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Come on, let’s get the Lord one more hand, clap today can we do that? Welcome to the house of God, we’re so glad to have you here today. My name is Pastor Brian Gibson and it’s an honor and a privilege to get to speak the word of God to you. We have some great things coming up. You just saw there. We have stopped Chapel service starts at 8:30 in the morning and go to be same word same preaching same church just a different floor with music, and you know. Throughout the years I’ve heard people describe our musical Stegall. Somebody called it aggressive once upon a time, and I guess I’m I’m I’m alright. With that cuz the Bible says Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. So I can live with aggressive music, but I know that everybody doesn’t like the same style of music and how many all believe that the kingdom of God Is Bigger Than One musical style. Somebody say Amen to that. You know it’s about the word of God. It’S not about a type of music, so we’re going to take our 830 service and we’re going to make a different flow of music. So if you know anybody out there that’s been here, maybe was here in the pass in there. Like I like River City, I like what they’re about I like the word they preach the last time I went there, they blew my face off and I need somewhere else to go and I promise you we’re trying not to blow your face off. Owensboro Church Just look at your neighbor and says: Pastor want you to keep your face. Just tell him that I want you to keep your face, but if you don’t like that 8:30 in the morning I’ll be a different floor music and you can come and check it out. We’Re still going to have to services that are the same around here and here’s. The deal we always want to have are one of the most lost segments of society. Is that 20 to 40 year old range and we’re going to do a lot of stuff around here to reach them? Because how many know if we don’t reach them,
we believe they just probably won’t be really care about. That second thing I want to pump on them up here is The Wizard of Oz is coming up. We try to give you opportunities where you can invite your friends invite people that are on church to come and hang out or are people that you think would be blessed and we’re going to have Illustrated sermon series and it’s going to speak biblical principles through powerful Illustrations whenever I preach people, remember what I say for about a day when I illustrate what I’m preaching people can tell me about it a year down the road, so you’re going to learn about how you need courage. You know the lion needed courage. What does the Bible say about courage? What does the Bible say about having the heart of God? What is the Bible say about having a brain? Do you know anybody that needs a brain, bring them here for The Wizard of Oz and we’ll get him a brain. Somebody say: Amen: do you have a Bible and get a day going open it up to Matthew? Chapter 13 Matthew Chapter 13 in here in a moment, I’m going to read verse 52 Matthew, 13 and verse 52, and I’ve been preaching for about three weeks, sermon really about what Jesus said in Matthew: chapter 16, verse, 18 Jesus said these words. I will build my church and the Gates of Hell will not Prevail against it, see a church of something that has to be built. Everybody say, build it Scott to be built, Jesus didn’t say my church will just happen. Jesus didn’t say I was just jump up out of the ground, Jesus didn’t say I’ll, just speak and it’ll all be done, Jesus said he’s going to build his church and the Gates of Hell will not Prevail against it and what it means. Owensboro Church whenever you say to build something, it means that somebody’s going to have to work alongside for it to happen.
