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U say about about one identity in the house and unity and used to win name different Ministries around here different names. You know we had this kids ministry, you know, whatever churches do whatever impact kids ministry or high production. We used to have a different name for youth ministry up here, but now everything is named: River City, River City, Youth, River City, kids, River City, cuz. We think it’s important the we have one heart. We have one Vision. We Are One flock spirit of God leads us in One Direction, and I love the way your team’s, like that we expound on the power of that that one heart, the him and it’s not there’s not much more to say. I think you kind of set it, but it’s just like you know just be careful that you don’t find your value and your worth and whatever particular role that you’re playing it’s important, that you have a sense of x, listen to have a sense of ownership, but Your ownership needs to be a part of it is to be with with the hall. I just think that identity issue is the thing see yourself identify yourself as part of the church, the bigger picture, the drinking some churches that they call it the Dream Team. So the dream team is anybody that serves what do you serve with the babies or you served parking cars wherever you serve your part of the, and I like that, because that means that’s where your identity is, I’m a part of the team. Owensboro Church No matter, I’m running sound, remember to do lights if I’m on the worship team, if I’m, if I’m counting the offering in the back whatever role that I’m playing is secondary to the larger role of I’m a part of River City Church in the part of the Team questions, I’m not a leader at the church, I was just invited, but let’s start right there going to get you to rephrase that I’m going to spiring leader in the church. My question will you can tell, but my question is we talk about you? Talk about blurring the lines between departments and stuff, and also the Bible talks about the body being one in different parts. Doing different is it different. Grace is giving a different people different Collins, yep, and I know that it’s great to have Unity, anything that’s important, but how do you find the balance between having those department, since you know different arms? Let me different arms of the church doing different things, but still have that unity all together. I think we we we we we build a strong sense of unity, culture of unity, everybody in unity, but then you know we do need people. You know don’t mistake when I’m saying we need the right people running sound, need a ride, people we need the right people singing on the stage right. So so we’ve value individual expression, but we don’t accept sort of the diva mentality or you know you need me. Pastor, you need me, I don’t need you, I’m going to make it without you. Owensboro Church I made it without you before you came and I’m on make her that you don’t say it. So I guess it’s really win. If there’s there’s a self whatever you want to call it, you know, and I’m not sure I’m even answering your question, but we value Unity. We focus on the unity, but then we do we do value individual expression. That’S a part to me. Unity is different than uniformity. What I love about this crowd is there’s all that me to got to go with the Packers got a Packers hoodie over there, and you know you know you just have old and young and just another, not everybody’s, dressed as I’ve been in this, and I’ve done Leadership meetings where it’s like, oh my God, you know buddy had khakis on and you know a golf shirt tucked in you know what I mean God’s perfect people. You know what I mean it’s like. I felt intimidated man, Owensboro Church I’m like man, I don’t belong here. You know to me, so you know we’re not talking about uniformity, talking about Unity, which means there’s diversity, and that makes our Unity even more powerful because we’re all so different, but we can come together, be on the same page to make a difference for the kingdom Of God and move the kingdom of God forward that we value Unity for sure. I think we need you as a leader in the church by the way, welcome here. Yeah I get this guy tell huh, get him a tell here’s here’s! What I hear Pastor John saying – and he said it well, but but this is been something I mean Orr like personal gift or calling we’ve all got stuff that we’re better at we’ve all got like sweet spots. What we’re gifted at you! You know that. There’S something we’re better at, but but that gift can’t control our servant’s heart. That’S great! You see what holds their servanthood. You know what I mean. It’S like. Owensboro Church I can’t serve because that’s not my gift, that that’s not my ability or that you know I’ve got a greater gift and I think we’ve done a disservice in the body of Christ in America by preaching personal purpose. First, what is your god-given destiny? My God, you don’t Destiny, and you know what’s funny part of our Discovery process we used to have everybody fell out, spiritual gift test and then they would identify their spiritual gifts and it and it we stopped doing it because we needed an usher, but they said, But my gift is teaching when we don’t have any place for you to teach right now. Can you be an usher? No, no! I’M a teacher, I’m a teacher and they started hiding behind their gift.

