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Alright, let’s give Jesus one more hand. Clap in the house today got some important things coming up. Church number one we got Say Yes to the Dress, which is going to be an illustrated message. It’Ll start in 2 weeks, this place to look like a giant wedding and, ladies, are not going on a mis-hit husband’s you’re not going to want to miss it as well, Owensboro Church because we are corporately the bride of Christ, everybody say I’m the bride and there’s some things. We have to say no to and some things we have to say yes to to become everything that Jesus wants us to be it’s going to be so much fun. Also this next week we’re changing our service times we’re going to have 3 new services, and you saw the times up there and yeah y’all y’all are fired up about it, and this service is really reached. What we know it is kind of a capacity issue. You can get some more people in here in India with an Indian India. You can get thousands of people in here, but Americans we’re not going to set that close to you. You know, I don’t want you to my bubble, so here’s the deal they’re going to be 8:309:45 and 11:11, so you can pick some of you going to go to 945. Some of you want to go to 11:11 and we’re making room for people that want to be a part of our church amen. How many think it’s important to make room?
It is and here’s one of the guys that one of the things he teaches all over the Earth is about making room. He teaches pastors this. We had. We have a special guest Pastor, John siebeling, here from the Life Church of Memphis, and I went down to a Pastors conference. He had or or a pastor’s coaching Network for about 5 months in a row 1 day a month about a year-and-a-half ago, and it was such a blessing to me his story is he Pioneer to church in Memphis 15 years ago and that church in the first 5 years it went from 0 to 200 in the next 5 years. It went from 200 to 1000, and in The Last 5 Years it went from 1000 to 6000 people worse than the Lord together in Memphis Tennessee what.Owensboro Church these guys are accomplishing is amazing. I believe that there he’s a Statesman and a guy that God sent to to speak life into us and help us see where God wants to take us, but I also this last weekend I heard their salvation numbers decisions in one week was like 210 people one Week for locations all of their services at amazing, it’s an honor to have you come on. Y’All, get Pastor, John a big hand, clap as it comes come on Church. Oh yeah, we’re glad you’re here, Pastor, one more one more thing to say about: pastor. Pastor! John! Is Pastor, John, is at he’s a Louisiana boy, he’s an LSU fan and there would be no / the weekend to have him. Then, whenever we played LSU at basketball, amen, somebody say: go cats. I didn’t know we had a basketball team at all that we have a basketball team, evidently not you’re right how’s, everybody doing today, but that’s a long walk from there all the way up here I would have ran, but I’d be out of breath, and I would Have jumped, but I’m afraid of falling my face and in front of everybody’s Alright good today and buddy happy to be here. I am a Louisiana Bar graduated from LSU and lived in. I come by at honest. I graduate I’m a graduate of LSU, I’m not a fair-weather fan through thick and thin humiliating losses, it’s a great victories, but I live in Memphis now so hello from Memphis Tennessee, and it’s great to be here my first time in Owensboro what a great community that You have really coolest treat in an honor for me to be here. Owensboro Church You are blessed by having some great pastors that lead. You Pastor, Brian and Pastor Jesse, and it’s amazing. You know I was thinking when I was sitting down there, that you know this is how God does things he takes a couple like like Brian and Jesse, and he plants them in the middle of a community like Owensboro nnn. God sends someone world-class literally that’s the kind of spirit that they have. They have a world-class spirit and plants right in the middle here in Owensboro to build a world-class Church really – and I have the opportunity in the privilege and the honor to travel in to speak. A different churches, I do have a great home church and that’s where my heart is this, where I want to be, but I have the opportunity because of calling to be in different settings – and I have to tell you you know you’re in the middle of it. Every day or every weekend, but you are a part of an amazing Church of this is a world-class Church such a spirit of excellence in this place – and I think a lot of, thank God for our pastors Pastor, Brian and faster Jesse and they’re awesome people great Great people me: we stayed up late last night, laughing and joking and having fun and and uh. So it’s really really awesome to be here

