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Praise the lord: we have your Bible on your Glen, open it up to the Book of Daniel chapter 10, The Book of Daniel chapter 10, and I want to teach tonight on the topic of the Daniel Fast starting this. This Sunday morning. I’Ve been talking about what it takes to grow it in God and up. One of the primary things we need understand is that our God wants us to grow more than we even want to grow. Somebody say Amen to that is also giving us Grace so that we might grow so their Graces of Supernatural in abele man. Got a supernatural enable been because he wants to help make us better than we already are it’s not something we do in our natural strength. It’S something that God enables us to do so so we want to drop, but so much of growth requires us taking the supernatural enable meant he’s given us and putting it into action. Use this illustration: it’s like going through the front door at the gym. The toughest piece of equipment to use at the gym isn’t the treadmill? Isn’T the squat rack? Isn’T the bench press the toughest piece of equipment is the door and if you can get through the front door of the gym man, 95 % of the battle is won, say master in the spiritual Sense on things that make us grow. We all kind of know what makes us grow. Owensboro Church Spiritually we’ve been around church for a little while we know it’s things like prayer. How many all think prayer will make us better as people amen things like Bible reading, Bible reading makes sense, but so many of us start off we’re going to read through the Bible in a year. You know we get one of those plans and we read the first 12 chapters of Genesis in January and then it’s over. Owensboro Church But but we know we should do, but we we we don’t get through the door, some of the things that help us grow or serving.
But so many people don’t serve others fasting, but so many people never get through that door. I’M going to tell you if you’ll just start getting through the door, your appetite for those things will begin to grow. Themselves hey man, you know what I’m talking about like going to the gym when you first start going to the gym. It is a massive drag. It’S like. Oh man, you’re sore, it’s terrible! It’S it’s hot you’re, you’re, you’re everything on your Hertz for 2 or 3 weeks. It’S just miserable, but then people start doing it and eventually give meet somebody that that end up the end up liking doing it. Can you believe that people like going to the gym it’s amazing, but there are people out there that, like that, like, like there’s, there’s some Runners from our church that posted on Facebook they were running outside the other day when it was like below zero. That’S crazy! I’M in a crazy but they’re running out there why they’re their appetite? They started doing something that was probably miserable and they started, but they kept doing it and kept doing it and kept doing it and their appetite begin to change. And now, when the rest of us are like building fires and burning or Furniture in the house, they’re outside in their skinny spandex stuff running on the side of the street, why their appetite changed? Owensboro Church I believe it or appetite for prayer, Our appetite for the word or appetite for all that kind of stuff come on somebody, it can everybody say, grow, it can grow and even an appetite for fasting that makes any sense didn’t use those words together, appetite and fasting. I believe it they can go to another level in life and one of the great ways to to enter into fasting he is, is the Daniel Fast, and it’s found right here in Daniel chapter 10 and endless just read: we’re going to read some of these we’re Going quite a bit today so so pick up your Bible, I’m in the new King James version. Here’S here’s how it reads: verse: 1, Daniel chapter 10, verse 1 in the third year of Cyrus, King of Persia, a message was revealed to Daniel, whose name was called belt shaza. The message was true, but the appointed time was long and he understood the message and an understanding of the vision in those days. Daniel was morning three full weeks. I ain’t no Pleasant food nor meter. One came into my mouth Nord it on myself at all till three whole weeks worth of field. Now, on the 24th day of the first month, Owensboro Church I was about to side of the Great River that is the Tigris I lived in my eyes and looked and behold a certain men, clothing linen who’s waste was girded with gold of you fast. His body was like Barrel his face like the appearance of lightning his eyes like torches of fire, his arms and feet like burnished, bronze and color, and the sound of his words like the voice of a multitude, and I dangle alone, saw the in for the men Who were with me did not see the vision, but a great Terror fell upon them, so they fled to hit hide themselves. Therefore, I was left alone when I saw this great vision and no strength remained inmate from my finger was turned to Frailty and me and I’ll retain those strength. Yet I heard the sound of his words and why hurt the sound of his words? I was in a deep sleep on my face with my face to the ground. Suddenly a hand touch me which made me tremble on my knees and on the palms of my hands, and he said to me: oh Daniel man, greatly beloved understand the words that I speak to you and stand up right now been sent to you. While he was speaking this word to me, I stood trembling. Then he said to me: do not fear Daniel for from the first day everybody said the first day, but you sent your heart to understand and to humble yourself before your God. Your words were heard, and I have come because of your words, but the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me 21 days and behold. Michael one of the cheap princess, came to help me for I’ve been left alone there with the kings of Persia. Daniel has a vision he has a supernatural. Experience is the way this text starts and he sees things that were not pleasant, sees things that They seized great Wars. He sees the rising and falling of Nations. He sees torment for the people, His People to People, Israel. Also, the kingdom is a part of right now.

