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Let’S give our mutations a hand, clap today get my hand, clap Craven animal. I appreciate these guys. A lot of people don’t know this, but lots of these guys are in three services every weekend plus practices they work very hard in order to a provide, an atmosphere that is conducive to worship, also, our sound men in our tech support back there, Ladies as well, Let’S get my hand, clap. We appreciate all of our volunteers. All of our kids workers, great teams, make great churches, amen, amen, open up your Bible this morning to Psalm chapter 105, Psalm chapter 105, we’re going to begin reading in verse, 16.
I can get just a little more monitor in for Dave, I’d appreciate it. Psalm chapter 105 will begin reading and verse 16. I want to go ahead and in title today’s message. I want to call it the Joseph test. Everybody say the test, the test. Let’S read this: let’s pray will read this and move right into the teaching of the word of the Lord all right father. I think you that your presence is here. Lord, that your word has been given an. I think you sent your son father to redeem us to save us from a broken World Lorde. We live in a crash site, but I believe that your goodness and your grace Lord is able to put us back together to mend our runes Lord to heal our hearts, and it calls us to do something significant for your kingdom father. I pray that the words and the dreams you’ve given to people their hearts in this house that they would surely come to pass. Lord, I pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit father to be upon our ears to hear everybody just reach up and grab your ear for one second, just just Lord, let the spirit of God come help us hear what you’d say to your church father. Owensboro Church I pray that you wouldn’t want my tongue to speak as one who speaks the Oracles of God in Jesus mighty name, amen, amen, amen, Psalm, chapter 16, here’s what it says. Moreover, he called for a famine in the land. He destroyed all the provision of bread. He said a man before them Joseph who was sold as a slave. They hurt his feet with Fetters. He was laid in irons until the time that his word came to pass. The word of the Lord tested him, the king, sent and released him the ruler of the people. Let him go free. He made him Lord of his house and ruler of all his possessions to bind the princess at his pleasure and teach his Elders wisdom right here. The psalmist is retelling the story of Joseph, the son of Israel. How many of you guys were here last week whenever we talked about Joseph’s Dreamcoat? Owensboro Church Were you here for that right? We looked out Israel. The father of Joseph came to his favorite son. The text says by the name of Joseph and to one of his youngest son’s, and he brought unto him a coat of many colors. Some of the texts, a coat of many colors, some of them say a tunic. The original Hebrew means a scope. Everybody say this: it was a nice garments, a nice garment, it was like Armani, his dad came and he put something a little bit nicer than anybody else had upon his back. Do you know what it was a symbol of whenever Israel put that nice coat on Joseph’s back? It was a symbol of the father’s approval over his life. You know we never get too old in our lives where we’re not still looking for Father’s approval.
Do you know that doesn’t matter if I got 17 doesn’t matter if he 77 I’ve talked to 60 some-odd year old men, who said I just wish my father would have said something to me sometime everybody wants the approval of a Father. Joseph gets the approval of his real, the rest of the brothers don’t and he gets he gets a Dreamcoat dead put the code on the back. Owensboro Church It opens up his heart to Dream, Big Dreams, and just shortly after that Joseph has a prophetic drink. He sees in his dream 11 Stars bowing down to him. He is the Sun and the Moon battling down to him and he’s on wise, and he tells that dream to his brothers and his brothers just flat get kicked off. Just look at your neighbor and say hi and just tell him I’m angry. This was their brother, tells them pretty much you’re going to serve me at that time. The dream of Joseph and the word Lord. It says in chapter 105. It says until the time that his work came to pass the word of the Lord tested him at that point.

The word of the Lord begins to test Joseph. Do you know whenever you receive a word from the Lord, you receive a pure and precious promise, but you received more than that. You also receive a test. Every word that comes to you from the Bible, from a prophetic voice from a dream or a vision, has wrapped up in the middle of that word attest, and this is the test. Will you remain faithful until the Fulfillment of the word that you just received the promises? Are great promises are only a diving board into a swimming pool of tests that you’re going to have to pass until that word comes into completion you know just because it’s prophesied does not mean it will come to pass just because it’s written does not mean it. Owensboro Church will come to pass, I see all sorts of promises in the Bible that never come to pass in people’s lives. Why? Because they don’t pass the test at the beginning of his test turnover in Genesis. Chapter 37. I would encourage many of you to open up the end of Genesis the next few days and read from chapter 37 through the ending of Joseph story. It’S a fascinating story, but here’s where his word begins to get tested. Look at Genesis: chapter 37, verse, 20. Here’S! What it says come, therefore, let us now kill him and cast him into some pit, and we shall say some.
