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We’re going to begin reading there tonight in verse, 5, that’s off matthew, chapter 6 and verse 5. Let me encourage you for one moment:do you know that you are? Are you are the witnesses of the gospel of the lord jesus christ? Do you understand that just to look at your neighbor and tell them this safe? We are his witnesses yeah. The bible says this. The bible says after the holy spirit comes upon you acts 1:8. Henderson Kentucky Church You will be his witnesses in jerusalem, judea samaria and to the uttermost parts of the earth. Witness of what somebody might ask. What are we a witness up? We are a witness of the death of barrel and the resurrection of jesus christ. It means this everywhere we go the way we live. What we say what we do, it’s a testimony to the fact that god sent his son to die for the world. Somebody say they say:i am his witness. Let’s say it again:i am his witness. Let me tell you:i am unable to witness the gospel alone, the owensboro in the surrounding region. Did you know that matt edwards is unable to witness the gospel alone to owensboro and the surrounding region? Somebody said:that’s right, that’s right! You don’t know. One person can do what god is called a church to do together, amen. The bible says:if one of us can put a open the flight, the two can put ten thousand to flight in the book of genesis. Man had a common goal. They were building the tower of babel and it was something that god didn’t want them to do, and he said look now that they have one purpose in one vision. Nothing can stop them from accomplishing what they set their hearts to do whenever they were, they were doing it on a negative sense, but when the body of christ comes together and they set their heart to do something together and they work as a team in unison as a body that there’s nothing that we can’t accomplish together, amen, I believe that with god, all things are possible. It’s like this many people they haven’t, found their way into the body of christ of the place they’re supposed to be talking to cuz. They haven’t found their fit. Let me say it like:that. I was talking to robbie, edwards i, don’t know, maybe it was a a month or two ago i. Maybe it was too. Maybe it was longer than that and he been talking to this guy, who used to be in church like 10-15 years ago, but it’s falling away and is no longer active in the things of god and-and you know, lots of times we go with a guy from this angle or cuz i. Believe the local church is the answer to the world’s problems. Let me say it again:i believe that the local church is the answer to the world’s problems and men. Why? Because we’re the stewards of the mysteries of god, the bible, says the local church is the pillar in the ground of the truth, where the carriers of the gospel and has a body where the answer to the world problem, it’s a lots of times. I’ll say things to people like you know you need to be in church, it’s a great place for you. You’ll get blessed to get playing at the house got to bless. You your floor shall prosper, which is true. Robbie took it another angle from this guy. He said he said to this guy I’ve been missing, 10 or 15 years. He said:do you know that you’ve got gifts. Given you to give to the body, and he said if you’re missing, you know that there’s people who are hurting because you’re, not there and you’re, called to minister to somebody else getting fit in the body of christ, isn’t just about us getting blessed whenever we’re not there doing what we’re called to do. Henderson Kentucky Church Somebody else is hurting because of our absence, I’m going to say, I meant. If we, let me tell you if I don’t, let me say it like this:if I don’t father my child, who will she’s only got one father if jesse won’t mother or child, who will riley’s only got one mother that there’s somebody out there, that you’re called to touch and in to minister to maybe to be a father or mother in the face too? And it’s your calling your design to do it, it’s your fit, and if you don’t do it, nobody will true. That’s why it is real as warmth and one of the prophets in the old testament says. If you don’t want to reach out to certain people, they’ll be blood on your hands, see what I mean we have an assignment life is all about the assignment about becoming the person were called to be and getting in our fit it in in the things of god. So we can, minister, to somebody else, Henderson Kentucky Church look at your neighbor and say this say:let’s be about our assignments. Amen, amen, amen. What you got all that free tonight, I’m, not even preaching about it. Okay, matthew won’t even charge you extra for that all right, matthew, chapter, 6 and verse. 5 I want to message when you pray when, you pray, matthew, chapter 6, verse, 5, and if you’re there go ahead and say yes, I am yes, I am all right. Matthew chapter 6, verse, 5. It reads like this and when you pray, you should not be like the hypocrites or the pretenders.. It literally means in the greek, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues in on the corners of the street that they may be seen by men. Oh surely I say to you, they have their reward, but you, when you pray, go into your room when you have shut your door. Henderson Kentucky Church

