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You got your bible on you this morning. I want you to go ahead and open it up. A lot like the video said. We’re teaching a message. They called the word in the wilderness. Henderson Kentucky Church I want you to open up to the gospel of st luke, the gospel of st, luke and chapter 4, luke chapter 4 will begin reading here in a moment and verse one but I just want to say this is the word in the wilderness. Everybody say the wilderness. Alright we’re going to talk about the wilderness in a moment and the wilderness is a symbol in the bible but other place of number 1 of testing and number two of tempting. And if you read about israel god brought them out of egypt. They were slaves in egypt and he said I’m going to take you to a place called the promised land on land that flows with milk and honey. But there was the space of ground between egypt and israel, which was called the wilderness and israel wandering in the wilderness for many years before they ever got to the promised land and here’s what the wilderness looks like number. One, the Henderson Kentucky Church wilderness is a place where god test youtake a note. 2 got you got one of those sheets on the back. The wilderness is a place where god test you and god is a god that tests us tests are metal sees where we’re at sees what we can do, what we can handle, and he doesn’t want to give us too much before we can actually handle it. Just like this I got a little girl, I got i, got a couple, little girls and little boy, and we would use them to set the table. Help set the table, but I’m not going to take my great-great grandmother’s antique heirloom and give it to a three year old child to put it on the table. Why? Because the kid can’t handle it. Yet you got to test the kids, see where the kids have. Let the kids carry some paper help me know if, if, if, if one of them drops a paper plate, it’s no big loss if they dropped a family heirloom, it’s a Henderson Kentucky Church loss, see god tests us to see where we’re at and if we don’t pass the test. We’re going to take the test again and again and again and again, but if we can pass that test I believe we can go to the next level, how many I want to pass the test and get to the nextlevel three of you doing all right, I’m I’m excited for you, three god’s going to bless you today all right. The second thing that happens in the wilderness-it is you get tempted in the wilderness. Now god doesn’t tempt people ever james went out of his way to write that in the new testament god does not tempt man with sin, but the devil understands where you are:what season you’re at in life? The devil knows if you’re in the wilderness, part of life, we just a part of life where you’re wondering how do I get to the next level. What do I do to go forward in life? It’s a time where lots of people doubt their self and the devil will come on that frailty and try to tempt you with that time. So god test and the devil tempts, but I believe that we passed the test and number one. We never succumb to temptation. James said this:blessed is the man who endures Henderson Kentucky Church temptation for after his indoor he will receive the crown of life I declare that we are getting our crown in jesus, mighty name. Let’s read how jesus overcame in the wilderness, luke chapter 4 and verse. 1you’re there go ahead and say:haha. Alright, here’s outreach, then jesus being filled with the holy spirit return from the jordan. It was led by the spirit into, the wilderness being tempted for 40 days by the devil, and in those days he ate nothing and afterward when they attended he was hungry and the devil said to him. If you are the son of god command the stone to become bread, but jesus answered him saying it is written, somebody say it is written, come on, say it again. It is written one more time it is written, so it is written. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of god, then the devil taking him up on a high Henderson Kentucky Church mountain showed him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time and the devil said to him all this authority I will give to you and their glory for this has been delivered to me and i. Give it to whomever I wish there for a few will worship before me. All will be yours and jesus answered and said to him get behind me satan for it iswritten you, shall, serve, the lord, your god and him only you shall serve. Then you brought him to jerusalem, set him on the pinnacle of the temple and said to him. If you are the son of god, throw yourself down from here, for it is written, he shall give his angels charge over you to keep you and in their hands. They should bear you up. Lest you dash your foot against a stone, jesus answered and said to him. It has been said you should not tempt the lord, your god now what the devil intended every temptation he departed from him until an opportune time. Here’s what happens-jesus is filled with the spirit comes out, is that the jordan river gets baptized by john the baptist and the spirit of god descend on jesus, the son of god, like a dove, interesting that the son of god operating as a man on the earth fully god and fully man to be baptized in the holy spirit help me know.

