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Jeb, your Bible on you this morning go ahead and open it up to the book of Isaiah the book of Isaiah in chapter 9, the book of book of Isaiah and chapter 9 and we’re going to read verse 6 in a moment. Isaiah chapter 9, verse 6, and I want to entitle this message: the real Christmas tree, everybody say the real Christmas tree, Isaiah chapter 9 and verse 6. Owensboro Church This is one of the many prophecies about the coming of Christ Center sting. We are part of a religion that we can teach about our Messiah, our Lord, our King, and we don’t have to do it out of Matthew, Mark Luke or John matter of fact, I can tell you of the birth death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, not through The New Testament lens looking back to Jesus, I can preach this message to you from the Old Testament through the prophecies that would foretell his coming. I can preach it through the lens of the prophets. Looking forward, do you know, you’re part of a faith that has hundreds of prophecies that were prophesied between thousands and hundreds of years. Before tell me about Jesus and it tells the story to a tee. We have a supernatural faith and we have a job that speaks in his word comes to pass. Somebody say Amen to that: here’s one of the Cornerstone prophecies about the coming of Christ, about the birth of our Messiah or the Incarnation given by the prophet Isaiah. This was given seven hundred years before his birth on the earth and here’s what it says: Isaiah chapter 9, verse 6. It reads like this: for unto us a child is born unto us a son is given and the government will be upon his shoulder and his name will be called wonderful, counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting father, Prince of Peace, of the increase of his government and peace. Owensboro Church There will be no end upon the throne of David and over his kingdom to order it and establish it with judgment and Justice from that time forward, even forever. The Zeal of the Lord of hosts will form, this Isaiah prophesied that a child would be born and a son would be given a child would be born and a son would be given two thousand years ago. This prophecy comes to pass, comes to pass in a cave outside of the town of Bethlehem when Joseph and Mary they show up to be counted in the census, also to pay tribute to Caesar they get there late in Bethlehem, for the big count the big day And there was no room left in an end for Mary to lay her head and so Joseph he scrambles, and he finds an an an end that actually has a stable, open Outback told I can find a place where animals, where the, where the the animals would Be kept and that they go out in the stable and Mary gives birth to Jesus the savior of the world and laid him in a Manger. Interesting to me that the king of kings and Lord of lords. He is not birth into the Taj Mahal Palace or not to a wealthy man, but he’s birth as the son of a apparently a stone listen, but not really a stonemason. Owensboro Church The son of the most high God to a fifteen-year-old girl, the King of Kings and the Lord of lords, steps down into the creation. What Christmas is really about is it’s about the giving of gifts unto us a son is a child is born. Unto us a son is given everybody say this out loud say a child is born and a son is given most people would have looked at this and thought it was just a child, but it wasn’t just a child. It was a child conceived by the Holy Spirit. See Christianity began with a miracle: Mary did not give birth through natural means, but the spirit of God Came Upon her and there was a virgin birth undo. Us a child is born. What most people didn’t realize is that a son was given and it wasn’t just any song. It’S not just a natural son like all of us are Sons, but it was son of the most high God, the King of Kings and the Lord of lords step through the womb of an infant to come into this unto us a child is born. Unto us a son is given at the heart of Christianity and why we celebrate and give gifts during the season. He is simply this that the greatest gift was given two thousand years ago in Jerusalem, whenever it was born and placed in that manger, the greatest gift that you Manatee would ever have came forth. You know the Bible says that God so loved the world that he did want church. He he gave it’s only begotten son. That whosoever would believe on him might not perish but have everlasting life. Owensboro Church It’S time to give gifts in commemoration of the great gift Jesus Christ. Of Nazareth, you know I love Christmas. I love this time of year. It’S the most wonderful time of the year and it’s when most of us put on our winter weight coming from Thanksgiving to Christmas, because it is such a wonderful time of year and then we get our our gifts together, we get holiday stuff together, we’re going to Hang out with family and have fun, and most of us have fun memories. Christmas Memories – I don’t know about you but mine, most of mine go back to can a child and I think about coming up a came up in Providence, Kentucky small town outside of Madisonville, and I think about what Mom would do, how how excited I would get whenever The house would begin to be decorated for Christmas. You know what I’m talking about you’re waiting for it as a kid in July that the house might get decorated and mom went all-in back in the day.

