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I want to go ahead and do a commercial on one of my upcoming teaching series before I teach tonight and I’ll start it by this. Did y’all see the news today about the terrorist plot that was a spoiled in England? Did you see that yeah in the town of a Birmingham there was a group of militant islamists that wanted to take captive a Muslim British soldier and their plan was they were going to decapitate him video tape it with the camera posted up on the internet in Order to strike the hearts of the western world with fear. Do you recognize that the most radical Antichrist spirit that has ever existed on the earth is present today in the religion of Islam? Do you know that the most radical in your face, aggressiveAntichrist spirit that exists upon the earth and its ever really been seen in history books that are recorded by the hands of men, see the Bible doesn’t just say that the Antichrist will be a man who will Come at the end of Ages, like Tim lahaye books are Left Behind book safe. The Bible says that there’s a spirit at work in the Earth today called a spirit of antichrist. Owensboro Church  you can find it in 1st John everybody say: Antichrist. Here’S what that Spirit, hates that Spirit, hates the doctrine or the teaching, that Jesus is the Christ, that Jesus is the anointed one. Owensboro Church the Jesus is the savior that Jesus is the only way on the heaven whenever you talk to somebody and they get upset with you, because every cuz you tell the Jesus is the anointed one he’s the only way to heaven. You know what Spirit you’re dealing with when you’re talking to that personSpirit of antichrist. They hate that teaching. They hate that Doctrine and the Muslim faith is the same. Owensboro Church  If not only with stands the doctrine that Jesus is the Christ, but it wants to go after those people who / taken of that Doctrine and call them infidels and see them wiped off of the face of the Earth. Tell you something.., It’s a radical radical radical! Think something you continue to see it in the news. I don’t know if it will ever be rid of it until the return of the son of man. I really don’t think we will be.
I don’t know, I don’t know how we touch it or address at. The only thing I know is the Jesus Christ, in the preaching of the Gospel, is stronger than the spirit of the anti-christ. A man in the Antichrist, with the only thing I can think of, is that we evangelize the Middle East and it’s going to take the blood of the martyrs. It’S going to take two things I mentioned earlier. It’S going to take money to go to take Manpower. It’S going to take people her willing to diesee that region changed see those mindsets change. You know I was talking to the group about this recently. You know how many brothers and sisters Osama Bin Laden has do. You know like it’s 17, but it’s a 17. Okay. Do you know what was it 19 I’m off to? Alright, that’s not bad off to what you have 17 kids. You forget about two of them anyway. So do you know that him and his father combined their supposed to have about 50 children on the face of the Earth right now, I’m almost 30 I’ll be 30 in September. Do you know how many kids I have one that scary or what think about it? In a democracy, the Muslim World continues to multiply about 15 to 1 and the Western world because of our hunger for convenience and our lust of Mammon and money. We won’t even have to kids why we can’t have 17 big screen televisions in our house. If we do that, what if we continue on this course, Owensboro Church  where does it leave us nor Evangel evangelization of the world? Where does it leave us in the face of radical Islam? Something to think about? That’S why I’m going to teach you series coming up pretty quick, called Ishmael versus Isaac, Ishmael versus Isaac? Owensboro Church  I’ll probably do it on a Wednesday night, but I want you to get ready. I’M going to teach you a lot about that that fundamentalist Islam, in the spirit behind it, but tonight I’ve got to say the whole armor of God. You got to come back. Owensboro Church  You got to come back. If you want to hear that you have to buy the book at the end or something like that which had a book, I can sell it to you now. I got you hook. Owensboro Church  Alright I’ll see you 6 we’re going to reading in verse, 13. The fusions chapter 6 verse 13, therefore take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and, having done all to stand, stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness having your feet With the preparation of the gospel of peace, above all, taking the shield of with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit which is the word of God, Owensboro Church praying Always with all prayer and supplication, in the spirit being watchful to this, in with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints praise, the name Lord father, we thank you for your work. Alright tonight we’re going to talk about this. We are going to talk about the helmet of salvation somebody say the helmet.

