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Well, welcome to war, go ahead and open up your bible this morning to psalms chapter 144 and verse, 1 song, chapter 144 and verse 1 and as you’re moving there just go ahead and say the word war, war, war, war, psalm, 144 and verse 1. You see many symbols in this church today, all around here we got a tank in a four-year. We got the stage decorated. This is actually all the stuff that hangs in my living room most of the time and I just brought it down here and decorate at the church with it this morning me and jesse would drive that tank to work cuz. We take turns doing that, but we did all this to you. The fact that there is a spiritual war. Many people are unaware of the fact that there is a spiritual war Henderson Kentucky Church and because they don’t know, what’s going on behind the scenes, they’re missing some of the blessings that god has for them, they’re also missing the ability to defend themselves from their enemies. We don’t want the people at river, city church, to be anchored of the fact that there is a spiritual, warto prepare to take your enemy on head-to-head. Somebody say amen to that all right:let’s read psalms chapter 144 and verse, one here’s how it reads:blessed, be the lord, my rock who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle by loving kindness and my fortress, my high tower in my deliverer, my shield, in the one in whom I take refuge, who subdues my people under me, a song of david and david, was a warrior king. He was called by god to rule and reign over. The nation of israel and the man was literally anointed to kill. David assignment in life was to drive back the enemies of israel so that a righteous people could be established in the midst of the ancient near east, where the messiah could be born through. We understand because we live in a fallen war or world that war is sometimes necessarythat. We don’t love it, we don’t want it. We hate wars. We are we’re, not warmongers, we’re not cheering for war but listens. We have police officers in a fallen world for a reason:don’t return church, because without police officers there there is no protection. Jesus said turn the Henderson Kentucky Church other cheek in your personal life. But did you know that the apostle paul wrote in the book of romans after christ words that the government has been given a sword for a reason, they’ve been giving us or to hold back evil and bring protection and peace to the land? This morning, if you’re in here and in the armed forces are currently are serving in the armed forces, would you please stand on your feet for one moment we want to recognize these guys going to stand up. Y’all get my hand, clapwe appreciate you. We thank you for everything you’ve done to long. It took to make sure that we have a safe country to live and we love you and we pray for you and remember, pray for our servicemen and women abroad as well. Now, especially in the time that we’re in now there’s a physical war and many physical wars on the earth today, and it’s all an Henderson Kentucky Church extension of a spiritual war that began eons ago, the prophets talk about it in the book of ezekiel, it’s talked about in the book of revelation. It’s talked about a rebellion in the heavenlies, the law created the host of heaven, and we talked about the hosts of heaven were talking about the angelic creatures you read about in the bible there, archangels and angels, and cherubim and seraphim in all of these unbelievable creatures. We read about in the bible, but there was one of those creatures who was anointed delete all of the hosts of heaven and worship of the one true and the livehis name was lucifer. Now he’s known as satan, beelzebub or dagon. The bible says that lucifer was created to be an angel of light, even scriptures that do the facts:pdf vocal capabilities when he opened his mouth it would be like a pipe instrument singing Henderson Kentucky Church he was glorious. He was gifted. He was anointed by god to lead the hosts of heaven, but one day pride entered into lucifer’s heart and he said it’s recorded in the prophet he said. I will ascend to the throne of god. I will become like the most time again to lust after the worship, the belong to god alone, any created a rebellion in the midst of the heavenly skin type, one third of the angels to follow him in the rebellion in the bible record that there was a great war in the heavenlies in the book of revelation. There was one in the past and obi-wan again in the future. It says it michael and his angelsward against the dragon or the serpent and his angels. Jesus said these words about that wore in the heavenly in his ministry on the earth he said, I saw satan fall like lightning from the heavens. You think the armies of darkness are Henderson Kentucky Church no match for the armies of lights. Let me set against the armies of darkness are no match for the armies of lights. The armies of life are aware of their enemy, and understand is scheming is devices. The devil has. No power or no ability to overthrow them were over, take them or push them back for one moment, born-again believer. Let me say this to you today:you have more power than the devil:greater is he who is in you than he was in the world. For this reason, the son of god was made manifest that he might destroy the works of the devil. The devil isi defeated home, but still at this age of time, he’s allowed loose upon the earth and he seeking whom he may devour open up your bibles to 1st peter we’re going to go to 1st peter and chapter 5 and I want to tell you what the apostle peter said about your enemy.

