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River City, Church, podcast, Pastor, Brian Gibson, the Joseph testimony part 2 Sunday February 18th, 2007, 10:30 a.m. service blessed be the name of the Lord would all of our children here to be dedicated today and parents. Please just begin to come forward right now and I love for you to make a straight line right here facing the congregation with your kids. You know how many I’ll take the Jesus is in the children and then he said, suffer the little kids to come. Unto me, you know at one point all of Jesus’s disciples are trying to hold back the kids from getting in the presence of the king of kings and Lord of lords thinking the little children might be a bother on the Jesus. Jesus sees kids, Owensboro Church it’s one of the most precious possessions, one of the most precious possessions we have on the on the face of the Earth. We’Re going to bless these kids. We want to dedicate them that it’s going to stand to ride up here face and the crown go ride over here is come right right here at River City Church Guitar custom we don’t baptize infants, the Bible never says never indicates one time that infants should be Baptized rather indicates that people of Faith Auto to dedicate them and they would bring children to Jesus, he would lay his hands on them and he would bless them. Let me say I mirror to dedicate your kids under the Lord today parents, but if it’s just me touching them, it won’t do anything for really what we’re saying when we coming dedicate our children. The Lord is worse and we’re going to see to it that they’re raised in the house of God. Then we’re going to see to it that they’re taught the things of God. Then we’re going to do everything we could do to raise them up in the nurture. In the admonition of the Lord will you families agree to do that to look after the spiritual well-being of what God’s entrusted to you. There are Mighty possession. The Bible says: they’re like arrows in the quiver of their of their father, all right. Let’S pray, we’re going to pray and bless these families father now in Jesus mighty name dedicate these children under you, Lord. Owensboro Church We dedicate these children under you, Lord. We thank you that parents in Jesus mighty name father, will raise them up in the nurture admonition of the Lord. When they’re old father, they won’t depart from the way they’ve been instructed. In Lord, we pray that these kids would never give a day or a moment unto the devil hey there babe, we pray Lord, that they would be born again in a very young age role that they would be filled with the spirit that they would be Mighty. On the earth father, I bless them: mother, father child alike. I pray Lord, that you would put understanding and wisdom and a hedge around them Father wrote that they might accomplish everything that they’re called to accomplish. Lord bless these children in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I say, be blessed, be protected. Know your enemies may come at you one way. Owensboro Church May they scatter from you seven ways I pray that would possess the gates of their enemies. I bless them in Jesus mighty name, I pray for you. I bless you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I pray Lord, that you would bring these children to a place of early Faith, father role, that they would have a testimony. That’S not the snare of the devil, and then I got set free, but I pray that they would stay from this point forward. Have a testimony of your grace of your power in the midst of Our Life Church just stretch your hands toward right now stretch your hands towards them. Right now, stretch your hands toward them. Just pray that the Lord of bless. These bless these kids precious precious, Owensboro Church precious children, precious children or get out of the way. Let you guys take pictures all the pictures you want bless the name of the Lord. I bless these kids. I bless these kids. We bless them. Praise the Lord praise, the Lord. Nothing that will Jerry Emily has a Bible we want to give to each and everyone of you for these kids now church I’ll go ahead and give my hand clap. Let me know you love them. We love you glad to have you here. God bless y’all. You are, you are dismissed, God bless, you praise the name of a good. Looking bunch of kids, say, amen, amen, amen, go ahead and open up your bottles. This morning to Psalm chapter 81, Psalm chapter 81, we’re going to begin our teaching there today Father. We. Thank you, Lord, that you are the king of kings and Lord of lords father. We think of that you’ve called people out of Darkness into Marvelous Light where we thank you, the kids will understand the precepts of God around here Lord. We ask that this would be a place of Samuels call where people would hear the word of the Lord at a very young age and respond on to it in Jesus mighty name, amen, amen, amen on chapter 81 reading, first, one down through seven Psalm, chapter 81; Verses, one down through seven, everybody said this safe. Owensboro Church The Joseph testimony we’ve been preaching and teaching out of the life of Joseph. We learned about Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors, his father put upon him, which really was a Dream Coat. Whenever the father’s approval came to Joseph, it open up his heart to dream the dream of God. He had a dream and he saw Eleven stars in the Sun and the Moon bow down. Unto him how you know the father’s approval will open up your life to dream the dream of God. And after that we studied, and we talked about the Joseph test. Everybody say a test. The Bible says the word of the Lord tested Joseph until it came to past. Do you know that every part of your life is a test preparing you for the next portion of your life today we’re going to talk about the Joseph testimony whenever you have a dream and you have a test and you passed the test. What, then, do you have? You have a testimony? Everybody say the word testimony.

