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Well, let’s give the Lord of big hand clap tonight. Can we do that? Come on a big strong hand, clap tonight amen, amen, go ahead and look at your neighbor tell him that you’re lucky to get to sit by me tonight in the house of God. They’Re lucky to be by you and it’s good to see people to come out to church. Even when it’s raining and the weather’s changing somebody say Amen, you guys came on out. You could have been home like watching The Voice or something like that. I don’t know America’s Next Top Model and you’re here to hear the word of God and that’s that’s awesome. So if you got to buy a bong in a night, go ahead and open it up to Luke chapter 19, we’re going to get right into the word of God tonight you could open it up to Luke Chapter 19th and we’re going to start reading in about Verse, 1, and if you hadn’t been here before my name is Pastor Brian Gibson.
It says it right here on the screen, so I can remember it, Owensboro Church and that is not my name and I’m so glad happy to get to preach the word of God to you tonight. We’Ve got great things going on here at River City, Church and we’re that. If you’re here and you, if you are one of our first time, guest or if you’ve been here a thousand times, let’s give all our new guests a big hand, clap if they’re out of here on a Wednesday night welcome to the house of God. We’Re so glad to have your really glad to have you and just believe the gods going to speak to you tonight and got a few good things coming up these next two weekends we’re going we’re going to dedicate a bunch of babies this weekend. I don’t know if it’s like 20-30 babies will be dedicating this weekend and then the next week we’re going to baptize a whole bunch of people in the house of God. I’M thankful to see people kids getting dedicated and then people giving their life to Christ and getting water baptize. Somebody see him into that and if you haven’t been water baptized, since you’ve called on the name of the Lord in this house, please get signed up out there. It’S so important. He hits the day when a Believer gets their game. Jersey and you need to follow. Owensboro Church Christ in water baptism so get signed up. Owensboro Church For that I want to pray and they’re going to go ride into the teaching of the word. Owensboro Church Let’S pray, father now in the name of Jesus, I think you did spirit is here. It is present. I think you that you’re always with us, you never leave us, nor will you ever forsake us Lord. I think you right now that you speak clearly and concisely to your people. I believe father that the anointing of God is Flowing out of me in the people. Lord in this, our Lord give me a tongue to speak, the Oracles of God tonight in Jesus mighty name and the church said amen. I want to entitle my message tonight: Jesus and the little mob boss, everybody say the little mob boss, alright Luke 19 verse 1 explained that this, how it reads in the gospel of St Luke. It says this.
Then Jesus entered in passed through Jericho. Now behold, there was a man named Zacchaeus who was the chief tax collector and he was rich and he sought to say who Jesus was but could not because of the crowd, for he was of short stature. So he ran ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see him, for he was going to pass that way and. When Jesus came to the place, he looked up and saw him and said they him Zacchaeus, make haste and come down for the day. I must stay at your house, so I made haste and came down and received them joyful it, but when they saw it, they all complain saying he is going to be the guest with a man who is a sinner, then Zacchaeus and said to the Lord. Lord. Look, I give half of all my goods to the poor and if I have taken anything from anyone by false accusation, I restore fourfold and Jesus said to him today. Salvation has come to this house because he also is a son of Abraham, for the son of man has come to seek and to save that which was lost. Here’S what’s happening in the story. Owensboro Church Jesus is passing through a town by the name of Jericho and if there’s anything I found out our learned about Ministry through the last decade of my life, I found out that most of real Ministry doesn’t happen. By appointment most of real Ministry happens through passing through in life. You know we live in a world where there’s hurting people we live in a world where there’s broken people. We live in a world where we walk by people literally, whose lives are crumbling everyday and Ministry. Isn’T an appointment? He it’s not a Sunday morning, church service, it’s not another service Ministry is flowing through life. When I was younger, I used to think things like this one of these days, I’m going to be in full-time Ministry and what I really thought. As one of these days, I’m going to get to stand on a stage, I’m going to preach the people, I’m going to talk, pontificate on and on and you’re all going to have to listen to me, and it was kind of me focused thought would be honest And if you listen to lots of people who feel some kind of call the ministry and they don’t get that they’re in Ministry, everyday, look at your neighbor! If your Christian just tell him this say you are in full-time Ministry. Tell him that tell him that look at your other neighbor and say you are in full-time Ministry what. What they’re saying a lot of times is.

