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Come on, let’s give the Lord a big hand, clap in the house of God today. How are you doing? Why? Don’T you turn your neighbor tell him this say: you’re lucky to get to sit by me today in the house of God. Look at look at your other neighbor and tell him to say you look nice. Even if you got ta lie to him. Just say it today. You look nice in the house of God will welcome to Say Yes to the Dress. Part 1 few noticed we’re starting a new Illustrated series here and it’s all about us, the church. Those of us have called upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. Let let me ask you a question: how many all believe that Jesus is your savior, raise your hand for one moment out there yeah, you can give Laura hand, clap if you believe, Owensboro Church that yeah. Alright, here’s what the Bible teaches without a shadow of a doubt. The Bible teaches that everyone of us who’ve called on the name of Jesus for salvation that we are now the bride of Christ. Jesus is the bridegroom and we, the church, are the bride. Somebody say I’m the bride’s, even you mean you’re the bride, you’re, the bride of Christ and listen. Jesus from the beginning of the world has been wooing us has been drawing us has been trying to bring us to himself in the Bible says that it is the goodness of God that draws men to repentance. It’S the goodness of our Jesus that is made us apart of the bride of Christ. Owensboro Church because, we have a perfect God. We have a loving God where they holy God. We have a job, that’s for us and who is never against us and he’s drawing you even now. You know whenever I picked out a bride for that I wanted to marry. I decided to be good to her. How many think it’s it’s good to be good to the people you wan na marry? Does that make sense? You think that it’s good to be good to the person you’re married to pill. That makes all kinds of sense, and I got my eye on Jesse and I wanted to move her. I wanted to draw her to myself and so here’s the first thing that I did the first thing I did as I lost 30 pounds. That was Point number one. What I needed to do to woo her. You know I was born weighing over 200 pounds, so I went on the Atkins diet and I got down below 200 and I was dressed to kill all the times. I was looking good. I was trying to woo her and then I called her and you know what I did. I pull the ripcord. I got him 30 pounds in like a month to get out and the great thing about our Jesus is when he catches us he’s the same yesterday. Today and forever he’s good to you before he’s got. You then he’s good to you. When he’s got you come on, somebody give her Jesus a big hand, clap he’s the perfect bride,
groom without spot without blemish he’s the same. Malachi said this about Jesus said he. He he is the Lord. He changes, not a meant. Do you have your Bible on you today go ahead and open up to John chapter 14 John chapter 14, and I want to start with one of these illustrations. Jesus used about marriage. Now we at as a culture where obsessed with The Wedding Date, Owensboro Church not so much as obsessed with a marriage, but we are obsessed with the wedding day and I watch as a pastor, and I see the Bucks that’ll be pumped into a wedding day and help. People will obsess over a wedding in everything has to be perfect and that’s just the way. It is how many of y’all have ever seen the show Say Yes to the Dress. Any of you give you men, you raise your hand y’all to be embarrassed, but I’ve seen it too and the reason I’ve seen Say Yes to the Dress is because I’m married to a woman and every now and then I have to allow her to watch the Show she wants to watch and I was raised in an all-male household for the most part we had a mom a dad, and then there were three boys in the house and none of us know anything about women still to this day, Owensboro Church they’re largely a mystery to Us that those of you that have men that have sisters so far ahead of a guy like me – and I just assumed it that are TV, would be like this male-dominated TV. It would be a TV that would burn a trail between the Golf Channel and sports center and Western and action flicks and my TV has a trail beat down between lack Lifetime and oxygen and some of those.

What what are some of the other shows. I don’t even know she’s saying that’s not true down there, but I feel like it’s torture but Say Yes to the Dress. Here’S what Say Yes to the Dress is all about. There is a woman who has been engaged, she’s been betrothed and she’s got to pick. The perfect dress for her big day so they’re in some Boutique, probably down in Manhattan and they’re. Looking at all these dresses and it’s charged with emotion and there’s always a cousin or a sister, that’s being a jerk about every dress she tries on and then finally, she finds the one perfect dress and they all cry and there’s some guy there, that’s clapping his Hands address and all of this kind of stuff, but it’s talking about the preparation for wedding day there other shows like that in our culture, Owensboro Church how many people sing Bridezillas, you don’t know what that is, these women that are losing their mind, getting prepared for their wedding day. There’S other shows about people trying to find that perfect one for a wedding date like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. If you watch The Bachelor on The Bachelorette on praying for you right now, alright be healed in your mind in Jesus mighty name.