Persia and it broke his heart and it broke his heart. So much that the Bible says that he mourned for 21 days see something that they passed and can be a symbol of it’s a symbol of a rim, hard, it’s a symbol of a broken spirit. Owensboro Church It’S a symbol or of a morning for your people and so Daniel said his heart too fast for 21 days reset for 21 days he mourned and he prayed. He had a somewhat understand of the vision, but he didn’t, he didn’t know everything he needed more information. Do you know the fastest something I believe it can connect Dusk to some of the mysteries of God me say it again fastest something that can connect you to some of the mysteries of God. Sometimes, when I know partial truth run the little bit of my Direction, Owensboro Church all I know something I think we need to do is a church body, but I don’t know what all I’m just got a glimpse, sometimes I’ll fast to get myself in a place where I Can really know where God’s taking us, where he’s leading us when I need them more full Revelation. What God’s already shown me that that’s something that are fast can do and here’s what Daniel’s fast consisted of Daniel said that he ate no heat, no Pleasant food and duck some of the old old. Maybe the Old King James says this no Pleasant, bread, everybody say Krispy Kreme Donuts just say that out loud, that’s out on a Daniel’s Fast, the light song Go by it’s not for you. I can think of some other things, Cinnabons, probably off the list. Right now. Twinkies are are probably that they brought those back. I think they went out but they’re making them again. That’S probably Pleasant. Owensboro Church Bread and sweet City 88 no Pleasant bread. So I don’t know the bread hate was was not pleasant whatever. That is some people say it’s. It’S probably a bread without a flower in it or or without any of enrichment, or anything like that. Let me just say it like this: if it’s good look at your neighbor and just say, don’t need it just tell him that all right that make it was good, Owensboro Church don’t need it! That’S where the fast is about this city, ain’t, no Pleasant food.
He ate no meat, he had no meat. He left meat out of his diet for 21 days. That’S what it Daniel Fast looks like no meat, no pork, no chicken, no hamburgers! No hot dogs, no Sticks, no strips, no fillets! No prime rib! You can tell I’m having like a food last issue. My list keeps going on nothing, none of that stuff, don’t know meet the last thing he says. Is he drink? No wine, let no one know a pleasant drinks. I think a Daniel Fast is something you all too. Maybe no pops know you know know when you go to Starbucks, don’t get a breve. That’S like a coffee made with straight fat. I want like cream. I want a cup of cream get, so no bread is nothing like that. Just like water, Owensboro Church something very basic and for 21 days, here’s what he does. He eat praise and he fast and after the end of those 21 days he has an Angelic visitation. Its on the 24th day, it is, is when I believe the text says that the angel shows up, and this Angel shows up, and it’s such a supernatural Revelation man talks about how how glorious this Angel is. What is feet looks like what does eyes look like how this manifestation of God’s presence comes to Daniel and it comes and such a strong Way. Daniel strength leaves his body and he falls straight to his face. He falls out literally, is what happens and you know I’m not. Owensboro Church You know people can fall out under the power of God by the way that happens now I don’t have a cake. Sometimes sometimes people have been trained and conditioned to fall out, and it’s not if you’re been one of those churches where they don’t think I’ve had church and less everybody’s falling on the grounds, and it’s just in lots of those places. I’M telling you they’re conditioned to do that. Sometimes it’s true and listen God’s not me down, and I’m I’m for that, I’m not against that the power of got them all for it, but I go and preach at some Churches were there not conditioned to do that and I lay hands on people are not Conditioned to do that, most of them don’t fall and then I go and preach at the church as where they’re all condition to do that and almost everybody falls and I’m not against it. I’M for it. You know, but it’s not fall on the ground is not the answer. Hello. Jesus Is The Answer come on somebody, Owensboro Church but these things happen and listen. I’Ve ever the power of God come on me before so strong, where he pressed me face down into the floor for hours where it was all most terrifying until finally, it’s like literally play, please God. Let me up leave me alone. I want it done with so those things happen in this happens to Daniel and this Angelic Messengers there in his in his presence and the manifestation so big, the scripture says, nobody else saw the vision. He had her. What was happening but such a terror came. They all ran off. All of the people are with Daniel, they split their like something’s holy here I got to get I got to get out of here and they all go, they all leave and then Danny Daniels Angel shows up, and the first thing is he says he says this. This is encouraging to me from the first moment you prate Angel, says I was despatched from Heaven. Do You Know that heaven moves when we pray church when they say that again, Heaven moves when we pray come on, say this out loud say: heaven moves when I pray it encouraging in that good to know when the moment Daniel started praying he wanted an answer.
