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Praise the Lord and turned her neighbor tell him this say: you’re lucky to get to sit by me tonight. Let him know that, and you can look at your other neighbor and tell him you look like you’ve lost 20 lb, go ahead and encourage them before the holidays come around. You know I’m already something happens to be around Thanksgiving. I get on something I call full C time, I’m at full feed from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I go back to half feed at January so January, 1st I’m going to start shrinking my midsection, but I’m going to grow my beard. Somebody say Amen to that. That’S what we’re going to do and I’m pumped about the Grove series bring somebody out. I know everybody’s going to get him a new gym membership everybody’s going to have a new goal, the first of the year and we might as well make one of our goals becoming more Christ, like somebody say, Amen, huh, we all to get more christ-like and in Right there on the cards we prepared, we already know what we’re going to be talking about the first 5 weeks of January, and we’ve got devotions, we’re riding that you can study everyday and we want to help. Take you to another level also in January. This is when stop. Owensboro Church This is the home team. We’Re going to do something. I know you’re all going to jump for joy. Whenever I talk about it, but we’re going to have a corporate fast insert a tree right there. There’S one and a one dance excited about fasting and we’ll start fasting on the 6th of January corporately. Owensboro Church you know, Jesus said Jesus said this. He told us when you fast and the what the assumption is that there’s sometimes you will Fast Jesus assumed that we would fast somebody say, Amen to that. He he assumed when you fast fast like this, and then he told us don’t be Hypocrites about it. Don’T make a big deal about it? You know don’t try to get spiritual points in front of others through your fasting, but then, if you go after Jesus said that in the New Testament end of the book of Acts, you’ll find many times in the book of Acts for the church came together and They fasted corporately, so there’s a time when the church should come together and fast corporately and we believe we all to take some of the first fruits of our gear this coming year. We don’t do it every tell me about. We have some in the past and we’re going to have a time of fasting now. What does it mean to Fast Too Fast means to go without food, to go to put something aside, some people fast. We got people under the sound of my voice. They’Ve done 40-day water fast. Some of them have never fasted more than four minutes, but we’re going to we’re going to go a little higher. Owensboro Church you know and some people to start at 40-day fast and ended it in four hours later up.
I think I’ve done that once or twice on the past, so no condemnation but we’re going to find what do I want to do and I’m going to be talking about that in January. I want you to prepare yourself. Prepare your heart, prepare your mind, I’m going to tell you some of the biggest Miracles we’ve ever had as a church. Owensboro Church I believe they’ve been associated with some of the fasting. That’S been done here. The building or setting in I believe it’s a product of corporate fasting. One time I was healed of 18 months of constant pain through a 21-day fast at the end of a 21-day fast god healed me. So I believe we’re going to get into the Miracles on it’s going to be awesome. I’M pumped anybody else pumped out there. It’S going to be going to be good I’m excited exciting, here, Pastor, Ellison stand up here with this tribe stand up here. Owensboro Church this is the Madisonville tribe. You’Ll, give him a hand, clap these guys of Pastor First Assembly for about 60 years now the Apostle Peter sent them there. How long you going to First Assembly God Christian Assembly, I’m sorry 675, that that’s awesome, senior pastor since 88, you’ll give him one more hand, clap that the incredible people it’ll stick with it and fight for a church. I’M telling you they’re few and far between, but I believe that there’s Eternal reward, I’m like anybody else, can even comprehend on this Earth for people who will stick to it keep their hand to the plow and not look back, not jump before the assignments finished. We appreciate you, we love you, we believe in you. These guys have been big friends of mine and Jesse for a lot of years. Matter of fact, they let us preach in their church with nobody else even wanted to listen to us way back in the day. They took chances on us and it’s an honor to have. You come hang out with us tonight. It really is, if you guys, have your bottle or not go ahead and open it up to the book of Galatians were going to go to Galatians chapter 3 and I’m going to pick up what I was teaching last last week. I’Ve been talking about this. That Faith people are blessed people, everybody say this out loud somebody say: faith. People are black people, let’s say it again. Faith people are blessed people. Owensboro Church I want to take us back to our key text. Galatians chapter 3 will begin reading and verse 8 and just going to read a few verses, their Galatians 3 and verse 8. If you’re there tonight, you could say you’re there, Galatians 3 verse 8 hears Outreach and the scripture for seeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, preach the gospel to Abraham beforehand. Sane in you all the nation she’ll be blessed.
