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Here’s what I want to do. I want to teach a little bit tonight more than I’m going to preach. I want to instruct I want to Shepherd and I want to start by telling telling you a story. I’Ve heard many times throughout the years, but I think it perfectly illustrates what I want to preach on tonight and years ago. Whenever people were coming from Europe to America and lots of people had started to come and immigrants were coming across settling looking for a new life looking for a better life in a new world, we all left Europe because you’re up stinks and America is great. So we all came over here and people were coming and one God did everything he could do to get some money to get on on a steamboat and to come across. He’D worked he’d saved scrounge. He had to look to try to put his finances together and he finally got enough money to buy one ticket and he went and bought his ticket and schedule. This trip to come to America to begin a new life and he got on the boat and it’s a long Voyage, coming across the sea there at steam speed and he would be on the boat and money he had was the money had to purchase his ticket and So what he did he didn’t have money for food, but he bought cheese and he bought trackers and whenever everybody else was going into the dining hall to eat. What this man would do is he would go into his room and he would eat his cheesy. What he does crackers he would hang out – and this went on for days and days and days as the boat goes across the ocean came to the last day of the voyage in another man came up to him and said sir. I’Ve noticed something all over over the time we’ve been on. This ship is every time the rest of the passengers they go into the dining hall to eat. You never come into the dining hall you leave and you go somewhere else. I don’t know where you’re going your room up. Why have I not seen you in the dining hall and the man kind of embarrassed for not having any money he kind of how long is head for a second he said. Owensboro Church Will sir, the truth of the matter is: this is that I haven’t come into the dining hall with any of you yet because I don’t have money to buy food and the guy looked at him with disbelief, Owensboro Church they said served it didn’t. You know that your ticket includes every meal that served on the ship, see this man. I’Ve been coming across the ocean on a boat for years and weeks and weeks, not eating, because he didn’t know what was included in the cost of his ticket. Do you know that Christianity is a lot like that for a whole lot of people that they’re on a voyage going somewhere to a better place, but on that Voyage they don’t know what’s been paid, for they don’t know what the purchase price of their tickets are. Actually bought them and so they’re living a less than life right now, when Christ already paid for so much instead of living above their living below cuz, they don’t know what they got in there ticket. What I want you to know, River City Church, is what you have in a ticket call the king of kings and Lord of lords Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Salvation that’s been bought for you come on. Somebody give the Lord of handclap. We got a great purchase price, it’s already been paidpause, we don’t have to live in less than life, we can live a life, that’s abundant and great and full of the blessing of God. Somebody say Amen to that tonight. Do you know, what’s been purchased a calvary’s cross, see Jesus went to buy our blessing at the cross of Calvary, got good news for you tonight. I’Ve got gospel for you tonight and gospel is the God the father wants to bless. You everybody wants to bless. Me. Wants to do your your blessing as already been bought it calvary’s cross, but so many people don’t see it that way and they’ve heard the wrong thing, and so they don’t know what to receive in this life is, though it’s the will of God. They don’t know what to resist in this life as though it is not the will of God and lots of people just begin receiving everything that comes their way in life as though everything that happens to themis the will of God they receive it. All is God’s plan, but everything that happens in the earth is not God’s plan. Let me say that again, everything that happens in the earth is not God’s plan ran the first story in the Bible. Dealings between God and man illustrates this so funny how we get it backwards. God makes men Adam and Eve. Put some in the garden put some trees in the center of the garden. What does God tell the man not to do? Don’T eat the fruit of this tree, so what was God’s will God’s will? Was that Adam and Eve might not eat the fruit of that tree? What did Adam and Eve? Do they ate the fruit and when they ate the fruit in the world fell? Why? Because God’s will wasn’t done, man’s will was done as opposed to God’s Will and with that with that moment, the first issue and the first problems the first thing: the first sickness, the first death, the first murder, the first genocide, the First Rate,