Heaven was moving on his behalf, so here’s the problem with where we live right. Now we don’t live in heaven. We live on earth in the Bible says. The heaven of the heavens is the Lord’s, but the Earth is given Unto the Sons of men. The heaven of the heavens is the Lord’s, but the Earth is given to the sons of men, see whenever God created Adam and put him in a garden, and he gave him the garden told Adam listen. This is your garden. I’Ve, given it to you, you take authority over you have dominion over. This is your garden. You rule over this Garden. This is your part of life. This is yours, so God created the earth, eventually the Earth it is his but he’s giving a lease on demand. Time right now on the earth, and so he gave us the Earth and what do we do with the Earth? Somebody say we wrecked it. We wrecked it. The devil came into the garden. What did man do? Devil said? Don’T follow God’s law, you follow. My law are really your own law in the devil, tempted man, Owensboro Church and so then man turn the lease over to the devil in the garden. That’S where war came from. That’S where sickness came from that’s where raped came from that’s where genocide came from that’s where every evil thing on the earth. It came from man handing the lease on the earth over from themselves to the devil. The Bible says this Jesus Jesus. Owensboro Church he even even refer to the to the devil in his temptation, as though the devil had power to give him all the kingdoms of the earth. Disney devil shows up and says I’ll. Give you all the kingdoms of the earth you bow down to me. Jesus didn’t didn’t rebuke him. Jesus is just like I’m not interested. I don’t I don’t. I don’t want that. Why? Because the Bible calls the devil, the prince of the power of the air, and so this Angel says I was coming to bring you an answer, but for 21 days the Prince of Persia.

He fought against me to stop me to keep me from bringing the answer to you. So what is that? That’S like a fallen angel. There were Angels boring in the heavens over Daniel’s Revelation, because one man with Revelation knowledge with God has power to turn this world upside down and to dislodge the forces of Darkness. You out there with God’s revelation, have the power to make a difference in the earth and it scares the heck out of hell. Do you know that so he’ll shows up to try to fight you, so they’re warning in the heavens angels are instruments of war or their Messengers, what they do that they’re there their Warriors and their Messengers. So none of the fat naked baby, budded angel, cherub kind of stuff that doesn’t come from Biblical Revelation it all that’s more from some sort of Greek mysticism. You know about back Cupid wherever Cupid comes from that kind of thing, but our angels are Mighty. I don’t want to get in trouble and goddess in a little bit of you know. Cherub I want I want somebody got the good, you know it’s like it’s like. Is this the bed really? This is all I get. I get you Daniel gets this water Angel night. I want a real angel. If I need some else so fast for 21 days, he gets his Angel and then the angel begins to bring him the rest of the Revelation about. What’S going to happen and Daniel gets privy in this book turns into what we call apocalyptic literature and it prophesize so much of what’s going to happen in the region that Daniels in so much Ben has happened and things that will even happen in the future, because One man sought the Lord listen to fast, can change your situation. Fast, can change your region. A fast can change the future of fast can help the people of God a fast has power. Somebody say Amen to that. Give the Lord of hand claps he’s giving us the tool, prayer and fasting. It’S almost a dead art in the church, who tell you A lot of the things that had power in the church. The church is a whole will begin to lose in that spot. The devil’s design do you know that lot of things to bring power to the church, the church as a whole will lose as the years go by and that’s by the devil’s design people quit talking about the quit, emphasizing it there become silent about it, and then It isn’t happening as much think about these things are a lot of the church for periods of time in history. Have quit talking about the supernatural power of God moving in in arm? It’S got healing people, God speaking supernaturally and that’s a real blessing to take ground for the church, so the devil fights against that listen fasting to something like that.
