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Come on, let’s give the Lord a handclap in here to go. Do that today praise the Lord good turn around your neighbor. Tell him this safe! You are lucky to get to sit by me today. Let him know that turn your other neighbor and tell him you made it here, that’s half the battle, just let him know they got here. Kids! Try to get you down all that you got here anyway, we’re glad to see you in the house of God. My name is Pastor Ron, Gibson Town Pump today, because between these last Services, next service we’re going to baptize 30 some-odd people. Let’S give the Lord a hand claps for that lot of you were here to see loved ones baptized what a wonderful day, and it’s great to be here with you. I got one announcement, a couple things I want to say I’m going to preach just for a few minutes and then we’ll start baptizing people, but we’ve got something coming up that I know a lot of you are going to want to be a part of. I know you’re pumped about it already. You don’t even know what I’m going out but but you’re excited. I feel the energy coming off the crowd right now. The excitement it’s unprecedented and that is see right. There got one little scream on the front, and that is this is coming up starting next week, There’s going to group of people at River City Church. They want to do something they they’ve never done before, Owensboro Church and so they’re going to train for a certain amount of time and they’re going to run a half marathon together. So you turned your name. Just tell him. I know you’re. In already you look like a half marathon and kind of people, here’s what I’m going to do, because I’m certainly not in a half marathon kind of shape. Right now you can tell by looking at me, is I’m going to train with them and I want to see where I’m at I’m not committing all right here cuz. I don’t want people beating on me when, if I don’t make it I’m not committing to running a half a marathon, I am committing to training with them. That sounds like a safe statement to make. Some of y’all to make the same same statement, but they’ll be they’ll, be a meeting about that between the second and third service next week come out those to be there interested in it, and it’s good to do something. Every now and then to meet at goal that you never thought you could meet Bob of you think. That’S right! No, don’t you think that lifts you somewhere in life when you meet a gold, you never thought you could meet I’ll tell you can beat one thing like that and I think it makes you beat a lot of other things in life. Just that one thing that one mountain you overcome it can go in other parts of your life, Owensboro Church so I’m excited about it. If you have a Bible on you this morning, go ahead and open it up to Acts. Chapter 9 Acts chapter 9, verse 31 and I’m going to preach just for a few minutes and then we’re going to get right into baptisms and I’ve been talking for the last few weeks have been talking about what this church is made out of what we believe God’S called us to do what is our DNA and I can’t talk about those things without preaching out of Acts 9:31, and this is one of my favorite scriptures. I hang my hat on the scripture and actually saw God move in this congregation supernaturally the first year.
We were in existence, and I was in one of these places in life where I had to hear from God, and I believe this every time we open up our Bible, we hear from God somebody say, Amen to that, but sometimes looks like I need an answer. I need some help. I need Supernatural assistance down here right now and one of the greatest ways I could train you or teach you to get a miracle or to get something to happen in your life is long to get a word from God and then believe it. And it’s that simple one word from God can change your existence. One word from God can change your situation. One word from God can change your family. One word from God can change your help. We need to be the kind of people that get a word from God and then believe it I was in the House Jesse and I lived with in back then and other church was about a year old. We were somewhere, maybe around 100 people, and I’ve always believed that the church should grow, Owensboro Church because I know the heart of God: God is into reaching people. You read the gospel of St Luke and you can see that Jesus is in the walls. Things he’s in the Lost coins he’s in the lost sheep. He leaves the 99 goes after the month he’s in the Lost Sons. He wants to seek and save that which was lost and have time I felt like we were kind of standing at at a standstill, and I took my Bible prayed open it up. I was reading down through Acts, chapter 9 and this verse jumped off the page at me, Supernatural earshot reads: then: the churches throughout all to DM Galilee and Samaria had peace and we ratify and walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit they were multiply. Let me read that again, then: the churches, throughout all Judea Galilee and Samaria had peace and ratified and walking in the fear of the Lord, in the comfort of the Holy Spirit they were multiply. I took that scripture, I walked up and I spoke to the church. God spoke to me from the scripture and he said, Owensboro Church River City Church is about to multiply and I took the scripture. The next Sunday morning walked up to the church and, I said hear the word of the Lord. This church is about to multiply, preached out of Acts, chapter 9, 31 and something Supernatural began to happen in this church body. We went from like 100 to 300 people. What felt like just overnight like in one season Boom the church group, see the spirit of God.

