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Alright y’all get my ass clap praise. The name of the Lord amen, amen, amen. I was out driving this morning checking out to see if the streets, where I see I went to bed about midnight last night, it sounded like some sleep coming out and I have a little flashback to the past of driving on icy roads. You know all of us pastors. We pray against snow on Sunday morning to you know that we hate snow on Sunday morning. Snow on Monday is great, but not on Sunday, while I’m out chicken chicken the roads over this morning and had a flashback to when I was a young guy and high school. How made all the Bible says that Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall Fever? Read that in there I remember, Owensboro Church I was in my red Jeep I was going to high school. I was too cool for school back. Owensboro Church then you know I’m pulling into the parking lot and the parking lot was covered with ice now. I know some of you, young guys, have done this before I look out there and I see all of my buddies there standing around in the parking lot and so that, just you know, I’ve got an audience. I can really show off now and I’m feeling it when I come around recycle. I got an audience out here and my plan was I’m going to hammer on the gas, and I know some. You guys have done this before camera on the gas and then I was going to pull the emergency brake and cut the wheel and spend that thing around in front of them all no parking lot. They were already cheering, they have their hands up. There were doing this, I thought they were cheering for me. You know what they were saying, they were saying, don’t do it Gibson know and I come in and I have the gas I cut the wheel in the thing never turns I just keep going forward. I have to break in the thing never starts to Turner, slider just keep going forward. I never stopped at all.
I run off the end of the parking lot over the curb in there’s a great big drop off there in front of Webster County High School. My front tires are turned and it hits the mud in the cargo sliding around I’m up on my side of almost flipped. My Jeep right in front of in front of the car in front of the high school have to climb about the window to get out of the car. Owensboro Church so then I got to walk up. You don’t do the Walk of Shame on my friends are laughing at me. Now they were cheering for me a minute ago now, they’re laughing at me and I’m walking up to the school. The park watch slick. I slept on the parking lot fall backwards, land on my hand, and I cut my hand wide open so that I have to walk up to the school, have to call her and go to the doctor to get my hand stitch up in one day. Just look at your neighbors Before Destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall anyway, that’s just a slick Road story for you this morning, open up your Bible, Matthew, chapter 14 Matthew talk about something that I really want to preach about today. Anybody have an idea about the topic. We’Ve been talking about a River City Church, somebody say faith. How many know what the Bible says. This is the victory that overcomes the world. Even our faith. They meant the Bible says we fight the fight of what Bible says. We pray the prayer of what Bible says that we are justified by what Bible says we live by. What let me tell your faith is the key that unlocks every door.
It is in an inexhaustible Topic in the word of God, you need to get it in your life. Somebody cement, alright, we’re going to read Matthew. Owensboro Church chapter 14 will begin and verse 22 we’re going to read down through verse. 33. I’M going to entitle this sermon, he got out of the boat, and Jonas is going to read that forced to help me save voice before him to the other side, while he sent them altitudes away and when he had sent them altitudes away. He went up on the mountain book by himself to pray now, when evening came, he was alone there, but the boat was now in the middle of the sea, tossed by the waves for the wind was contrary now in the Fourth Watch of the night, Jesus went To them walking on the sea, when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying it is a ghost and they cried out for fear, but immediately Jesus spoke to them saying be of good cheer. It is, I do not be afraid and Peter answered him and said Lord. If it is, you command me to come to you on the water, so he said come and when Peter had come down out of the boat. Owensboro Church he walked on the water to go to Jesus now when he saw that the wind was boisterous, he was afraid and being in beginning to sing. He cried out saying Lord saved me and immediately Jesus stretched out his hand and called him and said to him. Oh you of little faith. Why did you doubt it when they got into the boat? The wind ceased, then those who were in The Boat came and worship him saying truly, you are the Son of God, a man, let’s pray father.
