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So here’s what Noah’s life was about what we never know what was was born. You can take the monitors down just a little bit guys I got you have Joel up. I got your too high now, so you can take it down a little bit. Here’S the deal whenever Noah was born before Noah was born, lived on the earth men it become Wicked and everything the Bible says in men’s heart was such a wicked decrepit broken down crash site of a place that God decided that I’m going to wipe what I’ve Created off the face of the Earth and he looked around the earth and he found a man by the name of Noah, who was a righteous man who believe Tim and God spoke to Noah and he said Noah. I’Ve got an assignment for your life. I want you to build something I want you to build a boat because of rain is coming off lunch coming that’s going to cover the entire Earth and it will destroy all of your Manatee and I’m going to use you Noah to hold a group of people. Owensboro Church Only Earth to keep them alive that I’m going to establish my perin, my plan through and for, and so God spoke to, Noah any told Noah to build a boat that a flood was coming in a land where he had never rained before. One thing forgot to tell you to build a boat few live on the shore. It’S another thing forgot to tell you to build a boat. If you live beside a lake, it’s one thing forgot to tell you to build a boat if you live at the bottom of a giant down, but no one’s living in a world where rain at never hit the ground. Before how many you know, it takes some crazy Faith to build a boat in the land where there’s never been to rain. Before no one hears the word of God, Nipigon building, he assembles all the things that God told him he would need. He starts going out and he starts building this boat. The neighbors are walking by saying. Noah has lost his mind. What are you building there? Nobody going to do with this. This is the boat. Why are you building a boat and all because there’s rain coming they laugh?  Owensboro Church they snickered they blogged about him. They Twitter pictures about Noah’s boat that was coming in a land that it never rained before, and you know what no, what did kept right on building. I like people who keep right on building, no matter what happens? No matter what sin, no matter, who sculpts somebody who just keeps on building because of God set a rain, is coming. You better bet your last dollar that there’s a rain coming, look at your neighbor and tell them keep on building so know what kept on building in the time came to pass and suddenly animal started showing up. He had a floating Zoo. The animals came walking up to buy two and they just loaded themselves on the boat. It was a supernatural move of God to preserve all these animals and their loaded up on the boat. They shut the door and the rain starts falling and whenever the rain starts falling, it’s too late to get inside of the boat. By the way you know lots of people say that that things will never happen. Jesus will never return. Things are never going to ever change in the world as it is. The Bible says in the New Testament that whenever the son of man returns to the Earth, it’ll be just like the days of Noah they’ll be skull. For so say, it will not rain that the king won’t come back, but let me tell you this: our King is faithful and true and he will return just as he has promised, and the only people that survived the flood or the people who crawled inside of Noah’S boat, the boat is the ark. It’S a symbol of the church. It’S a prophetic image of what the church will be see.
The church is the ark it’s the Ark of Salvation. It’S the only thing that will redeem and save and protect you Manatee. When the end comes and it’s a protecting Force right now in the earth – and I don’t know whether you know it or not, but every person in this room is an arc Builder. What is the arc? Will the ark is Jesus and his church? Everybody say: Jesus and his church say Jesus and his church. Let’S say it one more time, Jesus and his church. Let me help you with something because I know there’s lots of people that are confused about this in this world, but it is impossible to separate Jesus from a church. Let me say that again, it’s impossible to separate Jesus from his church come on. Give the Lord a hand, clap that’s good, preaching people don’t like that, but that is good preaching. Why is it impossible to separate Jesus from his church? Because the church is the bride of Christ? The Bible says that Jesus is the head of the church, Owensboro Church and so what are we? Building when we’re building the church we’re building an ark, we’re building a place that people can come into and be safe, we’re building a place where people will be restored. We’Re building a place that, even though the rains are falling and everything’s going to hell in a hand basket out there, they can come in here and they can be delivered from their addictions. They can be set free of everything, that’s been buying them and Destroy them. Their marriages can be put back together, their kids can be raised in a Godly environment, even in the world. That’S going down there every day we are building an ark. Whenever we build the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, look at your neighbor and say you’re, an art Builder, just tell him that you’re an arc Builder.

