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Come on, let’s give the Lord of hand clap this morning, something at your money’s doing to be generous, generous to the city of Owensboro and the kids. Let’S give him one more hand, clap. I love the opportunity to get to help some kids. Don’T you amen, amen, kids that are going to have food to eat unless somebody puts that food in their mouth – and you know that’s the kind of thing that God wants his church to do that’s the kind of thing he wants in our hands. That’S the kind of scene he wants us at because God wants us to be a generous people. Owensboro Church Somebody say Amen to that this morning, I’m looking at you out there this morning, everybody still looks a little turkey and dressing drunk right. Now you got that lethargic. Look to you so look at your neighbor and just tell him say: wake up this morning, it’s over thanksgivings over wake up, come on get out a week from her Slumber and we’re going to talk. If it’s good to see you again on this Sunday morning, it’s been a great week, man at my house, Owensboro Church I know I’ve eaten my my weight and turkey and a wheat beef tenderloin, because we’re old from the cattle industry and dressing and and I’ve whole lot of fun. I went to the gym the last two nights trying to get even for my since I’m paying indulgences to get even for my sins, but I believe in it then I’m going to get some discipline back in my life until Christmas. When I blow it all again, how many know that’s why the holidays, with the most wonderful time of the year amen, you can eat guilt-free and it’s just been awesome, fucked up that back to the plow now and I’m talking this morning. I want to teach a little bit starting on the third week of generosity, everybody say, generosity and the day I want to talk about the generous, the generous and the generosities one of those things that I believe it’s like this. Owensboro Church You know whenever it’s time to serve ice cream to my kids, how many know my kids all come running to the kitchen? Daddy’S got the ice cream Daddy’s got the ice cream and I’ll bring out the chocolate syrup and then they’re all lined up the running. Over top each other to get to the ice cream, but then sometimes how many know if we’d a steady diet of ice cream life isn’t going to be everything that it’s supposed to be so there’s green stuff, you got put on that kids play as well. There’S some people, Owensboro Church grown-up people, under the sound of my voice right now, your mom and dad never made to eat green stuff and you’re paying for it right now. Some of your wives even put vitamins on your plate for you. I know you out there, but but here’s the deal tell me know if we just eat ice cream and never eat the green stuff life’s going to be tough amen. The green stuff is designed to bring Health to us, and generosity is one of those kind of messages, because God doesn’t want us to just focus on ourselves. He also wants us focused on the world. The Bible says that our God is a generous God, God so loved the world that he did. What church he gave. God is a god of who, I believe, has a generous and he’s called each and everyone of us to also have a generous, I or a generous way of saying or a generous grid through which we do this world Proverbs. Chapter 22. Verse 9 says this in the new King James version. It says the generous, I will be blessed the generous, I will be blessed would. Owensboro Church You say that out loud with me today everybody say this safe, the generous, I will be blessed. Let’S say it again: the generous II will be blessed see. Generosity is not just a Christian virtue, it’s not just something that we talked about or teach about. It’S a whole way of viewing the world in which we live. Generosity is always looking for someone to bless. Someone to help someone to lift someone to show the love of God to, and people who become generous people. They have a different way of viewing Humanity, Owensboro Church then the rest of the world, Jews, Humanity, a lot of people view humanity is somebody who they want to avoid. Somebody they want to steer around or somebody that’s out to get them, but the generous I isn’t looking to live on the take. The generous eye is looking to live on the gift and I want to be the kind of person in my life that does not live on the take, but I want to live on the gift, because I understand, if I really want to live the life, that God’S called me to live. I must Embrace generosity 1st Timothy Chapter 6 and verse 17 Apostle Paul’s, telling the young Pastor on how to ship orders flop. Timothy was a pastor that took over Church, some say at 18 years of age, maybe 20 years of age, somewhere around 18 to 20 Timothy became the senior pastor of the Church of Ephesus.