So we did a white. What we don’t even do spiritual gifts anymore like this, is where you will serve right up your gifted over there. You know, but you know it always works itself out, because if you are gifted it’s going to skip the Bible says makes room for you so anyway who’s next yeah. I don’t really have question. I just kind of felt moved to share something with you guys. The other night you in it goes along with our growth. Owensboro Church Pastor was preaching about our growth, and you know he was talking about big things in 2012, we’re going to shoot for big goals, Outreach know what I’m like. Yeah big numbers were going to Reser x amount of people through the doors on Sunday night like yeah fast as I can we’re going to go to Evansville starting like that means I’m up, and I was really selfish about it, but God convicted mean. I miss my wife and I really convicted about this this week and then thinking about it that I thought you know where the past two-and-a-half years look what the ministry of Pastor Brian and his wife of done for my fan, that’s awesome and as we move forward For big things, I can’t overthink on the only one that ever felt that way you know, but as we move forward and strive for big things, I want us all to be willing to make that sacrifice and be willing to share in the ministry that Brian and His family I’ve been so blessed for you sure of me, wow, that’s fast awesome, that’s the best thing with said all day right there yeah, that’s great thanks man, I’m glad to hear you’re here and we love you he’s going to end hours later. Let’S, let’s raise the ante, let me say this to primarily here is here: is it’s a good time to address this? The vision, I believe, God’s put in my heart and the dream – and that is the that I’m going to be a big part of both of those campuses so don’t think I’m going to launch Evansville think I’m just going to disappear into a poof of smoke somewhere And you’re not going to see him anymore cuz, I’m going to be here and those two places are not our only vision for campuses and with the technology we have today. It’S it’s more amazing what the church is able to multiply the never before Pastor John. It is how many campuses you have now: we’ve got four four campuses, but three in the local area. In our local area, 3 in the local area, International campuses run video, all of them all of them run. Owensboro Church Video in certain services are the largest campus to of R5 weekend Services. There are one hundred percent video they’ll be 100 video. This is this is the model I see here in Evansville and here in Evansville. I see myself involved in both of these heavily. I see both of these things happen and then I see other campuses coming up out there. Other places that will be will be putting pastors and Video in those other campuses in the future, but bought the two and here’s the model I see coming. Is it built bill? Beat me I’ll still be senior pastor over this campus I’ll be seeing her pastor over Evansville campus will also have campus pastors there I’ll preach it. Both of these campuses Jesse’s always help me preach in you’ll, see Jesse. Owensboro Church He in some of these campuses – and I also feel the cold to help her raise up other speakers and communicators. How many know if I just stay here and I’ll do all the preaching all the communicating for the rest of my life and I never raised up leaders to another level, we’re topped. You know what I’m saying and I feel like a god-given responsibility on my life, and I have to multiply myself and I have to multiply the church and the work of the Lord can go forward. If I do anything, unless I know I’ll Stand before God someday and I’ll give an account for it, Owensboro Church so know that I’m here I’m committed here and I know whenever I said that we’re going to Evansville people, you know I feel it. I like this Richard said here here and again: I’m not that cool, but I’ll still be here with you and I going to leave this place and we’re going to do greater things as a team. Then ever before I heard I heard calling he eat, you know you’re lying for Singapore City, Harvest Church, it’s 30,000 people now – and I are more than that. But but he was talking about the people who were with him in the early days and how the head, even even tighter relationships and what those people have been willing to adjust to and to be flexible to, to bring the Harvest in to attend to the Harvest. That God gave them, and he said men are people been so flexible and so gracious and it’s because they’re I was on the Lost. How many wait? We all need to get our eyes on the Harvest right then, and there is a harvest in Evansville. That’S waiting.