There’S Garland all over the house, there’s lights all over the house, man, the trees up the Angels up there, there’s holiday stuff everywhere and even imagine as a teenager. There was a fence that went around our farm and I would have to hang Garland and bows on that fence: put lights out there for people driving by to see the Christmas spirit, and we always had horses and cows in that field and they always thought the Garland with some kind of food, so they would come in, they would eat my lights by Garland. My bows and I would have to fix them again and again it again continually, but I remember, being a little bitty boy and laying in the floor just gazing at the Christmas tree. Anybody out there remember what I’m talking about just the whole the tree. Man, ain’t that later in the floor, I would be in the living room. It was only time of the year. We went into the living room because we had this house. You got this room that you can’t go into as a kid cuz. It’S where all the good stuff is, but when the tree was there, I got to go in there and I would lay in the living. Why do they call the living room with nobody ever lives in it by the way? That’S a that’s a big question. I would lay in there – and I would gaze at that tree that would look at the ornaments and I would look at the angel and I would look at the lights. I turn the other lights off and I would just be like you know just into it really big into it. Owensboro Church  But but really the main reason is a kid. I love the truth, one because what was on the trade it wasn’t because the tree was so beautiful. Why was I end of that tree? You know I was into that tree. What about what’s under the tree and so you’d look at the lights for a while and then the gifts that date they draw you in, don’t they and you get up there and you pick him up and you shake them. You know to see. What’S in it, your listen, then you and your might smell of them to see you can smell something there. If you’re like me and your littleI would lick them. Sometimes I really like them, but I would be tempted to go to lick the Box. You’Ve got look at your name and said: you’ve got issues, you got problems, man don’t be, don’t be licking the box. That’S just weird and everybody out there ever ever ever torn, are peeled back some of the wrapping paper to come on. Let’S have a confession. It’S good for your soul, you snuck, and you saw the gifts. Owensboro Church I know you did and do you know you do all that cuz you want to know what what’s in the gift, what what’s the gift it’s been given to me? You know in Christianity or something we need to remember that the real gift that’s given to us isn’t under the tree. The real gift it’s been given to us is the gift it was on the tree when he was 33 years of age. It’S not just the gift in the manger: it’s the gift that goes to the Cross. Come on. Somebody give our Lord a hand, clap we got a gift that came to die for each and everyone of us, the real gift, just isn’t all under the tree. The real gift is on the tree, somebody say: Amen, todayPlay Jesus wasn’t just born here, something that I want us to keep it on mine and to keeping our speech around Christmas. Cuz culture is captivated with Christmas. Everywhere you go, stores will be having sales right now. People be talking about Christmas, Even In America, nominal people who, who may have some wow familial relationship with Christianity, but really aren’t Christians they’ll, be thinking about Christmas this time of year and where we need to bring people back to is the Jesus wasn’t just a baby That was born in a manger and stayed there. How me and old he grew up. Owensboro Church he became 30 years of age and he entered into a miracle ministry need to live without sin. He was fully God and fully man, that’s the story of Christmas, and then he knew the Bible says. Set the lamb was slain from the foundation of the world that the moment God was born to the womb of a woman. He knew that if he went into the world he would go through a room, but he would exit The Returned. He knew that who was going to be a baby that would be born to die, see the greatest gift that was ever given to us is the gift of a sacrificial substitute that one would come and where we’ve missed it, where we’ve send. Where are we falling apart? He never missed it, he never sinned and he stayed completely together simply to die in our place. Owensboro Church I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful that one would come to die for me. Hey man see the real Christmas tree, isn’t just a tree in your living room. The real Christmas tree is the cross of Calvary and to see the real Christmas tree, one would have to scale Golgotha and look and see where the one was pure. All of our sense hear some things. I think that I see that are on the real Christmas tree. First thing we see about the real Christmas tree is: is that the real Christmas tree it can grow in even the most Barren places everybody say bear in blazes.

