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Are you happy tonight Church somebody say I’m happy come on. Look at your neighbor and say be happy in a lot in a lot cooler to be around somebody. That’S having a good time, then somebody that’s a jerk face yeah it is. I choose to be a good time. That’S the choice. I make amen amen, but it’s good to be here with you on a Wednesday night in the house of God. I’M glad you’re here hanging out and I’m thankful for the Wednesday night crowd, because you’re the people that make River City happen and without all of our our our team, that’s with us. Our volunteers are workers, the people who give and pray how many. You know that we wouldn’t be able to do what we’re told to do here in Owensboro, and you were the guys and and ladies that make it happen, so give yourself a big hand, clap for making this stuff happen. People get saved Because of You lives are getting changed because of you. It’S you and I’m thankful for the team that God is giving us Jesse sends her love tonight, Owensboro Church she’ll be back. We got some kids that are that are battling strepstrep throat, but they’re winning amen. We we already all that’s already won and so she’s home with him right now, but she sends her love. I want to spend a little time tonight, just really casting Vision. I’M going to talk about Vision where we’re going is the church more than I want to preach tonight. I will preach some because I can’t help myself. Owensboro Church I got to get up here and sweat a little bit or you’ll feel like you. Hadn’t got your money’s worth, so I’m going to do a little bit of that and and then, whenever I’m done doing, that, I want to just share a little bit about where we’re going as a team as a church about our vision. Last week I started preaching out the story of blind Bartimaeus, so if you have your Bible on you, you could go ahead and open up there and – and I believe it’s in – I think it’s Mark – chapter 10, verse 46. I think that’s right Mark chapter 1046 to turn there. Just let me recap the story cuz. I did this last week, but here’s the story of blind Bartimaeus how he meets Jesus and, let’s pray, then we’ll share that story. Father in the name of JesusChrist of Nazareth. I think you for the people under the sound of my voice, Lord, I Thank you that we’re not just people staggering around through life, but there were people of vision. I declare and decree that we see clearly, as you say, and we don’t just live to and fro wondering in life, but that we live on purpose and then we live on Target and that we have a reason and and something that we’re going for. Owensboro Church I pray for Supernatural Vision in all of our lives in Jesus name and the church said: amen, here’s the story, there’s this blind guy by the name of Bartimaeus and he’s sitting on the side of the road in Jericho. One thing I want you to notice he’s not on the road he’s on the side of the road and Jesus. The savior of the world comes walking by Bartimaeus is heard about. Jesus he’s heard that he’s a Healer he’s heard that he’s a miracle worker and Faith was birth in his heart, because faith comes by hearing hearing by the word of God. Right now, your faith is being built. The you know that church.
Whenever you hear the word of God, your faith being built and Faith doesn’t come by what you’ve heard in the past comes by hearing. How me know, there’s a difference in hearing and have heard in the past. Let me say that again: there’s a difference between hearing and NN have heard somewhere in the past. We need to be hearing and hearing and hearing and hearing and hearing the word of God Amen. You know I listen to stuff sermon topics, gas preaching to me that I can preach the same messages they preach and I preach them hundreds of times, but I still listen because I know whenever I hear the faith. Fresh faith is birth in my heart, and so here comes Jesus. Bartimaeus is heard that Jesus is a miracle worker and he cries out. He says: Jesus Son of David have mercy on me and when he says that Jesus stops, he feels faithy. Here’S faith and faith has the power to stop the hand of God and it turned his attention towards you and your situation. Faith pulls the power of God. Your direction, listen to power of God’s always available. It’S just waiting for somebody with faith to tug on it. Somebody with faith to move him in their Direction, Bartimaeus has kind of Faith. Jesus stops. He turns his attention on bar to mass walks over to a blind man says what can I do for you and he says rabboni that I may receive my sight. Jesus says these famous word: he says: go your way, son! Your faith made you whole so Bartimaeus this guy that have been sitting by the roadside begging, who maybe never saw before Maybe song on the past. But it’s been a long time he’s been on the sidelines of life forever, Owensboro Church all the sudden. He gets fresh Vision, he gets fresh site and he begins to really live again. Do you know vision is one of the things the causes you not just to exist, but to really live, and apart from Vision, there’s not a person in this room. They will ever really live. I’M not just talking now about physical Vision. I’M talking about spiritual vision. Everybody say vision noticed this about Bartimaeus. He wasn’t on the road. He was on the side of the road. He was living a sideline kind of life, so many people live on the sidelines because they don’t see what God has for them. Here’S. What vision is vision is seen and understanding what God wants with your life, seen and understanding what God wants for your life and with your life. Everybody say this out loud, say: vision is seeing and understanding what God wants for my life. Let’S say it again: vision is seeing and understanding what God wants for my life, so this guy can’t see he’s on the side of the road he’s not living in the road. All of the action it happens on the road man, that’s where it’s at that’s, where things are moving, that’s where things are going on, Bartimaeus a sitting on the side of the road begging and when people don’t have Vision, they really don’t produce in life. They really can’t have everything that God intends for them in.