You are an arc builder dude, all the people right now, working in the kids ministry, they’re building an ark every time they change a diaper, they’re building an ark every time. They do an illustration they’re building an ark every time they dance for kids in a jumpsuit, with a hat turned sideways. Looking silly on stage, do you know what they’re building all some of you man? It would do you so much good to put on a jumpsuit for Jesus and a dance like a dork and the kids ministry. It would change your perspective. He meant 21 years old, probably young man, myself, Brian Gibson, went out to Amarillo Texas. Now I got sent out to do kids ministry on the sidewalk and man. I was too cool for school back then. What I found myself doing, I found myself dancing singing kids Christian Rhymes. Owensboro Church you know on the sidewalk of Amarillo Texas for kids. What was I doing? I lost my pride, but you know what I got to be: a part of building an ark Nicky’s. Building an ark yeah you’ll give Nikki Montgomery a big hand, clap on the front row, making her husband, Ram they’ve, given almost 20 years to the mission field. More to that to the local church of that they’ve been saved forever just forever and I’m playing with you Nikki that they gave nine years to Pakistan, build an ark given like 10 now at 11, now 16 years 16 in Pakistan, 8 in Pakistan, 8 in Thailand, You’Ll give them a hand, clap. You know what people like this given up for the gospel building art. So now what builds builds an arc that builds in art and and and because of it, Humanity saved, and so all of the world’s wiped out they’re all gone and one day the ark Lance the ground dries up that come off of the Ark. They look around. God promises some things to them: they burn an offering to God, there’s a rainbow in the heavens. God gives them a word that he’ll never destroy the Earth again with water and they begin to plant and rebuild their lives. That’S where are text begins: Genesis, chapter 9 and verse: 18 Genesis, chapter 9, verse, 18. Here’S out reads: now: the sons of Noah who went out of the Ark was Shem ham and japheth and ham was the father of Cain, and these three were the sons of Noah. Owensboro Church from these, the whole earth was populated, Manoa began to be a farmer and he planted a Vineyard. Then he drank of the wine and was drunk but came uncovered in his tent and ham. The nerve Canaan saw the nakedness of his father and told us two brothers outside, but Shem and japheth took a garment late at both on later on, both their shoulders and went backward uncover the nakedness of their father.
Their faces were turned away and they did not see their father’s nakedness, so Noah awoke from his wine and knew what his younger son it done to him. Then he said cursed be Canaan, a servant of servants. He should be to his Brethren and he said blessed – be the Lord, the god of Shem and make Canaan be his servant. Owensboro Church may God and large JPEG and may He dwell in the tents of Shem and make Canaan be his servant and no one lived After the flood 350 years. So all the days of Noah over nine hundred and fifty years and he died know it was a great heart Builder know it was a great man of Faith, but the last words that were recorded about the life of Noah they’re, somewhat sad words, and I hate That this is a real reality that we face in the church, but some people who are great Ark Builders – they still make Big mistakes. Have you live long enough to recognize that yet have you been in the body of Christ yet to recognize long enough to recognize that yet, even though they’ve been great people, there still people who make great mistakes and how do you deal with someone’s mistake? Owensboro Church I think about every person in this room, brawl, art Builders and we’re doing great things for God, and some of you have come so far. I look at you and I granted my heart jumps as a pastor because you’re what I’m here in Owensboro for and I think God for the progress you’ve made and and and I know that you’re doing so good and I just believe we’re going to walk in Holiness and we’re going to live and we’re going to do what’s right and we believe in doing what’s right around here, look at your neighbor and say do much right. Man just tell him that we believe in that and when we believe in we preach Holiness, we believe that there’s a standard for the way we live our lives, but I also recognize that we’re in a fallen world and that people make mistakes. Owensboro Church so what do you do with an art Builder whenever they mess it all up? Think about Noah! Think about what the man did. The Bible says they come out of the Ark and Noah planted a Vineyard text time to plant a Vineyard. You know what I’m talking about goes out. He’S got the seeds for grapes. He plants The Vineyard, those those seeds grow. He gets grapes, he pulls the grapes that takes time that takes a whole season. Did he takes the grapes, any matches them put them in a vat for them to ferment weights for them to get good and strong and then Noah sets down and he gets blinded drunk. Owensboro Church you think you had a tough weekend. Look at Noah’s last few years of his life, the entire world just drowned around him. Man he’s watching bodies Float by in the water, any pre meditates plants of Vineyard, and he gets loaded, Drew out there and you’re getting loaded. Stop it by the way. Since I’m talking about wine, I never drink anything ever I got delivered from getting drunk and drinking 13 years ago, and another drop will never touch my lips as long as I’m alive. Somebody May port out on my dead body, but I will never drink it. Why? Because I’ve never seen anybody’s life get better when they start drinking, my life was all messed up and I started drinking Pastor. Now, it’s great yeah, the leaders in my church don’t drink your leader in your drink. Here, go ahead and excuse yourself today. Why cuz? You think our kids need to see you set an alarm drinking. What kind of message does that send some tell you what what you do in moderation, they’ll! Take it to the next level. Owensboro Church can I preach straight on the Wednesday night near showing out you make not like what I’m say about the subject, but I don’t care, I don’t I just you know we had a teenage. Let me get an example. We had a teenage girl here that some leaders from another church about 20 or 21 years of age took a fourteen-year-old from my youth group to a drinking party leaders at another church, a 14 year old girl from my youth group. Now do you know what 21 year old boys try to do to 14 15 16 17 year old girls whenever they get drunk my will have more wisdom than that. Come also make it the Lord hand, clapping past will go right on I’m mad. I’Ve been up several nights, let me go right on so no one gets drunk and he passes out cold in his youngest son. Owensboro Church comes in and listen I’m not against you, I’m not mad at you. I’M just trying to help the church with some practical wisdom. That’S practical, that’s all practical! I just think it sends the wrong message. When we drink this guy gets loaded to get to Blitz T falls out in his tent. It’S got three sons. The youngest son comes in season, Noah laying out drunk and naked he’s. Trashed he’s already went too far. You know he’s in this state in the Bible says that his youngest son looked on his nakedness is what the scripture say now. What does that mean exactly? It could mean several different things. Scholars disagree exactly as to what it means.