. What’S 11:11 about, they came out you’re blaming somebody else for that. Okay, 11 hear something amazing, there’s a scripture that that we have held onto since we started the church. Proverbs 11 11, which says this by the blessing of the upright a city, is exalted. So, let’s just claim that that’s what 11:11 stands for and I’ll take the credit for it then Proverbs. 11. 11. Oh here’s! What it means when we bless our city, the Bible says: God will lift our city. That’S what exalt means by the blessing of the upright anybody, do we have the up right here today by the blessing of the upright of city, is exalted not just blessing with our words but blessing with our thoughts and blessing with our hands, but it is blessed With our words, we believe, in speaking a blessing, stop that we were just pray. You know what I want to do. I want to pray right now and dedicate next weekend huge weekend for the church. As you add another service, I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen, you’ll be amazed, but the church will just shoot up and grow through adding another service of giving another opportunity for people to come, and I just want in Courage some of you two to The kind of being to be missionaries and go to that Proverbs, 11, 11 service or or go go, go to the early service. What is it going to be 8:30? I think next week, 8:30, 945, 11:11 and just make that commitment and maybe for some of you, Owensboro Church it’s a it’s a chance to do a little double dipping in and serve in one service and and then attend phone service or serve one service. How about this? Here’S an idea serve the 8:30 service back in the nursery at be awesome and then come to the 945 service and the 11:11 service just to help build the church and bring some momentum for the for the church for the next few months have to be an Awesome idea, but if we just bless our city right now and dedicate are three services can we do? That is that okay, we do that for next weekend. Would you just lift your hands with you or going to speak a blessing over Owensboro this region right now, father? We thank you for Proverbs. 11 11 by the blessing of the upright of city is lifted, a city’s exalted. We bless our city right now. We bless Owensboro and all of these communities and Lord this region and father God. We bless this church River City Church with thank you for expansion, Lord. We thank you that your enlarging us and we prayed and dedicate these three services next weekend. 8:30. 945. 11:11. Let it be a blessed day and the start, the beginning, the launch of a whole new season, we pray and we bless call in Jesus name and everybody said: amen, come on great great to be a part of a church that is on the move.
Once I grab your Bibles and turnover with me the book of Genesis, I want to talk about having a dream for your life, want to talk about, Owensboro Church having a vision about being a person of vision and being a person that dreams, everybody say dream. You know the Bible says in Proverbs 29:18 without a vision the people perish. That word means to die. So we know that if we don’t have a vision, we’re not going to die physically, but how many of you know something on the inside dies when you don’t have something that you’re living for one translation says without a vision the people cast off restraint. So guess what Vision it has this restraining Force about it? It restrains us – and it motivates Us in it – compels us to reach for big things in our life, and I just think what a great time of year, the beginning of the year, come on ahead and given up on 2012. Yet have you were only 30 days in great year ahead? It’S a great time to sort of refreshing stir up the vision in our heart of the dream, in our heart, for what we’re believe in God to do, and I think some people when you talk about Vision, they you know they get a little intimidated by that Word, but you know vision is simply. This vision is a picture of a preferable future and I think we ought to have a vision for a family. I think I have a vision for our finances. I think we oughta have a vision for a career for what we feel like. I wants us to do with our life and and and something that compels us and drives our life for when I want to take just a few minutes this weekend and talk about, Owensboro Church I think, probably one of the greatest dreamers in the Bible. A man named Joseph, a young man, only 17 years old who, who received a vision, a Dream from God and just learn some things from his life and just talk a little bit about dreaming everybody with me. So listen to Genesis. 37. Here’S what it says verse to this is the account of Jacob Joseph song. Man of 17 was tending the flocks with his brothers, the sons of Bill hon, the sons of zilpah, his father’s wives, and he brought their father a bad report about them. So some people say Joseph was a tattletale does now Israel or Jacob, who was his daddy love Joseph more than any of his other Sons, because he had been born to him in his old age.

