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Everybody said Transformers what I want to know. Did anybody out there have Transformers toys whenever you were kids, some of y’all had Transformers a lot of us in our thirties. We grew up playing with Transformers and now they know that they can sell that stuff to our kids cuz. I want to buy the same toys that I played with, and I want to give them to my kids. If a movie comes out that I played with at give them to my kids, but here’s where I want to take this is the I believe that God is a God that does radical transformations in all of our Lives. Somebody say Amen to that this morning. He likes to take us and he likes to change us. He likes to us to make make us into something that nobody understood that we were and us to have a potential that nobody thought was possible. Owensboro Church God is a God that will transform your life. It’S a matter of fact: if you have a Bible on you today, you want to open up your scripture and we’re going to go to 2nd Corinthians chapter 5, 2nd Corinthians, chapter 5 and verse 17, 2nd Corinthians, chapter 5. Verse 7this is the scripture that I believe everyone in this room should commit to memory. This is one that we all to have. We are to confess we all to pray. We all to know by heart, Pierce out, read 2nd Corinthians chapter 5, verse 17. It says this, therefore: if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, everybody say New Creation, let’s say it again, New Creation. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. Old things have passed away. Behold all things have become new. What Paul said whenever a person comes to Faith In Jesus repents of their sin, calls on the name of Jesus that they become a radically different person? They become transformed on the inside. Owensboro Church Their Spirit becomes different. Whatever you repented of your sins old things they passed away. I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful that some old things have passed away out of my life. I’M thankful that the old man is gone, no longer to be remember edmy. Sins are cast as far as the East is from the west, where to give the Lord of Hand Clappers our old stuff is gone. He plays to know to give the Lord a haircut, because his old stuff is gold. I mean really, we just. We got old stuff, it needed to dye it needed to be gone and in Christ it’s gone and we’re a new creation. Stop saying of yourself that you’re still a sinner stop saying of yourself that you’re still a messed up, staying up yourself that you’re still a wreck start saying I’m brand-spanking-new, somebody ought to say I’m a new creation today see what’s the transformational power of God and if You’Ll begin to believe that you’ll begin to say it you’ll begin to see it in your life and here’s the way everything works in the kingdom of God. It starts in the root. What happens on the inside of you starts in the root. What happens right here on the inside of you, and then it works its way out to the fruit, so we get born again. Owensboro Church In the moment we get born again everything isn’t perfect in our life plus. We keep walking, keep loving, keep serving keep believing what started as a change in our heart in the route and works its way out in the fruit of our life. So I’m not asking you to be perfect in a moment. You know we got some people that don’t live perfect. They don’t make the right decisions all the time. Their life isn’t perfect, but God has done something serious on the inside of them and within time, it’ll start to work its way up in their behavior in their action in their relationship how they can tuck conduct their Affairs and their business. God wants to transform us, God wants to change us. You know what the Bible says again and again and again that the spirit of God Came Upon people and turn them into different men. I want to look very quickly at three different people in the Bible who had radical Transformations, radical transformation. The first person I want to talk about it at a radical transformation is saw saw in the New Testament was a guy who hated the church matter. Owensboro Church Of fact he was almost a Hitman in a mercy they wanted to see the church killed. He wanted to see everybody to call Jesus Messiah eradicated and take it out. He went to the highest Jewish Council called the Sanhedrin and in receiver, letters from them to go to a different city in the persecute and to bring back Christians in Chains and as he went there, he encountered something that that that changed his life on the road. To Damascus, all the sudden he saw a blinding light. The power of God was revealed to Saul Saul was knocked off of his horse and he was struck blind and he spoke out to God who, who Lord Lord, who are you in, and God spoke back to songs that I’m Jesus who you persecute in it hard For you to kick against the goads saw what wire, why are you persecuting me, then? God gave saw instruction, you said I want you to get up and I want you to go to the city of Damascus to a street called straight morning. My peoples going to be there for you, they’re, going to pray for you and you’re going to receive your site so saw got up and it went to that place. One of the one of the Believers there that they greatly feared saw, Owensboro Church but I’m in a lots of times in life, people that you greatly fear they’re, often people that your call to influence and the change. And if you, let fear, drive you back from reaching out to those people you’ll never reach your full potential. Never let fear stop you from ministering to anybody on the earth. Somebody say Amen to that when you feel nuts to help. Somebody follow that nuts. That Divine push, God gives us a Divine push to help people. Owensboro Church Sometimes it’s love towards people, you see them and you got a supernatural love for the Mets God driving you that way. Sometimes it’s a compassion. You see them where they’re at got. Pushes you in that direction and it’s the spirit of God. This guy goes any praise. He helps salt, even though everybody else said man will kill us. He prayed for salt and blinders fell off of his eyes. What a form of transformation blinders falling off of peopleI pray that blinders would fall off of our eyes. The blinders would fall off of our family members eyes. Owensboro Church Their blinders would fall off of politicians eyes in this country, I’ll play the Grinders. What would fall off of eyes in our school systems around the world where people could see what they really need to see? Soul was filled with the spirit and he was changed that day. The Bible doesn’t call him saw that much after that, but he calls him Paul. Everybody say Paul. The same saw that persecuted the church was so transform.