all those things man. They flooded into humanity and from that moment, until now, most of the time God’s will is not done on the earth. That’S why Jesus told us pray like this. Kingdom, Come what church but thought everybody say that will be done. That will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Why do we pray that way? Because God’s will is seldom done on the earth, because man won’t line up because the Earth is falling because the devil’s here, because they’re demons it Loose, Fallen Angel to try to provoke God’s perfect plan. All of those things keep God’s Will from being done in the Earth, but I’ve got good news for you. Owensboro Church Jesus came to this earth. A second Adam is what the Bible says: he’s like a second Adam, but where the first atom, blue and all over the first Adam Sandler, the first Adam dropped the ball. The second Adam never bought the second Adam, never send in the second Adam held on to the ball, and so now the whole games been changed. If will line up in believe and receive what he’s purchased for us there’s a lot of good Christian people. That will be in heaven. They don’t miss a whole lot of the blessing in this life on their way to get there they’re going to be like that, go on the boat they’re going to get to heaven and somebody’s going to look at him and say: hey! Owensboro Church do you know you didn’t have to receive that Cancer’s know it was the will of God. Owensboro Church you could have felt that you couldn’t lived and not. Hey. Do you know you didn’t have to settle where you were in life? You have to give up and lay down, you could have went further faster and done more. What what happened to you was not the will of God, but some of these people won’t know what’s been purchased for them. I want my people in River City Church to know what’s been bought and paid for at the crawl, so you can live in the blessing instead of in the curse. You know the Bible, God the Father of Lights, and it says that every good gift comes down from him. Our God is a God that gives good gifts are not is the god that blesses that’ll help us out any good father will. But Jesus uses illustration of fathers and he said this to humanity said if you being evil, if you know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the Father in heaven give good gifts to those he loves? He calls his kids see God’s got that wants to bless. Let me show you one
of these. One of my favorite texted perfectly illustrates the blessing of God. I want you to open up your Bibles tonight to Galatians chapter 3, Galatians chapter 3, minute of you. I think you’re right some of these texts down tonight and read them later: Galatians chapter 3 and I’m going to do a little more reading in the Bible than I normally do tonight because I want you to get some of these scriptures deep down in your spirit. If you’ll get this stuff in your spirit, it’ll show you what to fight for and what to fight against. You need to know who your enemies are and who your friends are. Tell me know if you’re walking through life – and you don’t know who’s for you and who’s against you. So many people don’t know what to fight for and they don’t know what to fight against Galatians chapter 3 and let’s start reading in about verse, 1 verse 1. Through about verse, XIV, Galatians, 3, 1 through 14, if you’re there tonight go ahead and say: aha, if you’re there haha or if it’s on the screen behind me, you could say off off because you know it works. So here’s what the Apostle Paul said. He said this old foolish Galatians, who is Bewitched you that you should not obey the truth before whose eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed among you as crucified the only this only I want to learn from you did you receive the Spirit by The Works of the Law or by the hearing of Faith, are you so foolish having begun in the spirit? Are you now being made perfect by the flesh? Have you suffered so many things in things, if, indeed it was in vain there for Hughes supplies the spirit to you and works miracles among you. Does he do it by The Works of the law or by the hearing of Faith just as Abraham believed God, and it was a credited to him for righteousness, therefore know that only those who have faith are sons of Abraham and the scripture for seeing the gobble. Just filed the gym towels about faith, preach the gospel to Abraham beforehand, sane in you all, the nation shall be blessed. So then those who are of Faith are blessed, everybody say blessed. Those that are of Faith are blessed with believing Abraham, for as many as are the works of the law are under the curse for his written cursed is everyone who does not continue in all the things which are written in the book of the law? To do them, but that no one is justified by the law in the side of God is evidence for the just shall live by faith. Get the laws Not Afraid put the man who does them shall live by them? Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us, for it is written cursed. Is everyone who hangs on a tree that the blessing everybody say blessing that The Blessing of Abraham might come up on the gym, towels and Christ? Jesus that we might receive the promise of the spirit through faith, here’s what Paul starts off saying he says: listen, he’s talking to the Church of galatia they’re having a lot of problems right now and he says: listen. I can’t believe that that you’re doing something so dumb so quick, I’ve been there. I preach Jesus to you and it’s clear that he absolutely has been crucified for your sin. What the Galatians were trying to do is they were trying to come back and they were trying to get right with God by works and not by Grace. How many know that the only way any of us are getting into heaven into the kingdom of God? The only way where my right by God is through the grace of God, somebody say Amen to that. God is a
gracious loving forgiving, God a nice and listen. You began in the spirit now you’re trying to do everything that you’re doing by the Flesh and it won’t. It won’t work like that and he talks about believing Abraham said. Listen to the way I’m man is made right with. God says Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness Abraham, a adjective for who Abraham was a descriptive word of Abraham right here in the book of Galatians. It calls him believing Abraham everybody say believing Abraham. He was Abraham, who believe God Bible says because Abraham believed, God, God comes down till Sabra ham. When he’s an old man, Abraham you’re, going to have a child, I’m going to bless, you tell her to pass the gears. What it looks like you can have a child. You look way past your Prime. You already done with your dancing years. This deals over for you, but I’m the god. That’S going to give you a miracle and you’re going to have a son, and the Bible says that Abraham believe what God had promised him. Do you know the one way you enter into the blessing of God, Owensboro Church the promise of God, the goodness of God, the way the promises come to pass? Those doors are open for the promises. It’S only by faith. Faith is the thing that moves the heart of God. Owensboro Church Trying does not necessarily move the heart of God, never hear people talking about I’m going to go to the altar. I’M going to cry my way through something. You cannot cry enough to move the hand of God. Some people think maybe fasting the move, the hand of God and I’m all for fasting. I believe in a in a in a lifestyle Casper and fasting, but listen fasting alone, doesn’t change everything all of those things only move God if they are done through a heart of faith. Faith moves the hand of God on your behalf, see God gives you a promise and that promise verse faith and you believe, Owensboro Church even though you have not seen anything come to pass. Yet you believe, having not not seen, and God looks down and he sees faith and God loves Faith. People – God loves their faith. God loves their belief, God loves their trust and sold in the promise of God unfolds in our life. We come to the kingdom of God by faith, every other promise. Owensboro Church It’S given us from the Bible, Owensboro Church it comes by faith, God says it. We believe it and then, even though we don’t see it at the moment when we believe it down the road we receive it. That’S how Faith Works? Are we Faith people around? There’S anybody want to believe y’all believe the promises speak. The promises confess the promises. Faith is what brings the promises to pass and here’s the mission of many of the things we just read right there in Galatians Chapter 2. He says this now, those that are of Faith. Look at look at Galatians Chapter 2. Here’S what it says excuse me: chapter 3, verse 9. It says chapter 3, verse 9 send up so then those who are of Faith are blessed with believing Abraham anybody out there Faith people. We just ask that question come on. Somebody say: I’m a face. Person set this those that are Faith there, what church, those that are Faith there, what church, those that are Faith there? What church or are you a fake person? Owensboro Church so what Owensboro Church