I thank you that your word is like Father wrote that your word is a lamp that your word is Health, father, that your word will never pass away, but everything written in it will come to pass father Road. I believe the day that the faith of God’s been in part of the people through the word of God, because faith comes by hearing hearing by the word of God. Somebody just reach up and touch her ears. Right now say that say Lord speak to me. Surgery, word in Jesus name, amen, amen, amen. Let me set the scene right before this text comes on. Here’S what Jesus Christ have been apart of Jesus had been in an intense time of teaching and also performing Miracles. He just perform the miracle of multiplication where to Fish and Loaves and blessed and feta multitude. Now before that happened, Jesus received some very disturbing news. The news that he had just received was the news that one of his cousins, one of his good friends, I’ll profit from the region, the first man that identified him as the Lamb of God, who comes to take away the sins of the World by the name Of John, Owensboro Church the Baptist had just been killed by Herod, a political leader in the region. Owensboro Church Giada got himself in trouble by being the prophet of God in the man of God that he was in the cold out here at send said that Herod had a woman. Owensboro Church he was sleeping with, and living with, it was not lawful for her to have, for she was his brother’s wife. How many you like that about John John, come from the truth, even when it doesn’t feel good, even when it puts his neck on the line. That’S part of being a servant of the Lord John, wouldn’t tell you what you wanted to hear just to make. You feel good in to get you back next week. So John tells Herod the Sith Lord you’re in send you need to repent and Jared’s. Girlfriend then gets John set up or John would later be, but headed know that news comes to Jesus, how many things Jesus heart is broken. No doubt about it. The Bible says that Jesus had been touched with the feelings of our infirmities. That means he goes through. The emotions he goes through many of the things that we go through, as you meant that’s part of him becoming fully man, how many other Jesus went to the tomb of Lazarus and before he got there, the text says that Jesus Welch. Owensboro Church do you know the Jesus feels the pain that you feel any felt the pain that you feel whenever he was upon this Earth, so Jesus has been drained emotionally one of his friends, his. Cheese’s. It’S been drained through a Ministry since spiritually. How me know when you perform Miracles, when you teach when you breach whenever you, minister, to people something comes out of you, so finally, Jesus being weary from Ministry, he does. This look down in verse, 22 says immediately. Jesus made his disciples get in the boat and go before him to the other side, while he sent them altitudes away. Just look at your neighbor and say this word say: get away, get away.

Jesus doesn’t love people he came to seek and to save that which was lost. He laid his life down for us, but help me. You know. Sometimes we just need a little bit of space in life now them with Jesus. He puts the disciples, he puts them in a boat and it gives them a Faith Mission. He tells them to go over to the other side. Spinach speaks to the multitude and he sends them away if the Son of God needed to get a loan. How many think you and I need to get alone mm? How do you know? Sometimes you need to get away from your co-workers in that right, Emily MN. Do you got to work with us all the time she says yeah? Sometimes it’s good to get away from her co-workers and Jesus goes up on the mountain to pray and he sends his disciples out now. Are we going to cycles of Jesus Christ in this room now? Jesus in this text gives them a Faith Mission. He tells them to go to the other side. Everybody say this. I have a Faith Mission. Owensboro Church What’S that one more time I have a Faith Mission yeah. What’S it like? We believe it now. I have a Faith Mission. You have a Faith Mission. Our faith mission is to live out the word of God and to live out. The New Testament standard of living, amen, Church of Faith mission is to reach out to the world with the gospel, the Lord Jesus Christ. Our faith mission is to build a great church and to make sure people hear the teachings of Jesus Christ. In the midst of Owensboro somebody saying that there’s this great Faith Mission we have, they had a Faith Mission to go to the other side. Now there is no Faith Mission without a faith obstacle. I hate that it has to be like that, but it is. That was a faith obstacle in the midst of their Faith Mission. Let me tell you what that obstacle was. It was the Sea of Galilee. You know the ancient Jewish rabbis that used to say this. They used to say the Lord is created Seven Seas, but his Delight is the Sea of Galilee. As you read down through the gospels, you’ll see many different names referring to the Sea Galilee. There’S the Sea of Galilee, there’s the lake of going to surette, there’s the Sea of tiberias. Sometimes it’s simply called the lake, it’s a place where God chose to lunch, the ministry of the Messiah, the special place to the Lord. Owensboro Church Let me tell you about some of its peculiar arety’s number, one in 700 ft below sea level. It’S a freshwater lake, one of the only freshwater lakes in the region II thing about the Sea of Galilee. Is it in his surrounded by mountains. Some of those kills around it go up to 1,400 feet above sea level, some of them up to 2,500 feet. It’S 9 Mi across 12 miles wide. It’S a beautiful seed.