He became the leader pasal to the Gentile world. Real two-thirds of the New Testament went on missionary Journeys and established the church. I would go as far as say that sauce preaching and writing is the reason that us Gentiles are here calling on the name of the Lord today and we know the scripture we’ve got the truth of God and now we’re saved and going to heaven all because Of one man’s transformation call Skip, got one more hand, clap for changing Saul’s life Duncan chainsaw in to Paul. He can change you into somebody else amen. He really can second person I think about when ever I think about radical Transformations is, I think, about a man named Jacob in the Old Testament. Jacob was a man whose name if you got a kid named Jacob, and I know we got some Jacobs and our kids ministry and we’ll just believe that their name is already been changed in the spirit. But that name Jacob mean supplanter means conman. Jacob was born, Jacob kessinger is not going to be a con man just to let you know back there. I love that boy. Here’S the deal but, but God is a god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob Carol always brings that up on a preacher, sermon. Owensboro Church Here’S here’s! The deal it’s like this, he was born a twin and whenever he came out he had hold of his brother steel. He was somebody who would trip anybody up in life to get a hit. Its name means supplanter, or literally it’s like con man and wherever Jacob went Jacob would get what Jacob wanted. However, he had to work it to get what he wanted. You ever met. Anybody like that. I don’t people like that, even in the kingdom of God, they’re saying they’re on their way to heaven, but still there’s just something not right about the temp. There been a wrong direction, got too much and got too much. You know grease on them. You know what I’m talking about and they get themselves into deals all of the time they just can’t get the Jacob off of them Jacob stole his brother’s Birthright. Owensboro Church Then he tricked his father in The prophetically Blessing him when he was old and blind as though he was the firstborn. He lived his life running from his brother cuz. It’S brother wanted his life. He got into a weird deal with a guy named Raven, where you work for 14 years for him to get his his daughter. He got two daughters from the man, but then one day God shows up. The challenge is Jacob to a Divine wrestling match, gets Jacob alone at a place called the river to Bach. You know. Whenever God wants to transform a man or a woman Stickley, he gets them alone, and you know we we we do everything we can do in our life to not be alone. We got more bells and whistles and our culture to keep us from ever being alone. With God than we ever have before, we got phones in her Pockets. Were people call us Facebook, us text, dust Snapchat, us you name it. It comes right to you can’t even pray without something being we don’t want to be alone, go home nobody’s in the house. What are we do we turn on the TV, Owensboro Church so we don’t have to be alone get in the car while we’re driving. What do we do? We flip on the radio and listen to something, so we don’t have to be alone got Jacob alone. The scripture says that out of the darkness, where Jacob was alone came, a figure was the angel of the Lord encounter Jacob with a holy wrestling match. Bible says the Jacob literally wrestle with God or the angel of the Lord till the breaking of the day. Anybody out there ever been a good hard long wrestling match the spot, where you’re rolling around in the dusk gravels getting in your arm to beat up your bloody you’re covered, cuz you’re sweaty dirt. All over you, my only person ever been to fist fight. It’S only redneck in the room, but I’ll tell you what it is hard on. You not been on the women and I’ve been on the losing end of a fight and lose its really hard on you and your your wrestling.. How many others no way to win when your wrestling hot you just can’t? Owensboro Church Beat. Creature will never beat the Creator in a wrestling match and some people God’s been trying to transform them for years and they’re still wrestling they’re still Rollin. They got more scars and wounds. All me up, and you can count cuz, they won’t just go ahead and submit. I do like this about Jacob Jacob got, got a hold of God, they’re wrestling there and gods just taking him to where he wants him to be docking in the matching. Tommy wants to the Lord says, to take them. Let me go for the day is breaking Jacob says. I won’t let you go unless you bless me, God changes Jacob’s name, he hits his hip Supernatural, dislocates, Jacobs, hip and, and God says this, your name will no longer be Jacob, but you’ll be Israel. On that day, he was transformed. He was changed. He went from a con man Jacob a supplanter to somebody named Israel,Owensboro Church  which means a prince who has power with God. What I believe is is there’s people there’s family members. There’S people can we’re going to start to pray that they