Now the Church of Ephesus Scholars, estimated at this time, was already tens of thousands of people, maybe as many as 60,000 people at the church. No Timothy had a nice little start-up church for a 20 year old preacher and so Paul’s telling him how to leave this church – and he says this to Timothy in the New Living Translation, says this 1st Timothy 6:17, 18 and 19. Here’S what he tells them to do: here’s how you Pastor your people. He says this teach those who are rich in this world not to be proud and not to trust in their money, which is so unreliable. Their trust should be in God, who richly gives us all. We need for our enjoyment. Everybody say enjoyment tell them to use their money to do good. They should be rich in good works and generous to those in need always being ready to share with others. By doing this, they will be storing up their treasure as a good foundation for the future so that they may experience true life. The first thing he says is tell those who are rich in this world lots of people into the sound of my voice to say man I’m off the hook. Owensboro Church This no longer applies to me we’re out we’re not rich folk man, we’re just kind of making it kind of living kind of doing her thing, but but what we often need is not just a local perspective, but we need a Global Perspective. One of the greatest things to do with with Christians – and we do this around here, especially Western Christians – He Is – We have opportunities where you can go on mission trips from time to time and see the world and there’s something about seeing how the rest of the World lives that changes your grid changes. Your outlook changes the way you see you Manatee and wait the way. You see your own situation, it changes you someone from having a self-focused. I I believe to having a more generous. I do you know if you’re, under the sound of my voice and your annual household income annual household income, maybe your tutu working people in your house that annual household income is more than ,000 everybody in the house, you’re of the top 1 % wage earners in The world top 1 % wage earners in the world. Do you have any money in your pocket whatsoever or have access to any cash in your pocket at all, or maybe access to something some way to spend money? If you have any cash, you have more money that been almost the entirety of the world. Here’S the deal we in America, if you’re under the sound of my voice. Owensboro Church Let me help you with something: today: you are a rich person, you’re a person, that’s been blessed Beyond Your Wildest imagination and most of us don’t even know it. Do you got clean running water here rich. You got an infrastructure that works in your country and your Rich. If you have a police department, you can call on a phone to come and help you you’re rich. You have a fire department to call if your, if your house is on fire, you’re rich, if you have a military to protect, you and other people can’t just come in and do anything they want in your village. You are rich man, you ought to give God one more hand, clap for the sheer fact that you live in the safest place in the world. Somebody say: I’m rich man, you can you learn. You didn’t know that that’s worth coming today, you’re going to walk out of here a rich man in a rich woman today. Owensboro Church So here’s what Paul says he says talk to these rich people in these people who who really are well-to-do in this world and man we’re so blessed. We don’t even know it says, tell him this don’t be proud because of what you have and don’t trust in money. How many other money is not everything? Let me say it again: man, money is not everything.. Money is important, I’m not saying money’s, not important cuz. We all know what’s important about money, we don’t have clothing without money with we don’t have a house without money. We can’t pay for things without money. Listen to church can operate. Money is important, but money is not something to ever be trusted in currencies. Come and currencies go markets, they go higher and then one day the bottom falls out of it. Money is not stable, it is not forever do not trust in money. The Bible says that we don’t trust in money, but we trust in our God and what is the answer to keep us from trusting in money instead of our God? The answer over the temptation to trust in money. She really that there are two things out there. Jesus said this: you cannot worship, God and Mammon. You cannot worship, God and Mammon is really the love of money. Owensboro Church So it’s so you can’t worship both of these things and here’s how you insure yourself, that you don’t become a worship, money or Mammon. Is that as you enter into generosity and if you can give something away and no longer has power over your life? Here’S what the antidote is Bible talks about the world the world which, in the Bible it means the following system. Coming all this world’s Fallen, this world’s broken this world is jacked up messed up, it’s a crash site. It is in the Bible, says all that is in the world that there are three things: there’s the lust of the flesh, there’s the lust of the eyes and there’s the pride of life, the lust of the flesh, everything sensual, the lust of of of the eyes.