I use the scripture on my daughter whenever she walks into my bathroom or bedroom without knocking. You got a knot before you come in here. Dad might be changing. You know, there’s a person loud. We got cursed for looking at their dads nakedness. I use this. I don’t want her, my bedroom, you know, and so you can use that parents, if you want to so they come in the guys, load and he’s laid out. You know when you’re loaded – you you you you don’t know what’s happening to you in the Bible, says strong drink is not for Kings. Because of this reason, and the youngest son walks in looks at Noah’s nakedness and he sees the send and some Scholars even say. Maybe that that’s a hebraism, which means a Hebrew form of speech that Noah Noah son, might have had sex with him. So will they say he leaves and he tells his brothers about what Noah has done and the other two brothers won’t look at his father’s nakedness. But the scripture say that those two guys so respect and love this man, Even though he’d send, even though he’d fall in at this point. What they do is they take a sheet of garment. They put it on their shoulders, the two of them inside bicep. Looking forward in a walk backwards into a stent, and they cover up that that Arc Builder that send in that is Fallen instead of exposing what done they decided to cover it up in the cover that problem. Owensboro Church how are we going to deal with people whenever they mess up? How are we going to deal with people whenever they fall? How are we going to deal with people whenever they miss the mark? Are we going to be harsh or we going to be judgmental or we going to want to tell the whole world about it? Can we not wait to Facebook and Twitter about what someone’s done wrong? Can we not wait to call somebody in to spread it and to share it with everyone all we, the kind of people who walk into the room backwards with a cloth between our shoulders and cover up someone else’s indiscretion, six of you like it? What kind of person are you? What kind of person are you do? You know what the Bible says. 1St Peter 4:8 says that we should love one another with a deep love because love covers. Owensboro Church What’S it cover Church, a multitude of sins love covers a multitude of sins. Do you know we’re all more willing to forgive somebody? We love, then someone we tolerate one of our kids do something we’re pretty quick to forgive them. Somebody you’re just around. Maybe it’s harder to forget them. Why? Because there’s a real love! Love covers a multitude of sins. So look around the church tonight you see a bunch of art Builders, they won’t all be perfect. They won’t all make all of the right decisions. Some of them will really mess up at times, but I know this much that we all love one another and instead of trying to blow up something somebody’s done that doesn’t make sense. We all try to be a restore. Try to fix things. Try to cover it not cover it, I’m not talking about covering up a leaders, leaders in Discretions, I’m talk about having a spirit of Grace. Here’S the next thing I’m running out of time, but in this story that’s interesting. It’S that whenever, whenever Noah gets up, he finds out what’s happened to him and he he he has some proclamations as a father to make it towards the end of his life and he’s going to prophetically speak over his sons. And he says this to the one that looked at his nakedness. He doesn’t say it if him, Owensboro Church but he says it that man son, who was Canaan, he says cursed, be Canaan the any pronounces, a curse on that Man’s children returns to the other kids, and he says your kids will be blessed you’re going to be blessed and It’S interesting how people deal with someone else’s indiscretion or leaders in their life. I believe the way that we deal with them, especially in the body of Christ.