This is where the Apostle Paul he’s talking out of the roman armor. They would wear out in the day of battle and begins to pick up on those things and use them as a teaching illustration to the the Saints in the Church of Ephesus, he’s went down through different parts of the armor. We’Ve talked about the belt of Truth. We’Ve talked about the breastplate of righteousness. We’Ve talked about having her feet, shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. We’Ve talked about having the shield of faith the night we’ll talk about the helmet of salvation. How many of you guys think a helmet would be important during the middle of a war? Huh be pretty important. Me tell you a bit about a helmet store in my life. I was about in the third grade and my mother bought me a Honda 70 four-wheeler. You remember those on four-wheelers, three-wheelers 70s will many things that I love my 4-wheeler. Much to the dismay of my father. My mother bought me that four-wheeler dad said no Mom said yes, Dad and Mom have been going at it. Dad came home one day. You know what Mama done. She bought me a four wheeler, so I was riding my 4-wheeler and I took the thing over to the only place where they were kids to play with anywhere around where I live to live in the farm by myself had to go across the field to find Kids, I rode my 4-wheeler over there and I got involved in the afternoon football game and time went by quicker than I thought I was supposed to be home about an hour earlier. All of a sudden one of the mothers at the house.
I was playing ball at she came out and said it’s such and such time tell me about been seen that, when you’re wrong by the clock I ran out jumped on my 4-wheeler, I fired it up, took off home across the fields. Just wide open came up to the top of the hill, where the field met with the lane, where automobiles would travel back to my father’s place of business, and I got it the top of that Hill. My 4-wheeler stalled. Alright, I’m already late, I’m already freaked out. I already can see him in trouble and all the dads going to bust my butt cuz. I did that who love me and it would spank me when I did things wrong. You know Bible says: if you love your children, you spank them. Do you know that says if you want to do that, you hate your children, but anyway I was what the scripture says. I was there and I was up with the top of a hill and a folder Stone. I got out and I was crying cuz. I was a third grade, kids and finally, I got the thing fired up again and I got on my folder. Owensboro Church  I threw it in gear and I hammered out in the middle of that lane, but right out in the middle of that there was a pickup truck top in the crest of that hill at about 40 miles an hour and it nailed me boom next thing. All I remember seeing is like I don’t know Sky ground and that’s it, and when I woke up my femur, my leg was broken right here. I’D spend four months in a bed. My shoulders were black and blue. I was beat up from the every part of my body, but do you know what I place to pull my head? I put a helmet on my head and I bet I suspect that helmet still Somewhere Out There, He in one of our barns on the farm. I think it is haven’t seen it in a long time, but that’ll helmets beat to pieces and that helmet saved my life. Owensboro Church  Look at your neighbor and tell them this cell helmet can save your life. You don’t. My older brother was riding a Harley Davidson this summer. Without a helmet, by the way, which is the height of stupidity, to her to ride a motorcycle down asphalt without helmet, he was riding that motorcycle without a helmet. Somebody pulled right out in front of him and it wasn’t his fault with the guy swerve. You know what happened to help me crack my brother, cracked, his skull.. I live through it, but cracked his skull. Look at your other neighbor and say helmets important you get out in a battle you put on the helmet of salvation. These Roman soldiers wear this thing because one Blow To The Head can kill you just like this. This is what these helmets look like. How many of ever seen the Roman? This isn’t exactly the ones they would wear to Ward. Excuse me, this is a ceremonial helmet. You sing the helmets those guys will put on and they have the big feathers the plumes down the middle. You seen those things before. Okay, they wouldn’t have wore those two battle.