Everything material, the pride of life self-focus, but for all of these things, I believe the kingdom of God gives us an antidote where these three things don’t have us and trap us and rule over us and antidote to the lust of the eyes. Everything I see I want, I mean I misspell, I’m infatuated with this glorious World get you know what, like the song talks about, that they play it all the time on pop radio everybody’s into all these fancy things everybody’s talking about this in this shut. Y’All know what I’m talking about. I don’t know the name of the song You younger people do, but but here’s the deal this infatuation with stuff. Do you want that broken off your life? Here’S the answer. The answer is generosity. Generosity has the power to break the back of greed out of our life. How many all don’t want to be ruled by money, but you want to be ruled by God. Generosity is your answer? Look back down at the text! Here’S what it says! It says! Verse! 18Th tell them to use their money to do good. They should be great rich in good works and generous to those in need always been ready to share with others. Owensboro Church By doing this, they will be storing up their treasure as a good foundation for the future, so that they may experience true life always be ready to share. I really believe what Paul still in Timothy is tell them to always be looking for opportunities to help. Somebody always be looking for opportunities to be the answer to somebody else’s problems, always I’m looking for opportunities to give do good with your money and then he says they’re going to store up in the future. You know the Bible says not to lay up treasure chest on this Earth. What where, where rust and moth and thieves can steal, just having money on this Earth is not sure enough. Tell me you know our money when we die is not going with us. They don’t take your money and put it in your casket with you when you. Your kids will be there fighting one another. If you have anything, I guarantee it’ll all be there around that casket trying to get there cuz I’ll, be time for them to take that money. Because money does us no good in the afterlife just doesn’t, but the Bible says we don’t starve treasure on this world, but we can store up Treasures in Heaven. We can lay a foundation now being good and being generous. Will not. You cannot buy your way into heaven only by the shed blood of Jesus Christ and his grace. Will anybody get in heaven, but the Bible clearly shows there’s a reward system in heaven and people will be rewarded by how they used what was given to them on this Earth in the afterlife, and you can’t save everything. Owensboro Church Take everything with you. But the old adage is that you can send it ahead. How do we send it ahead? We develop a generous. I there’s a story in the Old Testament about a woman who developed a generous. I do if you have your Bible on your open it up. What will go to 2nd Kings? Chapter 4, verses 8 through 17; second Kings, chapter 4, verses 8 through 17 – and this is the shunammite woman and I’m going to read this out of the New Living Translation today and here’s what it’s bet: they’re. Two people in the story primarily to main players: one is Elijah. The Prophet Elijah was the understudy of Elijah. Elijah is one of the largest miracle workers in the Old Testament, prophetic voice to Israel matter of fact, powerful man of God he’s considered a double portion. Anointing man and his is his mentor was one of the most powerful man that that there ever have been in Israel and Elijah asked him. I want a double portion of your spirit, your your Miracle working power. I wanted on my life and his is predecessor said well. If you see me go whenever I leave this world, you will receive it, and so is predecessor was taken with a chair too far out of this world and his mantle fell from heaven and Elijah picked. It up put that mantle on and became a miracle-working prophet of God to Israel. Here’S what happens when he goes to a place called shunem. It says this one day I’ll. I should went to the town of shunem. Owensboro Church Wealthy woman live there and she urged him to come to her home for a meal after that one past that way, he would stop there for something to eat. She said to her husband: I’m sure this man who stops him from time to time is a holy man of God. Let’S build a small room for him on the roof and furnish it with the bed table chair and lamp. They don’t have a place to stay whenever he comes by one day, Elijah return to shoot him and he went up to the upper room to rest. He said to his servant. Got his side. Tell the woman from I want to speak to her when she appeared. Elijah said to get his, I tell her, we appreciate the kind concern you’ve shown us. What can we do for you? Can we put in a good word for you to the King, which of the commander of the army, know she replied. My family takes good care of me later. Elijah ask a hand side. What can we do for her to his? I replied, she doesn’t have a son and her husband is an old man. Call me back again: Elijah told him when the woman returned Elijah said to her as she stood in the doorway next year. At this time you will be holding a son in your arms. No, my Lord. She cried no man of God. Don’T don’t deceive me and get my hopes up like that, but sure enough, the woman soon became pregnant and at that time the following your she had a son just adds Elijah has said she might woman. Is there living her life doing her thing and one day Elijah comes walking by she recognized what was going on whenever he was walking by. She went to her husband and she said: listen. I perceive that this is a holy man of God.