Pray to your father, who is in the secret place, and your father, who sees in secret will reward you openly and when you pray, everybody say when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. They think that they will be heard for their many words, therefore, do not be like them. For your father knows the things you have need of before you ask him in this manner. Therefore, pray our father in heaven, hallowed be, your, name, your, kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors, do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil. One for yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever amen, for, if you forgive men, their trespasses. Henderson Kentucky Church Your heavenly father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive men, their trespasses, Henderson Kentucky Church neither will your father forgive your trespasses jesus begins and he says 3 times once in verse, 5 once in verse, 6 once in verse, 7. He says these words when you pray. He talks as though he knows that all of us were listening to his word reading his word studying his word will have a prayer habit. Let me ask you a question again tonight:do you have a daily prayer time? Does it something., most important, amen, amen and it’s one of those things that the devil and the world and priorities and everything what we have to do? How me know as americans, we have a need on the inside of our hearts to be busy. We all the way over there. We do it’s cheap to be busy and it’s not cool at all and not be busy. Do you know that jerry howard preached here he’s a missionary to china a good friend of mine, river, city church of supports that ministry and, as a matter of fact, I think we gave we help by and purchase thousands of dvds to be passed out that witness the gospel there in the city jerry send in china just as last christmas season, I don’t have an update on the check, but the plan was that they took these dvds dvds that told about christianity to these people’s houses, and then they come back so long afterwards to ask them if they watch them. So jerry is doing some stuff in china, but jerry says culturally in china one thing I’ve noticed it’s different about the east and the west is that in the least they don’t have to be busy. You know in china, there’s like a billion of them. There’s enough people to do everything., doesn’t all doesn’t all fit on one person’s shoulders. I mean get. You lived in a in a house. This big was like a hundred people, but anyway, so they don’t have to be busy. Think we’re so busy. Henderson Kentucky Church Sometimes we let our day-timer spend so far out of control. Doing stuff really doesn’t matter that we don’t even have time to do what does matter, how many no priorities can get out of focus really fast. Can the average american watches tv i, can’t remember it’s 3 or 4 hours a night, how many people watched american idol last night, quite a few I did to vance’s repents I watched it last night, i, don’t know what was it was it? How long was it two hours I’m going to try out next year for american, idol, i, think i? Think I am the next american idol praise the lord, no I’m playing in the back when I come up to sing at the end of worship. They turn me down. It’s like oh god, pastor singing. You know turn this thing down 2 hours last night. So if you watched american idol for 2 hours last night and I left, so you watch the news for 30 minutes or you watched one episode of scrubs or masher whatever you’re into before. You fell asleep next 3 hours, 3 hours and I’ve, heard that the average evangelical christian praise 3 minutes a day. That’s a bad status that just hurts. So it’s like this. We rather watch tv than talk to god weed weatherwatch, simon cowell, make fun of some i, don’t know some psycho. He thinks they can sing, but can’t we don’t talk to god i. Look at your day-timer. It’s a wonderful exercise tomorrow, look at your day-timer and see if you have time to talk to god scheduled in there. That sprayer is just a theological word for talking to god. You know the will of god is to talk to you. He wants to commune with you. He wants to talk to you. He wants to spend time with you and i. Don’t know what weather do you recognize it or not, but that he’s thinking big, isn’t it talk about the maker of the heavens and the earth? The most powerful entity in the universe wants to talk to me bigger than the president of the united states want to talk to me, bigger bigger than whoever your biggest sports star you might imagine. Is the morning to talk to you it’s better than whoever your favorite preacher is wanting to talk to you. It’s got the ancient of days wanted to talk to. You reveal from the beginning of the bible, where god would walk with adam and eve in the cool of the day. Talking to them. God wants to hear from you. Henderson Kentucky Church Do you know what god also wants to answer? He wants to talk to you now. I can say this a daily prayer time and I haven’t always been perfect at it. I don’t want you to think that pastors never missed a daily prayer time, because I have never missed a daily prayer time.

