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I am excited about tonight. I don’t know about you, but it’s getting cold again and we might get one more good snow. I know y’all are excited, you all want more snow, so we’re going to get that and hopefully we’ll have some good sunshiny weather before along. I’M looking forward to Spring this year, but you know what we’re in the house of God tonight and it’s a good place to be, and you shut up here on a Wednesday night and you are ready and prepared. Owensboro Church I’M sure you are chomping at the bit to hear the word of God. Tonight got your Bibles and your notebookI love it Max is ready at the back. I see if he’s got his Shake It Up by blatnik. I am I’m excited to get to preach to you tonight. I was in Nashville yesterday we were at the national-religious. I think it’s called National Religious broadcasters convention in RB and we were learning some stuff and and just meeting guys that can help us go further. Aren’T you glad that your church doesn’t just stay the same forever, but we move on and we go. We learn to do something that we don’t know to do. You should be happy about that. That’S good because you know what people that stay the same, they die and so churches that stay the same day as well and they die off little by little I had a cut. I had a ant to married a man and he was a deacon at this. Really really traditional denominational church and they were saved and they were going to heaven. You know, I think that he was going to heaven and he was kind mean, but I think that he still knew Jesus. And so he married my aunt and he would always talk to us and things and he would ask Brian about what you know about church or whatever him he didn’t think you’re really fit to Pastor. Owensboro Church Some of you may feel like that as well, but you’re still here so he was older, and so he didn’t think we don’t look great. You know he was telling us all the stuff that we should do and everything and he said well. He said it. Our church here we had, then I think they had about 30 people left in that church, and he said here at our church we had a meeting the other day because we really needed to meet and discuss what we were going to do. We have decided that if we do not begin to change – and we do not progressed – that this church is going to die when we die, because there are no young people here and no one to carry that on and my mind was blown. I have never heard him say anything this holy in theTire time that I had known him. I was so excited my heart just left on the inside. I thought it’s the way. He is learning that the Bible says. Let one generation declare to the next. The wonderful works of the Lord, and so I was so excited he said to the deacons met we got together. Owensboro Church We had a discussion and we decided let it die with us. We’Re not changing a thing. What was the different, you know? Is it a smaller town and I thought those young people what would have happened if somebody would have just decided we will change no matter what it takes will change everything, but the message: if that’s what it takes, because we are not going to die, we’re going To let the Gospel of Jesus Christ go to the next-generation, so in that good, so you’re at this convention yesterday and I ran into this Precious Precious man of God – who’s been in the ministry for probably all gosh – I don’t know maybe forty years and he pastors Of a church in Texas, if he was there – and he was just talking to Brian – I always feel honored whenever men and women of God will stop and teach us what they know so that we can get better. Owensboro Church So I was listening ears and he was teaching us just talking to us because that’s what pastors do if you ever hang around pastures, they just stopped yet, and they tell you what you need to know right then, and there because we’re all talk or so he He started telling us and Brian are being quiet listening to him and he began to talk about a subject that I never heard anyone say it just like this, and it started touching my heart right there in the middle of the lobby of the hotel. I just began to tear up and become emotional, because it’s so a part of my desire, my heart, to be what he was talking about, and so I want to share with you tonight out of my heart. I want you to open up your heart tonight. You, let’s just read a passage out of the word of God and then I’ll get right into that story. I want us to go to Luke 7 tonight. If you have your Bibles or your iPhone and it’s Luke 7 and verse 36 – and it says this and one of the Pharisees desired him that he would meet with him. Do you know what a Pharisee is he’s a holy man, but they think they’re holy, but they don’t know they’re live Hilaire. Pharisee is somebody who thinks they’ve got it all together, but they really are all broken up, Owensboro Church because they don’t know that they have to rely on Jesus and so says that one of the Pharisees desired him that he would eat with him. And he went into the Pharisees house and he sat down to meet and behold a woman in the city which was a sinner everybody say a sinner when she knew that Jesus sat at meat in the Pharisees house. She brought an alabaster box of ointment and she stood At His Feet behind him. Weeping and she began to wash Jesus feet with tears and did wipe them with the hairs of her head and she kissed his feet and anointed them with the with the ointment. Now, in the Pharisee, which had bitten, him saw he’s fake within himself saying this man, if he were a profit, would have known who and what manner of woman this is. Owensboro Church That touched him, for she is a sinner leave it to the religious people. To point out the one that doesn’t have it all together, so he’s judging her in his heart and then Jesus says this to him Simon. I have somewhat to say to you, and he said Master say on.