Now here’s something about the Sea of Galilee. You can stand on one side and see the other side. Everybody say I can see my fake destination, they could see their faith destination whenever they began to launch out, and the Sea of Galilee was such a see where it would be very clear and very easy to see across at one moment, but it’s a geographical location Where storms could sweep down in the middle at thing in a moment’s notice? One moment you can see where you were going and the next moment you couldn’t because of that, the Sea of Galilee in Jewish culture began to be known as a place of chaos. They began to believe that that Sea of Galilee was something and what you and I would think, of a graveyard to be today. How many? Owensboro Church no you don’t want to be in the graveyard after midnight. That’S just part of our culture. You were told that as a kid in the middle of Jewish culture, you wouldn’t want to be out in the midst of the Sea of Galilee after midnight. Here’S what they began to believe was in the Bottom of the Sea of Galilee. They called it the abyss. Everybody say the abyss. You ever seen that written in the Bible anywhere play there’s the best, whatever Jesus cast The Devil out of one man that has a legion of devils there. They say he says under them, don’t cast us into the abyss. Jesus cast The Devil’s and says go into those Swan and where do the swan runs that they run off the cliff? Don’T they into the abyss seeing Jewish culture? They began to believe that Spirits slept at the bottom of the night in the bottom of that see, and if you got out in the middle of the sea it was a place of Torment in fear. I hate that there has to be a faith obstacle, but how many know if there’s no mountain to move, if there’s no fear place to overcome, if there’s nothing to stop you from accomplishing your dope. Doesn’t get a whole lot of Glory whenever you do it and Then you know, Jesus said this: all things are what to him, who believes? Did he say all things are easy? No, no.
No, there will be obstacles. Here’S a few of the obstacles that we see in our text today look down at verse. 24. The first thing I want you to see, Owensboro Church even though Jesus sent them on the faith they were by the waves and verse 24 and the wind was contrary just reach over and grab your neighbor and Tall some for a second right. There just tell us a little bit being tossed by the waves now. That’S the people believe if they’ve been sent on a mission by Jesus Christ, that everything is going to be easy. After all, he’s God, why would the wind be country? Why would the wave be stirred up? Is he not God? Is he not told me to cross over the seat? Some people will often say this in the wrong manner. They’Ll say I believe the Lord and called me to go, do something, but it seemed like every door was shut and since every door was shut, it must not be the will of God. You know the Bible says that God is a God who can shut the door, that no man can open and he can open the doors that no man can shut, but just because we perceive them doors been open door shut, doesn’t mean it’s the hand of the Lord I’m, the kind of guy that belief whenever the door seems shut, that you want to pick up your size, 12 foot and kick the door wide open and close doors. Don’T Stop Me Now somebody’s got to find somebody has to hit the wall head on and it might as well be you and if you never do it, you’ll never do name will never make the book. You live in.. It just be another person who suck their here on planet Earth that went and had a job and age and raise children and die and never did anything to bless the world, because somebody has to be willing to fight a faith obstacle. Owensboro Church the next thing that shows me that it was tough that there was a fatal is first 25. It says this now in the Fourth Watch of the night. Jesus went to them. That proves to be, they were weary, everybody say they were wearing for 6 to 8 hours, Jesus told them they been at a standstill, the wind’s coming out on the rowing but they’re getting nowhere and I’m sure they’re starting to get tired. How many no mountain seems bigger when your tire do? You know that never get worn out your obstacles seem harder. Smaller things will make go crazy. I can’t even be nice when I’m tired. Can you come about 11 or 12 at night? Ask Jesse I’m not as much fun to live with us at 9 or 10 in the morning.

