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Let’S give the Lord a big hand, clap here I like to pray for this. If any of you have a desire to start something, maybe maybe you think in the future? I want to start something. I want to start a business. I got an idea. I want to move on. I got something like that, my wife in seed form, I want to pray over you for one mama, just just lift a hand to Heaven. Owensboro Church If that’s you something you want to do like that, turn to the sound of my voice. Quite quite a few hands right here: yo yo go and lay your hand just stuff. Just lay your hand right right on their shoulder. If there, if they’re around, lay your hand on their shoulder we’re going to pray for him father, we pray in the name of Jesus Lord, these ideas, the seeds, these things that people want to start. We pray in the name of Jesus that you would let the anointing of God come to them roll the they would be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.
We pray that you would open doors that no man can shut. You would shut doors that no man can open in the you would have your wheel done on Earth as it is in heaven. I pray father that our people would be able to walk on the water. To hear your word in to follow. We pray that every seat, every thought every all thing that starts roll, the. We would believe you and follow it until we get to the next level, I believe in anointing the Bible says that you give us witty inventions inspired ideas. I declare inspired ideas flow in this house. Let these people be the first fruits in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We pray over them tonight and we believe that they receive your best. Your best, Owensboro Church your best in the name of Jesus Christ, of Nazareth in Jesus mighty name in Jesus mighty name. We pray, we pray, we pray, we pray in Jesus name in Jesus name in Jesus name.
We pray in the name of Jesus and the church said: amen, amen, amen Max. I want you to pray, you were Miss Pat either one. I want you to pray that people would learn to Steward over say, have wisely talk about growing and maturity. You guys teach a class all the time so we’ll give him a plug your to Financial Peace University. These guys are doing that soon, y’all to get signed up. If you need that but pray that our church would grow up and be wise in that area, father just come to your right now and I would say, give wisdom to the people, give wisdom to the people, give wisdom to the people. Let them hear what you have to say about finances. Let them hear what you have to say about what to do with the finances. They already have remind them, Lord, that the first rule of finances is to give the given to give and remind them Lord, that they can out give you the Lord, also remind them that they have to care for what they did, that they have to be careful. Lord with what they have and that Lord, that you would bless them and all their Endeavors allow them North to know that you are the king of kings and Lord of lords in their life, and that includes their financial management. Lord amen, Patrick, come here or on stage with me, I want you to. I want you to pray, let’s pray for something else: let’s pray for families, let’s pray for young families, every kind of family as well that these guys are getting ready to have a baby whale. To give Lord I hand clap for that. We got a lot of babies coming around here. I heard about some more coming today. I can’t talk about it yet, Owensboro Church  but man it’s in the water around here or something I got to, I don’t know three. I don’t know I put I’m going to be careful. I got 3 right now my house maybe full to pray for families. I want you to pray for strong marriages.
I want you to pray that God would teach teach all of us how to be parents, grandparents be the best family people we can be Lord. I Thank you for how you set the family unit up to be. I think you, Lord, that it’s it’s God, it’s God ordained and I say Lord our families are strong, they’re, not they’re, not breaking they’re, not broken, and those that are maybe by the worldly standards. Father God, maybe maybe they’re week, maybe they’ve been struggling father God. I thank you, Lord, that you’re in the restoration business in and that it’s not too far gone and you can restore that relationship. You can. You can restore that house all you can mend hurt feelings. You can mend broken relationships and you can restore it to what it once was. What it was intended to be and a father got to say that that River City we’re a church full of strong relationships. I thank you, Lord, that a three-fold cord is not easily broken. I thank you, Lord, that you remain at the center of every relationship. I say: Lord: our families are blessed their blessing every area, their kids are blessed their blessed with long life their blessed with financial prosperity. Their blessed spiritually father have got a spiritual Aroma about everywhere. They go to are there attractional for the gospel’s sake, and I thank you, Lord, that will have leaders that that come from this church that’ll be leaders in this city and in other cities that that just people will look to in say. I see the Lord all on their life. I see the Lord living and working and acting in and on their life, and I want to be like them.

