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Well, Jesse Central of this morning, she’s out preaching she was in Lubbock Texas, yesterday Amarillo Texas today, and she took our newborn with her that child about 6 weeks old. It’S about time. She starts traveling and preaching to somebody so she’s out doing the work of the ministry. I’Ve got two kids just me tonight, so pray stretch your hands toward your pastor. Would you say God help him in Jesus name and I’ll see everybody here when you can’t is playing ball, I got there must be a special place in heaven reserved for you. So look at your neighbor and say I think you’re going to make it to Heaven. Just tell him that this morning, if you have them on you to 1st Samuel chapter 20, Owensboro Church first Samuel chapter 20 and we’re going to read about verses 1 through 3, I’m only going to preach just for a very short time. Today I may preach 10 or 15 minutes and then we’re going to get down to business and we got people to water baptized which I’m so excited about, and I just want to talk for a momentI want to in entitle this message. But a step between me and death, but a step between me and death. First, Samuel: chapter 20: verses: 1 through 3: let’s pray father! I think you for the people into the sound of my voice. I think you for their life. I thank you for what you’re doing in them. I think you right now that the spirit of God would speak clearly through me to them. Owensboro Church How do you clear that my tongue is the pen of a ready writer? I say that our hearts are receptive to hear everything that you say to us. Lord. I pray that we wouldn’t be just hearers of the word, but that we would be divorced of the word and we would look different that front from the world and that we would be a light that would draw people to you in the name of Jesus Christ. Of Nazareth, I pray, amen, amen, amen, first, Samuel, chapter 20, verse. One reads like this, then David, that’s young David, who would who would be king in Israel? Then David fled from the off an drama and when and said the JAMAwhat have I done what is mine? Owensboro Church I quit and what is my sin before your father that he seeks my life so Jonathan said to him by no means you shall not die. Indeed, my father will do nothing either great or small, without first telling me, and why should my father hide this thing from me? It is not so then David took an oath again and said. Your father certainly knows that I found favor in your eyes and he said: do not let Jonathan know this less. He be grieved, but truly as the Lord lives and as your soul lives, there is but a step between me and death, everybody say but a step say it again, but a step one more time, but a step.

Those are the words of the young man who would become the greatest King in the history of Israel and where David started wasn’t where he ended up. Aren’T you think phul that, where you start isn’t where you’re going to end up in life, but you’re going to a different place, amen, church, it’s not where you’re going to end up David started tending his father’s animals working on the farm. Owensboro Church He was the youngest of a number of Brothers. He looked insignificant, he look like he had nothing to offer, but what looks in significant to the world often is old, so significant to God. This morning your life may seem insignificant. This morning, you may think that your insignificant and worldly eyes, I’m here to tell you that you are not insignificant, because there is a Divine eye that does not lie. The scripture say that the eyes of the Lord go to and fro throughout the Earth and when it looks at you, it’s e significance. It does to the Max and so that comes to David and he chooses him in the scripture say that man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart. Everybody say God looks on the heart. He looks on the heart., So something pure gods all, something worshipful. Sell. Something faith-filled got sell something different in the heart of David and he said this young man will become the king of the nation of Israel in the future. So profit goes down to David and he prophesies he brings a flask of oil and he pours it on David’s head, and he says that the Lord you’ll be the king of Israel. Only problem was there was another king in Israel. In that day, the other king’s name was Saul in Solace. Owensboro Church A picture salsa type of everything that’s wrong with the world David would be a king. After God’s Own Heart saw was a king after the ways of the world David’s life takes him to a place where he takes the head of the GiantGoliath in the middle of a battlefield. All the sudden David is thrust into a media blitz in Israel. People are twittering about David they’re Face booking about David he’s the Talk of the Town he’s on the front paper of the news he is a young man took the head of a giant and it went all throughout Israel until finally, some songwriters called a hold of it. You know a good songwriter knows how to catch something. That’S happening in culture right now and to take it and set it to a tune, give it a meter in a rhythm and knows how to capture you and that’s what happened. Owensboro Church They started singing the song in the song went like this. They said that Saul has killed his thousands, everybody say thousands but, then he said, but David has killed his tens of thousands and they heard the young Maiden singing that and all the sudden Souls heart became bitter. It became jealous in the Bible says: that’s all I David from that day forward and what’s all really wanted to do, was to kill David who put a contract out on this life. That brings us to our texts here and at this point in the text David. Owensboro Church As living paranoid he’s a wanted man there’s a hit out on his life, he doesn’t know what’s going to happen in the future and he’s talking to Jonathan his friend Jonathan was also Saul’s, son and Jonathan and David. It made a covenant with one another. They were Covenant, friends, David shows up and says man, your dad wants to kill me and he says in there is but a step between me and death.