Yeah I have to it’s one of those deals. You start and stick with it and it’s a discipline and if you make it a part of your life, man got to begin to file on you in shape you and mold you and speak to you about things. You need to change and lead you and direct you, and it’s like this in the ancient near east, when you walked into the courtroom of a king and you didn’t get into the Henderson Kentucky Church courtroom of a king unless you were invited and then when you were in the courtroom of a king, if you approach them without him pointing a septa towards you, it would cost you your life like this, the most powerful king in the universe has a scepter pointed towards you. You’re welcome at his throne. Is there as open? Let’s take advantage of it amen, amen, so he gives us. He says when you pray. Listen, if you think prayer stuff, just try to start like this start. 5 minutes at a time go to talk to god for 5 minutes in the morning. This is how my pastor taught me to learn to establish a daily prayer time 9 years ago. Just tried, 5 minutes in the morning and I would start playing five minutes and I get used to that. After a while and I go up to 10 minutes and not my prayer, life would climb like that. Some of y’all to commit to five minutes in the morning, so he talks about praying. Here’s here’s what he says:the first six when you pray, go into your room, shut, shut, your door, part of the fathers in the secret place and your father, who sees in secret will reward you openly all right. The daily prayer time is a habit or ritual that has reward. Doesn’t it says, there’s a father who sees you in secret? He tells us what not to do don’t pray. So the people can look at you and, oh, your spiritual, that’s not that’s! Not the heart of gods. Part of god, is to fellowship with god and i. Remember. Henderson Kentucky Church Well. Whenever I was I was earlier on, I don’t know, maybe I was in tulsa, so I graduated in 02 at a college in tulsa, so maybe was 2001 and I was praying one morning and the lord spoke to me and at that time I knew it was called in the ministry. I was going to school there. Getting a theology degree and I’m praying and you know, nobody’s motives, are pure all the time. You’ll recognize that you think your motives are pure all the time you’re just weird to saving ourselves. How many know there’s so much of the flesh that still swims around in our life. You recognize that and as a young guy called me and be a minister, well I wanted to do big things for god and a lot of that was for god. You know I want to do and forgot, but quite a few of those things those drives were for me as well. You know those things that they think it was moving in together in life and there’s nothing wrong with having some of your own ambitions as long as they’re holi in india, no they’re, not out of the line of the word of god, because it’s natural to want to succeed and it’s god given to want to be a success. Somebody say amen to that god given to want to be a success. The guy who doesn’t care, if he’s successful or not he’s got big core issues in his heart. Now, I’m, not talking about being successful, so the people could know know who you are know your name. It’s! It’s wanting to be a success to glorify god, but some of that was still in me. That wants to be a success of the people, would know who I was and I was praying one morning in the holy spirit spoke to me just clear as a bell. He said these words. He said he said:damn the spot lights that shine on the wrong things for they’ll be broken. What does it mean? What what does it mean means accursed of the things the spot light that shines on the wrong things to those spotlights will be broken. Help me help you take your life and you shot it on the wrong thing. You won’t last forever like that now. Henderson Kentucky Church Will you it’ll be broken spirit of god spoke to me clear as a bell. It’s really what this text says says:don’t do things, so the people will see you prank, don’t give so that people will see you giving don’t do things that way, because that pap is a possible lead to eternal damnation sister for the greater glory of god okay. So let’s look back down there text it. If we do, that is openly pray, don’t use vain repetitions as the heathen do. They think they’ll be heard for their many words, how many no just talkin before god, just repeating something isn’t prayer, told everybody say, have an repetition, don’t use vain repetitions as the heathen do just because you pray something again and again and again and again does not make it. Prayer doesn’t make it prayer any e-list, the lord’s prayer here in a minute, I used to pray this just like a vain repetition. How many of you guys played sports growing up a girl’s played sports? Did any of y’all pray. The lord’s prayer before you started that there was an old italian guy that that was a coach at the school I grew up and it was a line. Coaches name was mr.. Mr. Miller was the way he said his name and mr. Mr. Miller. He would he would torture us as offensive lineman. Typically, he love to torturous and he would get us there together.