I thank you, Lord, that are couples their attractional for the gospel say, and I thank you Lord, that they live by Godly standards. I say Lord: they they don’t backslide, they don’t give into two social pressures. They don’t give into social trends, but they live by Godly standards. They live about by Your Word. They honor one another. They they they they raise up their child in the ways of God, and so they later on in life, they will not depart from it. I thank you, Lord, that are parents now will be the parents just a generation that that’s going to do. Just amazing thing see: amazing testimony see, amazing miracles happen in their lifetime, and I thank you, Lord for the opportunity that we have now to speak, play those kids life to speak into that next Generations life. Owensboro Church So I thank you, Lord, that there’s an urgency on our spirits of Our Generation on our part that we have now to impart to that next generation is Generation, calls out to the Next Generation the good news of the Lord that the blessings of the Lord, how It how good it is to be in God’s house how good it is to be around God’s people how good it is to declare your word. Father got us say our families are strong it in the model. The Lord I say Lord. They will not be shaken that the enemy may come against them, but he’ll come one way and hopefully a thousand ways. I say Lord, that are our families are strong, they’re protected. I think you know that you’ll send angels to people right now. Right now, finally, got from the north east, south and the West angels are coming to protect them and not just protect them, Owensboro Church but just a speak, speak wisdom and into their life father God. I thank you, Lord, that they they hear your voice and no other boys. Would they follow us, so it’s not just protection that they have, but they have Wiz, step side, step traps of the enemy to sidestep traps of the enemy. Father God – and I thank you, Lord – that we’ve got good strong Godly couples here, River City Church.
I thank you for. Thank You For Me, Jesus name in Jesus mighty name. Lord. We also pray for the people who are looking for the right spouse. Lord, we pray you giving the right spouse and that the Devourer or the wrong person won’t get in their way. Lord keep them from the evil, one keep them From The Snare of the Fowler and Lord. Let them know this is the way walk in it. Lord, I declare we’re not a group of carnally LED people wear a group of spirit-led people. I declare that are sheep, know your voice and they follow you. You take them by the right-hand, lead them and send to them for your. Not that is many as are called the sons of God or Daughters of God.
They are led by the spirit of God. So I declare that are people are kids are, are, are single people you named it no matter what age they are. They have the right spouse and not the wrong one in Jesus mighty name. I pray that relationships and need to be broken will be broken, and relationships at need to come forth will come forth in the name of Jesus we declare than it is so it is so it is so in Jesus mighty name got two more things. Owensboro Church I want us to pray for and then and then we’ll be done, but but the one of those things is one of the greatest fights against the really. The greatest fight against the pro-life movement is going on right now in America. Do you know that it is on right now in America and it came in the form of the health mandate, Obamacare Obamacare, bull abort, more babies than anything you can imagine in the future and it’ll, do it via taxpayer dollars and right now I don’t know if You know our neighbor down the way Hobby Lobby they’ve been in and out of litigation, MLB more to come in the future because they said this, they say we don’t want to pay our money for health care. That’s going to provide abortion for our employees that violates our religious rights and the government says no because you’re, just a person walking around you’ve got to provide for that because we sent you do you know, that’s the large violation of religious Liberties in the history of America,Owensboro Church  up until now, I mean it just it just spits in the face of our constitution, the face of our founding fathers, the face of everything, it’s Antichrist, it’s ungodly, Owensboro Church it’s the worst thing that happened in America in 100 years that I know of, and it threatens Our religious Liberties and I want to pray that that thing would be driven back and this Warfare Against The Unborn, that it would stop in Jesus name. I mean we care about life and we believe that life begins at conception and and we think if the church doesn’t get loud about that who will get loud about it. You know if a church won’t get loud about who will get loud about it and if not, that things going to be on on us – and I don’t want it on on us – amen, cousin, unborn, unborn baby – is not a fetus. It’S a it’s a it’s. A person come on somebody, it’s a person-to-person. Nobody ever sees a pregnant woman.

