Owensboro Church | A New beginning

I look. I look at the the the stat, where around 1,500 people pray to rededicated their life to Jesus Christ of Nazareth and if we think about it, that’s fifteen hundred people who walk through the doors of our church. They were on their way to help their walked out of the doors of our church on their way to heaven and that that’s because you love them, you serve them. You invited them in Christ did a work in their life, and I can remember back to when we started this church Jesse and either there’s some of the lunch team that was around in those early days that are here. I can remember us standing on Sunday nights in the brothers pizza shop looking out and praying that somebody would show up just if anybody would show up or was going to be me preaching to Jesse and then Jesse preaching to me. Owensboro Church You know, but but people have come and God’s been faithful and we’ve got some of the greatest team that works so hard and serve so hard and give and pray. And I love what Pastor Brian Houston Hillsong Church says he says: that great churches aren’t built off of the talents of a few but they’re built off of the sacrifices of Minnie, and I just want to appreciate you and let you know we love you we’re thankful for You and we’re thankful for the sacrifice that everybody has made to make River City Church happen. We honor you and we celebrate with you today it it’s incredible. It’S powerful! We give the Lord one more handclap of Praise, number go on in the service, so we had.
We had an awesome, 2012 and awesome 2012 and I believe we’re going to have even a greater 2013. How many are God hasn’t brought us this far to leave us where we are but he’s going to take us higher and this next year. I believe the gods going to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think, according to what Paul wrote In the book of Ephesians, and I want you to begin to pray with me and believe with me, and we’ve asked asked for some people in The church I’ve done it on Wednesday nights throughout the month of January to find something to fast everybody say fast. Jesus talked about fasting, his disciples, fasted and fasting is going without food or a type of food for a. Owensboro Church of Time find something to fast. For a few days in January and pray for this church, pray for its leadership, pray for what we’re called to do in 2013, and I believe that God is going to do miracles in our midst. It’S going to be exciting and I believe that that that number we’ve seen up there. I want to double it this year. Owensboro Church I want all those numbers took the double or triple or or whatever you know, keep growing, keep going, keep getting higher. I’D like to welcome. We’Ve got a team here from Central City: that’s going to be be starting a church, soon, they’re planning to church, pastor, Justin Latham or are you are you in here somewhere in your somewhere and their launch Team? Would you got stand up for one second? If you’re over there hey, they brought their brought a crew with them. He’S guys are planting a church, and I like to pray for y’all. If I can dude, I love church Planters and I love people that think about America’s matter of fact. A lot of the decisions and salvation sat happen in America. A large percentage of them happened in new churches and there’s something about New Movement, and I just want to pray that you guys are effective. Let of the spirit that you’re wise as serpents and harmless as doves, and I just believe that that God is going to use you to do something great. Let’S pray for him Church stretch your hands towards them. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we prayed father for this church. We pray for these Planters. We pray that your kingdom come your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven, father. We pray in Jesus mighty name that you would use them to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who don’t know it to create a church where the unchurched can come and connect. We pray Lord, that they would charge forward and that they would break through the gates of hell and father bring out those who have been in bondage. So are we bless them now? We believe that the anointing is on them. What would we just pray and believe father that they would figure out how to operate cold culturally-relevant, where they can grab this generation in Jesus mighty mighty name? I say that their head: it lacks no oil for their assignment. No oil for their assignment in Jesus name amen, go if you have it on you to Matthew, chapter 16, Matthew, chapter 16 and we’re going to go to verse 13 and we’re talking about the vision for this church in 2013
Anything that loses a vision for life or future or for anything, begins to Die. The Bible says this: where there is no vision, the people do want Church where there is no vision the people perish, but he that keeps the law happy. Is he won’t? The same? That’S true about people is also true about a church where there is no vision in the church. People move to a different parishes. Owensboro Church What normally happens in that church begins to.. How many of y’all know if some churches that were wrong and going and blowing and it’s day, but now the thing is died and dissipated, overseen a church like that. I go down I’m on the board of a church in Marion Kentucky and serve as an overseer. Then I go down there from time to time and when I go into town I can’t help but notice. Owensboro Church There’S a church on the left hand side of the drag when I go into town and it used to be a church, it’s a church building. It’S got a church name up over the top of it, but now there’s a sign out front that doesn’t say Church, it says Museum and what used to be a church and a Ark of God. A place that was used to bring Christ to the community is now no longer active. There’S no preaching of the Gospel. There’S no worship there, there’s no communion there that that there’s, no kids ministry, there they’re only old relics to something that happened years and years ago. How does that happen? It happens because, somewhere along the line, people began to lose vision. I want to church was really supposed to do and really supposed to be, and now we have a museum instead of a movement of God. May that never happen at River City Church somebody say Amen. May we stay full of the spirit of God full of the vision of God. That’S my prayer, but the only way we’re going to have strong vision and strong future thinking.

