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And I going to be teaching tonight about what the Apostle Paul had to say about the gifts of the Spirit been talking several weeks about the modern-day moving of the spirit of God. How many all believe that, whenever Jesus ascended into heaven, he gave us a promise that he would send his Spirit to be with us amen? That means that if you are a born-again Believer, You are not alone, let me say it again and again and again: no man who is in Christ ever walks alone number one, because the spirit of God comes in us he’s seated in our hearts. Our heart is now science number to the holy spirit is called in the Greek, the paraclete. That means one called alongside to help just look to your side right now, till the spirit of God is right there beside you to help you. If your born again, the third thing the Bible says, if you had a second experience with the Holy Spirit, like you read about in the book of Acts, that the spirit of God is also upon, you look at your neighbor and say he’s a pony saponi right. Owensboro Church There upon you, so the spirit of God isbus, to assist in bringing people on the Jesus Christ he’s also with us to assist in making us more like Christ. The Bible says the spirit of God comes to conform Oz into the image of Jesus Christ. Have you ever needed any help being nice? Before I mean I need, I need help to be nice, to be quite honest, that that’s what Grace comes for? It really does, and my wife can tell whenever I haven’t been, praying right, haven’t prayed yet a day or two any all know somebody like that when they quit praying, they start getting the eel getting mean. We need the spirit of God Amen and if we can have a little more light in your guys, I’d appreciate it first Corinthians chapter 12: here’s one list of what the spirit of God comes to do through a believer’s Life by the spirit of God is always Wanting to show up and show out in the church, let’s pray and then we’ll read the Bible here for a moment father. I think you that we are are not alone, but Lord, we have a paraclete. Owensboro Church We have one cold alongside to help Lord. I think you that the spirit of God is our comforter is our counselor is a very present help in time of needs. Right now I asked that your manifest presence father will begin to be felt on people as we teach Lord. I think you that there’s an unction of the Holy One and that we know all things. I think you that the Bible says he will know it’s us and establishes us.
Is God I think you that the Bible says in Psalm 92 that are head lacks no oil, that we’ve been Anointed with fresh oil father? I think you that the spirit of God is with us as Believers to do mighty mighty things in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth teach us to follow the Holy Spirit tonight. I pray, amen, amen, amen, 1st Corinthians chapter 12. I want to read hear what the Apostle Paul wrote to the Church of Corinth. This is an answer. Letter Court there’s already sent a letter to Paul asking for an answer, and this is Paul’s answer right versus 12th now concerning spiritual gifts, Brethren, spiritual gifts, brother. I do not want you to be ignorant. You know that you were Gentiles carried away to these dumb Idols. However, you were LED there for I make known to you that no one, Speaking by the spirit of God, calls Jesus accursed and no one can say that Jesus is Lord, except by the Holy Spirit. Owensboro Church there are diversities of gifts about the same Spirit, their differences of Ministries, but the same lord and there are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all. But the manifestation of the spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: let’s stop there. For one moment, the first thing Paul says is concerning spiritual gifts or at the spirit of God, brings many gifts and he gives them unto Believers and there’s different lists of those gifts in Ephesians chapter 4. Owensboro Church you could find out about Ministry gifts and I’d like to call those guys. Coaches, everybody say: coaches, the Bible, saysput God is giving gifts unto men and those gifts are Apostles, prophets evangelists pastors and teachers. Do you know that I’m a gift given under Hugh bigod? Are you recognize that I’m a good gift, a man. Anyway y’all? Don’T laugh at that? It’S okay are the fees. Chapter 4 says says that I’m a Ministry gift and what that means is I’m a coach not come to coach people into living like Christians. Owensboro ChurchfFor my calling is Romans chapter 12 as a list of other gifts given by the spirit of God, and they are ex or tationil gifts, different people’s gifts and talks about teaching talks about prophesying talks about giving their special gifts are Grace’s given on the people here. In 1st Corinthians chapter 12, there’s a list called spiritual gifts, everybody say spiritual gifts and that’s where the spirit of God shows up super naturally through the life of a Believer, and they know something or they’re able to do something or they they see something by the Spirit of God that they could not know in the natural. The first thing he saysdoes now concerning spiritual gifts. I don’t want you to be ignorant. Alright. That sounds a little harsh from the Apostle Paul.
