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You got your bobbling, you tonight go ahead and open it up to the Book of Matthew, we’re going to go to the Book of Matthew and we’re going to begin reading in One Moment In Matthew, chapter 14 and verse, 22 Matthew, chapter 14 and verse 22, and I just I just want to call this call this teaching tonight. I want to call it a road trip, everybody say: oh road trip or are you could title it this? If you wanted to say I’m on a boat, you can say I’m on a boat. That’S a good name to I’m On A Boat, and this is a story of one of the toughest moments in Jesus’s life on this Earth. Owensboro Church Short of his crucifixion want to probably the most painful moments of his life and one of the points that’s minister to me. When I read through the gospels, I’ve been I’ve been reading through the gospels right now, I’m reading through the gospels there’s there’s an app Bible app made by Life Church Out in Oak City. Anybody got YouVersion the Bible app on your iPhone. If you don’t y’all to download it, it’s free and it’s got so many different sins of the Bible, also different studies that you can do on there and there’s been millions of downloads of this app up to this point – and I was in a meeting with the pastor Of Life church it’s the largest church now in in America, and I think at times it’s got many different campuses, but one of the weekends that that I was with him that weekend they had sixty thousand people in attendance at their campuses in America. That’S amazing! Isn’T it 60 thousand people in their campuses and they created this app? Somebody in the church came up with the app a tech guy did and a company that evaluates technology. Just came in one local church came up with this app, they evaluated the app and they said that the app was worth like. Owensboro Church 1.1 billion dollars is the price tag they put on the technology that that one local church put together. That’S incredible and it 1.1 billion dollars that many downloads in the earth – and so I’m doing right now, reading through the New Testament in 30 days reading through the New Testament in 30 days and if you all to get a daily Bible reading plan like that. But here’s here’s here’s the setting it in Matthew, chapter 14, what’s been happening. Alright John, the Baptist was Jesus’s cousin and also a dear friend to Jesus gets himself but headed through his preaching and through his prophetic Ministry. He goes before Herod and Herod. He is is sleeping with somebody, he shouldn’t be sleeping with and John the Baptist calls it out and says it publicly and people get angry and this man had great political power. He had the power to see to it. The John the Baptist would be beheaded and that’s exactly what happened so there’s Ministry friend of Jesus, the news comes to him that the guy’s dead that that he’s been behead it that his head was served up on a platter. They’Ve had the burial, it’s been a tough time, and he knows his friends did also the man that baptized him on the earth. His 4Runner been cut off. Owensboro Church It’S been taken so Jesus withdrawals himself to a place to get along, and is anybody out there ever just needed to be alone? It’S like I need out of here for a moment. I need to be alone well. Jesus is here he’s fully God and fully Man. Part of the mystery of God, coming to the earth is, fully God fully man he’s touched in in in every area, just like we are in so he’s hurting. He feels your pain, he’s feeling pain at this point, the loss of a friend. He tries to withdrawal to be alone, but the Bible says that the multitude comes and they find him the sick that hurting they gather to Jesus because they want to be ministered to,Owensboro Church  and I think about it in Ministry. At times there days that are tough life. Can be tough at days even outside of ministry? You know we live in a fallen world, it’s a crash Zone. Sometimes you wake up in life, everything’s great and then the curve ball comes at you in at noon. Your world just fell apart. Jesus is having one of these days trying to get a loan and be by himself, but the crowd keeps coming cuz. That’S the nature. Of fallen World System people need so much help there so broken, there’s so much pain they keep coming regardless. If you’re, having the worst day of your life, had days like that, where it’s been terrible slight, my legs are cut out from under me and here still there’s people that need Ministry. They need help, they need prayer, they need this and you just have to deal with it and Jesus did that Bible says he had compassion on the people that came to him. He healed the sick and he ministered there that day. Finally, after that, he breaks bread and he doesn’t Miracle multiplication and he feeds thousands of people and now the sun’s going down this is over. He sends the people away. He sends his disciples away. That brings us to Matthew chapter 14 and verse 22. If you’re there tonight go ahead and say here’s what it says, I’ll meet Allah Jesus made his disciples get into the boat and go before him to the other side, Owensboro Church while he sent them altitudes away and we need seen them altitudes away. He went up on the mountain by himself to pray now. When evening came, he was alone there, but the boat was now in the middle of the sea, tossed by the waves for the wind was contrary now. The Fourth Watch of the night Jesus went to them walking on the sea and when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying it is a ghost they tried out for fear, but immediately Jesus spoke to them saying be of good cheer. It is, I do not be afraid, Owensboro Church Peter answered him and said Lord, it is it. Is you command me if it is you command me to come to you on the water, so he said come and when Peter come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus, but when he saw that the wind and was boisterous, He was afraid and beginning to sink.