It’S the big guns! It’S the weapons but but people quit teaching, but I remember coming up in church I went to church, I was dedicated at the church, now went to church every time the doors were open. My mama have it no other way. I went there on Sunday morning. I went there on Wednesday night. I went to what whatever it was. I was a royal Ambassador. I went to youth group, I hated my youth group, but I went I used to snort coke in the parking lot and pray that God wouldn’t kill me when I got in there when I was 16 for doing it. I hated it. I was. I was there all the time, but I never heard one sermon on fasting, not more. Why why somebody fought against that good people leaving the church, but that Revelation had been taken to a certain extent that I never really heard. One Sermon On Healing not really want the Goblet heal you. Why? Because it’s something that brings power to the church by the way this Sunday morning, you don’t want to miss church, because these, the most powerful healing testimony, maybe I can remember one of the most powerful healing testimonies I can remember in the light in the deck decade. Almost decade now we’ve been in Owensboro. It’S going to be told this Sunday morning. You don’t want to miss it yo to bring somebody with you if they need a miracle in their body. Owensboro Church Cuz, this Sunday is going to encourage their faith, bring them out. It’S incredible. I can’t wait for you to hear it, I’m going to believe our God still heals people who got a healing Jesus. She got to fight. You got to preach, get a hold on to these things that bring power to the church, and this is the deal. Fasting brings power, wow Jesus himself, our Messiah fasted didn’t E 40 days in the wilderness and I believe, if he he fasted. He also said to us, not if you fast, but when you fast, we all to be real to be people that fast Daniel got his breakthrough after 21 days. This breakthrough it came in the form of an Angelic messenger. Now I’ve been on a lot of 21-day fast throughout the years and I’ve yet to see an angel. Owensboro Church So I’m wondering where my Angelia, so if you don’t get an angel, don’t get disappointed if you do get an angel, don’t rub in my face cuz I haven’t had one yet here’s some things. I will say that I see when the angel shows up. These are just encouraging points and I’ll talk a little bit more about fasting. Whenever, whenever that angel shows up, he says the Daniel. He says old man greatly beloved /bin/sh.20, doing pretty awesome When Heaven calls you old man greatly beloved in it see Daniel was a guy who would prey on wood fast, he’d allowed on the line, those kind of people I believe it they’re greatly beloved in the heavens, God’S love it it’s like you’ve desired me more than you deserved your necessary. I’Ve got a special place for you in heaven. Second thing: I already said this, but I said this earlier is: it is in heaven sends Messengers the moment. We start praying third thing. Third thing I know is that when you fast, you receive divine revelation now, here’s another fasting truce, just general fasting truth. I want to talk about for the next 9 minutes before we get out of here. Cuz a lot of people are fasting. This last Sunday morning we had tons of commitment. I know we had. The snowmageddon was supposed to be coming on Sunday, so lots of people stayed home, they dug holes, they they were, they were trenching themselves into safe places and it was like 50 degrees outside. So a lot of can get to commit themselves, but they will, but many people committed themselves to fasting, hear some of the benefits. I think you’re going to have first thing I’ll, say about a fast, is the fastest way to intensely seat God, man, when we see God, we finding what the scripture say in a fastest way to intensely seek God that that’s that’s! That’S one of the truth right there so we’re intensely seeking God. Second thing as a fastest way to humble yourself, the scripture often says of leaders. People in judgment is come against or maybe even cities it’ll say they humbled themselves through fasting. Nobody say humbled themselves. Internet.

It’S an admission that I can’t do it all on my own that I need Supernatural help. He you humble yourself when, when you fast other thing I’ll say about fasting as fasting to be a sign of repentance, whenever none of it gets preach to in the story of Jonah, they repented put on sackcloth in a fasted put on sackcloth and ask fast, and Can be a symbol of repentance poor thing, poor thing I’ll say: is it fasting takes prayer to the next level? Just takes prayer to the next level. Now believe when you fast, sometimes when you’re fasting, your strength begins to fail. You you don’t feel like praying, you don’t feel like doing anything you feel like napping is what it comes down to and and sometimes I’ve felt bad in the past cuz. I’M men’s, like I’m too tired to break a been on fast before works. Like I can’t pray, I can’t get to intelligent thoughts together, so don’t know that I’m doing any good, but I’ve heard this said that a fast is a continual prayer. When you’re fasting, your fast becomes a prayer. It really is it’s it’s a lifestyle prayer. So so it’s it’s taken prayer to the next level. I told him Sunday morning about when the boy had the devil and his disciples couldn’t cast them out. Jesus’S disciples couldn’t cast this devil out of this boy, and Jesus shows up cast The Devil out and they say about why couldn’t we cast it out? And he said this kind only comes out with prayer and fasting takes those things to the next level. I believe that some things will never have in life. Some Christians will never overcome some hurdles in life until they pray and fast there’s some things you’re just not going to get through. Owensboro Church I mean you’ll get through them, but you’re not going to have God’s best until you pray and fast some delivering some help in life. I believe fasting is a way to restore self-control to your life. Next truth, everybody say self control fastest way to restore self-control to your life and one of the fruits of the spirit of self-control. You know, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness.
