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I want to talk and tweeted, and maybe we send out a mass text on the fact that we were going to talk about Duck Dynasty and the recent Outburst than happen in the media. Owensboro Church many of you over the course of the last couple of weeks, you’ve seen some of the comments that Phil Robertson said some of the reaction from the media, a Andy got involved and said they were going to remove him from the show Duck Dynasty and duck. One of those things that everybody in the nation kind of has an opinion on the opened up Facebook or looked at Twitter. You saw something about it in the last couple of weeks and let me start by saying this. I believe this is one of those hot topics. That is something that Christian leaders and pastors has do what we have to address from time to time when these things arise and there is an appropriate response to them and an appropriate spirit. Owensboro Church and I want our church to have the appropriate response the, appropriate spirit and what Robertson said, I’m not going to say all of what he said or the entire quote, but mainly he was asked by GQ magazine in an interview. What do you thought about Sin, and one of his one of his statements was that homosexuality is indeed a sin and he sent some other things, some that he later apologized for and said that they were. They were maybe two crew. Now, I’m not going to judge everything, he said because I wasn’t there. I don’t know what all was said and how me and know that that the modern media can clip a lot of things out on you, but the tapes can be cut. Things can be left out and lots of times. People will bring out statements and maybe pull one statement out of the larger body of text or larger thing that was said and can make somebody look like something they aren’t and look like. They’Ve said something that they didn’t say: the old realize that that happens in the media. Today I mean trained as a pastor for years I get. I get interviewed from time to time and they’ve told us for years. Owensboro Church older ministers, don’t always answer the questions that your ass just say. What you want to say, and so I’ll get asked questions at times, and I just say what I want to say: I don’t even answer their question there looking at me like I’m crazy, but it’s like I’m not going to allow myself to get trapped because I Want my whole life, my whole teaching my whole attitude, my whole Spirit to be represented, and not just one statement pulled out of one one moment and one interview and one time to Define me to the masses. Does that make sense? Somebody say Amen to that and it’s one of those deals now. Let me say this: I like Duck Dynasty. I really do somebody told me about it. I turned it on and I watched it and I thought the humor. It was Mindless humor. It was fun, it was, you know, 30 minutes of a good time. They had some down-homekind of family stuff going on they prayed at the end of the show I enjoyed the show, and I hated to see whenever all of this blew up. I really hated to see it and listen if you’re in here or maybe you have a loved one, maybe a child, maybe a family member – that struggles with same-sex attraction or has that in their life. I want to say that the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, that we love you we are for you. Owensboro Church We are not against you what we we, we believe, God has a plan and a purpose for you and the first few things I would say to you is number one. I want to apologize for the people who have absolutely demonized you and acted like you were another class of Citizen, because I don’t believe that God is angry at homosexuality. I believe that homosexuals – I believe that God is angry at sin of all – shape, form and ocean and he wants to remove SIM from our life, because he knows that it’s a destructive force that will harm us and guys, like the Owensboro Church and people like them. With the god hates fags sign, their actions are inexcusable and I don’t believe they represent the spirit of the Bible, the spirit of Jesus Christ, nor do they represent 99.99 % of Believers in Jesus Christ, as our savior. As on the side, there are Miss representation of who we are as a people and groups like that actually have protested against this church. Did you know that how many over around whenever they came and protested at the Walnut Building – and they did that because I say things like God – can redeem you from anything? No matter what your past is no matter where you come from, no matter what you been apart. Up there, they come and stood outside of our church screamed at some of the ladies.
I think they called show all horror because she had a red dress on and called our kids minister of Jezebel, because she was wearing makeup and I’m like Lauren. You got to quit being such a jezebel with all that makeup on. You know and told me that I would rot in hell just like the man that founded my University, really loving, sweet people, you know and and listen here’s I want to apologize for those type of that type of representation of the spirit and their attitude, and just Because a lot of times, the media wants to take that and apply that broad sweeping to the entire church, and nothing could be further from the truth. The second thing I would say to you: Owensboro Church if that is somewhere, where you’re at in life, something you’re dealing with, is that number number 2 is that God loves shit God’s for you he’s not against you. He has a plan for your life. He died for your sin and you are the apple of his eye. He’S calling you to himself. The third thing I would say is that I love you. I want you here, I’m for you. We got to see here in this house for you and I don’t care where people come from or what their background is or what their struggles are. We are all sinners in need of a savior somebody say Amen to that. We’Ve got a place for you, here’s what I would say to the rest of the church. The things I would say is the first thing we have to do is we must, as the church speak the truth, everybody say speak the truth, but we must do it in love. Everybody say in love, man. Owensboro Church the love of God is the most important thing that we can ever display or Express to the world. The love of God is the most important thing we could ever display. All is love. The Bible says that the world will know that we are Christians not by our sign turn wonders not by while our Jesus junk. We we’re not by your. What would Jesus do bracelet but they’ll know we are Christians by our love, speak the truth, but speak the truth. In love, somebody say it into that, and so often in life, it’s not what we say that matters. It’S how we say these things that matter most of communication, most of communication to people, isn’t just what you say: it’s how you say it and how we say these things is what really matters. I want us to live a life, that’s absolutely shrouded in love and we all to have love for every person. Every people, no matter what what part of life the ren or, where they’re at today, we all to respect them as Youmans love them, as as people made in the image of God and have a place for them.

