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We’e been talking for 5 weeks now about growing spiritually and we just got off a 21-day fast praise. The Lord praise, the Lord for the fast and praise the Lord that’s over and out, and I have the Rolling Pin Donuts delivered to my house at 7 a.m. on Monday morning. It was it was the best way. I could break that fast. Tiffany beat me. She got up at like 12:01 and 8 Snickers ice cream bar, and so you know whatever, but but but but we we started the year off. Right, though, I think you know starting off, given our first fruits learning to grow spiritually in really kind of setting the tone for the rest of the year for it for all of 2014 as adults for kids, for our youth. What we really just setting the tone for four foot for Success, setting ourselves up for Success up for the whole year, so so so we’re going to or going to keep doing that with got a fun new series coming up with at the movie so check out. All of that stuff, it’s it’s going to be great, and hopefully, if you’ve beenturn the following, the Grove series and the specifically the 21-day fast we’ve had Daily Devotional set up on the website and I and on Facebook. Hopefully, you’ve been kind of following along with that Pastor Brian Pastor, Jesse myself Tiffany, my wife, Andrew Edwards, we’ve all been kind of contributing in different areas for that Daily Devotional, so so check that out on the website, you can do that and the area that I I kind of was riding DeVos about had to do with the word of God, God’s word and so Pastor, Owensboro Church Brown’s real big on. If you ever going to teach on something teach from the Overflow of your heart, don’t try to really kind of come up with something out of thin air and teach about it, but teach from the Overflow of your heart mouth overflow, my heart right now it just About the word of God, and and in the end about the word of God and what God just kind of showed me some things and was revealing some things to me so upset that’s why we’re going to talk about tonight? I think that’s pretty good things to talk about the word of God, amen, amen, so we’re going to talk about that tonight you want.
If you take a notes, note, takers or big. If you guys want to take notes, you can, you can take notes, we’re going to start and Romans Romans, chapter 12, verse, 2, Romans, chapter 12, verse, 2 and Anchorage night. If you don’t have a Bible man, A lot of times, I’m guilty, but I don’t have about usually have an iPhone iPad. Something like that. If it, if you don’t, have it anchored it download this free, app, YouVersion kind of like you too, but you version. It’S got every just about every translation you could think of on their place where you can take Noah to Scott sub notes for some of the texts. So so, if you don’t have that on your smartphone or whatever go ahead and download that thing YouVersion, it’s it’s a free, app check that out you can, you can follow along in Romans, 12 verse, 2. It just says this says. I think this is a King. James version they have I’m going to read that in just a moment, but right now, Owensboro Church I’m on the road that same scripture in the NLC cuz, it’s a little little easier Owensboro Church to understand. 12Just says it says: don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think, then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect man that that’s good, That, knowing that I can transform the way that I think and in understand the will of God for my life and I’ll read right where it says up there verse to again. It says in be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that? What what is that good, acceptable and perfect will of God? I, like that version right there, because it kind of makes a clear distinction of being conformed to the world and being transformed by the renewing of your mind. You can be conformed or transformed, and I said the the conformed kind of differently right there because of the prefix of that word. Take the prefixes out, and it just says, be not forto this world but be formed by the renewing of your mind. And if you look look at that, that root word right there that the prefix right there con it just means against. So so it’s saying: hey! Look it! If you’re going to be formed of the world, you’re always going to have something against you, you’re always going to be going Upstream, you’re always going to be going against the grain you’re always going to have opposition, Owensboro Church but but then you look, trans be transformed. Trans means across trans means Beyond trans means changing thoroughly. That’S not to say that if you’re transformed by the renewing of Your Mind through Owensboro Church the word of God in studying the word of God as we should as Christians on on on a daily basis and butt. But it’s it’s not to say that if we do that that we won’t have that opposition that we won’t have to go Upstream, sometimes that we won’t face challenges in life. It’S saying, though, that if it will be faithful to trance, be transformed and not conformed, but when we’re transformed by the word of God, we’ve got a guy that created the heavens and the Earth and everything in it and he’s on our side. So when we’re going against things, we can get across the opposition, that’s in front of us.