So then, those who are of Faith are blessed with believing Abraham, for as many as are the works of the law are under. Owensboro Church the curse, for it is written. Cursed is everyone who does not continue in all things which are written in the book of the law? To do them, but no one is justified by the law in the side of God is evident for the just shall live by faith, yet the laws not of Faith, but the man who does them shallot bother. Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law. Having become a curse for us, for it is written cursed, is everyone who hangs on a tree that The Blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles in Christ, Jesus that we might receive the promise of the spirit through faith? So here’s what the Apostle Paul writes about his talking about this Faith, connection that Abraham has with God, says the god comes down and speaks to Abraham and he says to Abraham through you Abraham. All the nations of the Earth are going to be blessed in the Bible, even calls Abraham. It gives him an adjective before his name. It doesn’t just call him Abraham. It calls him believing Abraham somebody say believing Abraham. This guy is called believing Abraham because, Owensboro Church whatever God speaks to Abraham, you know what Abraham does come on. He believes whatever God says that Abraham says yes and amen to it. Whenever God speaks Abraham nods, his head and says yes, Lord spit under me, I believe you’re worth so. Abraham isn’t just Abraham. Owensboro Church He is believing Abraham and if you go down into the lations chapter 3 verse 9. It says now that those who are of Faith they are blessed with or like believing Abraham, those that are of Faith are blessed with or like believing Abraham, those that are old Faith they are blessed with or like believing Abraham, those that are afraid they are. What church blessed with in like believing Abraham? Let me ask you this question, not argue, my faith person do believe the crisis overcome death hell and the grave, if you have just lift your hand up right there. Owensboro Church alright, the scripture says those of you that believe that you’re what alright, so I don’t have to wait till I see everything I want to see in my life to believe I’m blessed most of the world thinks that somebody’s blessed whenever it’s already evidence in their life They’Ve got the family, they’ve got the stuff, they’ve got the money, they’ve got what we think. Perfection is in life, but the scripture doesn’t say you’re blessed because you have it. The scripture teaches something like this that you’re blessed and then that blessing later on begins to manifest itself in your life. Somebody say I’m already blessed. You can learn to see yourself through the lens of blessings instead of through the lens of what you don’t have yet spend your whole life can begin to change. I want you to understand what you have in Christ, to the Bible says if you’re afraid you’re already a blessed person, but so many people will never live in the real blessing Gods called them too, because they don’t see themselves through this lens matter fact there. Christianity is very one-dimensional. Lots of people have a Christian. What is the only thing they think it’s good for. Is it get out of hell free card, and you know what I got saved number one, the primary reason I got saved. Let me tell you why it’s because I did not want to go to hell there. Anybody else out there like that, I mean he’ll, just sounded like a bad idea to me. We’Re talking about the fire were talking about a worm That Never Dies. We’Re talking about that is, never quenched were talking about Darkness, we’re talking about separation from God I mean I don’t want to go to hell and having none of us should want to go to Hell’s matter fact. I think that God doesn’t want any of us to go to hell matter fact. Owensboro Church the Bible says that he’ll wasn’t prepared for any of you. The Bible says that the hell was prepared for the devil and his angels and misery loves company. So what does the devil want to do? The devil wants to bring you Manatee, along with him in his Rebellion, where we end up in the place that’s held for ultimate Rebellion for all eternity, not remember whenever I got under conviction that back in the nineties, not my brother got saved. His wife got saved. All the sudden, they wouldn’t do the things with me that they used to do with me that they used to a new blow with me a drink with me and all that kind of stuff, and they wouldn’t do it anymore now, would go over to their house And I will try to get them to back slot. They were going to church a charismatic church and I used to make fun of charismatic churches back.

