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Hey, let’s get mylar music people the big hand, clap today or worship team. Thank you again. We appreciate you and it’s good to see you here in in church for Sunday 2013. We welcome you here. If it’s one of your first times here, we say welcome. If you been in a thousand times, we say: welcome, we’ve always got room for more at River City Church, and if we don’t have room will get more buildings where tear down walls will create more services. Will do what with What It Takes as a church? Somebody say Amen to that. So don’t turn around your neighbor. Tell him this this morning say you were lucky to get to sit by me in 2013they’re, Owensboro Church blessed to be by you today, they’re sitting by royalty right now and then right, Owensboro Church Jesse, that’s right! They’Re, sitting by Royal teeth, Sons and Daughters of the most high God. It’S good to see you here and I don’t know about you, but I’m pump for 2013, how many all pumped to be alive on another gear, I’m glad to be above ground and I plan to make the most of it. He meant I plan to make the most of it and I’m going to have a great year. I think, God for everything you did in 2012 y’all to come back next week and we’re going to celebrate what happened in 2012 and also we’re going to cast Vision as a church as where we’re going and what we’re going to do in 2013. I believe that we’re church that’s going to change Owensboro Kentucky we’re going to change the region and we’re also going to change the world. We’Re not making any small plans here so y’all to come along and help us change the world so show up next week come and hang out. If you have a Bible on you this morning, go ahead and open it up. I’M going to spend a little time on the word about 20 minutes. You could open it up to 2nd Corinthians, chapter 5 and verse, 72nd Corinthians, chapter 5 and verse 17, and while I’m going to pick up there in a minute and Jessie and I we got got a day or two away actually a day away, we went and Spent overnight down in Nashville – and it was the first time Jesse had left art youngest child overnight, Owensboro Church which is about a year old now, how many all are thankful – and we all should be thankful for somebody who watch your kids overnight. Somebody give the Lord a hand, clap for that. That’S awesome in a jest and important that you do that got a little kids that those to be with the kids out there I mean or kids are going to grow up a hopefully and move away. You know what I mean: one of these days are going to grow up move away and we still want to have a marriage whenever that happens, so so we’re down there we’re hanging out and walking around the mall and I’m learning the older I get to act Like I’m happy when I’m in the mall it’s hard for me, but I’ll, do it on a date, and I was watching Duck Dynasty the other day and Duck Dynasty Jesse likes that that there’s a there’s, an older guy on there and he’s got his son and The older guy play me, you know how old to me he’s probably 60 65 and the sun’s about my age and the sun’s got all these things to do in the mother shopping and that the dad says this he says Willie has yet to learn a lot of Things about women, one of them is this. Women they browse is what he said in the guy just sit down in the chair and watched her brows and shop, and I think, all these years I’ve been staying in the corner aggravated like. Can we go yet? Can we go yet I’m going to try and 2013 to sit down and watch Jessie brow, so I’m down there learning to browse. Why won’t your what look through this stuff and I get a phone call and here’s the phone call? Somebody was driving a car that that’s registered in my name and they were speeding. I’M not going to I’m not going to say who it was when use my, but they were speeding and I got they got pulled over and they let him go game a ticket. Let him go and then he’s getting ready to take off and they run back up to the car and they say get give me your license again. He gives them their license and he says wellI didn’t think it was you, but the man who this car is registered in his name. He has a warrant out for his arrest and so so Wayne says why I don’t know what he said, but he got out of there, but more more police officers came even I guess, to help arrest at the time that we thought it was me, and so, When calls me says he text me and most of the time, you’ll text me or call me and say Brian, give me a call back when you get a chance, and this text says it’s it’s important that you call me you know, and I gave him a Call – and he says Brian apparently there’s a warrant out for your arrest and so the wheels in my mind you know it’s your turn. It’S like you know. I know I’ve got a lot of things that could have been the head of warrant for prior to 1998, but I’m trying to think of what I would have done now.