Animator richly ornamented robe for him when is Brother’s, saw that their father loved him more than any of them. They hated him and could not speak a kind word to him. Joseph had a dream and what you told it to his brothers. They hated him all. The more he said to them. Listen to this dream. I had we were binding, sheaves of grain out in the field when suddenly my she froze and stood upright your seeds gathered around mine and bow down to it. How many minutes not a great way to endear your brothers? They already hate you and you give him a vision of their life and yours, his brother said to him: do you intend to Reign Over Us? Will you actually rule us and they hated him all? Owensboro Church the more because of his dream and what he’d said then he had another dream and he told it to his brothers. Listen. He said I I had another dream in this time: the sun and moon and Eleven stars were bowing down to me when he told his father as well as his brothers. His father would beat them and said: what is this dream you had? Will your mother and I and your brothers actually come and bow down to the ground before you? His brothers were jealous of him, but his father kept the matter in my probably one of the greatest stories in the Bible that Joseph store, I love is one of my favorite takes up a third of the Book of Genesis all about this young man who had A dream and the dream drove his life anime been some time before you, since you read the Joseph story, so I thought I’d just give you just a quick snapshot, quick overview of Joseph life. You dream the dreaming, then there was a day when his brothers were out taking care of all of the family. You know animals in and Jacob set Joseph to go check on his on his brothers, and so he was coming and while he was a long way off, they saw him and they said him comes at Dreamer and they hatched this whole plan to do actually take His life to murder him and room in the firstborn, the one with a sort of the sense of responsibility in his life, Owensboro Church said no, let’s not killing, let’s just throw them down into the pit. When you read this story of Joseph, it’s amazing that his life seems to be defined by series of events. That begin with the letter P and the first one was the Petty’s thrown down into the pit, and it then the brother sit down to eat it. A turkey sandwich – and they see these slave Traders coming in they decide. Let’S get a little money out of this and they sell him he’s taking down to Egypt and he is sold as a slave to a man named powder for second P that defines Joseph life. In Potiphar’s house he serves so well. He has so much favor and he’s so anything he touches his successful that he’s he’s raised up and he’s promoted as second-in-command and Potiphar’s house. In fact, the Bible says: potiphar didn’t even care anything about the things that Joseph had his hands too, because he knew it would be done. Well, that’s this testimony, but Potiphar’s wife had a little something for Joseph. He was in the house one day by himself. She was there by herself and she tried to seduce him and grabbed a hold of him in and he fled and she held onto his robe and she use that road to falsely, accuse him, and you know he hadn’t done anything wrong. It was thrown into prison.
Third third phase of Joseph’s Life, Owensboro Church Third pin from the pit to Potiphar’s house now he’s in prison and again he served so well, and he does such an amazing job. That he’s elevated to the second-in-command in the warden didn’t even concern himself with the things that Joseph was involved because Joseph serve so well and with such excellence and favored in the course of time to Affairs officials, men that served in this cabinet, the bear and the Baker was thrown into prison, Pharaoh had a bad day and look for somebody to blame, and it would saw those two guys get out of here. You know so their phone in the prison and Joseph serves them. Becky serve the part of the prison that took care of all of pharaohs official, So currently Pharaoh had a few bad days in his in his life. So these guys dreamed a dream that here’s what’s interesting about Joseph, like not only is his life driven by his dream, but his whole life is also marked by the opportunities that he had to help. Other people understand their their dreams as well, and so both of these men dream these dreams, the cub bear in the Baker and they were Disturbed when they woke up in the morning, because I didn’t understand what these dreams meant and Joseph said tell them to me. Maybe God will show me what they mean and sure enough Joseph begin to interpret their dreams into the cut Berry. He said 3 days, you’ll have barrels, favor again and you’ll be restored to your position of serving pharaoh and the baker. Her didn’t said, that’s good. Let me tell you what my dream is and Joseph said not so good for you and three days, they’ll, Owensboro Church hang you on a tree cut your head off in the birds of the flesh will come and eat. If your flesh, the birds of the air,
become a need of your flesh, how many not the best interpretation to get? If I were the bank I’ll, be like? Oh what time at let’s sleep on it one more night, you were pretty quick with that interpretation. Maybe they think about it a little bit morbid three days later, that very thing happened. Okay, so the cop bear is restored to his place of service on Pharaoh’s Court. The baker is, hang head cut off in the birds of the air. You just left. The cupbearer is on his way out Joseph pleaded with him. Please don’t forget about me, I’m here unjustly, but he forgot about Joseph fact. Two years went by in Pharaoh himself had a series of Dreams, bring some towels, some fat cows and some skinny cows and some full heads of grain and some some. Owensboro Church You know week, heads of grain and you didn’t know what to do about it. I called All The Magicians and all of the people Sorcerers and all of the you know the people that could interpret dreams and in all the land of Egypt, none of them could interpret in the bear. Remember Joseph he was called before pharaoh and he gave the interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream and Pharaoh promoted him to second-in-command of Egypt with from the pit to to to Potiphar’s house to the prison. Owensboro Church now he’s in Pharaoh’s Court, prime minister of Egypt, serving in Egypt, pretty amazing story, I told him six or seven minutes, but the story took 22 years of Joseph’s life. So we can learn some things from Joseph and I called I called this message: lessons from a dream or some things that we can learn about a man who dreamed some things that you and I can learn as we dream: Big Dreams for God, as we have A vision, something that were reaching for some lessons that we can learn from Joseph’s life.