We pray for that. Jesus knew that every culture would have this Obsession, this understanding, this element of wedding and marriage, and it’s true all over the Earth and he picked up on it and used it to teach us about our relationship with God about him being our bridegroom and us being The bride look at John chapter 14, verses 1 through 3, if you weren’t a Jew from 2000 years ago. You wouldn’t know that this was a marriage passage, but if you study it closer you’ll find out, it is here’s how it reads: if you’re there go ahead and say: alright, here’s how it reads: let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God believe also in me. In my father’s house are many mansions if it were not, so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to myself that where I am there, You may be also here’s what Jesus says. The first thing he says is: let not your heart be troubled. Everybody look down at your heart for one moment and say that safe heart be not troubled in Jesus name. He said. Owensboro Church let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God believe also in me, and then he says in my father’s house. There are many mansions. A more appropriate translation would be this in my father’s compound or my father’s insula in my father’s living place. There are many rooms houses Jesus is talking about the custom of marriage among the Jews. Here’S a couple of Jewish boys and girls would have gotten married two thousand years ago. First of all, they wouldn’t have picked out their spouse in the club. They wouldn’t have picked them out online. They wouldn’t have picked them out in a speed-dating service. You know they wouldn’t have picked them out line to one another on the internet that an internet profile 15 years it go out of been six foot, five solid muscle. How make 350 Ka gear you know, it would have said all that stuff and it’s like that. Here’S the way they got hit there was arranged marriage and what would happen? Maybe a young man would Spy Girl and he would go talk to her dad dad.
Can he get this girl? For me, I want her as a wife. Maybe the young man is never seen the girl before it all she. What about 14 years of age cuz? That was typical age for them to be betrothed and the Two Dads just decided that their children would get married. But the father of the bride groom would goto the village that the bride was living in and they would sit down and they would negotiate a price. What would be the bride-price? What would be the Dowry that the father would have to pay for his son’s right? Cuz they’ve used their young girls as an important piece of property and livelihood, and everything like that she would have been working at their house. Owensboro Church she would have brought him come through a service in so if you wanted a bridesmaid to be willing to pay for a bride, they would negotiate the price do you know this still happens in many cultures across America and it works in a lot of places. To tell you the truth, and I’ve decided that my kids, this is the way that my kids will be married. I’M going to arrange all their marriages is going to be perfect. How many parents want to bring that back to America for our children, I’m all about some arranged marriage? When we’re talking about my girls and my boys,
I want to do that, and so they would negotiate this price and then, after the price was negotiate that, young girl would be considered as one who was bought with a price everybody say bought with a price say it Again bought with a price, and when she went back to her Village, all of the young men would know you need to stay away from that woman because she has been bought with a price. Do you know the scripture say that every one of us was born again, who’ve called on the name of Jesus for salvation? It calls us bought with a price you’ve been bought with a price for your bridegroom and Peter says that you weren’t, Owensboro Church bought with with silver or with gold or with perishable things, but that you’ve been bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. A Passover Lamb without spot without blemish, Owensboro Church the highest price that could have ever been paid, has been paid for. You, you’ve been bought with a price to be brought into the father’s house as his daughter-in-law as his son as the as the bride to the bridegroom. Look at your neighbor and say: you’ve been bought with a price. Just tell him that if, you think you’re you’re, a nobody if you think you’re less than if you think, you’re a loser. If you’re looking at your past – and you just can’t reconcile it, I want you to know that in the eyes of God, you’re worth everything that God himself sent his son from the Heavens to the Earth to die for your sins so that you could come into His family, you have great value in the eyes of God, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are made in the image of God, and you are worth something in God’s economy. Owensboro Church you’ve been bought with a price second thing that would happen in this Jewish culture. In this wedding is the thin, the bridegroom would go back to his father’s house and he would begin to build their own to his father’s house, a new room for him and his bride. They lived in what they called an insulin. Insulin was it’s like this compound kind of thing: that’s built around a courtyard and whenever a son would take a wife, it would be his responsibility to come back to the father’s house and the build on to that courtyard that compound kind of situation.