You wouldn’t know more of those the battle. Typically, high-ranking officers would wear those types of helmets and if you wore one of those in the battle, you would had a big bulls out on your head. How many know if you’re in a war or you want to kill the guy who’s in charge? First, don’t you kill? You strike the shepherd and the Sheep will scatter multi. It’S been seen in Warfare 2 been seen in churches. It’S been seen in businesses if it’s seen everywhere, but they would wear another helmet and this helmet they wore was made out of metal on the top. It would have leather straps woven into it as well. There would be the leather on the inside or these, how much would have been absolutely unbearable to where I’m a know. Owensboro Church If you got to be some metal on your head in the sun beating down on it going to get tough after a while in it. That was leather on the inside. They also had a couple of leather Black Sheep guards that came down off of them and sometimes a drape in the back heavy heavy lower in the back and a coat of mail in later days. They would protect the back of their neck whenever they went out to battle. These guys would put it on whatever it was time to fight Paul pixel. Up on this illustration, he says, put on the helmet of salvation somebody say: I’m salvation.

The helmet is a helmet of salvation, it is the Greek word sotiri on the helmet of so Tyrion, and it means this. It means salvation one, and it also means excuse me. One second means defense, somebody say defense. Whenever you get saved whatever you put on the helmet of salvation, it’s the first time in your life, you’ve ever really entered into having a defense. For yourself, the Bible says that whenever we come into the kingdom of God, whenever we received the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the we are literally translated out of Darkness and into Marvelous Light before you got save. You were a child of what Darkness some people would like to. Thank you know I’m neutral, I’m not on the side of God, I’m not on the side of the devil. I’M just neutral I’m in this gray area, but I don’t really want to pick side or the Bible is very clear. Jesus said either door for me or you’re against me: there’s no middle ground you’re in or you’re out.
So if you’re not saved in here tonight, the Bible calls you children of darkness and says you’re, a member of the Army of Darkness. You see the members of the Army of Darkness. They have no defense for themselves, even though they’re in the ranks of an army, there is no one there. That cares enough about them to defend them. You know whenever you fight and you’re in the Army of Darkness you’re serving in the army, that will turn its guns upon you at any time. You know that the Army of Darkness isn’t like to watch to wound its own soldiers and then to try to cover their eyes so that they don’t wreck Nas. The third wounded will I can walk in darkness in their wounds? Not knowing what’s happened to them and I can be set up to have an infection that’ll set up run through their entire body and claim their life, and they have no medics in the Army of Darkness to help them out of it. There is no defender of you when you’re in the Army of Darkness saw the Bible, calls it the helmet of salvation or the helmet of Defense coming to the kingdom of God, and you have a defender on your side for the very first time in your life And I’m in a real Defender who can help you? Who is Amanda for the Bible, says the Lord? He is a man of war, the Bible says the battle is no longer ours, that is the Lord’s. Whenever we come into his kingdom, we have a Defender, who’s willing to fight for us. No man in the kingdom of God has to fight alone anymore. Somebody say I have a defense. You have a defense, it’s good to know that good to get it deep down. Owensboro Church In your spirit that you have a defense that were the helmet of so Tyrion comes from another Greek word, Soto, real, soda, real, which simply means salvation the Greek word itself. It literally means this. It means number one to rescue means to have safety means physically or morally means to deliver means to bring health or to bring Salvation soda. Ria, it’s in your body and your soul. In your mind, the whole concept you put on the helmet of salvation. It changes your entire life. You put on your deliverance, you put on your defense, it is for us there, several things. I want you to know about the helmet of salvation tonight. The first thing I want you to understand: is it whatever you’re putting on the helmet of salvation? It is that you have a knowledge of your salvation. Look at your neighbor and say knowledge. Owensboro Church  You have a knowledge of your salvation. You see the Bible says that you were bought with a price turnover with me to 1st Corinthians 1st Corinthians chapter 6, verse 20 1st Corinthians chapter 6 inverse 20, you get their say, amen, amen, says this.
The Apostle Paul will start 19. Or do you not know that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit? Owensboro Church  Who is in you whom you have from God and you are not your own, for you were bought at a price. Therefore, glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s, the Apostle Paul Begins by saying our bodies today, since we’ve come to the kingdom of God that our very bodies, they are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, you’re saved your born again on the Inside of you, you have the Holy Spirit wall to wall in your heart right now, you’re, the throne. You look you’re the throne room of God in a certain sense, you’re the Temple of the Holy Spirit and another.