We, as his followers need the power of the holy spirit in our lives. Somebody say amen to that. Apart from the spirit of god, we are nothing so the spirit of god feeljesus and it says then jesus was led by the spirit into. The wilderness interesting spirit of god leads jesus into, the wilderness, where he Henderson Kentucky Church will be tempted by the devil for 40 days. Jesus has to overcome temptation bible says this in the book of hebrews, that jesus was tempted and everything just like we’ve been tempted. So we can help us during our time of temptation. We don’t have a god who hasn’t been right where we been, he came down, he put on a body of flash and he lived in a fallen world, our god knows what it’s like to be hot. He knows what it’s like to be cold. He knows what it’s like to be betrayed. He knows what it’s like to suffer paint. He knows what it’s like to be hungry he’s not Henderson Kentucky Church some god chests in a perfect kevin. He is. He has lived right where you’ve lived and he did it all. So he could help us overcome temptation and he’s going to have to overcome temptation because in the wilderness, if he misses it, if he sends in any way in any pointif he succumb to temptation. In one moment he will never be able to redeem us, never be able to save us, never be able to take us out of hell in the future and place us into heaven. He can only be the pure passover lamp if he passes this test, how many door glad that he passed the test. Hey man give the lord a handclap cuz. He passed the test, but he’s worth it baller pretty same, and so it goes into the wilderness he’s there for 40 days. I just want to brag all the people under the sound of my voice, who been fasting with us for the last couple of weeks, we’ve been fasting Henderson Kentucky Church now this will be two weeks. We start we start week, 3 tomorrow and I’m, going to tell you. You set the stage for supernatural things to happen in your life in the life of this church and an owensboro by praying and fasting, many people been on the daniel fast. Some of them have been on two weeks now of liquid, fast and i, just believe for the miraculous, because I know what we saw in prayer and fasting. We reap in anointing and power and miracles, antonym. Breaking out in every area of our life, so get ready. 2014 is going to be a great year here at river, city church. Somebody say amen to that, and if you want your life to last longer, anybody out there want to live longer. Yeah. If you want to live longer, I’m telling you what be the person that plays in fast cuz, when you’re on the fast I am not telling you you’re, going to live any longer, but I’ll sure seem like you’re living a lot longer. Cuz time moves so slow when you’re, when you’re not eating what you want to still at work. So so jesus have been fasting for 40 days right after that the devil approaches jesus in the wilderness and andy says hey. If you are the Henderson Kentucky Church son of god, most temptations starts by helping you doubt your identity. It really does. If you are, if you are, the devil, says this a little skips you all the son of god. If you really are who you say you are and a lot of times, that’s where that’s where temptation and weakness, but we need to know who we are in god church. If we will know that, we know that we are that we are the children of the most high god. You have another power, another 40, another ability to stand when other people crumble. Knowing who you are speaks so then he says this to take these stones it going to tombstone, take these stones and turn them into bread. All that’s in the world. The scripture says every type of temptation there is. It falls into three different categories for taking notes. Here’s the first category, it’s the lust of the flesh, everybody say the Henderson Kentucky Church flesh, the lust of the flesh. What is the flash the flash is the fallen human nature. The part of me that that that is carnal the part of me that I’ve not totally get crucified the part of me that I don’t tell what it’s going to do and if i, if i, haven’t been taking care of business, but it tells me it’s those creature cravings, those those urges that are totally cardinal it and they don’t pay attention to the law of god. He gets the flesh and the flesh. It is a nasty thing in the first station the devil comes to jesus with. Is it temptation of the flesh eating the most people when they first come to the kingdom of god the things they’re trying to get off of their life and all the most obvious are the works of the flesh swings like drunkenness things like sex in things like outbursts of wrath, things like that that are just so obvious. Henderson Kentucky Church That’s just not right! This is the first area where to where jesus gets tempted turn these breads turn the stone into bread. Now jesus after being fasted fasting for 40 days, the bible says he was hungry and I’m like I bet. He was hungry for 2 days since he be eating anything and nothing would sound better than a couple of a couple of loaves of bread. That sounds pretty good. Now the devil have to throw something else at me. I want like at least if I’m going to I’m going to ball, to send I want at least like a new york i, don’t want a loaf of bread. Henderson Kentucky Church