He would have rice us, but he was a good baptist man and he always let us in a prayer and he let us in the lord’s prayer every practice before every game he would say:our father, who, art in heaven, y’all can pray this with me. How long to be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily, forgive us our trespasses trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever amen. So I would mouth at prayer every practice with mr. Miller now before I went to practices, I would take lortabs and snort cocaine. Do you think that permit a lot coming out of me? You think it might have just been too vain repetition, absolutely I’m their mouth and a prayer just because that’s what we do now, I’m, not talking to god I’m not connected with god. It’s just a vain repetition. Lots of people come out of tradition where, whoever it is the man of god there gives you just something to pray, go pray 20 of these 10 of these take to release in 3d come see me in the morning. You’ll find forgiveness. The bible says:that’s what the heathen do vain repetitions, Henderson Kentucky Church it’s repeating repeating repeating, but if not meaning anything when you say it, he says don’t play like that. Henderson Kentucky Church God doesn’t answer those kind of prayers, but he says, pray like this really he’s giving us a pattern on what to do whenever we get into our prayer. Closet show me know:sometimes you get in there and you pray for about 2 minutes and you run out of stuff to say it’s like well now. What do I do? You know I’m in her I’m ready to pray for here’s the pattern he it’s like this first thing he says 9 in this manner. Therefore pray pray like this. You can take this prayer in the morning and you and you could just open it up and pray along. This pattern says our father in heaven. First thing you should do when you pray is identify exactly who you’re praying to everybody say our father. We pray when we pray. There is only one true living god a man and we want I want everybody to know. Whenever I begin to pray, just exactly who I’m praying to everyone prays to god in america today, god the unknown god. Don’t ask guys like me:will they don’t ask me very much, but the ask pastor sometimes to come, pray that prayer meetings and I’ll? Henderson Kentucky Church Let you pray to god, but they won’t let you pray in jesus name. Well, they won’t get me to pray at a prayer meeting like that cuz. The first thing I’m going to do is everybody’s, going to know him in heaven and on earth and I’m praying too and every now and then I like to walk into my prayer, closet and indian things are, listening when, you pray, god is listening your loud enough, your wife listening I guess the neighbors are listing. If you’re really annoying, you know but went when. You pray, there’s also a spirit world. The bible talks very clearly about demons and angels and the bible talk. Demons are fallen angels, they got themselves kicked out of heaven and they, they masturbate as other gods. The apostle paul wrote that in the bible and they seek the worship of man. So when I begin to pray, I make it very Henderson Kentucky Church clear in the heavenly, so I’m praying to i, say right now:i come and I’ll pray to the father in heaven, i, pray to god of abraham isaac and jacob I pray to the god of israel I pray to jehovah the only true and living god and I pray in the name of jesus christ of nazareth the only name under heaven, by which men might be saved by which every knee will bow every tongue will confess that he is lord. I pray that god but god of the bible is the god. I pray to him out yeah y’all y’all to start praying like that. Let everybody know who you’re praying for I worked in st joseph missouri for pastor there by the name of brian son, and he got invited out to one of these ecumenical prayer breakfast. Where you got like a muslim cleric at a catholic priest and an evangelical and and I don’t know if you’ve ever watched a national prayer breakfast, maybe some guy in like this magician looking at i, don’t even know where he came from, but it’s like they got merlin here today to pray for us praise the lord. Let us pull the sword from the stone and minutes welcome to fairy tale world, but anyway, I get up and they bring this one guy and he’s like he’s like some real liberal guy I’ll leave it at that I won’t even i. Don’t even tell you is denomination, but he gets up and he pulls this text out of the book of acts and-and there is a text in the book of acts-were paul shows up in athens in athens i, believe it’s happened there, all these idols everywhere and in the people of athens they worship just everything they could imagine. They would call it. God cut a rock into an auto and worship it and paul walks into the city. Henderson Kentucky Church He’s there to preach the real gospel, the lord jesus christ to the people, and he sees this idle and homicidal. There’s a scribe, an idol to an unknown, god and soap all goes down into the amphitheater theater tomorrow’s hill, and he uses it as a text to tell them who the real god was. I, see your idle down.