are you and, if you’re, a fake person you’re? What that somebody say, I’m blessed blessed blessed sound blast sell. I can believe it I’m blessed Faith. People are blessed people. One thing I figured out. My wife is the faith. People there blessed people, lots of people been told that they’re not blessed till they they see in the natural that they’re blessed so don’t say, see the guy with the big house, with the bank roll of the perfect family and they’ll say that guy’s blessed. That’S not necessarily Faith. How many know what you’re blessed, because God said you’re blessed: where did you see the blessing yet or not? Abraham was bless the moment. He believed he didn’t have hardly any of the stuff. He had turn over to turn off Genesis. Chapter 12 I’ll show you the moment first moment: Abraham believed Abraham, so many incredible encounters with God, but but here’s the first one Genesis, chapter 12, Genesis, chapter 12 or God first shows up and Abraham’s first introduced in the Book of Genesis. Abraham. The Bible calls him. The father of Faith: do you want to learn about the faith Lifestyle? The first man you need to study is Abraham. You need to go right to Genesis and read the life of Abraham. He is the father of all faiths, the Patriarchs of the Jewish nation and God shows up to Abraham and and here’s here’s what he says: Genesis chapter 12 and verse, one now the Lord and said to Abraham get out of your country from your family. Owensboro Church In from your father’s house to a land – and I will show you – I will make you a great nation – Owensboro Church I will bless you and make your name great and you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you and I will curse him. Who curses you and in you all the families of the Earth shall be blessed. God shows up, he speaks Faith. The abrahamic speaks the promises to Abraham. What time in the Bible says that Abraham he believed it. What about somebody? That’S crazy enough to just believe it. That’S what the game changer is because, God, speaking to all of us, God speaking to every person in this room right now, every time you open the Bible – God is talking to you. Owensboro Church Do you know that whether you feel Goosebumps really do hear angels singing weather weather man of Glory Cloud comes with? If you open the Bible from Genesis to Revelation – and you read I’m going to tell you – God is talking to you – hey man come on in the Bible, the word of God. Yes, so God’s talking to us! Now it’s going to affect some people’s life. Some people Hear It The
y’ll set under the preaching of it, they’ll be around it. They’Ll hear it talked about them watching on TV, they’ll hear it on the radio, but it’ll never change their life cuz. The word of God does not profit a person until it is mixed with faith. That’S what Hebrews author! That’S what he wrote whenever we take the word, we mix it with faith. We believe we say God your words, true Every Man’s a liar. What’S in that book, I believe it, I don’t care who it makes mad, I don’t care who it joins. Me too. I don’t care who it Separates Me from. I believe that book, I believe, the promises and I will lay down my life for everything. That’S in there Genesis the Revelation, I believe it before I’ve ever seen it or heard it or know it. If it’s in there. I believe it that Faith lifestyle, that’s what that’s, what changes, people and God came and spoke to Abraham and then the blessing begins and here’s here’s what it takes to enter into the blessing. The first thing God said to Abraham you’re glad to leave your family you’re going to leave the place. You come from you’re going you’re going to leave the lifestyle you know. Do you know Abraham’s father took off towards the promised land the Bible says, but he’s stopped and he died in the land short of where God was sending him in the scripture. Owensboro Church he died in doubt. There’S a lot of people into the sound of my voice. Mail. Your family, Owensboro Church your friend your background, is full of death and doubt and disbelief and dishonor to the word of God. Oh that’s hard preaching, but it’s true. Isn’T it come on whenever you start to rise up there, some people that just want to do one of they want to do to you push you back down dirt about crabs in a bucket give her heard anybody talk about crabs in a bucket. Owensboro Church I got to go crab fishing once in Puget, Sound and up me, I think Andrew we were. We were together when we were crab vision and what to do when you go crab fishing this. What we did, I don’t know what we’re doing it right because we’re Kentucky boys word on crabfish. We just heard about it. There are these know these hooks. You put this meat on it and you throw the meat out into the the sound you take. You got this long line and there’s a hook on the end, but you don’t set a hook on a crab like you do a fish. What the crabs do is to crap they come and they grab ahold of the bait, and you just pull that crap that one keep pulling it to you and that they’re too dumb to let go of the bait there. Like some people, the devil’s got some people on a line and their Grant hold of a Sim. They won’t let go up and he just keeps Willingham in Wheeling him in Wheeling, and I won’t let go to the bank and won’t you catch those crab. What you do is you can put crabs in a bucket and they say if you put one crap in a bucket and leave it there, one crab in the bucket by itself that crab will crawl out and get out of the bucket. But if you put two crabs in the bucket every time, one of those crabs starts to crawl up out of the bucket.
