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what do you mean? Don’T take that gun? I mean, if you guys are somebody in the house. You want me to go out there. They might have a gun. If I don’t have a gun, it’s going to be a bad ending for both of us, so I’m taking the gun with me. Do you know what you got whenever the Devil comes in your house? So many of you got something dwelling in your house every day that comes to steal, to kill and to destroy and do the file the very place that you live, but you don’t have a gun. You don’t have any ammunition, you’re, not ready for battle. My suggestion to you is you, take this work, you put it in your heart. You get a deep down on the inside of your lip bite. Your lip out this. This is your breath and what are you speaking to see great results, but here’s the deal. Nobody can fill your heart with the word for you. Owensboro Church  do you know that nobody can feel your heart with the word of God, for you you’re at your pastor, Owensboro Church  can’t your spouse, can’t TV can’t you’re going to have to decide to take and to read to listen to fill your heart with the word of God and If you’ll fill your heart with the word of God, I’m here to tell you you’ll begin become begin to overcome Temptation. You have never overcome before. I want to leave you with this story. I felt led by the spirit of God this morning to tell the store that the second thing I’ll say about the way of Escape growing. I mean we grow through the word of God, but the word of God says this that God won’t allow any of us to be tempted past what we can handle. God, if you think, if your Christian, you say things like wow, just couldn’t help myself. It just was too much. Owensboro Church  The Temptation was too strong, you’re just see because the Bible says that God will anybody be tempted past what you can handle, but he’ll provide for you a way of Escape. Everybody say a way of Escape, there’s always a fire exit. There’S always a way out God’s Got promised us that that he’s going to give us the way out – and I think back and I’ll told the story many times in the past.
But I think, back to being a young guy living in Amarillo Texas had an apartment by myself, and I was minding my own business one day. It’S matter of fact remember what I was doing. I was watching a preacher on TV. You would think watching a preacher on TV hanging out by yourself is a pretty good way to spell trouble, but the devil is not a devil. The place Fair. He don’t know about the same rules. I mean he has no rules. Rule number one with the devil’s. He has no rules, he’s a madman, and so it shows up at my door and he knocks at my door literally the devil knocked on my door. Now the devil was not dressed in in Goat leggings and did not have horns, nor did he have a pitchfork. I looked out the door and you know what was standing on the outside of my door, one of the Bond girls. You know the girls and hung out with James Bond in the movies. So I say this: a devil came to my door in the form of a very attractive young lady and I like holy moly they’re delivering girls to the door. Now, look look. Look at this. What want to help my? What is this all about, and back in those days, girls like that, just won’t. Follow me around the only one of them ever follow me around and got in trouble telling the story before Jesse on the front row that that’s the only great looking girl ever followed me around at all. I chased her down first, but but here’s the deal so I’m looking out the door there’s this really good. Looking girl at my door non Mike. What she’s doing is she doing here and I’ll open you’re in and I might, can I help you and she says cannot come in and I’m Loom, you know little bumfuzzled, I don’t know, what’s going on, cannot get up, can I come in and then it becomes Owensboro Church  More obvious can up, can I come in later on I get the rest of the story is that she live with her boyfriend. I knew that across the hall and the boyfriend of done something to her and she was looking to get even for what he done. So she came across the whole way to the young single guy to try to get even and I’m standing there and I know what’s up and I know what’s happening and so she says, can I come in and you know the Bible says: he’ll always give us A way of Escape, so I think for a second, I looked down my watch. I said: hey, I’m sorry. I got to be somewhere right now. Do you know where I needed to be Church anywhere? She wasn’t as where I needed to be right. Then it’s all went out. I got in my car, I drove off to the college and Amarillo College just to find the way of Escape. Owensboro Church  I’M going to tell you if you’ll put the word in your mouth and you look for the way of Escape.

Put the word in your mouth and look for the way of Escape. You’Ll start overcoming Temptation at a brand new level come on somebody give the Lord a handclap who’s going to help us get better and listen. Those are principles that never end in the kingdom of God, man Temptations, always it’s always going to be there knocking at the door. Owensboro Church  It’S funny what this text ends with. We read it today. Is it the devil? The devil left Jesus mid said this. He left so that he would return at a more opportune time. He’Ll return it a more opportune time, so none of us are fully done with being tempted. We won’t be done with being tempted to we get out of this world. The devil will return at a more opportune time. The question is: will we be prepared to stand our ground and a fight when he returns? Owensboro Church  I wouldn’t feel your heart with the word of God and keep your eyes open for the way of Escape. You will be more than ready stand up on your feet with me. I want to pray for you today. I want to pray that we’re going to grow. I want to pray, then we’re going to overcome some stuff. I want to pray that that will get our hearts full of the word of God. Just close your eyes for one moment right in the presence of God close your eyes right in the presence of God. Now I want, I want some of us to make a new commitment to the word of God. A new commitment to the word of God put it on put it on put it on our calendar, put it on our day, planner to get it somewhere. There were going to spend some time reading the word of God every day, so we can get our heart full of the word of God. We have enough knowledge to say it is written. The Bible says my people are destroyed because of the lack of knowledge, but listen God’s. Owensboro Church  given us everything we need. We just need to take that knowledge and drink it in him, drink it in drought. Then you say Brian today. I want to make a new commitment to the word of God to the body feel in my heart with it. I want to find some kind of some kind of daily Bible reading time or maybe maybe it’s you turning it on in your car driving driving to work. Maybe it’s when your exercising it’s on your iPod, maybe maybe it’s just you getting up reading a chapter. Maybe you need a Bible devotion, all kinds of stuff like a commitment to the word of God, you need to figure it out, you you need to make it.
I just want to call you to anyone out there that says Pastor I need. I need a new commitment to the word. The fill my heart with the word fill my heart with the word fill my heart with the word. I want you just to lift a hand up. You want to do that today. Do that today praise the Lord praise. The Lord man, I promise you this is something people do again and again and again and but I believe, there’s a Grace coming to you, I’m a pray for a hunger, for the word of God to fill your heart father in Jesus mighty name. I pray for a hunger, for the word of God to fill the hearts of these. Your people, those who’ve, lifted their hand. Right now, I believe for a Divine anointing, a hunger for the word AAA Help from Heaven to flow to them to bless them to help them to lift them, to take them to another level in life. I say a hunger for Daily Bread, it’ll come to them. You said you’d give us every day our daily bread for freshman or fresh word from Heaven to come to us to help us resist temptation to overcome the devil and the win in life. I declare the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life. It has no give me about, even, as you said, Jesus the God of this world comes, but he has nothing in me. I declare will be able to stand up in the future our feet planted on the word of God. The sword of the spirit in our hand, The Shield of the faith, raise High the work God of this world may come, but he has nothing in me not say will be faithful. Blessed is the man who endures Temptation. Raptor is indoor he will receive a Crown of Life. The crown of life will be yours in Jesus mighty, mighty name. I pray, amen, amen, amen, yeah, let’s go, let’s get the Lord Jesus a big hand, clap. Today we got a good God, Amen, hey man,