He cried out saying Lord save me and immediately Jesus stretched out his hand and called him and said to him. Oh you of little faith. Why did you doubt them and they got into the boat? The wind ceased, then, those who were in The Boat came and worship him plain. Truly, you are the Son of God hears the first thing that Jesus does on this story. He sends his disciples away, he gets done ministering, he does his thing, he sends away and he tells them. I want you to go to the other side of the sea. Here, go to the other side of the Sea of Galilee. He sends them away. Sometimes it’s a good idea just to send everybody away. Somebody say Amen to that. I mean we’ve got. We got 3 kids right now under the age of 7. Owensboro Church I remember I was hanging out the other other night. You know Jesse and I, but we do love being together we’re together a time we work together, live together, have kids together been together, 14 years and and I’m there at night the other night and do the kids go to bed and Jesse looks up at me And she says: are you going to the gym tonight and I’ve liked will. Do you want me to go to the gym tonight? She’S like yeah, I want you to go to the gym. Tonight. Invites me out and here’s the deal she wanted an hour apiece him out. There ever won an hour apiece. Sometimes I, like I love you, but I want you to go somewhere else right now. Can you could you do that you’re, my favorite person the world, but I just want to be alone right now. Could you do that? So Jesus does that he sends them. He says going over and that’s alright alright to do that. Show me you don’t act like you, don’t know. If that’s alright, I think it’s alright see it was alright, for Jesus got to be all right for us. A man see since he says, go to the other side of of the see, that’s where he sends him and he goes alone and he prays for a moment of time. He’S praying and they’re going across the sea and they take out and they get halfway across the sea, Jesus’s up on the hill pray and here’s something I want you to know. These are disciples who are some somewhere by Jesus. I’M going to tell you. We are disciples who have been sent somewhere by Jesus, everybody say I’m a disciple now say: I’m a sent disciple. Let’S say it again: I’m a scent disciple one more time, I’m a scent disciple. So where are scent disciple, all you got to do is read Matthew. Owensboro Church Chapter 28 – and you know we’re all sent and the mission is to rescue the entire world. You’Ve been sent somewhere, whether you realize it or not. If you call on the name of Jesus, you are a scent disciple, we’ve all got gifts, we’ve all got, calling we’ve all got something to do on the earth. We are a team, we’ve been called together and we’ve all been sent. These guys have been since they get out on the sea and maybe for a moment, it’s smooth sailing and everything’s perfect. Maybe it wasn’t, but I know when they get out there after a while, the Bible says that the wind became contrary to them. Do you know even if you’re sent somewhere, even if God’s called you to do something, even if God’s a sign something for you to do in life, there’s still going to be days that the wind is going to be contrary to you. Do recognize that everyday the wind won’t be on your back every day. It won’t be wonderful everyday. It won’t be, like your life theme, songs, pumping in the background and everything’s working just right, Owensboro Church there’s some days where the wind skit in the face somebody say men out there tonight I mean you know they’re just days like that. It was like that, for these disciples, they’ve been sent somewhere, Jesus told them to go and then stuff got tough, s’matter fact: the Bible recordes that the waves got high but the boat started rocking. Then it got so rough out there on the see that these guys get scared for their life. Sometimes you can be in the midst of the call of God, and still things get so rough to win get so contrary the boat starts. Owensboro Church Rocking everything looks like it’s falling apart and you’re still smack dab in the middle of God’s call for your life, lots of people think if I’m in God’s call everything’s going to be easy. It’S all going to be perfect. You know all the doors are going to open. You ever hear. People pray like this well got to open the right doors. You ever hear. People say that well, maybe you’re called to kick a few doors open when y’all are quiet tonight. So weird in here, what’s wrong are y’all on something. What’S the deal tonight, huh come on. Look at your neighbor say it’s alright. We were all right tonight come on in here with me. Owensboro Church So it’s it’s it’s it’s like it’s! So many people there like hey. If it, if it doesn’t come to pass it, when God’s will forget, if it gets tough, it wasn’t God’s will will, I think, sometimes the winds, just contouring people check out quick, because here in the world we live in the winds going to be contrary at times. Here’S why but the world is broken.

