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If you have your Bible on you today, I want you to go ahead and open it up, and I want us to go to Romans. Chapter 6. Romans chapter 6, verses one through four, and I want to teach just for a few minutes on water baptism today. Water baptism today in the value of water baptism, so much is taught about baptism. One of the greatest symbols of baptism and one of the teaching tools along baptism is actually watching. People get water baptized. It shows us the death of burial and Resurrection in a Illustrated sermon when people go under the water, it’s a symbol that they died with Christ on the cross. Owensboro Church their old man’s been placed in the Tomb and they’ve been resurrected on new in power with a brand new life. Is anybody out there that think thankful that Jesus gave us a brand new life in him? Man? I’M thankful Tampa brand new life and I’m thankful that my old man is dead and gone and I’m a brand new creation Romans chapter 6 verses one through for the Apostle Paul talks about this spiritual change in a person’s life. Here’S what he says he says: what shall we say then, shall we continue in sin that Grace May abound? Certainly not. How shall we who died to send live any longer in it? Or do you not know that as many of us as were baptized into Christ, Jesus were baptized into his death? Therefore, we were buried with him through baptism into death that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the father. Even so, we also should walk in newness of life.
He said that we’ve been buried with him in baptism into his death. Everybody say his death man, one of the central themes of the Gospel. The central theme of the Cross of Christ is the God himself stepped down to heaven and died for our sins on calvary’s cross, the darling of Heaven, the second person of the Trinity, the very Son of God, came to fix our sin issue and he stepped down Into this world he was born to theBloom off of birds in 15, 14 year old girl have the Holy Spirit come upon her. She had a miracle. Birth never slept with. A man has a child that child grows up, never sends never misses it, not one time when he’s 30 years old he finds and discovers every bit of his Destiny is baptized by the spirit. After his baptized in water under John’s Ministry, enters into a miracle. Traveling Teaching Ministry as a traveling rabbit. The Masters come out to hear him. He heals the sick. He calls us the blind to see again the land they want. The death they hear he performs miracles of multiplication turns the water into wine, makes the fish and the bread multiply prophesize the people and reads right where they are by the Holy Spirit. He had a miracle ministry. The whole world in all of Israel starts looking to him. Who is this man see John the Baptist return from the dead? Is he Jeremiah or one of the prophets? Is he the prophet that is to come? Who is he and finally insideturn? The five did he’s the Messiah. Israel thought that the Messiah would come and would be a military leader hero. Then idea the Messiah would come and he would be a hammer that would drive back row with a fist and a rod of iron in this Fallen World System, taking Israel back to their top back to a seat of power. But really Messiah didn’t come at that hour to establish a physical Kingdom on Earth. Owensboro Church He came to establish a spiritual Kingdom where he would begin to redeem and grab people from every Walk of Life. Owensboro Church every part of life, every corner, every tribe, every tongue, every ethnicity, and he would draw them to himself. He did it through his death, he died was nailed to a cross to pay for the punishment of our sins hung on a cross 6 hours. One Friday, the Son of God, was extended between heaven and earth dying on the cross that all of our sins might be forwhen did we might absolutely Go free? Somebody give the Lord a handclap. Vds died for us for our sins, a man stop for our sins. In the Bible says that we can be a part of his death in this, we can be buried with him in baptism. Did any of y’all have some old Timothy, some old habits? The old person that you used to be that that person needed to die come on somebody. You know. Sometimes I look at people in my in my natural mind, my carnal mind and I see things they’ve done. I’Ve seen on in justices, seen terrible things that have happened on the earth and I just think men that dude he needs to die in the news, says: kind of Injustice. The horrors of this Fallen World system now look at the men that that allow those things to happen. I think that dude I’d love to see him dead. You know, but you know, on the spiritual sense, all of us, every one of us deserve to die, come on somebody. The Bible says that none is righteous. No, not one. Now there different levels of Injustice, Haman in the Bible says the government has a sword for a reason and there’s a time for that sword to be used to keep order and Justice flowing in the earth.
