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Come on, let’s give the Lord a handclap in here. Can we do that? Praise the Lord. When turn around your neighbor tell him they look nice. I know it’s awkward now to your other neighbor. Tell him you’re lucky to get to sit by me. Tell him that that feels more natural! You been practicing that for 10 years you can do that. It’S good to have in the house of goblins Pastor Ron Gibson. We are so happy that you’re here hanging out with us today and excited about the things that are coming up just want to highlight one thing that was on that that real, and that is that Financial Peace University is coming up. I think Jesse talk a little bit about it, but but please it’s helped so many people you’re having any any struggle in that area. Life or you just need some more knowledge. Owensboro Church You can get signed up. Its Dave Ramsey’s course it’ll be taught here and in the past some people didn’t want to take that class cuz. It was like forever long and it’s been condensed down to eight or nine weeks so get signed up back there. Also, if you prayed to receive Christ in our services recently, I’m super pumped about water, baptizing people February 10th. Somebody give the Lord of hand clap that we’ve got people to baptize around here and it’s the day. People get their game Jersey, so get turned up. If you pray to receive Christ or maybe you were dedicated and you’ve been living your own way lot of times, it’s strong to come out and say
hey, I’m living for Jesus, I’m identifying with his death Brown Resurrection, get signed up for it out there. Next, you have a Bible on you this morning: go ahead and open it up to Psalm, chapter 127 Psalm 127, and that’s where we’re going to begin today, Psalm, 127 and we’ll start inverse one. Whenever you get there this morning, you could go ahead and say Psalm 127 and verse 1 and here’s how I read to read like a semi, Olga say on her now cuz it’s on the board behind it going to say haha. You got it now. Psalm 127. Verse. 1: here’s how it reads: unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it. Unless the Lord guards, the city, The Watchmen, stays awake in vain. You know we’re coming up here on our 8th birthday. It’S our 8th birthday of having Sunday morning, services at River City Church. We started this thing January 2005 and I can remember back then you know what we’d started as a small group organized and getting ready to launch. We were in in in a pizza shop here in town, also in the home builders, for a while and finally, we became a group of about 30 40 people, something like that. Maybe a few more on big nights and we decided we were going to launch on Sunday morning and so we got together. We we launch the service at Kentucky Wesleyan in the Winchester Center, and I can’t remember back in the day if we did, Billboards are tickets. Owensboro Church I know we might have been Billboards, maybe we did mailers and we were hoping to see if anybody would show up – and I can remember we got up at 5 or 6 in the morning and we brought all the chairs and set up whatever we had. I’M not even sure if we had a projector we’re talking 2005 but we’re having a church service, and I was looking out the door to see where people would come walking front from the parking lot and finally, it’s like nobody’s coming. I don’t see anybody out there and finally, Patton April Carraway from down in McClain County came walking up and I’m like Jessie these people, man, nothing even looks wrong with them and they’re here at our church with us this morning, and it just blew me away and You know: we’ve been looking out the door for 8 years and since then we see almost a thousand people coming to the door on Sunday morning last year had 1450 decisions for Jesus and God has been building the house doing exceedingly abundantly. Above all, we can ask or think, let’s give him one more really strong roots shaking hand, clap somebody could shout on something like that. Cuz he’s been good to us changing lives and I think about his grace and what he’s done? I look around the room and I’ll see so many trophies of God’s grace what God’s done in Labs, how God’s restored and healed and put back together, and when I look at you, I’m so thankful that God has been here with all of us. Bringing us to this point: the Bible says this: unless the Lord builds the house, they who build it labor in vain, you see a house or church of something that must be built. I talked about that sweet Jesus said I will build my church and the Gates of Hell will not Prevail against it. Great churches don’t just happen to matter of fact, great things in life. They don’t just happen. Somebody say Amen to that.