The real Christmas tree can grow in even the most Barren of places and, if you think about what a Christmas tree is, if you got it up your living room right, now it’s, typically like an evergreen, some kind of tree, that’s going to be green here long. You can go to some of the roughest Terrain in the world. You can find Evergreens growing where no other kind of tree will be there. Man, the Evergreen will be there in the Evergreen will still look good when everything else looks rough around it. You know what the cross has the ability to go into the most roughest. The roughest trains in the world doesn’t matter where it is, doesn’t matter how dark it is, doesn’t matter how rocky the soil is. The Cross of Christ has the ability to be planted in the Rockets of soils and the bring forth fruit and be green when everything else is dying. I think about the Christmas tree being being buried in Northern India. Man went where it where the most Antichrist thing in the world goes on, but I’m going to tell you that evergreen tree can still bring forth fruit. Owensboro Church I think about it being in an in cultures where people don’t have a chance to worship freely. You know when it can go into those cultures and it can start as an underground movement in that tree can grow and it can bear fruit this morning. I was thinking about us as a gathering and and worshipping on a nice day as a church, and this thought went through my mind. I wonder how many people would gather to worship if the stuff ever really hit the fan in our nation, and I was real persecution and real hardship and real problems, and my people were having their stuff taken away in and being beaten and maybe families being dismantled. I stop and I think how would I leave the church there, Owensboro Church something like that and how many of us would there be left to lead? You ever think about that, because listen I’ve got friends that that’s their world, that’s what they wake up to it, and we’ve got so much in this nation. Here’S! Why? Because, once upon a time, the tree was planted in the rocky soil of a nation that didn’t know, Jesus yet and people came and preached him and they stayed faithful to him and even to the point of laying down their lives, guys like Wesley and his crew Circuit Riders, they went across this nation and they preach so much. It would be so rough that that they would come and they would meet in an assembly every year, and the first thing they would do is count how many live through the year and then they would mourn their loss after that they would celebrate the work that Got it done come on, we’ve got a Christmas tree that can bring forth fruit, no matter how rocky the soil somebody give the Lord a hand, clap. You believe that I believe that second thing I see on the trees. I see this most of the time. The tree will be decorated with with red it’s going to be decorated with red traditional Christmas colors or are red and green,  Owensboro Church not think about the tinsel on a tree that that’s a perfect representation of the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Listen to blood is what makes the tree worth. Having the Bible says without the shedding of blood, there can be no remission of sin. The Bible says all of sin and fall short of the glory of God. Let me ask you a question out there. You know what I’m going to do, how many of you have ever seen just lift your hand for one moment, if you don’t ever hand up you’re a liar and your inner to everybody turn and look at your neighbor and say you’re. A sinner just tell him that you’re a sinner. I ask you this question: how many you’ve ever told a lie? Maybe even just a little a little life good and turn your neighbor told me to say: you’re a liar. Owensboro Church  Tell Matt you’re a liar how many lepers stolen anything. Only two people in here have it. That’S. That’S Jesse lloren, you’ve stolen something that shocks me. I’M disappointing! You today lift up lift up your hands. Have you stolen anything, look at your neighbor and say you’re a thief just tell him that so we’re all lying thieving. You know we got all kinds of stuff going on in the Bible. Calls that sin now the scripture says this. The scripture says that weather that the only way SIM can be forgiven is through the shedding of blood. Only blood can Purge, send to law in the heaven lies. It’S a law in the courtroom of God. Someone send something has to die and see. Owensboro Church  Christ was born to die in our place. He’S the perfect Passover lamp that the Bible talks about whenever Israel was an Egypt. They wanted to come out of Egypt. Moses comes in, tells Pharaoh. Let my people go Pharaoh, keeps saying I won’t let your people go, and so finally, God sends plagues to Egypt and the last play against this – that the death angel is going to pass through all of Egypt and God tells Moses, tell the people of Israel. I want you to take a lamp. I want you to swallow that lamb. Owensboro Church  I want you to put the blood of that lamp on the doorpost and on the Windows of your house. Whatever the death angel comes to Egypt whenever it gets to your house – and it seems the blood death won’t fall upon your house, but it will pass over your house and go to someone else’s house. Here’S what the cross of Calvary did.