We must speak the truth. We must speak the truth, though, in love. Second thing I would say, is the disagreement, isn’t necessarily hate disagreement, isn’t necessarily hate. Let me say it one more time. Disagreement isn’t necessarily hate. There’S this argument that that has been put out there by people who who who whatever their sin, maybe that won’t to excuse their Lifestyle by saying, if we disagree with their lifestyle, you hate me or you don’t accept me or you don’t love me. Let me say this: I think that often disagreement isn’t hate, maybe it’s the strongest form of love you’ve ever been around, and somebody loves you enough to stop you to speak the truth to do to try to help you before you stagger into the slaughter. I remember years ago, Penn and Teller comedians pin had a video blog and pain is not a Christian he’s. Owensboro Church A non doesn’t accept Christ as Messiah, but but a Jewish guy, and he said he was he was up. I think he was in New York, and man comes up to him with a Gideon Bible. A little Gideon New Testament about their got to get in New Testament, and The Gideons have taken the Bible and and put it around the world. Owensboro Church And a guy came up to pin brought him a ball Apple, Gibson this Bible and says something to Melania lines of. I just want you to know that God loves you, here’s a new testament. I believe that there’s a message of Hope in there and and and he said if you nice things and walked off and it’s so impacted, pin that that pain gets on his video blog the next day and he says, listen. I I ran into this man on the street and most of the time when I think about people passing out Bibles, I think about some kind of crazy radical wild-eyed guy had. But this man was a good man and I believe the Fishman really really cared about me deeply and he gave me this new testament. It it impacted me and it goes on and he says no, I’m not a Christian. I do not believe the Jesus is the Messiah, but if Christians really believe what they believe, apart from Jesus that I’m going to go to hell, why would they not disagree with me? Talk to me give me the Bible. Witness to me do anything they could to stop me from from entering into an eternity without God it’s just like. If you were to see a man staggering out in front of a bus,Owensboro Church would you not tackle him? Do everything you could to stop him from walking into the slaughter see sometimes when we disagree with people? It’S not because we hate them. It’S because we love them and we want to stop what’s coming their way. We want to see the disaster turn and the drason. The love and the mercy of God to flow into the situation, this dreaming is not hatred. How often do parents disagree with their teenage children and it’s motivated by love? Third thing I would say is this is that we cannot change the scriptures based on popular opinion. We cannot change the scriptures based on popular opinion. Seek God has delivered us the truth once and for all Genesis through revelation. We have the truth. We have reality about God and we can’t change the scripture just because the cultural flow change for a moment by the way, same-sex marriage same-sex relationships, that there is no sin that is new Under the Sun. Do you know that, and sometimes there’s some cultures as more accepted in sometimes cultures are less accepting of that sort of Lifestyle, but there’s nothing new Under the Sun, but it ends and clothes and cultural throughout time that certain things will rise up and popular opinion will Say yes, this is right, but the Church of the Christian Church cannot change our view of scriptures based on popular opinion and watch people on the talk, show say things make this bill say things like well well, how could this man Phil Robertson, make these statements that Homosexuality is wrong or real Christian would never say such a thing, and when I hear that it’s almost laughable, because I’m a student of the scriptures of read the scriptures many times, I’m a church history minor.