I want a better temptation than that and he says turn these stones into bread and jesus answers any stops at with the word interesting. Here’s a way temptation, often works, what’s jesus going to do in the future in his ministry, he’s going to do miracles of multiplication with what church brett. So it’s it’s a take. What is not yours to use today and use it for your own benefit in an ungodly, perverse way to meet your own needs and forget about everyone else who needs you in the future? That’s what the lust of the flesh does. Let’s trade, our immediate once now for kingdom benefit, that’s not just about me, but about the world in the future. I’m going to tell you so many of you can be up so much benefit to the kingdom of god if you would crucify the flesh and not Henderson Kentucky Church give in to the lust of the flesh today, what god could do with you in the future would have stayed around you when the people that know you, but it’s it’s crucifying that today, that makes the benefit in the future taking care of the flesh today, turn these turn these stones into bread and ears out jesus overcome temptation, and this is one of the keys to overcoming temptation. He answers with the word. He says it is written. Everybody say it is written, come on, say it again. It is written one more time. It is written. You going to learn to say it say it is written. Tell me what, if you’re going to win against temptation, you got to learn to speak things out of your mouth says, get his written. Jesus was full of the spirit and he was full of the word of god. He was able to overcome temptation, probably full of the spirit and full Henderson Kentucky Church of the word of god will overcome things that used to have our number used to break us down used to feed us, but now because the words in us we know what to say how to say it what to believe how to live our life. What does the word say and if you’ll be the kind of person that can say it is written? You get all the way. Jesus said it is finished only because he was able to say it is written. Jesus says man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of god. That’s temptation number one temptation number two was this:there’s the lust of the flesh. Then there is the lust of the eyes, everybody say the eyes. The devil goes and gets jesus and the bible says that he takes him to a high mountain and he shows him in an instant. All the kingdoms of the earth shows him his eyes fall upon all the kingdoms of the earth. Do you know what what kind of games little boys play? They played games of kingdom conquest, don’t they they want to be a military hero. They want to rule the world, there’s something on the inside of the young male that likes that I want to be in control. I want to have power, I Henderson Kentucky Church want to be the man, it’s the lust of the of the eyes and the pride of life rolling together, but this is the last day. I showed him all the kingdom of the earth and the devil says to jesus. I can give you this right now you want this. I’ve got the power to give it to you, because the authority over its been given unto me. You know the bible says this at the heaven of the heavens is the lord’s, but the earth is given unto the sons of men open up the heavens, just the lord’s, but the earth he has given unto the sons of men. So god gave us the earth whenever he placed us in the garden, and you know what do you know what we did whatever we got this earth in the garden. We took this earth and we gave it over to the devil whenever the devil slithered in to the garden and we ate of the fruit we broke our our authority on this earth, then we handed it to the devil. Lots of people say well. If it happened, it must be the will of god. Everybody say that was god’s will happen, i, don’t know what just wanting in and it just want the plan or it would have happened, see they assume or operate out of an assumption that god’s Henderson Kentucky Church will is always done in the earth, but I say unto you the god’s will sell them done in the earth. That’s why I got tells us to pray like this. Kingdom, come. What will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Cuz this earth is broken and falling in the scripture says this. It says that the prince of the power of the air is the devil he’s got an authority in the earth, that’s why it comes to jesus and he says:listen, worship me and I’ll give you all this in jesus answers back. What is the answer with the answers with the word it is written, says you should worship only the lord, your god somebody say it is written. We, will worship, the lord, our god. See the devil wants to give him something by by taking it the wrong way. It is jesus going to rule over all the kingdoms of the earth in the future. May I ask you a question:can is jesus going to roll over all the kingdoms of the earth in the future? Absolutely is king of kings and lord of lords, the devil’s tempted him to take something before it was his time. I. Think of how many temptations I’ve had like that, and it’s always based on something you’re going to Henderson Kentucky Church get in the future.

