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Come on, let’s give the Lord one more hand, clap today, if you want a crowd and Owensboro to respond. All you have to do is blow something up. Man and people go wild, that’s part of living in the South, everybody say Say Yes to the Dress. All right, let’s say yes, one top say yes, alright, look at your neighbor and tell him this say you are lucky to sit by me this morning and you go and open up your Bibles to Ephesians. Chapter 5: you have a Bible on you, open up to Ephesians chapter 5 and we’re going to read here in a minute out of Ephesians chapter 5 and we’re doing a series called Say Yes to the Dress and here’s what the scripture say. The scriptures say that Jesus is our bridegroom, so Jesus is the bridegroom. Owensboro Church He is married to the church and every person who’s called on the name of Jesus Christ for salvation that we are a part of his bride, but there’s something we found out in the church. In America, is it lots of people, even though it’s okay for them? They feel good about Jesus. They don’t really want to commit or to be a part of the church or the bride of Christ and Christ, and his church are absolutely scripturally link to cannot separate the two of them. There is a union that cannot be broken between Christ and the church, and today we’re going to talk about the things we need to say yes to what we need to put on and what we say yes to whenever we say Yes to the Dress and we Join up with the body of Christ and, Inter into everything, God has for us, let’s pray and then we’re going to read this text this morning, Father. I thank you for the people into the sound of my voice. I think you, Lord, that the great teacher is here, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. So Lord, we thank you that you say what you want to say to the church. I asked that you anoint my tongue. I declare that my tongue is the pen of a ready writer. I said all the we have ears to hear and eyes to see what the spirit of God would say to the church. Quicken your word to your people. I believe you for it in Jesus mighty name and the church said: amen Ephesians, chapter 5, verse 22. Owensboro Church This is one of the passages, absolutely links and lichens husbands and wives to Christ and the church Ephesians 5:22. It reads like this wives submit to your own husbands as to the Lord, for the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church, and he is the savior of the body there, for just as the church is subject to Christ. So let the wives be to their own husbands in everything. Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for her that he might sanctify and cleanse her with the washing of Water by the word that he might present her to himself. A glorious church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish. So husbands ought to love their own wives as their own bodies who loves his wife, loves himself for no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherish. Is it just the Lord? Does the church, for we are members of the body of his flesh and of his bones? For this reason, Owensboro Church a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the church, never the less Let each one of you in particular. So love is on wife as himself and let the wife see that she respects her husband, so the Apostle Paul’s talking about this Union between man and woman and he says, there’s a mystery. It’S it’s a mysterious thing, but it’s a perfect symbol of Christ and his church. Christ has married his church. Jesus is the bridegroom and the church is the bride and there’s some things that a wife and a husband have to say no to to enter into a marriage. The Bible says this that they leave their father and their mother. Everybody say bye, bye, Mama, say bye. Bye, daddy, they leave their father and their mother and they cleave unto their wife there’s nothing that can destroy a marriage any faster than somebody that won’t say about to Mama and Baba to daddy long enough to build a new house. Now, I’m not saying we dishonor our parents, but Albion know whenever you got getting married, you leave one household and you become a part of another somebody giving hand clap you think that’s good preaching. It is it’s the way it has to be and there’s things we say no to whenever we leave the world and we become a part of the church, we say no to our old life amen. We say no to the way we used to live. We say no to putting ourselves first, all the time we say no to living by our feelings. We don’t operate by our feelings, anymore, Owensboro Church we’re part of the body of Christ. Now we operate by faith, we say goodbye to being led by our emotions and now we’re led by what is written, amen, Church, the it’s a new thing, we’re getting married to and it’s old important and Jesus is the head of the church. So