I saw this the other dance glitch. I saw it on Facebook, but it was good. Nobody ever sees a pregnant woman and says: when are you expecting your fetus? Do they just when people start to finding it to try to make it alright, but once you start disrespecting life, where does it stop? You know who do you euthanize now? Who do you? Who do you snuff out? Next, that’s the question and now that you’ve had an abortion or you’ve been touch with that. Again, I don’t want you to think I’m angry with you, man, I’m praying for your restoration, I’m forward you. We got a forgiving, loving God, and it’s not my intention to beat on anybody ever no matter what’s in your past, because none of us want the whole world to know. What’S in our past amen, we got Grace for you, but we want to pray that that n Go forward. So let’s pray for our our nation that that that thing would be stopped and that and that the peace of God would flow in that situation. I would love to pray for this. Let’S pray father in the name of Jesus right now we pray for our nation. We pray that it would make a Godly turn. We pray against that Spirit of death. We pray against abortion. They would try to take our youth. We pray against that Spirit of Molech where people sacrifice their children for convenience and offerings in the Old Testament.
We pray that that thing would be broken off of our country, that it would be stopped in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We pray that this assault on our religious Liberties as Christian as Believers, that it would be stopped in the name of Jesus. We pray right now that the strength of God, the anointed of God, the wisdom of God, Owensboro Church that it would float all the men all of the businessmen or in this fight right now we pray that their attorneys will be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. We pray that that there would be judges who would step up and judge with righteous judgment. We pray that the right politicians would be elected and every office the right people will be put in every seat in the wrong people would be taken out of the way we pray for this in the name of Jesus. I pray for justice in the justice system once again in America, Justice in the justice system. Once again in America, save our nation’s children. We pray in Jesus, mighty name and the church say, Amen. Owensboro Church Here’S what I’m going to do! Here’S ears! You know what happened this week. Men are Church pledge in in a short. Of time to give over and above the tide 156,000. This morning I mean it’s, it’s it’s a miracle. You know what it really is, and it was time it was just time as a Shepherd for us to call the people forward. You know what I mean so I come on. Let’S, let’s do something and we’re always one of the laws and we’re trying to get people here like this is a pretty characters.
Matic meeting here in tonight. Alright, here’s the deal like most of them on Sunday morning to be screaming in tongues and stuff like that people cuz, they don’t know what you’re doing now. We know if we want to win the lost and let them until we can explain to them biblically what you’re doing do you got your greeters talking and Tom’s in people’s faces you’re going to come out it just going to be. Let me know like I know things weird, but but there comes a day we got, we got, we got to grow people up and let him know what the word says and so it’s so much of you know. Jesus didn’t tell everybody everything. The first day he met him in the Bible. There were years of those guys going with him, so it took a while. The message would be come. Follow me I’ll show you something come see something at the beginning in later he’s getting to the hearts off at the end of this message for goes to the Cross years later he same things like unless you eat my flesh and drink. My blood, you have no part of me, so it’s a journey everybody’s on the journey, ain’t nun, but their days we got to just call people it’s time to go forward in your journey. You know it’s no longer. You can’t crawl him more. It’S time to walk your toddler now can’t title anymore. It’S time to you know it’s time to put your big boy pants on that. You know it’s just life like that insult the same as true in church, and we call the people forward today and they stepped up. Owensboro Church we got to give the Lord a hand, clap for that one more time so proud. Here’S. What I want to do I want.

I want y’all to just pray in the spirit and I’m going to call out some of these needs. We won’t get all the way through and we don’t have time left just a few more minutes. These are what the people who who who gave and participated are just a lot of cards just came in and they were praying. These were some of the biggest prayer needs. We’Re going to be praying over these two, but I’m just going to call out the / needs. Owensboro Church I want you just pray right there in the spirit of pray for these people, as as we call them off Financial Peace in Direction. You can just you got a prayer language, open it up: new homes, loan student loans to be paid off right there right ear, stretch, strengthen marriage and in released from financial debt. He ears ears for Financial Freedom. In people hears hears people for business decisions, we pray for that hears. Somebody praying for more of the fruit of the spirit they want you melody in their life. Here’S for a house. We pray that these people have a house, a house for their family hears for ears, for people to be saved in their life hears from Financial breakthrough for our church and also for a salt, hear somebody praying for money.