Then I would go over to his house and I would dance around like I was a charismatic preacher saying. Can I get a witness, probably more like a Pentecostal preacher, doing things like that and I would bring bags of coke over and I’m waving his face, trying to get him to get high with me and he wouldn’t do it not thought man what’s happened to you And what are you? What have you done with my brother? What’S what’s up here and they started praying for me and you know what you can’t make a decision for anybody else out there. You know that some of your trying to force something on your family y’all to stop somebody said, give him a break huh, invite them love them, but stop trying to force stuff on them. Start praying for the Bible says when the holy spirits come to the ER that he will convict the world of Judgment of sin and of righteousness, Owensboro Church they started praying for me. They couldn’t make a decision for me, but man they can make the Holy Spirit. They can they can raise the water level around my life through there, a prayer and conviction came on my life. Now tell you what I was convicted of sin of judgment and of righteousness, and I became very health-conscious. Owensboro Church I have this understanding that I was not right with God. It came on me all the sudden in life and if I died that I would bust hell wide open and back there before I got saved, I was already a pretty good evangelist. I couldn’t preach into heaven, but I could preach in the hell. I would tell my friends all the time we get out. We get high together not be like you know what, if we died, we would all go to hell. I’Ve been saying that maybe, like Gibson, shut up you’re not to get out of the car, but don’t talk like you can’t go with us and listen. I did not want to go to hell and that’s a great starting point for Christianity, but thank God. It’S not! The end of the faith we have our faith is a whole lot, bigger than getting out a help. We can have a life here, that’s blessed by God, touched by Heaven. You don’t just have to miss help. You can have a little Heaven on her. Somebody give the Lord one more hand, clap you think. It’S too, I believe it here’s what the fight this, like. The faith is like a diamond matter. Fact it’s greater than any diamond any Jewel any gold in any of those substances you can get on the Earth. But if you get a gym or or a diamond a lot of times, it’ll be cut in a way where you can pick it up and you can turn it there different facets to it. Every time you turn it. You can see something else in it, but there’s new light. There’S new revelation, there’s new understanding, there’s something new every time you turn it and Christianity’s like that. This faith that we have with the maker of the heavens and the Earth, if you’ll, keep turning it and keep looking at it and keep hearing into it and not look away. You’Ll find some new things in this gospel in this Bible. Owensboro Church In this life of following him, his Mercy is new. Every morning you can go from Faith to Faith from glory to glory, there’s more to following him. Then just getting out of hell free see, you can get out of hell, but you can also be blessed in this world. Those that are Faith they are blessed with believe Abraham turn over to Genesis. 24. Verse. 1. Do you didn’t hear this last week? Let me go over Genesis: 24, verse, 1. God comes to Abraham Genesis, chapter 12 and he makes a covenant with him. Genesis 12 chapter 1 y’all to read that later, but it shows the culmination of Abraham’s life Genesis: 24, verse. 1. What will the blessing do for your life? Here’S, what here’s, what it did in Abraham’s life, says now when Abraham was old and well advanced in age.

