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Or anything else going on at the church check out the info Booth right outside in the lobby. Call, let’s give Jesus one more hand, clap today praise the name of the lord, it’s good to get to minister the word you have a Bible on you today: go ahead and open it up to Exodus, chapter 1 Exodus, chapter 1 and we’re going to begin reading. In a moment and verse, 6 and while you’re turning their, let me go ahead and plug that Wizard of Oz thing next week. You don’t want to miss the Wizard of Oz. We’Ve got this Illustrated sermon series we’re going to be doing for a few weeks and here’s the reason we go out of our way to illustrate sermon series in biblical topics and principals number one is because people remember what I preach for about a week. They remember what I was straight for a year literally, I can talk about things we Illustrated years ago and people will know exactly what I was talking about, and one of the second reason is because it gives you a Avenue to invite somebody to church through. Owensboro Church If you say hey come on out we’re just having a service, it’s one thing, but if you can invite them to a special event, it gives you a way in to invite somebody and hear something I found out throughout the gears one of the most powerful things You can do as a born-again Believer is bite, someone to church somebody say Amen. To that I mean I got to church because somebody invited me to come into the house of gossip and really told the store recently, but my little girl. It’S push me to invite a couple of different times, Owensboro Church even when it’s an uncomfortable. How many do you ever get nervous whenever God wants you to witness to somebody or invite somebody or share with somebody, but will not long ago? I was going through McDonald’s, Maybe 6 months a year ago. Something like that – and I know I shouldn’t be going through McDonald’s, but come on those french fries, a really good. You know they supersize them for you too, and it’s just I was there hey my my little girls in the back seat and she says this. You know we have invitation cards a lot to invite people to church. She said Dad. I want you to invite the lady were going to get up to a window up here, and I want you to invite that lady to come to our church, and so you know I’m like the pastor. I can’t I can’t bail out on that little girls in the back, but it felt a little cold callers to me, but but I did it. I pull up to the window and I give the lady a harness. I hate my little girls in the back. Her name is Briley and she wanted me to invite you to our church. I Pastor that church right over there River City church and we would love to have you in the girl, said thanks, and you know I think I’ve done my duty, Owensboro Church I’m pulling off and Bradley says Dad. Now you did a good job, and that was practice, but we’re coming up to a second window up here in a minute, and I want you to invite the next lady to our church, but instead of telling them that I’m inviting them. I want you to tell them that you’re inviting them, and I pulled up to the next window and I’m invited them and my little girl push me to do something. But I want you to know this. I want you to know that you can invite and that your voice matters and you can open the door for somebody to come into the kingdom of God simply by introducing yourself talking to them and inviting them to come to your church.

So this next week tell him they can see man, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, all that kind of stuff. It’S going to be awesome. We’Re gon na have a good time, bring somebody with you next week. Look at your neighbor and just tell him, say, invite somebody next week and add somebody to church. Let him know that I want to pray and we’re going to move right in to the preaching of the word of God. Let’S pray father in the name of Jesus. I thank you for the people under the sound of my voice. I think you father that that you’re moving in them and threw them and you’re helping them Father today I pray that they would find out that they were mightier than they ever thought they were and that there are more with us than there are with them. Owensboro Church That’S my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the church said amen. You know I went to school. I grew up not far from here about an hour south of here. Owensboro Church Imma Webster County boy was raised in Providence. The thriving Metropolis of a big city, kid Providence Kentucky and I went to school, Dixon Kentucky and I had a kid that was in school with me there from the first great sweet guy, nice guy. We went all the way through school together and his name was Michael, but there was something about Michael when we were kids. You know you love to me was nice. He was great, but as a kid Michael was just a little bit. Nerdy would be the way I would describe it in the 80s and the 90s. It wasn’t cool to be a nerd. Now that thing changed with Bill Gates that things change with. You know Steve Jobs at things, change with the Facebook Zuckerberg guy. You know you better be nice to the nerves, because you’re probably going to be working for him someday in the future, Owensboro Church in America’s figure that out, but in the 80s and 90s. It wasn’t like that, and so Michael and I went we went through school. You know that they sell nerd glasses. They got all that stuff. Now it’s kind of help to be a nerd, but we we we got to high school and there were some bullies that picked on Michael almost every day, because he was nerdy. And I was a young kid when we got the hots for younger in school than anybody else, so you know I grew up a little bit later than them and the same guys that picked on Michael, Owensboro Church I remember them my freshman year would try to pick on Me on my way to the cafeteria and back I had older brothers who trained and taught me enough to never show Fear act like you’re, not scared of them cuz. How many know if a bully smell spear on you, stunning, it you’re toast so lonely inside. I’M scared to death, but I’m outside I’m just like you come on bring it on. Let’S go, you know it’s like, oh God, they’re going to bury me, Owensboro Church but you got to act up at the time. What Michael didn’t know to do that? He was only boy in his house and kid that age and they kept on kept on kept on. It went all the way through our freshman year and into our sophomore year. These guys were bigger and badder cuz they’re, like 25 and they’re still in high school and we’re freshman. You know and finally we’re going down the we’re going down the hallway one day and Michael had had all he could take. He had all he could take had all he could stand any couldn’t stand no more like pop, I would say, and one of those boys got up and said something to Michael one, more time and Michael Unleashed a right cross and it caught that bully solid and He discovered something in that moment, Michael discovered that he could punch like a kicking mule man Michael, was bad and none of us ever saw it coming and Michael Unleashed both of his right and left fist. They were like 8:40, any blue bits of bully all over the whole way. He beat that boy almost to death literally and you know Michael got suspended for it, but he know what Michael got he got his dignity back in that bully got a good, old-fashioned, Webster County butt-kicking.