there’s a bridegroom. That’S worth marrying and whenever you say Yes to the Dress, you absolutely put on that that that bridal dress every person does and say I’m going to follow Jesus and I’m going to be the part of the church that I’m called to be something Supernatural starts to Happen: cuz only commitment will bring the supernatural blessing of God full front in your life. It’S impossible to have everything that God wants you to have unless you’re willing to commit to some things, not what we get committed to Jesus. We also get committed to his church. Both of those things you got to have them in your life to really have all of the blessings that are yours, everybody say commitment to Jesus now say commitment to his church. Both of those things are absolutely in the Forefront of the New Testament. It is oh, so powerful that we say Yes to the Dress. You know Jesse and I we’ve been married. It’S coming up on a dozen years and what will have Anniversary Inn in May will be married a dozen years and we’ve been committed to one another for a dozen years and Jessie committed herself to an imperfect groom. She didn’t marry a perfect man. I know it’s going to shock a lot of you, but your pastor is not perfect. I know that’s a news flash out there, Owensboro Church some of you’ve known me for a lot of years, and you know it’s true, I’m not perfect, I’m not the cleanest guy. You know. I dropped my towel in the bathroom and then leave things on the floor and I get speeding tickets from time to time and my wife has much more perfect than I am I’m in perfect. You don’t lots of people were willing to say yes to an imperfect person, but why wouldn’t we say yes to a perfect the person huh were so willing to say yes to an imperfect person. Why don’t we just go ahead and say yes to a perfect person. Do you say Yes to the Dress, you’re saying yes to Perfection? Everybody say perfection, you don’t, but the husband of the church, the one that died for the church, the one that’s married to the church. He is absolutely perfect to see the person of Jesus do look into his eyes.

The Bible says that his eyes are like fire bet, there’s a perfect refining fire about him. He’S the fullness of the godhead bodily he’s the bright and The Morning Star he’s he was and is and is to come. The scripture say he’s the alpha he’s the Omega he’s the beginning. In the end, he is a father to the fatherless he’s one that loves the Widow and takes care of those who can’t take care of himself and all of his actions just and true, and righteous and perfect. When you look into Jesus, when you look into the eyes of your bridegroom, you are seen perfection in body that lives eternally. We ought to say yeah S II, Perfection Emma you get around them enough. You’Ll start to Professor we’re all going to be perfect. I’M not saying that, but the scripture say we’re being perfected about they were being conformed in the image of Jesus, and it’s like this. Owensboro Church Whenever a couple of people getting married, do you know what starts to happen? They start to influence and affect one another. You recognize that we got married when you know we’ve been married a dozen years we got married, we were ten years old, and so we got married. We were really young and a lot of our worldview, its shape together. Really we were nineteen and twenty-two and it started to affect us. We went to school together, we built our lives together, we start to think alike each other. I like you know how that goes and before long you’re finishing each other’s sentences. You know what I’m talking about when the other person starts to say something. You can finish the statement before they’re done, because you’ve rubbed off on each other and then after you been married a little bit longer. You know what your spouse is saying. Just with a look what I’m talking about, you know that look and you’re like you know, you can start to say something. Let me not to look, but you know you are better stop where you are cuz, it’s a feeling in the air. It’S just the feel. Not the look, but the feel. Listen. You say yes to Perfection, Say Yes to Jesus you’re, getting hooked up with the King of Kings and the Lord of lords and you’ll start to understand his looks his glances. He is feels to you where you can be sensitive to the spirit of God and his Perfection will begin to wear off on you and you begin to say what he wants you to say and you begin to know the things that he wants to communicate with. You and you’re married and affected to the King of Kings and the Lord of lords. Being the bridegroom say yes to Perfection, MN amen, you know we might as well say. Yes, he is perfection and that’ll help us in every relationship in life, people. That don’t say. Yes to him, don’t let him affect them. Owensboro Church There’S this void in their heart and they’re, always