We can go beyond the limitations that the world tries to put on us and we can be thoroughly change, amen. Man saved in here. If you want to announce that you’re safe, you can raise your hand, I think about your you’re, the point of Salvation and your life before salvation and after salvation. Were you changed thoroughly? I was changed thoroughly and I love. I love that definition, and so we can be changed thoroughly by the renewing by being transformed by the renewing of our mind, by being an inconstant study of the word of God. So we’re going to talk about that tonight. Talk about three areas, wherein three things that can come upon us when we choose to be transformed and one of the things I think about 2. Before I get those points, man, the Grammys, anybody watch the Grammys on Sunday night, you bunch of Sinners. You know you watch the Grammys and now the Grammys, so man, I didn’t, really watch it.
I saw on social media at the exploded with all the stuff that that happened. All the all the talk shows that night in the day in the morning after, but I won’t talk too much about the Grammys, but but two two artists that were there I’ll just kind of highlight one – was a I’ve seen a bunch of your post about it. Natalie Grant kind of what she said, her stance on the deal and Inn in Katy, Perry and – and I know Tiffany’s she’s – praying for Katy Perry to get save. She left. She like she’s like come on, Katy Perry. The reason she’s praying for is this cave Katy. Perry is a lot like Natalie Grant, much more so than you might know. They’Re they’re, both obviously they’re, both musicians, their most talented, they’re, both successful you know aboutturn on standards and actually Katy Perry. She actually started as a Christian. Her first album was a Christian album, a praise and worship album and it’s interesting to see two people with the same name in the same area of life, in same Walk of Life, same giftings in the same abilities and and then one chooses to be conformed. And then another chooses to be transformed, continually transform by the daily renewing of Vermont, and it’s interesting to see the two different paths that we can take and really that that’s a good lesson for any of us in it man. It doesn’t matter where I’m at right. Now I can still choose to be conformed or it’s a choice to be continually transform. I encourage Abby be continually transformed and man I’ll tell you what Natalie Grant she posted something and said something basically, at the end of a talking about the Grammys that I’ve never been more sure of my walk with God and I’ve never been more proudto sing about Him and to sing for him, and in that comes from from a mind that is been transformed and holds onto the truth. That’S found in the scriptures that know that God does not change his standards. Do not change his love, does not change and man it. If you’ll be just continually transformed by the renewing of your mind, man, you can set yourself up for success in every area of life and here’s three things that were going to talk about tonight. Three things that will happen to you. If you’ll be faithful to do that, first thing is your faith. Your faith is built up. You’Ll be you’ll, Owensboro Church be faithful to let allow yourself to be transformed by the renewing of Your Mind through the word of God, your faith. It will be built up scripture here, I’ll read is in Jeremiah 29:11. I think they’ve got that up there. Jeremiah 29:11 says they’re says, for I know the thoughts that, I think towards you, says the Lord thoughts of peace and not of evil. To give you a future and a hope, Owensboro Church I think that’s really interesting there in Jeremiah 29:11, where it says, Owensboro Church for I know the thoughts that I think toward you hit. It kind of gives us a blueprint on how we can be transformed, how we can have a different mindset and a different, a different outlook on life by our thought process and and then in turn, right there in that scripture. I think it’s interesting that that God gives an insight to his thought process. What does he think about us? He thinks thoughts of Peace. He thinks thoughts of a future. He thinks thoughts of a hope. Owensboro Church Sometimes people get misconstrued this misconstrued idea of what God thinks about us that he’s a man he’s just looking up there just kind of wave in his finger at us and waiting on us to mess up. So we can pounce on us and rebuke us and and and and just and just Hammer us for every time that we mess up, but God’s, not really like that’s, not what he’s thinking about right now is it. It says that he’s he’s got thoughts of Peace. Thoughts of a future thoughts of hope – God is a just God, and there will come a time where there will be judgment. But right now we live in this amazing age of Grace, where we can accept Christ, where we can have our minds renewed and we can choose to live a Godly life and so right now, while we’re living in this age of Grace until Christ comes back, Owensboro Church we Can choose the things of God, and so so so I say: choose the things of God Amen. You know be renewed, be transformed by the daily renewing of your mind, and if you know this thing now, if you know this thing about God about what he thinks about you, how he thinks about you, the things he thinks about you, I can be encouraged in That my faith begins to build up, because now all the sudden – I know that God’s not against me, but he’s for me. He wants the best for me. He wants. He wants the best. For me, he’s got a hope for me. Owensboro Church He’S got a future for me.