It’S we’ve got to understand what the church is. Scriptural. Identity really is what are churches called to be shouldn’t, be set just by the culture. Now we do things to engage culture and to reach modern culture, and we don’t want to be viewed as a funeral home. How many lots of churches you walk into him and it’s the same Vibe as you walk into a funeral home know what I’m talking about. Owensboro Church there’S the flowers there’s the carpet from your grandma’s house, and I might man where’s the body. I know it’s got to be here somewhere. Owensboro Church You know I need some black on. I need a tile on somebody. Would somebody show me where the body is and I’m not against that I mean I sound like I am right, but up I’m sure, there’s a group of people who grew up in the funeral home business. They would feel very comfortable in that environment and we could lead to Christ but for the rest of the world. You know church out to change the vibe about the truth and the spirit of God and the word never changes. Somebody say Amen to that. So if I can find what did Christ identify with when he talked about his church, and I can look at that identity and we begin to embrace that identity, I believe that our vision become stronger, Matthew, chapter 16 and will begin reading inverse 13th. If you’re there go ahead and say, Here’s Outreach when Jesus came into the region of Cesery Phillipi, he asked his disciples saying who demand say that I’m the son of man ham. So they said some say John the Baptist, some Elijah and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets he said to them. But who do you say that I am Simon Peter answered and said you are the Christ, the son of the living yacht Simon Peter, answered and said that Jesus answered and said to him blessed? Are you, Simon son of Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my father, who is in heaven – and I also say to you that you are Peter and on this rock I will build my church and the Gates of Hell or Hades. Shall not Prevail against it, and I will give you the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you bind on Earth will be bound in heaven. Whatever you loose on Earth will be loosed in heaven, then he commanded his disciples that they should tell no one that he was Jesus the Christ. Owensboro Church here we have the passage of text where Jesus reveals to his disciples that he’s going to build his church. He lets him know how the church is going to be built. He lets him know how important the church is that it is built. He also lets them know what the church is going to do when it gets built, and so I believe we can look here and we can find her identity first thing. Let me explain to you what’s happening. Jesus is traveling with his disciples. Do you know how old disciples would have been, they would have been 40 or 50 year old man. If you go to the Evangelical player, something is at a church of Passion Play me know when they set up, like you ever seen a living Lord’s Supper in it going to play like that. I’Ll Passion Play anybody out. There way that major with me today. Some of your father – they have okay, if you go to most of time, will be like middle-aged guys. Glock. 40. 45. 50. You know, Jesus disciples were more like teenagers 15 to 18 19. Owensboro Church they say Peter was 19 more than likely on the day of Pentecost. So Jesus loads up his youth group, it’s what happens now, you through a lot different 2000 years ago than they are now. At 13, they became men, they’ve been working at the Family Farm they’d already taking off their footie pajamas put away. Their XBox came up out of their mama’s basement and became men now we’re still pacifying 13 14 15 year old men, I’m starting to farm, but we’re going to work the boys from river city church and they’re going to get some work ethic now I’m playing.