There’S a time for that. There’S authorities. For that reason, but money in a spiritual sense, all of us deserved to die and in baptism it’s a symbol of the death we’ve entered into in Christ. The Bible says that the life we now live – it’s not us, but we live by the faith of the Son of God. We have been raised, the old man is died and we have been raised to newness of life in him. So there’s been a death, but thank God there hasn’t only been a death. There’S also been a resurrection. Somebody had the good sense not to bother to him, but to borrow the tune, because Jesus was only going to be in that tomb three days and on the third day the power of God was going to flow into that tomb. The grave clothes are going to come up, the door was going to be rolled away. The Angels were going to announce this Resurrection. He was going to walk out and show himself alive too many Witnesses, just as his body receive life under to tell you. Your body has received life in Christ and the dead parts of you, the parts of a wrapped up in the grave clothes, the parts of a broken, the parts that were a live in fallen and Age then became they’re, not decayed anymore. There’s newness of life and your fundamentally a different person now because of what he’s done on the cross, somebody say on brand new in Jesus name: amen, look at your neighbor, say you’re new to I see it all over. Owensboro Church You just tell him that your new you’re different than you used to be and listen water baptism is a celebration of a newness of life, we’re different now, the spirit of God’s. Only inside of us we’re not what we used to be were different than we used to be Jesus, commanded, his disciples to go in to teach all the things called us and the baptize, the Nations and here’s some reasons if you’re taking notes today.

If I think everyone is called in the name of Jesus all to be water, baptize your ears, here’s the first reason: what baptism is an outward expression about God’s already done in your heart, but water baptism is an outward expression about God’s already done in your heart. Listen Jesus is done something in our heart. He cleans the Hardy change, dust and water. Baptism does not save you, it will not save. You does not have the power to save you. I can bring you up here. Baptize you everyday for the rest of your life. Unless you’ve had a true conversion in your heart, water means nothing. It’S only a symbol of.
What’S happened inside your heart so baptism it won’t do it for you, some people will come to me at times will bring me children and it’s like I got to have this kid baptized, so they can go to heaven. It’S like know that that won’t do it. Come on, if that’s the truth or shower would would save us showers would send you to heaven, but but I’ll shower won’t, send you to heaven somebody say Amen. Jesus will send you to heaven somebody say Amen, it sucks. It’S just an expression. Second thing is: this is baptism as a powerful symbol that you have died with Jesus and her also a protector of his Resurrection come on. Thank God. We have died with Jesus and we’re protector of his resurrection. Number 3 baptism is a symbol that the old man has been left behind. Owensboro Church I remember there was a song that it was a popular rock song when I first got saved that used to it was on the radio everywhere that year. Owensboro Church I don’t even know who who played it, but I got to save the 98 been walking with Jesus now, for what is that 15 years? That’S crazy. Owensboro Church 15 you’re having fun. 15 years is gone fast and I remember here’s. Here’S the song that it was planned. All that summer, if it had these lyrics it was, I used to be bad, but I ain’t going to be add no more and I used to be bad and I ain’t going to be mad. No more, and it’s just like that. Baptism is a symbol that you used to be bad. I know it’s bad English, but you ain’t going to be bad, no more cuz, that old man is dead and gone and, thank God, he’s he’s dead and gone next thing is this baptism is a symbol that we were once unclean, but now we are regenerated by Christ, we have become clean by his blood. Baptism, tells the world that were following Jesus baptism tells the world that we’re following Jesus. Every person needs to make a public profession of their faith in Christ. Owensboro Church We live in an hour and a day where it is man. It is not Chic it all to be loud about Jesus. You can be loud about animal rights. You can be loud if you’re pro-choice come on somebody, you can be loud if your for any social justice issue, you need me loud if you’re a Muslim, but you can’t be loud about Jesus right now in America, because it’s open season on us, if you haven’t Noticed that just yet and all all of the all of the cinnamon, all the understanding it is is is getting the tide of America. Owensboro Church It is coming against Christ, and more than ever before, we need people to rise up and make strong public professions, and I’m a Christian. I don’t care who it Separates Me from. Owensboro Church I don’t care. Where do nice me with I’m living the Crucified Life and if they have to kill me or Stoner, but had me so bad? He did it for me, hey man, it’s time for that, I’m telling you if we don’t start doing that kind of thing. You’Re going to Christian, you will lose your religious Liberties in America. You will lose your religious Liberties in America. Baptism is it’s the day I like to say this. You get your game, Jersey, everybody say: game, Jersey, man, I love.

I love the football always did. Love football group playing football and started 3rd grade played all the way through high school and there’s something football’s great sport. I love to see guys line up and buttheads and just who’s going to win. You know, there’s something is great about that and just just to see young man get tortured. Let him know: hey you, don’t you don’t have to be as soft as you used to be you’re a man now son and I love that Sport and I remember that there’s there’s a day that you get your game Jersey whenever you’re playing ball, you join the Team, Owensboro Church you can come on and you go through the practices in the prelims, but there’s a day when you made the deal and you’ve gone long enough coach brings everybody in and they pass out the game, Jersey and really in Christianity. The game Jersey day is the day that you get water baptized is that they were stand up, and you say man, I’m United to Christ, no matter what else happens, a lot of us were trained this whenever people believe we were trained like this, whenever people believe In Christ, I don’t know if any of y’all were in the church like this, but when they when they believe in Christ, they had to come down front.