Here you had, you would have known that unknown. God sent me here to tell you that he’s the only true and living god he’s, the god of the israelites in his son, jesus christ. That’s the way paul used it, but this this liberal got this prayer deal what’s up with texts and any grab that text, and he says now today we gather together and we pray to an unknown god and he praises don’t we’re all Henderson Kentucky Church praying to the unknown god that we don’t know who he is, and you just talk about aggravation you know to the max and-and our pastor was the next to pray on the list that didn’t sit well with him at all and he walks up to the text. So I walked up to the podium. It’s his turn to pray and he starts out just like that. He says now:father, i, pray, i, pray to the father, I pray to the god of abraham isaac and jacob I pray to the god of israel, the only true and the living god who we know is and I pray to him in the name of jesus he went on just like I went on earlier, the only name under heaven, by which men might be safe, every knee will bow every tongue will confess every start spraying there’s this old black baptist gospel preacher it in the back and if he says, I pray to the god of throw that guy beside. He says you know. Henderson Kentucky Church In the background it was just the last guy who prayed, but you got to love it. So the first thing you need to do everybody say this safe, identify who I’m praying to bunny says here. So you see when you go to pray. You don’t just say these words, our father, who is in heaven, where identifying, who were praying to the next thing he says, is how will it be your name? What what really it means it’s holy is your name so now what jesus is showing us to do is he’s calling out the attributes of that father he’s just talked to in heaven, but that’s part of worship and part of praise calling out the apps refutes of god holy. Is your name i, don’t know how many times the word holy is in the bible, but it’s it’s in there. Thousands of times I’m certain, probably thousands i, don’t know how many times it’s just in the book of leviticus leviticus a book. That’s written just to show us that god is holy. You know. Whenever john went up into the heavens, he was in the spirit on the lord’s day caught up in the heavenly realm. He saw all of the angelic beings and they were there and the words that were coming off their lips before god was holy holy holy lord, god almighty, who was and is and is to come. It, would be thy name, holy, is, thy name. What that word holy mean it’s the hebrew word kadosh it means, a, cut, above sea. Whatever you come to pray, don’t come ass. Four things the moment:you begin to pray, somebody say amen. How many know if an old friend came to see you walk into your house, shook your hand, didn’t ask how you were doing didn’t. Do any small talk or anything like that? They, just as like, hey steve, how you doing good to see you can I borrow $1,000, no see. Henderson Kentucky Church That’s, an aggravation. That’s an aggravation. God wants us to come into his into his courts with thanksgiving to enter his gates with praise him. Why don’t you just tell the lord he totally for mama just say this say:you’re holy holy holy holy yeah, just called I like to go before the presence of god and just say what what he is like:you’re, full of mercy or full of grace you’re full of truth, you’re, beautiful, you’re, wonderful, your matchless! There is none like you up that you aren’t. You are god who is like y’all way now just called out some of his attributes, your loving-kindness endures forever. You are good. Your mercy endures, forever. I love! You, oh lord, when you go into his presence, just begin to talk to him. Like that, he likes to hear those things you’ll find out. If you do it, his presents manifest Henderson Kentucky Church patience will step into the room with you right next to me says here:is he says your your kingdom? Come everybody say your kingdom come alright jesus first john the baptist established the fact that the kingdom of heaven was at hand within your reach. John the baptist came preaching all the prophets talked about the kingdom of god. Coming before that point, john the baptist comes. He says things like this. The kingdom of heaven is within your reach. You can have the kingdom of god jesus picked up that same thing. The lord planet in john, the baptist heart jesus, has the same message. He would say when he first came preaching the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Everybody reach your hand out. Just like this. The kingdom is god’s way of doing things. It’s in hand, it’s here, so there’s a portion of the kingdom that were living in, but there’s also more of the kingdom of god. That is to be revealed. That means christ will return, amen, christ will return. The bible says:he’ll split:the skies will come back with 10,000 of a saint. He will establish his kingdom upon this earth and, and Henderson Kentucky Church the bible says that those who were born again will be giving assignments buy him. Some of them will even be being a judging the nation’s judging the angelic world as well. There’s a kingdom that is to come. Christ will return, the ancient churches pray for it to come through this world. They would say maranatha and that word maranatha mean even so come quickly.