have that encounter with God and they go from being a shade ball and a supplanter to being a princess power with God the God Can taking and raise up a Godly Heritage like the entire nation of Israel was raised up. Third guy, I think about in the scripture was radically changed. Savannah named Peter Peter was a fisherman commercial fishermen and a good one. What a been a middle-class business guy made a good living had some things going on in his life had already gotten to an age where the rabbi’s didn’t call him to be a disciple. Owensboro Church They would call you to be a disciple when you were about thirteen years of age. Here’S the way it would work. You would go up to a rabbi if you wanted to follow him, and the rabbi didn’t call you you asked. If you could go with the rabbi, you would stand up after Arab. I got done preaching in a setting a lot like this and you would say Rabbi math follow you, you had to say it three times he wouldn’t answer and say: rabba mere Fall Again. Rabbi, follow you after the third time he would either say yeah come follow me. I think you have what it takes or he would say, go home, learn the trade of your father, this guy Peter and already been a fisherman he’d already been sent home.

He’D already been passed over Jesus walks by and calls him ever wonder. You know, Jesus comes walking by this Rabbi. Calls Peter calls John calls James and they drop their Nets and they follow him. I used to think it was something just magical on Jesus. That’S why they followed him. It was the anointing know. It was culturally to be called by. A rabbi was the highest honor. You could ever have and are about done, wait for us to call on him. He calls us first, that’s how good and gracious yes, that’s. Why they just walked off and that’s why their father didn’t lose their mind? It’S like really. Some preacher shows up asked you to come with them and you’re going to leave the family farm behind. Are you crazy? Owensboro Church No, it was the highest honor that you could ever have bestowed upon it. Peter goes with him, but Peters a mess. Peter runs off at the mouth. Peter wants to kill people Peter cuts off a guy’s Peter S. Custom fits a lot of you. I know like me identify with Peter. I know some of you you’re, just like Peter. I watched you cut off here and have cussing fits for the last 10 years of my life, but you know what God can you do a Peter here’s? What happened to here’s? What happened to Peter Peter? He denies Christ on the night that Christ was betrayed. Christ prophesied before I’m betrayed Peters, you’re, going to tell me you’re going to deny me three times set on ever. Do it won’t happen that night they come at all goes down to take Jesus and Peter’s following from afar, and somebody comes up to him and he says man you’re with him. He says: no, I’m not with him. I don’t know it the second time. Somebody else says you’re with him. I can tell by your accent your accent gives you away. Tell you. I go places all over the world. People look at me and they say where in the world are you from that’s what they are accent gives us away Peter at one of those accents and then the third time they asked him in the Bible, says to Peter cursed. He says I’ve never known him. Kraut the broke Peters heart Peter was undone Peter thought he could never be restored. Owensboro Church Peter didn’t know what his future was. Peter Peter was a Broken Man. Christ shows up, you know what he does transforms Peter, throw him away, because he slips up to tell you if you’ve slipped up, our God and savior has not thrown you away. Our God is not as judgmental not as angry, not as quick to wrap as man is. Our God is not a Pharisee he’s, not a Sajid see he doesn’t want to beat you down. He wants to pick you up and dust you off. He wants to hold you in his arms he weeps over you, he loves you. He cares for you, he’s died for you he’s looking to restore you, it’s looking to transform you that’s the kind of God we serve. What are God did as he comes back to Peter and he says Peter. Do you love me? If you love me feed my sheep, he says it three times. He knows he restores, but the transformation for Peter. It really happens later. Owensboro Church 50 days after the Passover. There was a piece called cost: there were 120 believers, they were gathered together in an upper room, waiting on the promise from the father that the Holy Spirit would come in and power. The church Peter was in that room and then, when the best Pentecost had fully, they were all in one Accord, and the Bible says that is Supernatural manifestation of God. It blew into that room. There was a wind in that room. There was fire that set on men’s head men and women begin to speaking in languages. They never spoken in bite by audience of the Holy Spirit, speaking other tongues and all the sudden Power Hit the church. There was so much power that hit the church. Owensboro Church That day, transforming those men that a crowd showed up to see the action and says these people are drunk they’re.