What a testimony is is a story of what God has done for us got done anything for anybody on here, just say: Eminem and hot. Here we go. Let’S read the scripture Psalm 81 verses 1 through 7 sing aloud to God. Our strength Make a Joyful Shout: do the god of Jacob somebody shall alright. Here we go, raise a song and strike the timbrel anders asleep. The present harp and the loop have already heard guitar. Then I have a guitar their hands. Okay, alright blow the trumpet at the time of the new moon at the full moon on our solemn feast date. For this is a statute for Israel, a law of the god of Jacob that he established in Joseph as a testimony when he went throughout the land of Egypt. Where I heard a language I did not understand. I removed his shoulder from the burden his hands were freed from the baskets. You called in trouble, and I delivered you. I answered you in the secret place of Thunder. I tested you at the Waters of meribah, say la that word say: love means a prophetic pause and think about it. Owensboro Church Everybody say think about it. Tell me read that in the songs that means think about it, stop and think about it. He starts off and he’s talking about elements of worship. He says the first thing shout unto God he says Sing unto the Lord and how many human believe we all to be men of worship, a man. Let me tell you this message: it is not an effeminate thing to worship the King of Kings and the Lord of lords. It’S not female, it’s not feminine, it’s not just for women and not for men. I was raised in the church with him and never sing. I grew up thinking real manly men, don’t Worship the Lord. Let me tell you something about the psalmist. His name is David. He was a warrior king. He could Worship the Lord with you or kick your, but either way he wanted to do. It is not a female thing to Worship the Lord, all you men say: worship where’s. The party goes only talks about all these different forms of worship says we’re going to sing. He says we’re going to we’re going to beat on the temporal says we’re going to what we’re going to play the stringed instrument. He says we’re going to blow a trumpet and he says we’re going to do it at a certain time. He says at the new moon at the full moon on our solemn feast day he’s referring to activity. Owensboro Church They will have in one of the feast days of the children of Israel. He goes on. He says this is a statue or this is an ordinance and an ordinance. Is it something you / take in the remind you collectively as the what God has done for you and your family and your nation and your people? There were several Feast the Jews kept. They were commanded to keep them in Leviticus, chapter 24, where they might remember what God has done for them and he starts talking about is real. Owensboro Church He starts talking about Jacob and he starts talking about Joseph everybody, say the Patriarchs talking about the Patriarchs after this portion. We read the scripture, he goes on any talks about the Deliverance of Israel out of Egypt. He says we keep all of these fees to remind us and remind our kids what God has done for us. You know we have a couple of ordinances or statues that Jesus has given under the church today that we keep to remind us what God has done for us. One is baptism everybody look over here at our baptismo trawl. You know that thing show the Baptist baptized in the Jordan River. I can baptize in a cow trough. I just believe that all right, it’s an ordinance. We should always do and it reminds us what God has done for us. It’S a symbol when we baptize somebody will baptize some people at the end of the service of their death, burial and their Resurrection with Jesus Christ, because he died because he was buried because he is resurrected. Those people also will be resurrected with him. Think that’s a good thing to celebrate. They meant II. Owensboro Church Ordinance we have is the giving of the Lord’s Supper communion every other week around her one week. We do the Lord’s Supper one week. We do baptism to keep these things in front of us where we learn. I believe us Protestants, we haven’t given the Lord’s Supper Justice. I’Ll just say that said: we don’t want to do it too much cuz. We don’t want to become dead, Rich Homie know, there’s some rituals that are rewarding and don’t have to come dead mm some things. Well, to keep doing so, there’s a symbol in the Lord supper of his blood and of his body. We take those ordinances every other week, though the cup and the bread we do those things. This is what he’s talking about. He says real. Owensboro Church Does this thing to establish this established in Joseph as a testimony? There was power in our testimony MN Church. There is power in what God has done for us. The Book of Revelation says we overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they did not love their life onto deaf. Your testimony is powerful.

