Henderson Kentucky Church | War Part 2

I want to entitled today’s message:there is a war for your family. Somebody say there is a war for our families. Let’s say it again:there is a war for our family, you give the matthews family a hand, clap for being our off ir stand in disinterested parents and what not they did. They did a good job with that, let’s pray, I move right into the teaching of the word of god father. Today we pray in the name of jesus christ of nazareth. We thank you father, that our families will not give one day on to the devil. Father I think you could psalm 91 says that angels hold us up. Let’s, we dash your foot against a stone i. Thank you, lord that there is a thin red line. Henderson Kentucky Church There is a bloodline around our family that was bought and paid for on calvary’s cross I pray for a hedge of protection over our household and I say that no serpent will break through that hedge and strike lord I say that you are raising up godly seeds, children who hear the voice of the lord at a very young age and follow after it’s at river, city, church, injesus, mighty name and the church said, amen, amen, amen, you see, there is a target church and your enemy has targeted your family, whether you like it or not, the facts are true and ignoring the fax will bring no benefit unto you. The devil’s plot is to steal, to kill and to destroy me and he hates the family unit, and he wants to see a broken apart. The prophet malachi said these words. He said the lord hate divorce, because I desire, godly, see the institution of marriage and Henderson Kentucky Church the family unit was designed by god in the book of genesis. If you look into the life of adam and genesis you’ll see and the lord said it is not good for the man to be what church. It is not good for the man to be alone. When he’s alone eat fast food, he leaves his underwear on the floor. He does all sorry quits brushing his teeth. He falls asleep in front of the tv and doesn’t even brush his teethgood for the man to be alone. You know what he did. He made a helper for him. He took a.M., and somebody say amen to that in the bible says, from the lord a deep sleep Henderson Kentucky Church fell, upon a time god removed one of his ribs, because marriage and protecting a family it will cost you something will be sacrificing ball and then eve was made and she became the mother of all living was brought on the atom. That relationship began the the fact that we have replenish the earth and they became fruitful and multiply. And god’s intention was that probably feed my flow forth from the family. God wants generational, anointing and blessing and families of faith that don’t just have one generation of believers, but 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and I believe that god is raising them up in arm. It and I believe this declares on to the next one, with god i, believe our kids getbit more with every generation and the devil scared to death of godly seed. So what does he do if he tries to come into our fox holes, which are fox holes in this war, Henderson Kentucky Church our homes in place of protection relationships that stand the test of time? The devil tries to creep in and get into the midst of our house. So he’s got some new pots. He’s got old old ideas, but some new ways to implement them. There was a prophetic voice in the sixties and he wrote a book I believe it was division and any talked about the same guy that establish teen challenge. He talked about seeing in the spirit and he saw these saucers or dishes over top of all of the houses in america, and he said through these dishes. Every foul, wicked, emerald, spirits and bankrupt thing will enter into the american family and it will change the world as we knowwhat, he was saying, was the filth that comes into your life into our household from the television one way that the lord won’t the enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy. And I’ll say this:i Henderson Kentucky Church watch tv I’m not totally against it, but there is a time to turn the thing off. Somebody say amen to that. There is a season of sanctification and consecration, where you want to turn that stuff off and let your water bottle for just a little bit. There really is a time to do it. So you see the dads on that television in the dad does are on the movie. The dead does what so many american fathers do? He comes the moment, he’s off work and he plants himself in his favorite chair and he watches the statistics tell us that the average american watches from 3 to 4 hours of television a day we can be present in our householdsbut. We can be absent from our families now and we begin to know the people who are on tv. You know what house is going to do before you ever watch the show. Don’t you what’s he going to do he’s going to take pain, pills Henderson Kentucky Church again, he’s going to be sarcastic again he’s going to have a moment and he’s going to find out what’s wrong with the sick people again? How many times can you watch house and not get tired of it? I don’t know, but do you know how? But sometimes we forget who the person is sitting beside us on the couch help me you know desperate housewives. Do you know that they’re going to let you know that they’re going to sleep with the yard boy? You know that they’re going to do crazy things, but you forgot who your husband was beside you. Henderson Kentucky Church