Henderson Kentucky Church He said that we need to be ready and be vigilant whenever you get there this morning, go ahead and say alright, 1st peter chapter 5 and verse 8. He says this be sober, be vigilant because your adversary or your enemy, the devil walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he might devour resist him. Somebody say resist him. What was that one more time resist himsteadfast in the face, knowing that you’re saying the same suffering or experienced by your brother in the world? The first thing he says it be sober, be vigilant-or let me say it like this-be a wake understand that there’s an enemy don’t be drunk with wine. How many believers out and I’ll be drunk with wine, and then we are not be spiritually. Drunk either way out to be sober, be vigilant, understand, what’s going on in tune, don’t be asleep. Spiritually rise from your Henderson Kentucky Church slumber, be sober, be vigilant for your adversary, the devil. He goes about like a roaring lionseeking, whom he may devour y’all have one of these. You need one cuz, you don’t know you know. Sometimes you need to be sober. You need to be vigilant because the adversary he’s seeking to devour. You drag him out of here. Somebody for me real fast to get my hand, clap. Thank you gentleman seeking whom he may devour you see. He came out of nowhere for people aren’t looking for him now. We know if people are looking for him. We understand what his devices are. They look at your neighbor and say you know, you know what he’s after you know what he has. You know how he deals. You know how he operates. Be sober, be vigilant because he’s looking for those who he made the power, you don’t want to be one of those whom he may devour by the devil or those who allow him or no longer sober. You are no longer vigilance. The devil is on a leash and you’ll stay out of his reach. Out of the guys have that lease leash or the length of at least he cannot bite john chapter 10, verse, jesus said it like this. You can turn their this morning. If you want to, he said this and he talks about the devil as a thief. He said these words. He said the thief cometh, but to steal, kill and to destroy there’s an enemy on the other side of this war that wants to steal from you. He wants to kill you and ultimately, he wants to destroy. Henderson Kentucky Church You. Jesus is talking about a shepherd and sheep he’s talking about the church, and he says the good shepherd comes in through the front door, but that the thief climbs, over, the, back fence, you see whenever you see people trying to steal something that doesn’t belong to them. You see someone whose influence by the devil, the devil is called the thief. All he can do is steal, because there’s nothing rightfully given to him in this room in his life gets thievery began in the heavenlies. His true character came out eons ago. Whenever you see a person who’s trying to pick up on somebody else’s spouse. Do you know who their influence by the faith? When do you think somebody’s trying to influence or take people out of a church? Do you know who their influence by I said the thief? I’ll see people operate like to see? Let there be Henderson Kentucky Church no thievery among us a man church. So he says the thief comes:what to do three things. The first thing he says is that he comes to steal everybody’s play:steal the devil wants to steal from you, the blessings of god, the promises of god, every good thing that god has promised under you he’s got his sights on it and he wants to steal it at any means. The next thing that the devil wants to do with the devil wants to kill you everybody say kill. He wants you to die, so many people think they can have casual relationships with the world and the devil and they get within the length of its leash. Kids raised in the church often are tempted. Stacy people give testimonies about being wild and out in the world, but then they get saved. You know the testimony I was wild, I was out in the world. I did all this and it when I was 35. Jesus saves me Henderson Kentucky Church and sometimes kids take that they turn it the wrong way and they think on the inside. Maybe I can do whatever I want to I can partner with the thief like hell for so long, but I’ll repent later on, it’ll all be alright. You know the devil plays for keeps. He comes to kill, you don’t know who’s going to take the opportunity to kill many of my friends, they’re already gone I’m 31 years old, mainly the devil, wants to kill people and kill the call of god and kill the mandate upon your life before it begins to grow. You look in the old testament god called moses, a prophet told him. He was going to deliver israel out of egypt and whenever he’s born the first thing they rode us is he releases his armies to go, kill all of the israelite children’s. He was trying to kill the destiny that was shut up in moses’s harp in the new testament jesus is Henderson Kentucky Church born that herod finds out that the king of the jews has been born in nazareth. He released his roman soldiers to kill all of the israelite children in nazareth. The devil was trying to kill it before it group. Listen to some of you went through hell when you were younger and that’s because the devil tried to kill you before you could get you a place of your destiny. Your potential, your anointing, your calling and got us, but you made it through the you made it through the soldiers coming after your life and your shit out here today, I live by the grace of god. Henderson Kentucky Church