But I do it I’d love to do it cuz we got so many problems like that beat these are teenagers they’re going with Jesus and he takes them to a place called Cesery Philip, odd sensory Phillipi according to the Jews, was the darkest place on the face Of the Earth no observe an orthodox Jew would want to be caught dead at Cesery Phillipi. Owensboro Church  Why? Because they would have been deemed ceremonially unclean by Jewish law for even being there since we fell. Apart was a center for Pagan worship. They worship the DNA around Cesery Phillipi, but what they believed was a God that was half goat. Half man had some of the most foul worship practices you can imagine and appcessory Phillipi. There was a place that the natives called the Gates of Hell. There’S a giant Rockwall still there to this day at the bottom of that Walt there’s a spring that comes up out of the ground and the people of Cesery Philip. I believe that spring was the gateway to everything we can everything file, everything from the spirit world that existed, that it would come up out of that spring and and wreak havoc in the earth and do what it wanted and when it got done, it would go Right back down into the spring: here’s: what Jesus did he loaded up his disciples and he didn’t take them to the Bible bookstore. He didn’t take them to Regent University. He didn’t take them up to Louisville to Southern. He didn’t take them to Billy Graham’s, The Cove. He didn’t take them to a big Christian event. He loaded up his teenagers and he took them to Amsterdam to the red light district to Bangkok, downtown where the sex slave industry is out front and open. He took them to one of the roughest places in the earth. What’S the image there, do you know that you have a God who is not afraid of sin? Do you know that you have a got? That’S against Sandy’s, not for it. I like what one of the great of Angela said of the last century. He said sin I’m against it. Owensboro Church With my with my fist up a punch, it would bother kick it with my teeth. I bought it and when I’m old and Phyllis and foot listen toothless.

I shall try to gum it to death. Jesus is against in just like Billy Sunday was, but he’s not afraid I’ll. Send some of us have this presentation of Christ as though he’s like this this week, kind of Limp, wristed guy, that’s hiding from what’s going on in the world, but he’s not he’s in the middle of it. Take an authority over bringing an answer to it. Cleaning it up loving people who are called in it. He is, he is not force him, but he’s certainly not afraid of. Since I was reading a tweet just the other day about by Ministry acquaintance of mine and man, it was powerful. You know, we’ve said this. What we’ve said: love The Sinner, but what? What’S the Love, The Sinner but hate the sin? He wrote this and I think it’s probably the greatest thing anybody’s ever said to the church. He said: love The Sinner and hate your own sin. You’Re not good. Does that make sense to anybody out there, how many? No, I can preach you. I can love you. I can teach you, but I can’t fix your sim problem, Owensboro Church but I can repent and fix mine love The Sinner and hate your own sin. So Jesus goes to Cesery, Philip on that dark place. That’S where he unveils. What he’s here to do because the church is to overtake the darkness any asked him a question he’s got his he’s, got his teenagers there with him and he says who demand say that I am and he leans down and looks around. They start barking up answers because everybody had an opinion about Jesus it still that weigh 2,000 years later. Jesus is the most controversial figure that ever stood on the earth and you can go to different places and man people get nervous. If you start talking about Jesus and opinion, suffer a surface Jesse and I we were at a concert, I don’t know it was a year or two ago, maybe a year-and-a-half ago we went and saw John Cougar Mellencamp, because 20 million rednecks can’t be wrong. You know the music, it’s alright and I’m standing there and John cougars on stage and you know he’s got maybe some religious background or something, and he says the name – Jesus real strong. I don’t even know that he’s a Christian I mean it wasn’t. He was preaching, but he said, Jesus real strong and whenever he said at this awkward like weirdness just fell over the crowd shouldn’t talk about God. You can’t talk about some higher power, Owensboro Church but when you say Jesus opinions, we can the surface Jesus said who do men say that I am and they said well some say your Jeremiah. Some say your Elijah, you do Miracles, the Pharisees hate you. They hate your tactics by the way if the religious community isn’t uncertain about our tactics. We’Re not ministering, like Jesus would, Minister on the Earth. You know that I pray the religious community always questions my tactics cuz, they questioned Jesus amen. Who do men say that? I am they give answers, then he says, but who do you? Who do you say that I am Simon Peter answers and he says I think you’re the Christ you’re the son of the Living God. Jesus looks back and says blessed. Are you, Simon son of Jonah, for flesh and blood as a revealed this to you, but my father is in heaven who is in heaven, and I say to you that you are Peter and Upon This Rock I will build my church and the Gates of Hell. Will not Prevail against it. Peter says: you’re you’re, the Christ you’re. The answer and Jesus says that’s right on. I want to give you the vision for River City Church in 2013. We’Re going to do the same thing that Peter did two thousand years ago. We’Re going to identify who the Christ is to the people around us, we’re going to say that Jesus is the Christ. The best plan that I have as a pastor as a church leader, as a teacher of the word of God, is to teach the Jesus is the savior that Jesus is the Healer, Owensboro Church that Jesus is the provider, that Jesus is the Redeemer that Jesus the restore the Jesus is the one that we are redeemed us from the curse of the law and the Jesus is the son coming King. Somebody say Amen to that. You want to know what kind of church we are we’re a Jesus church. That’S our message. That’S our story. That’S our song, it’s the gospels, Matthew Mark, Luke and John Paul. Apart from that, we really have nothing other than the person of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. You have an opportunity Church to introduce the world to the greatest person. That’S ever existed to Hugh, sits on the throne and unto the lamb somebody say Amen to that telling people who Christ is listen as a pastor.