I know what the church is taught on the subject of same-sex marriage and listen. One of the first stories. Owensboro Church I’ll just tell you. First stories are the destruction of a city in the Old Testament is Sodom, God destroyed the city because of its sex. In you going to the law, the Old Testament law given to the Jews, it says if a Man Lies with another man, as though that man was a woman, it’s an Abomination. The scripture goes on into the New Testament and if you want to see the most easily understood and interpreted scriptures, you got to go past. The law go past the words of Jesus, although all of those are important, all of those are scriptures. All of those are gone brief, but how did the New Testament leaders interpret all of these things that have been said? They wrote letters to the church called Epistles. Everybody say: Epistles are letters, it’s ball down theology. How do we live as Christians? I want you to open up your Bible and I just want to show you this and we’re going to go to Galatians. Chapter 6, Galatians chapter 6 now show you. Is there this new testament standard? It is. Is this type of Lifestyle wrong and here’s here’s what it says I’ll read it out of the NLT, because it makes the language very plain: Galatians: chapter: 6: verse: 9! Don’T you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the kingdom of God? Don’T fool yourselves? Those who indulge in sexual sin or who worship, idols or commit adultery or male prostitutes or practice, homosexuality or thieves or greedy people or drunkards or are abusive or cheap people. None of these will inherit the kingdom of God. Some of you were once like that, but you were cleanse you were made holy. You were made right with God by calling on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the spirit of Our God’s see, the Bible says that these people, Owensboro Church that practice, these things will not inherit the kingdom of God and the list by the way is larger Than homosexuality, homosexuality isn’t this one class of sin that dams, the solo, Olsen dance, the soul, Santa sinasohn in the long term, it dams, the soul, goes on that says that the sexually immoral bet that they won’t inherit the kingdom of God says the fornicator. The adulterer says the drunk, it says the cheater says those who are abusive. All of these things that they will not inherit the kingdom of God, but then it goes on and he says many of you were once these things, but now you’ve been washed. Owensboro Church Now you’ve been cleanse now you’ve been forgiven. Now the spirit of God is changed. Your life about your brand new creature. Listen! I am somebody who I was many of these things in this list: you’re looking at a guy who was the drunk before Christ, you’re, looking at a guy who was sexually immoral before Christ, you’re looking at a man who was an adulterer before Christ. But now I’ve been washed, I’ve been cleansed, I’ve been forgiven and I don’t have rocks to throw at anybody. I don’t want to beat on anybody call in any of these issues. I just want to see you saved. I want to see you forgiven. Owensboro Church I want to see you delivered, I want to see your life where it’s supposed to be, and I don’t know where you’re at, but I know, there’s much God can overcome anything. He can overcome anything and so many people been sold alive. This is the way it’s got to be for you. Nothing could be further from the truth. You know, Isaiah said this about. Christ says that that he was, he was bruised for our iniquity.

Everybody say: iniquity, iniquity is a Bend towards sin, and some of us have a certain Bend towards sin end. If there’s a certain send that we’re been towards the word picture is like a palm tree: when the wind comes over a palm tree, it bends it a certain way. You’Ll see trees, sometimes growing out you get in the tropics, are somewhere around the beach man. I wish I was at a beach this morning, but it’s off the gets Bend towards a certain direction and a lot of people have a Bend towards a certain scent and here’s the deal. The Bible says that when Christ went to the Cross, he went to the Cross to break the power of our Bend towards a certain sin, and you take that believe that by faith grab ahold of that appropriate. That you’re like renew your mind with that, and it doesn’t matter what you’re saying is, Owensboro Church I’m here to tell you Jesus’s blood and the cross. He is strong enough to deliver you to break that power off of your life, where you don’t have to be bound by it anymore. You can absolutely totally be delivered from from that that bend towards sin next thing I’ll say is that our God is long suffering. We have a the long-suffering Gods, we got a buzzword today and our culture, everybody talks about tolerance and they want everyone to be tolerant. Owensboro Church now, most of the time they want everyone to be tolerant until you don’t agree with them, and then they are intolerant of the fact that you have a pain in the doesn’t agree with their opinion. That’S kind of the way it’s going, this new breed of Tolerance – and I remember I was watching a. I was watching a couple of older people that ran begin in England, that is in over in the UK, and that they were Christians. They ran it for many. Many years and they were old school in this – was their rule. If you came and rented a room in there in and you were not married, you could not rent. Only one room you had to rent to say said: we’re Christian household, we have a Christian standard. You’Re not going to come do that in our room by the way the same sex in the dams are soul in a homosexual capacity, also dams, the soul in a heterosexual capacity. If you’re sleeping with someone you are not married to and I’m not I’m not trying to be mean to you, I’m just telling you the truth. Owensboro Church I want to tell you in love and if you’re living with somebody you’re not married to come on, I mean less less less rise above that, let’s make the hard decision. Owensboro Church Let’S make the wrongs right: Owensboro Church let’s do what it takes, we’re going to climb Christ, Christ, let’s living work, all the way through our lives. It’S also this that they wouldn’t they wouldn’t allow that kind of thing, and