The Lord had blessed Abraham come on he. What area when Abraham was old and well advanced in age? The Lord and blessed Abraham, no thanks, I’m not telling you the moment. You receive Christ, Owensboro Church everything in your life’s going to be perfect, I’m not telling you that life is going to be without any struggles or any battles or any victories in it possible. What looks like a momentarily defeat? Excuse me, but but I look at April’s life and Abraham at a fight through some stuff. But the bottle says this: he fought those fights and you know what he did. He want them and when Abraham was what old will Advanced in age, the Lord has blessed Abraham in all things, see the blessing of God in the Covenant of God. It comes to live to touch, in effect every area of your life. It can weave into your thought light. It can go into your emotional life, it can go into your financial life and it can go into your relational life. We can go into your familial life. It can go in into your health life into every area of your life. The blessing of God can go there. Let me show you this. In the Psalms turn over to Psalm chapter 103 song chapter 103, the psalmist wrote about this song 103 and I think it’ll be somewhere right up there at the beginning of Psalm Psalm 103 user excited that they’re not sounds like more fun back there than out here. Right now, Psalm 103 verse verse, 1. Here’S a bit sounds like a timing is perfect back there. I need to pay them to do that here. Owensboro Church here’S what it says bless the Lord, oh my soul and all that is within me bless. His holy name bless the Lord, oh my soul and forget not, what’s it say, all his benefits every now and then I like the way the psalmist says this. He says, bless the Lord and then he says, oh, my soul. So what the psalmist is doing. His he’s telling his soul what to do. I say it like this: I call it learn to control your soul, cuz. What’S your soul, it’s your thought. Your will your emotions. A lot of it is your thought, life. Anybody ever had your thought. Life run off on you somewhere, weird in life, just all the sudden, you’re thinking something crazy, something weird something that that is opposite of the blessing of God or the teaching of God or the knowledge of God. Sometimes I wake up and my mind is crazy. Your pastor thinks crazy things at times. I think things that I don’t want anybody to know about come on somebody. You have some thoughts if you ever thought like, if my thought life was put them on a screen for everybody in the room to see come on. You know what I’m talking about out there. That would be scary, Woodridge we’d all be watching you. If we can see what you’re thinking more, like my God, something to have security, follow that person right there we’ve seen their thought life. You know it’s weird to build up their swirling around their head once that having a weird thought is not a sin can be an attack right fiery, Dart of the enemy, something that comes at white-welling on the wrong fall to cause. You trouble heard it said, like this thoughts are like trains they’re going to take you somewhere, you go down to the train station. You get on a train, maybe maybe you’re in the subway in New York. You get on a train. That train has a final destination done it before. You hang on the phone too long. You better think about where that thought is going to take you what’s the destination. So here’s what the psalmist said bless the Lord. Oh, my soul, don’t let your soul go anywhere! You make your soul, be an instrument of Praise on the God, bless the Lord, oh, my soul and there’s. The second thing he says forget: not all his benefits are got in. Our Gospel is a God that brings benefits the psalmist said this daily. He loaded me with Benefits daily. He loaded me with Benefits. Forget not all his benefits whenever you forget about what all gods done for you forget about the blessing God’s giving you forget about what he’s provide. You get yourself in a dangerous place where you can get self-focused, you can get angry, you can get bitter, but if you remember how good he is, what all he’s done, the victories. Owensboro Church he will he’s one. What he’s provided for you it’s hard to get turn into self. It’S a whole lot easier to be turned towards God hears what he says. He bless the Lord. Oh, my soul, forget not all his benefits. Verse. 3. He forgives all your iniquities. He heals all your diseases, he redeems your life from destruction, crowns you with love and kindness and Tender Mercies satisfies your mouth with good things, so that your your youth is renewed like the eagles somebody all to get my hand, clap just for those benefits right. There. Forgiveness, healing provision renewed strength renewed, so you got to you got to remember the benefits: here’s how all these benefits were bought. Galatians, chapter 3, where we start says this: that Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law having having been cursed and placed on a tree in our place. Christ has redeemed us. How do we get these benefits with somebody had to pay for it? Cuz. There’S nothing in this life that comes free, salvations, free, but Jesus paid for it for you. Somebody always has to pick up the tab. Do you know if your Skipper, restaurant, the restaurant owner he’s, got to get the tab. Because Somebody’s got ta pay for the benefits? Somebody’S got to pay for the blessing and see we can all the blessing, but Christ did all the pain and he did it on the cross. The Bible says: Christ has redeemed us.