There is but a step between me and death. I was reading the store the other day and that those words jumped off of the page at me there’s, but a step between mein death. You know the situation of every man, every woman on the face of the Earth. Do you boil it all down? And you look at our lives and you look at what we are. There was really only a step between humanity and death. The scripture say that life is a vapor, everyone say a paper here, one moment and it’s gone. The next. The scripture say that the candle of a man will be put out just the other day. I was looking at my grandpa 84 years of age. He had open heart surgery just a few days ago, had his Widow Maker artery 99 % blocked. Another artery 70 % blocked, Owensboro Church went in with chest pain they caught it before he died and I’m thankful for some positions that have some wisdom, amen, come on, get gimbal or die hand, clap for a medical community melt. I believe in Divine Healing and I pray for the sick, but I also I won’t people hold any way they can get hold. Somebody say, Amen, church amen. So so I’m talking to my grandpa and we have one of those moments and all of you, men, all of you, women of had it out there before you you’ve looked at somebody, that’s older than you and they’ve looked in your eyes and you’ve heard them say It in their words, and so many people that they want to communicate to us what what grandpa has communicated to me so many times it’s this son, your life is going to go so fast. I don’t know where it’s called, and men like that will often hit something to you about, be good to your family. Be good to your kids. Live is a Viper, Owensboro Church but a step between me and death. You know when you think about it in the spiritual sense. It’S true of every person, I’m not just talking about physical death, I’m talking about spiritual death, cuz everybody’s leaving this world someday. We can get you killed a bunch of times, but eventually you’re out of here and then you go into eternity and are either hole in eternity or you’re broken in eternity. There. Two endings there’s eternal life in heaven or there’s Eternal death in Hell, never wants to step between you and eternal death apart from Jesus. What David that going for him he’s a step between him and death, but there was a friend by the name of Jonathan. They came and ran interference and got between David and death and gave David inside information. Where is Father, couldn’t kill him so that David could live and move on into his calling in life. Owensboro Church What God wants out of his church is for us to be a Jonathan that gets between David and death and loves David and give them inside information and preaches the gospel to him so that he can get saved and he can become the keys call to be, And so that he can move on in life, your job is to be a Jonathan. Look at your neighbor and say here to be a Jonathan hunt, just tell them that did Jonathan get between David and death and preserve his life. Owensboro Church I remember I’ve always had a gift of communication and you can everybody’s got gifts and you can use them for good or for evil. Somebody say men out there, but back in the day before I got saved, my mouth could cause a lot of trouble. I knew how to incite a riot in a crowd and I was born again. You know you would get out doing stuff and I knew just how to light a little piece of verbal Dynamite pitch it out into a crowd and back up and just watch tough blow up.