What he’s really saying is I don’t want you to be unlearn. It I don’t want you to be in the dark about this subject. Have you ever met a Believer who’s in the dark about the subject of spiritual gifts? Absolutely, I was a Believer. Well, I wasn’t a very good believer. I wouldn’t believe her at all, but when I first started believing I didn’t know about spiritual gifts, aren’t I was raised in a church, don’t very strongly that the Bible was the word of God, and I knew that that was true. The church also taught very strongly that Jesus was lower than they taught the same gospel at each. They would preach that you could save just like I preach it in, and they were right about that. Owensboro Church but I I divorced myself from God with my willing volition. As a young man, I can remember being a Colorado State University, my roommate here, here’s – where was I knew the Bible was true. I knew that Jesus was Lord when. Do the gospels right? I also knew that I wasn’t a part of it and that I was going to hell and I made no ifs, ands or buts about it. My roommate came back to my room. One day we were Colorado, State University, Fort Collins, Colorado comes up and he says Brian who is Jesus, and I don’t know who was talking to him, probably campus Crusade for Christ, or somebody like that. The Baptist student union and started witness in Christ the Tyler on the roommate – and I said he said who is Jesus. This guy was from Connecticut and it never heard the gospel before 20 years old. Owensboro Church you know, there’s Americans who’ve, never heard the gospel before you aware of that. Don’T know what the bible really says. The path to get to heaven is lots of them, maybe not as many in Owensboro. You think, but there’s there’s some here. I guarantee it so anyway I’ll look at Tyler and I are the last thing I wanted to talk about was Jesus cuz. You know my mom was a Christian she’s in the back, but I was in and I don’t want to hear that name in my in my in my fraternity room there and I just look over that say Tyler the people who are talking to.
You are Christians and what they had to say to you today was probably right. Owensboro Church the Bible is the word of God. Jesus is the son of God he’s the savior of the world. My mother is a Christian, I don’t serve God. I’Ve chosen to go to hell, made no ifs, ands and buts about it. I wasn’t lying to myself, you know what I mean, how many know it’s dangerous to lie to yourself about your salvation. Why went to an altar 10 years ago and I prayed a prayer and I live. Owensboro Church however, Owensboro Church the heck I want to and I’m going to heaven you’re lying to yourself reality will set in the moment you expire. Wake up, wake up, wake up, first little stuff, reaching your buddy Grand just for a moment. Owensboro Church so I know these things got myself all messed up in the drug scene. Finally, got sent a group of Believers into my life, who believed in these things, to give to the spirit, and I got set up, I going to golf trip and with my brother and my brother knows these preachers and these preachers come on the golf trip and Those preachers were there and those preachers are my in-laws. Now cuz, I’m married their daughter, but anyway asked me to come home to Amarillo Texas with them at the end of this golf trip to give me a break, they said my pastor said. The spirit of God spoke to him and his wife about taking me to Amarillo Texas, giving me a break from all my Outlaw friends where I can get out of my environment and get my life changed and Pastor said. I never thought you’d tell me you’d go. It’S the only reason I offered Psych when I said yeah he’s like no, Owensboro Church you know said I had to do it because God wanted me to, and he told me to give me know. Sometimes you just got to do things by commandment of the Lord, and so I went and I got there at their church and their church was different than the church.