looking a lot of times for a relationship to fill. It not fun this to be especially true with women, true with men, but sometimes I see it rise to the top another way with women as a pastor, Jesse and it through the gears will watch somebody come to the church, young lady or maybe even middle-aged. Lady gets save, get Spirit-filled get turned on to the word of God and her life’s going a hundred miles an hour in this Godly Direction and you’re like Mama. This lady she’s on course to get like saying of the Year award or something like that: she’s just killing it around here, she’s she’s, she’s hot turned on on fire for the things of God and dump. Then something happens. Owensboro Church The carnival blows into town and the carnival has some sort of worker. The circus has some sort of worker. Some man, you know, comes up and he’s not really much of a catch. It’S not even really smart or Intel is just available. He slithers into the scene and before long she’s willing to sell out the things of God for the latest guy that comes around and we’ll ask him what’s like. Why are you so willing to say yes to imperfection so quickly it will come outside Pastor. You know, he’s wonderful, Owensboro Church he’s there and he’s that he is he’s a great guy and we ask the questions. Here’S the question. I asked you, my staffel, ask you: if you start talking about whoever you’re dating will say well or are they a Christian? Is there a good place to start Church? The Bible says that if your believer, you can’t even date an unbeliever, don’t be unequally yoked, together with unbelievers they’re, not even in the running well. Are they? Are there Christian, they said? Owensboro Church Well, you know we hadn’t got around to talking about that. I’M like well, if you think, they’re wonderful, you’ll, even know what, for what do you know this guy just going to tell you, can be an Axe Murderer for all. Owensboro Church You know, and you haven’t talked to him about Jesus Manson mentioned it – that all be a red flag, say good preaching what kind of things I want my kids to hear, and the next thing is, I will tell me about about their job. But what does he do for a living? Well he’s between jobs right now, so I can tell me: where did you meet him online and I won’t get down on that, because a lot of people get hooked up online right right now, so I’m not going to go there, but but but where were they When you buy them online well, he was in the penitentiary, but I promise he is and then you watch him. They’Ll get yoked up to imperfection in 6 months or year down the road there’s singing the blues. Why don’t we yoke ourselves to perfection begin to hear his voice? Nobody wants for us, and then we won’t run around like confused. People are like orphans. Looking for something to fill the void in our heart, because we have the one who who is a defender of the orphan and it was married to the Widow, come on, give the Lord of handclap, we can get hooked up with perfection and thing we say yes To – and we say Yes to the Dress, is we say yes to people? Everybody say people, you know people are beautiful, they’re, wonderful, their glorious all these people around you. They are something else. Owensboro Church Look at your neighbor just say: you’re, wonderful, just tell them that they’re wonderful scripture say that they are fearfully fearfully and wonderfully made. You look at what a human really consists of how all of our systems run on health. Every intricate detail of our lives are cardiovascular system or nervous system. Everything about us, it’s interlinked in such a way that will blow the want. No human engineer could ever engineer something like the human body fearfully and wonderfully made you don’t. Even when a mother kisses the head of her children that their signals sent the sicknesses that they might be dealing with goes from the child’s head to the mother’s lips, so the right antibodies can be given to the baby. That’S fearfully and wonderfully made. Isn’T it say?

God is wild about people. Why is he wild about people because people are made in the image of God, you’ve been made in the image of the maker of the heavens and the Earth? Do you want to know what God looks like? I can tell you look around the room, he looks something like people there’s a likeness and us that’s like him now. I can’t describe that to you perfectly because I’ve never seen him, but I know where made in the image of God. I know that – and it’s just like this God created Adam Out of the Dust of the earth, pull up Adam blue, the breath of life into his nostrils and Adam came alive. He became a living being, and the first thing Adam saw was God and what God saw when he looked and Adam was. He Saw His Image. Owensboro Church That’S why? God will go to Such Great Lengths to rescue Humanity cuz. He sees us in him. He doesn’t want to