She recognized the value of the word of God whenever it walked by. She recognized the value of the anointing of God whenever it walked by. She recognized the value of the ministry of God whenever it walked by she said: listen, here’s an opportunity walking by sounds like a woman who had a generous. I she wasn’t living on the tape she was living on the gift and she saw her opportunity passing bought. One of us every day has opportunity that passes Us by in our God’s, the kind of God will always give us opportunity his gift to give us opportunity your gift. What do I do with the opportunity that God is given to me all these obligated to? You? Is to give you opportunity now the balls in your hand. What will you do with the opportunity? The God is giving you don’t know what I’m talking about right, that nuts, from the spirit of God, do this – that nudge from the spirit of God, be generous, hear that that little push it and so here’s what this woman did. She said man we got to feed this guy. You know I like people that feed preachers and Prophets I don’t like you. I do if you do that kind of thing. Owensboro Church We like it, and so so she called him in and she fed the man of God and then she went to her husband. She said: listen, this guy comes through here and we got an opportunity. We got an opportunity to be generous. Bible says that she had some well, then she knew what her wealth came for her Welch. Isn’T what we’re just listen to bless her. If God gives you wealth, God blesses you he’s blessed, you the Bible, says to be a what church to be a blessing. Five of You Got It Out There. He blesses us to be a what church or buddy, see a blessing, see that that’s what it’s all about it. So what she did is she built she built a room on the side of that house and she put in that room a chair. Owensboro Church She put do. Look it up scholar samples the nicest stuff from from the day, so whenever Elijah came by, he could sit down and he could rest in the room whenever she gave her gift. God opened up his gift back to her and what happened because she’s been generous. The attention of God it comes upon the generous person. That’S why the Bible says the generous person shall be blessed. The Bible says: she’ll be made Rich. The Bible says that the generous life will get larger and larger blessing will flow to you. If you’re a generous person yeah, I believe in every area of your life, God wants to bless you and lift you, because if you can find somebody that will look for the opportunity he’s found somebody that he can be a channel through into this world. Elijah comes by and says: listen what can we do for you give been so kind to us now tell us: what can we do for you? The woman really wasn’t giving wanting anything. She said to the man of God. I don’t need anything while I’m on my own people, I’m well taken care of. She wasn’t in it just to get something she just wanted to be a blessing. She wanted to be generous. Her motivation was the love of God. I love of ministry, all of them. Owensboro Church What God was doing in the earth and then The Last Ship finds out she had no son, they gave her the word. That’S a game-changer said to Listen by this time. Next year, woman, your arms shall Embrace a son. Owensboro Church She had an old husband. She didn’t think it was possible, but but the Bible says not long after that she can see if she had a child, and this woman got her Dream, because generosity open the door for her dream. Generosity has the power to open the door for your dream. Generosity has the power to open the door for your dream. We said one more time: generosity has the power to open the door for your dream, learn to live with a generous. I in the door of your dream. I believe it’ll open up. Here’S here’s three areas that you can look to be generous and I want to give these to you in and then I’m going to stop here today, but but here’s the three eras. I want to wrap this series up on generosity up, but but here’s the three areas I believe we should look for your taking notes. You should write these down the first place. I think we should be generous, as we should be generous with the house of God or the church. Everybody say the church, man generosity with the church. I believe it moves the heart of God. I believe it’s commanded all throughout the scripture. Owensboro Church Take care of the house of God financially, I’m thankful I was raised that was taught that all of my life as a kid going back to Southern Baptist Sunday school by my mother, would put money in my hand. Tell me take that and put it in the offering back there. What is this should say? This is your time what what what what are the time is 10 % one of every. I make its holy and it said apart under the gun under God, and it’s the Baseline of giving. I learned that from my mother and listen when I think about a generous people that I’ve encountered in my life. My mother’s won the most generous women. I’Ve ever met one of those generous people on the face of the Earth and there was a date my dad way. Back in the day, Dad was a Christian mom. Wasn’T a Christian and Dad thought. Mom was giving too much money to the church, so I’ve met a lot of men like that. You know if that dead are not yet know. Dad thought Mom was given too much money to the church know my mom, my dad was not Jessie’s doing some PR work for mom up here, cuz Mom’s alive dad’s gone, that’s the person we’re protecting. So you know, Jesus can do the rest in heaven. So it’s like it’s like this, so dads like listen to give it too much money to the church. I don’t. I don’t want you to tithe and I don’t want to give him and so Mom like she said. Fine, if you don’t want to take care of the house of God, that’s correct, but I’m not going to keep the books anymore here in this house, because I won’t be a part of robbing the house of God. So if you, if you want to do that, here’s the books have that it you want to be Curtis. God bless you. I won’t be a part of it, so she she was passive, aggressive in Hersey Michigan. Somehow I don’t know how you work all that out. The illogically – that’s my mother, praise God and Dolph soda while and then he’s like. Listen up, I’m tired of keeping the books. I guess too much going on whatever you want to do.