They live in neutral Jesse, and I we pulled up just the other day. We pull up to a place. I go a lot, it’s a place in town and there’s a young man. That’S been sitting at this place for several years now and I’ll pull up in the middle of the day and he sent in their pull up in the afternoon and he’s sitting there. You know smoking a cigarette drinking his coffee just hanging out and, to be honest, I love this guy Jesse and I we’ve talked about it. I’Ve been talking to him for years, and I pulled up and I just felt the compassion of God rise up when I saw him and – and I’ve worked on him personally, trying to get him in the church. Reddick get some direction and vision for his life, and I said to Jesse: this guy needs to hurry up and get some purpose just one of those moments, because how many you know without purpose or Vision, things don’t end. Well, you know what I’m talking about, and I kind of sense by the spirit of God, this this guy he’s close to where without Vision or purpose, things aren’t going to end well for him and – and we all need that – that’s a truth to everyone’s life. In this room, apart from Vision to park from purpose, things never end well, I think back when I have no vision or purpose in my life, when I was sitting on the side of the road see my dad, he was a successful business guy and always had This plan be for my life and I didn’t really know what plan it was, Owensboro Church but it what plan B was you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’S like Owensboro Church I don’t have a plan on my own, but I know what to do when I, when I messed my life up, I’ma, go back to work for my Dad and tell him like that, Owensboro Church apart from real purpose, I’m just floating through life, doing whatever I can to Burn time right now, and because of that you know, I got this plan B, I got this bailout and life doesn’t work.
If you got a bailout plan, that’s good preaching what doesn’t work. If you have a bailout plan there was this old there’s a story Owensboro Church It’S really Legend, it it’s about an explorer and it any came to one part of the world and he had it all of his guys on the boat with him and they to London and there they are on the coastline and the men wanted to go back. They wanted a bailout plant and Legend goes that the guy went down to where the boats were hundreds of years ago and he commanded his men to light the boats on fire and that he burned his boat Burns. All of his ships all of us Barrel out all of his plan to get back to where he came from. He set him on fire so that everybody would have to have the same vision when you’re standing on a foreign land or on a beach. And you just burn your boats. How many know it’s time we’re all going to have to unify and get along? He gave them Vision in a second, and so many people have a bailout plan in light, but they never drive forward and they spend their life sitting by the side of the road and lots of Americans want that now. Bella salt price of War did Lord of handclap. Enough said how about that Batman sets by the road and suddenly he sees encounters Jesus. He has a vision now, but when the store was over, he got off the side of the road and walk down that road. Back to Jericho, a different man, he had fresh Vision at Fresh psych. He had fresh things going on here’s what the scriptures in Proverbs 29:18 says, where there is no vision. The people perish where there is no vision. The people perish, but who keeps the law happy. Is he another version says where there is no vision? Owensboro Church the people cast off restraint they live, however, they want to there’s no prophetic Revelation so that they live like animals. If you will, because if I got no vision, why should I live a certain way? I’Ve got no goal, I’ve got no purpose and I’ve been there. In the past, I’ve been visionless and when I was visionless in life up again to cast off restraint. But whenever up again to identify what God’s Vision was for my life at a brand new way of living. A brand new way of thinking. A brand new way of funneling decisions and I began to see things through future eyes, so powerful, here’s some truth about Vision.
