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He will keep an eye on further with you too often, as I can I’m leaving everything to hit. What about this ring to nest say the name of elope over there on the mantelpiece no waited hit in my pocket. What should I keep it? Hot? No because I don’t feel like talking with it my my precious Nicole that before but not by you do you want to play turn off creepers from Cummings, Auto cheats, I’m not trying to rob you trying to help you, Google, Olio long as picking friends. Trust me. Everyone stayed girl. Owensboro Church should I cut off the ringmaster tephrosia slate. The road is long. Yes, robo you still in your pocket. I still have an ending for my book.
Hannity live happily ever after to the end of times. I’M sure you will find her friend enough. Groupon Denver, Owensboro Church I love the Lord of the Rings. I love the idea of the Shire. I love the hobbits. I’Ve got relatives that look like Hobbits, I think maybe I’m a distant cousin to Frodo and Bilbo and the gang. But if you look it in the in the series, The Lord of the Rings, it was a famous famous Trilogy first in made into movies blue, all all of the fans away. You see such Biblical images images of Christ, Owensboro Church images that are right here in the word of God, it’s so rich and we see in the last clip we saw how Bilbo had found a ring and he found a ring and in the story at first the ring Wasn’t much more than a magical trinket to him. It was something he could pull out of his pocket put onto his finger and when he put that ring on his finger he would disappear. He would go, he would go somewhere else, but as the years went on the longer that he carried the ring, the more the ring had a piece of him. No longer did he have the ring, but the ring had him. The ring is a symbol of you know what the Bible says, Owensboro Church that sin can be fun for a season and what starts is just a little trinket just a little thing you carry in your pocket and put on when you want to.
It begins to control you because soon grows up. Sin becomes fully grown. Owensboro Church The Apostle James talked about the nature of sin in James chapter 1. He said this James chapter 1, verse 14 said, but each one is tempted when he’s drawn away by his own desires and enticed, then when desire has conceived, it gives birth to send and send when it’s full grown brings forth death you saw helps in grew up In this Hobbits life it started as something small, but before long and had a piece of him, it became his precious seen so many people so close to the kingdom of God, but yet so far away because something became precious to them. Something but came there controller their ruler, their Master other than Jesus? Listen God, never designed you to live which send mastering you, God designed you that you might be a master over sin. See the Bible says that Sim grows up and gets bigger and when he gets fully grown, it brings forth death. The reason Jesus wanted to eradicate sent out of your life is because he knows that says something that kills send us something that brings forth death. The Bible says that the wages of sin is death. I love what a famous evangelist used to say about Sin. He said since I’m against it with my fist out punch it with my feet. I kick it with my teeth: I’ll bite it and when I’m old and fishless and footless and Toothless, I shall try to gummit to death season needs to die. It needs to leave your life, so many people think that sends going to be fun, but the end of sin is destruction. Jesus encountered, a man in the gospels called the Rich Young Ruler. He was a guy who cleanse his outside everything on the outside. It look like he had it going on, he had money, Owensboro Church he was a prominent person. He was next someone who live in a lifestyle of outward debauchery and then he comes to Jesus talking to him about righteousness. Jesus sees through his act and sees his heart. Jesus always sees the realest on the inside. Jesus says this to the Rich Young Ruler. He identified his one weakness said, sell everything that you have and come and follow me. This man couldn’t walk away from his stuff because the stuff at become his precious. I don’t know what your precious is. I don’t know it times. Owensboro Church Something can become precious again in our life, but I know this much that our God wants to eradicate precious. Our God wants us to be able to take the ring and to give it away to let someone else take it, who can carry it to a place where we might live again and safety? I believe that the ring is going to be destroyed in our life and we’re going to live in victory over the precious. You have only one choice: the ring must be destroyed, walk away, awaken for call Carla ring cannot be destroyed, Gimli son of gloin or any craft. We here the ring was made in the fires of Mountain Dew. Only then can it be unmade speed taken deep into my daughter cast back into the fiery Chasm from whence it came one of you. Let’S do this Honda’s not simply walk into Mordor. It’S black gates are guarded by more than just looks. That is evil. That does not sleep. The crate is a Barren Wasteland, riddled with fire dust. Very Aries is a poisonous fume, not with tennis housing. According to his folly, the ring must be destroyed. Connecticut.
I will take the ring to Moldova. I do not know the way. I will help you better spelling for the beginners longest Cisco’s too bad by my life or death. I can protect you, you have my sword, but you have my pop and my axe. Guided face Missoula. Indeed, condolence eaten Mister photos not going anywhere without me. we’re coming to Pakistani song tied up in a sack to stop it anyway. You need people of Intelligence on this sort of fashion Quest. What lot rules you out? Nine companions – Soviets! You should be the Fellowship of the Ring right. Where are we going one that seen? A council was called together from all the different races of Middle Earth and they found out that they had a problem with the rink. They sought to destroy it. That understood that it had great power to bring wrath to the Earth Owensboro Church. Do you understand it’s in is the thing that has brought rat sickness. It’S brought disease brought War. Every evil thing on the Earth is an extension of sent Adam and Eve they send in the garden and with the gardens fault, the Earth became a crash site, sickness and disease in pain and murder in turn into this world every Injustice. Every problem you see on the earth it’s an extension of man’s love affair with sin, it’s an extension of something becoming precious. They realize it in the movie that this thing has the power to destroy the world that they live in and they seek to break it. They seek to break its back if you will to destroy it themselves.