I was raised in number one identify when I walked into a worship service that their church was different than the church I was raised in. There were playing music and there were guitars and things like that on stage and people were raising their hands. This was really foreign to me like what in the world is this all about? Welcome where’s Windows koresh come out here, you know, but I know these people were different, but things for strength. Then I found out that they prayed for the sick. Know the Bible talks about gifts of what healing lay hands on the sick they will recover. Then I watched in these guys prayed in other languages, but they didn’t speak, and so I’m checking all this out and I’m thinking this is strange. I was injured on the subject, but I knew that the Bible was the word of God, Owensboro Church everybody say the Bible. I’Ve been taught that and I knew it and I believed it and I thought if these people, in the things they say or true, I ought to be able to find them in God’s written worked. So I went to my room and I hit myself as a Bible student in the Bible, scholar there and I’m looking through the pages, and I came to some of these texts – and I saw in the word of God again and again and again that God move Supernatural in people’s lives, I don’t know why we have a hard time of with that that God can do Miracles. Why is that hard? Y’All believe that God is able to do Miracles, I mean if he made us, can he heal us yeah? If we can save us, can he speak to us? I don’t know why it’s so hard, but in the west it’s very difficult people don’t think about the supernatural, we’re so logical until finally, I look through this by Bon said. I believe it’s your in the word of God, and these things are true. I believe, they’re beneficial to me. Let some of them happen in my life. Wasn’T long after that, I will add a second experience with the Holy Spirit spoke about the last 2 weeks. You got to get the CD if you haven’t, had it yet, and I had the ability to pray in another language that I didn’t know it, and so I was getting on the edge of that and then the Lord spoke to me didn’t speak to me. I mean I’ve never heard of with my ear, but I felt I felt led like I was supposed to be. A preacher felt that in my heart, it’s like God, wants me to be a preacher, and the last thing I wanted to tell anybody. My family was that God was calling me to be a preacher, because I’ve barely been save long enough to get the smell of marijuana out of my hair up said that often but but I went to my room and I prayed and said: okay Lord, to Lead Me Guide Me my pastor, Simms meow, Owensboro Church just just to show you how I came out of my ignorance about spiritual gifts from unlearning this. My pastor sent me out to the airport to pick up a guest speaker who was speaking at camp meeting 1998 Victory Church. I go out to pick this guy up, I’m there at the airport waiting to get him and the guys name is Tommy Burchfield. Owensboro Church today he runs the large Spirit-filled kids camp in the world. We’Re literally thousands and thousands and thousands of kids come and get minister to their ever summer. I go out to pick this this guy up and gets in the car I get in the car. He shuts his door shut my door. He looks over at me and he has a gift to the spirit. Now, I’m not familiar with them at the time, looks over at many says: you got up early this morning, went to Walmart and bought Armor All just like that, and he was right and I started looking in the floorboard to see if I drop the receipt or Something tip this guy off and I haven’t I had enough for that. All the sudden I got really nervous cuz, it’s like what else does this guy know about me? You know what I mean. No one going to look at him or anything like that. Sly calijah is in the car here with me. He knows that, I’m that I’m angry and then I still sneak around and smoke, and he knows all this stuff now, but it anyway, so it took him to his took him to his hotel. In the end, I dropped him off and that not of went back to the meeting and then I prayed again that night instead, Lord, I need to know he was up preaching and I said I need to know. If you want me to be a preacher, I need you to speak to me now. Look at your neighbor and say: don’t pray like this, so bad way to pray. I didn’t know any better, because this is the equivalent of praying like God. If you want me to be a school teacher, have three dogs bark Silent Night simultaneously outside it’s pleasing God, and it’s not wise, but I didn’t know any better at the time not said Lord. If you want me to be a preacher, have this guy’s up there preaching stop preaching, come down here and tell me that’s what I’m supposed to do with my life at that time that got closed this Bible and look down at me. He walked down from the pulpit pointed at me and said:  Owensboro Church the call of God’s on your life and he prophesied to me said you’re going to be in the ministry right then, how many you know.
