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Go ahead and open up your bottle, if you have have it on you tonight, and I want to go to James chapter 1 Jessie and we’re going to take a little time we’re going to talk and teach together. Just for a moment. This Wednesday night going to flow a little bit together and it’s fun sometimes to talk in a house cuz the Church of God. It really is like a family as what it is. The house of God is a family. Owensboro Church We are the household of faith and a lot of Pastor and a lot of leading. It is spiritually your parenting in a certain sense and every now and then Jesse and I would like to come up and speak spiritually. And I know we’re not old enough to be a lot of your parents or anything like that, but by the grace of God we can do that and I believe it if you, if you hook your faith to to that, Owensboro Church God has sent a pastor to communicate To get whenever we speak, things from the heavens, I believe, can come right to you and can change your situation. So whenever I said in the saints were – and I listen to preachers preach – I think of them as a gift sent to me for that hour. For that time, and I’m going to listen to them and I’m going to hear Heaven through those so my prayer tonight is that you would hear a Little Bit of Heaven through us and then it would change your situation. Look down! Look down if you have your bottle on you too James chapter 1 and we’re going to go to verse 19 James chapter 1, verse 19 and I want to go ahead and in title this message. We need high gear ears and low gear. Mal’S somebody say: hey man. Here’S Outreach so they’re my beloved Brethren. Let every man be swift to hear slow to speak, Owensboro Church slow to wrath, for the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God. Owensboro Church Let me read it again, so then my beloved Brethren, let every man be swift, to hear slow to speak slow to wrath for the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God. I remember years ago we took a trip. We took quite a few men strips down to the Ocoee River and I believe there was a ladies trip. There’S no, my light show right now, I’m at a Darkness, y’all y’all playing with me that we fix for Sunday and what we we took a lot of trips like that to the Ocoee. How many Arbor went on a trip with us down there: white water rafting. Quite a few people did he. In the early days a lot of us went but one of the first couple trips we went on.

I was there. I think we were. We were pretty. You know I was in my house probably 28th or something like that and uh some other guys with me we’re from 20 to 25 and we get in this rap together and what I’m looks at the God and all those guys are always Adrenaline Junkies. If you’re with a white water raft you’re with an adrenaline junkie, it’s like showing up finding a ski instructor or finding somebody’s going to help you jump out of an airplane people who do that. All the time they’re, thrill-seekers and Matt Edwards was in in the boat with me, and he turns around and looks at the guy, and he says this: we won’t the craziest ride of Our Lives. We want to be in the water more than we’re in the boat and if somebody doesn’t almost died on this trip, you’re not getting tips. Owensboro Church So that’s what he told him we’re only going guys are you down to be honestly doesn’t even develop to their 25. It’S not even fully develop till they’re 25 I’ll tell her interns that at times like you, guys, shut up, your brains aren’t even develop chat or I don’t want to hear what you have to say so it getting this thing, but we’re going down we’re having a Good time we reckon everywhere, but finally we get to some pretty strong Rapids and it it’s not crazy, but it’s it’s intimidating and I’ll get thrown out of the boat right there, hey man, I’m going up and down and under water, and I’m sucking water, and I Can’T get up, and this is going on for a really long time. It’S like am I going to come out of there cuz I’m like it’s going on long enough, I’m believe in God, Owensboro Church I’m in faith know I like I’m, going to live and not die in my mind and finally, I remember I’m going through there and I’m in Enough danger, they’re, throwing me guys, are trying to throw me ropes from other boats, are the side and stuff and remember one dude picks up this rope thing. He tries to throw it any Falls straight back on his back. He slipped when he’s throwing it to me. I’M like you’re a doofus as I go by you know it here we go and then I catch her talk in. Finally, I found this rock. It is my salvation I’m holding on to it. I’M beat up a little bit, I’m holding on to this rock. You know water still washing over me real hard, but I’m not letting go and there’s a guy standing close to me and he looks down at me and he says let go of the Rock and I’m like what he says. Let go of the rocky says it like three times, and so I’m thinking no more, the guy must know, there’s calm water right on the other side of this place, I Let Go Lorac I get lost into some nice pool and I’m fine. I let go the rock on me to go back into the water through the Rapids beat up over rocks again and finally, somebody fishes me out of the water pools me into a bow and I’m so worn out. I can’t even move and I’m laying there and somebody looks at me and they say why’d you let go of that. Rock because, the God told me to let go the rocky said. No, no, he was saying, don’t let go of The Rock, but I heard let go of the rock. How do you think that is a communication issue? Let let everyone be what Swift to watch church here. Sometimes what you’re not hearing is killing you. What you’re not hearing can be killing you Enzo, Owensboro Church the Bible says he who has ears. Let him hear what the spirit of God would say to the church, be swift to hear things differently. If we get in the groove of doing this being Swift to hear slow to speak and slow to wrath those things all go together, because whenever you’re Swift to hear and your slow to speak, you become informed more than likely and your then able to be slower To wrap how many of you have ever heard the wrong thing and got an angry? Owensboro Church Pretty quick and you’ve talked to quick and not listen enough. My parents have a really funny story about.

