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White River City, it’s January, it’s the first of the year everybody’s thinking about New Year’s resolution and we’re starting our series called grow. Here I am at the gym. I try to come with the gym about 4 times a week, but cuts are some parts of me. I want to shrink and there’s some parts of me. I want to grow some people talk about. What’S the what’s the toughest piece of equipment to use in the gym, some people hate the squat rack other people. Like me, I hate cardio, but I think the toughest piece of equipment to use in the gym is probably the front door. You can get through the front door. You got 95 % of the issue already defeated. You know today it’s cold today I hadn’t been feeling great, but I’m still here through the door, if you’ll get through the door spiritually get through the door prayer get through the door breeding get through the door fast. I guarantee you you’ll forget to grow this January. Owensboro Church I believe, and I’m praying that you have a greatest growth you’ll ever have today, Pastor Brian will be bringing us an awesome message on fasting called Fast Forward. Join us for part. Two of our groceries for pastor Brown will have a message on prayer. Called prayer. Can change your world come on? Let’S give the Lord of hand clap today. Can we do that come on? Let’S go happy New Year. Owensboro Church Why don’t you turn your neighbor and tell him this say you’re lucky to get to sit by me today and let him know that and tell your other neighbor you got through the door. Just tell him you got through the door in 2014, it’s going to be good. Why it’s so good to see you I’m pumped bet you didn’t let the snow they haven’t got here yet keep you from coming out, and you know I I hear this is going to be like a book of Revelation time. Snowstorm are trumpets blowing in the heavens, seals have been broken and we better run for the hills as what people are saying. So you don’t have to live in fear. Somebody say Amen to that. Come on out anything. We can live by faith instead of living. In fear, amen will after a snowstorm people live in Colorado, they live in Montana. We are going to make it look at your neighbor and I believe you’ll make it you won’t. You won’t freeze to death, not guys that won’t let you die as a nice pickle. Owensboro Church This week alright amen and its a 2014 it’s a new year, and you don’t know what we’re talking about we’re talking about growing everybody say grow. You know. I believe that God’s design, in God’s will for all of our Lives, is that we might grow spiritually that we might become more like Jesus, that we might become better Christians, better examples of who he is in the Earth and I’ll believe that our God wants us To grow even more than we want to grow, our God is for us more than wherever for our self he’s. That kind of God – and I believe, if we put our our our heart and our mind to it and give ourselves just a little bit to the grace of God, we can have the best 2014, the best year that we’ve ever had, and I know what it Is to not grow at times. I know what it is to have. Let myself go backward. You just saw the video where I talked about going into the gym. Well, what got me going into the gym physically last year is Jesse and I we went out to to a board meeting we’re on the board of Life impact in her national mean, if you know, Lana Vasquez Rocks rescue kids, who are at risk for the sex Slave trade, one of our biggest missions, outreaches, that we support financially also with Manpower. I also know Ron and Lela Thompson from our congregation there there and we were at. We were at a board meeting for that. Then, after the board meeting, I preach to the church in La got done preaching, and I just felt so terrible finally went to the dr. and got to the doctor notice. My ankles were swelling and found out that my blood pressure was it like stroke, level C. I’D stopped growing. Actually, I was really grown in an area, mainly my midsection, and it affected me to a point where it put my whole life at Jeopardy: 35 years of age with stroke level, blood pressure make me up. I got to do something about this. What did I do? I started getting through, the door went through the door until finally, my pants size went down several pants size changed, some weight body started changing and my blood pressure is back down almost perfect. Somebody give the Lord a hand, clap for that. I’M excited about that cuz. I want to live past 50. How I want to live a long time. I want to make it way up into my 80 somewhere. I want to be an old man when I get old, I’m going to grow, my hair out in a ponytail might have a Santa Claus kind of beard and imma wear sunglasses all the time, whether it’s day or night cuz I will quit pastor and then I Can look like I want to a hillbilly redneck, it’s going to be fun for me and Jesse you’re, going to love that Jesse’s going to be awesome. So listen, listen! Growing! Is this it’s getting through the front door, everybody say get through the door about the gym. It’S not the squat rack, it’s not the treadmill, it’s not that it’s the front door, it’s the motivation to move and to go for work, that’s true in the physical sense. It’S also true in the spiritual sense Jesus said this Jesus said I am the door of the sheep. Jesus is the way to come through and listen he’s calling us all to himself. He wants us to grow more than we want to grow. He’S calling you this morning there’s an invitation and there’s this link in the Bible between spiritual training and physical training. You’Ve got it on your hand, out at the others, passed out the handouts to you. Yet you got your hand out. If they haven’t, you can bring those handouts out.
