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Just stuff we’re ecstatic that you would come hang out with us mid-week and we’ve got some great things coming up in the next few weeks, as we’ve always got great things coming up a River City Church, I’m in church, and that is this coming Sunday morning. I want to go into a plug we’re going to do water, baptisms and right now, on the list. We’Ve got about 40 people that we’re going to water baptized this Sunday morning. Let’S give the Lord a hand, clap for that is awesome. We got great salvation momentum. Do you know this last week this last Sunday morning we had 32 People Prayed to receive Jesus Christ of Nazareth as Lord and savior in our services here. So if you’re, one of those 32 or or somebody that has not yet been water, baptized, I’ve said it. Many times whenever we received Jesus, we pray to receive Jesus. We join the team, but the day that you are water, baptized is the day that you get your game, Jersey and you’re standing up in front of everybody in San I’m, a part of Team Jesus. I’M a part of the church and I’ve, given my life tell him, it’s so powerful, going public with your faith, making a public profession of your faith and really, whenever you do it, you’re you’re becoming a part of such a cloud of witnesses. So many people in so many different cultures in so many different parts of the earth who literally put their life on the line to be water baptized. Do you go to the 10-40 window, the Muslim part of the world, Owensboro Church where it’s dominated by the Muslim faith? Lots of people that receive Jesus as Savior and then or water baptized will come home and have no home the other that their their lives are at risk and that’s the way it is and so much of the world and we’ve got an opportunity to do that. Without any fear of anything happening to us, it’s great to be here in this country great to be here in America and wow. You are a join that rank of people throughout the world who stood up and met. Baptized for Jesus amen, amen this Sunday, you can sign up the info booth and I know it’s a little bit humbling whenever you do that, how many of y’all want you wet in front of an entire crowd, there’s nothing fun about that I’ll! Never forget one time I was doing. I was actually helping. My pastor was doing the Crusade at the time and I got up on a platform and there was probably a crowd of about 6000 people out there and there came by just a monsoon. Owensboro Church It was raining so hard, it was a tropical storm and I was running around to get stuff covered up on the stage and I didn’t think about it at the time. But I was wearing white and I was up on stage wearing white and all the sudden. I look down and I realized now naked in front of a crowd of thousands of people, so so we’re dark come be baptized. It’S going to be fun this Sunday morning. Somebody see him into that. They meant you have a Bible. When you go in open it up to Proverbs chapter 13, verse, 20 proverbs chapter 13 and verse 20, I want to pick up second part of what I was teaching last Wednesday night and I’m talking about friendship. Everybody safe friendship is one of the greatest blessings that we ever enter into in The Human Experience and really connect him with other people having a relationship with other people, it’s some of the best stuff in life and, if you’re going to have friendships that are quality. What you have to do is you have to open up your heart to people. Some people never open up their heart to anyone else. They never open up their heart to anyone else, because things have happened to them in the past. Maybe they come from a family where there was an abusive situation. Maybe they lived open-hearted in front of somebody and it hurt them, and some people haven’t been hurt in years because their heart has been shut. I would rather take the chance and have my heart, broken by people, then to live life with a closed heart, amen. Owensboro Church Church you’ll never have all of the Tramp that you’re called to have until you open up your heart, but the question is: who do we open up our heart? To who do we open up our life who? Do we do live with stat show this that any person in the congregation, the most people that did the average person is ever going to know just relationships in general? Is 67 people, everybody say 67, that’s it, but you can’t be intimate friends with 67 people. It’S not the way the world goes round. You’Ve heard it said throughout the years that really, if you get down to the end of your life, you can count your friends are going to count them on a couple of hands. I don’t want to believe that’s true. I want to be friendly with everybody, but I mean no. Owensboro Church You can only be intimate with so many people. You only have so much time so much resources. So much of a complicity. Are you following me out there you understand that so who are we going to open our lives up to you know what the Bible says much about who we open our lives up to you study the Book of Proverbs, there’s a large portion of this entire book. In the Bible that talks about who you’re hanging with who you surround yourself quit, who you do life with right here, Proverbs Chapter 13, Verse 20? If you’re there tonight say aha here shot reads: he walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be church. He walks with wise men will be wise and the companion of fools will be destroyed that entire Book of Proverbs. It really talks about their two potential pass for human life, and one of the past that set in front of everyone of us in life is the path of wisdom, and the Book of Proverbs shows us this picture. Owensboro Church If we walk down the path of wisdom, our life will get better. The Bible says: if you live in wisdom, your life will be in a sending staircase or let me say it like this: your life is going to go up and if you walk in the wise path, the Bible says that your name will become great says that You will be a person of honor, it says that you will have joy, you will have pieced they’ll be righteousness, people will speak well of you, the Bible says. If you want in the wise path, you’re at your wealth will go up in the scripture say that there’s another path, there’s one path: it’s taking you upward and there’s another path that will take you down weird, and that is the path of the fool. Owensboro Church Everybody say fool that word: fool in the Hebrew doesn’t mean just what we think of it, meaning in Hindi, English language, it’s not just simply a person who it is foolish or doesn’t think ride, or maybe as even slow. That’S not what it’s talking about what it means whenever it says full it says someone who is morally and out he walks with wise men will become wise, but the companion of the person who is morally and out will be destroy.