see you hurt, he doesn’t want to see you tortured. He wants to see your life put together your created in his In His Image. Look in the eyes of your kids and we’ll have some What a symbol of what God must think whenever he looks at us. So the gospel at the heart is about people when we say yes to being a part of the bride of Christ. We’Re saying yes to the gospel, we’re saying yes to the message we’re saying yes to given our lives to rescue people got an acquaintance, a friend of talked to several times. His name is Rick Mazzetti pastors of churches in Conway, Arkansas and one night in the night. His little girl got up out of the house. She was, I don’t know, 3-4 years old, something like that. She decided that she was going to run away. She saw it on a cartoon or TV show something like that, so she packed her bags when everybody went to sleep. She got out and left the house pulled her back out of their subdivision, pulled that bag out to one of the main roads, a four-lane road down there in Conway Arkansas and she was leading her back down through the city and a lady was going to work. That morning and saw this little girl in the middle of the night, pulling a bag down a four-lane road and she pulled up and she said, honey. What are you doing out here and she said I’m running away from home? That’S what I’m done and she said, honey you’re not supposed to be out. You need to get in the car and she said well, I can’t get in the car with you, you’re a stranger and the woman said. Well, you can run away from home, but you can’t get the car with a stranger get up. What’S up with that, so she said: Owensboro Church why don’t you turn around and go to your house and this woman followed this child all the way back as she walked in Skipton did what a little kid will do before the kid got back to the house and then The woman when she got out, went up and rang the doorbell and said I think this little girl is yours and of course, your parents fell into a 1 pieces, took her back into the house. Now I’ve heard was that talk about it. He says this. He says what, if my kid would have never made it home what if she wanted to come home cuz. I could have never left my house. I’D still be there waiting, just in case by some chance that she might come home Sunday. You don’t that’s the heart of God for people and whenever we say Yes to the Dress being the bride of Christ, we accept God’s heart for his people come on. Somebody lay your hand on your heart. For one second just say this: a father give me a heart for people see we say yes to an end to a perfect God, but we say yes to imperfect people. How many valve recognize that yet people in this room, they are not perfect, Darryl long ways from perfect and a lot of people judge the church on imperfect people. Don’T say that church there they’re a bunch of Hypocrites, but they don’t understand. A lot of these are just people that are just coming to the doors that were helping they’re on their way in huh. Let’S have Grace for people, and even people have been there for a long time. Owensboro Church They’Re not going to be perfect. You got ta, learn to love people for what they are, because people are imperfect. People are crazy. People are full of contradictions in themselves. Almost every person is they’ve. Got this side see the church, the people of the church they aren’t there two parts. One part is that we are we’re just like Jesus, where we’re not fully God, Owensboro Church but let me use this as an illustration. Owensboro Church One part we are fully God. Jesus was fully got, everybody safely got our Spirits been born again, so our Spirits right now, we’ve got this Divine side, not that weird God, but we’ve been touched by God and we are his, but we also carry around the human thought. We are people as well. We’Re people, and so we miss it and we do the wrong thing and we mess up. We have this fall inside everybody say fully man see where we’re not perfect. So there’s this part of us, that’s God and there’s this part of us. That’S man and those two parts roaring all the time and and we’ve got to have Grace with the man side of the person sitting beside us to have Grace with us. It’S harder to have Grace with somebody else. We want forgiveness, it’s harder to give it, but listen you don’t really live. You don’t really grow until you learn to receive imperfect people cuz. It’S bother design of God that we’re all here together and they were all in perfect because whenever I gravate you, you have to forgive me, amen. Somebody give Lord of hand clap for that. You have to forgive your pastor when I aggravate you and when you activate me, I have to forgive you cuz, listen. Whatever, God wants to bless, you he’ll bring a person around you. Whatever the devil wants to destroy you heal use a person to destroy. You got ta learn to live with class.

