your clap, clap to the Lord, their church; clothes that I’m going to praise the name of the Lord praise, the name of the. Let me pray for your line father. I pray that use we’re going to go to work in my sister will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ who began a good work in my sister will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. Right here comes the presence of God Lana right there. You’Ll begin to feel it in a real way right there at come coming out of my hand by Bob Bob hallelujah hallelujah, finding fire and a longer. So Lord bless my sister. I think you that you’ll finish what you started. Owensboro Church you’ll finish what you started: you’ll finish, what you started in her life just so glad him. After that’s, the presence of God, hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, callaloo holiday, Church you’re, dismissed when you order me you’re, dismissed when you want to be pray for a letter in Jesus mighty mighty mighty mighty mighty in Jesus mighty mighty mighty.