I can’t just run around and talk to everybody all the time and if the church is waiting on me to manatees Jesus to everybody, it’s going to be trouble around here we didn’t see 1500 people be reached with the message of Christ. Praying a Prayer by just our leadership and our staff reach turn them my cover as a Christian and Owensboro it’s blown, and when people find out that I’m a pastor, Owensboro Church do you know that they’re freaked out by me? It’S just the way it goes. It gets weird. I get on airplanes and try to think of other things to tell people to ask me what I do for a living.
I say things like you know, I’m a public speaker which is true of a public speaker or I’ll tell them. I’Ve been the cattle business which is true, I’ve got I’ve, got some cattle got a four-mile say something like that, and I’m trying not to say I’m a pastor, because the moment they find out I’m a pastor, they’re afraid I’m going to like throw holy water on Them or get them down and make them pray the sinner’s prayer and our discussions over, but for you so many you are still under cover enough they’re, going to listen to you and you can tell them bamp. I know what will help you. I know what will save you. I know what will give you some peace y’all to come with me to church somewhere. You were so far undercover. We worry about you around here. To be honest, tell the world who Jesus is: that’s our number one plan at River City Church and it’s never going to change as I stand in this Pulpit. The only message we have is the message of the Gospel in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. So it says: listen, you’re, the Christ and and Peter says this. Owensboro Church Jesus says to Peter you’re, going to be Peter Upon This Rock or the confession that he’s the Christ. Will I build my church and then he says this, and the Gates of Hell will not Prevail against it. Do you know what the church is called to? The church is called to go and literally knocked down the gates of hell and Jesus said this about the church. I’M building a church, that’s going to be strong enough and spirit, empowered enough and pulled the word in the wisdom of God enough. It’S literally going to go to the gates of hell and knock them back. We are here to take territory back from the kingdom of darkness, their Gates out there and every person who’s never called on. The name of Jesus exist within those Gates can finds. We have loved ones who are today living inside the gates of hell. We have co-workers today who are living inside the gates of hell. Family members were living inside the gates of hell, but Jesus said I’m going to build my church and the Gates of Hell will not Prevail against it. The church is tougher than anything that he’ll can bring to the Forefront. We have more power in our life than hell has on its side, so Church Life it can get messy at times. Why can it get messy at times because any church, that’s changing a culture or reaching the lost they wake up every morning at the gates of hell, like you’re waking up every morning right here as hell right, here’s the church and you know you’re winning people who Just been on the gauge last night today, how many know our church folk are not perfect. I mean just going to look at your neighbor and look at your other neighbor. Now I don’t know our church folk are not perfect. We know they’re not perfect. Why? But but but they’re works-in-progress we’re all works in progress, we’re redeeming somebody from help and I don’t want a perfect church. Owensboro Church If the church is perfect, it’s because we haven’t been reaching the lost. You want to church to be like this. I want them to be about a third save mature. You know that they know who they are in Christ. They know where they’re going. I want about a third of them to be to be getting somewhere young disciples learning where they’re headed. What God’s called them to do, and then I want a third of them to be lost sitting in the pews right now, Emma cuz. We got them if you’re in the door and you’re looking for. Man you’re a lot closer to him than when you were before you walked inside of here, and we love you and we’re for ya and we’re not against you want to see you become everything to God is designed you to be, and I want our church to stay like that mm lots of people View Church as it’s supposed to be a fortress. It’S a holy huddle where we take her kids, we take our house, we bring our families in this holy Fortress. This huddle and we hide from what’s going on outside in the world, and we don’t go out there. Owensboro Church we don’t see what they’re about where we’re not reaching them. We just got this Fortress of our own, but Jesus never talked about a church.