Does my dad was a preacher and he was up in front of the whole congregation in they passed her to church in Nebraska, there’s probably 200 people in the room and my mom was 9 months pregnant. How many of you, women have ever been 9 months pregnant anybody in the room, lot of hormones and emotions that come with being 9 months, pregnant and a lot of being tired? That comes with being 9 months pregnant? My mom was a pastor wife and she was right on the front row. She was 9 months pregnant and she was as tired as she said. She’D ever been, she sat on the front row and she ended up falling asleep. Well, she felt my dad in front of all two hundred of those people come over to her on the front row and he jerked her hair as hard as he could and woke her up and when she woke up from that little cat nap that she was Taking my dad was looking at her laughing and the whole congregation was laughing when she was angry, I mean mad. You talk about a bad Sunday lunch. It was good not going to be pretty when they got home and she got in the car and she was mad. She didn’t speak to him and he kept on asking her. What was wrong. She said, you know. What’S wrong, I mean you’ve ever said. You know exactly what’s wrong with me: if you don’t know, I’m not telling you so stupid, it doesn’t even make any sense, Owensboro Church but she was telling all of that and he got finally got to them to the bottom of it, and she told him how dare you I am 9 months pregnant with your child that you gave me and I’m I carry it and I’m trying to stay awake and you preached for an hour and then you had the nerve to pull my hair in front of all two hundred of those people. My dad said is that what you think happened and she said yeah, that’s what happened. He said no. He said I didn’t even know you were asleep. I was preaching and spit flew out of my mouth and it landed right on you because I spit on you, and so that was just a good story. I thought to just give you a picture my grandma used to say we believe how don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see about somebody. Owensboro Church Sometimes we don’t hear completely, we don’t understand, what’s actually going on, are we see things in a different way, and so God encourages us to do that so that we can be slow to wrath slow to making the wrong decision slow to saying the wrong thing and Really quick to hear someone else’s side of the story. How many of you want to be in form? Do you want to walk through life and for me, too she’s talking about not even believe in what you see and we know beat being quick to hear what one time I was across the way over here at Target, and I was shopping for something I came Around the corner – and I saw one of my friends, wives and I saw her and she was walking with another man and that wasn’t that wasn’t her husband and they were really close. They were like up on each other, touching each other. You know how a dad holding hands and that stop thinking I’m watching this, and it’s disturbing because I know they’re married, Owensboro Church and this is going on right there in Target right in front of all of Owensboro. This is a pretty small town. How many know you don’t get away with it for long that gets around fast, and so I get home I’ll get out in the car and I called Bob mannion he and the back Manning’s rights on the back row. Right now – and I say man – and I just saw this certain lady and she was walking around Target with whip with another guy, all all all like up on this guy in man and said. Let me, let me ask you this: did this guy look like this and he described him to me and I’m like yeah, that’s exactly who she was with these, Owensboro Church like that woman has a twin sister and that’s her husband, let that that she’s wearing for hydel and I’M glad I didn’t like you know, do something stupid or say something dumb, but figured out what was really happening and call somebody in the know how many, no sometimes your eyes can lie, come on somebody say my eyes can lie. You got to be careful that what you’re seeing or what you know really is what it is. So we want to be swift to hear what we want to hear. We don’t slow down, and I always slow down and listen to everything that you have to say. Yes, you do a lot of people, you know the oh, you don’t just slow down and take the time to just in it just absorb all of the information coming to you and we can slow down and be very quick to hear somebody very slow to speak. I know that God is really dealt with me about these two things in my life, Owensboro Church because, honestly, the truth of the matter is that this is probably my greatest fight in all of my life is just shutting up. In fact, I don’t know that. There’S one person, our house: if that isn’t there greatest fight and Lynn, lied, we’re all a pretty big talkers, and I just really I get jealous of people that are really good at listening and really slow to speak. I’M like how they do that, I’m just watching you know, but honestly, and if any of you know me right now, you know me 10 times slower or faster, to hear and slower to speak than I was about 15 years ago and got really had to get A hold of me – and I really feel like over the years that God has put what is it called a bridle on my tongue – just really pull back the reins on me and said: Jesse whoa, hey, let’s slow down here, you don’t need to talk every time. You don’t need to say something every time do you know, even if you’re right, you don’t have to be wrong for it to be wrong, for you to speak, sometimes you’re right, but somebody else can be right to and somebody else to be right in a different Way, in fact, Owensboro Church I’ve learned over the years and through just listen to the holy spirit that sometimes there’s 10 ways to do something, and I only see one and somebody else might see another one that will still fix the problem and God is really working in them.