I want to get to flow in my gift and it’s not about me reaching somebody else. It’S not about me helping somebody else, but sometimes it can be about me being fulfilled in me doing what I see myself doing in my mind, how many one of those things is self-serving. One of those things this world serving and there’s a difference, amen. Church help me know as Christians we all to be World serving instead of self-serving. Somebody say Amen to that, so Jesus is flowing through his. I don’t know where is on his way too, but he’s going somewhere and he comes through Jericho and in Jericho. There is a man there by the name of Zacchaeus. Let me ask you a question. Listen, I was raised in a Baptist Church. I was taking the church every time the doors were open. I was there Sunday morning, Wednesday, night Sunday night I was. I was a royal Ambassador. I went to Sunday school man, I got the book, I know about it all and we used to sing a song about Zacchaeus, and what do we know about Zacchaeus? What was it goes a little. Something like that goes. Zacchaeus Was a wee little man, little man. I can’t get that he climbed up in a sycamore tree for the Lord. He wanted to see and then Jesus said to him. Zacchaeus you come down for I’m going to your house, come on and sing it for mecome on. We can do better than that one more time. How are y’all are terrible man I’m shot give up. Owensboro Church I give up on my abilities to sing early too, but listen.
Here’S what we know about Zacchaeus all we know we’re all we think about this madness. We say Zacchaeus. What is a wee little man, and if you’re, not careful, you’ll lose the real truth about the gospel of Saint Luke is trying to tell us cuz that kiss the Bible says he was short in stature, but he certainly wasn’t short in powder. Owensboro Church He was short in size, but he certainly wasn’t short Interruption. He was short in the moment in his body, but he had a big reputation in town. The Bible says that Zacchaeus Was a very rich man and he didn’t become rich. The right way. How many others are right way to gain wealth and a wrong way to gain? Well, somebody say Amen to that: the wealth isn’t the issue, it’s the it’s the principle of the heart and how somebody goes after it and Zacchaeus and gained as well through extortion. He gained as well through being a tax collector. It’S matter fact: everybody all. The Jews would have hated Zacchaeus wife, because Zacchaeus Was a Jew who had Parton partnered up with the Romans to a press juice and the collect taxes from them unfairly and unjustly any would literally take money from them that they didn’t know. So. The Jews begin to hate the tax collectors, Zacchaeus walked into a room and everybody knew everybody hated him.
Everybody in loathed him and more than Zacchaeus Was a wee little man. Zacchaeus Was a powerful and a corrupt man. More than thinking about him as a wee little man go to think about him like a little mob boss, think about Joe Pesci off of Good, Fellows or Casino. That’S the kind of God, that’s the kind of character that Jesus is dealing with at this time. You know what I think about guys like that mob bosses Jessie and up years ago we just got married, as matter fact we’re coming up on 13 years of marriage, which is crazy, that I’m old enough to be married 13 years and that I have gray hair. Now but those things seem to happen in life and we got married 2000. You know where we go on a honeymoon, and actually we go down to Orlando is where we were. We, we did a Disney honeymoon cuz. Owensboro Church We were so young when we got married. That’S what sound like fun to us man. We were preteens and anyway, where we were there and we go out Dewott Jess. We were nine something like that: 9 years old 13 years later, so we go out to eat one night and we go up and I don’t remember what restaurant it was, Owensboro Church but but we’re up in the top of this restaurant, beautiful, setting, great great scenery, great seating And the tables were real tight and so we take our seat across from each other and they bring another couple in and they seat them right beside us just right here and it’s almost like I’m sitting with this couple you’re so close, this restaurant so packed, and This guy look like he’s, walked right out of Good, Fellows Casino or The Godfather, and they had that Vibe The Habit flow. It’S like I’m eating right now with Mafia and what we’re here together, and so we start talking to the guy snorts offering he finds out there were there on our honeymoon and he’s like.