I believe I believe that the gifts of the Spirit, Warren operation, then I found it in the Bible. Owensboro Church I’ve had several experiences. Everybody say this say the gifts of the Spirit still operate today. So, after that, I got a real hunger to move in to be used in these things, and I want to explain to you tonight that brought me out of not understanding these things and took me on a quest to see how God moves to the life of A Believer to minister to other people right. The first thing he says is, I don’t want you to be ignorant verse to cease talking to a gentile church, not a Jewish church, and he says I know that you were Gentiles and you have been carried away in the past two Idols, idolatrous, worship and you’ve Been fooled: how me know if you’re worshiping anything other than the father through the son, Jesus Christ, you’ve been involved in idol, worship need to repent and come out of it amen. Jesus is the only name under Heaven by which men might be safe. First three says this says I make known to use it. No one Speaking by the spirit of God calls Jesus occurs and no one can say that Jesus is Lord, except by the Holy Spirit. Alright, everybody say Corinth dirt, Corinth and Corinth has written Paul. A letter in Paul is answering that letter right now. Owensboro Church I sent it last week, but course didn’t operate like the First Baptist Church didn’t operate like a Methodist Church. It didn’t look like a Mainline denominational Church. It would have looked more like the wildest charismatic Revival you can imagine at this point. Bad people jumping up in their services saying they were moved by the spirit of God screaming out. Jesus is accursed. How many you think, the spirit of got probably didn’t say that huh, absolutely not right. You can test a message by the spirit of God to see it today. If it lines up with the word of God Amen, everybody say: Amen the come from the spirit of God. It will line up with the word of God and if it doesn’t make sense to the eyes of the scripture than the spirit of God has not spoken. So people are jumping up and screaming out in Services. Jesus is a cursed and Paul says: let let you know that nobody saying something off like that is speaking by the spirit of God. The only way that you can claim Jesus as Lord is being moved by the holy spirit. Let me say something about people speaking up, jumping up and screaming and services. Owensboro Church you ever been in a church where somebody like gets a word. They jump up and they scream out of the middle of service. All right don’t do that here. Okay, everybody just said: don’t do it here, okay, and I know other Church cultures do that we don’t do that at River City. If you have a word from the Lord or gift of the spirit, we want you to operate in it, but you must first be recognized, and you must give that word. If you’re in a service, you need to give it to me or give it to Jesse or or or give it to Wayne or Robby Wayne Twain use a Robbie, Edward somebody who can listen to that word and see if that sounds like something God was saying, And then we’ll give you the green light to say it or not, because what happens if anybody can jump up in a church service and scream whatever they want to you’ll see how that could become problematic. What if the first guy really is moved by the spirit of God, praise the Lord he’s moved by the spirit of God. He’S got a word from the Lord. He jumps up and says it. That’s not wrong! We’Re just trying to give a structure how you do it, then.
The next crazy guy that sitting in a service he’s got the green light to jump up and scream whatever you wants to. Doesn’t it look at your neighbor and say that makes sense. Soap? So then it goes on and he says their differences of Ministries about the spirit of God. He says: look, look at verse for their differences of gifts, but the Same Spirit, differences of Ministries but the same Lord diversities of activities. But it’s the same God who works all in all the manifestation of the spirit or the showing up of the spirit is given to each one for the profit of all. It is for profit. Spiritual gifts come to profit. The body comes to add to the body. Comes to build up the body, Owensboro Church it’s a wonderful thing to have in the body as a church planter in a guy was built to church from scratch. Lots of voices of come to me throughout the last three years and lots of people that different ideas about what they think River City Church should look like and where we should go and as you’re in that position of the people put their beds on beds. In there and then you were committed to the word of God, but they think it all to be done this way at all to be done. That way, from times in the past, there’s been pressure from people to me to leave all of the gifts of the Spirit out of what we do, because it school today in America have a mod hip church with