While Beast has devoured him, we shall see what will become of his dreams. Wrath of the word of the Lord beginning to get tested by his brothers. Skip town 2, verse 23 says this, so it came to pass when Joseph could come to his brothers that they stripped Joseph of his tunic tunic of Many Colors that was on him skip Down 2 verse 31, so they took Joseph’s tunic killed a kid of the Goats and dip the tunic in the blood test begins with the stripping of Joseph’s Dream Coat. His brothers pulled the coat off of Joseph and they threw them down in the pit and he enters into test number one. It is the test of the pit, everybody say the pit now, what the occupational hazards of fulfilling the dream of God in your heart is, especially whenever you wake up in the pit. It is discouragement you know, as you travel in laughter, going to enter into discouraging times,
I mean look at where Joseph is he’s pretty low on this morning. He woke up that morning. One of his father’s favorite had a beautiful coat everything going for what out to meet us brothers and, as it gets close to his very own flesh and blood, they fall apart and beat him up stripping down naked and cast them and a pen that is low. My friend my brother, my sister, Owensboro Church that’s not much of a lower place on more discouraging place. You could possibly be there he’s listening to his brothers as well they’re up there talking about what they’re going to do to him. You know one guy says come on: let’s, let’s just choked him out: let’s kill him, you know some of that UFC stuff bro get out of there, put a choke over and let’s have done with Joseph this morning. No one says no to let’s not kill him. Like that, I have a dagger: can you imagine listening to this, the next one that happens to be a little more of a business man says no, no, don’t kill him, we’ll get no gain out of that. I see a bunch of traitors coming. Our way will sell him for gain 20 shekels of silver and will just ship him off into the slave trade. Now that is discouraging how many know when discouragement come. The word that you’ve been given is being tested in that hour and in that time, and if you lay down and choose to die there, you’ll never enter into the film fulfillment of the word. The psalmist said this about the word of the Lord. He said I would have lost heart last. Owensboro Church I had believed that I would see the goodness of God in the land of the living. I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of God in the land of the living. Do believe you’re going to see the goodness of God in the land of the living not wouldn’t get done get to heaven, but here in this earth. That’S where dreams come to pass. Somebody say this say I would fall start lest I had believed.
I would see the goodness of God in the land of the living. Let’S say it again: I would have lost heart, unless., See the goodness of God in the land of the living right now I feel like I’m in the pit cuz. The way y’all are all looking at me. I have a little energy in the house of God. I in if you’re in the pit this morning, just go ahead and decide by 5, I’m not dying in my pics you. Whenever family wounds you this guy, been wounded by his family, what are the prophets prophesied speaking through the voice of Jesus Christ in the future, and he said these words. He said these are the wounds with which I was wounded in the house of my friends. You let those Moon stay with you forever. Owensboro Church you don’t. Overcoming of Jesus was wounded in this earth. When it came here to save us in the very people, he was trying to create a friendship with us. Whatever you know, the Christ has forgiven us for loaning him. I meant, if you’re in the pain, you’re discouraged just go ahead and forgive those people who did you go on and up or don’t be discourage, don’t die in the pit. So as soon as he gets up out of the pits he’s taking any sold into slavery. He’S taking down to Egypt in the ends up in Potiphar’s house in to the temptation of Potiphar’s house look over in chapter 39, chapter 39 will begin reading and verse. 6 Genesis chapter 39 V6. This is what it says: puppy left all that he had in Joseph’s hand, and he did not know what he had, Owensboro Church except for the bread which he ate now Joseph was handsome in form and appearance, and it came to pass after these things that the Master’s Wife Cast longing eyes on Joseph and she said, lie with me, but he refused and said newest Master’s wife. Look, my master does not know what is with me in the house and he’s committed all that he has to my hand. There is no one greater in this house than I, nor has he kept back anything from me, but you because you are his wife. How, then, can I do this great wickedness and sin against God? So I said so. It was, as she spoke to Joseph day by day that he did not heed her to live with her or to be with her, but it happened about this time when Joseph went into the house to do is work, and none of the man of the house Was inside that she called him by His Garment saying, lie with me, but he left his garment in her hand and fled and ran out, and so it was when she saw that he left his garment in her hand and fled outside that. She called to the men of her house and spoke to them saying see he brought into us a Hebrew to mock us. Owensboro Church this is the second part of testing the Joseph enters into, and I really don’t want to call it a test. I want to call it the Temptation and Potiphar’s house what happens to Joseph as the spirit of God in the wisdom of God, in the favor of God is on him. You know you can’t take a covenant man and put them in a situation where he won’t begin to rise to the top amen Church Joseph is placed in Potiphar’s house sold into slavery.