He walks with wise men will be Watchers, but the companion of the person who is morally inept will be destroyed. Who you hang with in life? It matters it’s so big. I can’t even put words on it. It’S one of the most important decision to ever make number one is: will you receive Jesus number to is who you yoker life up with yolk your life up with the right person, it will go up or two walks with wise men will be wise, but the Person who yolks their life up with the person who’s morally and out will literally the scripture say, be destroyed long-term. I think about myself back before my days with Jesus, and you don’t know my story. You’Ve heard me preach for years. Many of you – and you know I was a Freebase methamp, junkie and alcoholic before I call on the name of the Lord and I think about the people that I was connected to back. Then every person I was connected to was foolish. They were morally and out and they were influencing me the way I thought about situations. The way I handled whenever things came at me. The way I responded to situations, I knew what I was going to do, because people have been feeding me. Ideas that been feeding me, my worldview they’ve, been feeding me different things. Anyone you hang out with long enough begins to influence you it’s the way the world goes around anyone you hang out with long enough will begin to influence his Jesse, and I we’ve talked youth for years. Jessie used to be a youth pastor. She was a good pastor here, had a large youth group out in St Joseph Missouri. That’S where we got Rebecca right there on the front row you’ll give her a backup, a hand clap tonight. Owensboro Church She was apart of Jesse’s youth group out there years ago, moved here and found David Johnson on the front row, and now they’re they’re all hitched up up here. So I guess it worked out for both of them so that she came here. But what was even talking about Jesse was a youth pastor, it’s what I’m talking about and he hears what we would preach to young people. We would say this all the time you show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. You show me your friends and I’ll show you your future, but you know it doesn’t just apply for young people, Enterprise for everybody. You show me your friends who’s influencing you who, who has your ear who’s talking to you, who’s, telling you who who’s helping shape your world. Owensboro Church Yet, who do you bounce ideas off of show me those people, and I will show you your future turn over to Proverbs. Chapter 12. Verse. 26 Proverbs chapter 12, verse. 26, just a couple Pages there. Here’S another great proverb on this: here’s what it says the righteous should choose his friends. How church carefully for The Way of the Wicked leads them astray. The righteous should choose his friends carefully for The Way of the Wicked leads them astray. We’Re supposed to be careful. We’Re supposed to be selective, we’re supposed to have some ideas on how we choose our friends who do we get our life up with and there’s this scary point for a new believer and there’s new Believers under the sound of my voice right now, whenever you’re letting Go of one group of friends, one group of people, one group of influencers and and you’re looking for someone else to do life with it’s like a trapeze artist. Somebody on the trapeze that they’re holding on to one swing in the swings going back and forth back and forth, and that’s the line they’ve got a hold of that. That’S how they’ve been doing life. That’S how they’ve been suspending they’re holding on to these old relationships, and there comes to this point. Whenever you come into Christ, Owensboro Church where there’s some relationships, you probably need to let go off if you’re ever going to go into everything that God has for you in the future, but some relay and chips are hard to let go of. Some of them are scurrying to let go up. Some of them are comfortable and and you’ve been in them for years. Some you’ve come to Christ and you’re still dating somebody. That’S not a believer somebody that you’re still sleeping with, and you just can’t let go of that just yet you’re holding on to that comfort and you’re swinging back and forth, and it’s keeping you from ever going forward. You’Re doing life with someone Morley a nap, but you can’t let go of that safety-net and until you do it, you’ll never sale in to the next step of your life, and I know it’s spooky letting go. I let go of all sorts of old relationships when I came into Jesus and I knew I had to let him go and I walked into a world where I didn’t hardly know anybody. Owensboro Church I didn’t understand what was going on at the church and back then I didn’t even understand Christians. You know what I’m talking about up in the world long enough, I’m looking around at Young Christian people, and I just don’t get it. I was from Another Universe that they were from, like I’m at Jessie and some of her friends and man. They were, oh so different than the crowd I hung out with, and I’m like my Lord. I will never hit in you know, but there was something to do with it: trapeze sale in the air by yourself for a second hey man, you ever going to grab ahold of the next thing, Owensboro Church that’s coming to you in life. Why don’t you go ahead and let go of that trapeze sale in the air and grab what God has next for you, somebody say: I’m Letting Go huh come on, give Jesus a hand, clap for that tonight. I think there’s something big in that for a lot of people, the scripture say so much about who you’re doing life with think about Psalm. Chapter 1, first song in a whole list of Psalms written a hundred over 100 songs written the first one.