There was a I’m sure he thought Jesus was about to let her know going on. I’M sure that he thought Jesus had something to say against this woman. I’M sure that it never crossed his mind that he was about to be talked to, and yet he was just ready. He was listening. He’S like come on. Jesus say what you need to say because he’s already said: if he knew, if he’s truly a prophet, he know that that woman is a sinner. He know that I’m holy and it she’s a sitter. He know that she doesn’t have it all together and who is touching him if he was truly the man of God, the prophet of God, that he says that he is. He would know what kind of woman is touching him and when they had nothing. I’M sorry there was a goodness. I think I just went down a little bit there. Owensboro Church It is, would have known what manner of woman touched him and Jesus answered and said to him Simon. I have something to say to you, and he said Master say on. There was a certain creditor which had two debtors and one old 500 and the other 50, and when he had nothing to pay, he frankly for gave them both. Tell me which of them will love him the most Simon answered and said. I suppose that he to whom he forgave most and he said, unto him now has rightly judged and he turned to the woman. Instead of the Simon see this woman, I entered going to your house, and you gave me no water for my feet, but she is washed my feet with tears and wipe them with the hairs of her head. You gave me no kiss, but this woman, since the time I came in, has not ceased to kiss my feet. Owensboro Church My head with oil Now does not annoyed, but this woman has anointed my feet with pointment wherefore, I say: unto thee her sins, which are many, are forgiven for she loved much, but to whom a little Is Forgiven. The Same Love is little and he said unto her that I sins are forgiven and they sat at meat with him began to say within themselves. Who is this That Forgives, since they were judging the fact that Jesus forgave her they missed the whole point? And he said to the woman: your faith has saved you going peace. Now I have to be honest with you. This passage of scripture has haunted me for years. I have not really liked this passage of scripture. Very much. You say Jesse, it’s the word of God. That’S right and I’m just being honest with you. Owensboro Church I have not liked it because I had the privilege of being raised in a Christian home and I met Jesus at a very early age, and so I always loved Jesus, because people showed me who he was and I knew deep down on the inside. I never wanted to serve the devil. Does that mean I’ve been perfect? Absolutely not. I have sinned, and you know what I believe deep down in my heart, that I was forgiven as much as someone who was never saved until they were 65 years old and live the life that was filthy. But you know what I have to know that from knowing what God did for me. It’S not because I was you know something that the world would consider. Filthy Jesse knows who Jesse is down deep on the inside without Jesus. Maybe someone in the outside might not know that, but I know that, but every time as I grew up that I read the scripture, I would I would have this battle inside of myself. I say: that’s not true. She doesn’t God more than I love God. I love God, I love him and I wasn’t forgiven all that much. I was only three years old, 4 years old. Owensboro Church How much could you have done by that time and all of my life? I’Ve battled with this on the inside of me, wasn’t until just a few years ago that I realize something and being married to Brian someone who came out of a lifestyle. Obscenity freely lived in after he’d met Christ and he turned his back on him and walked away, and he lived in sin for years and years and then came to know. Christ and I watch the transformation and Brian as he took Jesus into his life. And everything begin to change and I watched how much Brian loves God and at the same time I was kind of a Pharisee, because I don’t think at all that I understood the enormity of which God saved me out of some things. Not only to God. Save me from hell, because I was a sinner in need of a savior. It didn’t matter that I was 3 years old. God save me from a life of pain. Owensboro Church God save me from a lot of things that I didn’t even recognize at the time, and I can remember looking at Brian repenting to God watching him cry out for the smallest thing that he would do if he would speak to me out of anger or not In kindness, I would watch him repent and ask God to forgive him and, in my whole life I’ve never known anyone that was that tender to the conviction of God. I think maybe I just didn’t completely understand what it was that God had saved me from. So, as I watch that happen, I would say to God who does he think he is talking to you like that? Who does he Kitty is approaching you in that man or whenever he was just a jerk? He is, and one night God spoke to me very clearly and he said to me Jesse, who do you think you are? Do you think that? Because you hide in the back and act perfect and you don’t come to me until you got that all figured out and situated that. I don’t know about your sand, because I’ve seen you from the beginning to the end, and I know exactly who you are. And I knew what you would do and I saved you before, and I forgave you anyway and you are just as in need of me as Brian is see it was the Pharisee on the inside of me. That did not understand that. I had to learn something about God, Owensboro Church but I had to learn that I was just a need him. I don’t think that God was saying that she would love him more because she’s been worse, I think he was saying she had loved Morpher God because she understood what he’d saved her from see. Sometimes in our minds we get confused. Could we get confused about the privilege of the presence of the Lord in our life? It’S a privilege, you ever walk into the house of God and just love the presence of God. You can feel God in this place and when you walk into a service and they began to lead worship and you can feel it there’s something that is so enjoyable, Owensboro Church something that is so comfortable, something that is so drawing it’s the anointing everyone say: baby anointing, the Presence of God carries with it a saturation. The oil of God comes on a tangible Ian times, and it is a wonderful thing. I know that God always lived in us and by faith. We walk that out everyday, but how many of you just love to feel God? Sometimes you ever love, I love it. I mean I love the presence of God and over the years I become more more hungry, for you say: Jesse you’re, a pastor. You live at the church, that’s the kids and them kids ministry.