You know I rip some tags off of a pillow and it says it’s punishable by law. You know what was driving this car doneI got a bunch of speeding tickets. Maybe I didn’t pay one, and so I called David Johnson attorney on the front row good friend of mine, and he calls and starts to work it out. Here’S what he finds out after period of time. There is another Brian Gibson who is also born in 1977, somewhere in the state of Kentucky. If you know him tell him, I send my regards and I love him. Alright, I’m praying for him and apparently that Ron Gibson shares a birth year with me, a first and a last name with me, but we don’t share the same middle initial and there’s a warrant out for his arrest. If you know Ember to call and say, Owensboro Church we’ve got some important business we need to talk about. You need to call me back now. Listen what I had yesterday for a little while was what some people might refer to as an identity crisis. Somebody say: identity, crisis identity is important in it who people think we are who they say. We are what they think about us or identity is what we call ourselves, what others call us dogs doing in our life and I’ll. Tell you what, when I look across the landscape of America, also as a pastor, Owensboro Church when I look across the landscape of a church a lot of times, I see identity crisis that people are having in their life when we think about identity crisis. You might be thinking about Mabel, maybe a middle-aged person they’re having a midlife crisis and they totally been reworked head to toe lady thinks she’s dressing like an SI model, Owensboro Church all the time now or guy thats, going back and putting on the Letterman’s jacket and he’s 45 Going on 18, or maybe when you think about an identity, crisis, you’re thinking about the teenage kid who didn’t have a strong background and he’s searching for himself or the girl, that’s looking for themselves and their they’re changing their flow, who they are, who they hang with Their style every 2 or 3 weeks, all of those things are dangerous, but what’s so dangerous in the church is when we as born-again Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, don’t understand our identity in Christ and we still identify with who we were before when. We met him more than we identify with who he’s made us after his death burial and resurrection, and if we can get our identities straight, we can get our life straight. Somebody see him into that. It’S just true lots of times people, those say to me: they’ll, say: Pastor. I don’t know what God wants out of my life. Where I don’t know cuz we preach about vision and we talk about purpose a lot around here and I don’t just think real Nerf. The sucker, Owensboro Church I think, we’re here to do something for the kingdom of God, and people will be like what what I’m trying to find my purpose listen most of the time people who can’t find their purpose, it’s because they don’t understand their identity. Just yet who I am breaks open Pathways to figure out what should I be doing, and I want you to understand who you are in Jesus Christ of Nazareth? I want you to have a strong Christ based identity. Somebody say Amen to that today.

Look down at your texts, 2nd Corinthians, chapter 5, verse 17 – I want to show youthis – is a quoted scripture. This is a memorize scripture. Some of you probably have this on a coffee, mug good, but I want it in all of our hearts as a church and here’s what the Apostle Paul wrote about each and everyone of us. He said, therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. Old things are passed away. Behold all things have become new. How many of you out there, under the sound of my voice, would consider yourself in Christ. Are you born going to be cold on the name of Jesus for Salvation? Let’S say that say: I’m in Christ: it’s a good confession. I’M in Christ says if you’re in Christ, you are a new creation that your brand-spanking-new, just like there’s been a Brand New Year 2013. There’S a brand-spanking-new you the moment you say yes to Jesus. All things have died, but the person you used to be he’s already been buried, he’s been murdered, he been he’s been killed or she’s been killed and they had it coming didn’t you know that there’s a tombstone right now in the spirit realm with their nameold things, Have passed away behold how many things have become new, not song, not a few things, not not this, and that, but all things have become new here’s. What I want you to know. The first thing I want you to know about your identity. Is it there is a brand new you, you are brand-spanking-new, somebody say: I’m new come on, say it like. We mean it, I’m new one more time, I’m new, but get you to say those things. You’Ll start believing those things called on new. So I’m a new creation, that’s what I want you to identify with I’m not who I used to be. You know. I’Ve got a background way back then, before I got born again and I use it not preaching tell my testimony cuz, it connects with some people, but I don’t identify with who I was before I got born again and I got I got to save that. A drug culture – and you know how to diction in my background, Owensboro Church met hamp and alcohol and stuff like that. But but I’ve got some new stories since when Jesus save me in 1998 – and I plan on having some more news stories about what God’s done in my life. Owensboro Church because, that’s not mine, show my brand new creature and I’ve got to see myself like that. I got to think like that. Owensboro Church I got to talk like that. So many of us, we think of ourselves as as we used to be, we think about ourselves because of stigmas that were attached to us or maybe something a parent did or maybe the lack of apparent, maybe maybe friends, maybe co-workers, maybe somebody labeled you. They try to put an identification on you that God never intended to come on your life, and what you have to do now is a born-again Believer. His take that fake ID take that identity crisis, throw it down, put your foot on its neck, take authority over and say that’s not true about me anymore. I’M brand-spanking-new, I’m Different. You know I’m at the opportunity to go around the world through missions and I’ve been in a lot of different countries. Seen a lot of different stuff. The Bible literally says the gospel should take us around. The world says it’ll set you before Kings and it’s amazing. What the gospel does, if you’ll give yourself to proclamation of the Gospel to reach and witnessing to people, but I’ve been southeast Asia numerous times. Some of you here at the church have been in Thailand as well and something they like to do the missionaries there when we come from the West to it to show us something we can’t do here. Everyday is a after we’re done with the missions trip or what not they’ll take you riding elephants and and how many Bill been over there with us in written an elephant. Anybody in there right there right there right there, where we vote right there, where we’ve all been there over here written elephant and you go ride these elephants and at the end of the time where you’re riding elephants, then there’s an elephant show and it’s kind of Its kind of amazing eunos elephants they come out, they kick balls and you know that they do tricks, they stand up. They do this, some of them to step, and they got skills are line, dancing elephants, they they got country music, they like their and then after. After all of that, but built built even paint they take their. You know this thing whatever this is and a trunk, and I don’t know what they do to make these elephants do this, I’m sure you know Peter would have a field day with it, but they get these elephants to paint pictures.