Now nobody knew what day of the wedding would happen. Nobody knew the day that the bridegroom would return for the bride. All of that was in the father’s hands see it would be a part of the father’s honor of the father’s Pride that is daughter-in-law would come back to the perfect house and he would not allow the bridegroom to go and retrieve her until everything was perfect. That’S why Jesus said these things says that no man knows the hour or the day of the return of the son of man. First church, only the father and when everything was perfect, when everything was in its right place when everything it found perfect order. That’S whenever the bridegroom would return for his bride. Owensboro Church Do you know who Jesus is going to return to his Force church and there’s going to be the marriage supper on the land of the lamp it won’t be before everything’s to fill. It won’t be before everything’s ready. It’S only in the father’s knowledge and when every jot every Tittle. Every piece of Prophecy is absolutely fulfilled to a team from Genesis to Revelation then, and only then will our God split the Western Skies and in return for his church. The great and terrible day of the Lord will come to happen and we will be brought up to meet him. We will be joined to our bridegroom. Somebody give the Lord of hand clap if you believe that Jesus is coming back. Owensboro Church We believe he’s coming back, but listen. No man knows the hour or the day. Everybody say no man. Let’S say it again: no man, you don’t have to be afraid, because it’s 2012m,
because some ancient Pagan calendar has said it’s the last day of the Earth, because no man knows the hour of the day. Penny man tells you it’s tomorrow. You can be certain that it’s not because no man knows what I do know is that Jesus is faithful to his word. What I do know is that Jesus will return for his church. What I do know is that he’s coming back as sure as the rain is Shores, the sun rises and sets. He will come back for his bride. He will return, but no man knows the hour. No man knows the day he’s gone to prepare a place for us. Now his place is a perfect place that he’s preparing. How did he prepare this place? Jesus prepared a place for us with his blood Bible, says in the book of Hebrews, the Jesus Christ of Nazareth, conquered death hell and the grave after his resurrection. He literally took his own blood and he ascended into the heavens. There’S a temple in the heavens in the Bible says that Jesus walked into this temple in the heavens and he walked right into a place called the holy of holies. The most holy place in the heavens Owensboro Church and he took his own blood, the scripture say, and he poured out – is blood on something called The Mercy Seat to pay for my son and your sin and the sin of the world that we might be received into the Heavens and that there would literally be a place for us there’s a room for you in heaven. Church there’s a place where the streets are paved with gold there’s a place where the gates are literally cut out of one Purl. One solid Pearl there’s a place where every kind of stone every precious Jewel. You can imagine adorns everything there there’s a place where the lamb is the light of the city there’s a place where there will be no more tears. There will be no more sickness. There will be no more war, there will be no more genocide, there will be no more hatred, it’s a place where the lion will lay down with the lamb, and the Bible says that the young Adder, Owensboro Church the adder or the Cobra will dwell with the young child. We’Re going to a place called Heaven one day if we hold fast to the confession of our faith, we’re going to know Jesus as we are fully known. There is a place prepared for you in the heavens and Emma service. So, Owensboro Church finally, the father would look and he would see the room that have been built and it wouldn’t meet his requirements. And he would say it’s time for you to go and to receive your bride. For yourself in a bridal party would be assembled and they would begin to March to the village in which that bride was taken it.
When they got outside of the village, they would take a shofar which is like a pipe instrument. It was made out of a Ram’s Horn and they would blow the shofar,
and that would let everyone in the village knows that it’s time for the wedding they already knew. There was one in their Village that was bought with a price in the bride within put on her garments and come out. They would be wetted, they would consummate the marriage and there would be a week-long party. You know at the end of time there will be what the scriptures called the marriage supper of the Lamb. Then the father says the time is right: Jesus will receive as Church unto himself. Everyone who’s right. Everyone who is put on white Robes of Rights Christmas by receiving his blood is sacrificed calling on the name of the Lord will be brought into this party. Every person who is outside of faith in Jesus will be left outside of this party in the dark. One. Owensboro Church will enter into Eternal Bliss, the other will enter into Eternal punishment. We want to be ready for the marriage supper of the Lamb, so the bridegroom prepares for the wedding. The bride also has to prepare for the wedding. Everybody say: prepare you don’t. Every bride has to get prepared for her wedding day. It’S a big part of what she does. What she focuses on she’s been engaged, that’s what she’s thinking about you know what I mean, there’s not a lot of other things. Have you ever looked into the eyes of a girl? That’S been recently engaged, there’s not much else going on up there, but but there’s a wedding coming help me all can attest to that. You know it’s always I’m going to marry her. They think! That’S it! That’S it they’re consumed with with that wedding. Here’S what a bride would do after she’d been she been ready and she been betrothed. She would prepare her garments. The first thing she had to do is her: in the women from her Village would begin to prepare her garments. They would get their dress ready, they had to say Yes to the Dress and they would take detail.