It starts off with this blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly North sets on North stands? He in in in the path of the sinful North sets in the seat of the scornful. Blessed is the man who doesn’t hang out with the wrong crew first thing: it says when the song opens up. God already knew that most of us we’re going to say I’m going to read the whole book of Psalms and we would only get to the first chapter, so we made sure, but that was up front where we would get it quickly. Blessed is the man who got in the oak their life with the wrong group of people. Here’S some questions to ask yourself about the people who you’ve got your life you’ll quit tonight. Think about it for one moment take stock of the people that you hang with everyday, that have your ear number one or are they can do people or can’t do people everybody say, can do or can’t do what kind of people are they that you have all Around your life, are they positive or are they negative? Do they think that you’ve got what it takes to? Owensboro Church They speak faith that you are they encouraging you that the cattle people that says you can do it? You can do all things through Christ who strengthens. You are you surrounded with the people who say, that’ll, never work. You can’t do that. You’Ll never be out of debt. You’Ll never have a successful life. You’Ll never make it. You’Ll never stop living like that or they can do or they can’t do people. You know the world’s negative enough without hand-picking people to be in your inner circle that are negative as well and I’ll. Never forget we were interviewing, it was a kid’s pastor at the time and we had him here. We were meeting with the talking to the and we’re asking him questions and he looks up at me and he says you know what I believe my job is on the church staff. I believe that I’m supposed to tell the pastor what what we can’t do. No Mike, you know: where did where do we find this guy? I need a fire. Whoever found this guy and also excuse me what you mean. I look at all the ideas and tell them what or what won’t work. How many know people who will tell you what won’t work are a dime a dozen? I want somebody that don’t little help me make things work in life. That’S what faith people do. Needless to say, he was going to be here for 2 or 3 days. Owensboro Church When I was done after that conversation, it’s like, I wonder, do some people from the church to be taking out to eat I’ll, see you in heaven or something like that. This is over. Cuz I want to be around, can do people second thing. I’Ve got a question to ask you the people that you hang out with. Are they happy or are they angry think about it to hang out with people who are generally joyous? How many of the joy of the Lord is our strength? We’Ve got joy, unspeakable more full of Glory. Are we got the fruit of the spirit which is Joy? The people that you around are they joy-filled or are they anger, filled because anger is toxic in the scripture says this and Proverbs 22:24, make no friendship with an angry man. Somebody’S angry about everything make no friendship with an angry man being around angry people that are tore up and ticked off and always mad, and only see things through that lens of anger. That kind of thing is contagious and it’s painful and it gets off on you tell me know we all to be around people understand. The joy of the Lord is their strength, so that thing can influence us get get angry people out out of your life. Next thing I’ll say the people that you hang with all the time are they faith-filled or are they faithless? Are they faith-filled or are they faithless come on? Owensboro Church We need to be around some people who feed our faith, amen, not kill it, not starving, not come against. It but feed it finding some people that encourage it in what you’re doing where you’re going speak. The word of God into you finding somebody who can help sharpen you, the scripture, say as iron sharpens iron. One man will sharpen another wanting somebody to to speak life into your situation instead of speaking death, finding somebody who has of like Spirit like art and like Faith who’s. Somebody who literally believes that Jesus is the Lord of all, who literally believes that the word of God is true, and every man is a liar. Who literally believes that the spirit of God is at work on your behalf, who literally believes it all. The promises are. Yes and amen find someone who’s faith-filled, not not Faith, less. Somebody who can anybody can tell you why things won’t work. I want to be around people who are faithful next thing. You could ask yourself the people that I hang with. Are they committed or are they flighty? Owensboro Church Are they committed in Life or are they flighty something I know about the life that we live in? Is it only commitment brings things to pass in our lives and we need somebody around us. That’S teaching us to live the planted life teaches us to live committed, teaches us just stick with. It teaches us to keep plowing. I heard it tonight and worship when I was standing up there. The spirit of God spoke to me and what he spoke to me. He said two words to me: he said: keep plowing. I want people around me who say what God says to me. I want people around me who are keep plowing committed kind of people with their hand to the plow and not looking back, who sounds started. This thing and God’s grace is going to finish it in the midst of my life. Those are the kind of people that you yolk, your life with amen, church amen. Not let me comment on just one of the thing I just want to talk to your pastor. Owensboro Church All tonight – and I know that Jesus is called us to be the friend of sinners. It’S called us to be the Friend of Sinners. Jesus was a friend of sinners amen. So when I, when I’m talking like this, sometimes it sounds like a paradox, but ultimate truth can be found in theological tension. Ultimate truth can be found in theological tension. There was this time in my life, where I desperately needed some different friends desperately because the friend said I had they were killing me and those guys I grew up with now. Man most of them have been to the pin. Some of them are dead, some of them are mange from from car wrecks. Just life has fallen apart on them.