The only problem does one of the hot-tempered men there actually a hot-tempered wharf and kind of built. Like a friend of mine, it looks a bit like Matt, Edwards and and and he grabs his axe and he’s going to take, is Axe and he’s going to break he’s going to break this ring break the power of it with his own ability. Do you know that there’s no person there’s no man, there’s no dwarf, there’s no Hobbit, there’s no one that can destroy the power of sin by themselves, so many people think they’re going to become good little boys and girls by making the right decision by saying enough Hail Mary by coming to my church by being a water baptized, Owensboro Church but none of those things can break the precious off of your life. Nothing can break its power, nothing can break its hold. There is only one thing that has the power to break the hold of this precious off of our life: it’s not ourselves, it’s not any sort of religious Relic.
The only thing that can break the power of the precious is the grace of our living God. The grace of God is I’m given to us and whenever we let God’s grace come into our heart, it empowers us to take off the Yoke of send to take off the precious to not have it in our world anymore and to absolutely destroy it. They said that there’s only one place where the precious ring could be destroyed, that was in the fire of Mordor. I’M going to tell you. There is only one place to Bible, says that sin and the precious the yolk of this world could be destroyed, and that was on calvary’s cross two thousand years ago. There was but one place, but one Hill worse in could be destroyed. It been prophesied from the beginning in the garden that there would be a place where the foot of the son of man would crush the head of the serpent, and that happened on the cross. Two thousand years ago, our God was extended Between Heaven and Earth. Any home for 6 hours, one Friday he lifted up his voice after he’d, been tortured after he been beating after he’d, been spat upon him after his back has been ripped open, and he said these were. She said it is finished or paid in full. He took the ring to Mordor, he took our sin to the cross and the Bible says today that there’s been a great exchange than our sin has been exchange for his righteousness on the cross, and the power of sin can be broken off of your life. None of us could break it with our own acts.
None of us could destroy it by being good boys or girls, and God came down from heaven and said I will destroy their sin. I will take the punishment for everything they’ve done upon myself. I will be the one who becomes guilty: they will be the one who goes free, I’m here to tell you you can’t get better of your own power, but you can call on the name of Jesus. You can’t believe what he’s done for you on the cross and you can be set free from the sin of this world. Show me Spring soup Orchard Soviet blossom. What we saw in the summer barley in the lower fields? How do you do the first of the strawberries with cream to taste of strawberries, sounds of wolves, Nexium Atlanta strippers once and for all, come on mr. Frodo High character it for you, Owensboro Church but I can carry you you’ve just witnessed where one Hobbit picked up his friend And carried him up to Mordor, he wasn’t strong enough to do it anymore. In his own strength, he needed some help. All of us have been in a place where we weren’t able to carry on one step further. We needed help Proverbs chapter 18, verse 24. It says this: if a man is to have many friends, he must show himself friendly, but there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Owensboro Church Jesus is a friend that sticks closer than a brother he’s a friend that will never leave. You he’s a friend that will never forsake. You he’s a friend that will never turn his back on. You may be out there right now and say: Pastor, you don’t understand what I’ve done. You don’t know what my background is you don’t know what my sin was. You don’t know what the what kind of things I’ve done on this Earth, I’m here to tell you that there’s no sense you could have committed that could be stronger than the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus has the ability to eradicate any send any transgression. Anything that you’ve ever done and your life can go forward. Jesus hasn’t turned his back on you. It’S matter of fact, he’s a friend who’s right there beside you. The Bible says that you can cast your cares upon Jesus because he cares for you, he’ll.
Never leave you he’ll, never forsake you it’s a matter of fact. Our God is a good god. He has a good plan for your life. He loves you. He didn’t come to destroy man. He came to save their lives. He wants to save you just like that. Friend, wanted to pick up his friend on his back, put him on his shoulders and carry him up to that deal. I’M going to tell you that Jesus took all of our sent all of our Lives, all of the weight of everything we’ve ever done. He put us on his back and it carried us up. Calvary carried us up. Owensboro Church Golf gathi was nailed to a tree for 6 hours. One Friday died for our sins because he wanted to be a covenant friend, a friend that sticks closer than a brother. He didn’t just help us carry carry our sin up up calvary’s Mount. He took it upon himself. The Bible, which is the Jesus, is our Passover. Lamb Jesus is our Passover Lamb. What is a Passover? Lamb see a Passover. Lamb comes from the Old Testament. The people of Israel, they became slaves in Egypt, they were enslaved, they were in bondage, Egypt. What was tearing their lives up? There were cruel Taskmaster and they began to cry out to God for deliver, got heard their prayer and he answered them. He sent a delivery by the name of Moses Moses, came into Egypt, performing signs and wonders plagues were released on Egypt, Pharaoh was told again and again let my people go. Finally, the last plague that hit Egypt look like this. God told Israel that there would be a death angel that would come all throughout the land of Egypt.

Every house that that death angel came to if blood have been applied to the doorpost, that the frame of the door and also outside of the windows that the death angel would pass over that house and not kill anyone in the house. But every house of the death angel would come to where the blood is not been applied to the door or or or to the windows that the first born will be consumed in the house. But not came in and what is real did is they went and they slaughtered perfect Passover lamps. They took the blood of that lamb in the applied to the door and to the windows and every house that had the blood applied to the door in the windows. The death angel passed over every house that did not have the blood applied, they lost their most precious possession their firstborn son. Jesus is our Passover, Lamb, if Wheel by faith, take the blood that was shed for us on calvary’s cross on that Hill, that he carried our sin to the top up and will let let that blood be applied to our life by faith, repenting of our sins And calling on his name, the death angel death hell and the grave will pass over our house and go somewhere else, will have a home in heaven and not go to hell. I’M going to tell you that Jesus is the only one who was worthy to destroy SantaCon calvary’s mouth and to make sure that we go free. Jesus is a covenant friend and he’s here today for you,