Can I buy make it home? Okay, I appreciate it though, and then I get you a cigar and I’m like not and I’ll quit smoking fat think you know people always trying to buy me drinks or cigars or stuff like that. You know specially when you quit that’s when it really starts to happen he’s like. Can I get you dessert, I’m like how you can get me a dessert, so he starts up. I can still do that. Man bring it on, and so I’ve done much of that. Here’S the deal we’re hanging out and we start ministering to talking to these people. It’S a natural flow. They want to know, what’s happening. Open up doors in our life and he says what do you kids going to do with your life? What we preach about Jesus? We talked about Jesus. What he says to me is that Jesus got. I love that Jesus God Jesus. I love that Jesus guy said like 10 times and you’re flowing. You know he’s this big guy Italian accent got to Jesus, got to love that Jesus God and his wife has really cute in, and the spirit of God was ministering to her talking to her at the time and she’s like what are we have to do to Get right with Jesus – and we just explained it to her at the table and and she’s like ma’am.
We need that and that guy said now, we’re alright we’re alright honey, Owensboro Church we’re fine with that Jesus got, but that girl was listening at the table and we got to talk to her minister to her pray for somewhere. I pray that something we sold that night helped move them down the road. I know about One mob boss that the spirit of God absolutely arrested in change his life. His name was that hears my prayers that my boss encounter the same Jesus, the Zacchaeus Zacchaeus. Here’S the Jesus is coming to town and he’s a wee little man he’s short in stature, big and crying. It’S matter of fact. His name means to be pure. Zacchaeus itself means Purity, but if his life was anything, it was not Purity What a symbol of people who need an encounter with Christ amen, I mean God, created us to be pure, created to be wholly created us to be something about the corruption of this world. Can get its teeth in you? It’S causing you, he eats its fangs and Venom in you so quick before long. Owensboro Church You know you were created for something different, but a life that was called to be pure becomes impure and Zacchaeus hears about Jesus and he sees his chance. He has his glimpse of Hope. The Bible says it’s Zacchaeus climbs up a sycamore tree to look for Jesus. Interesting, powerful mob boss, climbing a tree like a child, it’s a childish thing to climb a tree in it. When was the last time you climbed a tree had to be when I was a kid and there’s something about the kingdom of God. That wants to bring out the child lightness in us again. I’M not talking about the childishness in us coming over world can get the childishness up to the top of as fast, but there’s a difference between being childish and being child, like somebody say, Amen to that. When your child, like it’s a purity, it’s a believe, it’s a fake. I don’t care what they say. I don’t care what they say. I don’t care if it gets me close to Jesus, I’m climbing this tree. Jesus said this in Matthew, chapter 18 and verse 3. He said I tell you the truth
unless you convert and become like Little Children, You Will by no means enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Unless you convert and become like Little Children, You Will by no means enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. What does it mean to become like a little child? It means to believe again to love again come on somebody to forgive again to be different again man, I want to live my life childlike. If you’re, not careful, this world can make you old pasture years, you lose something. There’S an Innocence, Lost the Purity laws. When you lose that there’s a power, it’s lost in life got a three-year-old boy man and he does live Wild open. He Wild open., Wide open. It’S wild open and it’s the way flows. Owensboro Church It’s the way he does things. He doesn’t do it half way. He does it fully. He does it with his open arm an open heart, an open Life think about how kid trust you and how it GID just have fun and how kid doesn’t care who sees it. Man Zacchaeus he got to that place. He climbs the street and he’s looking for Jesus, that kind of faith that kind of child likeness it arrest it stops. It holds the hand of God for a moment. Jesus is walking along Zacchaeus climb, the tree in Jesus looks up and he sees that gets there in the tree sees that and he stops and he says you can come down. You know I want to have the kind of faith it stops. God, Owensboro Church no matter where he’s going or what he’s doing, no matter what the agenda is today, I want to have that kind of Faith. You read about it in the gospels blind Bartimaeus had that kind of Faith. The woman with the issue of blood has that kind of face. Zacchaeus have that kind of Faith he’s walking along and God stops and he says Zacchaeus here’s what I want you to do. I want you to come down because I’m going to go to your house today, Zacchaeus comes down, lays out of spread in the King of Kings, and the Lord of lords goes to the mob bosses house to have lunch.