There’S a Fallen World system that we live in right now and what you see around us is not all the kingdom of God. People think the will of God is always done. I say to you that rarely the will of God is done in the earth. That’S why it says we got to pray that will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. The wind gets contrary at times, and you got to keep rolling. You got to keep going, you could still be absolutely smack dab in the center of the will. Of God see, the world system doesn’t like the direction that God sent us number one, because the World Systems the Fallen system what’s in the world is the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. It does not like kingdom of God, values done like what you’re made out of done like what the word says. Don’T like that attitude doesn’t take long to notice that what the Worlds made out of runs opposite to what the word is made out of turn on the news. Look at the temperature look at the temperature in America right now. Owensboro Church The it’s open season on Christians, especially Evangelical Christians, to like a person that believes Jesus is the answer in your vocal about it. You are, you: are Public Enemy Number One right now, it’s just the way it is see the winds. Contrary doesn’t like your message. He likes everything that that it’s about the lust of the eyes. Do you like the way it looks? You can have it the lust of the flesh if it feels good, do it the pride of life man is the centerpiece of the world, so the winds. Contrary. Second reason to win gets contrary as this, because, where is the devil that fights against people who been sent? There is a devil that fights against people who been sent. The Bible teaches this Matthew, 16:18 Jesus said I will build my church and the Gates of Hell will not Prevail against it. So if we’re people who’ve been sent were living sent every day, you wake up and you press your coffee at the gates of hell. It’S the way it is. You get up your cook in your eggs in the Gates of Hell or ride over here, and they don’t like what you’re doing so. The Devil comes at you to discourage you to stop you to make you quit, make you let lay down. Make you check out disenfranchised. Make you back off from the things of God, make you get angry with people around. You make a check out over nothing and a try to get you to tap out. Why? Because the wind? It gets contrary, but I’ve got good news for you, even if the wind feels contrary, Owensboro Church even if it feels like you’re not moving forward in this story. These disciples are struggling and Jesus is only Hill and he’s watching and he’s praying he’s up there Winn-Dixie on under that seat and gods. I’Ll never goes away from you, no matter what it feels like right now, you are not alone, you are not by yourself, God is with you he’s, for you is not going to abandon you if he sent you he’s coming to rescue you just hold on. It’S only going to take him home Bible says that Jesus takes off their out there struggling in the water. When there’s been days, I felt like I’m just struggling in the water when I’m going. Nowhere now woken up at times. I’Ve looked at the last few months of my life and I feel like for the last few months or the last whatever I don’t feel like. I’Ve made any forward progress and anytime. You feel like that. I want to know Jesus and still watching, and then he doesn’t watch for long. He starts walking, he watches any walks and he walks out on the water, and the Bible says that they’re fighting this thing out there on the water and the scripture says in the fourth watch. Everybody said the fourth watch in the Fourth Watch. He comes walking to them in the night. It’S interesting that it’s it’s the fourth watch, it’s not the first of the 2nd or the 3rd when it be great. It came on the first watch every time, never like that in my life, by the way, whenever I really need God to do something drastically for me, or let me say it like this, I think I need God to do something drastically for me, I’m not always Right about what I think I need he’s always right, but I think he needs to do it right now. He almost never shows up the first time. I think I need and have to have him right now. Buddy God is never early. Owensboro Church It’S been my experience in Christianity, but thank God, he’s never been laid either amen. I’Ve rarely seen him be early, I’m in a few times, but but it’s been few and far between, but he’s never late. Either, there’s been times it’s just like. I need God to do something. It’S been times. I’Ve walked around for months. Thinking, in the back of my mind, will they said I might have cancer set it. I don’t know whether the right or not the word says it’s not right, and I want to believe that I’m going to believe that, but then he always shows up. He never leaves you hanging. He always shows up. He came on the fourth watch. There’S been times here, listen what we we’ve needed. We there’s been times the passwords like. I need money.