The most impressive thing to me whenever I saw that elephant show or the thing that kind of kind of baffled me is there are these giant thousands of pounds, animals and some of them are standing and they’re tethered like this they’re, not tied to anything of substance. Some of them and looks just like almost like a string and that string will go off of that elephant and only tied around a little bitty. Stick just sticking in the ground and you’re. Looking at that elephant and looking at that string and looking at that stick – and you know that multiple thousand-pound animal can break, that string can break that stick at any moment. But he just stands there tether to the thing like he doesn’t have power to get away and what happened why that elephant stands? There is some time he was a little bitty elephant. Somebody came by with, with with something and tied off his foot, tied his leg to something that went deep down into the ground anchor that elephant tied to something he did not have the power to break away from that elephant. Jerk than that fault. That elephant try to get it to put free, but it couldn’t do it and a day finally came to that elephant gave up and it just stood there since then that elephants been growing bell. Elephants been getting stronger, but elephants been getting bigger than elephants, been getting better that elephant, something that could tear the entire house now, but it still sees itself as something small tied to something it can’t break free from do you know what so many people are like In the church they’re like an elephant that they’re Tethered to something from when they’re past they got tied to, they think they can’t break away. But now one is inside of you that is greater than he, that is in the world and all the power that move. Heaven and Earth and raised Christ from the dead dwells in you, and nothing should keep you Tethered to a little bit of stick anymore, you’re, bigger and better than that. Somebody say, Amen, see a lot of people view themselves, as as they were not as they are in reality. I want you to see yourself as you really are, get your identity straight and then you’ll have everything play God’s called you to have. You are a new creation. Second thing I’ll say about your identity. Owensboro Church Is, you are just everybody say, just look at Romans. Chapter 5, verse. 1, Romans, chapter 5, verse, 1. Here’S what it says about the born-again believer there for having being been justified by faith. We have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ there for having been justified by faith. We have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. The scripture says that you are not only a new creation, but that you are also Justified. That means you’re just in the eyes of God, you’re right with God to be justified of her to explain like this to be just as if I’d never send you’ve been made right, you’ve been cleaned, some of you were walking around beating yourself up and you have Been for years, maybe because of a past set failure because of past Sim, maybe it’s because of some sort of addiction or some sort of problem or or or something in your past and you’ve been right. That thing everywhere! You go that things tied to get well. The scripture says that that thing is no longer attached to you that God is freed, you from your sand that you’re no longer guilty in his eyes, but you have been Justified.

You were right, you are righteous. There is a court system in the heaven lies. If you will, the Bible says there is one lawgiver and there was one judge and his name is Jesus and he is a righteous right standing judge and he demanded that every man, every woman would give an account for their actions, and all of us will stand Before God someday, do you know that the Bible says every man will stand before the judgement seat of Christ? Here’S what we have on our side as born-again Believers. The scripture says that the same God it was a lawgiver and a judge, step down into his own legal system, was tried in our place on our court date was nailed to a cross and given a death sentence that we might go free, then that death sentence Was executed upon him, then he was placed YouTube on the third day resurrected and is paid my debt no longer guilty, but I’ve been free, not guilty. You go no charge no penalty. I am justified. Your sins are remembered. No more is that good news. Your sins are remembered no more. I must have been a lot more sending than some of y’all do because that’s that’s great news, crate news, Owensboro Church look at your neighbor and just say: you’re just tell him that your new ID, your new ideas, you’re just third thing. I want you to see about your new ID today is that you are complete. Somebody sound complete turn over to Colossians chapter 2, verse 10, your new you’re, just you are also complete. Owensboro Church Dad have been complete, here’s what it says and you are complete in him. Who is the head of all and principality and power? The born-again believer is complete that that’s what Christ comes in. He comes to complete you and I know we looking people in the natural. In the moment they say yes to Jesus their whole life doesn’t always look perfect, it’s not the way it works. It takes some time there’s some things that work out of the inside of us. Our Salvation starts in our harp and then it begins to work out in the other parts of our life, but in the spiritual realm, whenever you receive Jesus, you have been made complete. So many people are running around there already completed on the inside, but they don’t know what they got: an identification with Brokenness, some of them identify with where they come from, where the problems are, but maybe maybe a broken home or broke part of town that becomes Identity for