It doesn’t take him long to be second-in-command in that house and in part of hers house there was a desperate housewife. She was looking for something she didn’t have and in first six it says the Joseph look a lot like me. It says they now Joseph was handsome in form and appearance right there haha. Yes, thank you. Thank you very much, beautiful beautiful, beautiful man. You know what can you sex is good. Looking guy and this woman wants to get him in the sack and she’s making passes at Joseph again and again, you know she’ll come by and hey good lookin. You don’t want to come, come to the back room with me and Joseph just won’t fall for Josephs a righteous man, Owensboro Church how many others Temptation and Potiphar’s house. I want you to see where the Temptation get stick in Joseph’s life. It’S not when he’s in the pits Helena women don’t want you when you’re in the pit man it’s the way it is. They don’t want you until you begin to ascend and get just a little bit of power and success in your life and then the Temptation begin to come swimming today. Men, that’s what we want you! When you get a little success, a little power. Owensboro Church the Temptation begins to get thick. How many businessmen do you know who get just about to the top and right there blow their marriage? Why is it like that? How many preachers do you know get to the top bullet Marley wreck the church? Why is it like that see? You look like you’ve already arrived when you get there, but there’s much more to come. It’S just another stage.
You have to pass. No, don’t say I’m tempted of God, God does not tempt of evil, never reaches his prophetic fulfillment of his dream. Joseph gets in the sack with this woman. I don’t think you ever intercept enters into a rose quartz. Maybe somebody else doesn’t or maybe a take some years to get around to his calling. You can pass the test today or pass it 10 years down. Owensboro Church the road promotion comes when you pass that thing, and then I was in Amarillo Texas, minding my own business. One day I’ve been saving about a year-and-a-half. I was setting in well my apartment, watching TV or doing whatever I was doing and all the sudden I heard a knock on my door who in the world is that at my door and I looked out the peephole and you’ll never believe it was standing at My door, it was the devil. Do you know that now has the devil ever showed up at your door? The devil was at my door, but he wasn’t wearing gold leggings. He had no horns or forked tongue. I tell you what the devil look like at my door. What’S a very beautiful South African lady open up the door and one of the girls was standing there anywhere open up the door not say. Can I help you under this girl lived in the apartments there somewhere, I’ve seen her, but I’ve never talked to her and it didn’t take long for me to recognize that you was not at my door for a Bible study. Owensboro Church If you know what I mean, I’m there by myself, beautiful girl at the door wanting to come in and sleep with me, that kind of thing just doesn’t happen to me all the time just doesn’t happen to me all the time I figured out. This must be Temptation sent from the devil guys of the Bond girls at your door, and you look like me, you got to know it’s. The devil come to do something to you. So I looked at this girl. I’Ve got a Bond girl. Now that’s the anointing of the Holy Spirit got you me. I got you like that. Stop my good looks: hey, do you know it’ll, make you rich and get you a hot life? It’S alright. It praise the Lord. What am I even talking about okay Bond girl at my door Temptation? I talk to this. I talked to this girl and I do the only thing I could think to do to get out of that situation. I lie to her, but I did I looked at her and said: oh I’m sorry love to I’d love to talk to you, but I’ve got to be at the college here in just a few minutes and I’ll run out of that door shut the door behind Me got my car and took off to the college. I guess it was a lie, but the truth is I needed to go anywhere where she wasn’t right, then sometimes you can’t resist temptation. You just need to run from it and church. Hey guys. Don’t let yourself be in a situation like that? Ladies, don’t let yourself in a situation like that. It’S a tell if your integrity got to run before you get caught and you lose your mind and your dream and your mention and you’re one of those stories of somebody who could have made it. Owensboro Church but didn’t you don’t want to be that guy the test before the Lord to come to pass Joseph ran? It was testing his Integrity Temptation Of The Devil, but 2 character check Integrity. Is this? What do you do when nobody’s watching you look at your neighbor and just say: what do you do when your alone? What do you do when you’re alone and it looks like a woman, accuses him of rape? He gets cast into the prison where it comes into the next test: the test of the prison once again, Joseph is there a very short time and the favor of the Lord is recognized on his life in the prison. Before long, he is running the prison. How many know what does it matter? Where you put a covenant man, he will rise to the top hey man. You’Ll have success, my favorite he’ll begin to prosper, Owensboro Church succeed and Achieve, and before long he’s got the keys to the prison down there in the prison. For no good reason, a couple of Min have a dream: I’m going to preach read the story later check me out to make sure I’m telling you the right story or not. Okay, I’m going to read it all the Bible right now. Okay, he’s down there in the prison and he’s running everything and a couple of guys in the prison have a drink. One is a cupbearer, one is a baker. He and I find out that Joseph can interpret dreams, the wisdom of God. He says, God has the answer for you and it comes before them and interprets the cup bears dream like this.