You better make the best of it. He should have killed you when he had a chance, a man. He comes to steal, he comes to kill and the last thing he wants to do is destroy. He wants to destroy Henderson Kentucky Church the knowledge of god. He wants to destroy all of the good things that god’s given to his covenant people. He wants to remembrance of them gone throughout. The earth or enemy comes to steal, to kill into the stroy, but the story doesn’t end there. Now, that’s the church. Jesus said these words, but I have,, but I have not left. You left you without a comforter. I have not left you alone in your since I have not left you to die on this earth the thief cometh, but to steal, to kill and destroy this, but I have come that you might have life. Somebody say life and he Henderson Kentucky Church said him that you might have it abundantly, but you might have life on to the max. Let me tell you today has nothing to do in n arms, matched up against the power of god and his plan against your for your life. Somebody say amen to that yeah, but you got to be aware of your enemy know that he’s there you see how often people just pay no attention to these principles and they live their life and they’re, not they’re, not sober they’re, not paying any attention and we’ve seen that in a country in our country in the natural sense, don’t remember the year, 1993 radical islamists, the first time in 1993. They attacked the world trade center, the first world trade center bombing, and we were shook up for, a moment on the news, and maybe a few things were done, but largely that sign of an n and an attack was ignored. There was a second Henderson Kentucky Church sign, the uss cole. It happened when the same bunch of radicals lip by osama bin laden at the head of that thing, build a boat up with a bomb and they ran it into one of our ship declaring war on the united states of america. A few camps were bombed very quickly in afghanistan within the thing just was dropped. We have north the signs of a war and because we ignore the first world trade center, and because we ignored the uss cole, then something else happened in this nation, the change the world. As we know it, then we had a nine-one-one. We ignore the signs of war and because we did it three thousand people in new york from all over the world or in these towers. Whatever the planes hit them. When they collapse, people lost their loved ones, they lost their friend, they lost their father, they lost their mothers cuz, they ignored the war i. Don’t want casualties like that spiritually he river, city, church i, want you to wake up to the signs of the attack of the enemy and to deal with them. While you still have a chance, we noticed his schemes. We know what he’s up to. We won’t be blunt, but will be vigilant. Henderson Kentucky Church Somebody say I’m vigilant, you know. If beef comes to your property, you better handle that thief. Before the thief begins to handle you back and i, don’t know if it was 2003 or for jesse night. We we have been working out in st, joseph missouri as associate pastors, and it’s a matter of fact. We have a friend here from st.Joe ministry for kids this morning in the back pastor scott freeman hanging out with us for a weekend. He was there, but when we, when we got done ministering out there, we went to the only place you know to go. When you don’t know where to go Henderson Kentucky Church anymore and we went home. We went to providence and I work for my brother and my mom feeding cattle and from there we came and we planted river city church and started this with a small bible study it in the brother pizza shop for four and a half years ago, something like that and that while we were living in providence, we were driving back and forth to owensboro a whole lot and something began to happen in providence. In my neighborhood that was a rash of break-ins. There was a thief in our neighborhood started. Getting into people’s garages started getting into people’s car started stealing stuff up from where I live in. There was a pharmacist pharmacist in town across the road. His name is tom, love, her and I hear. The story is that he heard a peep out in his shed and he gets up in the morning runs out there and the guy runs out Henderson Kentucky Church of the shed and tom’s like in its 50s, now, probably and he’s waking up he’s in his whitey tighties, and he he sees this guy to take off running and tom chases. The man barefoot in his underwear down the road. Now, better make your run in town in his underwear was chasing you and finally kept going on up there and somebody got into our car and they pulled the door open of arc cars and they went through all my stuff and the thief stole my cds out of my cd case. They took him down the road about how about a block they opened it up. All there was was preachers and they threw him down. So I got my cds back. He needed, but after awhile somebody identified who this guy was and they came, and they told me who he was, and he was an acquaintance. I had before. Born again from the drug world from the drug scene, smoking crack, cocaine and he’s doing anything to get money to buy crack and so I hear about it and I know the guy and listen. You should never ignore a thief cuz.