There’S going to have to be some sweat, somebody’s going to have to put their hand to a plow somebody’s going to have to get up and pray and fast and witness and invite that’s what it takes to build. The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ and I want our church to be built out of the right stop. I wanted to be built to last Jessie and out. We went to school out at Oru in Tulsa Oklahoma, Owensboro Church and I don’t know if you’ve ever been there. Owensboro Church Orsino argues campus that campus was built in the sixties during like the charismatic renewal in America and really back in those days. People were into like gold chairs on stage and lots of gold stuff and how many are ever been with. Where do the had a lot of gold chairs or seen that on TV? Something like that, the campus? It looks like that. It’S like a golden City on top of the hill, and there was one building. It was built there in the sixties when we were there at school. There was no longer valid and it was taken up some good real estate and they decided that they were going to knock it down, and so they called in a demolition crew to come in. To tear that thing down there going to put explosives in it Blow the appropriate parts of the building and then do the rest of the demo and how many know you never want to miss a chance to see a good explosion, especially if nobody gets hurt. A guy wants to see it. You know I’m going to get there like it’s one thing for me to be preaching right now. This is okay, Owensboro Church I’m preaching in your listening, but how much cooler would it be if there were explosions in the background whenever I’m talking to you right now would make it so much more fun? You know and off to see the explosions I get up on the 6th floor of the library, and I got a good bird’s-eye view of what they’re going to do. The whole campus is there. They got the demo, concur, SEPTA, ready to go and it’s time for them to push the button and what we we found out later about this building. Is this building it received Awards back in the 60s because of the engineering, the architecture, but it was so strong. It got a national award, so we’re all there watching for this thing to come down, they blow it that they hit the buttons and – and we hear the noise, some stuff comes out of the roof and in several different places, but it doesn’t fall man. That thing was built to last somebody say built to last. They came in, they brought big machinery than to hit on it beat on it till the thing finally went down it was built to last. You know. I’Ve met some people in life that they have had things come their way. Owensboro Church Things come down the pike things come after them. It would knock other people off their feet. Other people would quit and give up cry uncle say what was me quit living. I bet some people have things like that come their way, but instead of getting down, they rise up above it. What destroy one person that other person rises above get stronger, carries on. Why I believe it’s the constitution of what they’re built out of that person is decided they’re, going to take the word of God, they’re going to produce the kind spirit and mentality that’s built to last.

I want your life to be built to last. I want this church to be built to last after we’re dead and gone, pushing up daisies somewhere. I want River City Church to be a strong Gospel Light in the center of Owensboro Kentucky that we are built to last come on somebody. Let’S give the Lord my hand, clap because God’s build this church and the Gates of Hell will not Prevail against it see. So what does a church need to be built out of if it’s really going to last, if it’s really going to work, if it’s really going to be everything, it’s called to be well, here’s the things have been talking about the last couple of weeks. The first thing that needs to be built out up is it needs to be built out of a real heart for Souls. We are sold one in church. We want people who are far from God to come into find Christ name. One of the reasons that so important to me is cuz. I remember what it was like to be lost anybody out. There remember what it was like to be lost man. I was a Freebase methamp, addict and alcoholic not know where I was going or what I was doing in life was like a spiral just headed downhill. It man, God, came to me and his grace through church, there’s people and save my soul, and I want this to be a place where the center can find Salvation. We want this to be a soul. Wedding play second think we’re going to build this house on his we’re going to build this house on the word of the Living God. The only thing that we have that has absolute truth in it. The only thing that we can take to the bank and believe wholeheartedly all 66 books of it is right here Genesis through revelation. We build this house on the word of God. Owensboro Church Third thing I preached about the we want to build this house on, as we want to build this house on the power of God. We believe that our God is a powerful God. We believe that he still moving in the earth. We believe that he still acts on our behalf and we believe that he still does miracles signs and wonders for thing. We’Re going to build this house on his we’re going to build this house on the joy of the Lord. We think Christians all to have a good time.
Just look at your neighbor and list say: I’m happy just tell him that today, Owensboro Church I’m have your other neighbor and say I’m happy during it. Some of you wouldn’t look at anybody or say anything, no matter what I said to say to yourself, I’m happy today in Jesus name, here’s what I want to pick up today. Here’S another thing that we we have is a core value of our church and how we want to build. We want to build always looking into the future respect the new or are are home for the new, but also respect the old I’ll. Show you what I’m talking about Matthew 13, verse 52. If you’re there today go ahead and say haha, here’s what it says then he said to them there, for every scribe instructed concerning the Kingdom of Heaven is like a householder, brings out of his treasury things new and old. Let me read it again. Then he said that they have there for every scribe, instructed concerning the Kingdom of Heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasury things new and old. This is talking these talking about a scribe. What was the scribe? A scribe was a teacher of the Law Won, would instruct him religious Doctrine among the Jewish people and he says every scribe. You understand the kingdom of God really is instructed in the kingdom of God really understands the things of God he’s like a guy. That’S got storage at his house and it goes back into a storage bins and he doesn’t just bring out new stuff and he doesn’t just bring out old stuff. Owensboro Church He brings out both new and old. I believe we, the church, all to continually be looking for the new. We need to be looking at culture. We need to know where culture is. We need to understand where we’re ministering, whatever we send missionaries to a foreign land, what are the first things we do as we begin to instruct them on the culture of that lamp? Why? Because if they don’t understand the culture that they’re going to when they get there, they can easily offend, they can easily be ostracized. They won’t be effective in the culture if it makes sense that we’re going to train missionaries to go to a foreign lamp to be effective in the culture. We all too also have an eye on the culture of America know where we are and understand what we should do as a church.