Great things are believe for prayed for, worked for somebody put their hand to a plow and didn’t look back and number one. Owensboro Church we need the Lord’s blessing on whatever we’re doing, and we won’t God’s hand on this church unless the Lord builds the house, they who build it labor in vain, so I won’t God’s handle whatever I’m doing whatever I’m a part of. Owensboro Church I need to CERN, where his hand is, and I need to get in line with his hand in his will, and then we see things begin to be built Better Built to last see we don’t want to build a church around here. That’S just here for a minute and then it’s gone. We want this church to be built for the Next Generation in my prayers that long after we’re dead and gone after we’re pushing up daisies somewhere, we’ve stepped out of this world into another world. I pray that this church would still be strong, still be preaching. The gospel still be when and Sole still be, ministering to kids still be shaking and changing the culture that it’s planted in, but the only way we’re going to do. That is if we build this thing out of the right stuff off Firm Foundation is important in any area of Life. Jesus told a parable that goes like this, so there was a foolish man that built his house on Sand and then there was a wise man that built his house upon the rock and then when a storm came to win the issues in the problems of Life. How many know the issues and problems of Life are going to come? I’M not believing for him, but I live in a fallen world and one of the signs of problems. One of the sounds of life is problems everybody that still alive on the live on the earth that something to deal with, Owensboro Church so the problems they come and the Bible says that the guy, whose house was built upon the sand it crashed. But the guy, whose house was built upon a rock it stood strong. What’S The Rock The Rock is the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I get the opportunity to go preach over in Russell Springs Kentucky I go over there at least once a year. Sometimes, a little bit more and one of my good friends, one of my best friends as far as pastors out there Pastor Eric Gilbert Pioneer of that church he’s a guy I don’t know. Maybe 33 now started that church 32 when he was about 20 years old. I thought I was young. Whenever I start I was 26, this guy was 20 and right now, you’re driving to Russell Springs Community of about 3500 people and you go to the edge of town. You feel like you’re, going out into a bunch of Pastor and you can find a church there. That looks like it’s built for a large city.

I mean it’s. It’S awesome. Looking building about seven eight hundred people coming there to worship on Sunday morning. How many know? That’S impressive in the town 3500 Church like that and Eric he preaches for me. Sometimes when I’m out of town here, great great friend, great my God, but but there’s a lake right off of Russell Springs. Lake Cumberland and Lake Cumberland became a giant source of Revenue and help their economy right there for Russell Springs in the entire area. Lots people begin to come there for boating fishing, really pretty area the Landscapes pretty around it until just a few years ago, and something happened that really has been a detriment to that community, and that is the the damn that’s at the end of the lake there. What they used to Dam up that, like they found out there, were some structural issues with the down and they found that the damn might not really hold it, because the damn won’t hold. They had to lower the water of the lake and now the Lakes, Owensboro Church not as pretty so people aren’t coming anymore and it’s hurt the economy and they’re working on the damn right now and the locals tell the story of what happened to the damn. Now I don’t know whether it’s true or not I’ll, just tell you what the local folklore says. The local folklore says that when they were bill that damn years ago, the guys had contracts on bringing certain materials in to build the dam and those materials had to be to a certain specification had to be a good enough material that you could build with. It. Tell me know if your bill with the raw materials things don’t last long term and during the day, because it’s such a big project, there were guys that would inspect the materials there they’re watching to make sure the right things are going into that down tonight. Whenever people went home or people got tired to cut cost and to cut time, they begin to bring in less than perfect materials to build a portion of that damn with and so now years down the road, because somebody cut corners and somebody didn’t watch what it Was being built out up now and economies, hurting towns hurting a Regents hurting and they’re literally could be danger and life peril. Owensboro Church There’S warnings going down kind of a Creekside of Riverside their horns there in case the Dam breaks it can go off to let you know you can get to hire turn off before the water comes down and they say up that. Damn breaks it would flood Nashville. Owensboro Church very quickly, here’s the point of all of that story. We don’t build our life and build our church and built our stuff out of the right materials. How many know in the future? At some point our life and experience danger our church will experience danger. The foundation is infirm enough to stand the test of time. I don’t believe we’re going to be at church like that. We’Re not going to be a damn built out of the wrong thing. We’Re not going to be a house built upon the sand,