so they did that for years and years and years until finally, a same-sex couple came to the end and they wouldn’t rent them a room, and so they got all kinds of attorneys down There they brought up all kinds of suits they sued. These old people did great financial damage to them, destroyed their business, destroyed their livelihood, and I had a lot of judgments against them because you’re up, as already embraced, this kind of intolerance of anyone who has a Biblical worldview. And so this couple was being interviewed by the way that kind of intolerance of a Biblical worldview is is not coming to America. It is already here in America and they’re going to take that kind of of thing in anybody. Big preaches what I’m preaching up here. Owensboro Church they’Ll call it hate, speech and it’ll, Owensboro Church be something that will be a crime in America more than likely and certain places I’m going to bed within the next 10 years. You’Ll see it here. I have friends: I went to school school with from some of the European nations. If their pastors preach anything like this, they would be jammed up there going to use it eventually to come after Church’s tax-exempt status and then, after that, to be able to to jail guys that did preach this kind of thing. But this couple they were appealing this judgment that was against them and, finally, that their own, this talk, show somebody’s interviewing them and, and they say to them, so your Christian. Yes, well, isn’t your dog out of love love? Wouldn’T you say that your God is a tolerant God and the lady that was on the show, stopped and she said no, never say that my God is a tolerant God. She said my daughter is not a tolerant God. My God is a long-suffering. There’s, a difference between tolerance and being a long-suffering tolerance says I’m going to bow to your opinion and it’s just going to be okay. Long-Suffering, says I’m going to love you I’m going to pray for you, I’m going to pull for you. I’M with you I’m here, but there’s going to be a day that there will be judgement. Our God is a loving God, but he’s also a holy Anna. Just got Bible, never mentions God being tolerant. Once that’s a modern word, that’s been cooked up to make everyone feel good. As a matter of fact, most of the people that preach tolerance are some of the most intolerant people in the world. I remember back. Whenever people started coming out, celebrities Ellen came out.

It was called coming out of the closet. Now everyone who’s come out of the closet if they come out of the closet or they push for these rights there applauded by the media. But if anyone comes and says wow Christianity, Christianity teaches that such a large cell isn’t appropriate, but they World War 3 breaks out the last time I checked in our nation. We have a constitution that provides for us the freedom of speech. Now we as Christians, all to use our freedom of speech with wisdom and with love and with Grace we should never be mean-spirited. We should always be loving, always open arm, but if we don’t voice our opinion and fight for our freedom for speech, we won’t have it very long. Last thing I’ll say it is. Is this last thing I’ll say is this? Homosexuality is not a sin all to itself. It is a part of a full class of sin which dams, the soul, which is just sexual sin in general, sexual sin in general, which is which is a whole list of things that are inappropriate having sex with anyone. You’Re not married to sexual relationships with someone else’s spouse or or same-sex relationship. Any of that is inappropriate, but the good news I have for anybody in any of these situations is it. The grace of God is always available to each and everyone of us that, God is the God of all Grace and he’s not against you. He done more knock. You down, he’s not looking to take something out on you, man he’s looking to redeem. You he’s looking to forgive you he’s looking to fill you with his Spirit, he’s looking to take you to another level, I’m thankful that we’ve got the God of all Grace the god. That’S for us and not against us. So I want to tell you no matter where you come from, no matter what you got going on in your life. There is a God that is for you and he is not against you. He is for you and he is not against you. He wants to redeem you and restore you and we have to church. We are for you and we are never against you. Don’T the Bible shows us. A picture of this. Owensboro Church James says that the scripture is something that we open up and we look at and it’s to be used as a mirror to look at ourselves. We take the scripture, we look in it and it’s like a mirror where we can look at ourselves and see. Where do we need work, but so many people want to pick the Bible and instead of using it as a mirror, Owensboro Church they use it as a window. They pick it up and they look through the Bible and they use it to judge someone else. I don’t want to live my life like that. I want to use it to pick it up and look at myself and become a better person. Somebody say Amen to that. Would you stand up on your feet with me today? I want to pray over you. Owensboro ChurchI want to pray for you I want to play. The grace of God would flow into your life just close your eyes for one second father. I thank you for the people under the sound of my voice. I thank you, Lord, that you’re here you’re with them you’re not against them but you’re for them. I think it will that you can Deliver Us from any situation. That comes our way. Owensboro Church Anything that’s holding us back, anything that is holding us down I’ll pray now, father for restoration to flow into lives, to flow into relationships to flow into people to help them in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I think, put your Mighty love. I thank you for your Mighty Grace. I thank you for your Mighty power. I pray father that caring and understanding and the law of Love would flow out of this house to people every every Creed, every nation and every type of person. I pray that they will be reached with the gospel. I bless now these your people in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We love them Lord, we know you love them in Jesus name, I pray and the church said: amen, amen, amen,