All of a sudden, my confidence begins to rise, my faith against because. I know that scripture and that promise. So what are the other promises that are said about me in the scripture? So I begin to read that scripture. My faith begins to build because faith comes by what and hearing what the word of God. Your faith will be built, as you hear the word of God. So that’s why it’s important. He looked to be in service on Sundays to be in service on Wednesdays. To get involved with a Bible study to get an A plugged into a small group which is coming in March by the way it go ahead and sign up for that. Coming up in a few weeks, small groups bought by having your personal Devo time went when you’re studying the word of God, because you’re studying it by yourself. So you can read it out loud you’re. Under a teaching on Sundays, on Wednesdays and small groups, it and bible study, so you’re hearing the word of God in your faith, begins to rise. Your faith begins to build up, and so and so what we were talking about, the the con and the trans, the things in life that come against you, maybe it to you, it’s a big deal. Maybe do you, maybe maybe you got a bad doctor’s report and in maybe you’re just law all in the dogs, because man, the doctor, he just gave me a bad report and I got to believe that report. What will maybe? Maybe you just need to learn what the scripture say about what you can have in you. Don’T have to settle for that thing, but you can you can believe on God at as being a Healer. You can believe on God as being a delivery. You can be a believer on goddess, being a restorer and and and so all the sudden, your faith begins to build the more you’re around God. God’S word, the more you allow yourself to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, the way that you think what you think about and what you think about on on the word of God. So, the more that you get it inside of you, the more that you speak it out of your mouth, the bigger your faith will rise in the bigger things you can start the believe from God it. You can start to believe on the scriptures that that you can be what it says you can be. Owensboro Church You can believe on the scriptures that you can have what it says you can. If you can believe on the scriptures that you can do what it says you can do and all of a sudden man, you got just this new thing, that’s new confidence who this new creation that that’s walking full bursting full of Confidence from the promises of God. In that comes from being transformed by the continual renewal of the of your mind, of the way that you think it, as were thinking on God’s word, amen, amen. So that’s that’s. That’S one Owensboro Church thing that that’ll that’ll come to you as you are faithful to be transformed by by by the renewal of your mind by being in the word of God, your faith is built up. Just say that say I am transformed. My faith is built up amen. Second thing that’ll happen to you is this second thing will be that you’ll be prepared for Action. You’Ll be prepared for action. Read there in a pigeon’s, 210 Visions. 210. It says this says, for we are his workmanship created in Christ, Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. I love that scripture because it says that you know we’re prepared not for mundane works, not for meaningless words, not for boring Works. We’Re prepared for good works, we’re prepared for good, good good works and that it’s not just this nice neat little thing that we should put on a mantle and just kind of look at and brag about and talk about every once in awhile, but that we should Take that thing and walk out in it, we should be active actively pursuing that good work that we’ve been given the opportunity to be a part of think about the I think about the Super Bowl Super Bowl Sunday coming up this coming Sunday. I don’t know your team is, I think, we’re we’ve kind of adopted the Seahawks, because we’ve got some Seattle people here yeah, I don’t know – I don’t know, I don’t really care, but Super Bowl Sunday coming up this Sunday so think about these. These guys, it’s the biggest one of the biggest stages for a sports event, sporting event the whole world’s going to watch. It cost like four million dollars to buy a 30 second ad, which is ridiculous and butt butt, so everybody’s watching.

So you better believe that those teams are going to be ready man. They are going to be ready to play they’re going to have their A-game and basically their coaches are just working overtime right now, coming up with a game plan, so they can hand it other players and come game time. They can execute that game plan because what they want to win the game, don’t they they want to take that game plan and when the game same thing right there at God, he’s created good works that we should what we should walk out in them. So, just as that that that that coaches hand in that those players and that team, hey look, this is the game plan. We want you to take it over here and execute it and win the game. God has created good works for you to do, but it’s not enough just to have good work, but you need to walk out turn the execute them and then you’ll begin to win in life. Things around. You will be going to go up things around. You will be going to win people around. You will begin to win man, it’s not enough. Just to man. I want obviously man I want to do what God’s call me to do. I want to be around people that are doing what God called them to do, because I know that there’s favor on their life as well. Owensboro Church I want to be around people with favor amen, so so it’ll prepare you for action. There is another scripture talking about that. In 1st Peter 1:13, 1st Peter 1:13, it just says this says there for preparing your minds for Action. Preparing your minds for action and being sober minded set your hope-fully on the greatest that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ and talking about the revelation of Jesus Christ. It is found in the scriptures found in the word of God, revealed to us through the Holy Spirit. And let me let me just in Courage: it man. The holy spirit is something to grab ahold of, take a hold of not to be intimidated. By not to be weird, don’t don’t be leery of it man. The Holy Spirit it is is a person is, is the is part of the Trinity is very real, and the Bible talks about this about the holy spirit’s describes. Owensboro Church The Holy Spirit as a helper describes the Holy Spirit as a coach, the Holy Spirit and never will never leave us, but he leads us and he guides us that there’s a scripture that says whether we look to the left or to the right will hear a Voice, the holy spirit will hear a voice saying that this is the way walk in it.