If I ever needed money out there come on, I don’t all of you. Come a lift your hand, you of all needed money before it’s like I need. I need money, it doesn’t matter if it’s or ,000 how many know if you need it and you don’t have it matters to you, doesn’t it’s big.. It’S like I need money. There’S been times has been big bills to pay, and I haven’t seen it number to tell you it’s right up to the wire on the fourth watch, but this church has never been late, paying a bill it in almost 10 years of ministry. Now somebody give God a hand, clap not not one time never been late. He’S he’s always come through. He comes walking on the water on the fourth watch. These guys see him coming. Owensboro Church They seem coming to him in the Bible, says that some of them cry out when they see him coming there, that they don’t know what the deal is, play the crowd and they say it’s a ghost see they believe because of a lot of their folklore. In that hour, that the ghosts would come up and if the ghost would would hang out on the water out there, they saw him, and I thought it was a ghost. They start. They start to scream and Peter cries out their own. This boat trip and they’re going somewhere and Peter cries out, and he says Lord. If it’s you bid me to come out on the water, now love what he says. He doesn’t say anything except one where he says everybody say says this. He says it’s. It’S me. I’M here – and he says Lord, if you, if you want me to come, let me come and he says he just says: come and so Peters, the first guy everybody else is freaked out. Peter sees him on the water and he says man. I want to walk on the water with Jesus and then Peter jumps out of that boat and he starts walking on the water towards Jesus Angie’s, walking to Jesus Jesus said to him come. I want you to know that God wants you to live a life where, instead of going under over the things that that are swarming your life and coming at you, he wants you to walk up on top of that thing. They do you to be afraid up, and his word to you tonight is come. This thing is not going to consume you. This thing is not going to take you under you’re not going to drown on this water. You are a child of God and you were designed to walk on this water and overcome this water and God just says, come to you so no matter what it is. If you say man, I’m going to drown in this debt, I’m going to drown in this relationship. Owensboro Church I think I’m drowning in the sickness. God says no you’re not going under you’re going to go over it you’re going on top of it you’re going to walk on it. Cuz you tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means shall harm you. So he says come and now it takes the step of Faith Peter steps up. Can you imagine steps right off of that boat and he starts walking on water? Here’S ears the lesson he gets out on the water and he’s hanging out on the water and then after awhile, the Bible says he quits looking at Jesus, he starts looking at the wind starts. Looking at the waves starts, looking at all the other stuff. All of the how many looks at the issues – and he focuses on that all the sudden Peter starts sinking he sinks down in the water and he cries out to Christ rescue me and he does what he always does he reach his write down any grabs him. He rescues him, he pulls him up in a second and then it’s like what. Why did you doubt they all get in the boat? In the moment the Jesus gets in the boat with them. The Bible says the wind, the wind, it stops. They get where they’re going cuz when Jesus is in the boat man, it doesn’t matter, what’s been thrown at you if the game is already won a meant. It’S one. Here’S what I want to say to you tonight, man. I want you to focus on the promise of God, the word of God, Owensboro Church where he says, come instead of the wind instead of the wave instead of the trouble instead of the stuff around June. That’S what your focus has to be in the word of God to you is come he’s already sent you to the other side. It’S already had you out. There he’s already come to you he’s with you, he’s never going to leave you as never forsook you, even if you were in that in that weird moment where you felt like you were all alone. Owensboro ChurchYou got out on the water and I’m going to tell you. Jesus doesn’t want you just to live in the boat. He wants you to walk on the water. Want you to live by faith. What God wants to do in this church is he wants to inject in the arm of all of our people alive style of radical Faith? Where were water walking people we’re not just people that stay in the boat, because everybody else stayed in the boat? The boats very comfortable, if you notice that man we got boats with great seats, we got boats that have have reclining seats. You can plug in your headphones. You can hang in there stairs, there’s a TVs in the front headrest of most every boat, to keep you in your seat. Owensboro Church Every house in America has a giant the the couches the boat. By the way, do you know that the American couch is the boat that keeps us from walking on water cuz? We can give 28 hours a week to the television, but we can’t developing something future nor life or