You got ta, learn to live with Grace. You have to learn to forgive and to let Love cover a multitude of sins. Come on. Let’S receive imperfect. People in the church bless love them. Let’S have Grace for them. Let’S be that kind of people you’ve never really lived until you’ve. You’Ve listened part of growing up is being hurt by people. Some people say I was hurt by the church. I’M not going back really well that girl Taco Bell ticked you off in the line, but when you got hungry you went back for tacos. You know you got hurt at work, boss, cussed you out, but you went back. Why did you go back? She needed money. Some people got hurt at the church, Owensboro Church they say I’m not going back, but it’s because they don’t understand the value of what they get in the church. They understand the value of a taco, they understand the value of a paycheck, but but the thing about the church is it’s: a spiritual value can always eat it. You can’t always feel it it’s not always tangible. So we got to say yes to that part of the church. Cuz, there’s Great Value in being around imperfect people whenever we’re around them, we’re being perfected by what’s right wrong. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in them come on give Jesus one more hand, clap for that imperfect people. Lots of people are looking for the perfect spouse and because they think there’s a perfect spouse out there. They don’t ever have a good marriage they’re. Looking for somebody perfect, there is no perfect spouse. There’S no spousal fulfill you, there’s no spouse. It’ll Owensboro Church Make you happy it’s impossible to not the roll, it’s not their goal. Only God will fulfill you stop looking stop putting unreal expectations on people in the church and also people in your family. Third thing thing that we say yes to whenever we say Yes to the Dress when we say yes to Jesus as our bridegroom and say yes to the church, as we say yes to the promises, everybody said the promises. Here’S, what the Bible says. The Bible is full of pure and precious promises pure and precious promises, and the scripture say that all the promises of God are yes and there a Men or his promises, their faithful and true. I believe that the New Testament that we have that every word of it’s inspired by the spirit of God that ever word is true, amen. Church then all of this is going to come to pass. The scripture say that heaven and earth will pass away, but that his word will absolutely remain his word. Owensboro Church We can take to the bank. You go to any wedding and they’re going to open up a vowel book, there’s going to be some covenants red Jessie and I we got married a dozen years ago we stood before man of God in Amarillo, Owensboro Church Texas, and we had a crowd of witnesses, did watch Just exchange promises to one another, listen Jesus has given Promises to the church and his promises are I’ll. Never leave you I’ll, never forsake you that all of my words to give her yes and amen that your sins will be removed. As far as the East is from the West, that my presence will be joy and righteousness and Grace in your life that you can take of my word and eat of it and it will absolutely fulfill your soul. We say yes to his promises. Just walk down the aisle, I stood by an altar open up a book and he opened up a book and I’ll promise. I made a covenant. Promise Covenant, promise that I’ll provide for her that I’ll protect her that I love her. Like Christ loved the church till death, do we part she promised back to me that she would honor me and follow me and serve me and the we would be one till death? Do us part? Listen, those are promises for this world Jesse and I we have a promise that last till death do us part, but there’s one that wants to come in it with you. The done just want a piece of you but wants all of you and it’s not till death. Do you part it’s for the end. There is no end store eternity. No crisis married to the church, he’s going to receive us to himself. The Bible says: he’ll return for us, they’ll, be a marriage supper of the lamb and, if those promises, every promise that we have that it’ll be fulfilled. Owensboro Church On that day, we’re going to see the bridegroom as he really as we’re going to know. As we are fully known, we can take his promises to the bank. Cuz he’s coming back, amen. Church. Would you stand up on your feet with me for one moment stand up on your feet? Let’S just take one moment, those of you that are comfortable with it. Lift up a holy hand and, let’s worship our bridegroom, let’s worship, the one that died for the church. Let us worship the one, that’s giving himself for all of us: let’s worship the one with pure and precious promises. Lord! I exalt you. I praise you. I worship you, I declare that you are God, and there was none like you, just worship him for one. Second right there with everything you are. You are pause, your good, your mercy, endureth forever, you’ll, never leave us nor forsake. Us you’ve married the church, Owensboro Church Lord and we thank you for it today. We say yes to you, we say yes to becoming everything. You’Ve called us to be. We say yes to your Perfection, we say yes to loving people, loving, even imperfect people. We say yes to your promises. Now, Lord, we pray that you work a deep work in our lives. Lord, I pray for a deep work and everybody under the sound of my voice is heart. I pray Lord, that the Deep work of understanding, your great love for them. They would flow to them now in the name of Jesus Christ, of Nazareth at Covenant, Love flow to them now in Jesus mighty name, the anointing of the Living God, the spirit of God. Let it flow let it help, let it men now in Jesus mighty, mighty name healing ball for the wounded soul. I pray in Jesus name now just say this out loud, say father. I say yes to your son to people and to your promises in Jesus mighty name.