Any left, everybody alone in the hallway after that, got to give the Lord of hand clap for that cuz something’s just got it coming, I’m telling you they do this fight. I’M not talk about anything weird, but you know what I’m talking about it was time Michael got suspended, but I know that principle look them in the eye. Like son, I got to suspend you today, but and a boy you know it was time to do it. Hears what Michael found out found out Michael found out, he was packing more power than he ever understood that he was packing. He was packing more power than he ever understood, but he was packing. Do you know? The Devil is a type of a bully and if you allow him to kill, keep you coward down in the hallway of life, never walk in the way. Owensboro Church Your your call DeWalt living in fear living scared to death living outside of the person you were created to be, if you let the bully get the best of you, the devil get the best of you. You’Ll never enter into God’s best. For your life see the devil Works through a economy of psychological warfare. If you will he understands that you’re more powerful than he ever understood? He understands that you’ve got more going for you. Then he has going for him. Somebody say Amen to that. So he tries to get into your mind fast and to push you down coward you down where you don’t rise up and get the best of him. I was thankful that David Michael got the best of those bullies and Michael’s high school days turned around. We all got a brand new respect for Michael, listen, Cairo in Egypt, try to do the same thing to the people of God and the devil tries to do the same thing to you today. Look down it Exodus, chapter 1, verse, 6, Exodus, chapter 1 and verse 6. Here’S how it reads this is the story of pharaoh how he takes advantage of God’s people, Israel, it reads like this and Joseph die all his brothers and all that generation, but the children of Israel were fruitful and increase abundantly multiplied in group exceedingly Mighty and the Lamb was filled with them now there arose a new king over Egypt, who did not know Joseph and he said, knew his people look the people of the children of Israel or more and mightier than we come. Owensboro Church Let us steal shrewdly with them less they multiply, and it happened in the event of war that they also join our enemies in fight against dust and so go up out of the land. Therefore, they set taskmasters over them to afflict them with their burdens and they built for Pharaohs Supply cities, put them and Ramsey’s here’s. What Pharaoh did? Who is the type of the devil? He looks it Israel and he says this about Israel. He look look right now at this text. Look at verse. He says that Israel is more and more than we everybody say more now, say my dear same more and say my dear come on one more time more and mightier Pharaoh looks. It is really says these guys are more and they’re mightier than we, and if they choose to rise up and come against us an Egypt, we won’t be able to stop them. Owensboro Church The devil goes after the people who look like a threat to his kingdom to the dark plan that he has to what he wants to accomplish. Only some of you have had hell and high water all of your life. You were raised in environments where you were not protected, nobody for you, nobody went out for you and you had things coming at you from the left and the right and the reason the enemy dip. Owensboro Church That is, he could look at you and he could see your potential and he was trying to kill whatever God has placed in how do you before it grows? He wanted you not to know that you were more in mightier. He wanted you to think that you were less and you were weaker, not looking people in the kingdom of God and often instead of thinking of themselves as more and mightier, they think of themselves as less and weaker, and they both a lot of the enemy. I had a crazy football coach growing out and I think God for crazy football coach is the world could use more crazy football coach of somebody say Amen to that the best Wonder always just a little bit all you know what I mean and I remember being A kid playing ball and him teaching me if you get an advantage early in the game and you establish like a mental dominancy within the first three or four plays especially the first play. You’Ll win the entire night and he would tell us whenever your fire off the ball first place. I want you to fire off as hard as you can. I want you to take your right hand and whatever they snap. The ball. Take your right hand, and I want you to hit the guy you’re playing ball against as hard as you can, and the right here and try to drop his head to the ground. It’S illegal, but it’ll scare, the guy and you establish dominance dominance. Owensboro Church The hilt Hilt be worried about you, and so I did that all the way playing ball, because that guy told me that why? Owensboro Church Because whoever strikes first like that fastest first and puts fear in the heart of their enemy, Owensboro Church they win and that’s what the devil does he want you to think you’re less and your weaker is already had more people than Egypt it, but they let Egypt enslave them. Why? Because they identified more with slavery than they did with their own power, they saw themselves as to when they were great. Do you know right now, as the church in America? You could see yourself as week if you wanted to we’re living in America that Sliding Away from the Christian Foundation that it was built upon, and if we look at it and see what goes on in the media right now or the biases in the media, we Could think that we’re becoming few? I don’t want the church to ever believe the life that we are becoming few there 7 bill people on the face of the Earth today and statistician. Tell me that, somewhere between 1.5 and 2 billion people believe that Jesus is Messiah.