Is anybody interested right here? We got number one. I want you to write this down if you’re taking notes, go here’s the first lesson: the goal is more important than the role the goal is more important than the raw. When we look at Joseph’s life, what we see is Joseph, you know, experiencing a series of different roles: okay, different circumstances, different situations, but every step along the way. What God was doing is he was positioning Joseph for the next step and then positioning him for the next step. His whole life was going from step to step place to place. The role was not as significant as the going. Sometimes we just kind of get bent out of shape about what’s going on in our life right now, Owensboro Church and if we would take inventory, you know of the dream based on what’s happening in our life right now, we might be the farthest away ever from the dream That God has given us in our minds, but in God’s mind we might be closer than we’ve ever been, and we have to settle in our heart that the role that were playing, what we’re experiencing right now is just positioning us for the next step. On the journey down, Owensboro Church the steps of righteous man are ordered of the Lord steps of a righteous woman are ordered of the lord. We get all bent out of shape when we experience what we call a setback, but if we trust God, it’s really a setup for the next thing that God wants to do in our life. It’S very clear, Owensboro Church and now we have hindsight we look back it. Joseph is very clear to see that all along the way, God was positioning him to get him in the age of will read a verse and just a moment so that he can be used by God to sustain the people of God and preserve that generation. And you know when you’re a dreamer honestly when you’re a dreamer you’ll do just about anything for the dream you will take on any role. If that’s what you got to do, then that’s what you got to do. A dreamer will do anything. You know not too long ago, friend of mine and I were in the shop, downtown, Memphis beautiful, store world-class place and we were looking around as a clothing store and we walked in, and we noticed this guy on the ladder, change, light bulbs and we kind of Just said hello to him and walk around a little bit and had this, they have this book on the on the counter and we were looking through this book and it’s all of the stars and all of the people that have come through Memphis and went into That store and they bought clothing over they were they were, you know, fitted for an outfit and and just a world-class place in the Clark started, telling us the story of this store, and we were intrigued. It was amazing, the history and end of been around a long time, and she said she said: hey. Would you loved it? You know, would you like to meet the owner and we were like wow that’d, be awesome. We had no idea that he was there and we walked around the corner and guess what it was. The guy that was on the ladder when we walked in the store by owner an owner is willing to do anything when you have ownership of a dream. Owensboro Church you’re willing to do just about anything to see the dream move forward. Nothing is too small for you.