They would take time they would make this dress perfect cuz. It had to be ready for the marriage day and they would work on it. They would think about it. They would that that they would drive over there. Creating stress: do you know that we’re supposed to put off some old garments as the church, the Bible says we’re supposed to put off the old man and where to put on the new man? How many you think, there’s some things that ought to change in our life After we receive Jesus, amen, there’s some old things that need to be buried. There’S some old habits, some old attitudes, some old ways that need to be buried and there’s some new things that we pick up. The Bible says that we literally can put on the Lord Jesus Christ everyday that were alive on this Earth is the day that we have an opportunity to become better by the spirit of God. By the word of God, we become a better bride. The Bible says the Jesus is coming back for a bride without spot and without blemish and every day we have the opportunity to become more like him. I don’t know about you, but I recognize that there’s some things that I need worked on in my life. There’S some spots there’s some blemishes that his word and his Spirit needs to fix.
In my life and every day I have that opportunity to make this perfect bridal dress. So when he gets here he can look and he can save that. That’S my bride second thing she would have done while she was waiting is she would have had to learn new household abilities. The older women in in the village, especially around her insulin, would begin to teach her how to take care of a household how to take care of a man how to take care of a groom of her husband. Tell me you know: whenever you get married, your life changes drastically. Let me say that again, you know when you get married, your life changes drastically, see it’s easy before you get married when you’re just engaged, I mean anybody can put on a good show for 6 to 9 months. Owensboro Church It’S just simple its whenever you really get down to getting married, you really know about who you’re married to what’s really going on and two different households have to begin to blend and what the price to do is she was going to have to lower her will To the will of her husband, she would be taken apart of his house and in the ancient near East. She would literally be seen as his property now. I know you, ladies, don’t like that kind of preaching, but but that’s literally what she was going to so it wouldn’t be about her will anymore. It would be about his we’ll just see whenever she married me, she was leaving her house and she was coming into my household. Her will has to change its not that I run over my wife or anything like that. I think we all to be good to our wives and the Bible teaches that and who’s good to his wife. God will bless him if you’re bad to your wife. The Bible says that God doesn’t even listen when you pray. Send me, ladies on the clap, your hands for that scripture. That gives you some leverage right, there. Can’t even here. Yet if you pray but listen, here’s the deal, Owensboro Church we’re saved, we get so much whenever we have this relationship with the bridegroom, but how Mia know that Christianity is not all about us anymore.
Christian news about running the household of God. Christianity is about being a blessing to people in the church. Christianity is about serving see a wedding day, maybe all about the bride. Her dreams are coming true, but there’s going to be days in the future, where she’s going to be a mother and she’s going to have to come to maturity and she’s, going to have to work and she’s going to have to pull in load and her life Is going to change drastically? That’S what marriage is really about, God, giving everything for us and us and return giving everything to him. She had to get prepare the third thing she would do if she would anticipate his return. Everybody say anticipate. We, the church, Owensboro Church are called to anticipate the return of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We’Re supposed to have this heart that looks forward to his return, we’re supposed to look forward to the day that he’s going to return and receive us unto himself. Owensboro Church there’s an ancient word. A Greek word that the church used to pray all the time they would say this word they would say Maranatha and what Maranatha meant was even so come quickly. Lord Jesus, everybody say Maranatha. What you’re saying when you say Maranatha is you’re, saying God we’re waiting on your return. God we’re waiting on the Fulfillment of the prophecies that you’ll return for your church Jesus. We ask that you would hasten the work they give me the van July’s, the world that you would quick in your church that you would fulfill every jot every Tittle of the scriptures and that you would return for us. There’S this Maranatha try in our hearts. So she has to get ready, but listen. If we’re going to be the kind of bride, we’re called to be there’s some things we need to put aside there’s some things we need to set aside for our wedding day. Tell me know if you get married to somebody, because when we get married, everybody’s got a past, we just do whatever we come to Jesus we’ve all got a past now Christ is cleansed us from our past, but some of us are still holding on to it. How many you think if I’m married Jessie and the first week we were married, I came into a room and she had candles lit. She had an old Memento book and she was looking at all the boyfriend she had before she married me. How do you think that I have a problem on my hands there? Huh, you know I found out just recently, J
esse’s got a valentine that she’s held onto for 25 26 years. Her first Valentine. She still got it in the guys, went over to be a chiropractor. Owensboro Church He probably makes more money than they should I be. Should I be concerned about that she’s had that for all of these years, no, she was in first grade. She got it. Listen lots of people hold on to things that are keeping them from being the bride. There’S supposed to be, you know that they pull out the old Memento book from past relationships. You have relationships before the literal marriage you’re in today. You know thinking back to your high school boyfriends or girlfriends. It’S not going to help anybody in the room. How many mils ran into somebody that you dated back in high school and maybe in the mall somewhere, like that in your like? Thank you, Jesus that I didn’t marry that person I’m roll thankful for the grace of God. But you got to be careful because before you run into them your memories can be deceptive. The devil wants you to think back to the fun Parts before you knew. Jesus cuz Sam is fun for a season, so we remember how much fun I’m looking my remember. How much fun I had in the club? Man we were, we were having a good time. There was people all around, we were partying, but he doesn’t remind you of the page where you got arrested for a DUI on the way home or when the bouncers were beating you up on the outside for being a jerk. He doesn’t remind you of that. That’S not the way it looks. Owensboro Church there’s a past you got to put behind there’s some baggage. You got to check if you’re ever going to come in, make it on a honeymoon Jesse. She had a boy that was trying to woo her whenever we we, we begin to have a thing for each other and that guy hated me with every fiber with all went to the same church.