One of the first things I say about vision is vision, changes the way we filter decisions, everybody say Owensboro Church  vision, changes the way we filter decisions. Let’S say it again: vision changes the way we filter decisions. You got no vision, it doesn’t matter what kind of decision you make Pastor John siebeling touched on this this Sunday morning. Nothing matters, I don’t have anything, I’m striving for or pushing for so any decision. I make will be fine, but whenever you get a vision it begins to change the way you filter those decisions. I think about whenever I began to realize the guy that called me to do this. That then,Owensboro Church  I was called to be a pastor or preacher or are traveling Minister, I didn’t know what it was back in the day, but I’ll begin to make decisions differently, and I began to look at things like this. What will get me into God’s plan? For my life quicker and what will keep me from getting to God’s plan for my life tell me know that your decisions determine your destiny. Your decisions determine your destiny. It’S not just fairy dust from Heaven making our decisions for us. Our decisions affect us. There’S a whole book in the Bible called Proverbs that teach us that if we make wise decisions, our life will go up. We make foolish decisions. Our life will go down. Look at your neighbor and say that your decisions are affecting. You just tell him that that they’re affecting it and then end up again to see that I have this new filter for determining my decisions and then I remember I met Jesse and I had a vision, cuz. I wanted her. You know what I’m talking about. I thought that’s the one I want right there I miss young guy, I saw her. You know I thought I’m going to I’m going to marry that woman and I made a decision, Owensboro Church that’s what I was going to do. I determine it in my heart and I went after an upper Suitor and I got her. Somebody give the Lord a hand, clap for that. That’S awesome turn it up the grace of God, because I married married up. I did good it’s the grace of God. Owensboro Church It’S the anointing and the anointing will help you get a spouse, that’s better than you it just will it has that ability just look bad words in Andrew Edwards, and you know that’s true without a shadow of a doubt and it’s just what it is, and I Was standing on the front Road talking to the pastor of the other day, jobs that Matt’s wife, I said yeah, he did the day before, because Jesse talks about how how I prayed you know, I pray that our girls would be pretty and she said you never Prayed for our sons to be good-looking. I said I have to pray for my son’s to be good-looking. Look at the women all of the guys on Stafford Mary. We don’t have it doesn’t matter where that’s nothing, to do with being a man, so I never pray for my son, like that. I said: there’s proof on the stage right now: Matt and Keely right there, so so Vision, Vision. It helps you make decisions and here’s the deal early on I’m this young 20 year old guy in church, and I already had a vision that this is what I want in my life. I want. I want to Jesse, but other girls show up some of the church and I’m a young God, I’m saved I’m 21. It’S not that I’m great or anything it’s just the other guys haven’t got saved yet and I got an advantage in their girls are more sensitive. Owensboro Church The things of God or something they got there quicker than an enemy’s girl, some of them wanted. You know today and some who weren’t even safe. I had gotten some clothes situations, even at a girl knock on my door that lived in my apartment, complex and and herself to me, and I made wise decisions, wife, because I had a vision. What I wanted in my life now me know 15 minutes of fun Owensboro Church Isn’T worth you losing the vision in the purpose that God has for you, learn to see and discern things with two tries and let those things filter through and because of that man, Great and Mighty things will happen. Vision has that power. Second thing Vision. Does his vision is a unifying force? Everybody say Unified, we’re here at the church around a good night vision and that’s that we think we should stop at no cost to win the lost in to see them become devoted followers of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. That’S the heart in the spirit behind this ministry: that’s what we want to do and that purpose that Vision, drawls us and holds us together. Really, I don’t know how to perfectly articulate everything that we do is a church, but I was thinking about it today, and these are the words that came to my mind came to my heart. What I want this church to be is: I want us to be the kind of church that will do whatever it takes. Whatever takes whatever takes to win the Lost whatever it takes to advance the kingdom, what whatever it takes to build stronger Believers, everybody say whatever it takes, and lots of people say that kind of stuff. But we want to model it and live it, and it’s a unifying vision and keeping fresh Vision.