I desperately needed some new friends. Some of you desperately need some new friends and then there’s some of you that have been in the kingdom of God. Long enough, you become a tour, but you don’t have any friends who were sinners now and you need some like this there’s a period of time when we’re getting our lives straightened out and we’ve got to get some of these influences away from us. And then we come to a point where we are strong enough, we’re solid enough. We got enough backbone where we can go into situations and be the influencer instead of influenced some of you say, I got to go back and win my friends, but you can’t win them yet I’ve heard it for years. You know Pastor, I would get this. You know person of the other sex out of my life, but I got to win them to Jesus. You don’t want to wind up. You want to sleep with them and you’re kidding yourself. Owensboro Church You ever lied to yourself Mishka. If you ever lied to yourself, I can think back before it before Jesse and I became an item. There was a girl from my past and I’ve been living out in Texas and I came home and I was home for about a month and you know Friday or Saturday night was rolling around and you know you don’t want to hang out by yourself on Friday Or Saturday night, especially when you’re young and single, now that I got 3 kids and house Flat alike, I would love to hang out with myself one night on a Friday or Saturday. Do you know you’ll know what I’m talking about parents out there. I think about you know when I was young. A good time was like man, I’m going to Florida for spring break now, good times like I’m going to the basement. Nobody talk to me for like 2 hours, alright I’ll be in the basement, but but it’s Friday or Saturday 9th, and I’m wanting something to do, and I call this girl from my past and I asked her out. You know, and I knew it was a bad idea. I knew I needed to go forward in life, but I did it anyway and then I’m trying not to tell people that matter. My brother calls me and he says what you doing tonight. He didn’t want me getting hooked up with my old friends, I’m like hell, I’m taking this girl out and he’s like you don’t need to take that girl out. You know you’re going to get in trouble. You go out with that girl and I’m like well. You know I was lying to myself. Have you ever locked your sense, so I called her back. Owensboro Church That said, I’m sorry, I can’t come get you and she said. I hate you and I’ve never talked to her since, but my life’s went up or not, but Jesus, I hope her has Earth as to come on give Jesus. I had lab that’s funny cuz. It was time to let go of the old go into the net and there’s some of those moments that are that are tests by the spirit of God. God wants to see if you’re, all in or not, God wants to see if you’ll do what it takes. When the rubber meets the road, and some of you you’re still just teetering on the edge but you’ll never have all the promises are all the goodness of the kingdom of God until you go all in and if you were to go all in and really sell Out and really devote what God would do in your life would be exceedingly abundantly above anything that you could ask her thanks, but until you step across that life, you only have Crumbs from the kingdom cuz you get nothing without committing. Some of us need some Christian friends. All of us do, and let me say this to some of you, mature Christians. You need to go out after some people who are lost with us, hey man, I pray you find the right kind of friends. Would you stand up on your feet? Let me pray for you tonight. I want to pray for some people to let go some relationships that are killing you, some relationships that are added any value, some relationships that aren’t bringing any life. I want you to. Let go of some of those things, so God can make room so there can be room to make room and God can bring the right kind of relationship in your life. That’S what I want to pray for you. What would you buy your heads for one? Second, there’s anybody out there that says: Pastor man, I need, I need some different relationships. I need what you’re talking about in my life tonight. I know it. I got a cross this bridge and tonight I believe, you’re preaching to me, which it just lift your hand. Owensboro Church Just wave at me one second right there, where you are I’ll, see a lot of hands in here. I believe God’s going to answer that and here’s what you’re going to need to do you’re going to need to let go of that old, trapeze and you’re going to need to grab onto the new. So let me pray if you can lift your hand right back up, I’m going to pray over you right now, father in the name of Jesus Christ, of never thought. Thank you for these people. I think you, Lord, that you’re going to give them. Their hearts desire. They’Re going to bring to them Godly relationships, I declare by faith in people are coming from the north south east to the West. I pray that they would find people who would not destroy their faith but would build their faith. Owensboro Church I pray that they would find stable people. People got their hand of the plow, Not Looking Back Christian people. People are full of the word of God in the spirit of God and the wisdom of God. I declare that you’re giving them strength to walk away from some things that have been killing them and a walk-in to some things that they need in their life Covenant friends coming their way: friendships like David and Jonathan friendships. That will stand the test of time. Lord, I think you that you’re there for faithful friend that sticks closer than a brother help them find a brother, because the Bible says a brother was born for adversity.