Come on we’re 1.5 or two billion people strong we are not to, but we are more somebody give the Lord of handclap we’re big, real crew, real force to be reckoned with. Here’S here’s what happened! I was watching this in the media. Just this week I was sitting and watching there was a guy from The High fashion world that made some anti-semitic comments and because of that he was fine. He was in the European nation that it’s taboo. Everybody came against him and let me say this first and foremost, I am a friend of Israel. I love the nation of Israel. I love the Jewish people, I’m as proud as real as it gets. I think that Israel is our only real out Ally as a nation in the Middle East that they’re the only people over there that are for you at all America, really it’s the way it really is, and this guy makes an anti-semitic comment and because of that Man all kinds of far is rain. Down on him comes comes politically comes in his job he he’s find, but about one of the nations in Europe. All that stuff happens tell me this. If the same guy gets up and makes an anti-christian comment, will anything happen? No cuz the hour it’s she can involve right now to take shots at the church, get on TV and take a shot and maybe say you don’t support same-sex marriage ban. The media will come at you, people will come at you, you can. You can make a comment about the Muslim faith right now and that they’ll call you a bigot like you can take shots at Christians all day long and if we believe the lie that we are not powerful anymore and we don’t have a voice anymore, and we Have to be quiet and we got to Pretend We’re PC and we can’t say anything about anything but be quiet. Little respectful Christians, the devil will get us in a corner. They will never get out of in America as a church and we are Mighty and we need to quit apologizing for our faith. Why are we apologizing to be the most benevolent, loving caring people that the world has ever known? Why would we apologize for that? Christian Aid organizations have done more for hurting people throughout the world than anybody else bar none for centuries and eons, and that will not change. Why are we apologizing for our faith? Because the devil’s made us think that we are? We are not more and we are not my dear listen you’re stronger than you think you are. There are more people with you than you think there are there around you, you may not see them, you may not feel them you’re. Not. Owensboro Church You may not recognize their presents, but I assure you they are there. Listen me as a pastor. I go through that sometimes, where I don’t think I think occasionally and it’s a lot of the enemy where I feel I know not my faith and I’m not ruled by my feelings, amen. I don’t want my feelings, dictate my life to me I’ll, take authority. I call it controlling your soul by solar. My emotions won’t tell me my reality. I tell my soul in my emotions, my reality. Somebody say Amen to that. So I’m not going to allow myself to feel sorry for sale for anything, but here’s the temptation as a Christian leader as a Christian leader or a pastor, you can feel alone if you allow it to come to your like that and people say that’s weird, because You’Re on a stage, everybody knows you and you can’t eat anywhere without people talking to you. How could you feel alone? Here’S how you feel alone. Well, as a Shepherd, you got people, you love them. You’Ve dealt with them, you been with them for years. You’Ve cried with them, fasted for them prayed for them did all kinds of things for them and at the end of the day, how many knows some people leave your church, I’m talking reality brass tacks. Here they go and you look at it. You’Re like man. How did that just happen, and the thing is you can start to feel alone? It’S like well the last person. I love the help that did all this and they Judas me they to buy for me in the back of the head, and so I’m going to build these walls around me. You know what I’m talking about: wow preach and I’ll pray and man, I even prophesy, but here’s where it stops. Cuz I’ve got this kind of twitching Shepherd syndrome. I don’t know if you’re going to hit me or what’s up you know, what’s going on and here’s what you got to realize. That’S why I go and I’ll get around other preachers, not hang out with them and I’ll talk to him and I’ll find out that they go through all the same stuff. I go through every Church in America not find out that I’m not alone now found out that people don’t just leave my church. Occasionally they leave everybody Church. Occasionally I found out that I’m not a vampire, even though somebody wrote it on Facebook, I’m not. I haven’t. I haven’t sucked any blood-in years. You know, I’m not a vampire not found out there more with me than there are with my enemy. Now, I’m not going to believe any lies like that, I’m not going to believe breast good or negative. The only thing I’m going to believe is: what’s written in the word of the Living God talking about all that somebody said this. You know. Sometimes people with somebody leaves a church people get all up in arms. I was listening to a preacher preaches last week. He said, did you know preacher tell me you thought nobody was ever going to leave your church. He said Heaven: one-third of the Angels rebelled against God himself and left heaven, and I thought my church, certainly in heaven. So if they leave God and they’re walking out on him, he’s got streets of gold. All we have is concrete. I know they’re going to leave here sometime, you know so it’s like I’m not going to believe that lie. I’M not alone. You are not alone. I don’t know what you’re going through. I don’t know what your house is like. I don’t know what your marriage is. Like I don’t know what your finances are like I don’t know what your health is like. Some