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Alright, is everybody happy tonight’s, alright y’all give the Lord a hand, clap if your happy tonight in the house of God, I don’t know about you, but I’m happy. Look at your neighbor and say: I’m happy. Owensboro Church you know the Bible says: happy is he whose God is the Lord amen Church? Don’T matter what we feel like we’re happy anyway, because the Bible says we’re happy somebody say I’m happy. Somebody say I have joy joy, unspeakable and full of Glory of God say this. The joy of the Lord is my strength every day his Joy is strengthening me feeling me leading me guiding me. The joy of the Lord is leading me in every area: I’m not in Strife.
I’M not confused. I’Ve got his peace, his power, his grace his strength, his Joy, his table mats in every area of my life in Jesus, mighty name, amen, amen, amen. I believe that, don’t you go to confess the word of God. It is good. You have a bottle on. You tonight, go and open it up to the book of First John we’re going to begin reading and first John chapter 5 and will begin will begin reading. Owensboro Church first John chapter 5 and about verse: let’s look at about verse, 11 first John chapter 5 and about verse 11 and here’s some things that I’ve realized I’ve known it for years. But we’ve got a lot of people in the room who are from different backgrounds and have different understandings of what truth is how many you know that our worldview, how we were raised, what we were taught where we were brought up all of those things back the Way we think you’ll recognize that nobody has a few outside of their background. And so let me ask you a question out there how many of y’all were raised around the Baptist Church, but I was raised in a Baptist Church how many of y’all were raised around the Methodist Church wave at me got some Methodist in here. Owensboro Church how about charismatic or Pentecostal churches in Iggy,
raising those kind of backgrounds how many you were raised in Catholic Catholic churches, lots of Catholics in here as well? Do we have any episcopalians? Do you have any Olympus components got one right there in the backyard give off our loan Episcopalian a hand, clap in the back? What what about this is fun for me? What about Presbyterians? We got any Presbyterians right there. I got a couple of Presbyterians. What about pagans anybody out, like you just don’t have any church background your parents were just like, I don’t know, you’ll, worship, trees or something like that. I got one Pagan right over here and fight, so everybody comes from a different place and what I want to do is I want to be sure you don’t. I believe we can learn from a variety of backgrounds. No, you can find something right. In almost any background, you can also find something wrong. It almost any background, but but there are some things that are Essentials, that I want to make sure our whole church is on board with and understands and walks with, because the essentials of the faith they matter. Somebody say: hey men out there, so I’ve said this about River City Church. I will not sign my name on any affiliation or any deny donation or anyone. Certain movement I was raised in a Baptist Church, but I’m not a Baptist. Owensboro Church I’Ve been influenced by the Baptist. I’M not Baptist I’ve been influenced by the Methodist. I’Ve read a lot of the writings of John Wesley respect him as one of the greatest men of God of the last couple of centuries, but I’m not a Methodist. I’Ve been influenced by the charismatic. I pray in tongues, I believe in Prophecy. I pray for the sick, but I don’t want to sign on and say that I’m only a charismatic at the end of the day, what I am as I’m a bible-believing cross, caring, Spirit-filled Christian and that’s what River City Church is that’s who we are and what We are, and I want to maintain that, but since people come from so many different backgrounds, I want us all to really know what salvation is how we receive salvation and how we’ve been made rights before God look at first John chapter 5 and verse 10. Owensboro Church that’s where we’ll begin reading. First 10: here’s what it says! Yes, he believes in the Son of God has the witness in himself. He does not believe God is made him a liar, because he is not believe the testimony that God has given of his son, and this is the testimony that God has given us eternal life and this life and is in his what church. He, who has the son has life he does not have the Son of God does not have life. Owensboro Church these things I’ve written to you who believe in the name of the son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life and that you might continue to believe in the name of the son of God, John says he wrote these things that we may Know that we have eternal life, do you know that you can know that you have eternal life, it’s not something that has to be up in the air.