we’re going to be a house built upon the rock the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we’re going to build out of the right materials at the right time and we’re going to stand the test of Time, if you believe it give the Lord a hand clap out there today we’re going to be Master Builders white, the Apostle Paul said he was Master Builders. Owensboro Church Last week I started talking, hear some things, then we’re going to build out of first two things. I talked about his we’re going to build out of a passion for Souls anything I talked about as we’re going to build on the word of God. Third thing that I believe that we need to build this church out up as we need to build on the power of God. Somebody say the power of God Acts: chapter 1, verse 8. It says this: you shall receive power after that. The Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be my Witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and of the uttermost parts of the Earth. Somebody seabra C powder come on. Let’S say it: like you mean it: I’ve received power one more time. I’Ve received power, I’ll get you the same thing. Owensboro Church So you’ll begin to believe it about yourself. That’S the way the Bible works. I’Ve received power seat, here’s the deal, we don’t have a faith. It’S just a list of doctrines, we don’t have a faith, that’s just a belief system. We don’t have a faith, that’s just ritual and Creeds matter fact. We have a faith that contains the power of God and the life of God in the modern-day moving of the Holy Spirit and the same power that set the church on fire in the book of Acts in up from the day of McCall’s forward. That power is still available to us as born-again Believers. Today we can all have Supernatural powder. We need the power of God in our church. How many we need the power of God in our lives. We need is miracle-working ability. We need his ability to turn situations around. How many are we have a goblet still works. Miracles? Are, God has not changed? The Bible says this. The prophet Malachi spoke in the name of the Lord, and he said I am the Lord. I change not the Hebrews author wrote these words that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. The Bible says that God is not a man that he should change his mind. He is power, Owensboro Church still moves Supernatural only Earth and it can be experienced in every area of Life. Somebody singing Manda that today we need God’s power. You know I think, about this. Owensboro Church here’s a good way to say it. It’S one thing to hear: somebody sing a song that has a beautiful voice has a great really has some pipes and talent. You watch them sing and it’s like well that person has a gift, but it’s a total another thing to hear somebody who’s, talented, who also has the anointing of God for the Holy Spirit, the power of God on them, while they’re singing. How many all would agree with me? You can recognize a difference. One of you will praise the Lord.

I pay anybody else agree with me out there playing with the speaker. You know you watch somebody speaking like that’s a great communicator he’s done his research. He has something to say: he’s got stories that are convincing and compelling. I like listening to him, but it’s a whole different thing to have a god, get up or lady get up and begin to communicate, preach teach talk and the spirit of God to be upon them. Their words become different thin and it speaks to a deeper part of your soul, because that’s what the power of God, the anointing of God, for the Holy Spirit, dusk it makes things transcend. It makes Heaven touch. Earth in a moment makes things become alive and real, and not just somebody what are talking, but God talking in a moment. We need the power of God. Owensboro Church It’S not enough to have great music, not enough to have media not enough to have great kids programs, not enough to have lights or anything else like that without the anointing or church is nothing. We need God’s power in every area of our life and yeah. You give a lot of hands up for that. We need this power and you’re in a church that believes that God still does everything today that he did in Bible days. We don’t believe the gods changed his mind. We believe it’s the same and I can remember back throughout the years. You know we we believe in the gifts of the Spirit, in what we believe in things like that around here and people would come in, they would say: pastor we like you’re preaching, and maybe they didn’t have the right words to say about the music or about The preaching there, like man, there’s like an energy in there whenever you guys are preaching and teaching, and it’s not energy they’re talking about to come on we’re not like you know this in the New Age place. We need we believe in the by it’s, not an energy. What it is is the Holy Spirit we like they were sensing, the power of the spirit of God in our services that some of them come and say we like that. We like that quickenings what they’re talking about the church service, other things where you guys believe and teach about the gifts of the Spirit and these kind of things and you lay hands on people, pray for people. Owensboro Church You believe in some of the stuff. We don’t like that, but what they don’t understand is it’s this.