We used to do that here and I still do that here. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with that. Buddy from a background people receive, Christ had to come down front or other had to come down front, and it was. It was an invention which is a a handy invention and it’s great at times to use called The Altar call. Everybody say altar. Call it’s been used in the body of Christ for the last 100 years, guys like Billy Sunday Crusade of angels, who I love, I’m a student up. I was in a vangelism major up. I’Ve read all these guys, so how they did Crusades and so early on. That became how people made a public profession of Faith about a hundred years ago, but before that, for the first two thousand years in the history of the body of Christ, public profession was not coming to the front of a church in a church service. Public profession was stronger than that. You didn’t just come to the front of a church at the church service. There’S power in that, and I’m for that and I do that at times. Don’T hear that I’m against that, but I think you can get to save Rite in your seat, just like you can in an altar, but there Comes a Day. You’Ve got to make a public profession of faith and for 2000 years, the Avenue that has served the church as the moment, a public profession. When we stand up in front of the body and stand up in front of the world and say I’m the line with Jesus, no matter what people thinks about it, Owensboro Church think about it, it’s the moment of water baptism and there’s a lot to lay down for you To get water baptized, you got to come, you know what I mean, you don’t have fancy church clothes on you getting that water to get it by Matt water and your shirts clung to your love, handle you know it’s like it’s like this.
Your makeups run in your hair is all messed up like a bad teenage teenage. Owensboro Church If you don’t have that dream in high school, it’s like I’m wet in front of a crowd. It’S awkward, but we’re to tell you there’s something: that’s good for our soul. It’S good for your soul, maybe bad for your bad, for your flash bad for your you know, just whatever, but it’ll be it’ll, be somebody say good for your soul, good for your soul. It’S the first step in following Jesus matter of fact: Jesus was water. Baptized by John, the Baptist shows up to John’s baptismal service. He says you need to baptize me and Jesus is John was like I can’t baptize, you in Jesus said no, let it be done so that all righteousness might be fulfilled. Listen., There’s a lot of people into the sound of my voice. Some of you were baptized as kids, very, very young, very young. I was baptized once as a kid and some of you were baptized as babies and infants and listen, here’s what I’d say about that. That was really for your parents more than it was for you, because your parents were saying through their culture, their tradition, we’re going to raise this kid up to follow Christ, and I appreciate that out of them, that they had a great heart in a great intention To do that and then a lot of you really came into a real relationship with Jesus down the road and you’re still not getting water baptized, because we were baptized way back then let me say this that wasn’t really for you. That was for them, Owensboro Church your parents, you strain as much as you will, but I guarantee you. None of you can remember that baptismal service. He remember way back. I mean Bibles a nymph and I was there I got. Can you remember that? No, you can’t remember that that was for Mom and Dad this all this all to be for you come on somebody listen to give hits for you spank this, for you and you are, you are to get baptized for you. I was baptized as a kid like that lip flip my own way for a lot of years got saved in 98 and I went on a became a pastor and I haven’t got baptized again not at this church.

But I was working as an associate and I had to baptize a bunch of folk the next Sunday morning and it’s like men to sit and write. I need to do this for me. That was four years ago. Owensboro Church I need to do this for me and I got water baptizing her to tell you. It is an incredible incredible experience. It’S the day you come out of the stands and you get on the field for Jesus amen, amen, here’s what I want to do and I’m not going to leave that out, will change the water. Look at your neighbor and say: he’ll change. The water tell him that I promise you that in this next week I want to water baptized, more people that need to do that. You need to get that right or maybe you’re out here. Can you call on the name of Jesus recently in our services? You haven’t made the next step in getting water baptized. I want you to do that this next week, this next week, anybody out there that says I will I’m. I want to get water baptized. I want to do that this next week. I want you just to. Let me see you right. There lift up your hand by out there right there at praise the Lord everybody else right there and praise the Lord everybody else right. There praise the Lord right there buddy else right there. I got you right there. Anybody else wants to get water baptized next week next week. Alright, here’s what those to be there to lift your hand up. I want you. I want you to go out here to the info. Booth they’ll be people there to help you and you’re going to sign up to get water. Baptized will call you this week and next week we’re going to get we’re going to get water baptized come on. Let’S give it a little Walmart hand. Clap. I popped. How about that amen? Hey man, hey man, hey bring what we need we’re going on a finish. This server service up given today and just honor God with our with, are giving, but it’s going to be fun. We’Re going to baptize people a couple of weeks in a row. Do you know a lot of churches? Don’T hardly baptize anybody in an entire year, not not a Harley in an entire year, and we see over a thousand people. Call him a name of the Lord gear. Owensboro Church We see a bunch of water, Owensboro Church baptisms man, it’s just exciting, to be a part of a church where God, saving people, helping people healing people in lifting people and the Usher should be bringing your two different envelopes. This morning, two different envelopes. Let me, let me explain a couple of these things. What’S up, the white envelope is the is the tide envelope and those me they got a tie, that’s 10 %. We bring to God what we we tied to the house that that’s the time that we always give that that’s something we believe we give.