The first thing the thief comes to do with what what’s the second Henderson Kentucky Church thing that the thief comes to do, and the third thing you comes to do is destroy I’m called by god to protect my household, my wife. My daughter is one of the anointings on a man’s life and so I’m driving down the road and will call this guy m just to protect his whatever, whatever he has to protect me more about protecting today, alright and I’m driving down the road and him walking down the road, and they tell me that it was done all that and so pull up beside him. I open the door and I am once you get in. You need a ride somewhere and sit down here by me. M Henderson Kentucky Church gets any pulled the door shut up with the car and we start to drive off and i, see how you doing we go through some of those nice titties and I sent him now. I’ve got a little problem.. The problem is my neighborhood uptown we’ve had a rash of break-ins and somebody’s been coming up there not going through our garages and I even broke into my house. You know that are on my car. You know that house up around the corner, they got in my car now people tell me him that you’re, the guy breaking into houses, not know you’re, strong out smoking, rock and I love you, Henderson Kentucky Church the lord loves you i, want to see you saved and set free. If you need any help, I’ll help you man, you need to receive jesus, you need to go somewhere, I’ll ship, you off. We we get people, we put them in in spirit, fill drug free, rihanna, drug rehabilitation, centers see them set free, so I’ll help you any way. I can and them said thank you thank you! That’s it, but one more thing them. You come up into my neighborhood at night anymore, breaking into people’s houses, something bad’s, probably going to happen to him and his eyes got big right. Then I was going to do something bad to say about how I know the law of averages. If you run around and rednecks yards at night long enough, you’re going to get shot, aren’t you so I get in my car i? Let him out florida hand, clap for that I get in my car and say give me a call if you need help and i, let him out and I go on and then and tell him to tell you. There was never another break-in up in my neighborhood right. Then, whenever I live there, but later um gave us a call and i. He said brian I’m, tired of this I do need help, and so at that time we said we Henderson Kentucky Church will get. You will get. You placed all sorts of the grapevine that he told all her old friends that I went ahead and killed. If you kept breaking into houses in town i, don’t know, maybe my friends, reputation for seeded them or something like that from years ago. We all he calls me and we have him come to the house. We said come on to the house, we’ll get you set up him. He walks into the house, and one of my buddies is there who works with addicts as well, and it was in the drug scene with me and my buddies. Nickname is thor. Don’t want you to think about what this guy looks like looks like a comic book hero. We played football for western and we open the door and it walks in the door and I’m on one side of the door and thor setting the other side, and he got all spazzed out like we’re going to win, but we didn’t we let him to receive Henderson Kentucky Church jesus, and then we put him on I can remember, is a plane or car and he went to a faith-based drug rehab you’ll give the lord a handclap for that now. Rest of the story is after done:clapping m didn’t make it to the drug rehab, but he moved out of town I heard he got saved as in a church. In the last thing I heard about it is that he was serving the lord. He was no longer smoking crack hallelujah the lord, a hand, clap listen. You don’t have to tolerate a thief at your house. You don’t have to tolerate a thief at your house. You don’t have to tolerate a thief at your house. You don’t ever have to tolerate again I fees at your house, that is your house given to you by god, nobody’s coming in there with unlawful entry and taking your stuff are killing your family are doing anything valve. Don’t tolerate him any more. The bible says in the book of james chapter 4, verse, 7 to resist the devil and he will flee from you submit yourself to god. That’s the first key to having power over the enemy submit yourself to god. Whenever you line up with god’s team, you blind up with all the power of the earth, heavens and earth, the bible says one god has spoken twice. If I heard this power belongs to the lord, you submit yourself to god and you are in the powers on the second thing you do. Is you receive best? Everybody say resist. Santa can resist one more time resist. You got to resist the onslaught of the devil when the devils coming with you at you, with thoughts or behavior or lack of peace. Anything like that at your house, so that doesn’t belong. You resisted in the bible says the devil will flee from you. You know if one of the most powerful things you can do when the Henderson Kentucky Church enemy is coming on at you like that, as you open up your mouth and you use the sword of the spirit, and you tell that thing to get out of your house get out of your life to flee in jesus mighty name,.