That creates that it’s a belief on a Reliance on the power of God that creates that otherworldly think whenever somebody singing somebody’s preaching that Transcendent thing is built on the belief that God is still moving. God is still powerful, God is not falling off the throne, God is not become weaker anemic. It is this that creates that, and you can’t have that. Without this merge together and married together, we need the power of God. I remember back in the day we were in the downtown buildings and we’d spent, like almost all of our money. Renovating that thing we didn’t have much money. You know we’re starting. A new church got a little bitty budget. Nobody gave us a bunch of money to come start this church. As a matter of fact, this church is always been supported by the people who are members here you go to give yourself a hand, clap for that. You paid your own way, man and I appreciate that God Supply. But now I go to a lot of church planning conferences, I’m around guys that church planning’s in their world and they teach these guys. Owensboro Church You know you got to have like 60 100 k, 5,100 people to get a church start at I’m glad I don’t have the information back, then I’m glad I didn’t have it cuz. I would have been scared ever start. When I was called to cuz, I would have thought I had enough. How many know? Sometimes you just got to go. Do with what you have today time to put wheels on the thing and make something happen, and so we renovated that downtown building it had tons of character, bats rats,
\ I think homeless, guy slept in it. I could never find him, but I found his clothes all the time I would walk around up there tonight. You know just hoping you didn’t jump out on me and when we were, we were doing our thing and we got that thing renovated they’re. Turning the condos. Now – and I would love to live down there after I get my kids get to live mobile church will be very cool now that all the homeless guys aren’t there anymore get over be a little more easier to not be scared in there, but but Banner Banner Head little bitty budget left, we bought a banner to go up over the door. Whenever people went down 2nd Street, Owensboro Church they would see our church building and at the time the banner felt a little bit bigger. Now I can probably wanted up and carry at home. In my back pocket, you know that’s how small it really was not was driving down Allen Street in the city had this discover downtown campaign and they put these discover downtown banners on the light post, I’m driving down, Allen, Street and I’ll look and see in that discovered Downtown Banner totally blocked out our Little River City Church banner, and you couldn’t even see it now just got angry when I saw the thing man I’ll motion Rosa and I was just ticked off and I pulled around to the back of the building. I didn’t pray about it. I didn’t ask God to do anything about it. Owensboro Church I just thought I thought man. I wish that Banner that discover downtown Banner was gone, pull in. Owensboro Church I go inside the building, Matt and Andrew and Edwards. They were in there and they were staining the floors at the time not go walking in all the sudden. I hear a big crash out front. These guys run to the back where I’m at they say, Pastor you’re, never going to believe this. Some dude just came barreling around the corner in a U-Haul truck, ran up on the curb out here on Allen. Street ran over that light post with the Discover down Banner on it and knocked it down flat on the ground, and I ran out front I’m on the sidewalk on on 2nd Street and I stood up over that Banner. That was not down at my feet. I look at it in the spirit of God spoke to me as clear as day and he said I’ll move, Heaven and Earth for River City Church, and I said yes Laura. I believe you will you don’t we got to go little, move Heaven and Earth on our behalf, somebody’s him into that he’ll move, Heaven and Earth for you, he’ll move Heaven and Earth for this church. What was he communicating to me? We got a bill. What we build not on our ability not on our power but on his ability and on his powder, Owensboro Church how many we’ve got to God? They can move things that we can’t even budge. We’Ve got a Gothic and switch situation than our own power. We don’t have any ability whatsoever whenever I was younger. I thought I could make anything happen. Not still think that we got to have a lot of get up and go, but I thought I could make anything happen out of my own will and listen sometimes I’ll.

Be sitting around just in a strain trying to make something happen, didn’t even know what I was trying to make happen just had to live with me back in those days man. I live life like this all the time we’re going to make it happen, but help me know: there’s some things there, sometimes when it’s time to get out, cooperate with God’s grace and make something happen, there’s a time for that. Somebody saying that there’s some Seasons with no matter what you do, you’re, not good enough you’re, not smart enough you’re, not big enough. You don’t have the authority or power to change the situation and I’ve had to learn to discern in those Seasons. I can trust in my own ability to make something happen. I got to rest in his ability to make it happen and thank God, his ability is a big ability because he has all the power in heaven and, in our somebody, say, Amen to that. Second thing: we’re going to build this church on and I am with this topic today. I believe we got to build on the power of God. The second thing we have to build on his the joy of the Lord somebody say: the joy of the Lord is my strength. You know what Joy is a weapon that God is giving to the church and it’s something that will shield you and stop the things of this world from destroying you. I really believe that the Bible says to rejoice in the lord. Always and again I say: rejoice: the Bible says that you have the fruit of the spirit. Is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. The Bible says you have joy unspeakable and you’re full of Glory. The Bible says happy as he, whose God is the Lord. By ever run into your. Owensboro Church I got a list of questions. I asked people almost without doubt. I’M going to say it to you I’ll, look at Jen I’ll, say how you doing, and people tell me whatever one of the next things are almost always say is I’ll say: are you behaving look at your neighbor and just say: are you behaving just ask him That watch him squirm and right now, cuz I hadn’t been, and you know, you’ll pick that up their thing. I’Ll ask is: are you happy look at your other neighbor and say: are you happy and what should the answer of the born-again believer in phatic Lee? Almost always be if we’re asked if we’re happy come on five of your convince. What what should the answer me? The answer should always be yes. Why? Because listen the world doesn’t dictate my joy.