Ask me where my bedroom is. They think that we actually live here and I feel like that. Sometimes I talk to Bridal, I just get in the bed, so we don’t have to drive all the time, but they think we live here, but I mean when you’re in God’s house all the time you have to fight even more to retain the honor for the Presents because you have to realize this isn’t a normal room, yet these floors are Concrete in those chairs. You’Ve sat in them a million times. This is God’s house. Do you know where else God dwells in your house and we have to do something that that preacher talk to me about yesterday. I’Ve never heard anyone say it this way and I’m telling you it just impacted me so one to share it with. You truly believe you talk about all these great men and women of God that if, Through The Years brought great Revival to our country and done amazing things and built amazing places and won millions of people to the Lord. In his talking about all these people – and he says, do you know what they have that’s different? He said they have the ability he was speaking specifically of one man of God. Owensboro Church That’S pretty that people would know if you just mentioned his name. He said I’ve been around them a lot of times and he said the one thing that I know about him, as is that he knows how to host the Holy Spirit, and I want to do that. I want to learn to host God in my life. I want God to know that we’re excited that he showed up. I want my kids to be tender to the presence of the Lord there’s, absolutely nothing in our life that will ever replace the anointing. I mean you can have every single practical thing in this church to draw people. You know we’re big on that new will never give up on that week and we could add as many lights as we wanted, and it will never replace the anointing you going to have as many Productions as you want. It will never replace the anointing. We can give you every scripture reference from every movie, that’s ever been made and it will never replace the anointing Andrew can get up here and play that guitar and he is good at it, but it will never replace the anointing. You see skill and production and all of these things Talent. All of these things are things that have been given to us as resources from God, but they don’t replace the presence of God himself, and so we have to learn to host the Holy Spirit host. The presence of God brought this today because gay and Hardy she brought me this. Her mother made this for me after the brunch this year sweet and she she brought one to my little girl to because she was a hostess at one of the tables. I don’t know if I can get this on and hold my microphone at the same time, y’all bare with me, but I got married whenever I was 19 years old and I say too young to get married just said that, for all your kids benefit, if they’re In here I actually it worked out really well for us, and God was really faithful to do what he said. He would do in our lives, but whenever I got Mary, can somebody help me here? I’M going to need help, look at a multitasker chest. Alright. Thank you Rachel, so I got married whenever I was 19 years old and I didn’t know anything about cooking. No one had ever taught me how to cook, but I decided that I was going to be good at it. And so I started cooking number one, because the Lord told me that if I would feed people in the natural that he would always give Brian and I people to feed in the in the spiritual. So he promised me that if I would be faithful in the small things that he would make us ruler over much and we long to be Pastor. So I said God, if that’s the promise than I’m going to do the small thing. So I began to cook so I would spend like over half of our weekly grocery budget on one meal every week. I would, and I would invite every single person that would come now. It’S not hard to find people to come at a college to come to your house to eat, and so I would make them all this food. We have a friend who gained 100 pounds in 4 years. Yes, he did on my food. Thank you very much. So he he was a big boy by the time you left and he would come over and eat everything that we had ravaged our refrigerator eat. Everything, and I was learning to host. I didn’t know anything about it. Owensboro Church I was 19 years old, but people had given me all these pretty dishes. Whenever I got married now, Owensboro Church when I got them, I thought what am I going to do with these? I don’t even know how to cook anything to put in this dish, but I decided that I was going to learn to host people, and so I put on my proverbial apron if you will and I went to work learning how to host people. Owensboro Church Do you know the first rule of Hosting is that you have to invite people they’ll be no one to host if you don’t invite them, and so I want us to look into the hosting part of coming into the presence of God. I know something if we will invite God into our world, he will come. The Bible says that where he is lifted up, He will draw all men unto himself in so I know something that God shows up in the multi. It says that when people gather was where two or more Gather in his name, he is right in the middle of them. So when We Gather in the name of God, we invite the presence of God to come in in arm it, and you may live by yourself, you can invite God and you may live with your family. You guys can invite God in I teach my kids. I want to hurt you to teach your kids to stop throughout the day I teach my kids this when they’re little it’s age appropriate there. When they’re tiny. I said we worship Jesus with our hands every time that I’ll say Jesus to Chapel. Then she lifts her little hands up cuz. She knows we worship Jesus with our hands. We teach our children to invite the Press got into you. Have time for God’s presence, or are you headed to the next softball game like do you have even a moment for God to show up when you wake up in the morning? Owensboro Church Are you more desirous of that coffee cup RR use your heart longing to come into contact with God, I’m telling you what time we have got to invite gosh. He has to know that there’s a moment that there’s a space that there’s a place that there’s something there that he’s welcome in because God is a gentleman and he doesn’t just borrow Jim most of the time. Owensboro Church He is waiting for you to invite him. So I would send Brian out to the college and all of his class is now site, invite everybody that you know at your class and by the time Nightfall came in the meal was cooked, people would begin to arrive and they knew that. That day was the day that they were going to eat like kings.