There’S a harvester in Owensboro and we’re going to blow through it were going to reach the Harvest here and in Evansville as well. Man you’re talking a couple hundred thousand people honestly, I know there’s good churches, there, they’re Spirit-filled people in Evansville, I wouldn’t say there’s nobody in Evansville, but as far as a progressive Edge you’re there with the Spirit-filled theology identities. This isn’t there and the Harvest is waiting on all of us. I love what he said. I think it’s so important, I’m not sure your name, what your name is but Corey. Thank you for saying that Corey, because it does touch on the idea of releasing your pastor to dream and if he needs to make the 8:30 service of one hundred percent video service, that’s fine! That’S what we’re going to do and we’re going to support. It will be on the front. Row will be near. That’S the way that we release him. Here’S the thing you know you never going to really fully resolved is going to be here. You know who, so he has basically what he just said there. You know he’s always going to be in your life is always going to be leading this church, Owensboro Church but there might be some adjustments that will require a little bit of you know getting over a special touch or something personal that you expand. That’S that part of releasing him as the lead dog to go through, because when he goes through, we all go through. We all go through with it, but I think that was one of the most powerful things that could have happened here in this meeting is just voice that and give you the opportunity to say what you just said. It helps so mean it if it is a release to do what you need to do so the church can move for. Honestly, I think about like well, you look at the strengthen it to International model, but you look at the strength of like a brine Houston with Hillsong church and leaders have been raised up that they’ve been deployed all over the world. Brian Houston is still the pastor there. He still in everybody’s life his voice. Owensboro Church His spirit is all still there, but man what they been able to do is incredible because of church body did unify and release their Pastor around upgrader calls in the greater Vision. Owensboro Church So do I do I have your support to do something, absolutely one like that. You know it’s something. I’Ve been praying about, believing God about and thinking about. So it means the world to me that you be with me. It’S alright who’s. Next, who wants to say some after all, that huh search for us at serving 100 % we feel like and I’ll tell the church. You know we might never feel like you’re, a part of our church unless you’re on a team serving and so that that’s 100 % it for us getting people on that team and we do events surrounding are serving, and so that’s what I would say we’re going To rip off something that they do, you know ripping people off work so well so many different ways. But here’s what we’re ripping to kick back and get a little kick yeah. You need to kick back so here’s the deal. These guys do Discovery classes. Owensboro Church We we’ve just started for people who wanted to join the church. We got a ton of cards coming through the cards we want to join, we want to join, we want to join and we’ve called all those people and some of them are there they’re coming they’re meeting in class Patrick started leading that last week, but they do These guys do one two three four classes. We may not have that many classes, but the last one they do. The people are learned about the vision, the history of the church. Then they learn about core values and the last part of that class people who lead volunteer Ministries come and take those people in that class and they Shadow them in different volunteer areas of the church. So it’s not. How do I learn to volunteer? You know how to there can be this disconnect of when you show up till we actually get you doing something. You know what I mean. We’Ve had that disconnecting the past. They take that disconnect out of the deal.

It’S like here’s, the funnel and boom you’re following somebody you’re serving in the ministry, and so I think it’s true I mean any Avenue can connect somebody make a cohesive but servanthood the greatest of all lots of parts in a person’s heart. I think I promised you I would get you to the Ball Game, which the ball game starts. What it starts up 30 minutes is that right it started what oh man I apologize have time. I thought it started at 4 for Eastern, that’s right God. We all forgive me: hey, hey, y’all, hey it’s, it’s LSU, it’s not like it’s a ballgame anyway. You know what I mean. Let’S do this, let’s get Pastor John a big hand, clap awesome. Thank you. Thank you guys. Thank you also. Yes, sir. Owensboro Church I appreciate it and I hate what we we love you believe in. Yet this is one of the things we do by faith, and we ask you to do this while, if you’re leading something for us to, and would you close your eyes for one second? Just for one second, this week we honor this kind of thing. We honor the preaching of the Gospel above everything else. There’S anybody in here you happening to one of our leadership meetings. It’S wide open and man. Your life isn’t being led by the king of kings and Lord of lords, he’s the most gracious wonderful leader, there’s ever been and he’s letting such a way that Jesus went to the Cross to die for your sins, your sins, my sins, the sins of the world And the scripture say it will repent of their sins turn from them. Turn to him will be forgiven. Have a brand new start with him out there right now and you say: Pastor man, I need forgiveness, I’m not right with Christ, and I need to be. I want you to do something. I want you just to lift your hand up right there, one second, when I count to three Pastor pray for me: pray for me, I’m just in here man. I don’t even how I got to this meeting, but I need to get my life to Christ. When I count to three lift up your hands are not going to Barris. You not go to single you out, just going to pray with you one two. Three, just lift up that hand right where you are. Owensboro Church You see that and right there, I’m glad you’re in here, sir. I’M glad you’re here you’re in the right place your ear. While I just did that here’s. What I want to do is I want to lead. You in a prayer and that the church is going to pray out loud with you right now, then we’re going to give you the words are going to give it to meaning God’s going to do a miracle in your heart, a miracle forgiveness and cry shed blood For you, for your sins, come on. Let lets play with them. Church everybody say they say father, I’m a sinner. I’Ve lived for myself, I’ve done my own thing, but today I Repent. I turn from my way to your way. I believe that Jesus has died. For my sins, I believe on his death on his burial on his resurrection. For my salvation come into my heart. Save me fill me with your spirits. I give myself to you in Jesus mighty name, amen, amen in my pocket. Jesus, I hand clap. We love your church,