He gives it he’s there to give us Direction. He’S there to give us help, he’s there to help coach Us in the things of God that were reading, that we’re studying he’s there to help give us revelation of what of what the Bible is talking about and about who Jesus Christ is and who he wants To be in Us and how real he wants to be to us and up in one of my favorite scriptures about the Holy Spirit, is it and it’s one that really kind of takes the pressure off of of being like this over? You know super uber, spiritual person is that he’ll he’ll call things to our remembrance that which had said to you that the Holy Spirit help call things under your remembrance. Now I don’t know about you, I had to study man. I had to study real hard in the end and when I went through school I don’t know, if maybe get a photographic memory, you can memorize every every every every little thing, but man I had to study and the Holy Spirit. Owensboro Church Is there it now to take the pressure off us if we’ll do our due diligence and study and read the word of God and be under teaching, but by being in Services by being under the authority of God and hearing the word of God, the Holy Spirit Can then call that thing to our remembrance and it’s an amazing thing, because we don’t have to just memorize the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. But now the holy spirit is there to help us again and two coaches in to remind us of those things. Not now, all of a sudden, if you’re, faithful to have a good Bible study and get the word down in your heart down in your heart down in your heart, you can be in a position where you can be a game-changer. Now somebody comes up to you at the water cooler at work and I said, hey, you know man, I know you’re a Christian and I know that you talk about prayer. Sometimes I just I need you to pray for me, because I’ve got got a bad doctor’s report and I need I need somebody to be praying with me all of a sudden. If, if you’ve been doing your due diligence and study in the word of God and allow yourself to be transformed by the renewing of your mind by studying the word of God, all of a sudden, Owensboro Church the Holy Spirit can draw up that word in due season. That talks about hey Exodus 15:26 is, I am the Lord that healeth thee Man by The Stripes of Jesus, the stripes, that Jesus bore on the whipping post man. It paid the price for your healing. You don’t have to deal with that sickness. You don’t have to accept that that doctor’s report, but you can claim healing you, can claim restoration within your body and you can walk in victory over this thing. You don’t have to accept that she, the Holy Spirit he comes in power. He brings power to the same Hill.

Call those scriptures to remember it’s and he’s there to help lost occo chest in to help us declare Victory, amen, man, the holy spirit, it’s not something to the Chalet from it’s something to embrace another scripture. Talking about the Holy Spirit. In Ephesians, if you want for reference, if you want to write that down and fusions 423 just says, let the spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes put on your new nature created to be, like God, truly righteous and holy and again it’s just that Holy Spirit revealing Got God’s true nature God’s promises to us, reminding us of those things and allowing us to walk out and victory. I’M telling you be be transformed by the renewing of your guy by the renewing of your mind and allow allow yourself to be prepared for Action. Alright, let’s say it again and say I am transformed my faith is built up. I am transformed. I am prepared for action now. You’Re prepared for action. Point number 3 last point I’ll make. Is this when we choose to be transformed by the renewing of our minds? Is that we will walk in Victory, we will walk in Victory plebeians for 8. I think we got that scripture. Philippians 4:8 says this, and now dear brothers and sisters, one final thing fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right and pure and lovely and admirable think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. And I love that scripture talking about you know what we should really be thinking about all the time.