May want you to have it in the future, and maybe it’s Henderson Kentucky Church just not. Maybe it’s not your time yet and I think when I first started came into the kingdom of god, some people in the kingdom found out that I could minister I could teach I can preach. I could do this kind of thing. I can always speak. It was just a gift given to me from god. I could do this and all people took me and they wanted me to speak at little groups here and there and go do these things and I started doing some of that young christian man I barely have the smell marijuana out of my hair back then I’m speaking I’m doing these kind of things and I remember fondly a wise, older pastor came to me. They said:hey i, know you’re gifted to do this. I know there’s an anointing on your life for this, but it’s just it’s not your time. Yet. If you take this platform today, your character in developed enough to hold it and keep it where Henderson Kentucky Church it needs to be, maybe you need to hold your horses for a minute and let god develop you get you right, get you ready, so you don’t blow the gift the gods giving you before it ever comes full and doubloon temptation is so much about taking something before your time. The next temptation is like this:it’s the it’s the pride of life, the devil says to jesus, takes him up to the pinnacle of the temple think about this. He sent on top of the temple in the middle of jerusalem. It’s it’s the place where it’s the center of life, both worship and hustle, and bustle. Henderson Kentucky Church It’s where all the political actions happening. It’s where everything is happening in jerusalem, the devil takes jesus. It’s him right up on that temple, and he says this to him. He says, throw yourself off of pinnacle the temple and then the devil turns the game on jesus. How many of the devil knows the bible he’s older than us been around longer than us. He knows. What’s written in there he says it is written any twists, it cuz the devil takes scripture and it twisted never met anybody. That would take a scripture in twisted to get what they want. Twisted turtle to back up what they wanted to do or what they wanted to say. Man I’ll tell you christian he’s full, then how about this one judge, not lest you be judged, who are you to judge me help twisted? Is that scripture down in america, where the bible clearly says something’s rotten, something’s wrong? Does it not church come on, and now everybody twisted judge that we’re? Judging am not judge him that the bible reading clearly says here’s a list of things that are things that are wrong and I’d rather offend you than offend any day of the week. Cuz I fear him more than I figured you and you’re going to take it. You don’t even understand the context. Scripture says judge with righteous judgement, got a chance in hayward in it judge with righteous judgement seat, so the devil says, throw yourself off the temple and doesn’t not say that god will hold you up lest you dash your foot against a stone. That’s like saying a man I’ma jump into the ohio river and just believe god’s going to rescue me for no reason. God will rescue us, but he probably doesn’t want to rescue you just because you put yourself into a situation to see if he would rescue you and here’s the thing he eats the pride of life. This this whole thing’s, the pride of life jesus. If he throws himself off of the temple and the angels hold him, let him down gently, there’s thousands of people that are going to see that in one moment, all of their all of their free will will be violated and belsay and hill enter into the miracle or enter into the ministry of messiah, not the way that god ordained it to be but buy. Some publicity stunt was not god’s plan. What was not the time is jesus going to be lifted into the Henderson Kentucky Church heavens supernaturally in the future. You better believe it. It’s called the ascension. The devil wants him to take it right now, when it’s not his time and so jesus answers back. He says it has been said, which is the same as it is written. Everybody say it is written, says you should not tempt the lord, your god, listen, church I believe this. When we’re talking about drawing and a part of growing, it is overcoming temptation. It really is. The book of hebrews defines a mature christian. What is a mature christian I’m at or christian that you. He says this Henderson Kentucky Church is the person who knows the difference between good and evil and chooses the good a person who knows the difference between good and evil and chooses the good to know what I want as a pastor I want a group of people who are spiritually mature now we’re always going to be one in the lost and they will never be perfect when they first come into the church,. No one perfect whenever you first got saved, just raise your hand. How do you still are perfect? Just just raise your hand. Absolutely none of us are going to be perfect, so we got grace for babies. We can we just do we got grace for babies. We are great for people just coming into the kingdom, but I believe that we should be maturing every day. Every week, every month and every year as believers becoming spiritually, mature and here’s some ways you’re going to do. It is you’re going to learn to overcome temptation number one through the word of god, the word of god and having a it, is written sealed up in your heart, going to help you overcome any temptation with the word. Henderson Kentucky Church