Do you know what the other crap. He reaches up and he pulls him back down says no, your not going anywhere hiring life as long as I have anything to do with it, because misery loves what church company meant. There’S some people in the sound of my voice, you need to do with Abraham, did get away from your surrounding, might be, family might be, friend might be, might be, a coworker might be a cousin might have been your best buddy. You go back like car seats. You been you been around each other forever, but you need to get them out of your life. Cuz they’ll steal your faith. Future cuz, they’re, true friend, is a friend to your destiny, not just a friend from your past, but a friend to your destiny. Nobody say this out loud, a true friend is a friend to my destiny. Let’S say it again: a true friend is a friend to my destiny. So he says this: your you’re going to leave some stuff to give me the blessing you’re going to leave some stuff, and the next thing he says is this and you’re going to go to Atlanta I’ll show you. I want you to know that God’s got a better future for you, then the pastor, walking away from it’s always got a better future for you than the past that you’re walking away from that kind of God takes those fake people to Bible, says from glory to Glory strength to strength come on somebody Faith to Faith, there’s a land. He said, I’m going to show you. He said it’s going to be landed, flows Abraham later tells tells Moses, tells all all those guys down the way it’s described Through the Bible, the land of flows with milk and honey milk, the sustenance of the land of God, is God, honey. Owensboro Church the Sweet Taste of Victory Faith Life is a life where you’re always provided for you got milk man. You’Ve got the word of God. You’Ve got honey, the Sweet Taste of Victory. This is the victory that overcomes the world. Even our faith ghosts only says this. He says I’m going to make you a great nation talk about Abraham’s children, now not just going to do something for you, I’m going to do something for your seed, you ever God blesses us he’s blessing our family. That is to come. Let one generation declare to the next: the wonderful works of God in the New Testament. Paul writes to one of the young believers, and he says I see the faith. That’S in you that was first in your mother and before that it was in your grandmother. Do you know how believe that our grandchildren are going to be blessed because we’re Faith, people amen, not great-grandchildren, are going to be blessed since what year is what I’m going to do? I’M going to make you I’m going to make you a great nation, that’s what he did. Abraham comes to Jewish Nation to know the Jewish nation of all the nationalities on the Earth. All the all the people walk around all the ethnic backgrounds in and listen. I’M not of Jewish descent. I’M a gentle gentle dog, I’m like an English Irish, Scottish Native American mutt, probably as most of you are any other American mutts they’re just so we don’t know what we are we’re working. You know that’s what that’s America, that’s what I am so I’ve got no reason to it to you no say nikli that this i
s the deal, but do you know the Jews per capita all the most financially blessed people on the face of the Earth? It doesn’t matter where you take them done matter where they get scattered to it, doesn’t matter the end up matter. What kind of atrocities come out at them? Hitler tried to exterminate them, but God raises them up. Why? Owensboro Church because of a promise, God gave to Abraham father Faith thousand years ago, and he says this man I’m going to make you a great nation, a great great nation, the eec says this will make your name great. You know, Faith people that they end up with a great name, but they don’t care about their name because they just want to lift up God’s name amen and when are named, gets better in the community. How many think our God’s name gets better yeah that guy Bob your Bob’s a Believer he’s he’s a good man. I know where it goes. He’S a he’s. A Christian he’s he’s a good dude and because Bob’s got a good name, Jesus gets a better name. That’S what happens in the Faith Life Next thing he says. Owensboro Church Is this I’m going to make her name great. He said you she’ll be a blessing. How many I want to be a blessing out there everywhere. You go the atmosphere, changes, you walk into the room and the atmosphere is different because you’re there that’s the kind of people fake people are and then it goes only says this I’ll bless those who bless you. Those who