a guitar and Spirit-filled looking worship. You know what I mean: that’s like contemporary worship and it’s like this souped-up denominational church. That’S got cool music and they’re they’re almost like morphine themselves. In the looking like a Spirit-filled church, accept no sick people ever get prayed for their. Nobody ever gets sprayed for to receive the baptism, the spirit the power of God isn’t allowed to do anything in anybody’s life and there’s been a bid on this church in the past to take River City in that direction. Everybody say Not Over My Dead Body. No, no, no, we’re committed to the word of God around her. If it’s in the Bible we’re going to have it so it goes on and it says this he says the manifestation of the spirit is given to each one for the prophet of all the gifts of the Spirit of great profit, into the midst of my life And they will your life right, verse 80 starts describing with the gifts are, for the one is given the word of wisdom through the spirit to another, the word of knowledge, through the Same Spirit to another Faith or Orchard special Faith, a gift of faith. By The Same Spirit to another Gifts of healings, by The Same Spirit to another, the working of Miracles to another prophecy, to another, Discerning of spirits to another different kinds of tongues to another, the interpretation of tongues or languages, we could say different kinds of languages. In the interpretation of languages that you don’t know what your intellect first XI, but one in the same Spirit works all these things Distributing to each one individually as he Wills. Here’S an easy way to remember: here’s a list of nine gifts of the Spirit. Owensboro Church now don’t believe that they are totally exhausted. That means the spirit of God can even do a few different things that aren’t listed in this gifts like dreams. Alright, you know when the Bible, God communicate. Sometimes two people through dream spell dreams aren’t listed in 1st Corinthians verse 12. But how many know God can speak through a dream and then you can’t so here it hears what he says. The first thing he says. Let me give you the first grouping of gifts. This is how theologians have spiritville theologians have categorized these gifts. The first three gifts, I’ll talk about are the revelatory gifts. Everybody say revelatory. Keep you with me. That means you get some sort of Revelation Knowledge from them by the spirit of God, the first one he talks about his the word of wisdom. The word of wisdom is a supernatural bit of information, wisdom for somebody’s future, about something they’re, getting ready to walk into and they’re going to need, help in it in their life and by the spirit of God that spiritual gift comes to profit. That person and you can help them by giving them wisdom in from Heaven just just a bit of it. Let me give you an example: Jessie and before I started pastoring I traveled and preached out in different places and when I would do that, I would do a whole lot. More word knowledge type Ministry, giving words to people, because you don’t know everybody, that’s their. How me know that makes a little bit different. I’M not! I know I know a lot of dirt on a lot of you now. You know what I mean yeah, I did Nam plant, but but but we know each other now you know that, and so here I function more in a little different role and that is that I’m teaching them preaching. I’M coaching. I’M functioning like that when I was on the road that didn’t know anybody, it’s a little more Supernatural feeling when the guy walks into doesn’t know you, and he tells you something about your life that he couldn’t know any other way. Owensboro Church god uses preachers like that. Often, with her on the road I was Jesse was with me, I had a room full of young people in there was a guy behind the soundboard, and I saw him by the spirit of God all the sudden. I saw him holding a shovel, and I heard in my heart to tell him this tell him to keep shoveling and the Lord says. If you’ll keep shoving he’s going to shoveling he’s going to dig out of trench their Revival, Waters going to flow through and some preaching us see that, and I hear that and I look back at the guy and I said: hey hey you at the soundboard. I see you, I see you with the shovel, the Lord says: keep shoveling and water is going to flow through your life Revival. Water in as soon as I said at the entire congregation died laughing now thought. That’S funny, They’re laughing at me. You know, and I just wan na run on teaching – I didn’t ask him what what they were laughing about anything but after the service I found out this guy had a landscaping business and he had like 50 shovels and he dug everyday. That’S what he did and he was praying about whether or not to keep his landscaping business or to get rid of it. Do you see that Word of Wisdom? I see you with the shovel. Keep digging now.