I want you to look at it. The first scripture I have all that hand out is 1st Timothy chapter 4 verse Timothy chapter 4 and verse 8. This is in the New Living Translation. Paul says this. He says physical training is good, everybody said good, but training for godliness is much better promising benefits in this life and in the Life to Come. Physical training is good, it makes sense, makes you feel better when you feel good physically. Let your body go and other parts of you start getting affected and it’s going to help us in this temporal World. Paul said physical training is good, but then he says, but but marital training for godliness is better. He calls it training, that’s something you have to consistently do something you’re working at something you’re. Putting some effort into spiritual training is better everybody say better. It says, spiritual training doesn’t just help you in this life, but it helps you in the life to come. When we work on our self physically, we get paid back in this life. When we were going to sell spiritually, Owensboro Church we get paid back for eternity again and again and again and again it never NC spiritual Fitness. It matters we all to work at it. We all to come to the door so that we can grow. You know back in 1998, gave my life to the Lord and my life so radically changed. 9899 was one of those years. Were my life so radically change from just darkness to light people would come and they would ask me people that knew me from my past. What in the world happened to you? How did you change like this? The answer what I would give them is Pat after I gave my life to Jesus was well every time the door was open to the local church. Every time there was Services every time there was worship every time there was somebody preaching. You know what I did.

I got through the door now remember, I would come and I would sit down on the front Road. I would have been sitting front left about where Jesse is right now I would come and set right there, and I want to hang on the words of life being preached from the Bible and little by little bit by bit Moment by moment. I started changing on the inside. I became bigger in the spirit and what was on the inside of me started working its way to the outside of me change. My attitude change my lifestyle, some of those old habit. I had started falling off on my life and new habits started getting built. Listen if you come through the door, you can grow. You want to give your neighbor handclap this morning for just getting through the door when it’s when it’s a little nasty outside. I believe you’re growing right now in Jesus name. So here’s the way. I want you to see the door. What is the door? Here’S one of your next blanks there you need to see the front door. You need to see the front door as an invitation, see the front door, see the door, don’t see it as painful see it as a invitation. It’s an invitation to get greater limitation to grow an invitation to live the upper life with Jesus nipple tation to become a bigger person and invitation to become more christ-like and invitation to to live up on the mountain instead of in the valley. All the time we all to see the door as an invitation, listen Jesus is inviting you to grow today. Owensboro Church Consider it like this. You received a card in the mail it and it says on it that the Alpha and the Omega have requested Your Presence at such-and-such a time every day to come and hang with him he’s told you what to where he’s told you when to be there. He only go to to RSVP and show up and you’ll grow. See you in as an invitation, don’t see the front door, see the front door as an opportunity. Everybody saying opportunity: men we’ve got an opportunity to grow, see God’s love and his grace. What is he do? He provides all of us with opportunities that will take us further faster. Take us down the road to Crow he’s, giving you an opportunity, his gift, to give us opportunity. Not our gift back to him is what we do with every opportunity. That comes our way, I don’t believe it. Our God is obligated to us past opportunity. He eat he’s promised us opportunity now you have to you, have to take that opportunity and make something out of it. The last thing, I would say, is stop seeing the front door as an obligation stop seeing it as an obligation. I used to see spiritual growth and things that I needed to do to become more, like Jesus, be at prayer bit reading bit fasting. Whatever I saw it only as an obligation, then it be download ribbon and it becomes not not not something Birth by the spirit, not something life-giving, but something that seemed like a beating any of y’all ever started. One of those read the Bible in a year plans, and you were strong for the first 3 Days To January 3rd, you to read the first 12 chapters of the Bible. Some of your read Genesis 1 through 12, the first three days every year for the last 20 years, and then you have to drop that read through the Bible in a year plan. Do you see it as an obligation? You’Ll never get through it. If you see it as an opportunity can become something that gives you life, I used to see prayer like that years ago, guys used to teach on the our prayers. This passage where Jesus says to his disciples, could you not tarry with me even one hour? Don’T know what passes I’m talking about out there and I learned about the our prayer and it became not something like giving to me, but it became something that was obligation back then. Owensboro Church Every morning I would get up and I felt like if if the sun was up – and you were praying you’d already missed the window, you had to get up early. Where would be painful? You know that was not mine, but my worldview it every morning. I would pray 30 minutes in the spirit 30 minutes in the understanding and it was just