It’S not something that you have to guess about. It’S, not something that you have to lose sleep about. The Bible was written so that you can know that you have eternal life. Look at your neighbor and just say this say: do you know ask them that it’s an important question, do you know and what makes us connect with the Son of God? Have we connected with him? How do we know that we have that real connection that we have eater? What’S pretty simple to scripture, Owensboro Church says clear-cut? If you have the son Jesus, you have life. If you don’t have the sun, you do not have eternal life. There is no salvation outside of the person of Jesus Christ in a real Faith connection with him. The spirit of the age says that anyway will bring you into right relationship with God. The spirit of the age says things like this. It says you know well that may be true for you, but that’s not Truth for me, but if there is such a thing as truth,
there is also such a thing as error or falsehood amen. If there’s such a thing as truth, there must also be such a thing as error or false it, and I want our church to understand what truth is and what error is, especially when we’re coming down to Eternal consequences. He has. The son has life, who has not the sun does not have life, life is in the sun. Everybody say life is in the sun. Let me ask you a question: how many people out there, I believe, Don Jesus Christ as your savior wave at me. For one moment alright, so you can say this say I am born again. Alright first jar. Excuse me John chapter 3. At about verse. I think it’s somewhere around verse, 3 go to take and read all of John John chapter 3. Owensboro Church In that passage, Jesus is talking to a guy by the name of Nicodemus. Nicodemus was one of the high up religious leaders of his day and Nicodemus wanted to receive an audience with the miracle-working rabbi by the name of Jesus. But he didn’t want to be associated with g, because Jesus was like a fringe guy to the religious crowd of his day. They worried about him. They sought to kill him. He was still in their crowd. He was more popular than their religious institution was, and so what Nicodemus did is Nicodemus snuck over to see Jesus at night. He knocks on the door that they bring Nicodemus any comes by night because he didn’t want to be seen there hanging out with Jesus in Jesus Stripes up this conversation with Nicodemus, and he says this. He says I’m here to tell you unless a man is born again, Owensboro Church unless a man is born again, he will not see or inherit the Kingdom of Heaven he will not see or inherit the Kingdom of Heaven Nicodemus startled. He looks at Jesus and says what what do you mean about this Jesus? What what is this mean? How can a person who’s already been born once crawled back into their mother’s womb and be born a second time? I don’t know what you’re talking about, and Jesus says it in essentially in these were I’m not talking about a physical birth.
I’M talking about a spiritual birth see, we’ve all been born once through the womb of a woman. Every person in this room has been born once through the womb of a woman, but if a person is to see the kingdom of heaven or an inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, they must be born a second time. They must be born again, not born through Flash. Not simply born into this world born in the spirit they need a brand new beginning in their heart. That term born again, it could also be said, like this in music there’s something called taking it from the top everybody say: take it from the top. So it’s like evil bands playing together and I’m not musical. That’S not my gift. Whenever I get to Prince sing Dave turns my microphone off. Owensboro Church He mutes it and stuff like that, but what it means you can get a band plan and they’re not together and before long they just have an absolute Train wreck on the stage wherever they are in a practice everybody’s playing at the wrong time. You’Re hitting the wrong cord and somebody can stop a band director of Chief musician, whoever it is, can stop and say: stop, stop, stop! That’S enough! We’Re going to go back and we’re going to take it from the top we’re going to start all over. So many people need to start all over before God. Every person on the face of the earth needs a do-over needs to start over in the game of golf there’s something called a mulligan, and if you know what I Mulligan is you get up on the First Tee everybody tees off, they hit their drive and lots Of times it’s the first hole and they’re cold, and so people push it out of bounds, Owensboro Church write some of them hook it real hard left, they hit a bad shot and they can take this thing. This grace in the game of golf called a mulligan,Owensboro Church  and that means I get to hit a second ball off the tee and I get to start over fresh and new. How many you golfers out there thankful for a mulligan handclap for a mulligan man. That’S a thing of beauty: you’re, not a don’t understand how great it is, but it’s a great thing: it’s a brand new beginning or brand new start. You don’t with God. You can have a second start and a third start and a force start benefits, start an attempt. Start the heart of gods revealed in things like this. I got came to Jesus and said how many times should we forgive our brother 7 times? He said No 7 times 70, which Jews would understand as many times as it takes. We can take it from the top. We can start all over again.