Now, there’s two types of testimonies: there are bad testimonies and good testimonies. Let me say the beginning of my Christian experience is really a bad testimony. For some reason, the church always wants to hear the bad stories that that happened to us before the king of kings and Lord of lords came into our life. How many know that can get tired of it’s all you do ride. You know my testimony says I was a crackhead Freebase meth addict, Coquette, alcoholic and all that stuff in Christ Set Me Free, you’ll set you free to. If you have those problem, I’m grateful for that story. It helps me get people free, mad Heartland, testimony like that. It helps people coming the kingdom of God, but I don’t even know. If that’s all, there is to your Christian experience, it will grow tired and your storable grow. Owensboro Church Tired, very quickly understand those kind of things, so you might start creating a good testimony. That’S the testimony that you don’t have to fail and every trial and every tribulation and have to bail you out, but that his grace is sufficient and its presence in its present and whatever the stuff gets there. You overcome testimony circumstances the snare of the devil and the world biblically Joseph chapter 39. Let me show you Joseph testimony will begin reading and verse 1. If you’re there say all right now that been taken down to Egypt and potiphar, Owensboro Church an officer of pharaoh. Captain of the guard and Egyptian block him from the ishmaelites who had taken him down there. The Lord was with Joseph. You have a pinata go ahead and underlined that the Lord was with Joseph. I like that. If you mark your bottle up too much, can’t read it anymore, bring it to me short to me I’ll, buy you a new one. Some people don’t go ahead and use it, make it a notebook, it’ll change your life and he was a successful man successful and he was in the house of the master of his master. The Egyptian and its Master saw that the Lord was with him and of the Lord made all he did to prosper, underline the word Prosper in his hand. So Joseph found favor going on around that weird favor in his sight and served him. Then he made them overseer of his house and all that he had he put under his authority. So it was from the time that he had made him overseer of his house and all that he have that. The Lord bless the Egyptians house for Joseph safe and the blessing of the Lord was on all that he had in the house and in the field Nazi left already had and Joseph said he did not know what he had, except for the bread which he ate. Now Joseph was handsome in form and appearance. I’Ll say it again. He look just like me. Never wear that out. It’S getting tired of Joseph is a guy who finds himself in a very, very tough situation. You know in life. Owensboro Church People will find themselves in very, very tough situation at first he finds them green bean Bass Brothers. How many know it’s bad? When your brothers beat you up got two older brothers. They were little hard on me growing up. I couldn’t defend myself once in the back, but anyway I forgiven in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, by Faith by fight. So here it goes just gets beat up by his brothers. He can strip down naked of his role to be stripped down to his brothers. Take you up and they sell him into slavery in Egypt. Everybody say: that’s dark. Owensboro Church You know it’s dark Joseph, but he is not alone in that dark place. Verse to it says this about the Joseph testimony that the Lord was with Joseph. The Lord was with Joseph doesn’t matter if you feel like going to pick in the prison, doesn’t matter where you feel like you’ve been just a band of the left alone. Let me tell you a new testament believe her for the Lord is with you. He said I’ll, never, leave you I’ll, never forsake. You said he’s closer than you he’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Your heart is the very Temple and the throne in the house of the Holy Spirit say. The Lord is with me remember that the Lord is with you. Also, remember that God is not the author of every one of your circumstances, never find one place where Joseph gets mad and curses God throughout the storage, because he’s found himself in a very dark place. Owensboro Church But you Manatee today is quick to blame God for the problems to come upon them. How do you know we are finite beings? Would you understood me that you don’t understand everything about? What’S going on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm, I certainly don’t understand. Everything is fine. How is it that me, a finite, be went with a small ability to understand would raise my finger and blame God for everything that happens to me. Do find yourself in the pit or in the prison. Here’S a little advice. Don’T blame! God! Look at your neighbor and sink: don’t blame God blames God in the pit. Typically never gets out of the pit. I’Ve watched it as a pastor. The boys got for the pit typically never gets out of the pit. Owensboro Church They let their heart get bitter. Some people will make bad choices so see their entire life, so CNN bad help things and so seat in living out over they want to.