I give 10 % to the church, have since I’ve gotten saved it, Owensboro Church and that’s that’s number one cuz. God will bless me for it number to cuz. Owensboro Church I want to create a place in a space for other people to get minister to so when you give like that consistently to your church, you’re, creating a place for these people to come and connect to Christ, to be water, baptized to be disciple and also you’re. Creating a place for you and your own family, so thank you so much for doing that and those they got time to bring to the house. You know how to do it. You know how to give here and that’s awesome set. Second envelope you got is, I think the thing is it blue or gold? What is it what color is? It looks gold out there right now and last week we took up our our beginning of the year Kingdom Builders, offering Kingdom Builders offering and I’ll tell you what it was a massive week and it’s something that we bring as an offering is something they gave in The Bible, that’s over and above the tie and we’ll do a few of these a year, typically a few offerings a year and it’s a special gift that you bring to give to God to connect with God. It was the end of our 21-day fast and a week early in the year. We pray we fast and we give to set the stage for 2014. I’M her to tell you that Miracles are already happening. Like Hannah Roans testimonies, she got Supernatural breakthrough. I believe the prayer and fasting sets the stage for breakthrough. Somebody say Amen to that amen and I just believe there’s going to be and I’m praying for financial breakthrough in a lot of people’s lives, because when we took that offering up, there was a card on the inside of that yellow envelope. We had people write down their biggest need on that card, and most of the biggest need I see coming up is the people need help in the financial room? We’Ve been praying over those things this this last week and believe in God, for when people need so many of my people need Deliverance. People need financial Deliverance, people need a home, Owensboro Church and I’m praying that that 2014 God’s going to do that in your life. I’M praying for that and some of you weren’t here last week. I want to give you an opportunity to be a part of that offering as well that’s that yellow envelope and a lot of people with challenged people. If you’re, some people will be in a Widow’s Mite situation of the Widow’s Mite, the Widow Widow came, had nothing.

She gave all that she had, which was like a penny in our culture. Jesus pulled it out of the offering and said man This Woman’s given more than all of the fat cats in this room, and I appreciate people who give like that appreciate people when I see him and they don’t have a lot play killed, because I got a Heart to bless God, God Honors that and God sees their heart. Somebody say Amen to that. It’S massive, so there’s there’s people that give that are in a Widow’s Mite situation. If your windows might give – or you won’t be in that situation along in life, I don’t believe that at all believe God will help you. But there’s a second group of people that I feel obligated to call higher and that’s just normal walking around everyday Americans who are living in making it and lots of us at become so comfortable consuming. We forgot what it was like to give in America. I mean you just see it, Owensboro Church and so we had a guest speaker, come came and he challenged people. He said I challenge you, some of you all to give a thousand bucks over to Bob her ties to help the house to help the house and last week, here’s what was given totaled up altogether. What what what came in last week was like a hundred and thirty six or seven thousand pledged over the next 30 to 50 days. Somebody all to get the Lord of hand, clap for that pledged over the next 30 to 50 days and listen that just helps our church budget. Your church that runs on so much less than most churches are size. There’S other churches in our town same size. They run on twice the money that this church runs on and and it’s just it’s massive an offering like that around his massive helps us move the ball down the field as a team, but thank you, but I want to challenge those of you that didn’t get To be a part of that, come up with what do I want to give and write that on the outside of that yellow envelope, yo to put part of it in there today of what you want to give? This is what I want to give or tell us write the number on the outside. What I’m going to give over the next 30 to 50 days over and above and circle, it drop it in the envelope, pay it off over the next 30 to 50 days, and I guarantee you, God will bless you meet you where you are cuz. You cannot out give God it is impossible it. It will not happen. Gospel. Do something Supernatural in your life, amen, amen,