What does it mean to be redeemed? It means to be bought back out of something and to be restored to your original purpose to be bought back out of something to be restored to your original purpose. Think about it like this, if you’ve got a PC and if you have a PC, I’m sorry for you guys should have a Mac because PCS they’re just there are what they are. But if you call PC with a PCL, do after so much time as it’ll get junked up you get on the internet with it, it gets viruses, it gets. Trouble, gets all this stuff downloaded into the computer, and then you get pop-ups. And then you get weird things in all kinds of stuff happens on my PC and after about 2 years, you want to drop, kick it into the Ohio cuz, that’s where it belongs, but what people will do with adjunct? Mpc is they’ll, take it and they’ll restore it to its default settings. Somebody that’s good enough. They can take it and restore it to its original purpose. That’S a slate wiped clean in a brand new beginning. You can be redeemed or bought backs matter fact. If you’re a child of God, the Bible says they give been redeemed not with silver or gold, but with the precious blood of Jesus redeemed from the curse of the law. What does the curse of the law? Look like what, if I’ve been redeemed from see something? Owensboro Church don’T know what to fight for and what to fight against, so they take everything that comes their way as though it is the will of God. Owensboro Church never heard people say something like this would happen. It must have been the will of God cuz. They think the will of God is always done in the earth. I see that the will of God is rarely done in the Earth. The will of God is rarely done in the earth. Did you know that it’s matter of fact, the Book of Genesis? The book of Beginnings, the first thing God tells us that’s altered by the holy spirit that made a perfect world. I put in a perfect world, and I told him not to do something and what did Adam do body told him not to first big story in the Book of Genesis. Is man breaking God’s will wife, because the will of God is typically not done on the earth, so people accept everything as though it’s the will of God. Christians put spiritual tags on it, don’t say: well, I’m suffering for Jesus really. Are you cuz there’s the question? I have do non-Christian, suffer with the same Affliction, you’re suffering with right now, if non-christians supper with the same afflictions were suffering with, it is not suffering for Jesus. Can I say that again, if non-christians supper with the same afflictions were suffering with, that is not suffering for Jesus there’s a whole Camp of teaching in America right now, it’s taking off like a rocket and they love to teach about suffering for Jesus, but they’re Groudon. What suffering from Jesus is is just not biblical cuz. There is a Biblical grid on suffering for Jesus and I’ll. Tell you how to dance. It’S called persecution. Go read about Syria this last month and the Christian Villages have been burned. The kids that have been raped, the mass Graves that have been found all because they were people of faith. What’S that suffering from somebody say: Jesus, listen, work, persecution. Having things said about you for his sake, people who are beating poison at personal friends have been poisoned for the gospel I’ve been and I’ve ministered in Vietnam. Owensboro Church war meetings were broken up by government authorities, and Christians will be threatened for their lives.
That’S suffering for Jesus, but just because you lost your job or because you got a certain sickness, you cannot call it suffering for Jesus. It’S just Fallen world problems at the unbeliever deals with just like we do quit typing in, like that. Quit accepting and start fighting it and believe in the promises of God at stop preaching, but it’s true preaching somebody say: hey man, I’ll smile cuz, I’m getting kind of intense up here, so just smile at your neighbor, real big make me feel better. Just say I like that preacher, even though he’s a little intense personal off, what is the curse of all? What should we not accept? What did Jesus redeem us from our buys back from turnover, Deuteronomy chapter 28 Deuteronomy chapter 28 – I’m going to take it, I’m going to show you exactly Galatians Paul said you’re redeemed from these things and Galatians. Our order in Galatians Deuteronomy gives us a list of everything. We’Re redeemed from everything you don’t have to put up with the crisis already paid for it for you and if any of these things ever come my way since