Lord jesus, Henderson Kentucky Church so we’re supposed to pray for christ’s return, whatever you pray, pray for, christ’s return or even so come quickly, lord jesus. We want to see it we’re supposed to pray that when you pray that you’re praying for christ’s return, your also praying that he would hasten the work. The bible says that the gospel has to be preached in every tongue. Every every small linguistic group that exists out there. The gospel must be preached not just in every nation, not just in every ethnic group, but in every every linguistic group that exist in the bible says when the gospel is preached in every linguistic group says it in the greek, then the stage is set for christ to return, I believe whatever we’re praying for his return. We’re also praying that missionaries and bible translators would go, take their rightful spot and reach ethnic groups that have not yet been reached with a gospel presentation. So it says your kingdom come I’m out of time tonight. Alright, would you would you stand up on your feet with me? Stand up on your feet with me. Will pick up on this next wednesday night, next wednesday night learning to pray, garden close your eyes for a moment, they’re just right there for a moment, let’s just let’s just believe god, to help us promote us in our prayer life that it did. If you don’t have a prayer life at all that well that one would begin to be formed tonight. Just ask him for that. Ask him to help you. If you don’t know how to pray. Henderson Kentucky Church Ask him to teach you and then, and then you don’t have to pray, pretty.. Looking for somebody to pray, pretty prayers, he’s looking for somebody to pray, sincere prayers! That’s where the heart of gods! Hats! So just ask him tonight to help you help. You pray for those of you that have come to a certain level in your prayer life and that’s as far as you’ve gone, and you want to know what you want to experience. God more go up to another level, but I don’t want to pray for you. That would happen. Water prank want to play. The people would have unbelievable experiences in the prayer, closet, you’re comfortable with it right now. Henderson Kentucky Church Why don’t you just lift up your hands to heaven? Those of you saying, brian and i. Don’t need help in my prayer life, while I can always use help in my prayer, life I lift my hands for that father tonight we pray one for another lord that you would teach us to pray. Lord teach us to be a people of prayer roll that we might pray that we might watch talking to you. Looking at the environment, watching the word of god’s mother, we might be filed upon and moved upon. The lord teach us to pray, I pray for the person who started a prayer happen again and again and again, but always slides back tonight, I’ll pray for strength in their heart lord. Let this spiritual discipline be established, father, let it be rooted deep down in the innermost part of there being they might living at walking at breathe in. It know that you might reveal yourself to them bit by bit by bit lord in the morning in the secret place, I pray for a prayer revival in people’s lives, I pray for a prayer revival in people’s lives, Henderson Kentucky Church I pray for prayer revival in people’s lives in the mighty mattress name of jesus christ of nazareth in the mighty max was name of jesus christ of nazareth. Now the shepherd and a pastor I blessed, you pray that you would grow up her that you would be led. I pray that you would be protected. I pray that you would fulfill your assignment and you would be brought back to this place unharmed in jesus, mighty name, I pray, amen, amen, amen. Why don’t you say peace to you to somebody around you and be dismissed peace to you