And trying to get them to use their mouth in, to open up and be bold for God, and he needs me to shut up long enough to develop gifts and everybody else to you know: God wants to develop everyone, he wants to bring the things out in Them and if he can get ahold of us and pull the reins back on us just a little bit, he can really release us into a new dimension of listening to God and listening to people, and he can others in in the form of you, know their Gifts that they need to develop, so it’s big that we learn this. I have noticed that if I am in a crowd – and I can Bridal my tongue and just be slow to speak – that God is so much more able to then speak to my heart and allow me to see the truth, because sometimes we think that we see The truth in a situation, but if we can be quiet long enough, God can actually show us what the real truth is and help us to walk in wisdom and even sometimes prophetically speak to us about that situation and release us with power. Instead of jumping the gun and being released in our own power, how much I want to be released in God’s power more than I want to be released in Jessie’s package. Jessie’S power stinks in light of God’s power, but God is mighty and when we’re flowing in his power were able to help people help people’s lives, build them, encourage and strengthen them, and that’s what we want to be used in, especially as brothers and sisters and somewhere Around each other, Owensboro Church knowing when to talk and when to be quiet, is an art that the Holy Spirit can teach us. I believe that and hear it hear some at some of the benefits and blessing of not talking and just listening, and I think back years ago, Jessie now we’ve had we met great opportunity to be in the room with some incredible leaders in the body of Christ. Literally, I’ve been in the room with some of the generals of the fake guys who guards using to change the world and I’ll never forget. I was in a room with with Brian Houston, the pastor of Hillsong Church, Sydney, Australia and I don’t I don’t know him. Just walk by Mom in a room with him, Jessie’s dad was in the room over there and Pastor Houston sitting down at a seat there, and you know Brian used in is like an apostle that God has used literally the influence the church globally over the last 10 years, how many overheard Hillsong music you heard? Of that I mean they change the sound. They made the church more modern that they got that kind of voice, and this guy comes over in the Pastor. Brian Houston stands up a front of them kind of kind of a towering over him, a little that he’s sitting down and he starts telling Brian Houston about what all he was doing and he was accomplishing and what was happening in his ministry. And if you look at it, you got a guy here talking to one of the greatest leaders in the body of Christ in America and instead of asking him questions and listening he’s talking about himself man that guy didn’t have something backwards. Owensboro Church In that moment I don’t know who did here’s what the scripture say if we will learn to hear number one, we will gain understanding, everybody say understanding. The Bible says a wise man hears and he gains understanding. One of the second things I found out about hearing or listening to learn to hear and listen will increase in favor among others. How many know you like people better who listen to you? Somebody say Amen to that. Owensboro Church You know those people aren’t listening, you like them. Less the scripture says even a fool: even a fool can be quiet at a certain time, and the people around him will Dean him wise. If you learn to hold your tongue at times, people will think you are more wise than you really are and you’ll gain. Favor through that Avenue third thing I know about listening is that listing opens up new opportunities for me in life. Believe that fun listen God’s going to open up new opportunities, because God knows that I’m a listener I’ll be a student I’ll, be looking to do something and people will open up doors for you, because there’s a person that listens and and operates out of knowledge.