That’S bringing out some things new, the Apostle Paul said bisque. He said we have to become all things to all men that we might win some. How many mil recognize that America has changed in the last 10 years? How many recognized changed in the last 5 years? How many recognized in America’s change in the last year see the rate of change, comes faster and faster and faster? That’S why the church has to learn, to adopt and understand where we’re at and know what we need to do. We have to minister in fresh new ways. No I’m not saying that we ever discard the truth of the word of God or we ever change or message or messages timeless. Owensboro Church It is some things old, everybody say some things old man, it’s it.
It never changes in its fresh, it’s new, but it’s existed forever. The word of God does not change, God does not change. Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. The Bible never changes in this. Is it and we’re going to hold on to this word, but we’re going to Ministry in a fresh new way, the Church of the of the 60s 70s 80s and 90s? At times we became isolated from the world that’s outside and we began to build little Sanctuary. A little dimples to church God, God movements in churches of the past, but we forgot about the future and we did it so much. Then, today, in America, the stats look like this of the people who are in a in a bible-believing gospel centered church on Sunday morning. It’S down in the low teens in America that attend needs us to rise up as the church to be as wise. As is a car to understand the times and to know what Israel should do, we want to reach the generation which right here, right now with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, Owensboro Church and we want to do it through every medium possible. If you want to reach people, get the Lord of big hand, clap in the house today, we can do that so many different ways and you think about what is changed. The world literally, what’s changed the culture to go the wrong way in America and a whole lot of it has to do with media. What’S come right into our houses, the doorways that are open the world news that are open! Think about the things you watch on television on a consistent basis today that you wouldn’t have dared to allow into your house 15 years ago. Think about, but the topics to come right through Primetime television that that your parents would flip their lid. If it came on in the TV, what what did that will the media did, that TV is done, that internet’s down that satellites done that and if the world’s going to use those kind of mediums to come affect our young people are used to change where the Rap we out to fight back with the exact same medium, and we have to do everything we can to minister in a fresh new way. Whatever works we need to do. It said there was an article that was in Owensboro paper just stop, while just as last week, I was going to cup of coffee looked down and saw it and it said falling away at the top of it, and it was talking about about young people that Have left the church and you know the story goes on again and again again.
Kid goes to school and questions Mama and Daddy’s faith, and I remember when I first went to college first semester. Owensboro Church I can’t admit that I went to class A whole lot, but I made a few at Colorado State University in 96 and some of the first things the professor’s tried to do in the whole first semester. I was there is the trying to destroy the idea that God was real. What happened almost every other class, and I don’t know if that was a big thing that year, but what was up, and so kids wrestle with that stuff lots of times if that area. In life and anyway, there was one thing that stuck out in that article about this Falling Away of young people from the church. Somebody wrote and said this. They said it’s hard to reach an iPod generation with an 8-track player. Would y’all agree with that. Your kids over the house, grandkids over the house, hey kids, are I’m getting out. My 8-track and I’ve got an album of the Bee Gees here and we’re going to get down tonight. It’S going. It’S going to be fun, of course, they’re not going to like that. Very much it’s matter fact I’ll preach this an earlier service, and there was somebody here that was like 18 or 17 and they didn’t know what an 8-track player was just to. Let you know see we have to update our Armada. We have to always be willing to do some things new, but people are often resistant to change. You ever met. Anybody who didn’t like change. Stat show that 70 % of people are resistant to change by their personality type. They don’t like change, I think, back to when we were in the old, downtown building River City Church. We were at 2nd and Allen down there and it was fun days. Man gobble start the church. Things were happening. It was a really fun season, but that building was a dump. Owensboro Church It just was I’ll, never forget. I was down there preaching one more than I thought it was preaching good. I thought it was connected. You know I’m preaching, I feel like the spirit of God’s flowing and all the sudden I hear something hit the floor real hard. I thought I was preaching so hard and good people are falling out out there about. What really happened is the ceiling fell from the ceiling into the pews and three or four bricks. Hooked together with mortar, fell out of the ceiling landed on a chair at where my dad normally set would have knocked him out. I’M sure he was out of town that day and the ceiling is falling down all also that building we be practicing Keys. The music worship team B, praak turn it a certain key bats would come down from the attic and squirrel around.