Maybe they sow seed with sexual in discrepancies when they’re dying of HIV. They want to blame God help me know: it’s not God’s fault, so why we got to have a heart attack. My 60s, you know who’s fault, it’ll be it’ll, be mine. Why I didn’t he? Try Harvest everybody say, don’t blame God, go to blame somebody blame herself for blame the devil. God is a god of good gifts. A man go to blame somebody. Blame yourself, blame the devil, know Joseph is there. He doesn’t blame God and the next thing it says it’s, this part 2 of Joseph Joseph. He was a successful man successful. You remember that I, like that say, Covenant menu, read about it in the Old Testament, almost without exception, their successful shut, the profits when they began prophesied messages that people don’t like you’re. Sometimes I get killed, that’s just part of the equation, but other than that are successful in my life on me, that’s the only exception I have in my life or or take other than success in the Hebrew. What that were a successful man means it means he was prosperous. Owensboro Church It also means he was one who pushed forward. Everybody just lean forward a little bit right there. Owensboro Church People who push forward in life for people to get things done. Joseph wasn’t the kind of guy who to lean back and waiting for everything to happen. The Bible says the Lord has no pleasure in him who draws back. God is looking for those who push forward in the things of God in the Covenant that he’s giving them and in their lifelong calling. You got playing under the things of God, Joseph began to lean in wasn’t a Que Sera, Sera kind of guy. I don’t believe he was kind of got waited on doors for Oak to open. I believe it was kind of got to kick doors down and made things happen either River City Church will be at church. That makes things happen for the kingdom of God, Brother Joseph testimony be established in this house by people. Look down there and say: hey the Lord’s with them they’re successful people they push in they press forward. You know in football the most important thing that happens happens when the moment the ball is snapped growing up. I played on the offense of line until I graduated from high school and wow. You know I was just kind of a decent High School athlete, I’m by no means the physical specimen to play college ball. But I understand this about what has to go whenever the balls hike. What has to happen those boys down in the line with the ball? Snap, what are they need to? Do? They better push forward press forward they’re, not pushing forward they’re, not pressing forward. Then there is no, for there is no success in life. I prayed people in this room would turn off the Xbox put it down. Owensboro Church 30 year old men can’t press forward playing the Xbox. The average American watch is 3 hours of television. Today, 3 hours a day, people tell me that can’t come to the house of God. They’Re too, busy have 21 hours a week invested in the television. The opiate of the masses call Mark said: religion is the opiate of the masses. He was wrong, he didn’t have cable television, yet it is the opiate of the masses. Those who are willing to watch someone else’s dreams come to pass will never be a person who presses forward. Now, I’m not getting down a little bit. Entertainment, I’m just saying be careful, you’re, not neutral, and on the couch, all of your life you’re like that, the Joseph testimony will never be established in you write. The third thing I see here it is in verse, 3 says this. Owensboro Church It is Master sold at the Lord was with them and that the Lord made all he did to prosper in his hand. The master begins to St Joseph’s success. You know people recognize success on other people’s wives. This guy was smart enough to realize that if he would hook up with Joseph there be a law lift their in his life, and his own business could go just a little bit higher. No other people aren’t as smart. Other people often be ticked off about someone else’s success and that we can do a spot somebody, because that person is successful and they are not. You know you never get where you’re going in life with sour grapes when you’re mad, because somebody else has been blessed and you don’t feel like yours blessed. Yes, yes got part of Reese’s the success on the other man’s life say, God wants to bring us success on your life that the world can see. God wants to bring an ability to press forward in your calling on your life that the world can see how many the people of God, with the spirit of God and unlimited wisdom given to us. If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God who gives more liberally and without reproach. If we’ve been given that much wisdom, we ought to have successful in our life if we really believe it and then., But the ologies have been created. The allergies have been created by man, Owensboro Church excuse all of our shortcomings. Cuz, it’s comfortable to believe. There’S a cosmetic Cosmic excuse. Every time we don’t succeed, just not true only thing that’s holding us back is within our life is Flowing out of our heart guard, your heart with all diligence out of it flows the issues of your life, somebody saying into that he does pull over. I wish, above all things that you would bet that you would prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers, but other. I wish, above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers all things Prosper, even as your soul prospers. What did John want me to prosper? Everybody say it loud, like you believe in me to prosper. He wants you to prosper.