You know, what’s going to happen when you watch an american idol the crazies were going to laugh at them sister-in-laws on american idol. Isn’t it that’s pretty cool you give the lord a hand, clap for that I believe that god wants to raise up people with favor Henderson Kentucky Church in the secular media in the secular media, america’s, not listening or christian radio stations. Are you aware of that? They don’t care. What’s on it, I need a light in a dark place, mn mn. So we know what’s on tv, but we forgot who the people are with us. We got telephone where we can talk to people around the world and we can ignore our family. We can get on the internet and myspace and facebook and all of those things with people everywhere and not spend time with our children. The enemy has crept into the american household through the through the area of Henderson Kentucky Church media, and it’s costing us open up your bibles to malachi, chapter 4, malachi, chapter 4 and verse for the word. Malachi itself means my messenger or my my profit. My spokesman and god gave israel a prophetic words for the prophet malachi I believe it’s applicable to the new testament church. Today, here’s what he says in malachi 4, verse 4. He says:remember the law of moses my servant, which I commanded him and horeb for all israel with the statues and judgments. Butthole I will send you elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Henderson Kentucky Church lord and he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their father. Left. Common strike the earth with a curse. Now the prophets prophesying saying that elijah is coming and elijah is always a symbol of the company that prepares the wave for the lord’s new testament church. You are the elijah upon the earth today that is preparing the way of the second coming of the lord jesus christ. As we take this gospel around the world. Somebody say amen to that. He says it has that voice comes to the nation. That god is going to do something in the hearts of the fathers he’s going to turn the heart of the father, to their children or to their family, because the hearts of the fathers have turned under their children and their families. The hearts of the children will turn back to the hearts of the fathers. He said. If this doesn’t happen, if there will be a curse upon the land, our land is currently cursed because of the breakdown of the american classic and god-given inspired family unit. Something’s happening in america has been happening for the last generation, that’s different Henderson Kentucky Church since the foundation of this nation, and that is the world war ii generation that there are very many of them and they’re dying in mass numbers every day and the baby boomers are coming the baby boomer generation they’re coming to a place where they’re beginning to retire and they’re. Stepping out of pot power in america, generation x is now taking control of this nation and generation x is different than any generation before us. That’s my generation and the difference is, is it 35% of us were born into house holes where there was no father, no family unit present? There was only a single teenage mother. Let me say this church there’s some loons and only father can inflict and there’s some wounds that only a father can heal and without a father there is a vacuum left in the soul of people. Now let me say this to you come up here. You don’t know your father from adam or you knew your father and you would have been better off not to have known him. I want you to know that you did not come from your father. You came from your perfect father, mn people or die hand. Clap for that, you might have. You might have come through. You might have come through your natural father, but you came from your father in heaven. He knew you before you were born and you been called into the kingdom for such a time as this and god can restore your heart and that curse of fatherlessness in your family can be broken so Henderson Kentucky Church that your children don’t have to endorse the same stuff that you endured. It can be turned around. We look in america and we see these problems because of fatherlessness. No wonder we have the addictions, no wonder if we have the problems, no wonder if we have the lack of identity out there sociologist tell us this fit. Mothers bring comfort and nurture unto children. Let me know when your kids, when they’re hurt you send them to see her mother, don’t you like I’ll, go see her mama she’ll help you out here father’s bring identity and fathers bring purpose under their children, and without that fatherhood often people it takes them longer to find their identity and to find their purpose. Some of the nba counselors they’re, now saying this they’re saying that the nba and the members of the nba, the basketball pro basketball league that they have now fathered more children illegitimately, an out of wedlock around the nation, then the guys who are legitimately of fathering their children and the paternity suits are so large that so many of these guys making multi million million million dollar contract they’re retiring Henderson Kentucky Church broken because there’s a curse on the lamp, because the father’s haven’t turn their hearts to their children and the children haven’t turned their hearts. Unto the father 35% of x are fatherless. You know that 70% of the african american population in china, haitian ex, is fatherless. Let me tell you something wrong side. Note today, have you ever heard of an organization called planned parenthood? Have you heard of that organization, planned parenthood male fights for abortion and fights for your daughters to be able to have abortions without you knowing about it and they fight for the women’s right to kill all over the nation.