You don’t so they would come over and I will begin to serve them, but I didn’t know how to host anybody. I didn’t know what to do. I had to learn. I had to think about it. I would have to literally think before they got there now when they get here. I need to ask them if they would like to drink and when they get here, I need to ask them what they like to eat that get here. I need to have the buffet set up and I need to have the plates here, because the traffic will feel that way and it began to flood out. Obviously, it’s like my whole life. Now I host people, so these are things that God was teaching me. He was teaching me the small things, but it is so like what it is to host God. Because do you ever, Owensboro Church I forgot a lot of times. People just think the gods just going to swoop in and out of their lives when I pray feels the need, but no people that have God in magnificent quantities in their life, they take time to host him fight him. They make a place for him. They prepare for him, they know that he’s coming and they look forward to it they’re expected of when he’s going to show up and when he gets there. They don’t walk to the back and ignore him. They greet him. They embraced him, they kiss the face of God and they began talk to him and one-on-one have Fellowship together. Do you know that you are allowed to have fellowship with the man who made not mad God that made the universe, the stars in the sun and the planets, and you made them all work and mathematical precision and yet and it day-by-day? We walk through our life and we told him thank God and I’m guilty of not inviting God into my everyday life. I am so guilty, sometimes, if not preparing for God, to show up I’m guilty at times of not thinking it through. What would I do with God showed up on this instance, Owensboro Church I’m guilty of not talking to God when I need him to show up and whatever he does show up, not giving him the attention that he needs. You know yesterday is that man begin to talk about hosting the presence of God. I just started crying and it was out of turn and it was not the right social thing to do, and I’m the young preacher’s wife and I’m supposed to be quiet and listen to the older men of God and the older women of God. Tell me what I’m supposed to do, but I just couldn’t help it from down deep on the inside of me. It just welled up. I said I want to be able to do that. Looked at me and it was awkward and they all said me to do. You know why, because they’ve been doing God so church ministry, all of these Christianity, things that we just do and they weren’t even thinking about what he was saying. They were just listening to him talk, but nobody was responding out of a heart of expectancy and something on the inside of me weld up, and I thought care what any of these people think and I don’t care where they eat tonight. I don’t care what they’re doing they’re all talking about things that don’t matter. I want to talk about with that. Guy just said, I don’t want to be what she just said. I want to be a host for the presence of God, and I want to know tonight if you want to put your apron on with me. You know when we pray up Tuesday at noon, we’re hosting the presence of God in this place. When we show up at that kids check in – and we say God we need you here today. I need to host these parents like they’re the last parents I’ll ever host a. We need, your presence, God we can’t check in kids without you guess what we do. We welcome God into the sanctuary. We welcome him into the church when worship starts, we’re not just drinking our coffee and laid-back. We physically respond to the presence of God by standing and lifting our hands and saying God whatever it is that you want from us. You get it from us, because you are the most important thing. I know that we have to live Earth Lee lives, but I refuse to live in this earth without the presence of God being a constant portion in my life. Owensboro Church You know when our house, we have to stop and say, hey, let’s pray about this issue and invite God to change something. What was the last time you invited God to change something in your world? When was the last time that you were doing your bills and you were going through them and they didn’t add up, and there wasn’t enough left at the end and instead of having a huge fight slamming the doors and running out, you actually stopped and said. I don’t know how this is going to work and I don’t know what we’re going to do, but I know something: God cares more than we do. Let’S invite him to come in and change our situation. What was the last time that we decided to host the spirit of God at our family meal? When was the last time that we taught our kids? What God looks like to know one generation to clear into the next? The wonderful works of the Lord looks a lot like sitting around a table and saying to our kid, tell me tell you about what God did in my life was the one time I had a thyroid issue and God healed me. Owensboro Church God is the Healer of the world who sang the spirit in the presence of God, looks a lot like talking about him. Do you know when you talk about God, he begins to show up, seen it over and over and over again I could be in the most random place. I could be standing in the middle of Walmart in the aisle and be talking to someone in the presence of God, fill our little space there in Walmart pray for them and receive a miracle. I’Ve seen God move in the most Dark Places of the earth that I’ve seen him move in church, I’ve seen God come and swoop in whenever I was on bed rest for seven and a half weeks and lonely. We were building this church and I was at home and I was asking God to make sure that my child would live and that I would be who God called me to be.