Keep in perspective keeps a person moving forward. It keeps a family moving forward. I believe it keeps a church moving forward. I was raised in the church that believe the Bible was the word of God. They believe the gospel, but somewhere along the way they lost vision of what they really existed for and because I lost vision of what they really existed for things aren’t moving forward. Things are done and they’re down from being back in the day at church of three or four hundred people in a small town to being 30 people in an empty building in a small town where there is no vision, the people perish. I pray the River City Church would always be a place of fresh Vision. I always be a place with the Father’s Heart. Always me a place, that’s pushing forward always be a place that would be whatever it takes kind of place to reach the world for Jesus. If you want that to happen, your go and give the Lord a big hand clap tonight, whatever it takes, amen Vision gives you the ability to push through the hard times. Vision gives you the ability to push through the hard times in life. There’S some rough spots. Man, there’s no other way, you can cut it. Owensboro Church I can tell you something different, but it would be a lie, but Jesus said this that you’re going to have some trouble in this life. You know the world we live in, Fallen and everyday is not a fairytale, but I know this much that every story ends well. If it’s a store in the life live with faith. I believe that it Envision. The psalmist said this. I would have lost heart. I would have quit unless I would have believed that I would see the goodness of God in the land of the living. He had a vision that God was going to do something in his life and because of that he pushed through the hard times. Vision is also what gives the church the ability to change a community. I want to share with you what some of my goals some of what I believe the vision I have for this place is for the next this year. 2012.  Owensboro Church I just want to share with you you’re a leader or volunteering here and you’ve been in one of the leaders meetings. You’Ve heard it already. Let let me help you on how to get the information first River City Church. Do you want to get the information first to River City Church about where we’re going or what we’re doing, join a team and work and serve with us amen? Let me say it again: join the team and working serve with us. Come on you. You have so much more fun. Can you get so much more out of life in the church if you start to serve with us, because Christianity is designed where you don’t get the benefit and you don’t grow until you begin to serve just like that, the greatest of all is serving of all And so some you’ve already heard this, but here’s some of the things I believe in God for the vision I’m praying for what I’m going for number one. Is this I’m believe in God, I’m praying for 1,500 people in our weakened Services by the end of this next year, 1,500 people and always push for four numbers and four more people and some people don’t like that kind of talk. They don’t like you talking about numbers in the church, but we count people because people count and there’s got to be some kind of of metric that you use in a church to find out if things are going well or not, because how many know where spiritual Entity and a lot of things you can’t just put your hand on you know what I mean cuz, Owensboro Church some of your being touched out there by the word. The spirit of God affects you, but we can’t. We don’t know that we’re not living in your skin, but there’s got to be some physical numbers that we look at where we can evaluate. Is this working or not? And if it’s not working, we need to change it, and one of those is people who come so it’s so fifteen hundred people in we can Services. You don’t we believe in telling people, because people count. The scripture show us in the New Testament that the apostles always count of people in the meetings that their numbers all throughout the Book of Acts where they say this many people can they count decisions.