My circumstances don’t dictate my joy what’s happening in the economy, doesn’t dictate my joy. What what’s happening in my in life around me can’t dictate my joy, what the Bible says, Owensboro Church the word of God and what God is already provided, Which choice been provided for me. That’S where I have to stake my claim and I have to stand. I look at myself in the mirror. Often – and I say I’m happy sometimes you’re really convinced myself. I say I’m happy during you know. What’S up with some grip, my voice, I’m going to be happy. Cuz, listen! I’Ve got to learn to control my soul. Good word in this to control my soul, cuz. If I don’t control my soul, somebody else will control it and if I don’t control it, who I allowed to control, it will destroy my life control, Owensboro Church my Facebook and whoever thing control myself. What is your mind? Your will your emotions. It’S the emotional part of you, the decision-making part of you. It must be controlled. David said these things in the song He said bless the Lord, oh, my soul, know that is within me bless His holy name, he’d, ask his soul questions. Why are you disquieted? Oh, my soul, why are you cast down? Why are you torn up some time to look at your soul? Just look at your soul and say bless the lord soul. Now this be full of joy, soul pills will silly, but it works I’ll. Tell you dust! Here’S! Here’S how I know what works. I was listening to a motivational coach kind of got speaker and I listen to some of them from time to time. Any other principles that work by the way are founded, in the word of God, Amen song Ethan spit out the stubble I’m. I would like to think I’m getting wise enough to do that and here’s what the guy said. He said that there was this. This test done these tests done out in Berkeley about twenty-five or thirty years ago, and they brought in like this big group of people that were literally clinically depressed. These people are depressed, their verified doctor, Owensboro Church psychologist they’ve, said these people are depressed, their own medication for depression.

They can’t get up and get down for no reason they have all of that kind of thing going on in their life, and so they brought them in and for one month. This is what they made them. Do they make them stand for 20 minutes. Look at themselves in a mirror and smile top or 20 minutes a day, just smiling at themselves and then make them smile long enough until they they had crow’s-feet in their eyes. You know some of those are getting to me anyway, we’re old enough from her. We were not smile and we have much, but they made him smile big enough. They had them and here’s what they found after month after month of those people smiling for 20 minutes, they said almost all of them were cured of what they called clinical depression. Most of them are off of their medicine, and the recovery rate was unbelievable. Why I wanted those people, do they learn for a moment to control their souls and listen if unredeemed people just brought off the street can change their State of Mind by smiling and Amira? How much more should we, the children, the Sons and Daughters of most high God who are full of the spirit? Have the promises who live on the word be able to control our soul and wool and lyric enjoy your depressed, get up and smile at yourself every morning till you change your situation. Why do we need to be like that? Because the church needs Joy, somebody say amen. I believe the church is to be enjoyed and not endure whatever. I was a kid you would get up for church and it was the most miserable hour of the week have ever played hangman on a bulletin. Just let me ask that’s why we don’t have bulletin to your how most Lee couldn’t stand it if I saw you playing hangman while I’m teaching, so I know you act like you’re, taking Note 2 that iPad or iPhone, but you’re, really playing Words with Friends.
I’M on to you, Pastor knows: I know, what’s up, if you see somebody out there doing that, you just go ahead and give him a good shot in the gut. For me, okay, here’s the deal church needs to be fun. I can remember getting getting whipped out in the foyer of the Church of growing up and it was like churches miserable it’s terrible. I got to get out of here. Man, I’m thinking about taking a mini stroke or something so I can so. I can just go outside for a little bit and it shouldn’t be like that. Why? Because the joy of the Lord is our strength, Jesus isn’t boring, norcia, kill matter fact the Bible says that Jesus is Anointed was an order with the oil of gladness. Above all, his companions was the happiest guy on the earth, Owensboro Church didn’t mean you couldn’t take care of business, didn’t mean you couldn’t be serious, but it did mean he had an oil of gladness about him. Come on. Our God is a happy God the do something for you to realize that men, it does something for me, our God, is a happy God to joy-filled. God he’s got joy for each and everyone of us. I think back to one of the earlier prophecies that was given about our church. We believe in that what’s prophecy, it’s inspired. Speech comes from the Holy Spirit, bring edification Comfort or exultation into life, and one of the words was this and and – and it came out like this, the River City Church will be a place of oceans of happiness. I, like that, not a stream, not a pool, not a river, but an ocean of Happiness, know about you, but I want to live in the ocean of Happiness, amen.