help it in the church or anything else. Averaging average American 4 hours of TV a day sounds like a boat done. It stay on your couch watch your TV, you know, that’s, that’s! That’S the spirit of the age. Take. Take your take your nerve pill. Just hang out right there and be comfortable you’ll sit there till you die and I’ll come and bury him now say: here’s Bobby out of nice TV praise God, what’s the 28 hours a week, Bob’s in heaven, so now it’s time to read the 23rd psalm and Sing Amazing Grace and we can all go home. Bob’S dead done all day that I’ll be nice. It’S your funeral! I love your children, man. My wife should have came tonight, praise the Lord there’s so many things the boats comfortable in it comfortable just existing just just life so comfortable and it’s a trap. We’Ve all fallen into it, a season at one time or another. Owensboro Church I know I have just complacent going through the motions living my life doing my thing: can’t wait to get home and check out and that boat just keeps you there, but then there’s some guys that come along like Peter every now and then and Peter’s like listen.

I’M going to live life and I’m going to live it loud. Now, I’m not going to stay in this boat, I’m not going to die here, my my Tombstone it and go to say men Peter he had a nice TV. My Tombstone is going to say Peter. He established the church, he he he he helped become delete, Apostle or Rome. He care he preached Jesus. He brought along a next-generation, he did something worth doing in life. Peter was a water walking guy now I’d some guys will get out on the water and even mess up and sync it to Aunt appreciate the fact that they got out of the boat at all here you’re, a group of people on Wednesday night we’re going to Get out of the boat and we’re not not going to live in that thing, we’re going to do something worth doing. Let’S make it come on. Let’S give the Lord of strong hand, clap together, hey man get out there and do something. Here’S the thing we’re we’re! We’Re all set we’re all on a trip just like these guys were across water across life, and the gold was this when the world for Jesus, and sometimes you get on this boat, and so many people they have the right idea. Wrong idea with the boat was going to look like lot of the world, thinks the boat that the Jesus boat, that it’s really like a luxury Cruise liner. It’S all about you and being served and getting what you want, and the kingdom of God is some of great things happening. Owensboro Church How many are God’s got the blesses us amen, He blesses us, but the rest of the story has blessed us to be a blessing. So, instead of it being a cruise boat, all the time now they’re seasons of vacation, it happens about a week against that’s when it happens, but more than more than he wants to create a luxury cruise, but we’re all riding on. Owensboro Church He wants to trade a battleship with a group of people that same and we’re here to do something with our time or resources and help take back falling humanity and the push back the kingdom of darkness. Now, on a pass for group, the people that realize that it’s not just a cruise ship, but it’s a battleship and we’re here to seek and save that which was lost. And if you want bail out or freak out because you hadn’t gotten to the other side. Yet there are good things to come with so many people that get in the boat and they’re, not what I thought they would be in 10 minutes. So the check out the hit the escape hatch and they make it out, and I miss all the blessing that miss all the good stuff. But the scripture says he if we don’t grow weary in well-doing that will reap in the future. If we faint not, I believe that all of you are going to read in the future you’re going to get to the other side you’re going to make it across the water and you’re going to reap the benefit of the kingdom of God. Owensboro Church Somebody say Amen to that. Let me pray for you. Would you stand up on your feet tonight, I’m going to pray for you tonight. I want to pray for you in the boat. I want to pray, you get exactly where you’re going exactly where God sent you. You don’t bail out, you, don’t quit, you don’t stop, but you make it to the other side you’re going to make it to the other side. Just Close Your Eyes For One Moment in the presence of God close your eyes, some you may want to lift a hand to heaven. Show me some of your specialist I passed Ronnie time, I’m just a little tired of rowing little bored with the boat looks a little tired or Roland come on keep keep moving forward, just lift up a hand. I believe I believe this will refresh from Spirits. It’S going to time of refreshing, she won’t come from the presence of the Living God right now. I speak over my brothers and sisters, and I declare tonight in the name of Jesus, that a wind of refreshing that help from Heaven that that another flow would come to them to help from the Throne of God that it would flow into the midst of their Life, Owensboro Church I declare Lord that we’ve been sent to to a place of your calling and it seems to take into helping to heal the world and learn as we go on this journey. I believe your spirit goes with us.