In the sanctuary I mean all sorts of things happen down. There also remember we kept. What are mint budget is getting ready to go down around here. The men should give after I tell the story – you’re – probably not going to want them ever again, but in the downtown building. Somebody came in to get the men’s on a Sunday morning and they found one of those giant corn-fed Owensboro grain rats in or mints eating. Dement at the freshest breath in town there at did and um real, really have fresh breath, and I promise you with those minutes away and got some more. But but all that stuff was happening and finally got open up some doors for us to get out of that building and we got out gobbles blessing what we were doing, how many think it’s a good thing for churches to outgrow buildings come on give the Lord A hand clap I think we are always have to open more services, buy more buildings, open, more campuses, plant, more churches. Owensboro Church that should never end, and it was time for us to phone and we moved and people came to me and said: pastor. It’S just not like it was back when we were at the old building. Now I’m like yeah we’re not losing kids out of holes in the kids ministry and we’re not sucking in black mold if you’re more than forget about the past and go forward, be like a wise householder that brings out some things: new you’re, 40 years old. Wearing your Letterman’s jacket, we got issues it’s time to change, so we won’t some things new, but also we got to respect the things that are all got to pull up it up here, used to preach off this Pulpit downtown, got it out of 100 year old Baptist Church in Diamond Kentucky was raised in the Southern Baptist Church in Providence Kentucky, and it’s got handprints up here where men of God of went before me tell Ron to this thing in preach. I love this Pulpit so much. I keep it in my office just to remind me of all of the sacrifice, all of the giving all of the sweat all of the prayer that the former generation did put it down as a Living Sacrifice to bring us to where we are.
We respect all of those Traditions that have brought gospel to America, Owensboro Church we’re thankful for them and in their honor we’re going to do everything we can do to take gospel forward in the future. Generations of America come on we’re going to bring out some things new and some things hold, Give the Lord a hand clap this morning. He’Ll. Do it next thing I want to say about about who we are as a church in closed. I got to close out this series cuz we’re moving on next week we got a Giant baptism day, we’re going to baptize a ton of people. It’S in here, you’re not signed up. Yet if you made a decision for Christ recently get signed up, I don’t know. I think we’re baptizing 30-40 people, something like that on the list. Hadn’T seen it all yet, but if you haven’t been you need to be water baptized. Your name just tell him this. We all need to be water. Baptized we haven’t been tell him that, and so next week it’s going to be powerful, but but here’s, the last thing I want to say, won the core values that we have around here, and that is that this is a place of Samuels call to play some Samuels call, you just saw a bunch kids dedicated up here remember years ago. I was praying for the church. Spirit of God spoke to me and he said River City Church will be a place of Samuels call. What is Samuels call Samuels call what was in the Old Testament. Lady brought a child as an offering to the Lord left him at the temple. Owensboro Church Now, if you want to leave it offering River City Church will take, cash will take check, will take credit cards. We will not take children, you leave a kid her. I will send it back to you, okay, but I promise you that, but but they brought this kid left it at the temple that kid was raised up around the things of God. His name was Samuel, and finally, the Bible says one night: when Samuel was getting up just a little bit older child, though still a boy that God came and stood by the bed of Samuel. Owensboro Church It’S pretty amazing that God himself will come down from the heavens, stand by the bed of a little boy. He whispered his name to Samuel Lee said Samuel. Samuel Santo got up, ran to the guy that oversaw the temple by the name of Eli said. Did you call me son, didn’t call you go back, it goes back, lays down, God comes and stands Again by Samuel and he whispers. He says. Samuel, Samuel, Samuel gets up, runs back to Eli’s and Eli. You called me said no, but that goes on till finally, Eli says son. I know who’s called you, it’s the Lord. That’S called you next time. He says your name. You say this to an you say: Speak Lord! For your servant hears! God came right back by that kid, and he said these words. He said Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, stood up and said, Speak Lord, your servant, hears God spoke, prophetically to Samuel Samuel became the prototype for Old Testament. Prophetic Ministry became a man of God in a dark situation.