You can have a fresh start. Adam was the first man that was born born really on the earth. He wasn’t really born, he was created now them was given a a list of of things he couldn’t couldn’t do it was a short list had to do. Was some trees in the garden that he couldn’t eat up? He had all of these things that he can have all of these things that he could connect with and eat and nourishment, but there were some trees in the Centre of the garden that he was not to eat up and goes and takes of the fruit breaks. Owensboro Church the law of God eats of the Apple, takes the Apple over to Adam Tim’s Adam with the fruit. Adam takes the fruit in the eats of it. Net moments in Anderson to the entire world in the scripture say that every person in here is a child of Adam Adam being our great-great-grandfather. He sinned against God, and now we are his Cedars children and we inherited Adam’s sin nature. It’S human to do the wrong thing or I should say it’s Fallen to do the wrong thing.
We got kids Jesse and I do little kids right now. We got a bunch of little kids in her house, they’re everywhere right now, and I learn something with little. Kids, like A2 year old, when they get how many no kid knows that they’re rebelling against you really young in life, never seen a kid, do something like it’s 6 or 9 months. Owensboro Church Tell him not to do something and they look up for you with that. Like you can kiss my rear end looking their house and they do it anyway and you’re like you’re such a cute little kid, but you’re also Fallen. Why do they do that? They do that because they’re born and send their born of Adam seed of Adam sinful. In the Bible says this: if you look it in in Romans, it says the in the Book of Romans, it’s actually being repeated from the Psalms. It says that none is righteous. No, not one. None is righteous. No, not one. None is righteous, no, not one, but we all admit that we’ve send out here. Huh raise your hand if you’ve ever send none as righteous everybody say no, not one. What does it mean to send to send? It means to miss the mark literally send means to miss the mark. God has a standard, he has a mark, there’s like a Target.
We’Re shooting at out there in the Bible, says that every person has missed the mark. All of us deserve judgment for our sins. The scriptures are very clear of that. I deserve judgment, you deserve judgement and our God is a just God In Our God could not allow us to go with sinning without Justice being served, but instead of God impudent are cinder. Usk pouring the punishment of our send out on ourselves. He came and he took our sin for us turn over to John chapter 19, John chapter 19th and burst 30 Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Owensboro Church he came born of a virgin born through of the womb of Mary lived, a perfect sinless life. God himself came and did what none of us could do. None of us could live without sent, so he came and took our place Maurice. He came and entered into the Human Experience the scripture say and truly took on the form of a human, fully God and fully man, and then he went to the cross and he was crucified for us. One of the most famous and the last statements of Jesus is John 19 verse 30 at reads like this. It says these words, so when Jesus had received the sour wine, he said it is finished or the Greek could be paid in full and ballon his head. He gave up his Spirit. Owensboro Church He said it is finished or paid in full everybody say paid in full.
Alright, this is an accounting term that they used to use during the days of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and if you owed someone a debt in the market, maybe someone to giving you credit in the market – and it was time for you to come and pay your Bill you would walk publicly into the market where there would be vendors that would be people shopping. There would be crowd around. You would come and bring your money for what was old and when you handed the money to the person you owe the money to you would say out loud paid in full and that person that have received your payment would say out loud in front of many Witnesses paid in full and it was record in the air in the end of market, there were witnesses around that your debt had been canceled, Owensboro Church whatever Jesus hung on the cross. He our sin is poured out on him in that moment. After he’s about ready to give up a spirit, one of the last words he says is he says paid in full and what he’s saying is that the dead or the sin or the transgression in the iniquity of every one of us was paid for in that Hour, it was finished, it was done. Our sins would be remembered. No more. We have been rendered righteous, we were justified in the courtroom about the heavens and we were totally changed and made righteous paid in full somebody say paid in full huh.

Aren’T you glad that Jesus Paid fully for our sins now we’re forgiven now we’re right with God? Now we have been Justified, somebody give the Lord one more hand, clap that is good news. He did it for us now. None of us can earn righteousness. None of us can earn or justification. None of us can earn the Forgiveness or the grace of God. You cannot be forgiven by receiving communion. You cannot be forgiven by being water baptized. You cannot be forgiven by giving money to a church. You cannot be forgiven by any righteous Act of yourself. It’S impossible. There was no way for man to pay their own debt. I could never get even for the things I’ve done.