I’M a morning person. Let me say this: let me Pastor for a second, it’s good to rest, amen. Scripture rest, you know God’s, given us a Sabbath, he said work 6 days and arrest one now. What does it mean on your day of rest? Does it mean to answer emails? Probably not. Does it mean to text message all day? Does it mean to search on eBay, none stop looking for the next still, probably not that’s, really not letting your mind. Rest. Look at your neighbor and just say rest rest, good. To read the thing I want you to see about the faith: obstacle is this: they believe the sea was evil by say, evil, evil look at verse, 26, your ears, here’s where it shows us what they believe about the seats when the disciples saw him walking on The sea they were troubled, saying it is a ghost or it is a spirit, and they cried out for fear that it’s like a graveyard out there and I think they’re in the midst of the most evil place that exists and they cry out for fear. Some people believe that their faith obstacles more evil than everyone else’s. You ever notice that lots of people have this mindset. Well, I understand that it works for somebody else, and other people can understand overcome what you don’t know. What I’m going through my mountain is bigger.Owensboro Church  My obstacle is more evil. The devil, I’m fighting is a very big devil. People even say things like this, because I have a call on my life. You know the devil is bigger, coming against me and making things harder for me.
You know what the Apostle Paul said said that no man is tempted by anything that is not common to man. Look at your neighbor and say this. Your temptation is not uncommon, it’s not any worse than what anybody else goes thru. Owensboro Church Then the Bible goes on and says the God will not allow any man to be tempted or tested past what he can stand, but he’ll make a way of Escape. For you see, even though you may think this is evil you’re on the same see, everybody else is: do you know that we’re just in the boat together the vote of life trying to get across to our faith Mission and North? There was not any harder than anybody else’s. You haven’t been dealt a worse deck of cards, get over it quit feeling sorry for yourself, say hi, I’m in this thing gods in the boat with me, I’m going across to the other side, get home for that kind of thinking and hold you in bondage that Poor me mentality and that’ll. Take you know where the next thing I want you to see in the midst of this story. Is this they’re out in the middle of the sea everything’s, Owensboro Church contrary there rolling their weary they’re scared? Owensboro Church all of this is going, but the gospel of Mark tells the same story and they say that Jesus is standing on the mountain where was praying and that he can see them out and see how that went outside of the eye of God. Do you know that you baby, saying God? Where are you? Let me tell you this. His Eye Is On You amen. The Bible says the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the Earth seeking a heart that is completely his dad even said. No, I go down to the depths of hell. I’Ll go up to the house. To get spirit will be there. The book of Hebrews says that no one can escape the eyes of the Lord God is watching you. He is not far away. He is closer than your breath. His afro In The Sticks, closer than a brother, is here seen it in your heart, don’t feel like you’re alone. You are not alone, you are not alone, you are not alone. No man is ever alone. You are not alone. I am not alone struggling, and he decides he’s going to walk out to Bible, says that Jesus walks on the water and he’s just out there doing his thing and that he would have passed them by he was going to walk past them. How many know that Jesus can do things with ease, sometimes he’s just walking right past them, they’re struggling the rolling they’re having a hard time here. It goes walking pass them on the water and their hearts are filled with fear and they begin to cry out. They think it’s a spirit, they say everybody say cuz. I think it’s a spirit and then Jesus sees their fear right here. They almost have a faith Felder, the most epic failure. Why do they almost have a failure because of the Fear Factor? How many other fear is Faith In Reverse? Do you know that buddy say that fear is Faith In Reverse fear brings the promises of God gives me Faith, brings the promises of God and makes them come to pass in your life. Fear brings the worst things of the enemy and makes them come to pass in your life. The Apostle John wrote these words. He said that perfect love casts out fear Paul wrote to Timothy, the God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power of love and of a sound mind. Fear is of the devil. We are not called to fear anything, except God himself. Jesus said fear: God is able to cast your entire body into hell, don’t fear man or don’t fear anything else around you that is able to stop you in this life. Have no fear, do you know most people people talk about the fear of failure in life. I believe most people don’t have to fear of failure. Ugly, the we have the fear of failure in front of other people. We have the fear of failure in front of other people.