Faithfulness gentleness and self-control been able to control self is a fruit of the spirit and and lots of times. You know we realize we’ve lost control of ourselves might have been the Big Mac attack the ice cream midnight binge the string of expletives at the family reunion that you said you should know that it’s like holy moly, I’ve lost control, not think fasting is a way To restore self-control and. There’s been times in my life, where I’ve gotten a little in my Christian life, where I mean not that I was out doing heroin or anything like that again, but I’ve lost control. He might have lost control your mouth out there. You said something should have said: maybe lost control, your attitude you’ll know what I’m talking about. Let lost control some stuff, and one of the best things I know to do is to tell myself listen. You’Re going to control yourself or I’m going to put you on a fast 3 day fast before you know who done it to you and I’m going to get control back, you’re not going to control me. Jesus controls me and some of these things that some of these things – you can’t kick I’m here to tell you if you, if you’ll fast you’ll, get a different level of control and some of that stuff that used to drag you around then have to drag you Around anymore, prescription pain, pills, don’t have to drag you around anymore, best prophecy. Owensboro Church by the way you don’t have to you, don’t have to drag me around anymore. Come on somebody, Marlboro Reds, don’t have to drag you around. They quit dragging me around in 98. Owensboro Church Copenhagen doesn’t drag me around anymore. I’M going to keep the bottom portion of my face. Amen will keep it, don’t have to drive me around anymore, not down on your mad at you for doing all that. I still man I drink at you. I smoke and I snort coke in my dreams at least every 6 months, I’ll wake up, and I think I think man. What am I going to tell a first thing I say, is what I’m going to tell Jesse cuz. Owensboro Church That’S who I’m really going to be in trouble, and what am I going to tell Jessie then I’m like what am I going to tell the church, then I can round up what am I going to chill Jesus? You know I wake up on my old, thank God that was a dream. Alright, that’s I’m good here, but listen so so somewhere in my subconscious. If I dream that I still want to do it right, but I don’t do it.
Why? Because one of the fruits of the spirit is what self-control everybody wants to do it. It’S just the fruit of the spirit as a self control, and if you need control, man trap, trap fasting truck fast and I believe I believe it can. It can change it. Can change your life next thing I’ll say is that fasting opens up doors for an answer from God opens up doors for an answer from God. It really does. I believe it fasting. I said this fasting helps clear the distractions out of our life as well, where we can hear the answers when they come turn off all the mess for a minute, we’re going to focus on God for a season, and we like to do that for the first Of the year, because I want my stage set for a great first of the year, some of things I do in the first of the year as I’m on a fast I’m going to start thinking about where I’m going. I want my faith goes clear in the first of the year, I’m always at either, but around the first of year, I’m on a Soleus, significant seed cuz. I believe that I reap what I sow and I want to bless my next year, financially always do than the first two gear. Owensboro Church I will give you a chance to do that at the end of January 1st of February, where you can do that. These are things I do to set myself up for a better year than I had last year. I want to better 2014 that we had 2013.

Then you can have your nephew, never better, a better one. Next thing last thing: Owensboro Church I got two more things I’ll say I got two more minutes. Is it? I believe that fasting can release you into the next season of your life. It can release you into the next season of Your Life Bible talks about the apostles in the book of Acts. It says, after several of the guys are being launched in the ministry it’s his after. They had prayed and fasted they set aside. I think it’s Paul and Barnabas for the next part of their Ministry, some of those things Jesus before entered into his ministry, what he do 40-day fast next season of life. I remember Jesse and I were coming out of college and I didn’t know where I was going to go, didn’t know what it was going to do. Didn’T have a job didn’t have anything and it’s it’s it’s time to prepare for the next season. What what what I did is I went on the extended fast to get us ready, so we can get into our ministry with some power.