That would be a fortress that we hittin. He talked about a church that would become a force that would literally blow down the Gates of Hell, listen hell’s, holding people captive and it’s up to the church to Ransom them rescue them going reach them and has got some things going for it. I’Ve got to be honest. Do you know what the hell Stone Fort Hill has an unbelievable marketing budget in the earth? I look at it. Hell’S got big investments in what it’s doing. Sometimes I look at Christians and we can’t get them to invest on this side of the ball, but Hells guys. Owensboro Church they invest in what they’re doing think about the marketing budget of him TV and I don’t think him TV in and of itself totally represents hell. But it’s a slice of it, I’m just going to say that out loud. Do you look at our culture in America how it’s different than it was 30 or 40 years ago, which I agree with that the culture in America is different than it was 30 or 40 years ago, and I look at pastors from the 50s and the 60s. Owensboro Church I’M like how easy would it to have been to been a pastor back then all of the cultures moving in one general direction. Owensboro Church There’S like a little more moral Clarity, there’s more absolutes, there’s right and there’s wrong. Do you know when that started to evaporate in America to talk about like the sixties, sexual Revolution, hippie movement into the 70s and the 80s? There’S MTV your money for nothing, your search for free and and it got into the minds and the hearts of young people of America, and it began to change our values and began to change us who we are and they put big dollars into it. Because there’s a big plant, if we as the church, could just have a temp of the marketing budget. That MTV has. I think that I could grab ahold of the heart and the mind and the intellect of the Next Generation and we can make a real change. So they’re out marking us right now, but we are to do some serious marketing ourselves. Somebody give the Lord of handclap, you think, will not be outdone but he’ll I’ll. Just believe that, and then Hills got gimmicks, I’m all for gimmicks, whatever works, but what we have that he’ll can never have. The church has something that he’ll can never have number one. We have the spirit of God on our side. We’Ve got greater scenes in us than he that is in the world. The second thing that we have as we have we have something hell can never touch or never really have in. That is the we have love. Owensboro Church you know what I mean. They think you can get on the surf. You know what the Bible says. Never fails. Love Never Fails now about these three faith, hope and love. The greatest of these is love Corinthians, chapter 13. First Corinthians. It says that love never fails. Everybody says, Love, Never Fails, it never fails. So what’s the vision of River City Church, what are we been about 4 years? I just want to communicate it fresh in the new today number one we’re here to love God, everybody say: love God’s come on. We want to. We want to fulfill that scripture. That says, Hear o Israel, the Lord, your God, the Lord is one. You should love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, all your soul. All your mind, all your strength, we’re going to love God, and we begin to really love God. I’Ll tell you what our lives begin to change when our lives begin to change, people take notice of a change life. Jesus said: if you love me, you’ll keep my Commandments person that really loves God looks different from the rest of the world. Tell you can how you can really.