of you feel like you’re alone right now, you are not alone. I promise you. The spirit of God is with you. The word of God is for you, the people of God are pulling for you. There are 1.5 to 2 billion people strong on the Earth. You Are Not Alone, somebody shout I’m not alone come on, say it like you mean it, I’m not alone. Arthur second thing you wants you to believe is that you were powerless you’re more in your mightier, but somebody believe that your week and you’ve been saying I want out of this. I want this situation Broken Out of My Life by Brian I’m weak. I want to quit whatever it is smoking, but I’m weak. I want to quit feeling sorry for myself, but I’m weak. I want to quit looking at that on the internet, but I’m weak. I want to quit racking up the credit card debt in destroy my financial future, but I’m weak and as long as you believe that your week do, you know what you’ll be you’ll be weak. But the moment you begin to believe that I’m strong I’m more than a conqueror the power of God’s swelling on the inside of me, I’m blessed going in on blessed coming out.

No weapon formed against me will prosper. God is growing me. I’M strong and the spirit of God is swelling on the inside of me when you start believing that you won’t see yourself as weak anymore, but you’ll start to see yourself and strong. The Bible says let the weak say I am strong. Somebody say I’m strong. So, listen to devil wants to get you thinking, you’re at your few and your week. Second thing you wants to do. Is he wants to get these burdens on you Pharaoh said here’s what we’re going to do we’re going to make Israel build things that don’t really matter will give them tasks, but they’re going to have to do they’re going to build store cities for us and they’re Going to waste their time building things that don’t even matter and so many people you watch them, they spend their life, doing things that don’t matter at all, I think about. It sometimes will ask people at the church of the staff, Alaska people that they’ll say: listen. Here’S here’s what we got going on, we got, we got Ministry, we got this event coming up. Owensboro Church We need some people to help with this this or this and a lot of times the responsible get back is. I would love to help, but I’m so I’m so busy and we’re like what are you talking about you, like 252 things on Facebook? Yesterday, in an hour, you sent me flaming shots for Mob Wars. On my Facebook account, I don’t even know what that is, and you’re too busy. Do you know how many hours, the average American watches of TV a night now is, for average American spends 28 hours a week watching TV, so many of us were spending our time. Doing things that will have no Eternal significance, I love to come be a part of Wednesday night, but I just can’t come I’m so busy got more convenient than we’ve ever had before, and I’m not just preaching to you, I’m preaching myself cuz. Owensboro Church Sometimes I let time slip away, you know. Sometimes my phone’s got me. My iPad’s got me I’m watching TV with the phone and iPad my girl saying hey. Can you play with me? I’M like come back to me with your 7. I’M I’m busy right now. You know what I mean I got. I got to finish this Duck Dynasty’s on or whatever, and I don’t want to live my life and I having fun my wheels and never really accomplished anything. I don’t want to let building things that don’t matter get the best of me. Third thing Owensboro Church faverolle went after to stop Israel is he went after the sun’s. Israel was having a lot of children, I believe in having a lot of children you’ll. So we dedicated a bunch of babies last week, we’re going to outbreed radical Islam in Jesus mighty name. Owensboro Church That’S what I believe in for, but but but anyway they were having kids and Pharaoh said. Here’S what I want you to do. I want the midwives to go in anytime, an Israeli has a male child, you can let the female children, but anytime, I have a male child. I want you to kill it pitch it in the Nile River and let it be gone, the devil is, after our son’s, ladies, your powerful God can use YouTube. I’M the farthest thing from a male chauvinist in the world. I’M married to a female preacher. I got a little girl, I believe in God, she’s going to be the president someday, but listen, there are some things: only men can do and some things only women can do. Only women can be mothers and only men can make good Father’s and those guys they need to be present in the house. So what the devil tries to do is he tries to steal the songs and if you look around the church for the last few Generations, you can see missing Sons, young men missing in action called by God to stand in a place, but the devil is pick Them off one by one and our sons are our power. Do you want to stop child abuse? Owensboro Church You want to stop wife abuse. You get the heart of a man, you can stop it in an instant, build, a good man. You can build a marriage, you can build a good man. You can build a good marriage, build a good atmosphere for kids to come up in. You can change the world. Listen. I believe that we’re not going to allow our sons to be stolen out of this church, we’re not going to let the devil. Have our sons we’re not going to let the devil have our young men not to let the devil have our boys. I believe it they’re going to come up as men of God full of the spirit of God, the anointing of God, the word of God, Men of Integrity who stand their ground and stand up for what’s right in a dark and failing World we’re going to have The right kind of men in this house last name from the story and I’ll close with this – is that the midwives wouldn’t do it for hero asked him to do. There were some women who were guts. You could have cost them their lives. Was there a job to go in deliver these babies?