You know what happened from that. I believe the foundation was built in their lives where my father on this on this Earth built built a business that became one of the largest of its kind in the world and lived a very blessed life. While it was on this Earth, not believe a lot of that wanting his business, savvy ability or anything like that, I believe that God moved to my mother, who was such a generous person. He used the vessel that was around, which was my father to ensure that that blessing would get to her life because she would be faithful. She would be generous and listen. I watched it for you, one just giving to the church its massive lot lot. Lots of times I’ve heard it said like this, the elephant in the room with people is like this. I love my church, but I have no plan on how to financially support it. I love my church, but I have no plan on how to financially support it and really it’s it’s becoming an epidemic in the nation. The rotten books on it right now called the Great Evangelical recession where, where, where there’s people, the people that were supporting the church are going on to heaven and there’s a Next Generation that hasn’t picked up the torch just yet come on. Owensboro Church I believe our church is not going to drop that church, we’re going to pick it up, we’re going to be generous, we’re going to take care of the house of God, because why it’s the pillar and the film of the truth. I take care of the house of God, because I love God and listen. Jessie and I went we we’ve been a giver weave. Todd would give it away over 10 % for Gears of our income away. We take care of the house of God and I believe, if I take care of God’s house, God will take care of my house. Owensboro Church I Look to be generous number to. I Look to be generous like this. I look for those Among Us who really need help Bible says to do good, and especially to those of the household of faith, do good deeds and especially to those of the household of faith. So I’m looking for people, I want to live my life and such a way where I’m looking for people among us from the household of faith that I can be a blessing to by the way whenever you give here. I want to know this you’re helping support missions, 10 % of everything we given more than that this year has went towards missions, both local and foreign, to outreach and to taken care of what God’s doing in the earth. What we’re doing stuff, Owensboro Church like you, saw on the video all the time around here being a blessing you can flapper handsome of you tried. Then he gave up your blessing people like that. But the second thing is: I want to look for those who need help in the household of faith and I’m not talking about giving to every person who puts their hand out. You know what I mean, how we know there’s a lot of people that they put their hand out. Owensboro Church That invested in them is not a good investment. If you’ll recognize that in the earth, it’s funny, I like I’ll, be like drinking a 40 and smoking a cigarette and asking for money with the other hands like bro. Why don’t you put out that cigarette? Take that 40 back and use that money to get what you need. So the Bible says: if a man won’t work, neither should we watch each. So if somebody is, is, is living under the curse of poverty because of their laziness. It’S not our obligation to take care of them as the church somebody say Amen to that, but but now here’s what it says, the pure and undefiled religion is taken care of widows and orphans. So I’m looking for people really it’s taken care of people who can’t help themselves at that time. Maybe they’ve had a hard time or what about what about a good manners been laid off, can’t find work? That’S somebody that falls into that category, and so you keep your eyes open and look for somebody to be a blessing to. I think about. We had a girl from from our church here that was going to college up somewhere in the region and she couldn’t get back over to come to church. Owensboro Church You want to come to church here, but she had no transportation and she talked to Jesse about in Jesse’s. Like Hey, Jessie was teacher to live by faith, and it’s like you all to pray that God will give you transportation, and you know what happened the next week. Somebody showed up from this church to be a blessing to a young girl who needed help college kids. Don’T have any money and they gave her a car, so she can get back and forth and have transportation like she needed. Then somebody else stepped up and said: I’m going to pay for the gas in that car. Helping this girl have what she needs that somebody doing good in the household of faith third place, I’m looking for to be generous places in the community that need help people in the community outside of the church that need help.

