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Quit the her sisters or mother her her father, how me know when you move a girl, 17 hours away from home, you got to let her go home sometime. She sends her love this. So you understand that! Don’T you see she sends her love to all of you this morning and uh, so I celebrated Christmas with my in-laws now, whenever you first get married in life, you begin to recognize that certain families in certain cultures have different Customs on the holidays. Owensboro Church Don’t you recognize that Jesse’s house has different Customs around Christmas than my house? Did you know everybody has different ways of celebrating holidays, the Gibson’s. Do Christmas riots and the Browns do Christmas wrong? That’S the way that worksI found out how to take up, but maybe maybe not maybe, there’s no right and wrong. Just what you’re accustomed to – and I found out as a as a young man when I first got married still a young man, Owensboro Church but a very young man, that there was a custom in the brown house that was different than ours. And that was the stockings. Are a very, very big deal? What is? Is our stockings a big deal on anybody’s house here? Few love, you see you in our house. It wasn’t that big of a deal you got, some candy got some gum and you went on to the presents kind of a deal. But the stocking is a big deal in the brown house and I remember whenever we first got married on the collected to remember that the stocking, what’s a big deal so Christmas morning, it rolls around and I’ve got gifts. I thought I’ve done good and I get up I get up earlier than Jesse. I go out there and look under the tree. There’S our stuff. I look at my stocking in my stocking was packed full of the best stuff. You can imagine just to give you an example of my stocking this year I got a Rubik’s Cube. Owensboro Church Anybody else get a Rubik’s Cube. I need a mathematician. I need a scientist to help me with that underturn on the internet, researching how to fix a Rubix Cube and I have to memorize logarithms to fix the Rubik’s Cube. So I got that I got. I got cross ink pens in my stocking. Those are good gifts, so I walk out on look at all these good things in my stocking. I’Ve got nothing to go in Jessie stocking, so I get up on Christmas morning. I go driving around looking for somewhere. That might be open only place. I can find open was a very small gas station. On that day I go in about whatever gum candy. You know I can find what you get at a gas station on Christmas morning, so I can go to put a corn dog in her stocking and oil. Owensboro Church Funnel here you go honey. Merry Christmas, I get the stuff that that that that I think it’s the best I could do. I take it home and of course she knows where it all came from cuz. It smells like the deep fryer in the back of the gas station and she was a bit perturbed with me. Why was she perturbed with me? It’S because I didn’t give my best now that I look down at James chapter 1, verse, 16. Here’S what it says do not be deceived. My beloved Brethren don’t be deceived. My beloved Brethren, every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, comes down from the Father of Lights. With him, there is no Shadow, no variation or shadow of turning up his own will. He brought us forth by the word of truth that we might be a kind of first fruits of his creatures. James says this: he says: don’t be deceived, don’t be tricked, don’t be lied too, don’t be steamed many people out. There are deceived about the nature of God, and it will comes down for them to receive gifts from God have the wrong concept of God, and I don’t think that God wants to bless them. I think God wants to curse them. Let me tell you something today: church God is in the blessing business. He is a good father, he is the father of life ever good and every perfect gift comes down from above God comes to bring you good gifts, the Devil comes to steal, to kill and to destroy every good. Every perfect gift comes down from him goes on, and he says this in this verse. He says in him he’s the Father of Lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. That means this God isn’t one way today and another way tomorrow. There is no Shadow, there is no dark place in him. There is no turning. How many all do you know, anyone who is a little bit moody in life? You know anybody like that fuck, this moody people, you run into them sometimes, and they see you and they’re. So glad to see you there happy how you doing TJ there grinning ear-to-ear and the next day you want buy them in the mall. Are you walking see him at work and I like hey and they just walk on by whenever you see somebody like that? What does that tell you about that person? There’S a shadow of turning in them?