Do you think that profited that guy? That was an answer to his prayer right there, people to help everybody say knowledge, knowledge, brother, Tommy, had the car. Sometimes God will reveal something to somebody that nobody could know any other way to get their attention. That guy said to me he said you got up early this morning and bought Armor All, and he was right. That gets your attention that open your ears to hear what else the guy might have to say it’s a hook from the spirit of God to get people to listen. I’Ve got evangelist friends who who, who are really good on the street with that kind of thing. So they can witness the gospel of Christ, Owensboro Church so those are parts of knowledge. The third knowledge gift is the Discerning of spirits. Everybody say Discerning of spirits are, there is no spiritual gift called discernment. Lets people say I have the spiritual gift of discernment. You know so I come. Into your heart. You know I’m deserting about you, but the Bible says it’s not it’s not the sermon. It’S the discernment of what Spirit of a couple of different things number one: the Bible talks about spirits. Demons are fallen angels in the spirit realm Hayden and Believers of Jesus Christ everywhere in the Bible. They would cast Devils out of people and what the Discerning of spirits is, it’s being able to see or two cents demonic activity by the spirit of God. You discern that something’s behind the mix here lots of times. Do you know that the thief comes to steal, kill, destroy and that there still are devils in the Year 2007? Horsey kid kid commits suicide, there’s a spirit behind it to devil some of you that are addicted and you can’t get free, there’s a spirit behind it. It’S a devil, those things they set up, camping your life to torment you there. If you got lust issues you can’t break free from it can easily be a devil. Send to torment shit like that and Discerning Spirits is able to recognize that now you don’t have to stand bondage to any devil. Owensboro Church Jesus Christ ultimately beat the devil on calvary’s cross and we cast out devils in Jesus name. The Bible says we trample over serpents scorpions over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means shall harm you if you’re bound in this house tonight. Owensboro Church by anything I just named out, I say, be free in Jesus name. Be free got them for you. For this reason, the Bible says that the Son of God was made manifest that he might destroy the works of the devil, so Discerning of spirits, there’s scene, demonic, activity or also seen Angelic activity. There are bad guys in the spirit world. There are good guys in the spirit world angels, in the New Testament or Messengers in Watterson from The Throne, of God, have a good friend that is a a healing evangelist and when he ministers and when he’s really flown in his gift. He says that that and what he does he operates in the Discerning Spirits. He says there are two angels that come with them as he prays for the sick and is he stands in the Pulpit. He never tells people. He sees them because people get weird about that Touched by an Angel kind of stuff. You know the beginning, Jabbar stickers and all kinds of weird stuff like that, but he says he sometimes they show up in the crowd and they’ll Point people. The point in the point where their ailments are there and he’ll say he never says an angel, but he says I watch him, Minister and when it whenever he really starts pulling his gift to start saying this, he says the spear the Lord has indicated to me. You right there later, you have a problem in your side, something in your side and they’ll, say: yeah and he’ll go and pray for him and what it is. It’S, the Discerning of spirits. Owensboro Church so that’s revelatory gifts, you’ll, believe the clock in the Supernatural things in the next three categories are gifts, are heart will call them the power gifts, everybody say power, the first one of those and that’s all the sudden Faith falls into your heart. Can I have 5 more minutes of your time tonight at 8:01. Give me 5 more minutes. Alright, alright, alright, the the all the sudden gifts to fate. It’S not just ate it’s not just believing I mean. We all believe that Jesus is Lord in here right. Owensboro Church they’ll Believe that during your some of you may not yet, but you will before too long. Alright, It’s like this – it’s not just believing, but the gift of faith is all the sudden by the spirit of God. You have faith dropping to your heart on a certain issue that you know that you know that you know that you know that it’s going to be fine, God’s going to take care of it that you know that you know that you know that you know this Is going to be remedied? You know it in your heart. Tell the story. Owensboro Church in the past we were while I was working for Franklin, Graham Billy, Graham’s son, setting up a crusade in Tulsa. We had this gigantic basketball tournament and we loaded up all the stuff in the U-Haul truck and as we move, the content shifted in the door got jammed in the truck I go to get water, I didn’t know it’s happened. I come back 40 minutes later in the guy. That’S working for me was an older gentleman even trying to problem this door. It like 110-degree weather for like 30 or 40 minutes, and we were in the middle of a race track so that you can see heat just coming off. I walk up. Steve looks like he’s going to die end all he’s crying on the store Pride on the store says it won’t come open. He turns around. He says to me, look looks like the events off. We got all these kids coming there to go to play ball. Literally. Thousands of them and then we’re gonna Minister, the gospel and all the sudden. I felt faithful in my heart, and I said no, this events on what watch this no walk to the door and I’ll sit in Jesus name.