I’ve gotten saved yes, but I’m not going to lay down just accept them, I’m going to fight against Them cuz, I don’t believe they’re God’s will, because Jesus already paid the price so that I could be redeemed from them and there’s no need two of us paying for the same thing. It’S already been paid for somebody say, Amen to that Deuteronomy 28. Here it is, there are 53 versus of curses, I’m not going to read all of them to you, because they are dismal and we would be there in a long time. Alright, it’s a lot of bad stuff and up starts and verse 15 and there’s 53 bearses up, and let me show you the kind of stuff. The Bible says that you are redeemed from here’s what it says: first 15th, but it shall come to pass if you do not obey the voice of the Lord, your God, to observe care Play Always Commandments in a statue’s which I command you today, then all these Curses will come upon you and overtake you curse. Show you be in the city. Car show you be in the country, curse, you’ll, be your basket and you’re needing both her she’ll be the fruit of your body in the produce of your land. The increase of your cattle in The Offspring of your flock curse, show you me when you come in and Curcio you be. When you go out, the Lord will send on you cursing confusion, rebuke and all you set your hand to do until you are destroyed, I’m until you perish quickly because of the wickedness of your doings and which you have forsaken me. The Lord will make the plague cling to youth. Intelius consume you from the land which you were going to possess. The local strike you with consumption, with fever, with inflammation with severe burning fever with the sword with scorching with mildew. They shall pursue you until you perished in the heavens, with your overdue Shelby bronze in the earth which is under, you should be ironed. Owensboro Church the Lord will change the rain of your land of powder and dust from the heaven it will come down. Owensboro Church come down on you until you are destroyed, your enemies will cause you to be defeated. The normal cause you to be defeated before your enemies. You should go out one way against them and flee seven ways before them and you shall become Troublesome to all the kingdoms of the earth. Your carcasses she’ll be food for all the birds of the air in the Beast of the earth and no one she’ll frighten them away. The Lord will stripe you with morals of Egypt, with tumors with the scalp and with the itch somebody say the H got out on the what it is, but I don’t want it.
You know the inch sounds really bad. You get the picture, it’s a lot of bad stuff, been the curse. Is all the bad stuff says this that everything you do is going to fall apart? I can sum up the 53 verses of curses for you. Number one. It’S it’s this it’s! It gets Financial despair Number One, Financial despair, whatever you do, whatever you’re going after it just falls apart. The second thing is this: it’s it’s emotional trauma emotional trauma. Just a lot of stability talks about fear coming upon these people, and people. Do you read down through it all talks about them going crazy and losing their mind? The third thing is: this: is physical ailments, physical helmet things like the itch things like things are the scab things like hemorrhoids are in there? Do you know that hemorrhoids are a curse and it’s it’s listed under all of that in the scripture at the end of these 53 versus of curses. It says this. The curse will bring all the diseases upon you that were upon the Egyptians, an even the diseases in or not listed among the Egyptians they’ll come to it says every type of disease. It’S a part of the curse, goes on and says your enemies will come against. You and they’ll always defeat you defeat is a part of the curse. Do you get to use to getting Defeated, You’ve bought into the wrong philosophy? This is the victory that overcomes the world. I, like people who like to win you’re too comfortable losing to the curse, goes on. Owensboro Church it says this, it says a foreigner will come to your land and he will go higher and higher and higher. You will go lower and lower and lower and he will be the head and you should be the tail that don’t sound like America and China right now. I don’t know. What. Come on the curse, it is, is failure curses disease, the curses torment, the curse is losing and every year of Life the Bible says this. The Bible says that come on somebody has redeemed us from the curse of the law. I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful that I don’t have to have the edge the scab.