Nothing is too great for you and what we see in Joseph’s life is his ability to Humble himself and to serve and to have a good attitude and, as a result of his hard work and humility in his willingness to do anything, he was promoted an elevated Everywhere he went it’s awesome and I tell you this. You know I meet plenty of people, I’m be plenty of people who are just only willing to do the very minimum required, but they’re expecting the maximum from God. I’Ll tell you this, where you are right now, if you’re, if you’re, if you’re so busy, looking forward that you’re not pulling from your life and your circumstances, everything that God wants you to learn if you’re, if you’re of the mindset, then I’m going to do the Minimum require, but I’m hoping for the maximum blessing. Let me just tell you: Owensboro Church your dream is always going to be just a fantasy. Sometimes we got to keep our mouths shut, humble ourselves and serve with Excellence, saying this is the place where I’m going to bloom bloom where you are planted and watch God move you forward come on. The goal is more important than the raw here’s. A second lesson: we learn from this dreamer, name, Joseph everybody still will they are we still together? Here’S just a second thing that we learned come on. Are we good over on this side over here on the side of the second thing we learned, favor is not free, favor, isn’t free favor isn’t freak. Thank God, salvation is free. Forgiveness is free. Come on how many of you thankful for that. We ask for forgiveness. Some of your parade a few minutes ago, you prayed a few minutes ago and Jesus forgave, it Jesus Paid the ultimate price on that cross. Now it’s a free gift to us. It’S called salvation, it’s free, salvations, free forgiveness is free, favor is not free, favor is going to cost you something,
and I’ve been on this little pursuit to understand favor, because if you’re like me, I look at my life and I see parts of my life where It’S like wow, the favor of God, God’s breathe. Then there’s other areas, and I’m like. Why isn’t God moving here like he’s moving over here and then you look around, and sometimes you see the visible evidence of God’s favor on someone’s life and then someone else it doesn’t seem to be present speakers favor. Is it free and anybody that has the favor of God in their life they have paid the price for that favor see favor is the god Factor, the god factor. It’S that intangible. It that’s so hard to describe, but you know it when you see it and we need favor if we’re going to not only Dream Big Dreams Owensboro Church but we’re going to see dreams fulfilled in our life. Owensboro Church We need favorite because by ourselves alone, we’re not enough you’re, not smart enough. You don’t have enough money, anybody depressed! Yet you don’t have enough for me, but with God on your side, you got the favor and the advantage that you need to move our universe. We’Ve been speaking over our lives as a church for 2012, we’re believing like Jesus Luke 2:52 that we would increase in wisdom and stature and favor with God and men. Do you know you can increase in favor what it’s going to cost you something inside of the small study? I looked up every first on favor I mean it was really a personal study. Now I’m preaching about it, but for months and months it was just a personal thing, because I’m I want to see the favor of God and I realize that you take every verse on favor and you boil it down. Listen. There are only two things that bring the favor of God into our life. Two things anybody interested in what they are not like a little hungry in a little bit like you, never tell me, Pastor,

Tell me number one is obedience, obedience, very clear and scripture that when you obey God, He blesses your life and they’re all these things that We need to obey and scripture. Okay, there’s all these scriptural Covenant principles like tithing when we tithe the Bible, says: God opens the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing. We won’t have room to receive which I’ve he opens. The windows right – that’s favor, Owensboro Church but you got to do something right. You got to do something going to cost you something and then there’s the type of obedience that that that it’s just it’s like involves your life and what God’s dealing with you about right now, Jack and I have this little theory that God leads us forward. But dealing with us about one or two things, not not 9, 10, 15, 20, but right now in your life, there’s one. Probably one thing that got trying to get across to you is that you open a magazine in there. It is, he know, somebody’s engine, email and there it is you open the Bible and every verse speaks to you about whatever it is. It could be so in your mind, so disconnected to the dream that you might think it’s inconsequential, but everything is connected in God’s economy.