That some people are scared when he begin to preach like that cuz, you think you’re talking about all self-focused gratify me kind of stuff, but that’s not at all what I’m talking about this morning, no watch the little self focus gratified me kind of stuff on. I believe them TV yesterday and if it’ll ever seen, this show where they throw these extravagant parties for 16 year old girls, sweet 16 party, any else seen that Garden wave your hand, you pay again to watch MTV on the back huh. I know you’re in here. Alright, so you’ve seen these shows, and everybody thinks, when you’re talking about Prosperity, talking about just me having stuff. For my sake, all the time mother who thinks her life or daughters, Owensboro Church entire livelihood in life course depends on how good are sweet 16 party? Is she doing things are driving kids up in limos they’re, providing clothes for everybody? They buy the kit, a porch for the 16 year old birthday, which not mad about that I’d like to have a Porsche. I look good in Porsche butter, okay and then at the end of this thing. At the end of this thing, you got you got this kid getting all of these gifts from all of their different friends and she’s. Opening up these gifts and she’s critiquing everything they’ve, given her she’s like this purse, is such a piece of junk. Who would carry this? She don’t put it on television goes through all this stuff in it. Just would make you sick only inside why cuz it’s the love of money is the root of all evil. Also, it’s it’s a hard heart, not a heart that lives to give to heart that only lives to consume whatever we talk about being blessed and be successful and prosperous, we’re talking about being blessed to be a blessing plus. So we can do something for somebody else. Some people say I don’t want to be successful. I don’t need to be prosperous. Owensboro Church I don’t need those things in my own life. That’S the most self focus statement you can ever make, because really successive bird has nothing to do with us. It has to do with us having enough we can reach out and help somebody else in there trouble that’s exactly what the Joseph testimony brought on to Joseph everything he touches. It begins to prosper. The next thing it says is this says verse for Joseph found. Favor everybody say favor favor in his sight and served him overseer of his house, and then he had all that he had he put under his authority. So much from that time that he made him overseer of the house and all that he had that. The Lord bless the Egyptians house for Joseph sake, and the blessing of the Lord was on all that he had in the house and in the field, because this favor Came Upon Joseph’s life. The spirit of God will bring you favor spirit of God will get you in the right place at the right time with the right people can be connected with you, where you can get in a position where you can bless somebody else, that’s what favor comes to Do Bible says in Luke 2:52 Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and with man? Owensboro Church Somebody say to say: Lord, give me favor in Jesus name, one moment of favor worth a lifetime of toil one moment of favor people recognizing the anointing on you and liking you, because it’s there it’s worth a lifetime of toil. The favor of God is what enables you to land the account when nobody else can get it. Nobody else can cause. God is in the midst of you, thank God for favor everyday. Whenever you get up it’s the Joseph testimony, it didn’t matter where Joseph went. This is what would happen he’s in Potiphar’s house. He gets to the top. Why? Because, God, with me become successful, he’s placed in the prison go straight to the top, leaves the whole prison. Why? Because God’s with him, the favor of God’s on him, he become successful, gets brought into Pharaoh the king of the nation, the president of the entire practically Advanced world at that time, and you know what happens, he comes to the top. Why favor of Gods on this life? Owensboro Church This is the testimony of Joseph the one might Prosper. The one might succeed that one might achieve. Why cuz there’s a drought coming, there’s, always a drought coming in someone else’s life. There will always be a drought that needs a remedy: a drought was coming and the Pharaohs