Never, you said in the name of jesus, there is a thority in that names. The bible says every knee will bow and every tongue will confess in his name when you say jesus, listen to demons begin to show, they begin to hide, Henderson Kentucky Church still going to buy all their needs and they begin to leave and the more you resist him, the less he comes back cuz. He doesn’t want anymore after you whipped him enough time. Gordon stand up on your feet this morning. Stand up on your feet this morning or there’s a spiritual war. We live on the battlefield right now, but the war is already won. The war is already won. It’s getting that understanding in your heart, letting you begin to understand your authority over san and over sickness and over the devil head over everything coming at your life. You need to Henderson Kentucky Church understand that the devil was absolutely defeated. On calvary’s cross 2000 years ago. The bible says that he and his armies were stripped naked and that they were left there. A spiritual victory parade in the heavenly and all of the angelico saw them just like a army that have been beaten in the ancient near east. They would be humiliated in front of the other army publicly in the heavenlies. They already know that the devil’s been stripped of his honor it’s naked. Then he is a defeated foe. I want you to believe that this morning, just going to begin to think about where the devil’s been sliding into your life. Where is been taken advantage over of you, hope, your household’s, where that thief been breaking into your place, think about it! Don’t you have authority you’re made in the image of god you seppi’s things, but believers are Henderson Kentucky Church going to trample over serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means shall harm them. Matthew 16 does the in jesus’s name you cast out devils. Did you know that the bible says? For this reason, the son of god was made manifest to destroy the works of the devil. You have all the authority in the world, but you’re going to have to operate it. Just like a police officer on the road. He has the authority given to him by the community by the law to pull you over to to correct your driving, behavior or any other lol. You might Henderson Kentucky Church be might be breaking, but he could see a speeder. He could see a murder. He could see anything all day. Long and alessi executes that authority. That activity will not be stopped. Learn to execute your authority just go ahead and close your eyes right now think about it. Where is it where’s? The devil been getting the best to you. Where is it right now? I want you to begin to speak to him. Tell him to get out of your life review, kim I’m, going to show you how right now you say that say:devil in jesus name! I bind you I command you to take your hands off my marriage off my children off my money off my piece of my mind. Out of my household i, resist you in jesus, mighty name and i, say you have to leave from me in the name of jesus I trampled on you I take authority over you. You have to bow to the name of jesus now in jesus, mighty name in jesus, mighty name, i, take authority over all the works of the enemy in your life, in your family, in your body right now, I rebuke, the devil and all of all of his power. All of his strong. All of the stuff he’s been doing to you. I, say yes to go from you now in the name of jesus christ of nazareth. Now, father i, thank you that these people are learning to walk in there. A thority I think you now that you feel them with the knowledge and power of god that you fill them with the holy spirit, but you feel them in lead them and guide them in your namesake. Henderson Kentucky Church Make your path straight for them, some 5/8, because of their enemies leaf and righteousness because of my enemies make my path straight before me:oh lord I pray that their pastor straight in the name of jesus i, said that they are overcomers by the blood of the lamb by the word of his testimony. I bless them now. In the name of jesus christ of nephron, amen, amen, amen, somebody say the war. Let’s say it again:the warriors won hallelujah. Let’s give the lord a big hand, clap this morning, yeah you could shout unto god he wanted to hey. You got more power than the devil, and man amen. God bless you. You are dismissed, going authority in jesus name

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