He connects the dots a lot different than we do so I just went and courage whatever is right. Here’S what how I describe it whatever is right here in your life. That’S the thing to obey and say yes to right now, and it might be the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do, but on the other side of this is the favor of God. What’S the favor of God got to be obedient and Disobedience holds favorite back obedience releases favorite second thing number Owensboro Church  two second thing is just good old Plano seeking God fasting pray coming to church, reading your Bible, putting God first and seeking God pressing in cuz. Jesus said, if you put me first I’ll, bless everything else, everything else in your life and that’s why I dreamers around the world love this Hebrews chapter 11, verse 6, great verse, and I love it to without faith it’s impossible to. Please, God doesn’t say it’s hard to, please God, it says not possible with faith. You can please God without it, it’s impossible to please him. The second part of that verse says you come to God. You must believe that he exists and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him, come on. Everybody say rewarder of those who diligently seek him. What is the reward? I’M going to tell you right now the reward is favored. Owensboro Church I think about this. You know your, we are the beginning of another year and you know God doesn’t live in time. So you know this, you know a day is as a thousand years and A Thousand Years is as a day, but for you – and I would people have time – we live in time, so this year means something January February March. Another calendar year start over begin again, and you know here’s what I would hate. I would hate that at the end of the year to not have to not have gotten all of the reward that was mine, because I failed to seek God. No I’m going to see God I want to get everything that he asked for me. I want favor flowing into my life cuz. Owensboro Church Anybody want favorite anybody here come on anybody in the is it 10:45 service, I’m mixed up now,

level, 11 and there’s anybody in the second service won some favor flowing in their life. Anybody come on, let’s believe for it, but let’s do our part, let’s obey God, and let’s see when you look at the life of Joseph several times. The word favor is used in conjunction with his life, but it’s always used surrounding his hard work. His diligence, his willingness to sacrifice come on favor. Is it free? Here’S? The third? When we finish right here, the goal is more important than the role favorite. Isn’T free? Here’S, the third one – God works in you so that he can work through you. God works in you so that he can work through you. God works in you so that he can work through. That’S why the Apostle Paul wrote and said I am. I am travailing in prayer like a woman giving birth so that Christ may be formed in you see. Owensboro Church That is. That is the journey. How many vinat we we love the destination, but God is a god of the journey. Owensboro Church he wants to be a part of our lives every step of the way we see that that powerful passages we finish up with this Genesis. Chapter 45: this is the reason Joseph had the dream. You need to see this Genesis. 45 verse, for it says then Joseph said to his brothers, come close to me when they had done so. He said I am your brother, Joseph, the one you sold into Egypt and now do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourself for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you for 2 years now there has Been famine in the land and for the next five years there will not be plowing or reaping, but God sent me ahead of you to preserve, for you a Remnant on earth and the Saviour lives by a great Deliverance in an amazing passage. This is the Fulfillment of the dream right before this passage. They were bowing down to him and the dream was fulfilled. Why did it take 22 years? Why would God give a young man like Joseph 17 years old, give him this dream that would drive and Define his life? Why did it take so long? I don’t have the answers to all those questions, but I do know this. God had to work in Joseph before he could work through and would God does a big work on the inside of you use you because he has a big dream that he wants to fulfill through your life. You know here’s the thing, here’s the thing we love words like power and promise and potential.
Those are awesome words. Owensboro Church What we don’t like our words like patience, add process who likes the word process through the process of time that got nobody likes that word, but they’re necessary in our life to grow us and strengthen us on the inside the greater the work he does on the Inside the greater the work he’s going to do on the outside two things, I know about dreams having a vision for your life number one they always take longer than you think they would take and number two. They always cost you more than you think they’re going to cost, but I love it. The late John Osteen used to say great. It is to dream the dream when you stand that youth by the story stream, but a greater thing, is to fight life through and in the end say, the dream was true: come on, let’s fight for those dreams, that’s believe for another year of building on the Dream that God has given us in the vision that God has given us in Jesus and come up awesome. Can I pray for you and just believe God for you right now. Pastor is going to come and move the service forward, but I just want to bless you and pray a blessing over you and when I preached this, I’m preaching in believing for another generation of dreamers father. I thank you for this service and I thank you for all those have gathered here in Jesus name and God. I thank you for anointing us to dream great dreams, great dreams, birth in our heart right now in this season in our life great dreams, birth. In this church God I thank you for doing Supernatural things in our lives, things that only you can do. I pray you strengthen people, Lord, that you would strengthen people to fight the fight of faith in the fight life through and in the end say. Owensboro Church the dream was true. I thank you, Father for for new dreams from businesses and new dreams for the future and relationships, and God just inspire people to keep believing to keep dreaming that this would be the year of the dream fulfilled. We thank you for it in Jesus name and everybody said, and may God bless you. Thank you so much for having me today. Thank you.