I command you to open grab the Dory been Prayin on it for 30 minutes grab the door Boom. The door went right up just like that. Owensboro Church he started jumping up and down right there to give to Faith power gift gift of faith. Next power gift is gift of healing everybody, say healing everywhere, Believers went, they did a couple things, they preach the gospel and they would pray for the sick. So many people’s never give God a chance to heal anybody through them, because they’ve never stepped out and prayed for anybody. You’Ll be surprised, you start laying hands on people and praying for people. People will get healed. It’S that simple fuel. Just do it. People will get healed well, everybody know they won’t, but some will it’ll be worth it all. Right, then, that the next one is the working of Miracles. Everybody say: Miracles are there many many a miracle is a suspension of natural law. For a moment, the suspension of a natural law in the Old Testament Joshua went to war and he was winning a battle and, and he was running out of daylight and in that battle, Joshua stood up and pray that the sun would stand still over the battlefield. So we could finish slaughtering his enemies and got held that son right there. While I thought it was a suspension of natural law that there’s Church historical church documents that talk about the early Apostles going into foreign Nations and as a witness to preach the gospel, they’ll reach their hand down into water, and they would throw it up into the Air and it would freeze as a sign to the people that some of those guys could do things like that, Owensboro Church and then they would preach the gospel to him by that Miracle. Sign think about miracles in the Bible. Jesus turn the water into wine. It’S a miracle. The working of Miracles, the multiplication of fish in loaves things like that suspension of natural law, leg carried on with the church and it Arizona till today, so that there’s those three kind of gifts, the last three kind of gifts are what they call the vocal gifts. Everybody say vocal right number, one is a prophetic tongue or a prophetic language that is to be interpreted. It cause it cause it. Gifts of tongues, various tongues – and that is when a person has a message to give to a body language that is not the known language, Yoyo YOLO, familiar with y’all heard people talk about speaking in tongues. I’Ve heard it here. Alright, sometimes God will give people a gift of tongues. Now I believe that every believer can have a prayer language in another language where they can pray and communicate with god without using their intellect, but using their heart, and I pray everyday and words. I don’t understand. It’S God bring through me for me for things I don’t know to pray for, but there is another type of tongue which is a higher level, spiritual gift that is a prophetic tongue and that’s when a guy speaks to a church in a foreign language and then That for language has a meaning of scribe to it from God, one person has the prophetic tongue, so one of these gifts are our various tongues. The other gifts are our interpretation of tongues. Everybody say interpretation. Owensboro Church what somebody needs to be there to tell him what just was said, or it does no good in a congregation. That’s much of what Paul talks about in the 14th chapter of Corinth cuz in court. There were guys taking the platform and they were just praying and talking in tongues and nobody would ever interpret and everybody was left in the dark and Paul one of them to edify the body. Owensboro Church so those are two ways: God speaks super naturally, white art, the third, the third vocal gift is prophecy. Everybody say prophecy prophecy is is inspired speech by the Holy Spirit and it comes to edify. The Bible says that means to build up. It comes to exhort, which means to lift up, or it comes to Comforts, and I am the meaning of that is obvious – comes to comfort, the believer you can be as detailed and long flowing and have a foretelling or element to it.