line up with you I’ll be for those who are against you I’ll, be against, and in you all, the nations of the Earth shall be blessed Genesis: chapter 12, the first few verses y’all to take him home y’all to study and fuel, read the whole Life of Abraham you’ll come to Genesis. Chapter 24, verse, 1 you’ll, see exactly how Abraham was blessed says this in Genesis, 24 verse, one that says when Abraham was old and well advanced in age. The Lord is blessed Abraham in all thanks. Promised to bless him when Abraham was old and well advanced in age. The Lord has blessed Abraham in when Abraham was old and well advanced in age. The Lord of blessed Abraham him wochurch, so listen to blessing of God. Comes in your life through the word of God and Faith, but it won’t stay, won’t be just contained to one area of your life. Do you want Let It Be contained to that? Don’T believe in you grab hold of the promises it works through. Every part of your life and when Abraham was an old man, Owensboro Church he look back in his life and he said you know what God’s blessed me in every area of my life and all things now the Bible says those that are Faith their their Watcher, blessed with Believing Abraham well, how was believing Abraham blessed church when he was old and well advanced in age in all things, see God’s will, for you is to bless you in all things. Next week, I’m going to talk to you about on Wednesday night. Yes, that’s right! Next week, Wednesday night, I want to talk to you trying to remember when Christmas is, but it’s a few weeks off, I’m so I’m so pumped up about getting under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. I wanted to come already, I’m like the kids, I’m I’m ready for it to get here next week. I’M going to talk to you. The Bible says that you’ve been redeemed from the curse, the law, it’s all wrapped up in one text. So listen! Here’S what I want you to leave him with the night. The thought is this that God is a God that will bless you in all things. You bless you physically hillbeck bless. Owensboro Church You spiritually Hill bless. You materially he’ll bless you relationally Hill bless you emotionally. God is a God who wants to bless. You in everybody, say all thanks I’ll show you how he did it next week, where we’ll talk about what you’ve been redeemed from won’t. You stand up on your feet. Tonight. Owensboro Church stand up on your feet. Tonight, stand up on your feet. Come on. Let’S give the Lord a handclap the fact that you’re not waiting to be blessed but you’re already blessed and there’s what I want to do before we go. I want to get you moving your mouth and saying what God’s done for you out of your mouth, so I’m going to lead you in a confession. What does it mean to confess to confess it simply means to say or to speak up? We talk about confessing, our sins. That’S to tell someone your sense, so you can confess your sins Bible says if you confess some rigatti’s, faithful and just to forgive you and to cleanse you of all unrighteousness. So there’s a time we confess our sins, but we also confess the promises of God. Bible talks about the good professional, the good confession that Jesus is Lord, so we say our sins, but we also took to get forgiveness to ask forgiveness for them, but we also ought to say the promises or confess or profess the promises of God. And that means speaking out of your mouth man.. The Bible says that your tongue in it and it depends on how you use it, what it will bring forth so tonight we’re going to speak the promises of God before we get out of here. Let’S do this for one moment the Bible says just say that those are a faith are blessed with believing Abraham, I’m a fake person, so I’m blessed
I’m blessed with believing Abraham Abraham believed and he was made right with God. I believe God’s, I believe the gospel. Owensboro Church I believe on Jesus and I’m right with God, I’m a friend of God, I’m the righteousness of God’s God’s. Only inside of me greater is he who is in me than he that is in the world, I’m an overcomer, I’m Victorious. This is the victory that overcomes the world even my face tonight. I declare I’m blessed with believing Abraham when Abraham was old and well advanced in age, the Lord blessed Abraham in all things in every area. So I believe, my god to bless me in every area of my life. I believe his words. I believe it’s way phone true, so I declare that I’m already blessed that I’m changed from the inside out. It’S changing my life, I’m a blessed person and I am a blessing in Jesus. Mighty name, amen, amen, amen,