What we should be focused on all of the time – and I think about when when Jesus was in was in the wilderness by himself for 40 days. We just ended a 21-day fast, and I hear moaning and groaning what Jesus was out there for 40 days with no food and – and he was isolated. He was by himself, and he comes comes off of that. That 40 days and not the face first encounter is Satan in Satan’s they’re, probably at at Jesus’s, most vulnerable moment at as a human man he’s been on a fast for 40 days, he’s been socially isolated, he’s not been around anybody and end up in the devil. Is there and he’s tempting tempting him in every way possible he he he tries to tries to cause doubt to come in. If thou be the Son of God, he tries to take a scripture and and kind of Twisted, perverted its meaning and kind of tripping up that way, Satan also comes, and basically bribes, bribes Jesus says hey look all this can be yours if you’ll just now kneel And bow before me and in each and every time, even at his lowest moment, man, Owensboro Church Jesus Jesus combats all of those things, every tactic of the enemy. How does Jesus come back? The Devil Himself? He can bats it with the word of God combats it with the word of God, Owensboro Church so the word of God is just that and that Philippians scripture is that it is true. God’S word is true. God’S word is Honorable. God’S word is right. God’S word is pure God’s, word is lovely, God’s word is admirable, God’s word is excellent, God’s word is worthy of praise and it will be transformed by the renewing of our minds and we’ll fix our thoughts on that will fix. Our thoughts are on the word of God. I, like it even says, fix your thoughts on these things will fix our thoughts on the word of God. Man will be will be set up for Success. What will have the mind of Christ and then we can? We can be the hands, we can be the feet of the church. We can be ambassadors for Christ. We can have a know that God’s will for our life and walk that thing out. Owensboro Church You know it was good enough for Jesus to come back, that the devil with the word. Why can’t we come back the Devil, with the word, whenever he’s coming at you telling a lot whenever the world throws a gauntlet in front of you and says you can’t do it, you can’t make it you have to accept that doctor’s report. You have to accept that your relationship is failing. You have to accept that that your bank account it’ll, never get any bigger. Owensboro Church You’Ll have to accept your never make it to College when the world says those things and it comes against you, man, if you just choose to be transformed by the renewing of your mind and believing on the word of God, in the promises – and it says about You you don’t have to give in when stuff comes against you, but you can get across that hurdle. You can go beyond what the world says about you and you can be thoroughly changed into a brand new thing where your rebuking, the enemy, where your rebuking the lies of the enemy, where you don’t have to accept those things, but you can declare truth. You can’t declare the word of God and I all of a sudden you’re in a place where again, Owensboro Church where it’s not just you winning in life. What you’re encouraging those around you, because you have a brand new mind the mind of Christ being renewed daily by the word of God? May I tell you what the word of God is good, we’re going to say it again. Man say they say I am transformed. My faith is built up. Owensboro ChurchI am transformed, I am prepared for action. I am transformed.
I will walk in Victory, I’m telling you what those are promises that you can hold on to it and rest assured in it. If you choose choose to be transformed by the renewal of your mind, the way that you think about holding on studying the to the precious word of God, it’ll change, everything in your life amen, amen, going to stand your fee and I’m a pray with you guys Tonight and believe that we will walk out of here, transform with a new mind believe God, Owensboro Church God’s best will be revealed to us, let’s pray. Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to be in your house. We thank you, God that that you’ve got good things in store for us good plans for us. We thank you, Lord, that you given us a hope and a future that you think thoughts of Peace about us. You think thoughts of just peace and and when you see a store where the apple of your eye were made in your image. We thank you, Lord, that we are a beautiful Creation in your side. We thank you, Lord, that you reach down and you chose us, and so we thank you, Lord, that it’s not just some meaningless life that we live, but but it’s it’s a what’s a purpose. Lord! We thank you, Lord, that we have a life that has value.

We have a life, that’s meant for something, and we thank you, Lord, that, as we hold on to your word, that will be transformed and in the way that we think the way that we think about ourselves. The way that we think about our worth R-value and what we can add to the kingdom of God how we can win souls for you, how we can change, lives and situations in schools and work settings in families? How can we how we can change those things around us, as as we focus on you, focus on your word with? Thank you, Lord, that you use us to be Kingdom Builders, and we thank you, Lord, that the Gates of Hell will not Prevail against your kingdom. It will not Prevail against us. It will not Prevail against our Ministries, it won’t Prevail in our workplace. It won’t Prevail in the school setting and won’t Prevail in our families. It won’t Prevail in our finances. It won’t Prevail in our health, but we thank you, Lord, Owensboro Church that that your kingdom is being built and it is going further. It is going cross, it is going Beyond and it is Thoroughly changing the world around us and we thank you, Lord for the opportunity to study your word. We thank you, Lord, for your holy spirit that reveals things to us about your word and we thank you. God that you’ve set us on a path for victory. We thank you for your word. We thank you for your faithfulness. We thank you, Lord, that your word is true and that it does not change and a father God we say Lord, your word is good. We say you are good and you are worthy of all glory, all honor and all praise. We thank you. Lord in Jesus name and everybody said: amen, amen, amen, amen,