It’S impossible. Look at this scripture turn over to Titus Chapter 3, Titus Chapter 3. I just want to teach tonight. I want to make sure everybody here gets this so important, Titus, Chapter 3 and verse 5 Titus, Chapter 3, Verse, 5. Here’S what it says says this about our righteousness. Are you there yet Titus Chapter 3 and verse 5? When you get there say tonight, alright, Owensboro Church Titus 3, verse, 5. Here’S how it reads it says not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his Mercy, he saved us through the washing of regeneration, renewing of the Holy Spirit, not by works of righteousness. Not by us being good little religious boys and girls, do we get to go to heaven, not by Piano Tiles, not by showing up to church, not not by doing good deeds, not by you know, buying Girl Scout cookies when they knock on the door, not by Acts of righteousness, Owensboro Church you cannot be good enough to earn salvation. You know what’s prophesied in the Old Testament, that all of our righteous acts whenever man is trying to justify himself before God and we’re trying to get even with pause. All of our righteous acts in the eyes of God are as filthy rags. So it says as filthy rags and if you study that in the Old Testament filthy rags doesn’t just mean a dirty rag, it means something that would be sold like in the feminine hygiene section, literally of a store all of our righteousness before God you’re.
The Bible. Can be graphic at times say: Pastor, that’s that’s harsh know, that’s biblical, so I’m preaching it all of our righteousness is like filthy rags before him. Owensboro Church so we haven’t been made righteous by our own works, but by his Mercy. Our God is merciful. He’S forgiving he’s loving, he’s kind, he’s gracious, he doesn’t want to pour wrath on you. He wants to pour mercy and Grace and forgiveness, and a new beginning on you in that good news tonight. Church, let’s gospel, come on give the Lord a handclap he’s saved us by his Mercy turn over to 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17 to pray to receive Christ. You literally been changed from the inside out 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 and verse 17, 2nd Corinthians chapter 5. Verse 17 says this. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. Man, your brand-spanking-new, if you’re in Jesus anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. You are fundamentally different than you were before you met Jesus, I’m not the same guy. I was before I got saved, thank God, I’m absolutely different than I was way back when Jesse knew me before I got born again. She was around me before I got born again. She saw me at ranked out confused 20 year old guy. Am I different? Now? Jessie, since I met Jesus 100 % different since I met Jesus and listen, what were old, Owensboro Church things have passed away. All things have become new. Somebody say: I’m new you at your new because of what he’s done for you on the cross. He took the old on the cross and he poured out his new in your heart.
You are a new creation, born again as a new creature different from the inside and that new creation reality of who you are it ought to affect every area of our life. We’Re different when we’re born again, I’m not saying we’re perfect overnight, we’re right with God. There’S some things: we’ve got to learn again: we’ve got to renew our mind and change the way we think, but we’re absolutely a new creation, because Christ has come into our life and he’s change. Dusk turn over to Romans. Chapter 5 Romans chapter 5, verse 17 want to show you all of this stuff. That happened to you. What speed for how you get born again and what it really means. Owensboro Church Romans, chapter 5, verse. 17, Romans, 5:17. Here’S how treats for If, by the one man’s offense death rained through the one everybody say Adam: that’s Adams, offense release death into the Earth. You know before Adam Sam. Nobody ever died on the face of the Earth before Adam, send no one was ever sick on the face of the Earth before Adam send.

There was never a natural disaster on the face of the Earth before Adam. Send there never was a murder on the face of the Earth lot of the things that happen. We live in a fallen world because there’s an extension, it’s the extension of sin working on the earth and here’s what it says it says for by the one-man offense death rained through the one much more. Owensboro ChurchThose who receive abundance of Grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the one Jesus Christ Bible talks about how the first Adam brought death do the world, but there’s a second Adam. Christ is called a second Adam in the Bible who is brought life he’s brought the gift of righteousness and he’s put you in a place where you can reign in life. What does it mean to reign in life? It means to rule as a king tab, Dominion in life, but life isn’t happening to you now, but now you are happening to life because you’ve been born again and you’ve been given the gift of righteousness, everybody say righteousness. What is righteousness. Righteousness means right, standing with God to be made right with one Rochester sounds like a big theological word, but what it really means is Right standing and you have been made right with God through Jesus Christ, of Nazareth. Romans. 5:1, since you have peace with God through Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Owensboro Church you’ve been given peace and you’ve been made right. Now you are righteous, so stop seeing yourself as somebody who is just a warm somebody, who’s worthless somebody who’s, never going to make anything cuz.