I’M telling you it. Here’S the other thing I’ll say about fasting is fasting. It sets the stage for miracles. It sets the stage for miracles, it gets you and get you in a place where you have miracles in your life testified of this before, but one time I had constant ear pain for 18 months ear infection after ear infection, ear pain after 21-day, fast god healed Me I hadn’t hardly had any of those issues at all, I’m sure of that near infection somewhere along the way, but not hardly any, not consistent, no pain like that for years now, somebody to give the Lord a hand clap for that. I remember working Jesse and I worked at a church up above Kansas City and we did a week. The whole church did a 21-day fast up there and at the end we were, we were did a night where we were going to pray for the sick, and there was a guy from the community we’re in St Joseph Missouri, pretty small town. You notes Owensboro snot, snot massive, it’s it’s this size. It was 80,000 people, Owensboro Church something like that, and there was a guy have been disabled for ever. Had no ability to walk, couldn’t, walk up steps he can try to get around, but he couldn’t walk well. Couldn’T get up steps couldn’t do anything like that and we corporately been fasting for 21 days and at the end with I, don’t know how many witnesses Rovers we were through 4000 member church at the time. I don’t know how many people in the room that night it would have been 1,500 or something I saw this man get prayed for and after he got prayed for that they grabbed him by the hand and he had been or walk up steps for ever. They started walking up and down the steps and eat he did it a man people doing forever. Owensboro Church the church went wild and I’ve seen a lots of those things happening services. But then, when the when the anointing comes off and people get to reality, they let their faith go and what was on them before comes back on them, but this guy listen to this got his legs totally back on during after that night went back to work And got off the disability and was working and doing well. The last time I checked in st.joe Missouri somebody all the clap their salt with my salt with my eyes. Listen to it, set you up. It set you up for a miracle. I believe I believe the gods going to do some miracles for some of you and him getting set up for a miracle and I believe in a miracle working God I don’t want to. I don’t want to have a brand of Christianity that divorce is itself from the miraculous I want. I want to be. Owensboro Church
A person is focused on a miracle-working God and I just think the fireworks are going to go off in our lives and I believe it’s going to go off in your life. I believe it’s going to be good I’ll, believe that some of you were going to the next level. Some of you are tasting Deliverance, You’ve, never taste it up before some of you were finding out. While what up what a pleasure it is to walk hand-in-hand with a mighty God, and it’s just it’s going to be it’s going to be beautiful, I believe that it’s going to be what you stand up on your feet with me for a moment. Owensboro Church Let me let me encourage you at one of the one of the two weeks from tonight next week, we’re going to do prayer and worship on Wednesday night I’ll, be a prayer Focus the week after that, dr. Bob Rogers going to be here on Wednesday night he’s The guy International that talks about praying fasting, they take him all over the world to talk about prayer and fasting. I was just with him. At 8 doctor chose Church in Korea. T

hey got, they got Bob Rogers there to talk about fasting and a million member Church largest church was the largest church in the world may be a bigger one now in Africa, but you don’t want to miss this guy so and here’s the next thing I know About him he’s the kind of guy that he’s been he’s been fasting right now, his church fast first of the year, I think they’re on a 40-day fast right now, but I know the guy and I know he’s a he’s – a miracle worker and he’s a word Of knowledge guy and if I think you need to be here 2 weeks from tonight, you’re going to be blessed bring somebody with you, alright bring somebody with you and we’re going to have a special meeting in two weeks. Owensboro Church I believe God’s going to bless you. Why don’t you close your eyes? Let me pray for you. I want to pray the strength of God to come into your life. Some of you haven’t started fast and something with as yet been what a night to make a commitment to do that, Owensboro Church what a night to make a commitment to do that. I want a fast something I want to lay something aside, so I can go to another level I want to. I want the man I want to honor God with something like this and I’m not on board yet. But tonight I want to commit myself anybody out. There wants to commit themselves, then hadn’t, yet to fast something with us for the next few weeks. Just lift up your hand, there’s some Hand Dry. Owensboro Church  Welcome aboard there some hands right there, some hands right there right there right. There praise the Lord man going to do some big stuff in you. I believe that tonight figure out what you’re going to do, what you’re going too fast and dedicated stick with us until the end of this three-week fast. Let me pray for your father in the name of Jesus. I thank you for your discipline. Owensboro Church your help, your your grace you taking us to the next level. I just pray as we fast more than another sweetness would be released by your spirit into our life. I just pray in the name of Jesus that well lost Joy would be restored. I pray that a hunger for the word would come to us at another level. I pray that you would help us Lord to become exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ever ask or think I trust you and I believe you tonight for all these things. We declare that you are our King in Jesus name. I pray, amen,