Since he goes on how many know for the Temple of the Holy Spirit. There are certain ways we should and should not behave and then and then we believe wow that the Believers out to live holy. Why? Because there’s somebody holy on the inside of us whenever we don’t live the way, we’re supposed to agree Salem, it hurts his heart and it puts us in a peculiar place. We don’t want that. Owensboro Church  So it goes on these says you’re the Temple of the Holy Spirit than he says you were bought with a price. Do you know, God gave a high price for our Salvation need to know something about yourself ocean see. It tells us a couple of things: the price that he paid for our Salvation is so high. It says that we were worth a whole lot on the him if he loves us so much. He was willing to make a trade. His son, Owensboro Church  for you, said yeah I’ll trade myself for you. That was his deal every time we look down in humanity, he said: there’s somebody who’s worth trading. My son, for you know I think about my daughter today, now look around at the world and I I’ve got to find anybody I’m willing to trade her. For you know what I’m saying send me. Your parents would agree with that. You found anybody you’re willing to trade, your children for no. To be honest, no not I haven’t found anybody yet that would trade my little girl for, but now God in heaven perfect, I’m not God looks down at each and every one of you and it’s the selfless and loving he says I hear somebody I’d trade, my Own son, for that tells me something are price tags pretty high in the eyes of God, a man you were bought with a price. It’S a high-priced! You need to know that you need to know that your helmet of salvation – let you know how dear you, are under God, that I was bought with a price and if I was bought with a price today. Owensboro Church  I am God’s Property say that I am God’s Property. Wow, it’s important to know that you belong to the king of kings and Lord of lords you’re, not second-rate junk.
You belong to a King in his Palace in his household under his authority and, if you’re out on the battlefield, which is the entire context of the passage that were studying right now. You know that God is watching over his property when you’re out to war, a man I mean whenever you go out there. God is there to be your defense, because you are his property and watch over you and he will War for you. Owensboro Church  It’S like this. You are not alone in the midst of your battle. Owensboro Church  the battle is not yours. The battle is the Lord’s, get it in your head. When I stand in the midst of a fight, I don’t fight alone. I am God’s Property. Whatever I was at Oral Roberts University going to school there, I remember there was a story that the president of that University used to tell about a young lady who went to school there and he preached the sermon called God’s Property. And this girl got a hold of it and got it in her heart. I’M God’s Property, I’m God’s Property, I’m God’s Property. She was out one walking across the campus and some pervert attacked her literally attacked her tried to force her and rape her and as he was trying to do that going through the girl’s head was this can’t happen to me? I’M God’s Property, it’s going to happen to me, I’m God’s Property and she said it out loud as her attacker will get closer to her through this man said: I’m God’s Property get your hands off of me. I’M God’s Property get away from me! I’M God’s Property. Can get your hands on God’s Property and finally got up, didn’t didn’t, get anywhere, jumped and ran in about a week later the guy went down to the Tulsa Police Department and he turned himself and he said, you’re looking for a guy who tempted to rape a Girl on Oral Roberts University campus, it was me arrest me here. I am never bodies like shocked what why are you turn yourself in every night, as I’ve laid down to go to bed? All I can hear is that girl, saying I’m God’s Property and I can best I can figure out done something to tread on God’s Turf, not want to get it right before I get in too much trouble.