Listening is ginormous, come on somebody say we need to learn to listen. Would you say that we need to learn to listen in Jesus mighty name? How many of you guys ever you’ve just heard some? Will you you needed something and someone stop and listen to you and it made a big difference in your world when people are Swift to hear and slow to speak, it makes a difference in the wrath of a situation. That’S what scripture says that it it’ll cause us to be slower to Rapid an also causes other people to be slower to wrap. Owensboro Church I don’t know if you’ve ever flown very much, but if you walk up to an agent at the ticket desk and you walk up to them and you say hi there, I have an issue and they never look up from that keypad and they just keep on Typing – and you said, excuse me, do you hear me? I don’t know if you hear me, but I have an issue I need to have had him do it before, where they just sit and they just type on that thing and they don’t listen. They’Re not being Swift to hear and you’re you’re getting the anger is building you see. These shows where these people are on these flight. That taking agent has been doing this to him all day, then the camera shows up, and the agent seems so loving and kind and just wants to talk to him and that’s when the person blows up into a million pieces, because they’ve been talking to agents all Day that have been typing on that computer. Some of us look like that with the people around us. We seem like that to the people around us. We don’t even realize that we do at our kids, our spouse, our friends, the people around us, our co-workers. There crying out – and you have answers on the inside of you, but if you’ll take the time to listen and then we can slow to speak so that you’ll speak the right thing. God can really use you to influence them when we do the opposite of that. It creates wrath and people, it creates rapping you, whatever you’re in your quick to speak in you’re, not listening to people in the in your marriage. How many of you have ever gotten into an argument about your in your marriage in your angry? You don’t even know what you’re fighting about about 10 minutes then no idea, Owensboro Church everybody’s, just scream and talking and nobody’s been listening. We don’t even know why we’re fighting, but I am angry with you. I mean there is some of that to be had in relationships, but if will back up and say, whoa wait a second. I really want a relationship with you. I want it so bad that I am willing to be slow to speak communication, we’re not going to say this on marriage weekend. Okay, but let’s say this tonight: communication is overrated. The Bible says that a full vents all of his emotions. Owensboro Church So in our house we are quick to share communication with one another and we have to slow down in the pursuit of relationship. Sometimes you have to slow down and allow things to be heard before you just interject everything that you want in to them, because when you do that you draw peace to your life, what’s the opposite of Wrath and anger, peace and joy. Right I mean you, you want that in your life. So if you really want relationship, if you really desire to be in relationship with someone you have to, then it is equivalent to being willing to being quick to hear and slow to speak so that there can be peace in your household in your coworker situation at Work and in your friendships, all of those areas of your life, where you need relationship you need that bonding. Remember you don’t have to communicate everything. Sometimes we can be slow to speak and God can speak the rest. How how about that? How about we give God? The Holy Spirit at all maternity to speak to having to be heard can be cancer and relationships.

Can I say that again having to be heard can be cancer in relationships and and lots of people have been trained that I just have to tell you how I feel you got to know. You got to hear my heart and I hadn’t there’s a time for that. Okay, I’m not saying we’re not saying don’t communicate. Don’t be opener honest, but how me and know that that over communicating can be as big of a problem was under communicating. The Bible says a fool vents. All of his emotions of full has to be hurt and I’ve seen people in the workplace where somebody thinks we’ll just to be honest with myself, have to tell that person how I really feel about him. Cuz we’re going to work together and they really have to know that. Do you know once you say that thing that person will never do you the same? Is it true or not Bill, never give you the same, and you can think that relationship and I know God can restore all relationships, but I’ve met people to think they got to put all the cards on the table. Listen, don’t ever put all the cards on the table because some of the cards are you got on the inside, make you don’t even want yourself to know that you have that on the inside of you, don’t put it all on the table, be slow to speak, Slow to wrath slow, too Swift to hear slow to speak, slow to wrath the wrath of man produces not the righteousness of god. Let’S be careful what we say. You know you know it’s just true. Life and death turn the power of the tongue, theirs in the first 3 minutes of any conversation, you have hit the absolute highest level of positivity that the rest of the conversation will follow after the first three minutes. If you haven’t hit a positive note, you might as well walk away. Owensboro Church Take A2 hour break come back later, because nothing more in the positive department is going to happen after the first free minutes. Did you know that statistically proven? So if you go into a conversation and you need to communicate, remember to be positive and to speak kindly and gently with somebody, so the conversation can flow out of that and if you mess up in those first three minutes do yourself a favor, don’t communicate anymore. Walk away and let yourself cool down come back in and try again later week. We can do this, we can beat God people that actually have really good relationships. Do you know that we can be God, people that are slow to speak and we’re quick to hear and People hits a man? You know what that person they are good. I can. I can use them as a confidante. I can use them as a friend. I can be a part of their life, I feel like I’m hurt, I feel like whenever they actually speak. They have something good to say whenever they come out with that, have you ever noticed the people that are quiet when they do speak up? Everybody listens because they waited just a little while, and I think that there’s just a little bit of that with within us that can creep up become better and God can use us to affect the people around us to affect our life and to just make it Better because scripture makes us better, but let’s pray tonight, father in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We thank you that we can take this word. We can apply it in our life. Father we pray. We want to be swift to hear so. We pray you give us ears to hear to hear you to hear your words to hear the right people around you, father and aunt, and to shut out the wrong voices as well more. Owensboro Church We want to hear your voice, the right voice and edifying voice. So father met make us wait to hear now we pray Lord, that you would make us slow to speak. Lord, we pray in Jesus name that you would Bridal are tongue, that you would help our tongue to be led by you that your word will be in our lives where we understand the life of death run the power of the tongue, and we want to use Our tongue wisely so set a guard over our Mouse. I pray and father right now we pray if any of us have been operating in the wrath of man. It done work, the righteousness of God to not be vengeful to not be full of Wrath. Lord to let your forgiveness washed through our lives, your grace to flow out like a river Lord, we pray for all these things in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the church said