Has the ability to do that kind of thing in churches in America today full get a word will believe will witness will pray will fast will give. I believe that God can save a city, God can save a state, God can save a nation, God can save a continent in an unprecedented period of time. Somebody say Amen to that out. There America needs salvation. Today our nation needs a move of God. Today got needs to do something we need to cooperate with. What he’s doing today come over for City, see him in with me today amen. We believe that we want that and here’s what the scripture says. The church was multiplied man if a preacher doesn’t like to hear the church was multiply thing we, like more than that. I love to I love to see churches that are growing because they’re reaching people who need Jesus and there’s what happens. The first thing it says, is the church’s Vault: you did Shaolin Samaria headpiece, everybody say:
peace, listen to have peace. You have to understand the backlog of this whole story right before they had peace. They have one of the most terrible seasons in church history that it existed up to that day, there was a guy by the name of Saul, who would later become the Apostle Paul and write two thirds of the New Testament that had persecuted the church 8 at The church made it is life mission to destroy the church when in front of the Sanhedrin in Israel, which was the most powerful group of men and got permission to kill and the beat and the stone in The Break-Up Church meetings. So there been this pressure on the church and I don’t know if you’ve ever been around persecuted Christians, but I have I get to train Pastor, sometimes in Burma, what one of the greatest human rights violators on the earth I’ve been to Vietnam, doing, Pastor, trainings and Literally, had Vietnamese government come in and break up our meetings and have to run and hide heard of Tom. Owensboro Church I know what the persecuted Church looks like there’s this pressure on them. Owensboro Church There was a pressure on the church in this hour and God did something to relieve the pressure: here’s what he did. He save the Apostle Paul who was Saul in the end of Damascus, Road conversion. He was born again, his life was changed and here’s the thing when people are really against you or really against something they’ll work, a lot harder against you than the people will who were for you. You ever notice that somebody’s against something they’re really against something. If they’re for something they’re yeah, I’m for that, think about the guys with the bullhorns that pic at churches, but really against that, and they really come out in force now they’re crazy. We don’t know they’re crazy, they’re spending their time or on a sidewalk picketing, something there against if they put that Force out. Here’S what God did God say that person that was against it and Supernatural piece came right into the situation, begin to change things. The churches of Altra did Galilean Samaria headpiece, my prayer for you and for this church body is that you would have Supernatural peace, a season of Supernatural peace. We have a guy who is the Prince of Peace. Owensboro Church We have a guy who has peace that surpasses all understanding. We have a guy that wants to feel your heart and life with peace.
You don’t think peace is a big deal, live a little while without it and it’s ginormous come on. Owensboro Church we have peace from heaven, but we have to choose to operate in it. How many know that we’re stripe goes, the Bible says so? Does every evil work pull out our peace to be stolen and strive to enter into our marriage and our house into our relationships into Archer? Every evil work travels with striped. That’S why the Bible says be at peace with people as much as it is it’s possible within you. How many of y’all would like a little peace in your life? Just lift your hand and say I receive peace in Jesus name. We received peace and here’s the thing I’ve got to choose to walk in peace and there’s a part of me that kind of likes and there’s some people out there. That kind of like just a little bit of a little bit of a rumble, helps your blood starts to boil when you have an opportunity to get out of peace, and I got a little bit of that. I got it from my grandmother now got a grandmother. How many know we all love grandmother, but some of our grandmothers are crazy. I got a crazy grandmother hand up. Owensboro Church you can laugh their it’s. Alright. You can laugh right now. She’S she’s, great and wonderful, but she likes to she likes to get it on a little bit in an argument. You know and she used to cook a meal for us, invite us over and we would sit down at the table and she would she be talking to you and being sweet and doing a grandmother and then, in one moment later, she throw a little feel logical Right cross about what you don’t like about your church or your belief system and hit you just right across the table, and you know what I used to do – I’d be like. Oh, you want to go grandmother just bring it on. You know how I get in the crane, Owensboro Church it’s like, let’s just argue about nothing and what I’ve done is. I took the bait and sometimes I would get in there at that meal, and I would I would do it to grandmother first before she got an opportunity to do it to me. What does that cost you? That kind of thing in life call Shipley’s Donuts in a Facebook fight in the last month. Just lift your hand out you’ll stretch your answer. All these people and pray for a right now now, I’m playing with it, see you get in a fight on Facebook and it cost you peace and it doesn’t do anything to the churches of Judea Galilee Samaria.