Isn’T there they still live by their feelings by their emotions. They don’t live like Gods, yet how many other Christians should never act according to the way we feel day by day? That means that we have a shadow of turning. We have to learn to walk by faith, not by sight. That makes a steady that makes us the same. Owensboro Church Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever Malik. I said these words, I am the Lord. I change not when you get the fruit of the spirit flowing in your life, you become, like God, I’m in there is no shadow of turning in us. Look at your neighbor and tell them this safe, say God is good and he wants to bless you. He wants to give you gifts in Jesus name. I want to live that down as a basis to set up the the message that I’m going to bring to you. I’Ve been praying very hard as a pastor part of my responsibility. I believe it’s a Shepherd. The main part of my responsibility is teaching the Word of Life breaking the bread of life in the leading the body at the beginning of every year. I begin to pray hard and seek the face of the Lord looking for the leading of God prophetically for the church for the next year. I look for the word of the Lord because I believe the God leads us as a flock. He leads us corporately. The Bible says that God, let Israel as a flop, Shepherd moving sheep. They leave them together in a general direction. Owensboro Church So, as a pastor I come and I prophesied over people’s lives as a body in a general direction. Owensboro ChurchI was praying 3 weeks ago and I was sick in the face of the Lord and the Lord spoke to me about River City Church. He spoke to me about you and here’s what he said. He said it River City Church. Owensboro Church We are entering into a season of promotion, the promotion was going to come to the lives of people in this church and the promotion was going to come to this church corporately. The Lord showed me – and he told me that are voice – would get louder in the year of 2008 in the surrounding region as a body, and then he would bless. People do believe that God wants to promote people. I mean I’ll. Just showed you and told you from the word of God, every good! Every perfect gift comes down from the Father of Lights, we’re moving into a season of promotion, and I teach and preach so much about the process of God about day-by-day little by little goddess building. You and God is taking you and he’s shaping you in his Renewing Your Mind and he’s taking you to a new level, but as we work day by day as we build up our lives everyday, eventually, there’s going to be a breakthrough. That is the season. We are entering into so what I want you to begin to do is to engage your faith and to receive that word. I can prophesy that I can. Owensboro Church I can preach that I can teach that, but unless you reach up with the grasp of faith and make it yours and pull it into your life, it just doesn’t matter. Why? Don’T you reach up for one mama, just for the hand, reach up and grab it? I say: promotion coming to people in this house in Jesus mighty name to just go and say I’ve received promotion in Jesus name, Nepal, it down there into your heart. You know I spoke that on a Wednesday night service about 3 weeks ago and after I spoke that I begin to find out about people who were already getting promotions in the workplace. He placing right here on the second row got a new job. Didn’T you eat? Let’S clap our hands at the Lord’s been good to he. Better job found out that April. James just got a new job at a lady, got a new job. Guess what she’s doing for a living? Ladies she’s buying shoes for a living when my wife – and I don’t know what she does you better watch out, my wife. I have a hit out on her trying to get that job buying shoes for a living found out another guy from this church. After we spoke at work, another guy from this church is is right on the brink of one of the biggest promotions he’s ever gotten his life.
I believe that those are just some of the first fruit, some of the first few testimonies. I believe that your testimonies are going to be next. We’Ve got cards. How many y’all got a card we gave today on the top of that card? It says 91 days. I want people to begin to, engage and believe God to move in your life for the next 91 days. What can God do when your life in the next 3 months? So often, we know that God is good. We know that God is a blesser. We know that God gives good gifts to his children, but very seldom do we engage God to do something in our lives personally and because we stay in neutral, we don’t receive God’s best. The Bible say you have not, because you ask not at the end of the service I’m going to see what did you want or need the Lord to do for you for the next 91 days, we’re going to fill out those cards and we’re going to bring It to the altar, but before we do that, go ahead and turn over to Psalm. Chapter 75, Psalm chapter 75 want to teach you what the Bible says about promotion. Psalm, chapter 75: here’s what it’s this we give thanks to you! Oh God. We give thanks for your wondrous Works, declare that your name is near where this is the voice of God. Now speaking, when I choose the proper time, I will judge uprightly the Earth and all its inhabitants are dissolved. I set up it’s pillars, fernley’s talking about the Judgment of God, the end of time. When the earth will be dissolved, everyone will be judged verse form. I said to the boastful: do not deal boastfully and to the wicked do not lift up the horn. Do not lift up your horn on high. Do not speak with a stiff neck. Everyone say the horn. What the horn is is a symbol of in the ancient near East. Is your power? Do not lift up your power? Do not act as though power is yours. Don’T speak with the stiff neck with a hottie look first, six: here’s the key scripture for exaltation to read in the King, James version. It says for promotion, everybody say: promotion for promotion comes neither from the east north from the west north from the South, Owensboro Church but God is the judge. He puts down one in the exalt or he promotes another for the hand of the Lord. In the hand of the Lord, there is a cop in the wine is red. It is fully mixed. He pours it out. Shirley, Owensboro Church it drag show all the wicked of the earth drain and drink down talking about a couple of judgement. What, but I will declare forever. I will sing praises to the god of Jacob all the power, the horns of the power of the wicked. I will also cut off, but the power of the righteous shall be halted, promoted or lift it up the song This is talking about what is the final resting place? What is the lot of Life For The Wicked and what is the lot of life for the righteous talks about the wicked man in this power being boastful and thinking that his power comes from the Lord, then he talks about the righteous man who comes humbly before The Lord and he says that the righteous man will be exalted. He is horn, will be lift it up. You know you’ve been made righteous by the blood of Jesus Christ amen. The Bible says that there’s been a great exchange that he who knew no sin became sin for us that through him we might become the righteousness of God. Somebody say I’m righteous. Let’S say it again: I’m righteous one more time say: I’m righteous says this – that the Horn of the righteous shall be lifted up.