I me know when you’re God’s Property, while you got a lot of things working for you man, I mean I mean. Oh, you have a defense. When your dad’s property go to clap your hands, you believe, God will defend. You get it in your heart to say it to yourself. Let’S say it again: I’m God’s Property, one more time. I’M God’s Property say it again: I’m God’s Property yeah, that’s the way. You confess the word of God Amen, get along and Revelations just keep saying. It’S santa santa santa until you believe it right. The next thing is this: you need to know about the helmet of salvation. You need to know the Eternal nature of your salvation. The Eternal nature of your salvation put that helmet on the helmet of salvation. It’S an internal thing see man is created to live eternally, but the original plan of God was the mom would never die. Even in a physical realsense created man placed him in the garden. There was not death on the agenda if that point, but what happened? The devil, the serpent he crept into the garden he tempted Eve she bit. She took it to Adam he bit. The whole world became a crash site at that second and death in her in to the human race. Why? Owensboro Church  Because the wages of sin is death the day you and I we send many ways and we will someday die immortal physical death because of sin entered into the world and death Man Apart of it, but you mad at you was created to live eternally, and now We die in a physical sense, but we live on in a spiritual sense. How many know you’re going to live forever somewhere? Do you know that might be held might be heaven, but I guarantee you, you will not just dissipate one day. You won’t be like a dog just dead and buried; no, no, no you’ll just forever, somewhere Hell or Heaven, everybody say: I’m an eater call Bean just turn over the first John for a second. I want to show you about your salvation. Owensboro Church  First John chapter. 2
First 24 and 25 says this. Therefore, let that abide in you with you heard from the beginning, what you heard from the beginning of bides in you. You also will abide my bite in the Sun and in the father, and this is the promise that he has promised us. What’S it say, but it’s a turtle life yeah. We will live forever now. How will we live forever in a real life sense by coming to the Gospel of Jesus Christ? How do you put on the helmet of salvation? Will it’s this simple? You have to accept Christ and his sacrifice. Repent of your sins believe on the death burial resurrection of Jesus Christ, that is putting on the helmet of salvation. It’S a big part of what you need to do and when you do that, you become an eternal being, don’t have to be scared of dying anymore. Don’T have to be scared of checking out anymore, how many, no I’m not ready to die, but I’m not scared to die either. I’M in a certain sense seems mysterious. It seems different, something something I haven’t passed and the whole death thing seems very final right now. Doesn’T it must have meant when you walk into a funeral home? It seems a bit final to the body laying there you don’t see the guy or the lady around anymore, but there’s no reason for the Christian to fear death. Somebody said there’s no reason why? Because we’ve been promised eternal life coming to Jesus Christ, you don’t worry about the moment. You breathed your last breath why to be absent from the body the Bible says, is to be present. Owensboro Church with the Lord the moment you check out a cure you’re in heaven. It is an eternal salvation. The next thing I want you to see about your helmet of salvation is that you have a hope of Salvation turn over the first Thessalonians 1st Thessalonians can’t even said. First Thessalonians go to chapter 5, Paul picks up on the same image. The same image in chapter 5 of the armor, these Roman guys wear first Thessalonians, chapter 5, verses will start in verse. 8 says this: are you there yet says this? It says, but let us who are of the day be sober putting on the breastplate of faith and love and as the helmets, the hope of Salvation. He picks up these same pictures as a helmet, the hope of Salvation. You know that our Salvation is our hope. Our Salvation is our hope. Owensboro Church  the Bible talks about the Blessed hope the Christians have.