I pray these things, give the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I pray these things in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in the church said, amen, amen, amen, come on, give Jesus one more hand, clap tonight praise the Lord. Would you be seated with me for one second good to be in the house of God? Just look at your neighbor and say that say: you’re going to have the right friends! Just tell him that you’re going to have the right friends the right people, the right people, what we’re going to take care of some housekeeping if the ushers will go ahead and bring the envelopes tonight where we can prepare and bring our giving to the house of God or are giving to the house of God. I want to thank you so much for giving to the house of God for taking care of Kingdom Business. Owensboro Church I want to say this tonight: do you know that giving is worship? Everybody say this out loud say giving is worship I was reading today. Giving us worship also want to know this. I was reading today in Timothy and and there’s a scripture in there, where Paul tells young Timothy to command the church to be generous command. The church to be generous generosity is not something, then we, as pastors are supposed to ask you to do the scriptures tell us to command the church to be generous, so it, let me say this tonight – be generous in every form of your life. Hey man and you’re only win by being generous man. Degeneres life is the blessed life and the generous life is where it’s at and the generous life is where you’ve. Given God, God sees you look sad, your heart says: there’s somebody I can show myself strong on their behalf. They’Ve got a generous heart. Owensboro Church They’Ve got my heart and if I give to them there a conduit for blessing it’s like there’s so many people think if I hold on to what God’s given me or or what I have I’m going to get more, but it just works. The opposite of that cut cuz! If God can get it through. You you’ll get it to you and he’s looking for generosity. What were the most, like God when we are generous and we’ve got a group of incredibly generous people in here, and I’m thankful for you who have stepped up to the plate and your generous at this church because of you. We’Ve we’ve got the opportunity to win dozens of people to Christ every week, but because of you, who got the opportunity this weekend to give away diapers out here, probably do about somewhere between 100 and 30 or 40. Babies bet that don’t have diapers come on. Somebody give the Lord of handclap for that. That’S because of you, but because of you this weekend those families will be getting food. You brought food baskets here to help us launch a new food Ministry. We just did that to stop the thing to get the thing going because of your generosity Ministry happens and God’s going to make sure that it happens. He’Ll, do it with or without us, but if we won’t be apart, we miss the blessing we missed being the conduit that he flows through huh. Not me, he’ll get the guy run over here, but I want to be the condiment that he flushed her cuz. Owensboro Church This more blessed to give than it is to receive huh MN somebody say amen. I want to pray over you. I want to pray that were the most generous group of people in the world. Owensboro Church That’S what I want to pray now want to pray that God does amazing things in your household because he understands that he can get it through. You’Ve man he’s going to pour it out to you. Let’S pray father in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I pray for these people. I pray for our generosity. I think you by our generosity will stand and we we just declare that we’ve got the heart of God. I declare because these people are generous. Lord, the Bible says that the generous soul will be made fat. Will be mayridge that they’re going to expand but they’re going to do better, so I just speak expansion over their lives. I say that everything they touch. It does better it pushes forward. I declare and I he creep that you’re pouring out your goodness on their life. Owensboro Church I say the third houses will not lack spit. Their cupboards will be filled with abundance. I see their fats will come up with new wine. I say: they’ll have oil in the seas and I say that everything you’ve given to him, the favor and the anointing and the blessing of God will be on it. I pray that you raise up generous people and that you use them to be a blessing in Owensboro. Lord, we pray for this city, we pray for our economy, we pray for jobs. Lord, we pray for increase, we pray for a spirit, that’s entrepreneurial! Look Lord, that they knew things would happen in our city to be a blessing to the families of the people. Here are blessed someone’s bro, I pray for her in Jesus mighty