Verse 60 says this word, he says promotion, that’s the Hebrew word door in Hebrew. It’s door means to lift up to raise up means to exalt. It means promotes this that you’ve been living in life and a level like this, but the power of God comes to promote you, the righteous man and the power of God. Steps in your life to lift you a little bit higher and you’ve been living here, but then promotion comes from the Lord and it lifts you to a new level in life. Are there any levels in your life that need to be lifted? Maybe your ability in your marriage to be a good husband needs to be lifted. Her ability to be a good wife needs to be lifted. Owensboro Church maybe our ability to parent needs to be lifted. Maybe we need a lifting in our finances in our physical hell. Maybe we need a lift in the areas of discipline. Where do you need to be lift? It says this promotion does not come from the East, nor from the west north from the south promotion is not established by the hand of man. Amen men may promote us, they may be a tool and instrument in the hand of God to lift us up. The promotion never comes from a man get your eyes off of your boss. Get your eyes off of a wealthy relative, get your eyes off of an acquaintance or another hand. That’S been feeding! You get your eyes off of your job, get your eyes on who the Lord promotion doesn’t come from the east from the west north from the south says that God is the judge. He lifts up one he sets another down. God is our source every good. Every perfect gift: where does it come from the Father of Lights? He wants to promote your life safe times of promotion of the sweetest times in life. Owensboro Church they really are. I was sitting on the plains, yesterday landed in Dallas Texas and they didn’t have the jet ramp out out to the plane. Yet so we were sitting there waiting and all the sudden the captain comes over the radio. I’Ve never heard him do this before and it begins talking about his second-in-command. I forgot what he called him. Owensboro Church it’s the first something on a ship it’ll, be like the first mate. I don’t know what he was. He was the first something and he said he said not my associate up here, the pilot that was with him. He said this is his last day as second-in-command said this man, I’ve been promoted, he’s going to school to be trained to be a captain in the next time. He flies he’ll be he’ll, be a captain when he said that it was pretty cool to see the reaction of the people in the crowd, people sitting on the plane, begin to clap and cheer for this guide. Nobody, even though you know kind of a deal, and there was like a warm fuzzy feeling that went through the crowd. It’S like how nice, because how many know what time is the promotion there special time zone when we all to be happy when somebody else gets their fatted calves from the father. This time of promotion comes to this man’s life. I think about times a promotion in my own life they’ve been the sweetest times. When I got married, it was a promotion, got promoted me into being a husband. When I had a child, it was a promotion, got promoted me into parenthood’s. Owensboro ChurchWhatever I birth to church was part of the church, it was a promotion, got promoted me into being a pastor and a Chief Elder in a church. Whenever God gives you a new job or gives you a grandchild or gives you a new relationship, it is what is it are such a promotion? Owensboro Church Do you know where it comes from comes from the hand of God every good, every perfect? If I want you to think just for a moment where do you really need help in your life? What area do you really need promotion? Where do you need to be lifted? Where do you need to be raised? Where do you need to be helped? We’Ve all got areas, we could stand promotion and I know we do so for this next 91 days. I want you to begin to focus on the on the presence of God focus on the word of the Lord about where, where it is exactly, you need to be lifted. If you have those cards go ahead and take them out, you can pull them out in your hand, Owensboro Church a begin to think begin to meditate. Here’S what I want you to do with those cards. There’S an ink pen there if I can get a musician to come to come play softly. While you do this, where do you need help? Where do you want God to move in your life? Double move in your life? You will allow him you’ll, see Kim and look.