obligation. Listen, don’t see what God’s, given you as an as a front door and an opportunity as an invitation as an obligation, see his presence as a source of life. Amen. See his presence as his goodness his presence as his Mercy see his presence has an extended arm to you. Drawing you unto himself come on. Our God is inviting us. Let’S see it as opportunity and not obligation. Somebody give the Lord a handclap today. Owensboro Church Our God is good and here’s here’s one of the things I think you should see as an opportunity tomorrow we’re going to start as a church,Owensboro Church  a 21-day fast. Alright, there’s somebody excited about it. I paid him before the service to do that. Haha. Well, I’m 50 right now suppose they cost me to start a 21-day fast Bell before you freak out about a 21-day fast. I want to tell you I’m going to talk to you about different types of fast. So look at your neighbor and say don’t freak out. Don’T don’t don’t freak out, you’ll be alright, okay and here’s. The next thing I want you to ride down. Owensboro Church One of the Lost Christian practices is that a fasting one of the Lost Christian practices is that a fasting in fasting is something that provides spiritual growth at another level. It really does. Let me show you what Jesus said about fasting now: fasting been in the Bible from the beginning. All the way Genesis on through you can find fasting Old Testament.

You can find fast juice fast to Jesus talk about fasting early church fasted. You read through church history. I’M a church history minor all of the Heavy Hitters in the early church. They were, they were the desert fathers they fasted all of the great revivalists they fasted people who started things like the Jesus movement of the charismatic movement, all the stuff that change on nation. In the last few decades, most of them is fasting. Fasting is a Christian discipline bit while releases power in your life. Here’S what Jesus said: Matthew chapter 6, verses 16 through 18. This is in the new King James version. Owensboro Church He said this more over when you fast everybody say when you didn’t say: if you, what do you say when you fast do not be like the Hypocrites where the sad countenance for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear to men to be fasting? I sure do I say to you: they have their reward, but you, when you fast anoint your head and wash your face so that you do not appear to be fasting. But your father, Owensboro Church who was in the secret place and your father who sees in secret, will reward you openly. First thing I see yours, Jesus didn’t say: if you fast, he said what church, maybe he assumed that all of us would practice fasting? All of us, the called him our savior would be people who, from time to time when lay down, are necessary Brett to connect with him at a new level. Now, in this text, Jesus is rebuking a group of people who are present it in in the in the culture at the time, the Pharisees and Sadducees. When they went fast, they made a big deal out of it, so that everybody would know that they were plastic. They would mark their faces literally so people could see. This is a person who is fasting and they wanted to be super spiritual and they wanted to be holier than now and they wanted to get spiritual kudos for being on The Fast and Jesus rebukes them for being like that, because Jesus is not a big fan Of super spiritual, religious nuts, he doesn’t like them, it’s matter of fact he’s harder on them than anybody else says when you fast. Don’T do it like these guys says when you fast, you can be discreet, you can be secret, and God who sees in secret when you’re a person who worships him in secret, he will reward you openly. I, like the idea of my God, rewarding me openly than that sound good God, rewarding you in an open manner for what you do secretly, but lots of people taking this text and we’re doing a corporate fast. The next thing I’ll say he is this: is the next fill in the blank? The early church also practiced corporate fasting everybody corporate. What let’s do better night or buddy said corporate corporate fasting. That means the whole church would come together in fast, Owensboro Church even after Jesus’s statement about not doing it to be seen by Men been all throughout the Book of Acts and talks about the church and it says and when they had fasted and prayed. Owensboro Church So it’s okay to fast, together as a church. Jesus isn’t addressing the fact that nobody can ever know that you’re fasting he’s addressing a religious spirit that was on the Sadducees and the Pharisees, and I remember early on. We would, we would say, hey we’re, going, have a corporate fast and some people come to me and say: oh, you can’t do that. Nobody can know when you’re fasting. I might know. I understand why you think that, but if you read through the book of Acts, you’ll find out that the church fasted together a lot in the book of Acts and because of that they were a people of power. What we’re going to do is we’re going to take some time in the beginning of 2014, starting tomorrow, going for 21 days and we’re going too fast, and I believe it how many fast, the favor of God going to be released on our life in a supernatural Banner, Owensboro Church I believe our Wheels going to line up with his will and a new level through the next 21 days. I believe it’s some flash, some carnal simple human nature, to be crucified in the next 21 days. I believe in the next 21 days, when I become more like our savior, who lay down his life and we might be ransomed – be made one with him, that’s what a fast will do for you, it’ll change. It it’ll make you a different person. Some of this world will fall off of you and something from another world will come upon you in the next 21 days. Here’S some types of fasting.