Your word is in us. I believe that we never grow weary in well-doing. I believe it even though some people are close to the Fourth Watch. They are not alone. I believe that you’re walking to them on the water you I’m watching, you never left them. Nor did you ever forsake them, but you’re here now declared that you’re calling them even now and your bidding them come. You say unto them come come come and I declare that there, Water, Walkers but they’re not going to just live doing the same thing again and again, but that they’re people of great faith. I declare that they’re not sight people but their faith people. I declare that they’re not moved by this world. There only moved by the word of their Foundation is everything you’ve spoken with the word: it’s a lamp unto them and a light into them, and they look for nothing else to lead them. I say that they get to the other side with you. I declare you’re in the boat with them. You’Ve got them on the water and you’re, taking them to the other side, safe passage to the other side favor for the journey. How to clear over your life. I believe that all these things are happening and that you’re helping my brothers and my sisters in the name of Jesus cast of Nazareth. I pray to the sound of my voice tonight and you say Pastor I’m in here and I’m not right with Jesus. Maybe maybe you were once upon a time or maybe you’ve, never call River’s name of got good news for you. Owensboro Church The good news is this: is the Christ died for you on the cross? The Bible says, if you’ll repent of your sins and call on his name. You’Ll be forgiven: do you think about the Christ on the cross? Maybe you’ve seen the movie The Passion or you’ve seen a crucifix? What you’ve seen is an artistic rendition of the Son of God nailed to a tree nail do that tree so that we might be forgiven. That’S what the cross is all about, God loved the world so much. He loved you so much that the Son of God was nailed to that tree so that all of our sins will be placed upon him. The scripture says it will repent of our he’s already taken and it’s been nailed to the tree and then we will be pronounced. Not guilty will be right with God will have a home in heaven, not in hell. Do you need to do that tonight? If you need to repent of your sins and call on his name play count to three, I want you just to lift your hand up right where you are, I want to lead you in a prayer, I’m not going to embarrass you or do anything like that. I’M just going to pray with you tonight, just lift up your hand and right where you are and I’m going to pray with you. One don’t put it off to this. Is your momma 3 just lift up lift up your hand. Owensboro Church I see that hand right there. Anyone else I’ve got one more moment for you, Pastor, pray for me. I see that hand right there. Owensboro Church Anyone else. I’Ve got one more moment. I see that hand. I see that hand right there. Anyone else. I’Ve got one more moment for you to Pastor pray. For me, pray with me pray with me, pray with me. I need I need. I need to get connected to Jesus. Anyone else have got one more moment or I let lets play with them. Church pray out loud right where you are: let’s pray with them tonight and help me connect with God, pray loud enough. I will give you words to prank your going to give it to me in, and I want you to pray loud enough that you can hear yourself talk out loud we’re going to talk to God. Just say this to him say they say father, I’m a sinner! I’Ve lived for myself, I’ve done my own thing and tonight I Repent of my sins. I turn from my sin to Jesus, I believe, on his death on his burial on his resurrection. For my salvation come into my heart. Owensboro Church Save me. Forgive me a Bola declare that Jesus is Lord in Jesus, mighty name, amen, amen, amen, come on. Let’S give the Lord yeah. It’S awesome, see people get right with God, I’m so glad you’re here,