Mafia meets Messiah at noon. In all of the surrounding region stops to watch this thing for Mama. They can’t believe it that Jesus would eat with mafia. They can’t believe it. The Jesus would break bread with the Publican or tax collector. They can’t believe the Jesus would be called with the drunks or the hookers. They can’t believe about the suspect, acquaintances. The Jesus, as you know, there’s one thing I love about Jesus, I love the Jesus is so open armed to those who are broken, but he’s so shaken and stirred with those who think their lives are fixed. Somebody say Amen to that. He’S got Grace on the broken to can’t help somebody who thinks they have it all together, so he goes and he sits down with them, and the religious community gets mad. They get angry. You know it’s always been like this. For me, I’ve noticed it in the church, those who were ticked, about people who aren’t perfect, checked and are vocal about the imperfect their vocal about those whose lives are in Cent and they’re always looking to correct somebody else. I found that Pharisee experience almost always has the strongest types of perversion attached to it always cuz. Do you know what it is to be perverse to be perverse, simply means to be twisted, everybody say twisted, so I can take the truth. You take the grace of God, the truth of God. The God is a loving forgiving God, Owensboro Church and then you twist it into this judgemental thing where I believe the appropriate stance for all of us is to love The Sinner and hate my own, send somebody say: love The Sinner hate. My own. Soon, we used to say love the sinner hate, the sin I like love, the sinner hate, my own, send, if you think that’s a good way to say, add somebody give the Lord my hand, clap tonight. Let’S fix us first, so Jesus and these guys are sitting there together.
You know read an interesting article today about Dan, Cathy and a damn Kathy. Owensboro Church All remember who is CEO of Chick-fil-A in this last year. Chick-Fil-A got all sorts of coverage all over the world. One always good son was negative, but kind of became a centerpiece for a firestorm between those who value traditional biblical marriage, verses. Those who believe in same-sex marriage wanted allowed Nationwide and Kathy was being interviewed, and he just made a statement that I believe, I believe in the biblical role of marriage that marriage should be between one man and one woman and by the way, where’s the church. The Bible teaches the same thing and we believe that that’s our definition of marriage, but there were groups that would come out and they would literally boycott Chick-fil-A set up on college campuses activist groups coming at Chick-fil-A, and you know we all went over and ate Chick-fil-A On Chick-fil-A day we did that kind of thing and and I’m for those guys, but the article that I read today, it wasn’t written by Dan, Cathy. It was written by the head of one of the organizations that is pushing for gay rights. What one of the gay and lesbian agenda organizations and the founder of this organization that has vehemently opposed and Kathy and what he said and and the Christian values he said. I got to come out of the closet and admit something to the world said. I got to come out of the closet and admit that I’m now a friend of Dan, Cathy, Owensboro Church they set in the midst of all of the controversy and all of the things that happened. Dan Kathy called me and wanted to talk to me and at first I was skeptical and I didn’t know what he really wanted from me. But we we began to text, we began to talk, we became friends and I found a man that isn’t really full of hate. Really isn’t against me.

He’S just got a strong conviction, said on the other side of the table, have a strong conviction as well, and we have opposing convictions, but Dan Cathy even invited him down to one of the big football games and they were standing beside each other on Sidelines. These men have been involved in lawsuits with each other and now they’re, coming and sitting what why? Why does it become like that, because Dan, Cathy isn’t afraid to be the friend of somebody who believes different walks different talks different or has a different perspective from him? Dan Cathy looks a whole lot like Jesus from this man’s perspective and I think wow. How powerful is that? What if we as the church, could Embrace people love people? I’M not saying agree with people, you’ll hear what I’m saying right, but Embrace love not shake or finger people but open our arms say: hey man, Jesus loves, you died for. You now may not agree with you today, but I’m here for you how powerful is something like that in the life of someone else, it’s so strong. Owensboro Church I read an article by Luis Palau who worked with Billy. Graham four years did Crusades for years and up really impacted me several months ago and plow he would be.