I don’t have to go crazy. I don’t have to be defeated and more because my God is already done it all at calvary’s Cross. We all to give him a big hand, clap tonight, here’s the beginning of change in your life. Let let me show it, let me show you how it works, it is, is all of these things are legally done in the heavens, with Christ they’re all legally done. It it’s it’s done so now by faith, you come and you believe little bottle of them bit by bit. It’S all happened, but little by little and bit by bit those things that are on your life, that look like the curse and many people have different touches from the curse all her life. She won’t, let God you trust, God those things begin to lift off of you little by little bit by bit. I’Ll, probably, have you seen it guys? The curse just come off of people’s lives, them so cursed when they first come to the church, and then it just slowly little by little bit by bit, curse comes off of their life know. The same kind of thing happens to me: there’s some Nations that the blessing of God is evitable America’s been one of those Nations. Now we’re at a Crossroads. I wonder where we’re going to go. It doesn’t look like in the right direction right now. Just to be honest, we’ve been blessed to this point, but whenever you turn your back on on faith, faith is what opens up the blessings man that curse, that that blessing against the lip and the curse settles back in. I watch some people who, who man that came into the kingdom of God, the things of God and the curse was lifting off of their life and the blessing was coming on. Then something happened. They got, they got hit from the side. You know the enemy always blindsides people, it’s the way it works and they got off track. Owensboro Church they went the different direction and then the blessing that was all milk. It begins. The left in the curse settles back in. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live with any touch of the curse on my life. Owensboro Church I want to live in the blessing. How do we do that? Well, Owensboro Church those that are of face their blessed with believing Abraham, so we believe whether we see it today or not. We believe whether we have side knowledge. We don’t all about side knowledge, we will. We will we walk by faith, we we, we believe it because it’s been said.. Here’S what I believe. I believe that the curse is going to lift off of you, you’re going to be people of faith and at the blessing it’s going to settle right into your life, will just stand up on your feet with me tonight. I just want to pronounce that over to pronounce the blessing over you tonight, I’m going to agree with what the word says: it’s not that I’m doing it and the words already done it. Jesus already already did it I’m going to agree that you’ve been redeemed from the curse all of those things attached to the curse. I just believe that they’re coming all for you in in the name of Jesus close your eyes for one moment, some of y’all y’all, know you’ll, see things that are absolutely the curse in your life. There evident their obvious man that this is the cursed this this. Owensboro Church this isn’t right, this isn’t just Christ has already broken this thing off on my life. It’S been paid for, but you still see it and here’s what I want to do.
I want a gree with you. Does that thing’s coming off you that things leaving your life that things that deck that mental instability? I hear that, in the spirit, mental instability that it’s going to come out of you and it’s going to go and you’re not going to be sound in your mind for two weeks and gone for 2 or 3 days anymore. You’Re going to have a stability that you’ve never had it in 20 years is what the Lord says, and it’s going to be, what he’s done? It can’t be the curse, leaving and the blessing declared that you had. You don’t have a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind in the name of Jesus in the name mine’s to line up with the word of God. Even now in Jesus mighty name, Kyle just Lift Your Hands to Heaven. Anybody out there that it’s got this shit. You want to receive something up, not just the Mind thing, but other things you see in your life father. We believe that the curse is going. We believe that Financial failure is leaving all the things we touch. They don’t fall apart. The things that we touch it prospers, it does better. It pushes forward it’s better than it was when we found it. We declare it right now. I speak over bodies that have sickness in them right now. Damn disease tormenting them. That’S the curse of the law is Beckham and that sickness to go from their bodies and health and wholeness to flow into them from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet. I declare it Lord, I call them whole. I call them healthy. Owensboro Church are those that have anguish in their family right now, man relational trauma? I declare the peace that surpasses all understanding it’s going to flow into your relationships, end of your sons and your daughters into their lives. We believe that the conviction of the Holy Spirit coming up around now and some of them they’re, going to bother me with their tongue they’re going to confess Jesus is Lord soon. We believe that so what we think is at the black, the curse is gone and that the blessing is here so are we remember the benefit? We remember the blessing we believe we received all the goodness from calipers cost more. We receive it tonight, come on somebody just say this out loud, but I’m redeemed from the curse of the law. I declare put on the person of Faith, therefore I’m blessed with believing Abraham, I’m blessed like believe in Abraham, when Abraham was old and well certain age, the Lord blessed Abraham. In all things. I declare that I’m going to be blessed in all things, because my gods and his son has went to the cross in my place. I receive my redemption in Jesus, mighty name, amen, amen, amen, come on. Let’S give the Lord iHome club tonight. I declare you are blessed: people amen, amen, hey. We love you this Sunday morning we’re going to have our kind of traditional Christmas service, and also we got a Christmas Eve service where we bring the kids up on the stage going to have communion Candlelight. It’S going to be awesome, we love you Merry Christmas man stay out of trouble or I’d. Owensboro Church give somebody a high-five on her way. Out of here will see you on Sunday. God bless