They count people. How many I would like to see us get to 1,500 people worshipping God here with us by the end of this year, MN, so here’s how we get there. We get there about by prayer and believing and recruiting and inviting people in it. Let’S recruiting invite somebody to the house of God coming up this Sunday, you’ve got several days to bring somebody with you. You’Ve got three weekends services that are coming up this Sunday, this coming Sunday so bring somebody with you. Second thing that we’re wanting to do this year is: we want a local TV out of Evansville and just to let you know where we’ve been pushing that way accumulating some equipment. We’Ve got some other needs, but but we’ve done local Access TV and we just see, as as the markets hear some of the channels around the time that you can buy and put a TV show on its really affordable in a market like this, it’s cheaper than Really what you getting a newspaper anything like that, but we want to do that. We want to go to TV they’re, one of the third things we want to do this year. Just am just sharing Vision with you is how many of y’all have a smart phone in your pocket right now raise your hand, you got a smart phone in your pocket. Almost all of us, too, we’re addicted to these things. Man, we look at them all. The time run a lot of Our Lives. They rule us and to think how much time I have in a smartphone today is amazing cuz it just 2003-2004 was when I started carrying a cell phone, but if we’re going to indoctrinated and indoctrinate means to teach or to bring Doctrine to a generation, do you Know where they are there right there right right there. Owensboro Church We won’t have a website that resources you with almost every kind of biblical answer, every kind of teaching in video format. Where somebody has a question for you in the church. You can drive them right to that website there. It is where it’s cool, it’s cutting-edge, he it’s going and this year we’re going to take all of that to a new level where we can reach people right where they are on their phone. Somebody give the Lord of handclap, you think. That’S a good idea. One of the next things that we want to do this year is we’ve had small group systems in the past that haven’t taken off like a rocket yet and we’re going to offer those and we’re looking and finally been searching new ways out to do small groups. A better way more effective way, and so what what we think we’re going to do is we’re going to launch two semesters of small groups this coming year. They’Ll go for about 16 weeks, but the only meet every other week and we’re going to have childcare provided for those where we can form Community Forum relationship where you can get to know each other a little better.

Every other week. I have an opportunity to do that during those semesters. We think that’s important last thing that we want to do this year is we’re going to launch a service, will start with a service in Evansville Indiana as well we’re going to start with a service in Evansville Indiana from from day one when we start a River City Church we’ve always said that we’re not going to be a church in one location, but we’re going to be a multiple Campus Church. We’Re going to be up multiple City Church and if you look National at the churches that are really breaking all of the rules. With soul, winning with multiplication, none of them are in one location that that they they multiply themselves we’re living in America, that s’posed Christian America, Owensboro Church it’s at least Church less Church than it’s ever been before, and churches like ours that have a spirit of faith and a Soul winning momentum. I believe that we have an obligation to multiply ourselves and the Biltmore campuses, more churches, multi-site, launch more churches, plant, more churches, so that America could be evangelize there, they’re calling America the third greatest Mission field on the earth. Now did you know that? Third, greatest Mission field on the earth, the United States of America. We all think it’s like you know 1040 window, which yes, 1040 window. It’S China, it’s America and the best strategy for winning people, churches search. We say that again, an itch churches. Huh to get people save, where do you have to take them so they can grow Church. The strategy guide strategy is always been the church, there’s no other strategy, and so so we’re going to do that and we were in a leaders meeting the other day and mr. Jones was there and y’all give Jones a hand, clap right here, great guy, we’re doing Question and answer – and he says I’ve got I’ve got a comment and I thought I don’t know we’re doing, questions and answers. What what’s it going to say? You know and walk over it and here’s what he said. He said pastor. You were casting vision and you were casting Vision. Well. Why don’t? I just want to tell him what you said. Can you do that? Do that for me, come right down here with you, I’m putting you on the spot, but you can handle it you’re, a big guy who what I said was is, I said you know: Pastor Ricky, like I said you were cast and vision and when you said You know we’re going to put 1500 to the doors on Sunday.