The cross of Calvary Springs. Us Jesus Jesus is nailed to the cross. The perfect Passover Lamb dies in our place and now, whenever death comes to the Earth, spiritual death and eternal death and a future and help comes across the town, it skips over our house and goes to another house because there’s blood, there’s red, there’s Crimson on the Cross, I’m thankful that there’s blood on the cross somebody say Amen to that cheat then. The next thing that I see on the cross that I’m thankful for the that we have on the cross of Calvary is it is that we have ornaments on the cross. You see ornaments on the cross, you see, you see things on the tree, pretty things on the tree and they’re their there to get people’s attention. Owensboro Church  Do you know what was on the cross and the ornaments on the cross of Calvary, their nails? What does child was born to die and to be nailed to a tree nail through his hands nail through his feet? The Old Testament prophecies that the Jewish prophets. They said this. There will come a day when they will look upon Him, whom they have pierced. The prophet said things like this to the voice of Jesus says all day long. I will stretch out my hands to a people who are against the Bible, says this that, in the end up in the new coming, Jesus will hold out his hands. He said this, he says these are the wounds with which I’ve been wounded in the house of my friends see he came to the house of his friends, but he wasn’t accepted as a friend he was rejected. He was nailed to a tree or form of capital punishment that we might go free and there’s one thing everybody knew, but in the ancient near East somebody walked out of town carrying the cross they weren’t coming back to town. I’M thankful that Jesus was born to be nailed to a cross. For my forgiveness,  Owensboro Church the last thing I’m thankful for is is the the the real Christmas tree that it doesn’t just have gifts under it, but it’s got the greatest gift on it. I’M thankful that the cross still has its power. I’M thankful that the scripture says that the cross, the preaching of the Cross, is the power of God unto salvation to the Jew first, and also to the gentle. I’M thankful that the Bible says that the cross is broken down the middle wall between Jew and Gentile. I’M thankful that on the cross, after he dies on the cross that he said right before he died. He said it is finished. I’M thankful that the temple veil was rent in YouTube. The moment he died in the Holy Spirit. Is it far from me, but now he is near to me because of the Cross, I’m thankful that before he went to the Cross he took stripes on his back, Owensboro Church  but by his stripes. I might be made whole thing with a crown of thorn was placed on his head so that I don’t have to live under mental anguish, but I can have the mind of Christ A sound mind and not a spirit of fear. I’M thankful that he went to the cross and he was made only naked and the Bible says that he became poor on the cross, that there was poverty. I might become rich. I’M thankful that he was my sinless substitution and the gift is on the tree. Come on somebody clap your hands, somebody all the shout somebody all to be happy today, so we got to go out that saved us and loves us and as for us, and not against us, amen, amen. Here’S what I want to do. Man, Owensboro Church we’re group of Believers here for the most part today it’s an ice storm, but but I want you to stand up on your feet right where you are this morning. I want you to stand up on your feet. What we’re going to do is we’re going to we’re going to think about we’re going to meditate on the real Christmas tree thought for a moment and the musicians going to come there going to play we’re going to receive communion together, Owensboro Church as we think about it, Here’S what I want you to do as they come and they they play the next song is. I want you to think about about his wounds. The Bible. The Bible says this. The Bible says that that the mer are not the Bible. Church History tells me is there: was a group of people called the Moravian and the moravians?

They started the modern-day Mission movement and what they would do to fuel the preaching of the Gospel. They would come together in worship services in there in those worship Services. They would meditate on what Christ did for them. They called it. They called it meditating on the wounds of Jesus. They would think about what he did for them on the real Christmas tree. They would think about the crown of thorns. They would think about the nail pierced hands, they would think about the scarred back. They would think about the spear in his side. They would think about that this child was born for them and it would become a source of strength to them. Owensboro Church Give them something in a reason to go forward. It’S close our eyes for one moment and just think about that. Think about that now, Christian want, while you’re thinking about that. I want to talk to another group of people in the room for one moment draw through the sound of my voice. You say: Pastor, I’m not riding with Jesus Bridal. I don’t know if I’m right with Jesus, maybe I was right with Jesus and I’ve been living. My own way, I need to come home man, I’m here to tell you, God loves you he’s for you he’s with you. He wants to save him. Forgive you don’t want to push you down. He wants to pick you up. He did it in his death, burial and Resurrection Bible says he’s taking a thousand steps towards you. Owensboro Church Now you just take a step towards him. He’Ll. Forgive me he’ll, save you he’ll clean shit, no strings attached to the grace of God wants to come and wash under the sound of my voice, and you said pastor. I need to do that today. Whenever I count to three just looked up your hand right where you are come on what a day, what a day to receive the greatest gift there’s ever been given in Christmas season 1 just lift up your ham. When I count to three two three just looked up that hand I’m going to pray with you pray for you right there wherever you are, I’m going to pray for you today. We see that hand anyone else. I’Ve got another moment for you. We see that hand. Anyone else I’ve got one more moment for you. Owensboro Church Pastor, pray for me, pray with me. I need I need to receive that today. I need to receive that today. Here’S what I want us to do together, church. I I want us. I want to spray it with the people that have raised their hand. I will give you some words to pray. Those have either lift your hand and I’ll give you the words you give it to meaning and God’s going to do the miracle. I want us to pray loud enough that we can hear ourselves pray out loud God’s, going to save him for give you come on. Let’S play with them say, say this outloud say father, Owensboro Church I’m a sinner. I live for myself. I’Ve done my own thing and today I Repent of my sins. I turn from my sin to you. I thank you for coming as a gift. For me, I think you that you died. You were placed in the tune and on the third day you were resurrected. Come into my heart, save me fill me with your spirits. A little air that Jesus is Lord in Jesus name, amen, amen, amen, let’s get the Lord of handclap