I think, he’s close to 80 now and I talked about the church that he was raised. In said, the church that I was raised in, we were kind of an angry preach in church, and we were always preaching hard truth, but the truth of it was is there was nobody in our peers that needed to hear our message anymore? We were just kind of taking shots of people who weren’t even there, and it’s like preaching to the choir sometime and he said our language was angry. We were full of hate, we talk like that and really we were bullying an invisible purse in our crowd, and he said I thought about it throughout the years and this guy wrote a book about him witnessing to an atheist. Jews are communists as well and they said across the table and their dialogues recorded end up. Here’S what plow said plow said the tone that we take with people when we’re preaching when we’re talking when we’re giving our doctrines it ought to be as as loving and kind as if it were. Owensboro Church If that person was just sitting across the table from us having coffee speak the truth, but speak it in what church somebody saying love and if you’re not careful as a Christian Community, we can get angry about things and man. I get angry about things sometimes, and sometimes I think, can it be righteous indignation yeah or can it just be immaturity could be that too couldn’t Miller quiet out there Ann and I don’t want to come across and I don’t want the church to come across. Are Christians to come across as angry? How about we came across as concerned? You think that would be different Bible viewpoint still focused on the Scripture. It is what it is right is right and wrong is wrong, but instead of being angry about somebody that differs in opinion with me, I could be concerned about somebody who differs in opinion with me. Difference between anger and concern will be all the difference in the world Zacchaeus. He sets down with Jesus Jesus sets down with somebody that no one else would set down with such a heart change. He gets up he’s been living his life.
According to extortion, it’s been stealing money and he says God cuz yours. The deal real repentance brings change in life, Zakia speaks up and he says of anything I’ve taken I’ll, restore to them for fold all the wrongs that I’ve done, I’m going to make it right. Jesus looks at him and says: Zacchaeus salvation come to your house today. Many says the son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. Owensboro Church Do you know what Jesus is all about? Jesus is all about finding lost things. Aren’T you glad? Aren’T you happy that Jesus was about finding you whenever you I’m thankful that Jesus was about finding me when I was a twenty-one-year-old, met hamp, Owensboro Church addict and alcoholic and he was seeking and saving that which was lost? My prayer is that this house would always be a landmark for salvation where people can come in here, not knowing Christ, his forgiveness, his grace, and they can walk out of here change and different.
Just like Zacchaeus did two thousand years ago. Zacchaeus didn’t just have a one moment: conversion. It wasn’t just something that happened in an altered one second and went away. I know this from church history that Zacchaeus got such a life change. That there’s two different potential stories on one one is the Zacchaeus later is name was changed from Zacchaeus to Matthias and they say the one that the apostle that replaced Judas after he died, but it did, it was possibly Zacchaeus. He had such a life change that he became one of the 12 big voices in the church. What’S absolutely sure from church history is that kiss became the first Bishop of the Church of Cesery.
The little mob boss met the Messiah and he became a minister because of Jesus’s greatest that he would walk down, set and eat with the center come on. Somebody give God a hand, clap for his grace his love his Mercy, his goodness hey man. Would you stand up on your feet with me today, man? I believe that there’s some Zacchaeus that that we’re called to reach in the region there’s some people that nobody else wants to. Minister to nobody else wants to talk to. Nobody else wants to be seen around, but I believe that that we’re called to reach him we’re called to reach out to them. We’Re called the love them. What I want to pray as I want to pray that we would always have room at our table for centers that we would always be willing to sit at a table with centers, and now you got to be careful when I preach something like this. Some of your so fresh, you got people, you just need to be away from for a season. You know what I mean. Some of your, Owensboro Church like you know, you’re, like Luke Skywalker, trying to take on Darth Vader, and you just don’t have it yet. You can’t go to the table with somebody like that. You’Ll get in trouble. You get in there that table next thing. You know you’ll be right back where you were, but there’s a lot of us or been in the Kingdom. For so long. We don’t sit at a table with anybody that still needs Christ and we need some more suspect. Acquaintances in our lives. Hey man, look at your name, that’s what you need! You need some of those get you on your ass again and get you on your game. Again, I’m a pray that God gives you to be a Jesus to as heck. Owensboro Church Yes, let’s pray father in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Owensboro Church I bless the people under the sound of my voice, father, I thank you for them. I think if they can use them, I think of that you flow through them Father. I think you that we would be just like you. The Bible says that those who saved that they’re in you they all to walk. As you walked upon the Earth father, we pray that we would learn to walk like you walk in the we would walk like Jesus and his we’re passing through Jericho, father the we would take time to minister to the least of these people that nobody else would Look at her, nobody else would stop and help. We declare will help them. Father make us sensitive to who’s around and who needs you. Lord. We lift up holy hands for one moment and just ask you to anoint these hands to make us spirit-led. Lord took to open up our eyes, and let us see what you see. Let us feel what you feel father help us to follow the Divine flow of love to a hurting and a Dying World. Lord. We thank you for your grace mercy and your presence in our lives by this war be applied in in it in Jesus mighty name.