art prophetically in a dream that everybody’s going to starve to death. Unless we do something else, if he was at the right place at the right time through the Lord’s favor, he was the instrument in the hand of God that saved all the people in the nation of Egypt and also saved Israel. As they came and said, we have no grain, do you know our dreams and our aspirations? Owensboro Church I want for success. I want to be prosperous, really isn’t about us or shouldn’t be truly about us being in the right place. Whatever the drought comes, so we can be a blessing to somebody else to be a blessing to somebody else in here. I meant go ahead and stand up on your feet. I’M going to pray for you guys were baptized. Please begin to make your way around to the other side there, where we baptize just go ahead and come go ahead and come. Let me pray, let me pray, I pray, I pray mighty name. I pray in Jesus mighty name, stop it. Owensboro Church We keep failing and failing and failing that, got us to play without Bella sound on sound Fest of God. His name open up the doors when we can be divinely position. Father, big dream, dream the dreams of God. Let the dreams of God in the plan of God would come to pass. I pray that the Lord would be with them. That’S the people in this room be successful men, but everything their hand touches.

It will prosper and that they will find favour wherever they are. Lord, let people be promoted, let people be promoted, Spirit-filled Christian people, let them be promoted wherever they’re placed in the mighty matchless name. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, but I say, Amen to that amen go ahead and you can be seated as we baptize today. Those of you that have not been water baptized, let me say this: it is the next step after you get born again need to do this, make a public confession of your faith. Jesus Christ said, if you won’t confess me in front of men, neither will I confess you before my father, how you doing today, I’m glad you’re here. What would you would you tell us your name for 1 million spent? Owensboro Church Have you believed on the death burial resurrection of Jesus Christ? For your salvation, you have okay, step right in the water here, step right in the water just go ahead and be seated right. Here, it’s going to be seated two legs straight out in front of you. Alright, alright put your hand on your nose or father now by the authority. Given me through the laying on of the hands of the Presbytery. I now baptize you in the name of the father of the son and of the holy spirit in Jesus mighty name: praise the name of the Lord Church praise the name of the Lord praise. The name of the Lord father bless. My sister bless. My sister establish your will your way in her life. I pray in Jesus name, amen, amen, amen, help you go help her out. Owensboro Church Man praise the name of the Lord Santa coming. Tell her about your name. Sam Sam Lindsay. Have you believed on the Lord Jesus Christ? His death is Barrel. His resurrection step in the water. Come right here, going sit down right now. Your feet right in front of you, put your hand on your nose right here, father by the authority of the laying on of the hands of the press pater’s in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I now baptize my brother in the name of the father and the Son and the Holy Spirit in Jesus mighty name in Jesus mighty name. Lord bless him cause him to be everything you want him to be in Jesus mighty name, amen, amen, amen, God will help. You Church stand back up on your feet this morning, stand back up on your feet. Let’S pray! Lord! I pray now as a pastor and a Shepherd in this house. I pray that you would leave these people father beside Still Waters in The Green Pastures, that you would indeed restore their self make them salt make them light in this city. Lord establish this Joseph testimony Among Us in Jesus mighty, mighty name, amen, amen, amen. God bless you, you are dismissed also Turtle, Wednesday night. We have a special speaker. I was going to be here to help us establish a better cell group Ministry be around for two or three days. You won’t want to miss him on Wednesday night Eric Casterline, a friend of mine, come out Wednesday night. You have a good time. God bless you