How many know it’s okay to fail in a room all by yourself? It doesn’t care me up a bit how many know you can sing pretty well in the shower by yourself. Now, Owensboro Church can’t you or something in there just singing in the shower. You looking like an idiot he’s singing at the top of his lungs in his car jam and he can sing like that because there’s nobody watching him but bring him in here say, stand up here in sync: watch his countenance changed. We don’t fear failure. We Fear failure in front of other people, Tulsa Oklahoma. My brother used to work out at the gym. I’D go in there from time to time they had a wall, climbing apparatus. It was set up on a treadmill and it would run you know, like a rat in a cage kind of system. You get up on that on that wall and you start climbing in the thing comes to you and I always wanted to get on wall, but as long as there were people in the room, do you know what I never got on me? I didn’t want to look stupid, but of people left the room to you know where I had it headed straight to the wall cuz I had to get on that thing and try it out, don’t be scared. What people think about you don’t be scared to fail in front of people. Only fear, God, amen, amen, amen right here. The next thing I know, there’s this Fear Factor this Faith failure. They begin to freak out. Here’S what God says the people who are beginning to freak out. He says these words in verse, 27 they’re crying out for fear of Jesus, says to them be of good cheer. Owensboro Church It is, I do not be afraid, he says, have courage, look at your neighbor and say: Have Courage. Have courage have courage whenever fear comes in your life, God comes in, he speaking to you and he says, Have Courage. The next thing our English says it is.

I put in the Greek, he says, have courage, I am have you ever heard that word anywhere in biblical literature before it’s the name of God there in a fearful situation, whenever God Called Moses to go, deliver his people. Moses says: what’s your name, God, and God said I am that I am. How do you know he is the I am Jesus shows up on the water. He says feels good courage. I am, what does that mean he’s everything you need? I am your salvation. I’M the Dork, he said be of good courage. I am the I am is here and then he says this have no phobia fear not have no phobia. You ever heard or watch the movie Arachnophobia big, ugly spider. You know, what’s that about the fear of what Jesus says I am have no phobia, have no fear see God’s here. There’S no reason to fear. Owensboro Church I meant whatever you want with God in your heart. There is no reason you should enter into fear. Jesus gives that clear-cut commandment praise the name of the Lord Peter’s looking, and he says this Lord. If it’s you, if it’s you bid me to come out on the water with you, whose idea was it for Peter to walk on the water Peters, I like that Peter wants to do something Supernatural like his Rabbi wants to do. You know ever good disciple wants to walk like they’re Rabbit, Peter sees them walking on water. He says what I want walk out on the water with you. I want to be like you Jesus, and he says I want to do something Supernatural, because I see you doing something Supernatural and you know what Jesus says whenever Peter asks to do it, he just says: come too many people in this room, you know you’ve had It in your heart to do something Supernatural for the kingdom of God for a very long time and God’s been saying, come, and some people just keep the thing in the neutral in neutral, in neutral, in the car in neutral. So long, I don’t even know if the transmission shift anymore it’s time to get out of the boat, walk on water. Owensboro Church Somebody say Amen. Let me tell you this. The first step is the scariest cuz. It’S right there, it’s the fear of the unknown, the boat’s dry, the boats safe, the boats all set up. You been in the boat for 6 or 8 hours, you’ve been in the boat forever. It’S what you know. God called you to come out and do something new and it’s walking on water. You’Ve never done that before. First step is the scariest. With the first step, you also get the biggest Adrenaline Rush.Owensboro Church