You got the ability you got like you’re loaded for battle. He’ll fill your heart with the word of god. When you don’t need it, Henderson Kentucky Church it’ll be there when you do need it. You’ll feel your heart with the word of god. When you don’t need it, it will be there when you need it in a lot of a lot of believers they’re, going into a gun, fight, everyday without a gun. I remember years ago, jesse now we were living in apartment before we had kids and in the middle of the night, jesse jesse wakes me up she’s like like what should I get up. What what is it? There’s someone in the house. You know what strum, kentucky and I say jesse in the closet. She says what what do you mean? Don’t take that gun I mean Henderson Kentucky Church if you think, there’s somebody in the house. You want me to go out there and they might have a gun if I don’t have a gun going to be a bad ending for both of us, so I’m taking the time with me, you know what you got whatever the devil comes in your house, so many of you got something swelling in your house, everyday that comes to steal, to kill and to destroy and do to file the very place that you live, but you don’t have a gun. You don’t have any ammunition, you’re, not ready for battle. My suggestion to you is you take this word. You put it in your heart. You get a deep down on the inside of your lip by. You live by this. This is your breath and when you speak, it made no see great results, but here’s the deal. Nobody can feel your heart with the word for you. Do you know that nobody can feel your heart with the word of god, for you, Henderson Kentucky Church your your pastor, can’t your spouse can’t tv, can’t you’re going to have to decide to take and to read to listen to fill your heart with the word of god and if you’ll fill your heart with the word of god I’m here to tell you you’ll begin become you’ll begin to overcome temptation you have never overcome before I want to leave you with this story, I felt led by the spirit of god this morning to tell the story. The second thing I’ll say about the way of escape growing I mean we grow to the word of god. But the word of god says this:that god won’t allow any of us to be tempted past what we can handle.. If, you think. If your christian, you say things like what I just couldn’t help myself it just was too much. The temptation was too strong. Your deceived because the bible says that god won’t allow anybody to be tempted past what you can handle, Henderson Kentucky Church but he will provide for you a way of escape everybody say a way of escape there’s, always a fire exit. There’s always a way. Out. Promised us that that he’s going to give us the way out and I think back and I’ll told the story many times in the past, but I think back to being a young guy living in amarillo texas had an apartment by myself and I was minding my own business one day. As matter fact, I remember what I was doing. I was watching a preacher on tv. You would think watching. A preacher on tv hanging out by yourself is a pretty good way to Henderson Kentucky Church start trouble, but the devil’s knot a devil to play store. He does not worry about the same rules that mean he has no rules. Rule number one with the devil’s. He has no rules he’s a madman, and so it shows up at my door knocks at my door knocking my door now. The devil was not dressed in in don’t leggings and did not have horns, nor did he have a pitchfork I looked out the door. Do you know what was standing on the outside of my door, one of the bond girls. You know the girls and hung out with james bond in the movies, so I’ll say this in the form of a very attractive young, lady and I’m, like holy moly they’re, delivering girls to the door. Now look at look at this. What is this all about and um back in those days, girls like that just weren’t follow me around. Only one of them ever follow me around and got in trouble. That’s the only Henderson Kentucky Church great looking girl that ever followed me around at all. I chased her down first, but but here’s the deal so I’m looking out the door. There’s this really good, looking girl. What is she doing here? You’re in and I might can I help you and she says, cannot come in and I’m a little. Do
Henderson Kentucky Church you know little bumfuzzled i, don’t know. What’s going on can I come in? Can I can I come in later on? I get the rest of the story is that she lives with her boyfriend. I knew that across the hall and the boyfriend of done something to her and she was looking to get even for what he’d done. So she came across the whole way to the young single guy to try to get even and I’m standing there and I know. What’s up and I know what’s happening and so she’s just going to come in, and you know the bible says he’ll always give us a way of escape anna, so I think for a second I look down my watch. I said:hey I’m, sorry I got to be somewhere right now. Do you know where I needed to be church anywhere? She wasn’t is where I need to be right. Then it’s all went out. I got my car I drove out to the college at amarillo college, just to find the way of escape I’m going to tell you if you’ll put the word in your mouth and you look for the way of escape, put the word in your mouth and look for the way of escape you’ll start overcoming temptation at a brand new level come on.