It affects our children. Let me give you an example of that. Whenever I first came to this town and lots of towns of have this, this story told that there were some leaders who, a few years before it had some big indiscretions leaders in the church and a lot of people were tore up about it and rightfully so, And you know whenever some things happened, guys have to be removed from positions and stuff has to happen because there’s a standard for leadership in the body of Christ, Owensboro Church but but once those things have been done, how many know that we can’t camp at somebody else’s point Of failure there’s a time it what’s done is done, it’s been dealt with and you shake the dust off of your feet and go on a man, but I watch some of these people that couldn’t do that. They couldn’t go on and they talked about it and talked about it and talked about it and the fruit of that wasn’t just in their lives. But it was in their children’s lives and it was in their children’s life, often to a greater degree than it was in their lives. There’S something about letting things go and getting over it and going forward and covering something up. Just letting the past be the past and dropping that blanket and going on forward, like the other two sons did you know those Sons were heartbroken over that situation? You know those Sons were disgraced about that situation, but those Sons decided we’re going to. Let Love cover this, we’re going to cover our fathers sins and we’re going to go forward. I don’t know what you got in your life. Owensboro Church I don’t know what what kind of situations that you’ve encounter with people in the church. I don’t know what you’ve seen other art Builders do have some weak moments, but I know there’s much that most of them that have messed up the repentant.

You know that, most of the time when people who really called on the name of the Lord mess up, that there sorry dinner there, sorry and whenever God forgives someone of their indiscretions, let me know we ought to forgive them amen, I’m not talking about anything. Goes culture, listen! What what are you do know is already drunk he’s passed out. He can’t stop. What he’s done what’s done is done, helping wake him up, get him up covering up go forward. God can take your life for me. Would you stand up on your feet with me tonight? I just want to have wisdom on the deal. How do we deal with people who messed up here’s, what Jesus said about how to deal with people who have been Discretions or messed up or done something? Owensboro Church That’S not right, you know, Matthew. Chapter 18 says this: you’ve got an ought with a brother. Let’S talk about how you deal with something you got somebody in the church. This doesn’t just work anywhere because there’s got to be church folk and they got to be under a similar governing Authority. The authority of Christ said this: if you got a problem with somebody or you send indiscretion in somebody else’s like the first thing you do is go to them, everybody say: go to them, you go to them and you talk it out. Cuz, maybe you’re, seeing something. That’S not there. Bible says a wise person, never judges, any situation till they hear both sides of the story, so you go to them. First, let’s talk this out what what’s up and if you’ve got a real claim against this person and they won’t listen to you. Owensboro Church Bible says after that, take someone with you: take a witness somebody else, full of the spirit of God, where the two of you can hash it out. You know. Sometimes we don’t see eye-to-eye and we need somebody to mediate to help to hear to be there. How many all know that that that can be helpful with people somebody there? Let’S have somebody to help and and then it, if, if you and the person that go with you agree with you that there’s an ought against this person, something that they’ve done wrong. It says that you take it before the church. Now that doesn’t mean you run up here on Sunday morning screaming out in the car gation. Do you do that? The ushers will pull you out of here. Just so you know alright, who means it means take it in front of church Authority, Owensboro Church Church Authority, the church and and let the church Authority judge between the two of you on an issue like this and then, if they still won’t hear the church, the Bible says: Let them beat you like the unbeliever not literally had to do this, and you know I’m seventy-eight years of ministry here. I’Ve had people hit heads in such a way.
They got these indiscretions these issues with each other that I’ve ended up in a room with them and and trying to referee trying to help them sort it all out and here’s the deal whenever it comes to the end and the dust settles we’ve got to do Just what the two sons of Noah did we walking backwards? We drop that sheet. We cover that issue and we go forward. Hey man, because there’s too much good life to live way back here, where somebody’s messed up – there’s too much goodness of God in front of us to dwell in the past, if y’all think that’s good preach and just give the Lord a hand clap tonight come on. We go for from here forward from here in Jesus name, I’m at. Let me pray over you father in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I thinking that you would make all of us wise as serpents and harmless as doves Lord. We we, we will all walk forward and integrity in living Integrity. So Lord, I pray that we would be that kind of people that we would live in Integrity. I pray for a supernatural level of Holiness in this church, just as Supernatural level of Holiness in a standard in this Church Road, Owensboro Church it’s different where people would look at us and say yeah you’re different than us. Let Let the church we pray be different than the world. I pray, let us be holy for You Are Holy for the scripture say Lord help us do that, but also pray. Whenever people miss it. The we will be the kind of church that restores and loves and helps and lifts up. I don’t want us killing our wounded Lord. I want us to be a hospital for the hurting for the lost for the found for everyone. Owensboro Church Lord make us that kind of place give us that kind of mindset. I pray Lord, that we would be a people of Amazing Grace in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the church said: amen, amen, amen. Would you be seated for one moment tonight?