They have a financial need. We pray the guy that helped him: here’s for a business to prosper, Owensboro Church here’s for opportunity and money and and and for the family somebody praying for that hears people who want Prosperity so that they can retire. So they can go on to the next stage of life. You’Re somebody for for their spouse, hear somebody for money for a car. Kid wants a car father. We pray you getting money for a car, give him wills and then make him smart enough not to wreck it. In the first year he gets it hears hears from Financial breakthrough for a business in the name of Jesus hears for a miracle baby. We pray we pray for miracles of conception in people’s lives in in the name of Jesus, in the name in the name of Jesus hears for a stronger family in Christ, hears from a healing from cancer. We cursed cancer in the name of Jesus. We believe that this person is absolutely hold your ears ears. Here’S for financial breakthrough man, a lot of people praying for money. Lord, we pray for that. You’Re somebody wants to be deaf. Can we pray you make them debt-free? Here’S for household salvation. We pray for household salvation he hears. Somebody wants more faith in God’s promises. Lord, we pray that we’d be a house of Faith, get give him something Supernatural answer. Prayer super naturally raise their faith, raise their faith, raise their faith, raise their faith. Here’S somebody else wants to pay their house off here, somebody that wants to get out of debt man lot of debt prayer, here’s another debt, 1500 up to pay off a needed debt right here we pray for that. We we pray for for a home in money, for a home and for this person’s family to be in church. Here. Somebody wants to be debt-free hear somebody wants to find a home here, ears, debt and appetite control man. I need both those things totally breaking up broken out of my life. Owensboro Church I agree with your debt and I need I need appetite control to hear something for financial increase Financial wisdom.
We pray for that in the name of Jesus, here’s another one for finances and in Jesus mighty name in Jesus mighty name hear somebody needs a new car will pray that they get. They get solid transportation in Jesus mighty name hears hears. Somebody a young persons whose families getting divorced parents are getting divorced. What we pray for that entire family in the name of Jesus, Owensboro Church come on. Owensboro Church let’s pray for that kid right now know if you been touched by the bourse, but most most of us have just pray for that. We pray for that kid in the name of Jesus Jude, help them help them bless him. Lord help him in the middle of that we pray in the name of Jesus for a great job. Somebody wants employment, give him great job and let their family be saved. In the name of Jesus hears somebody’s got a company, that’s closing. We pray that they get a new job in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in the name, some buddy wants to own their first home. We prayed for that, giving wisdom. Lord help them help him, or somebody wants to be made more like Jesus. We believe that in Jesus mighty name, Financial, here’s more financial financial help in the name of Jesus in the net College debts near somebody wants to raise money to do missions in Thailand lower we pray to help them bless our missionaries, bless them and raise up more More people with heart to do real work for the gospel like that we pray for it in the name of Jesus, hear somebody needs Health, hear somebody that needs favor. Owensboro Church we pray for all these things come on just stretch your hands towards these cards. What we’re out of time and let’s take one moment and really pray in the spirit before these people for one moment, Lord, we pray for him stop by my buddies. She she can. We pray for these people. We pray for these people. We pray for these people. We pray for these people bless them, help them deliver them, set them free, give them their desires of their heart. Lord bless around the world with the gospel break. The back of debt in their life. Lord, give us wisdom. Give us self-control, give us discipline.

Give us the fruit of the spirit to be everything, we’re called to be in the name of Jesus. I believe, Lord. Within the next six months, the Miracles are going to roll in we’re going to hear the testimonies and you’re going to get all of the glory in Jesus mighty name and the church said: amen, amen, amen, amen, anything the scripture did. Owensboro Church It just came to my heart as we’re praying. Is the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much and what we have done here tonight? It’S availing now it’s going out and it’s accomplishing what we sent it out to do amen. Everybody say this out loud say: our prayers work in Jesus mighty name all give somebody a high-five. You can go in faith and peace to be a great 2014 MN, a man