The scripture say now that you literally are the righteousness of God in Christ, Jesus and the Christ. Emily gave you the gift of righteousness. You are now righteous. How have you yourself? Do you see yourself as righteous or in right standing before God, you get this everything begins to change in your life. You, your perspective, changes on who you are on your value of who you are before God. Do you know your of Great Value to God you’re such great value to God that he was willing to trade, his son for you that you might be made righteous, that’s ginormous! Even in your sin, even when, on your worst day, your of such great value to God, the God said, I’m going to trade, my son for you an adulterer for you and at it for you a thief for you, a liar for you, one filled with lust Or greed you are of such great value, even on your worst day. God said I’ll trade, my son I’ll, take your sin and I’ll give you my righteousness and he views you as righteous. Now he views you as forgiving. He views you as change. Owensboro Church he sees you in a totally different light. That’S good news! Somebody give the Lord a handclap for that MN, the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. So here’s some things that happened whenever you begin to see yourself as as righteous the Bible says that now there’s no more condemnation in Christ. Jesus says in Romans, chapter 8, verse 1, but now there is no more condemnation.
What is condemnation? Condemnation is feelings of guilt feeling as though you’re condemned feeling as though you’ll never be worth anything feeling as though you’ll never be forgiven or you’re not worthy. Owensboro Church there is now, therefore, no condemnation in Christ. Jesus. You don’t have to see yourself like that. All that’s the past. It’S gone your new, Your Righteous you’re born again you’re a brand new creature, and you can see yourself through that lens and you can move forward. Let the past be the past is at last, condemnation was killed at the cross man. I don’t have to be condemned anymore, so, if you’re carrying shame if you’re carrying guilt, if you’re carrying things from your past, Owensboro Church you can shake that off and leave it behind you now and move lower because it’s already been dealt with at the cross Christ paid for It there’s no need in you having any more shame over it from this point forward. It’S done. Everybody say this say I don’t live in condemnation in Jesus mighty name. Second thing: it does. Whenever you understand that you’re right with God, you don’t have to live in fear anymore cuz. If God be for me who can be against me in the Bible, says that perfect love casts out. Fear Lots, people fear Judgement, they fear the future. They fear.

What’S right. Around the corner, but if I know I’m right with God, I’m no longer have to fear because he’s taking all of that. For me another thing that whenever you begin to see yourself as righteous, you don’t have to be inferior Feeling Anymore. Inferiority and insecurity has to leave your life. You don’t have to be uncomfortable in your skin anymore. Why cuz now you’re a child of God you’re, a joint Heir with Christ. You’Ve been forgiven, Your Righteous. Why would I see myself as inferior to the people in this room? Why would I see myself as that, whenever my God has died and paid for my sins and saw me like that?
You don’t have to be inferior One Moment In the Future. All of those things are settled, listen, here’s. What salvation really looks like? Let me boil it down. Your pastor has a problem sending you today that I might be healed, I’m a consistent speed, her in my car and I can’t slow down and I get tickets. All the time consistently such a stretch, your hands towards me, we just dress, like God, Owensboro Church help him slow down. I think I hear that cars have something called cruise control in them, but I haven’t found it in any of the before you know what I mean. So I get tickets, they pull me over and they give me tickets and they never. Let me go because I’m not good-looking. My wife always gets let off, but I always get ticketed. She don’t get stopped, She says and they give me a slip. Some you have only slips before from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and you know what it says on it says: Violator everybody say Violator, I’m a Violator and because I’m a violator, there’s a fine that must be paid. You know what I mean: cuz, there’s a courtroom. Owensboro Church there’S a judge and there’s a judgment you following and there must be restitution. There must be payment same as true in the court of Heavens, every person in the room we’re all violators, and there is one lawgiver, the Bible says, and there was one judge and he’s absolutely Justin holy and because somebody had to pay for our violations. Jesus came and he died, spilled his blood in our place. He paid our payments took our tickets took a wrap.