They had what church come on. You can’t say peace, peace and then it says, and they were at a five. The next thing everybody say elephant. What does it mean to be edified? It means to be built up. I want the church to be a place to build you up that lifts. You up, but takes you to another level in life. Most of the world is so negative and they’re, taking the courage out of us instead of putting the courage in us – and I want you to be able to come in here and be encouraged, be lifted, be taken to another level in life. We want to preach good news gospel to give and give you the promises of God. Where do you can be edified or build up to another level? The church is about, you did Galilee and Samaria had peace, and we ratified next thing. It says, as they were walking in the fear of the Lord, the Church of America. Owensboro Church we need the fear of the Lord. The scripture say that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. What does it mean to fear God? Owensboro Church How can I love God and also fear God? Well, it’s simple. I had a dad raised me good, dad, wasn’t a perfect dad didn’t do everything right, but he cared for me and had my best interest at his heart. He provided for me, love me help to Father me, but I ain’t, even though I love my dad on the other side. I also feared my dad why not because he was malevolent or mean or looking to lower the boom on me, but because he was in charge. It was his house, and I was his kids there’s a respect and a reference that the church in the book of Acts hat. We need to have the same kind of respect and reverence for the greatest King, the greatest father, the greatest ruler of the greatest got theirs, and we need to fear of the Lord in our miss our God has a standard for our life.
We all the lineup in it and believe it we need that we need it seriously and listen. God’S rules and regulations are not to steal your fun. I’Ve got a kid. I got 3 kids. As a matter of fact, I have one who has a particular giftedness in climbing. I swear, I think, the kid climb before he was 2 months old or something, but you would catch him all the time, climbing things and when he first learned to climb out of his crib, you know he got out in the middle of the night he broke. He had a jailbreaking, we didn’t know what it happened and you wouldn’t room the next morning. The place was trashed, it look like you’ve been robbed in and he got nothing. The middle of night played all night and then he was laying face down on his floor. Owensboro Church Like a drunk, you know we got, you been out, partying and op. I don’t know where this kids going in the middle of night. What’S up with him and I went in another day, he gotten up trashed his room was up all night, we’d, lock the door, and it we had a rocking chair in there open the door and he’s in there just rock, and he turns it looks at me. Like I’m ha Dad what’s going on, you know, and I got to do something with this kid. So here’s what I did, what any loving father would do. I bought a cage in a bottle cage. I got this cage kind of thing and it’s a tent. It looks like a mess tent, you put all over a baby’s bed, you put them in their use them up in the tent and the first day.
I got him in that Tin, Man, heating, eight blue, nine different fuses. He melted down, I’m pretty sure he cussed me and baby. I think I heard some excellent it’s coming out of him and I stuck him in there zip that out and I’m like yeah. I got you now, don’t know how Arche Age see it feels like that when you start hearing God as a standard for your life. But what you don’t understand is that God isn’t trying to kill your fun God’s trying to keep you alive long enough to where you know what real fun is and he’s trying to keep you from danger come on. Owensboro Church You fear and love God. He has your best interest at his heart. Give the Lord of handclap.
You believe that I believe it you don’t want you getting in the road or sticking something in the light socket. He cares for you like that. Before thing, it says is that they they had peace, they were at a father walked in the fear of the Lord and the comfort of the Holy Spirit. We have a great comforter Church you’re at a place where the spirit of God’s activity he is as high as anywhere in the world. Why you’re in a sacred assembly you’re at the ekklesia, the scripture Excellency, is the Greek word for the church means cold out and assembled together? The Bible says where two or more gather together in his name. There is in the midst of us back, then these guys have been persecuted, they’ve been hurting, they had a tough tough time and the spirit of God came to comfort them. Owensboro Church I don’t know what kind of tough time you’ve had or what your pass looks like or what your week look like. But I know this. The spirit of God is here to comfort he’s here, to lift he’s here to help he’s here to love. When you get all of these things, going on churches of all Judea, Galilee and Samaria, had peace and ratified walking in the fear of the Lord, in the comfort of the Holy Spirit they were. Multiplied. Starts to multiply his church you’re at a church that prays and fast, and does everything we can do to multiply. How many know every Sunday people walk into this building on their way in here and their final destination on the way in there would be hell. They walk out of here. Many of them receive Jesus. They walk out of this building on their way to heaven. Why? Because somebody care that the church had multiplied, I want to thank you, Owensboro Church and I want to tip my hat to you today, because you’ve been working. You been serving, you been praying you been doing everything you can to reach people and because of you, the church’s multiply and we’re baptizing people today come on. Somebody give the Lord a hand Cloud we’re going to continue to multiply.