You know where the root of that thing began. The root of that thing began with a bigoted racist who wanted to see the african american population extinguished off of the earth, and her idea was to a board have abortions done on his many african americans, as it took for there to be no more here upon the earth to see him stamped out to see the family unit just roy, interesting that our president barack obama, who is an african-american Henderson Kentucky Church or partially african-american himself, did a speech for planned parenthood promising to take off the woman’s right to choose to new level, and he doesn’t even know that the thing was founded to exterminate part of the curse that came off of dr. James dobson teaching nationally syndicated. It’s known part of the curse, that’s on our land! Why we have games? That’s why we have violence, because the family unit is broken down and it is the design of god to hold america and morality together. Somebody say:god bless our family in jesus name in south africa a few years back, and that is the in south africa. There was this game preserve in this game preserve began to have a problem with their elephants. There was more elephants, then there was the land that they had them because they were more elephants than there are land that they had. Henderson Kentucky Church The elephants begin to beat down. All of the vegetation in the vegetation was beaten down, so they came up with a plan and the plan was the exterminated some of the older elephants, and then they took some of the younger elephants away from the older elephant and they moved them 300 miles south to a different preserve and if they’re preserve, they move these young elephants to they discovered at that place. In that preserve, there was an endangered species called the white rhino he was the most the highest population of them around. The world was right there and in in the midst of that thing of what were the black rhino was that they begin to find these white rhinos dead everywhere, and they couldn’t figure out what was going on. The white rhinos were gone, something was happening, they were dying, so they set up camera and they Henderson Kentucky Church discovered there in the midst of that place, where they set up cameras that those young elephants began to gang up together and began to attack the white rhinos and kill them. Baffled all of a zoologist, because elephants don’t have any natural enemies. They only attack whenever they’re back into the midst of a corner. They only attack whenever that kind of thing happen and I’ve never seen them group up and gang up and kill before so they dip this. They went back up to the other preserve and they got some of the older elephants from that preserve and they brought them down and they turn them loose with the younger elephants. Within a matter of weeks, the gang of elephants and their games were broken up and those younger elephants began to behave appropriately. For elephants I believe that nature is trying to teach us something this morning. I believe that there’s some young men loose and women separated from the people called by god to show them how to be spirit-filled christian and show them how to live out the work and show them how to get along with the spouse and show them how to provide for a family and show them how to raise their children in the nurture and the admonition of the lord because nobody’s never showed them. They don’t know what they’re doing anymore and they’re turned into all kinds of things. That will never feel them. I believe that won’t happen to our kids in this Henderson Kentucky Church house and I believe that god is returning the hearts of the fathers in this house into the hearts of the children and that our kids are going to be raised in the in the admonition of the lord amen, church mn, you look up at the text says this. That elijah is coming, says:it. Going, to turn the heart of the fathers unto the heart of the children. I, don’t know where you are i, don’t know what kind of parent you been i. Don’t know your story, i, don’t know your past, but I see this in this texting. It’s a beautiful thing. That’s the god’s going to turn the hearts of the fathers back to the hearts of the children. Everybody say that’s first and then, after the heart of the father started to the heart of the children in the bible, says them something:supernatural happens and the hearts of the children are turned back to the heart of the father. The prophet puts the power in the hand of the dads, the prophet put the power in the hand of the father, i, don’t know where you’re out out out there, daddy but I believe you can turn off the tv. You can pay attention to your wife. You can pay attention to your children. You Henderson Kentucky Church can pay attention to your seat and everything that’s been stolen from you. The thing can be turned around here, some practical ways that that can happen. The first thing you need to do to be sure that the family can’t create the devil can’t creep in your family and destroy it. Is you can eat together? Everybody say:eat together:the stats for gigantic about the families that eat together at night sit down at a table at each other in the eyes and talk to each other. It’s gigantic. It’s big. Just signed us to have to eat so that we could have fellowship with one another and the fast-food generation. It’s destroyed our family life, because it’s there at the tables that you can get in each other’s business when you can love each other and talk to each other and share with each other. Henderson Kentucky Church