You got this sheet in front of you. I want you to tell you about some types of fasting that you can find in the Bible. The first type of fast that I see in the Bible or one of the total fast. Nobody said: total fast, Moses went up on the mountain with God for 40 days and 40 nights and he did not drink water and he did not eat food for 40 days now. My suggestion to you is unless the mountains on fire and God is giving you a holy tablets, you better drink some water over going to be doing your funeral in about a week. That’S what’s going to happen, so I don’t suggest this unless you’re like on on a mountain, Feel the Fire and God is there and you see him face-to-face one of the only people in the Bible that went for for 40 days, no water, no food, no Paul, Went for 3.43 and I believe it in the book of Acts he did not eat. Nor did he drink for three days and that’s about the limit on a total, fast and kind of fastest in the Bible is a water fast Network. You are you restrain yourself from food and you only drink water. Jesus went out in the wilderness for 40 days as beginning of his ministry. You can read about this in the gospel went out for 40 days. At the end of those 40 days, the devil came in tempted him in the Bible says that he been in the wilderness for 40 days. He had not eaten anything and that he was hungry. I might have been. He was very hungry 40 days without food, and so there’s a water fast and it can be at various links where you only drink and you do not eat. There are people in the sound of my voice in this room. I’Ve never done a 40-day fast, but they’re people in the church who have done 40-day fast right here. I can think of one guy that was going for 40. He did 30 days of fasting and he broke his fast because . He thought he was starving to death or something he felt bad about. Owensboro Church It went back like a week later and fasted for another 40 consecutive days and I’m like. Finally, it’s like man, you look terrible. You got to go, get up, get a physical. Owensboro Church I want to make sure you live through this fast and I’m like I’ll pay for your physical fuel get one and he went and got one and after all that time that they checked him out. Doctor checked him out said you’re in better health than almost anybody. That comes in here. Listen, I sell it to say you can fast lot longer. Then you think you can help me know. Most of us couldn’t get some meal or two and we’re going to live and not die. Come on this is America. Even look at you. Never said you’ll be alright. Just tell him that you’re beyond much does check with your doctor.

If you got any kind of health issues before you do something radical like that and make sure you’re okay, you know you got a check check yourself out. No, no! What’S up next type of fast I’ll, see you in the in the Bible is a partial fast, everybody say a partial fast. You know parcel fast can be something somebody’s. I see people do these a couple of different ways, something somebody’s laid down that they’re not going to eat this certain thing or are there going to lay this down? Sometimes I know some people that wouldn’t eat anything until the sun went down not eating during the day. It’S it’s it’s a partial fast, so things you can. Owensboro Church You can fast partially for kind of fast. Owensboro Church I see in the Bible is a Daniel, Fast, Daniel, Fast Daniel. In the Book of Daniel an answer from God, so he said his face to prayer and fasting for 21 days. That’S where we get the number 21 by the church is going too fast for 21 days fasting for 21 days and here’s what Daniel fasted on his fast. He ain’t no Pleasant bread. That means, if the red lights on at the Krispy Kreme donut shop, you avoid the red light. Krispy Kreme is press, Pleasant, bread. Somebody say Amen to that. So it’s like no, no bread. Owensboro ChurchNo, nothing! That’S good, like that! So ain’t, no bread! Second thing he ate was no meet, everybody say no meat, no steaks, no hamburgers, no hot dogs, no at know any of that. None of that in a Daniel Fast third thing is Daniel, drink no fruit of the vine, so nothing good to drink. Also, he would have drank wine back in that daylight, like the other Jews. Did he laid all of that stuff aside and he devoted himself to prayer for 21 days and interesting? Is it for 21 days when Daniel began that prayer in the the god released an angel with his answer from the heavens and that angel was coming to bring Daniel his answer and the Bible recordes that there was a demonic Force. They fought against that angel in the heavens and for 21 days, while Daniel was praying and fasting that angel prevailed and came and brought his answer. Owensboro Church I believe a 21-day fast can often give you Supernatural significant breakthrough in your life, unlike you’ve ever experienced before now. I’Ve