I believe what God wants to do in our church is: he wants to take our kids, our sons and our daughters, porous Spirit out upon them. Make them different in a dark place. They will become as a life and they’ll be a dispenser of Grace because they hear the word of the Lord and they follow fully after praying. That they’ll, be like Samuel. Samuel in the Bible says no matter what he said, that none of his words fell to the ground with it all became, fulfilled I’ll, believe it. Our kids would be a group of children that are so annoying and so full of the word of God that what they say lines up with God’s heart so much that it all comes to past. I believe it they’re going to be salt they’re, going to be like they’re, going to have a voice in the gates of their city, Owensboro Church they’re, going to have influenced they’re, going to have a real heart or real care of real compassion, God’s going to use them to Do Supernatural things my declaration is that our kids are World Changers, full of the spirit of God, full the wisdom of God and pull the power of God now believe, even though they may be living in a current, that’s washing them the way of the world I’ll Believe they’ll be firm enough because it’s a place of Samuels call what they’ve heard in the back of the word. That’S getting in their heart. It’S going to be like a homing device to keep them headed. The way God wants them to head float Downstream. They’Ll keep going up higher and higher and they’ll follow in the direction that they’re called to follow. You know the kids are raised in the church they’re different. Owensboro Church Do you know that so powerful that you raise your kids in the house of God cuz, the kids that are raised in the church there different, I’m, not saying they’re, all perfect, I’m not saying they’re, not some of them don’t make mistakes. I’M not saying any of that, but listen, there’s a God Consciousness about a kid that was brought up around the things of God. Am I everybody else can ignore it. There’S this still Small Voice on the inside of that kid that says man. We may be doing this right now, but this is wrong. You know what I mean I remember being tormented by that back when I was a party ride, be up in middle of night. Everybody having fun I’ll be like you know what we’re all going to hell. You know it you’re going to hell man. I know you were off road going to other guys.
I didn’t think about it, but I was tortured for years. I was tortured. Why? God Consciousness was raised in the house of God. Come on. Our kids are going to miss all that. That’S my prayer, Owensboro Church they’re, going to hear God’s voice and they’re going to follow and they’re going to have a strong understanding of who they are and who they’re? God is, would you stand up on your feet with me today? I want to pray over you. I want to pray for our kids. I want to pray that we would always be doing some things new, but we would hold on to the old truce. The things that brought us to this place come on. Let’S pray, Owensboro Church Church Father in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I thank you for the people under the sound of my voice, Lord right now we just think about the generations, those who are yet to come. We think about the Lost in the city. We think about kids, who need a firm foundation right now and Lord. We just call out the names of the ones that are in our family, the ones that are our friends right now we lamb before your throne, where we lay them at the altar. We believe that you, minister, to them you reach out to them. You help them. Father, let our kids have a Bedrock, let their lives be built upon the teachings of Jesus Christ. Let them be built upon the rock their house, not thinking that, no matter what comes their way, Owensboro Church blower, that they won’t be shaken. They won’t stop, but they’ll push towards your glory right now. We thank you for our sons and daughters. We declare that this is a House of Samuels call. We declare you make us wise as serpents and harmless as doves in Jesus mighty name in the church said: amen, amen, amen,