If you will did our time so that we could go free, he goes to jail, he goes to the cross and we go free and listen. If you’ve received him, it’s a done deal. It’S forgiven. Just keep looking back. I think about this and it’s time I know I know we come from different backgrounds, I’m talking to them Wednesday night. You know you don’t have to keep getting saved again and again and again and again when I do a Salvation all to keep answering. Let me explain why, Owensboro Church because it’s already been paid for, for you, you’ve really connected to God by faith. Your saved your born-again there and coming to an altar doesn’t save you. Do you know that responding to a preacher and his preaching the gospel, the gospel will save you, but just responding to me and walking down here, raising your handy boat, save it its connection with God that saves you and connecting with God will save you and you’re Forgiven and you have to live on her condemnation and shame anymore. You can know that you’re forgiven, you can go forward to got a brand new life in him. Owensboro Church now, listen as Believers, we all mess up. None of us is perfect in a second we’re forgiven. We’Re not perfect and we’ll all mess up, Owensboro Church but but we don’t have to keep getting saved.
We’Ve already been forgiven. We’Ve already been forgiven. Here’S what the Bible says about when we mess up what we should do as Christians. First John chapter 1, verse, 9 verse. John chapter 1, verse 9 says this. We confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness Rowdy save we’re already forgiven. If we mess up and we send what we do, is we take that send before our God and we say God, Owensboro Church I’m sorry. I confess this send to you. Please forgive me of it and the Bible says he Faithfully. Forgives us come on he’s a forgiving God, that’s for us not against us. He wants to forgive you. I want you to understand. If you’re saved your righteous and you didn’t get righteous Bob walk into an altar, you didn’t get a ride just by receiving communion. You didn’t get righteous by while being baptized. Even everybody needs to be baptized if you’ve, given your life to Christ, we’ve been made righteous by the shed blood of Jesus by the grace of God. That came to us in him in by our response to the message of his death on the cross by faith. That’S the way we’ve been made righteous if you believe that tonight just say Amen. Let me let me Lead You In a confession of your faith right there, where you’re sitting tonight. I just want us to confess out loud. I want you to say some of these things about yourself, Sam, that out loud out of your mouth by your about yourself. Today just say this same father, I think you, but I’m a new creation. I think you that I’m the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

I thank you, but I haven’t been saved by my works of righteousness, but by your mercy. I think you Lords, that I’m a new creation, the old things, are passed away, that all things have become new, but I’m saved I’m forgiven, I’m right with you, because you paid my price, it’s paid in full at calvary’s Cross and today I can rest in your Peace in your grace, there’s no more condemnation. Owensboro Church I don’t have to be ashamed. I don’t have to be guilty. I love to be inferior because you’re in me – and you love me and you died for me. Thank you, Lord. For making me your child in Jesus, mighty name, amen, amen, amen. Somebody give the Lord a handclap tonight good news to be made righteous in the church. Hey coming up this Sunday morning. We’Ve got something great Say: Owensboro Church yes to the Dress, is going to start a new, Illustrated sermon series and you don’t want to miss it, bring somebody with you. Let me encourage you with this.
You know what the greatest form of Outreach any church does, the greatest form of Outreach any church can do a lot of people. We think Outreach is the wrong thing we think given to the poor is Outreach. It’S really not it’s. That’S calling all biblically or or benevolent something like that, but the greatest form of Outreach is witnessing Jesus to somebody and inviting them to church amen, it’s most effective form of bringing people to Christ. You know that 80 % of the people who give their life to Christ in America give their life to Christ, because somebody invited them to church there in the atmosphere of the Gospel never respond, statistically 80 % of conversions in America. Owensboro Church that’S the way we had. That’S the way it happens. One of the strongest forms about reaches you and biting people. Loving people bring them to church they’ll, hear the gospel. They got a connection with you, you’re their follow-up team, because you’re invested in their life and then you’ll watch out to keep bringing them back and they they develop in Christ. This is the greatest form of Outreach Sunday morning that we got going on in Owensboro. Owensboro ChurchI believe that I’m sold on it and then you’re the key to it, amen, you’re, the key you bringing somebody loving somebody, so this Sunday come on. Let’S get our let’s get our recruit our invite on get somebody into the house of the Living God.