Talking about things that will come in the future, often prophecy and the word of wisdom and word of knowledge flow in and out of each other lots of these gifts come in bundles. I guess the best way I know to describe it probably can be flowing and big, but it can be as simple as when somebody doesn’t have peace. You looking at him and Sam. You know, gobbles to give you peace. You know a little bit about that and, just speaking by the spirit of God, Bible says, we know in part we prophesy in part, most of the time we stagger into the prophetic. You know how many no we don’t know as much as we think we know. Most of the time when you’re there God can use yet, but those are the gifts of the Spirit that that those are listed in 1st Corinthians chapter 12 – God is still operating in these and he wants them to flow through you because they profit the body. Would you stand up on your feet with me tonight? I want to pray. I want to pray for you. She might move into some of these experience. Some of these help somebody else with some of these praise, the name. Lord Just Close Your Eyes, those of you that are comfortable with it lift a hand to Heaven There, those of you that are comfortable with him father. I thank you that you give gifts on the people. You give gifts on the people, Lord, by your spirit, your moving upon the Earth today, Father Lord right now. I think it by your spirit, you’re moving on the Earth today. I think you that you’re moving in our congregation tonight, I think you, I think you – that gift seeds of the gifts are falling into some people’s hearts right now, people eyes. I see seeds of the gifts of the Spirit falling into some of your heart’s right now. They’Re going to manifest in a harvest you being used in a way you’ve never been used in before I see gifts being given unto women unto men now in Jesus mighty name. Lord, I think you did. It comes for the prophet of assault, people up to edify them to lift them, to encourage them to change them, to draw them closer to Jesus Christ. I pray that you would use the people in this room and for natural mighty mighty waste. Give them Faith to believe, give them Faith to speak. Give them face to follow the Holy Spirit, Lord in, to see the supernatural moving of of you. Whenever we get at the end of that flow of love, father, your Bible says to pursue Love and Desire. Spiritual gifts, especially that we may prophesy Lord, I pray that you would teach us to pursue. Love love for people is the doorway in the being used by the spirit of God: God loves people whenever we love people gobbled in flow through must follow after love. Pursue charity follow-up follow Astrid tell me you were going to begin to see a Divine flow of love, the love of God, going to people, the love of God going to people, Owensboro Church and when you go to that person following that love, when you get there, you’ll have Gifts for them might be simple, might be small, probably will start small and grow, but if you’ll follow that love comes from the Throne of gods, when you get there, you’ll be used in a mighty mighty mighty way. Now, father, I believe the prophecies released at words of wisdom are released. Words of knowledge, Gifts of healing working Too Faced working of Miracles, father, I believe, Discerning of spirits. I believe I believe, father that all those things are released into people in this body. Let us use them to draw people close to the kingdom of God. I pray. I pray. I pray. I pray. I pray. I pray. How do you get into this thing? You desire it? How? How do you do that? I hear so. I hear that question in my heart. Owensboro Church how do I, how do I follow into this thing? How does this thing happen through me? Here’S the answer you desire it follow after love desire, spiritual gifts. If you don’t desire it, it won’t happen through. Yet you do decide, it will desire it. Lord, I pray that a new desire would be birthed in somebody’s heart tonight. New desire, new desire, new desire in Jesus mighty, mighty Mighty right. There’S the anointing church right, there’s the anointing. I forgot rot right there right. There is the anointing of God. Can you go to just soak that in steps to popping up your heart to let it let it come all over you, that’s the anointing of God. That’S the anointing of God. Don’T don’t have to don’t have that umbrella up in the middle of the rain storm, let it let it come into your heart, soak it into your right. There, Hallelujah hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah hallelujah praise the name of the Lord father. We go in your grace. We go in your peace, make us a witness in this city to our friends and family. I bless these people now. I bless these people now right there. Emily. I see I see well the word. The word knowledge their word of knowledge right there right there in Jesus, mighty, mighty name, amen, amen, amen, turn to a neighbor and say peace to you, peace to you. You are dismissed tonight.