You can really begin to see who’s for real over course of time. Lives begin to change when people love God. I want this house to be a house of worship. I wanted to be a house of people who are radically in love with the king of kings and Lord of lords, and I want people to be able to see it and everything we do everything we say and every part of our Lives. The second thing we want to do is we want to love people, everybody say people, you know, people are wonderful, they’re, beautiful, they’re, glorious that they’re wonderfully and fearfully made the scripture say that everyone of you that you’re made in the image of the Living God. People are something worth giving your life for something we’re serving something worth going after. Owensboro Church We want to love people around here. We want to let people of every shape, form fashion, size, Soca, socioeconomic background, nationality, race creep. We won’t to love them. Why? Because they’re all made in the image of God I was listening to a friend of mine, actually Jesse was a mentor to he passed his guts Church, Tulsa Oklahoma. He told a story that really struck a chord in me and he talked about being a young guy. He’S 55 now something like that, but he was a younger guy and he was going to college or right out of school Alice and he said that they lived in a house and they had a spare room in that house. They would rent it to guys for about a month at a time, and he said he never really talked to him. They came and went from that house a lot, and so we didn’t make relationships with them that much, but one day comes running into his house and he’s going to change his clothes. Take a shower he’s in a hurry and he goes running by that door right there, where the guys staying in he said it just felt like I had to stop meet the guy had to do something some on the inside of me was telling me. You know what I need to talk to this guy and he said I started up the steps and I couldn’t go up. The steps so went back to the door. Daughter had something good to say to somebody. God wanted you to say, but it was awkward. You know what I’m talking about you’re like how do I do this, what I say so it goes back and he knocks on the door and the guy opens the door and he said: hey, I’m I’m Bill. I live upstairs and I just wanted to see how you doing are you doing alright and the guy was like yeah, I’m fine. We just looked at him and said I want to know his. Owensboro Church Is there anything that I can do for you? Is there anything that I can do for you? What can I do for you today anyway? I can help you I’m available to help you the guy said I’m fine, but thanks for stopping by he said he went upstairs, took anything else about it. He said, 15 years later he was preaching it a Ministry event preaching to you that a youth conference youth conference was over and went back to the place where the ministers would spend the night, and he said there was a knock on the door, wouldn’t open the Door – and there was a guy there, that was, you – can tell visibly Disturbed, have been crying and he said, come in man can I do something for you. He said the guys crying and his hands are shaking Penny said you might not remember me, Owensboro Church but I used to live with you in Tulsa Oklahoma that lived in a room you guys rented out a month at a time and one day I was in that room And I was getting ready to kill myself at a gun in my mouth, not hurt somebody run into the house and they went up the stairs and they still didn’t stop at my door, and I said my heart, I said God see you, don’t even care enough About me for anybody to stop at my door reset when I set that you came back down the stairs, you open the door and you said: is there anything that I can do for you? And you said man I put away my gun. There course of events found Christ.
I got married. I’Ve got a baby in the damages, pastor and I’m here leaving the church, and I want to thank you all youth group not want to thank you for stopping and loving me. How late are we don’t know what we’re doing when we’re loving people and Christians under the sound of voice? There’S a lot of stories out here like that lie to you. You you had somebody do that, for you or maybe you did something in somebody’s life, to tell you that. Down the road just little things we do to love people. It makes all the difference in the world Amen. Would you send up on your feet with me one more moment and here’s? The last thing I want to say we’re also going to love life. Everybody say life. Man we’re Christians. Owensboro Church We ought to enjoy amount of time. We all embrace the life that God’s given us and then people who want to live that life. Just hang out with me one moment: we’re going to receive communion, I’m going to pray over the elements were going to have one more song of worship we’re going to dismiss with, but I’m going to pray over these communion elements and you can receive them right there. Where you are now, won’t you to think about what God wants you to do and how we want you to flow in 2013 and we’re going to remember what he’s done for us in the past and by looking to him in the past. I believe we’re going to get some Clear Vision in the future, so I want to pray over the elements if you’re in here you know you don’t have to be a member of River City Church, but if your Christian feel free to receive those elements, you’re just Checking out the service don’t take them today. The Bible says if you drink them in an unworthy manner. You drink judgement on yourself, so I’m going to pray over the bread, I’m going to pray over the cup and then, whenever you get ready right after you got a time of worship whenever you get ready to receive those elements, just take them at your own discretion. Let’S prank father, I thank you for the vision of River City Church in 2013. I think it will that you’re going to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think I think, your father, that the church literally is tougher than help. I think you that you’ll build your church and the Gates of Hell will never Prevail against it right now, Lord. Owensboro Church I bless these elements and I thank you for a symbol of your broken body and your shed blood. I bless them in Jesus name and the church said: amen.