He says you’re going to be restored to your master favors coming your way and the baker has a dream where Birds to reading bread out of his head. Tell me know if you don’t have a dream like that stops just got to be bad. Just come to pass just like Joseph says down there in the prison. What Joseph does, as he performs a miracle for these guys? How many really does prophetic miracle? Owensboro Church for these guys I mean you would think that the stage is set for Joseph’s delivered and Joseph Sims of these guys, hey when you get up before Pharaoh. Remember me tell Pharaoh that I’m down here for no good reason that I’ve been stolen from my lamp and getting me out. Stop this whole of a place that I’m in and saw the guy agrees to it and he leaves and it goes up and he tells Pharaoh we got to get Joseph out of prison. No, he lets him rot there for another year. What a kick in the rear huh, when the guy thinks his stage is set, get getting out of prison and he helpfully performs a miracle on their behalf and then leaving there anyway, that you get very involved in Ministry. Owensboro Church You’Ll find out almost on a consistent basis that you will be an instrument of the Lord to work miracles in people’s lives, and you know the leave you to rot after that. They really will do you know why? Because people are crazy, call crazy, takes the spirit of God in the word of God, to help us get up. I watch people time and time again. I’Ve seen people wow their kids get delivered from meth in churches. In people’s marriages get put back together. I’Ve seen people killed of life-altering diseases, and you would think, while they’ll just be all about helping getting, whoever helped them out of prison and they’ll turn around and be mad at him over. Nothing in a minute be gone. Forget about you leave you for another year. I may need your services typically Amarillo Texas.

I saw a woman get killed. A breast cancer Pastor. There prayed for medically confirm without a shadow of a doubt, miraculous healing a week later she got mad over something that happened in a junior pro football game between church members left the church raise Cain about it all it’s like man, people are crazy. Hero has a dream than the king of Egypt and he can interpret his dreams. He dreamed about seven fat cows and then they were seven skinny cows eating seven fat cows. It’S a very strange dream: Peter would have hated it. You know what I’m saying like that and says: there’s nobody around to interpret my dream and the next thing. Owensboro Church You know that guy who got the Miracle at the hands of Joseph he says. Well, I remember a guy who can interpret your dreams and Joseph in one moment’s brought up out of the prison and into the palace and looks like an instantaneous miracle for a second. But let me tell you this been sold into slavery when he was 17. He was thirty years old whenever he stood before Pharaoh. This thing was 13 years in the making him passing tests and holding on to his Tegrity and keeping his character strong and before that he gets a shower, and then they dress him up a nice clothes and it comes before Pharaoh. Has the interpretation to Pharaoh’s dream says here’s what’s going to happen, seven years of common excuse me, seven years of plenty will be first and then there will be seven years of famine. Gods revealed this to favor and then Pharaoh says I want you to oversee taking care of us during the years of plenty. So we have enough in the years of famine, can’t keep a man down now. Owensboro Church can you doesn’t matter where you put him? What happens to him? He rises to the top success favor on Joseph’s life and he’s working really in the Futures, he’s buying everyone’s grain during a time of Plenty and he storing them back waiting for the price to go Sky High. When there is no grain in the land – and it comes to pass just like that, Joseph is in a place of power. Nine years after Joseph Stanton, the courts, a pharaoh, the biggest test he’ll ever have comes to him in the form of some Israelites. He knew from when he was a boy, they came before him and his courts and they were starving to death so where their families they were looking for grain, do you know who these guys were? They were as brothers. Isn’T that ironic, the brothers comment at first Joseph he’s got a mess with him just a little bit.