What is the Blessed hope? The Blessed hope is that Jesus Christ will return for us amen. How many know he ascended into heaven, but he promised that he’s coming back, that he will return little come back from the church. The Bible says. That is our hope. What is the rest of our hope? The rest of our hope is that when we die, we will be in heaven forever, with Jesus we’re going to walk on streets of gold, we’re going to be right there by Pearly Gates we’re going to be in the city where the lamb is the light of That City will be in a place where they’ll be no more tears. Will it be no more Latin lamb legs, no more ears, no more war? No more! Owensboro Church no more sin, no more perversion, no more heartaches! It’S our blessed hope will be in the presence of God. In heaven, pretty good deal see whatever you put on the helmet of salvation. You understand the payment for your sense, you’re learning, to understand the eternity, your salvation you’re learning to understand that you have a blessed hope whenever you’re in a war and it’s a fight just like these Roman soldiers would go through. You know what those guys fault, because they had a hope when they came out on the other side of this war, that there was going to be glory. That’S what they fought for in Rome, the matter of fact, they’re their commanding officers would go out Simply to conquered people who lived around wrong cuz. They knew whenever they return to Rome, that there will be a celebration of their Victory. It would be the Via triumphalis or the way of Victory, all of the people of Rome. They would get up on the walls of that City and they would wait for their commanding hero to return. He would ride into the city being pulled by a white horse on a chariot after him would walk all of his generals, and they would only have this kind of party if they have killed so many of their opponents and taking so much of their land as They came there, the generals would ride behind their commander in charge and behind them they would bring the commanders of the armies. They’Ve been fighting, who they defeated, but they wouldn’t bring them in their armor. That would have stripped every piece off of their enemy. All of their armor that would have stripped them down naked from head to toe. They would walk them through Rome, showing them off if one of their battle trophies some of The Spoils of War was a glorious day wrong with burn incense. You could smell it all. Throughout the street it was the way of Victory, the Via triumphalist. It was there hope when we get through this war. Owensboro Church  there’S going to be glory. Do you know when you get there? Your war in life, soldier of the kingdom of God, there’s going to be glory? Do you recognize that you recognize you’re going to be in a Victory Parade Bible says it thanks be to God who always leaves us in a Victory Parade in Jesus Christ? He’S referring to this Glory. You know whenever you come out on the other side of your battle, you have that hope of glory and you ride into a city with Jesus. You get to be there in the midst of that kind of deal that sound good to you and then stand up on your feet tonight. Would you telephone your feet tonight praise the name of the Lord skip the Lord of hand. Clap tonight amen, amen, amen. Alright, let’s, let’s pray father, we thank you, Lord, that there is a Victory Parade, we’re going to be a part of Lord. We thank you, Lord, that there will be a day that our commanding officer Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
It’S going to split the Eastern Skies father outside Maranatha, even so come quickly. Lord Jesus, Lord, we pray that we want your return more than than we want or need anything else, father. We stand on the walls of our city and look for the bridegroom. Lord that we might be some of the first two Shall Behold The bridegroom cometh Lord. We thank you in Jesus name that today we have the helmet of salvation while we’re still in this war in the world that we live in father. I pray that that helmet would protect us from any blows that might become fatal father that we would have it on and understand, understand, understand the fullness of its protection. Lord teach people what they have in Salvation in Jesus Christ. Now, there’s anyone here under the sound of my voice tonight says Brian. I don’t have a helmet of salvation because I know I’m not say no, I’m not right with Jesus. I know wow that I’m far from it. Maybe you’ve done this. Maybe you’ve received the Lord years ago, but you’re far from him today, I’ll let you know you have an opportunity and opportunity tonight to get right with Jesus. Owensboro Church  how do you do that? It’S very simple: you turn turn from your sins turn towards Jesus and follow him I’ll. Give you that, in a very matter-of-fact fashion, believe on the death burial, resurrection of Jesus Christ, believe it’s blood was shed for you, you’ll be enlisted in the army of God. There’S anyone here tonight needs to do that. You know you’re not right with God, and you need to be the holy spirit’s convincing you right now that you’re here that you just going to raise your hand right now very high to Heaven go to raise your hand, raise your hand getting one here. Anyone here. Anyone here father, we pray that you would make River City a landmark for salvation in Jesus mighty mighty name nauser Shepherd. I bless these people pray that you would lead them and guide them Father if you would cost for them, know that you could give them abundance in every area of their life. Give them peace. Lord give them wisdom to deal with all of life situation. Lord! Let the wisdom of God be imparted to them. I pray I pray. I pray people of unremarkable, remarkable wisdom. I pray for that in Jesus name in the church, said: amen, amen, amen, let’s get below Walmart hand, clap play Banana Boat worthy the price. We love you. I love you church, God bless you, you are dismissed tonight.