I was asking God in that moment to move in my life and all alone. In that bed, I felt the presence of God not come once not come twice, but every single day that I welcomed him and he came and he swooped down into that bedroom and he’s with me and he fell as shipped and he loved on me and he Healed me and he Lifted Me And He healed my child in my womb, and I’m telling you today that, if you will long for the presence of God more than your necessary bread, and you will invite him and when it gets there and you’ll treat him like Somebody, God will move into your situation, him move into your family and your world and he’ll do something that you have never experienced before in. That is that you will begin to understand. The cut loves you so much that is tangible presence wants to do well with you not just today, not Justin Hard Day’s, not just in good days, but every single day of your life. I want you to stand on your feet tonight say Jesse. You seem emotional. There is no better reason to get emotional than babies and Jesus I’m just telling it God is so good and so faithful Made In My Darkest Day. Owensboro Church God has been there and in My Brightest Day it’s only because God was there in My Darkest Day that it even happened, and you know we just need to remember that we need God that she is so important to us and without him we wouldn’t even be Here you see it’s not those who have been just forgiven, but that love him much against the to understand that they needed him to be forgiving them and they recognize their need for the presence of God that woman wiped his feet with her hair. Not a rag, should you wait to go to get a rag? She didn’t want to leave him. She cried and washed the feet of Jesus with no one else. Would she got down she didn’t kiss his face. She kissed his feet. She said she didn’t care. What the room thought and she didn’t care, what those Pharisees thought and honestly, I don’t know that she even care what Jesus taught, because it’s a little bit awkward for a woman to be sitting and kissing your feet. The entire time that you’re sitting with people there was something on the inside of her that long for his presence more than she longed for her Pride Shalom for the presence of God and wanted to host him more than she wanted Society to accept her. When you get there. Starts doing amazing things, I want you to lift Your Hands to Heaven tonight, just physically respond to the Sweet presence. That’S in this room today, Father God, we love you. We welcome you not just in our Sanctuary, although you are always welcome here. Father we welcome you in our world, we welcome you in our car. Owensboro Church We welcome you in our kids rooms. We welcome you got in our kitchen, we welcome you in our living room God we welcome you in our bathroom. We welcome you got in our laundry room. We welcome you and every quarter of our house father. We welcome you in our backyard and that garage that man cave we welcome you got. You are never never, never not welcome. In fact, on, we choose today to welcome you would host you, because you are the most important person in our life God. We thank you for the your sweet presents here tonight. You’Re here and you’d say Jesse. I don’t even know Jesus I’m like that, lady. I’M a sinner. I have all these things going on on the inside of me and I haven’t even asked God to forgive me of my sins – I’m not a Christian, but I need to be. I want to know that Jesus that you’re talking about – and I want him to invade my life he’ll crash right and he died on the cross and shed his blood for you. He did it knowing exactly who you were what she would do and he loves you anyway, you’re in the room tonight. I want everyone just about your head and close your eyes say Jesse. I need to become a Christian tonight. I want you to lift your hand on the count of three one. Owensboro Church Two, three, let me pray for you. I see that hand anybody else. I see that hand K Church, let’s pray with him. If you lived at your hand, I just want you to repeat these words, but give it meaning I’m going to give you the word. So it’s easy for you to talk to God for the first time, maybe but you’re going to give it meaning God’s going to hear you forgive you get you set on the right track and man you’re not even going to know what happened to you in a Year, God is going to change your life tonight. I want you to pray with me. Everyone just say it’s a God. We ask you to forgive my sin. I asked you to cleanse me. I believe you died for me. I want to be a Christian, I’m a sinner and I need a savior, Owensboro Church but tonight I ask you to cleanse make you forgive me. I choose to walk after you from this day on in Jesus name, amen.