I heard. John hagee’s son talk about this on tv the other day. He said every day or at night his father turned off everything shut down at the table with their kids told them. What three colleges in america that they could go to. He told them. What professions were acceptable for them to enter into, and then he told them that I believe for big things out of your life and that boy said whenever he graduated from college, his buddy said i, don’t know what schools were going to go to and he said what do you mean? There’s Henderson Kentucky Church only three colleges in the nation. My daddy told me:that’s all this out there listen at the dinner table. You can sit down with your kids and begin to write on the blank slate of their heart begin to shape their morality and shape their principles and shake their values. Everybody say eat together. The second thing you can do is you can pray together, everybody say:pray together. Men learn to pray out loud in public in front of god and everybody around you in the restaurant. Somebody say amen to that. There’s power in your children, seeing you pray great power whenever they understand that mom and dad are people of prayer and they see you come together, prank and they see you get answers. It’ll leave an impression in their heart that prayer changes thing you can do together. It’s play together, everybody say play together:oh some of my fondest memories I have of my father and some of the things that shake my character in my life and in my understanding about what things really are like 4 times, I spent with my father on the golf course. Your kids want your time more than anything else. They want. Your Henderson Kentucky Church time more than they want your money, I think they want your time. I want a better car. They want your time more than any of the other stuff you trying to get for your family will kill you for early. They want you. Nothing else will do nothing else, play the gods going to turn your heart back to your family and your family’s heart back to you. Would you stand up on your feet with me today in this house, go ahead and close your eyes right there, some of you, you got some issues in your family right now and you know it without a shadow of a doubt, their issues and your family right now-and you know it I believe today-that the spirit of god’s here to restore to do a great great work, I believe that god wants to move in your mitts in the midst of your family and bless you in jesus, mighty mighty mighty name, I believe he does I believe he does Henderson Kentucky Church throughout their you say brian today, we need prayer for our family. I. Believe today is the day of new beginnings. Today is the day for the hand of the enemy can be driven back. Today is a day where god can work a great work in your family I believe it can all start today, you’re out there, and you need that I want to pray for families, don’t be embarrassed, don’t stay out there because you don’t want somebody to think you got some kind of problem. Listening I want I want the light to kill some problems in our family. I want families to come, but need prayer this morning come to this altar. Now out of your seats and come to this altar, now and I will pray over. You today go ahead and come husbands and wives all to come together, go ahead and come you come push all the way to the front. I want y’all this morning this morning and the reconciler Henderson Kentucky Church is here that builds up broken down. Walls he’s here go ahead and come when you get here close your eyes before the lord go ahead and talk, you need to do about the treatment of your spouse and the way you talk to your children just go ahead and repent before the lord right there right there right there now right there now. Bell in the great work now the anointing building I can feel it. Rising I can feel it. Rising I can feel it. Rising I can feel it. Rising I can feel it. Rising I can feel it. Rising I can feel it rising the anointing of god to bind up the broken hearted to fix marriages right there right there right there right there I just want to lead you in the prayer. Let’s pray out loud I need your help. In the midst of my family I need you to bless you to work, a great work to restore its lord. We repent anywhere, we’ve missed it blush us and cleanse us he just by your spirit, how to relate with our wives and to relate with our husbands and relate with our children on our behalf in jesus, mighty name right there right there right there right there, you just take the stage lights down for one second guy, Henderson Kentucky Church the stage lights down from above it come down from above it comes down from above, I think that the power of god to restore everything that the devil stole them from you, everything that the thief is the devil out of your family, I command them to take off of your children. Off of your household claim, piece on that household this morning, in the name of jesus i, say shalom, nothing missing! Nothing broken totally hope, I see your marriage, it’s being sniffed back together by the power of god in his hand, all of your children. Now in jesus, mighty name, i, say everything that the enemy stolen is being restored. Unto you patience for your spouse on new patients, all new patients for your children, i, don’t care anymore.

This is prophetic! Those of you who said I don’t care anymore. I, don’t care anymore, is Henderson Kentucky Church restoring your care. The lord is restoring your 1/4 month is restoring your fate, but he can put it back together. There’s a restoration now,. You know, you said:i, don’t care anymore in the name of jesus christ off master floor turn around divorce turn around turn. Around divorces turn around divorces in jesus, mighty name now in the name of jesus, in the name of jesus, in the name of jesus right there, just for one more moment, lift up our faith and taken and anointing to restore your household, i, will. I. Believe it’s the lord’s doing some major restoration hear somebody saying into that:let’s give the lord a big hand, clap for everything is doing in our lives. I believe you’re going to make it I believe your family is going to make it I believe your children I believe that you’re going to be at the nations of the earth are going Henderson Kentucky Church to call you blessed day. Man. Let me pray at the shepherd over this entire church and I want to bless you as we are dismissed this morning. I say that you’re leading them and that you’re guiding them and make your doing mighty things in their life. I, say father that you’re putting your hand on their family, I pay, the fee fits stopped in jesus, mighty name and the church said:amen, amen, amen next week, you don’t want to miss church, going to be a war for your mind or your mind. Don’t miss it also first-time visitors. Also, if you will meet at the info booth right out front or anyone that has not met the staff. We want to meet you and have an opportunity to do that. Please you can go right out there. I will take you to a room and get to meet. You god bless your church. You are dismissed, don’t miss next week Henderson Kentucky Church