He hated my guts and let me give a word of wisdom to all you, young man that are trying to catch a woman right now but friend to her father. That’S the way you do. It all became a friend to her father and I got the inside track and some people say what is it Christian to date, somebody who has somebody else after a man, all’s, fair in Love and War, and if you’re, big enough old boy to take her, you Go for it, nothing counts until there’s a marriage, and so so Jesse had this guy. You know she got this whatever kind of semi not like boyfriend girlfriend, but some sort of cording, maybe not even courting some sort of Christian kind of Christian Youth Group relationship. How to describe that. Tell me you know what gets different know. We’Re friends we’re not dating we’re courting I’m dating Jesus, and – and I don’t even know how you described all that, but anyway, that this kind of thing going on. He did. She told him. She didn’t want to date him, but but she has to get rid of that guy to follow me and I brought a picture of him if you want to see what he looks like this is the got it up. There is right there that’s Jessie’s past. She has to say goodbye to that. If she’s going to have a relationship with me, listen what do you have in your past? You need to say goodbye to what do you have in your moment, oh book, that you need to just absolutely get rid of, but maybe it’s depression. Maybe it’s an old relationship Owensboro Church maybe maybe it’s some sort of inferiority but listen you’re going to have to check your baggage if you’re really going to have the marriage or call to have with Christ. If you’re really going to have the honeymoon the gods called you to, have you got, Owensboro Church you got to check your baggage, the others are going to bring you some bag tags right now, if you don’t already have them they’re going to bring you some Bag tax? Now. Won’T you to be led by the spirit of God today I want you to think about things that don’t belong in a new relationship. You have with Jesus some stuff.
You need to set aside some stuff. You need to get rid of just let the spirit of God leads you today, cuz there’s so much. He wants for you, there’s so much in the relationship he’s designed for you and there’s so many things that can hold you back from having everything that you’re called to have. I don’t want old relationships to stop me from having everything I’m supposed to have in my new one.
I don’t want depression, I don’t want to diction. I don’t want green, I don’t want unforgiveness. I don’t want some sort of problem with the family member. Stop me from having everything that Christ is called me to have your going to get these bag tags. Let the spirit of God leads you. Let him show you what it is. You need to walk away from today, so you can walk fully into the new relationship. You have Jesse and out we went out in the fall. We were part of world of bored, actually burn, anti-sex Trafficking Organization. This church supports through missions called life impact International, and we went out to a board meeting in La where we met and and Alana Vasquez is the lady that runs that incredible woman and whenever we were coming back Jesse and I we were checking our bags at Burbank, California and the guy that I was handing our luggage to he wasn’t paying any attention to what he was not told Jesse. If we get our baggage, it will be a miracle it just will and I haven’t tooken. I gave him a big tip, Owensboro Church hoping I could bribe them in the pan attention to my bags because he hated the fact that I was there. You know I handed him that bag and I never saw it again even to this day, all my stuff, my baggage, was going to Jesse’s and all of our kids. So many of us got stuff like that. Right now we need to handle somebody. We need to handle Jesus those problems that that past we need it taken. We need it lost. We need to cast him to see if forgetfulness, where we never have to think about it again. What is it fill it out right it on that sheet. Whenever you get it there, whatever you think you need to lay down today, I want you just come now. I want you to drop it in these suitcases, just come and drop it in the suitcases today. Are we don’t want your names on it? We don’t want to know what your baggages that’s between you and God, and what we’re going to do this week as we’re going to burn your baggage will probably run over it with the truck we may blow it up. We’Re going to do lots of things to your baggage and then we’re going to film it you’re going to see it next week. Whenever you come back to church as a faith action, then my baggage is gone. Whenever you get it done just come.