I want have a generous and I want to see the need and I want to meet it. I believe in love in the world as light as like this: it’s it’s it’s fun to need and meet it find a need and meet it, and when you see somebody and help somebody, maybe if somebody that can’t get Christmas, maybe it’s maybe it’s somebody that that’s In Dire Straits, maybe it’s somebody that needs yard work done, maybe it’s! It could be a lot of different things, not just money, maybe time maybe service of some kind, and whenever you find somebody and bless that bless them sometimes as ways to do it. When nobody knows that you, but I do think that we ought to find a way to connect it back to the house of God, so those people who been blessed by us, they know where to go when they need spiritual help. It’S one thing to help people materially, but I mean know it’s a lot better thing to help them both materially and spiritually, so far away to connect it back to the house of God. Hey we just wanted to bless you. This is, this is an act of kindness, cuz. God wants to show his love to you today, and the people of of River City Church wanted to say be blessed. Owensboro Church You know something something like that goes along way. It goes a long way. So look look for these things. I want to share an opportunity. I’Ve got this week to be a blessing to somebody else, and it just it just happened out of the blue, I’m preaching on generosity, and I want to use it to illustrate how something like this works, and I went to help Prairie at a 50th anniversary party. The other day, as as a pastor for couple from the church and we’re not when I was there, that there was the man who married those people 50 years before they were doing like a renewal of the vals gossip in the ministry for 58 years. And I was talking to him he’s I believe in Southern Baptist pastor and talking to him and and and we’re hanging out, and he asked me where I was from and I said, Webster County said you know what my first church I ever pastured was in Diamond Kentucky Diamond Baptist Church now so that’s crazy. My grandmother was a member of diamond Baptist Church for like 30 years. She know she’s, my grandmother by the way went on to be with Jesus yesterday morning at 7:15. So we Rejoice 85 years old. Save lady got her trip home and she’s in heaven come on how to give the Lord a hand, clap for something like that. I’M excited see you’re stronger than having man. So I might my grandmother was a member that church for 4 years – and I said you know what they did a remodel on that church. But whenever we started our church here, River City, they had old Pulpit it in the back and a shed, Owensboro Church and we didn’t have anything what what you got. Nothing when you start a church, but a Bible and a dream, and they gave me that pulpit and it’s the first Pulpit. I preached off of downtown here’s the pulpit who knows how old it is, maybe a hundred years old or something places where men of held onto it and preach for Generations. I love this pulpit and it’s one of my favorite things. Owensboro Church I have to be honest. Just I’m not I’m not sentimental about a lot of stuff, but I love this thing and I took a picture out of it and I showed it to the man that man said. You know what that’s the first Pulpit I ever passed heard off of you have my Pulpit. It’S pretty wild too small World in it, and the fault went through my mind is Yo to give him that Pulpit, not thought. I rebuke, you devil in Jesus name. It’S not God not giving that man. I love mom, not giving that man my pull text, but it just wouldn’t go it just won’t go away. Don’T you hate it when I just won’t go away so it’s like. I went home and told Jesse, I’m like I told that story she’s, like you got to give that man that pulled up. I’M like I rebuke you too Jesse and also been a minister for years. As matter fact, his wife is fighting cancer right now, we’re going to pray that woman will live and not die, amen, she’ll be cancer and I’m hunting down this week and if he wants it, Owensboro Church I don’t feel wanted or not I’m going to give him this Pulpit. Cuz, I don’t want my opportunities in life to pass me by come on Church. How many y’all want to find those opportunities when they go by be like that shooter might woman invest and have a door blessing opened up over your life, amen, amen, amen, man, I’m a pray right there, where you are in your seats that a spirit of generosity? What come upon us that a spirit of generosity that it would just it would just envelop the people of this church and the we would be the generous people with the generous. I come on close your eyes for one moment, father. I pray in the name of Jesus at the people into the sound of my voice would be a generous people with the generous. I know that we wouldn’t live on the tape, but that we would live on the gift father, that we would look and see those opportunities, Lord, as the essay as they pass Us by Robert. Owensboro Church We would come and we will be like that woman. We would open up doors and open up homes and open up meals and Men, help people in need and support the house of God it’s the pillar and the ground of the truth, father. I pray for Supernatural generosity and I believe that we’re not just in it to get, but I know that you’re going to pour out a blessing on these people to Bible says where there’s not even room enough to receive it, and many of you that enter into Generosity will say in the future. Look at What the Lord Has Done. We never thought we would be here in life. We never thought we would have a lot of this expensive what this large, but God has done this thing and it one generation. Owensboro Church I declare it it’ll tell the Next Generation the wonderful works of God. Not I say our kids will be generous. Kids, that are Seattle, pick up the torch and live out the Legacy taking the gospel to the darkest parts of the earth. I apply print. I Proclaim it, I believe it in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in the church said: amen, come over, don’t Worship. The Lord will give you an opportunity to be generous right now. It’S it’s time to receive, or are Todd and R