experienced that myself. I I once had pain in my body for 18 months 18 months of chronic ear infections and in almost constant ear pain, not prayed, I believe God or Gods A Healer, but I wasn’t getting getting through and after 21 days after 21-day, fast god healed me of Ear pain and constant ear infections and my ears have been different. I’Ve been a different man ever since.. I believe, there’s there’s power with that. Real power Swap Meet the building you’re sitting in right. Now we couldn’t get a church building back in the day, man we were looking for an answer. Owensboro Church The church was growing, we didn’t have anywhere to how’s the move of God and many of us fast and we would fast 21 days did a lot of them back. Then – and I believe at this church that we said in its a part of the answer, through people praying and fasting there’s power in a fast. Those are not a number 5 right here on your own, your sheet, but here’s another something I found in the Bible that it can be apart of a fast and that’s a set. That’S a sexual, fast and Paul said this first first Corinthians chapter 7. He says that she says if you’re married, don’t withhold sex from your partner unless, during a time of fasting that you’ve you’ve agreed to withhold sex during that. Of time now. Owensboro Church this is not something healthy fast. I’M going to pass on that, but this is some of you single people. You are to be on yo to be on the sexual fast anyway. Somebody say Amen to that huh. You know your humans, not animals, control yourselves, amen where Christian folk around here, but that’s something else that I’ve seen that is faster than in the Bible. Here’S some things I say about fasting. I’Ve got a couple minutes. Let me close with this first thing. I’Ll say about fasting is up with that: fasting puts a different Edge on your life, I’ll spirituals, on your life, so I can weigh up to sharpen your Axe and you can take a baseball bat and try to cut a tree down with it. You know, what’s going to happen, you’re going to break your hands at-bats, going to bounce off at 3, you’re going to work and work and work and you’re not going to get any forward progress. But if there is an edge on an axe is sharp. You can take that acts lead into that tree and you can get somewhere there’s been times in my life, where it’s like. My age has grown tall and one of the best things on an I know. What to do when my Edge gets dull is outgoing. A fast put the edge back on my life looks like the presence of God, the anointing. The voice of God becomes more real and More close to a saw fast and brings it up in fighting to get done and been beating against the tree forever. With a bat, once I fast in that edges back on my life, man stuff starts falling down at my feet again, I believe the next 21 days it’s going to put an edge on your life, unlike you’ve, ever had before second thing I’ll say about fasting – is That fasting, it it put you in a place to operate in a higher level of Spiritual Authority. Put you in a place to operate in a higher level of Spiritual Authority. In Mark chapter 9, verse 29. The Disciples of Jesus they’re trying to cast The Devil out of somebody. Owensboro Church You know in the Bible talks about people getting demon possessed by the way in 2014. People still get Devil’s.
Did you know that they’re still demons out there in the in the Bible says you can cast Devils out of people in the name of Jesus? Disciples were working on this guy trying to get the devil out of him and they couldn’t get it out. Jesus shows up and he rebukes them. He says, what’s up girl Next Generation and then Jesus cast The Devil out of the god. The disciples come to Jesus and they say why could we not cast out that devil Jesus said this kind only comes out by prayer and fasting fasting takes you to a level where you can change things in the spirit, prayer and fasting, takes you and put you In in a different level of authority, I’m going to tell you in America right now Owensboro Church we need some people with a different level of Spiritual Authority. Our land is growing darker than it’s been in years and years and years, and we need somebody with a fasting Edge and an authority on their life to drive back some of the works of darkness and a loose the gospel message again in Clarity and Howard amen. We need that third thing I know about fasting. In does this: it shuts off the distractions of this world. You know what this world is full of distractions, just full of it. I mean I pay for distractions. I pay for cable. I pay for internet service. On my phone out, sometimes I pay for distractions and distractions. They come in. Owensboro Church they take your eye off of the main tank. What fasting says is: is this world this world is not my God. This world does not own me. This world does not control me.