And I was in high school one day and I wrote a check with my mouth that my body couldn’t covered. You know what I’m talking about coming over done, that out there you wrote a check with your mouth, that your body couldn’t cover how many men have ever been beat up come on. If you have been beat up, because you were scared to fight, are you won’t tell it in here? You know cuz, there’s always a faster gun, and I said something I shouldn’t have said and it Webster County. Whenever we want to fight we’re talking early 90s, where we fought, it doesn’t make any sense at all, but there’s a church on Highway 41A Slover Baptist Church and when the kids in high school and getting the fight, they would say you know that you can’t Flex. Owensboro Church You get expelled, but it’s I’ll see you at Slover after school and the hours will go by in the world would go all throughout the school. You know they’re going to be a fight. It’S over there going to be fine at Slover and when the last bell ding man, people would tear out of that High School everybody took off at Slover. There be a couple hundred kids they’re watching. I even remember watching an English teacher come to Slover stand up on the back of his car and watch kids fist fight in high school. That’S how it was in Webster County. You know back in the 90s and up so I got down there too slow over it and I’ve got myself in this trouble and I got in a fight and we fighting and I was wearing cowboy boots. Cuz, that’s my custom. I just wear boots and I fought over with this guy and I was doing pretty good at the first, but a phone over into a ditch and I got in a ditch and it been raining in both of my feet. Owensboro Church Slipped out from under me and I fell to my knees and this guy got behind me real quick. I don’t know how he learn to do this, but he got me in like a perfect choke hold from the back. I’M on my knees, standing up choking me and there was nothing I could do to get this guy off of me and he literally almost choked me unconscious and I’m sitting there and I’m looking the crowds watch him and I’m like well. How humbling is this? I’M going to be choked to death in Promenade in some two or three hundred people. You know and he’s choking me I’m starting to black out. I can’t see things like that are happening and I Heard a Voice in the crowd and the voice in the crowd said these words said: let him go. It was a friend of mine, his name was Wiley said the first time. Let him go and the God didn’t, let me go and I thought God, let me oh, you know and the second time we said, let him go and he didn’t. Owensboro Church Let me go and the third time Wiley quit talking. He ran out of the crowd, Crow, hopped and punched him as hard as he could in the face, and then he let me go somebody give God a hand, clap for Wylie cuz. You wouldn’t have a pastor today been wanting for Wiley any hit him so hard. He knocked him down flat in the guy to let me go and you don’t think the church and the world needs some Wiley’s, I’m not talking about fist fighting, but I’m talking about people who are locked in a hotel called from this world from the devil from San from all of the things that destroy them, so many people are tied up and they can’t breathe and they’re waiting on somebody to knock that off of them. Owensboro Church That’S what a Christian witness does in a dark World they bring Grace, they bring prayer, they bring. The love whenever they speak the truth in love there knocking that off of someone. Look at your neighbor and say Bill Wiley tell him that that’s the kind of person that gets between someone and death. Here’S what I want to celebrate today. I just want to take one moment I want to celebrate. Three things were going to start baptizing people. The first thing I want to celebrate.

Jesus come on. Let’S give a hand, clap come on somebody all to stand on their feet and give our King a handclap. That’S due his name: let’s celebrate him, we love you, King Jesus, we love you, King Jesus he’s the ultimate Wiley came and knocked out off of Our Lives. Amen. Second thing: I want to celebrate, as I want to celebrate the people who’ve witnessed and loved and cared for those who are about to be baptized. You know people don’t get to save. They don’t get baptized around here because of of our preaching or because of the worship are because of some program that they do that, because somebody takes interest in them and cares for them. Owensboro ChurchAmen, people don’t come to a church, less you bring them now. I want to celebrate the people that pray in the people that invite in the people, that love and the people that lead people when you bring them through these doors, you’re, giving him a chance. Man they’re going to hear the gospel and the grace of God is going to flow through your life, so, let’s give a hand clap to all the people who recruit huh you’re the lifeblood of the church. You really are the third thing that I want to celebrate. As I want to celebrate, these people were getting ready to baptize because I don’t believe you just get saved what we’re so glad to have them with us and we’re so glad to see the make a public profession. Some of you been coming to church for a long time, it’s time to get make a public profession through water baptism and today they’re going to stand up for Jesus and the scripture say if you’ll stand for Jesus the hill stand for you not believe these people Are going today for water baptism and I believe, they’re going to start standing and getting between others and death? I believe it they’re going to take on that kind of spirit. That kind of attitude. I’M thankful for the people that that gets saved in our house and the people that come to Christ here and I like that they pick up. So many of them pick up the attitude of the house and the attitude of the houses don’t get between somebody and death. We’Re not here just about church we’re not here just to be religious. We’Re not here for a tradition we are here to seek and to save that which was lost and I’m thing did we have these people today,