Talking all weird. What’S going on here, people always say that about charismatic and Pentecostal, but I’m going to tell you what charismatic and Pentecostal to have the whole world needs. If we’re going to sleep, the whole world come to Christ, it’s where the power comes from. Twerk transformation comes from. Without it, the church is dead and drive, and without power we need Spirit baptism in our world. Hey man and the spirit of God falls on these men, and you know what that same, Peter they denied Christ. He was so transformed. He jumps up on that day and he preaches with power Jesus Christ, Steph Brown, Resurrection, thousands of people coming to the kingdom of God and they’re saved in one day. That’S what I call a transformation, how many Alexia transformation like that around here come on. Let’S give the Lord a real, strong fan club, hey man, here’s what I want to do. I got a lot of same people in here, but there’s still people that need a transformation in your life. You would you stand up on your feet with me. Owensboro Church Everybody stand up on your feet with me for one my man I’m almost out of time, but you need a real transformation Miller’s. Just some things that need to be transformed in your life need to be transformed in your life. What I want you to do is I want you just to come to this altar. I will pray over you this morning. The gobble transform things there’s going to be theirs will be a lot of people come Gordon there’s an anointing here for transformation, go and come right out of your seat right down here to this altar. Just Gordon touch this stage Golden Touch. The stage come on come over at right now. I believe it transformation power, there’s a power here, it’s going to transform some people this morning. It’S just a start: you’re not going to be perfect when you walk out of here, but I’m going to tell you what’s going to be a start, go ahead and come there’s some people over in this area. You need to come. Owensboro Church You need transformation in your life. Go go ahead and come right down here to this altar God’s going to Doug’s going to do something Supernatural Supernatural for you Supernatural for you it’s going to start today today today! Today, it’s going to start today where to tell your transformation, comes by being born again, transformation comes by encountering the spirit of God. Transformation comes by the word of God. Romans 12:2 be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Transformation comes by Godly relationships, iron sharpens iron – when you go out of here today, we’re starting small groups. You can go to our small groups, get some information on. They start this week. Give me a part of a small group, so so here’s what we’re going to do in one second, I want I want. I want everybody down here. I want you just to close your eyes and look to God. Look to God. Look to God.. I want you. Two to thank him for transforming you today, just say this out loud, say father. Owensboro ChurchI think you that you’re transforming Me little by little bit by bit. I think you that you’re taking me making me like a Paul like a Peter like Israel, the my life is being changed I’ll, say I’m not the same, but I’m different. Now those of you that are comfortable with it just lift a hand to heaven. For one moment right there, where you are Wayne Jill, y’all, coming start laying hands on them right here, fogle’s come start laying laying hands on Evans, y’all come start laying hands on them right now, we’re going to pray for you right now we’re going to pray for You stretch your hands towards them Church we’re going to pray for him, father in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We Believe for transformation transformational power to flow into their life into their life into their life, a new favor. I declare a new favor and answered prayer over. You say that God sees your problem., Here’s your prayer and it got answers in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth transformation. I declare from Heaven transformation in the name of Jesus