I want you to fill out that card on both sides. Whenever you get that card., I want you to tear it apart. Half on each side, now, won’t you to bring one half to the altar. Today, you going to take the other half home with you for the next 91 days. I want you to pray in the believe, God that he’s going to help you promote you in that area, see what God will do in your life. Owensboro Church we don’t have anything. Can look around will get you one bubbly do in your life, the first three months of this year January February and March, I’m going to keep teaching along these lines on areas where people need promotion about family, about faithfulness and business about your relationship with God. Coming up to a new level being promoted and understanding who, God is, the things have gone for the next 3 months? We’Re going to focus on this we’re going to get the Miracles here me we’re going to get miracles in this area.
I think back to my own life in 1998, in 3 months, God Lifted Me So High did so much in my life. Save me delivered me from addiction. Owensboro Church fill me with the spirit gave me a sense of calling and purpose. If not, and in my heart I love for the word for the Bible and those three months, the stage was set for me to do what I’m doing today be led by the spirit of God now about what God wants to do in your life in the Next, 91 days, you need a healing in your body. Write that down. You need a break through financially write that down. You got a relationship, you need heels. Owensboro Church What the family member write that down whenever you complete those cards, I want you to bring them by faith. One half of them keep the other half. I want you to lay it on the altar. First, 91 days of this year, I’m going to pray over these cards every day, a green with you believe in God to do something big in your life. The Flash grateful praise the name Glen Landing praise, the name of the Lord praise. The name of the Lord come bring it by faith, light at the altar praise. The Lord praise, the Lord blessed, be the name of the Lord. To get to see you today, Gordon stand up on your feet with me this morning, going to pray over these things. Before I pray, I want to lead you in a confession. What we’re going to say to God just say, there’s say Lord. I believe that you are a giver, a good gifts, Lord, a belief that you promote people, I believe in this season. You are promoting me. I bring these needs to your altar. Owensboro Church I lay them down and by faith. I believe that you are moving in every area in Jesus name. Amen, amen, now, just lift the hand up to heaven. For one moment, those of you that are comfortable with it father now, I believe in Jesus mighty name, I believe in Jesus mighty name. I see the action of faith and I know the faith moves the heart of God, lord. I believe that faith is the key that unlocks unlocks every door that needs to be opened. Lord, you said these words. When the son of man returns. Will he find faith on the earth? I say yes, you will. I see it the hearts of these, your people. So now Lord, I believe, and I agree with them as their Pastor as their Shepherd. We touch and agree that you are now moving in their lives. Lord, I pray that you would break out in people’s lives. I pray that marriages would be healed now by the presence of God. I pray that Sons and Daughters would come back to the kingdom of God. Now I pray father that Financial strongholds would be breaking broken. Lord and their promotions would come in the workplace increase financially. I pray feelings to manifest in people’s bodies. I pray for new businesses in new ideas to be birth to Lord father. I pray for new practices Lord to be opened. Lord. I pray for for songs to be written, look for books to be began and books to be finished. I pray for mighty mighty mighty outpouring of your spirit. I believe in I say that we have the answer now. The next 91 days will be Supernatural days. Owensboro Church I speak promotion over your life, I say be promoted now be lifted, be raised, be exalted. Owensboro Church I say the God sets one down and lips up another, but today he lives up the righteous I’ll say the horns of the wicked will be cut off, but that the Horn of the righteous will be exhausted, so be exhausted in Jesus mighty mighty name. I pray for you and the church said: amen, amen, amen, let’s give the Lord a big hand, clap today Church. Let’S give the Lord a big hand, clap blessed, be the name of the Lord. We believe that all these things are done now as a pastor and a Shepherd. Bless you, I say your led by Still Waters in The Green Pastures. I say that God restores your soul, can’t wait to see what happens in your life in the next 91 days. God bless you Church, you are dismissed, going peace,