some people and they begin to identify with a broken, is or missing element in their life. Instead of identifying, with the completeness that Jesus has brought to their Spirit, listen, you have been made complete in him. Whatever was broken, or whatever was missing from you and the past, he fills it and you got to get to a point as a Christian where Jesus is just enough. You know what I mean, I’m not saying, lay down and quit trying to do more or have more or go after more. I want I’m for things growing and doing better. I live for that. I want it I long for that. I want that for all of your lives, but more acquisition or more power or more success or more money or more of whatever you think you want, will never complete you. The only place we’ll ever be made truly complete is in him, and all of us are can somewhere else to be made complete. So many of us are, you know the kid in high school says: if I just get out of school, then life will be perfect and the college kids going there or maybe they’re starting a career and they say he just get married. Then life will get perfect and then they get married. How many know that your spouse has no power to complete you? What was the Jerry Maguire? You, you complete me. Owensboro Church What what am I possible? Your spouse can make you happy. They can make you miserable, but they can’t make you happy. Somebody say Amen to that. They don’t have the power to do that. Owensboro Church No human can complete you, it’s not possible, there’s only one that can complete you. His name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth and we’ve been made complete in him and I’ll tell you. I have single people get that lesson. You only be complete in him. Married people quit looking to your spouse to make you complete. They don’t have the power your caller on them to do something that they’re not ever going to be able to do it’ll be continual disappointment, Jesse’s married to the greatest calendar, but still I don’t have the power to complain about your identification. I’M looking at you and you are not less than you are not junk. You are not Cut Rate garbage you’re, not yard, sale, stuff. Your first class, the Bible, says this in the book of Ephesians Ephesians, chapter 2, verse 10. It says, for we are his workmanship created in Christ. Owensboro Church Jesus for good works. You are his workmanship, somebody say I’m created by Him, get up the maker of the heavens and the Earth is created you and designed you and made you some of us identify with pain from the pastor. Owensboro Church maybe things would have been spoken over us or told us that that we don’t measure up, but the truth of the matter is: is your first class that your top drawer that that you’re a cut above that you’re the finest that there is to be had out There you’re something special you’re different. You are his workmanship, the same creator of the heavens and the Earth, the one that made the mountains, the one that made The Valleys, the one that created the constellation and the Stars within them that holds them in their place, buys work right now. He wanted to create a you and he had it from the foundation of time that you were going to come into the kingdom for such a time as this you’re not less than your identification, is that you are a first-class citizen. Owensboro Church would you stand up on your feet with me today so powerful that you know who you are in Christ? Some you need identification shift. You need to switch, you need to start by making a choice, and I’m not going to see myself as I used to see myself, I’m not going to see myself. As my my high school buddies saw me, I’m not going to see myself, as my co-workers might have seen me before I’m at Christ, I’m going to see myself in a brand new life. I can get you to see yourself in that light and begin to believe that about you. All things will become possible to get and you’ll walk in Your Vision. You don’t we all to be careful like the way we talked to her kids Jesse, and I were careful the way we talk to our kids, because we want them to get the right idea who they are. We want them to get the right identification, so they can grow into that. Owensboro Church We don’t want them living out, something that bit. That’S not true about them. So I look at my kids. I say things like this to Amaya, say: You’re, Beautiful, you’re, wonderful, there’s, nobody else! I can hear you’re so smart you’re, a world changer you’re you’re a history-maker, better, I’m blessed just to be around you you’re a genius getting to know that. You know that I don’t do that, but I would I’m in a really good and you do the same thing for your kids. You know you’re the smartest you’re, the prettiest you’re, the best. Don’T let it go to your head.
I believe the God would do the same thing for you. I think he wants you to get his ID in your life. Thank you looks at you and he says me and you’re. Owensboro Church My kid you’re worth me sending my son and dine for your you’re, the smartest you’re, the prettiest you’re the best. Would you close your eyes with me today, father in Jesus mighty name, I thank you. The we get the right ID the right identification, your identification and that we flow and walk into it in every area of Life. I’Ll pray for all of the people with no longer save themselves what they used to be. Let them say what they’re becoming. Let them say what you’ve made them I’ll pray that we would change the way we use our tongue, because life and death are in the power of the tongue. I just declare in Jesus mighty name that the right ID is coming up in our spirit and it’s flowing into every area of our lives in Jesus mighty, mighty name. I pray and the church said: amen, amen, amen, let’s give Jesus one more hand, clap in here praise the Lord