Do you know the greatest stories come from the first step? It’S the water out, you never have any God stories, you’ll be waiting forever. Do you know who gets the Miracles? The people who step out of the boat painter got out of the boat. Peter continues to get out of the boat in his life. He got out of us out of the bone of a day of Pentecost spirit of God Falls Peter says, somebody’s got interpret what’s happening here and he stands up and he preaches Christ mm people get saved, Peter got out of the boat whenever God called him to The gym tile World he’s the first man to preach the gospel to the gym. Towels he’s the reason you and I are here today. He started the movement of the Gentile Church. Peter got out of the boat in the middle of Jerusalem. He walked down the street and they would lay the sick out by and when he walked by. His shadow would fall apart when they get up and they’d be healed. How did he do it? He was willing to step out look at your neighbor and set about time you stepped get out of the boat. I hate Christianity that lives inside of the boat. Owensboro Church It’S the matter fact I refuse to be a part of it. I refuse to be a part of a dead dry Christianity dry on the boat. I want to live out on the water, because that’s where the Miracles are, Jesus gets out, he’s called Peter out. Peter gets out the boat. Excuse me he’s walking to Jesus there on the water. It’S a symbol of a man walking by faith. What’S he walking on, I believe, he’s walking on the word of Jesus sandal by faith is formed on nothing less than Jesus Christ and righteousness on Christ. The solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand. You can walk on the word of God will never let you know you’ll never begin to think as long as you trust it. If it’ll hold you up, raise the name of the Lord. That word is sure, it’s a more sure prophecy Peter and if you are an angel from heaven open up your Bible out and you can walk on that word, it is firm and sure am and so he’s walking on the water and he’s walking by the word. He’S walking by faith – and the text says this: if you look down inverse 30 says, but when he saw that the wind was boisterous, he was afraid and began to sink. He cried out saying Lord save me. What did he do? He saw? He saw in that moment he begins to walk by what site Bible says. We walk by faith, not by what we see around us. You get your natural out on all of your natural surroundings and all of the problems and begin to focus on that. Owensboro Church You’Ll begin to sync keep your eye on the word of the Lord and have faith in what he’s told you. What he’s written, what he’s placed in your heart and nobody of miracles in your life have a failure. What does Jesus do tooth out and grabs? Peter pulls him up how many know the Lord does not want to see you fail them in whenever you’re, weak and strong. Whenever you get out your Inn in the wrong way and and you’re getting ready to sink crisis there, to pull us up in the hold us up in to help us out praise the name of the Lord he’s. Never let me sink, I don’t believe it’ll. Let you sink either 10 and Jesus asking this question. He said: why did you doubt Peter?