They were supposed to kill. These men are all these young men and allow it to happen. They refuse to do with the Bible says they feared the Lord more than they feared the Pharaoh. They fought for the men and Dad too young boys born and they hit them and they even lied. The favor when he said. What’S up all these young Israelite boys and they’re, like you, know the women they have their babies really fast out in the field? They just keep right on truck and you know they don’t stop for a moment. But I want our church to have a bunch of midwives in it bunch of midwives that won’t let the enemy pick people off one-by-one. Now I was thinking about the midwives. I was reminded of a lady that went to our church out in Amarillo, Texas and her son is name was Josh and that song, by every statistical reality shouldn’t have had a bright future. Dad was out of the picture. He’S a young African-American male living in a rough neighborhood, didn’t have the role model in the house, so so he can almac stuff was against him. You look at the stats and you know that the end isn’t good. But what said Mama did is that mama said man, Owensboro Church I’m not letting the devil have my son. He might get some other kids from the neighborhood, but he’s not taking this boy. This boy is my boy and she fought and she worked multiple jobs. She brought that kid to our church. Every time the doors were open, she made sure he was around godly man. He was there every time the kids church was open every time the youth was open. I coached the kid football he was always going to be around. She gave up things to put him in the Christian School at that church to make sure he wasn’t in the bad environment that have been around him, and you know what happened with that kid now years down the road from 1998. To now how I look every now and then and him at Facebook and he’s a young man of God, married with kids of his own serving in the church, love and God has been the perfect raw almond, Owensboro Church perfect guy. You couldn’t ask for a better dude, Owensboro Church Josh Rouse, I’m so proud of him. Every time I seen makes me cry just never talk about him all the time. Man I’ll pray that God will give us that kind of determination for young people around us in our house. In the church, we’re not going to let the devil pick them off. Why cuz we’re more and we are might hear somebody say Amen? Would you stand up on your feet with me today? I want to pray for you. I believe that you are more, and you are my dear here’s, what I want to happen, I’m going to pray and I believe the shifts happened in some people’s minds. This message is going to soak down you’re, not going to see yourself as you used to see yourself you’re, not going to see yourself this week or broken or not enough, but you’re going to see yourself to the lens of the goblets redeemed you you’re going to See yourself as Sanctified you’re, going to see yourself as different you’re going to see yourself as in powered in your life’s going to change from the inside out. Let me pray for you, father in the name of Jesus Christ, of Nazareth, some of you that are comfortable with it. You can lift ahead and I and I haven’t right now – I’ll pray for these. What’S on the name of Jesus life, source of God flow into their lives, now declare that every word curse. It’S been spoken over them where, Owensboro Church where they heard they didn’t have enough for they weren’t smart enough for educating up or didn’t have enough money or didn’t. Have the right background, I declare that that stuff is broken in the name of Jesus and that the truth and the reality that they are more and they are mightier. I say that you’re mighty you’re, strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, the anointing of God, is in you in on you and it’s leading you and guiding you and you’re becoming greater everyday. It’S an ascending staircase up or your life you’re, Owensboro Church going to do more you’re going to accomplish more than you ever thought imaginable. I just declare and decree that the healing balm flows deep down into their hearts. I say that somebody’s having a death of an old mindset, a barrel of the past and a resurrection of everything want to go on on the inside of them. I declare it in the name of Jesus. I pray in the church said, amen, amen, amen. Somebody say we are more and we are mightier