I was like right on man, I’m on board, that’s great, Owensboro Church and then you said you know. I was just TV series great I’m on board man, that’s awesome, let’s go and then he said we’re to start campus and Evansville. I said: wait a minute come over like that one. You know what I really fought over for a couple of days, and God laid on my heart that you know Brian and his wife have done so much for me and my family through his ministry, and I brought me so much closer to the Lord. Why would I not want to take that elsewhere and share it? So as we as we go forward with these Visions, let’s do it as a group and it’s all be on board. Let’S all support this thing and let’s not be selfish, but share what we this. We all think this is Greg who thinks this is great place, so, let’s just all get on board and share the love. Thank you bro. I appreciate y’all, give him a hand, clap listen. Owensboro Church The way we’re going to start that we’re going to start it on on Sunday nights in the fall and what will be preaching here, we’re going to be doing 3 Services here on Sunday morning, we’ll launch a night service there and start getting people from Evansville. But but I’ve heard people say like to me: we don’t want to lose your something like that and I’m going to stay. Owensboro Church the pastor of both of these Church campuses and a lot of people aren’t familiar with those kind of models. But but there’s a couple things. I want to say to you first cuz you’re, the core group here and that is than my spirit. My heart will be with Owensboro with with both of these campuses. I love this church and I’m going to be here, I’m The Shepherd of this place, and but I’ve got I’ve got an ethical obligation to multiply with the church can do. If it’s just me till I’m done till I die it’s just me. You know what I’m saying and if I don’t train or raise up anybody else, I will failed when I step out of this world and so they’ll, be some other people helping me communicated times. What will y’all release me for that, where I can help raise up? Another generation – listen, some people are like this week. Will you know we just want to hear you would just listen? I’M not I’m not all that. I’M not that cool! I’M not that good! It’S that there are other people that can speak the word of God to get to with other personalities that have other giftings as well. I’M still going to Shepherd this house, a model that you can look at is like Hillsong Center National model, Pastor, Brian Houston started at church now, there’s campus is all over the place and he preaches at that church still about 60% of the time, but but It and I’ll still preach it. Both of these will do.
Video campuses also will do some team teaching when the time comes, but that’s all down the road I just want to. Let you know what it’s going to look like a little bit and they are Vision. Doesn’T stop at Evansville there’s lots of small towns around that have no life getting Spirit-filled witness MN they’re sitting the Harvest is plentiful. Some of y’all live in towns like that right now. Owensboro Church That’S why you come here to Owensboro the church, because there’s nothing there, that they has pet Spirit-filled Edge in a modern way, and you drive here and what some guys are finding that works so well, is they send good worship into a town like that? They have a campus pastor and then they do video services and some people think it can’t work. Listen. I know a guy in rural Arkansas that he’s got like seven different locations in the middle of nowhere, where it, where their churches are swelling, souls are being one and it’s all video campuses driven right in there with a local pastor. With with a campus Pastor the sky’s, the limit in the technology age – and we intend to utilize all of those things and push forward the kingdom of God, these are some of the places we’re going. We just wanted to share them with you tonight. I want to do this. I want us to pray together as a church over what God’s called us to do. So if you would stand up on your feet tonight, distant up on your feet tonight we’re going to pray together as a church that God would see these things to pass, see these things to pass. Let let let us pray together and this the service sitting over. Yet we we got a few more things to take care of after we pray. Let us pray father in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We pray over the vision we pray over. What God’s called us to do? Lord? We thank you that that we’re place of fresh Vision we’re place of real purpose. Lord Weir Place. That’S all about touching and reaching and loving people. So, Lord, we pray that you would help us do that at a better rate at a better way this year than we ever have before. We think you that the anointing of God is on us Lord, to reach people and to love people and a blessed people, and I pray for that Spirit of multiplication, roll the. We would multiply what you’ve given us, not not just here, Owensboro Church but but all over the world, father locally and other cities also through our missions, are also through through media through every area. Lord, we want to multiply. We want to seek and to save that which is lost, so are we lift up holy hands? Owensboro Church  We ask you to anoint this team to anoint this church to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ever ask or think you’re going to do it through us. What we believe that we are your hands? We are your eyes, we are your mouthpiece and Lord. We believe that acts 9:31 is happening, that the churches of all Judea, Galilee and Samaria have peace and ratified walking in the fear of the Lord. In the comfort of the Holy Spirit, they were multiplied multiply. The work Save The Lost Lord change the world through us, this local church. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the church said: amen, amen, amen,