Why did you doubt a lot of us think it’s just umen to doubt that we have to live in doubt that we have to live with these struggles. Jesus didn’t seem to think that Jesus said. Why did you doubt you know it’s much more possible for you to believe than you think it is. What is believing believing is saying this work right here to written it. So in my life, I believe it believe it isn’t trying really really hard to make yourself believe. Believe it’s just you choose. I choose in my life, I’m going to believe this above ever sea-fight this. Not that difficult! That’S why Jesus says to him. Why did you doubt Peter walks on the water he gets out of the boat? He has a miracle there. Jesus Rescues them from the midst of the storm and at the end of this miracle, look at verse, 32 and 33. Owensboro Church When I got into the boat the wind ceased, then those there in the boat came and worship them. Saying truly, you are the Son of God. Do you know whenever you win your faith Victory whenever you fight your battle, you get out of the boat and you walk on water and the Miracles are done. Here’S the end thing people say: truly, you are the Son of God. How many you want your life to bring Jesus Glory like that? I mean I want that. Let’S say that together say: truly, you are the Son of God. Lets it again. Truly, you are the Son of God said one more time. Truly, you are the Son of God. Would you stand up on your feet this morning? Let me tell you this: if you get out of the boat with Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who is called you on the water, if your fate Victor will be somebody else’s salvation, your faith Victor will be somebody else receiving Christ in their lives battle to go to The other side, why do we go to the other side? Cuz, there’s people there that need to be ministered to it’s,
going to close your eyes, lift your hands up to heaven, lift your hands up to heaven. Owensboro Church I believe God’s wanting somebody to get out of the boat today. I believe it he speaking to somebody in a very real, very pressing way to the word of the Lord right now and they’re saying wow, that’s called me to do a b or c for many. Many many years – and I put it back and I pushed it back, but today I make a decision I want to get out of the boat. I want to move vendor my destiny. I want to do what you call me too, I’m on a walk on your word: walk in the water. Lord, I pray that fear would be cast out. For the Bible says, perfect love casts out, fear father. I pray that you would forget to baptize these people in a fresh Spirit of saying, look makeup: people in River City Church who believes toddler. All things are possible. All things are possible to him who believes Lord, I believe in you are baptizing us with a different Spirit. Well, that spirit that Caleb had that Spirit of Faith father. I believe that we will accomplish The Impossible go to the Red Sea will split for us, then we’ll go over to the other side. The will cross the Jordan father. That Miracles will be wrong, love to those needing Miracles. Let it be today in their lives. I pray in Jesus mighty name in Jesus mighty name in Jesus mighty name, everybody say: amen, amen, amen.. We have some people to baptize this morning. Go ahead. All you guys that are here. People are here to be water baptized. You can make your way right around to the side. I’D appreciate it praise the name of the Lord Church, how you know it’s good, that we have people to baptize every month on a consistent basis that you’re glad about that MF. You know where one soldier, one where you are do you know sometimes people come in here in the answer and altar call. But the work’s been done for months and months, maybe years before in your life, whenever you show up and your loving in your gracious and you show the grace of God in your life, I’m glad you guys are here. Man, I’m proud of you. Owensboro Church Give me a hand, you tell the crowd your name today, James James. Would you step right here in the water with me and face this way just turn right around and be seated right here? Alright, let me ask you another question: James: have you believe it on the Lord Jesus Christ alone for salvation you have, or could you forward just a little bit right now by the authority, given me through the laying on of the hands of the press, pictures baptize, You in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit yeah, the Lord blessed, be the name of the Lord blessed, be the name of the Lord blessed, be the name of the Lord. I Thank you for my brother’s New Life new beginning his death. In you, in his resurrection of New Life, father bless him in every area.

In Jesus mighty mighty mighty in Jesus mighty, mighty name, amen, amen, amen, God bless you, man, glad you’re. Here yeah. Let’S praise the Lord praise. The Lord president, would you tell the crowds, are named, Kayla swim be seated. May I ask you a question today: have you received the Lord Jesus Christ for your salvation and then go and put your hand on your nose now, father about the authority given me through the lane on the hands of the Presbyterian L baptize you in the name Of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in Jesus mighty name, my name hallelujah hallelujah Lecrae. – I think you can use we got to go to work in my sister – will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ bless her in every area. Owensboro Church I pray, amen, amen, amen, let stand up on her feet and give the Lord of handclap today Church set up on our feet and give the Lord of handclap yeah praise the name of the Lord praise, the name of the Lord praise, the name of the Lord Praise the Lord, let me pray for you, father now, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth as the pastor of this church of the shepherd, I bless these people father. I pray that you would leave them and guide them. I pray that you would increase their tribe to tribe of faith. Owensboro Church I pray that you would make mighty mighty mighty things come to pass in their life through your word on North them in this city. Protect them bring them back to this house, father unharmed in Jesus name church. Let me tell you next week: you don’t want to miss it. It’S going to be exciting, will see you Wednesday, night or next week. God bless you.