You know they threw him in the pits only so he sends them away. Tell him to get this and that and then sends out as man to get them and he plays with him just a little bit, but eventually, at the end, here’s the test that Joseph has to pass in the palace. It’S the past on whether or not he’s going to get dinner at his brothers are weather’s going to get better. It’S a test on whether he’s going to forgive our weather is going to hold on it’s. The toughest test you ever enter into. There is no greater test, there’s nothing that makes you more christ-like than forgiving those who’ve wrongs. You Joseph brings them into his presence, and he says these words says what you meant to be evil in my life. God used it for good whatever he does, that the favor of God manage sweeps into that situation. Faverolle has favored on Israel. Israel moves to Egypt, Israel, Dutton starve to death, but they live and have plenty. Let me say this: the dream of a young match, even though the Dreamcoat was pulled from the dream, couldn’t be ripped out of his heart because he refused to allow it to be, and he passed the test dream wasn’t really about him, Rising 2 significance. Owensboro Church his dream was about the salvation of his people. That’S what all of our dreams are really about.

Would you stand up on your feet this morning? I want to pray. I want to pray for people who facing test. We all alarm one shape, form or fashion in one stage of the game. I want to pray for the wisdom of God, in the spirit of God, to lead you and guide you and get you through the next stage of your test. I’M tell the word came to pass the word of the Lord: it texted him father. Owensboro Church We don’t want to be those that fail. We want to be those that passed just go ahead and lift a hand to heaven right now, but we don’t want to be those that fail, keep taking 101 over and over and over again. We want to be those that passed the test father. What we want to go to the next stage of the game for the Fulfillment of our prophetic word, Lord now, as the pastor in this house, I pray for these people for an overcoming anointed in the face of Temptation. If you, if you stand firm in the face of Temptation, you will receive the crown of life. It’S written in the Bible, Lord give people the ability to resist the devil and he calls him to flee from them. Let them have wisdom to get out of the room whenever there’s a desperate housewife in their presence. Lord, I pray that bitterness and unforgiveness large that group that rents on our hearts know that it would be broken so that our work might be fulfilled. Lord, we forgive today so that we might be forgiven. We let go of the pain of the past. We let go of the fact that our Dream coach been taken from us cuz, the dream is still alive.
Lord bless my brothers and sisters now love with the anointing of the holy spirit. Let it come on now. Let it come on now. Let it come on now. Let it come on now in Jesus mighty name healing the wounded, hearted father, showing people that there’s a better tomorrow you’ll get out of your pit. I say you’ll get out of your pit outside you’ll, get out of your pit outside you’ll, get out of your PIN outside you’ll, get out of your pit, Say by faith in Jesus mighty name Lord. Owensboro Church I Thank you for Joseph’s in this room for Joseph’s in this room. Special favor on their life make them Soul. Winners in the city make them light, make them salt, protect them and bring them back to this house in Jesus mighty mighty mighty name. Let’S give the Lord a good hand, clap praise the name of the Lord praise, the name of the Lord next week Church we’re going to talk about the Joseph testimony. The Joseph testimony will talk about how God wants to put favor on your life. Can’T wait to see you next week. We love you, we bless you. We thank God, for you want to see you get into God’s best amen. Why don’t you shake somebody’s hand? You are dismissed, make some friends in here