Somebody give me a hand, Henderson Kentucky Church clap who’s, going to help us get better and listen. Those are principles that never end in the kingdom of god men temptations. Always it’s always going to be there knocking at the door. It’s funny what this text ends with. We read it today. Is it the devil, the devil left jesus, and it said that she left so that he would return at a more opportune time. Do return in a more opportune time, so none of us are fully done with being tempted. We won’t be done with being tempted to we get out of this world. The devil will return at a more opportune time. The question is:will we be prepared to stand our ground and the fight when he returns? I wouldn’t feel feel your heart with the word of god and keep your eyes open for the web escape, you will be more than ready come on stand up on your feet with me. I want to pray for you today. I want to pray that Henderson Kentucky Church we’re going to grow up. I want to pray, then we’re going to overcome some stuff I want to pray that that will get our hearts full of the word of god. Just close your eyes for one moment right in the presence of god close your eyes right in the presence of god now I want I want some of us to make a make a new commitment to the word of god on new commitment to the word of god, put on a put it on our put it on our calendar. Put it on our day, planner to get it somewhere. The world spend some time reading the word of god everyday. So we can get our heart full of the word of god will have enough knowledge to say it is written. The bible says my people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge, but listen god has given us everything we need. We just need to take that knowledge and drink it in a men drink it in today. I want to make a new Henderson Kentucky Church commitment to the word of god to the body feeling my heart with it. I want to find some kind of some kind of daily bible reading time I want to make. Maybe maybe it’s you turning it on in your car driving driving to work? Maybe it’s when you’re exercising it’s on your ipod, maybe maybe it’s just you getting up reading a chapter. Maybe you need a bible devotion been all kinds of stuff. Like that, a commitment to the word of god. You need to figure it out you unit, you need to make it I just want to call you to it there. Anyone out there that says, pastor I need I need a new commitment to the word. Fill my heart with the word fill my heart with the word fill my heart with the word. I want you just to lift a hand up. You want to do that today. Do that today praise the lord praise the lord I promise you! This is something people do it again Henderson Kentucky Church and again and again, but I believe there’s a grace coming Again:i’m a pray for a hunger for the word of god to fill your heart father in jesus, mighty name, i, pray for a hunger for the word of god to fill the hearts of these, your people, those who lifted their hand right now, I believe for a divine anointing, a hunger for the word. A aaa help from heaven to float of them took to bless them to help them to lift them to take them to another level. In life., I see a hunger for daily, bread it’ll come to them. You said you would give us every day our daily bread, ugly for freshman app refresh word from having to come to us to help us resist temptation to overcome the devil in the winning life. I declare the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. It has no, even, as you said, jesus the god of this world comes, but Henderson Kentucky Church he has nothing in me. How did claire will be able to stand up in the future? Are feet planning on the word of god the sword of the spirit in our hands. The shield of the faith, raise high, say the word god of this world may come, but he has nothing in me not say will be faithful. Blessed is the man who endures, temptation, crabtree isn’t or he will receive a crown of life I declare. The crown of life will be yours in jesus, mighty, mighty name, i, pray, hey man, hey man, hey man, yeah, let’s go, let’s give the lord jesus a big hand, clap. Today we got a good god. A man, hey man,

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