This world is no longer my master. My belly is not my master. My appetite is not my master. The dinner table is not my master. I serve, but one master. His name is King Jesus and he’s the only one I’ll kneel. My my my my leg to all Bob Bell, my head to see fasting. It cuts out the distractions taking time when you would be hanging out talking eating preparing what and just focusing on God, it’s a game-changer. Here’S. What I want to encourage some of you to do. I want encourage you for the next 21 days to figure out what did you want to do? What do you want to fast we’re going fast together, corporately here’s, what I believe, I believe the gospel put new Edge on our lives. Put new heads on this church. I believe in miracles are going to happen in your families, in your finances and in our city. I’M with this church is going to another level, I believe in or 2014 going to be better than our 2013 and we’re going to go upward and onward ever hear of our life. I believe that God’s going to put an annoying in here and we’re going to see more people say more people healed, more people filled with the spirit, more lives put back together, more attic set free I’ll, bring it when we fast and pray God begins to me. Hey man, what you stand up on your feet with me, I want you to stand up about your head for one moment. Let the spirit of God talk to you. What do you want me to do God for the next through this next 21 days? What do you want me to do? Do you want me to maybe some of your might be faster meal today? Some of you may want to do a Daniel, Fast I’ll Owensboro Church. Tell you what I’m doing I’m doing all kinds of fast throughout the gears, but what I want to do this time is: I’m not eating any meat, any Pleasant, bread, I’ll be I’ll, be eating fruits and vegetables, and because I’m going to keep working out, I will Drink a little protein just a little bit here in there, that’s what I’ll be doing for the next 21 days, Daniel style fast. What what? What would? What would you? What would you, God have you do, or what do you want to do? Just close your eyes talk to God for a moment, see if he God your direction. What do you want to do to grow in God’s come on? This is the time where we’re just going to focus on growing for this month. Next 21 days, we’re going to have a fast going to be incredible. Somebody may want to do a 3-day water fast. You’Ve, never done anything like that. You might want to try that somebody. It may be fasting, something else, a partial, fast. Here’S what I want more than I want to commitment from what you’re going to do. Owensboro Church You proclaim a fast decide. What you’re going to do on the front end is that want to know who will participate in some shape or form for the next 21 days. I want you to raise your hand right now. Let me see you now what I got a video of this. We write your names down to control room right now. We got you know, I’m playing with you, but we got a lot of people that are going to do stuff through this. It’S going to change your life. I want you to work out what you’re going to do for the rest of the day, and then I want you to write it down once you write it down on a piece of paper where you have what you’re going to do your timeline? How long are going to be on this fast and we’re going to Proclaim it? Do it now tonight? Owensboro Church What I’m going to do is I’m going to get it on eating everything. I like it’s going to be almost gluttonous tonight in my house. Pray for your pastor, but tomorrow morning, we’ll start will start this fast and end to help you out to help you grow spiritually for the next 21 days, there’s going to be daily devotions on the website. I’Ve got my blog on. The website will be a daily devotion to help you everyday if you’ll go there it’ll also be on our Facebook, River City, Church Facebook, in both of those places, something for you to read t’elp. You grow spiritually during this fast for the next 21 days, everyday, but Sunday Sunday, you come here. You’Ll get your devotion here then this this first Wednesday night of this month, I’m going to be teaching on the Daniel Fast this next Wednesday night. Just to hear in a few days also next week will have what prayer and worship on Wednesday night we’re going to pray and worship together. The following Wednesday night, dr. Bob Rogers will be Pastor.
The second largest church in the state of Kentucky is probably one of the largest worldwide voices on prayer and fasting. You don’t want to miss that. Here’S what I want to do. I believe that God is going to do Supernatural things for you. I want to pray over you before we get out of here today, man, I’m pumped January’s going to be massive. Let’S pray, father, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth for the people under the sound of my voice. I declare and decree that we’re going to grow spiritually in the next 21 days in the next month. We’Re going to another level. I say we’re going from Faith to Faith from glory to glory from strength-to-strength the spirit of God, the presence of God, the anointing of God, is going to become so real to some of these people, it’ll be like a different world there living in. I believe that their prayer times will be sweeter. I believe in God’s voice will become clear. I believe the direction for their life will be set before them. Some of them have said. I don’t know what to do. Owensboro Church I don’t know what to do will come out through the next 21 days and safe. Now I know what to do. This is the I must go and the path will be clearing. The path will be short and God’s hand will lead you down at Podi Claret. Lord, I Thank you for these people. I speak growth Grace and strength over them in Jesus mighty mighty name. I pray, amen, amen,